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FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 18'.)8.
Here's a
But you must buy quickly
or they will ba sold out.
We have, a small lot 50 pairs of
Ladies' Tan Vici Kid.
with Silk Vesting Top
(the latest fad) Stylish Toe
Regular $4- Goods, but closed
'out at a bargain from the man
ufacturer, and offered ' to our
trade in the same way at only
There'll be no more at this price
when these are sold hence
"do not delay.
Yours for Best Goods, Always'
' ..109..
FOR SALE Mining Initids for sale at the
lierald office
w . .
IjiOK SALE Mlning'detMls for suit) at the
' Herald offl e.
1?Oll SALE Ir. MoGUl's famous t 'range
hloMMom by Mr. A. M. Smith, 125 Leon
liOlitfALE-A gasoline China kiln nearly
new. tnqulrc Airs. i. i. van aizau
Fort Bliss.
rANTEI Position us book-keeper: Ad
dress C A., ilKKALD umce.
lirAXTED LalMirers on White Oaks K.v.
also blat'kNmiih. U. S. Good t Co., St.
Louis and MaanUjn Pits.
AXTEll-1'osition of any kind. Speak,
mill Him nio cpmiiii miu eiikumi.
Wages no oojuet. Address fc., uehai.k umre,
Maple Syrup,
Direct from the trees to
We have a limited supply in gal
lon ca'jg only. Come early
or you will get left.
Chas F.SIickiCo
Since we opened our house in El Paso
about two months aero, we
bave sold nearly
of Ranges, and still they go. The public
knows a good thing when it see it. and a
sensible person does not expect the earth
with a feure around it for a dime, or hold
a quarter too close to his nose to see a dol
lar just over the fence. Merit has its re
ward, and Home Comfort Steel Ranges
are certainly '"in the swim" just now. Ail
kinds of hotel ware of superior quality.
318 El Paso St.. El Paso,
..Wrought Iron Range Co..
Important News. g
"We have just received the very latest 1898 designs in a
Ladies' Waist Sets, ioc'udiog handsome Enamelled VP
Sets, also Stom Sets. We bave them in J-
Solid Gold, for $4.50 to $8.00
Roll Plate. n 1,00 to 2.00 0
Sterling Silver, for 60 to 2.50 g
Also a new line of very handsome Metal Girdles, ijjfc
which are quite the thing now. g
Tne j eweiera."
Bronson Block, III an Antonio Street, El Paso, Texas
Organized Labor. .
The first steps toward the organizi
tion of the 1 Paso Trades assembly
his been taaeh, aad on the first Sun
Gay in May action will be .taken lock
in towards a permanent organiza
tion. ...
The Trades assembly will be a feder
ation cf all the labir organizatinoa in
this town, including' tbe different rail
way orders,, the Mexican Mutual Pro
tective society alufl me Kn thts of La
bor. This will make the Trades as
sembly a very-powerful bidy, and if,
for instance, the one or two reta 1
6tore that persist in holding out
against the early closing movement,
codtlnue in their wrong beaded way,
the "assembly will be able to make th
situation very loteitouie for them. They
will sptedily find that their trade it
gone, and that they might as - well put
up their shutters and elir from busi
ness. . . . .
A Surprise.
We were greatly surprised this
mornirg to find that summer lap dust
era wero so neap, at this season of the
year, but ona oi the best assortments
of them ever brought to town 1b at the
West Texas Saddlery Co., at prices
from 30 c.nts up.
. To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
of It falls to cure. ,
Money was "chipped in" last even
ing around town, to secure tbe
services of the McGinty band with
which to welcome, the Uht ba'.teries
from the- Presidio as they passed
through this city this afternoon. But
oing to an accident,' the specials
will not reach this city until about
midnight. So it was understood be
tween Mr. Borcherding and Dr. Irvin
who were largely instrumental in the
collection cf tbe money, that it would
be reserved for calling the full band
out either tomorrow, or on the occasion
of trie first cay train through with
troops. If tb at Ialls through subscribers
will be notified to call at the drug
store or on Mr. Borcherding to get
tht ir money back.
Early t J bed and early to rise; drink
tbe celebrated Lien coffee and be
healthy aud wise. You can obtain a'l
the Lion coffee, you want of the El j
Paso Grocery Co. for 10c. per package, j
. Have your gas and gasoline stoves
repa.red and cleaned by an expert at
reasonable prices. 310 El Paso St.
Moves Hia Audieuce To Laughter And
Tears at Will
The Rev. Edward Hamilon of Kan
sas City says Dr. Flower's Health Lec
tures are the most amusing, enjoyable,
instructive medicals lectures ever
delivered on tbe modern platform.
These lectures, says this reverend
gentleman, should ba heard by every
man, woman and child who apDre
ciates tbe beautiful and the good ..They
will make every man and woman bet
ter, happier aud more cheerful. Mor
ally conspired they are nigh toned
and fini hed, Intellectual, laughable,
pha heiic and fascinating, besides Dr.
flower's lectures and freighted with
nowledge, and one will often learn
from a single lecture more than he will
from a wh le course of study.
You will have an opportunity of
earing Dr. Flower in his new humor
ous health lecture, free to men and
wome'at lha opera bouse this even
in at 5 oclock.
Salvation Army.
There is a chance now of the Salva
.ion army being located in this city.
'Ensign H. E. Ringle and wife are io
own today looking over the ground
ith a view to establishing a post
Ensign Ringle says his people bave
already partially prepared f lans to
open up operations in El Paso. He
thinks the Salvation army is needed
Dr. Vilas offered yesterday, his- ser
vices through Senator Turuey to Gov
ernor Culberson, a a surgeon for the
approaching "pleasantness." As the
doctor is oue of the finest burgeons in
the state, a pair of shoulder st-aps
jviih oak leaves thereon nodoubt await
him. His rin and son-in-law, Walter
Vilas and Herb Stevenson, of the Rush
Medical College in Chicago, expect to
be called out with the 7th 1 linois in
fantry any day. They will rank as first
TKa nir.T2AT.il hiu rnli&hla informa
tion that a couple of prominent El
t-"aso citizens naa a s-nous uispute last
.. 1 . t.hc Rnhv a .lnnt fwar a. crnmA
UlUH IU V - J -
of cards, and higo voids, if not blows,
vere exchanged. The combatacts
na-ii-A with thA lindArittAndlniir that
they would meet this morning aid
hMcn it nut with euns. and both were
aoparen-.ly intenomg to ca-ry out the
arraugement; but lriends interfered,
and the mat er was dtopped.
Some remarkable stories get started
these days. One citizen came rusbicg
into tbe HERALD omce wiin tne infor
mation that the U. S. war vessel Bal
timore had been suck by the Vizcaya,
when the two vessels arj on opposite
sides of the earth.
The Epworth League of the M. E.
church on Myrtle St , will give a so
cial tonight, at the parsonage back of
tbe cuurcu. A musical program nas
ben prepared by the young people.
No admission charged. Eve y body invited.
E. C. Ames and wife of Parral, Mex
ico, are in tom.
Mies Gladys Allen of Chicago is at
the Pierson on a southern trip.
I Signal Sergeant Lundqu'st is or
dered Irom b ort Unas to Tampa.
Mme. Romulus and her mother,
Mrs. Pratt, have gone to New York.
M. B. Piace and John Lamont, of
L htbuabua, came up last mgbt.
Mr. J. E Crawford, the singer, hss
Deen very sick, out is now improving
C V. Harper, of the Dos Cobaz!s
mines, Mexico, left today for Casas
Dr. Flower, Boston's great orator
and specialist, arrived in tbe city to
day and is now at the Pierson, where
he will be until noon tomorrow. The
doctor has arranged to deliver one of
his humorous health lectures free to
men and women at tbe opera house
this evening.
And the Band Flay "Yankee Doodle "
London, April 22. All England is
pleased with the news from America
today. When the steamer Paris left
tbis morning, the Eoglish ships dippsd
tbeir Sags, there was great enthusiasm,
and the bands played "Yankee
Quartette of Bandits Captured.
Los ANGELES, Ca!., April 22. The
four men v ho heid up the Santa Fe
train near Oro Grande Wednesday
night has been captured a-d lodged in
jail. One of tbe quartette, Ed. Jones,
was fa ally injured and will probably
die in a few hours.
Everybody seems crazy to get tbe
news. The reports abjut the perform
anceron the Atlantic this morning, set
the town in a furore, and people kept
rushing into the Herald office to find
if the reports were verified. The in
quirers departed with tbeir faces
wreathed in smiles. When the passing
cavalrymen were told at the depot
whan the Nashville bad been doing,
and that the Alphonso XII had been
unk "they lifted their voices to heaven
n praise," and "made the welkin
Twenty thousand people turned out
in Salt Lake City to see the 24 ih in
fantry start off for the war. The
troops were e-corted to the depot by
the local national guard.
For sale. Six choice lots on Texas
strte., inci uding one corner, near pro
posed WhitaOaks depo.
B. F. Hammett, Jr.
There has been a b g jump in coffee,
but we shall continue to Fell our cele
brated "Lion" brand at 10 cents per
package. El Paso Groce -y Co.
HE;' I Goc'
l3 -"
Cut In
Mail Orders -3
Given (p
E. Howard rovement, solid 14-karat gold
c:.se, usually sells for f 110, our price
"rescent Street mov . 17 Jewels, adjusted
26 yr Boss gold filled case, was $65, no
B- W. Raymond dot,, 17 jewels.adj,. In 25
gold nuea case, pens tor 'HJ uu, now
P. S. Bartlen mow 17 jewels adj , in ?6
yr, sold filled case.sclls for HO our price
G. M. Wheeler movement In 20 yr. Boss CIO flrt
cse, sold for 130, our price now 4 l7Uv
16-Jewel Hampdn mov , TO yr ffold filled
case, sold for $95, our price now
15-jewel Walthnm mov., in 15 yr, gold
filled case, so.d for.136; our price
10 yr.
$ 9.00
$ 6.00
ll-1ewel Waltham or Klgln mov., In
case, sold for $23: our price now...
7 jewel Elgin or Waltham mov. In solid
silver cases, cold for $18.6"; our price
Waltham or El'in mov. In s"rew nickel
CHses. sold for $13; our price now
Full jewel Elgin mov. solid 14-karat gold QiAfi Kfl
case, xtra heavy, wa $5; now PTU.vV
Apoleton &Tracy,17 Jewel mov. In 14-karat (TCO CfJ
solid sold case, was SUP; now .- PvU.wJV
W tham or Elgin mov. In Ladles' solid 14- t OO Kft
karat gold cases, was $48; now sP.. JJ
20-year rases.
Wil'ham or Elgin mov.,
Ladles' size, was &J8; our pri e now
G. O. D.
All watches quoted aove are or tne latest uesinen 'ases anu up-i-o-uawi novi--m.nti
nd .m muria h. mannf acturers of hlah and well-known refutation, and
aregnaranted to be represented. Our motto: "Y UB MONEY'S WORTH OB
rouble to answer questions."
"No troubla to show goods.
r8S fK- W 'TIS" flIS" W W "71V- -7ti- -a- -SW 'H$M
125 El Paso 8t., El Paso, 1 exai.
Grow fat. Eat at Smith'B Creamery.
El Paso Steam Laundry, Telephone
No. 47.
Mixed paints, $1.25 per gal. The
Tuttle Paint & Glasj Co.
O'Brien Coal Co., sell pitch, paper,
lime, cement, plaster, eto.
Pitch, paper, plaster and lime. El
Paso Fuel Co. Phone 110.
Best SDOt cash Dric b paid for fur
niture, etc., at 317. El Pao St.
Bishop Kendrick has iu-t confirmed
a class of fifteen persons a'. Bisbee.
the bestS cent CIGAR on the market.
For plumbing and gas fitting at
reasonable rates go to 310 El Paso St.
Plates tnd wind iw glass estimates
given. The Tuttle Paint & Glass Co.
Rogers is now serving ice cream
soda in all flavors with crushei fruits.
The best Mexican and Havana cigars
are made by the El Paso Cigar Mfg.
Leave your orders for Sunday milk
and cream on Saturday at Smith's
We have some pretty bed room pat
terns in wall papers. Tne Tuttle Paint
& Glass Co.
Just think, 3 cans, 3 pounds each,
grated p'.e pineapple for 25c. at El Pa
so Grocery Co,
Just think, 3 cans, 3 pounds each,
grated pie pineapple f jr 25c. at El Pa,
so grocery to.
We have some elegant dieting room
and hall patterns in wall paper. The
Tuttle Paint & Glas Co.
PhotograpbB $1.50 a dozen, the latest
naisn. Ibis offer for a few aays only.
Barge Art Parlors, Santa Fe bt
Vapor and medicated baths at 416
North Oregon street. Rehumatism
relieved at once; mast-age in all forms.
Buv'your cjal from "O'Brien Coal
Co ," the age -ts and direot shippers
from tne Cerriiios mines, rnoae a.
Stoves of all kinds for hard and
oft coal.
Everybody goes to tbe St. Louis
. OIT Tl 11 .
f urniture company, on jui ronu nvrcoi,
for goud boas3 outtittings and easy
Why have we the trade because
we bave the goods and guarantee our
work. The Tuttle Paint & briass Co
Pbone 206
Tht re baa been a big jump ia coffee.
but we shall cjntjnue t j ee 1 our cele
brated "Lion" bracd at 10 cents per
package. Er Paso (jrocery Co.
For sale. Six choice lots on Texas
street, including one corner, near pro
posed White Oaks depot
B F. Hammett, Jr.
We assume that you want your homes
beautiful call and see our wail pa
Ttjttle Paint& Glass Co.
Payne-Badger Coal company, Mc
Alester, Cerriiios and anthracite coal,
jord and stove wood, yard Second and
Chihuahua streets. Telephone No. 11.
Kansas City tenderloins,sweet breads,
spare ribs, lye hominy, barbacued
meat and Kansas City trimmed loins.
At the New Market, 208 San Antonio
There is a demand for better grade
of wall pipers this yea- as the cheaper
goods do not stand the service in pro
portion to the better grades. The Tut
tle Paint & Glass Co.
John M. Smith, of Philadelphia,
aged 22, died on North Stanton street
this morning of consumption. Naglev
will ship tbe emoalmed remains to
Pennsylvania for interment.
Early to bed and early to rise; drink
the celebrated Lion coffee and be
healthy and wise. You can obtain all
the Lion coffee you want of tbe El
Paso Grocery Co. for loo. per package.
A new explosive shell, the invention
of Georga W. McMillan, of Chicago, is
being tested at tne works oi tbe Car
n gie Steel company It i4 claimed
that these shells are of a more dan
gerous nature to an enemy than any
other projectile now in tne navy de
1 he tviaence in tne case proves
Sirfapirilla cures rbeum tiism,dyspep-
s a, caiarro, mat urea reeling scrofula,
salt rneum, boils, numors and all blood
Hood's pills are prompt, efficient.
a' ways reliable, easy to take, easy to
operate, zoo.
"El Paso, Texas, the Gateway to
Mexico, a souvenir book, 1898" is a new
and handsome; illustrated pamphlet.
with camera pictures by W. J. Rand
md poo ograpbs by htusbong and
Feldman. The letter press work is
very got a, ana tne lifie book will
prove an interesting souvenir.
-winerai wens" water win cure
rheumatism, neuralgia, sick and ner
vous headache, liver and kidney dis
eases, indigestion and dyspepsia in
every instance. Try it and be con
vinced. For ?ale in any quantity at
A. W. Spencer's,
Depot 203 San Antonio St
Tbe idea of those new size platino
rho'o-, being made by Bushong and
I'Vldm-n, is to crtate a demand for the
b tter class of port.ra t work in photo
graphy. The price, $1 50 per dozen, is
within reach of ail. If they make your
photograph once, you will always call
on them when wanting work done in
tbeir line.
! HUk... Vt.l'. S8a
dold Medal. Midwinter Fair.
A Firs C.ttbC Cfta c Tyt? Pzieti,?.
Christopher M rry Rarg in the Anar
chists Corner of the Cook County
Just For the Muider of His Wife
Chicago, 111., April 22. Christopher
Merry was hung in tbe Cook county
jail at 12 02 p. m for the murder of bis
wire on .November i last. Tie execu
tion took place in tbe same corner of
the old jail in which tbe anrr:bists
forfeited tbeir livee, and the rop?s, the
handcuffs, the straps were tbe same as
used on one of tue victims of tbe gal
lows on that occasion. The scaffold
was erected last night, tbe mechanism
being so complete that less than two
hours were required to put it together
and test it
The crime for which Merry died to
day was one of the most brutal in local
police annals. Merry and a number
of h's xssociates had terrorized tbe cit
izens in tbe Maxwell police district for
yrars. He was ap dler by tro.de and
a ard p litician by occupation and bis
ability to carry his own pre 3 net and a
good many of tbe surrounding ones had
secured him immunity from police in
terference for many years.
The night of Tuesday, November 23
Captain Wheeler of the Maxwell sire it
station was notified that a murder had
been committ- d in a cottage at 50
Hope street a dark and narrow alley
running east and west between Moreen
street and Blue Island avenue, just
north cf West Polk street. The first
tio given the police was in the shape
of an anonjmous letter in which it was
stated that Mrs. Merry had not been
seen s-ince tbe previous Thursday,
whn sle bad h-d a quarrel with the
despe -do. The cap'ain, accornoanied
by two detectives, went to the cottage
and investigated, finding evidence of a
struggle. Tbe only clew to a murder,
however, was a clot of b'ood on tbe
mattress. The ohild of Chris Merry
was que-tio- ed and the little fellow
unwittingly told enough to explain the
blood clot. "Papa hit mamma with a
poker and then took her away in a
wagon," was the little fellow's concise
statement. Inquiry was made in the
neighborhood and tben the police be
gan to try to trace the bo-y, satisfied
that the woman bad been killed
James Hickey, alias Ryan, one of Mer-
rv'e ass dates, was arrested two days
. . : . i Al a. i
later oli suspit'iuo tagd tie xoew some
thing of the murder. He was found
hiding in the bay in a stable. He
maintained silence until after tbe
poUce took Clotwortby Gougb, an un
cle of Merry, into custody. Gougb
knew much of the domestic life of
Mt rry and told all be knew. Hickey
was made to believe that Cough bad
told all he knew act tbe police had
Ufle f O'Jhje to ind-cing him to
do llew bp. He told bow he $ went
to tr e co tage about e gr.t o clock tve
n'ght of the murder and found Smith,
a pal of Merry's in tbe kitchen. Mt rry
and bis wild were in the front rcqm
qu irreliog. "'He saw Merry f-flke his
wire over fne head w-th a poser nl
when sbe fell, pick her up and crry
her to tbe sofa. Tbe q a-rel was
over a triv'al matter snd Chris beat his
hslf famished wife, Pauline before tbe
eyes of tbeir tbree ear old bby uctil
nearly every bone In her body was
broken and then he calmlv wa'ched
her dying struggle from 8 o'clock till
midnigh''. The next night -re
and Snrth nssii8,d M-rry to take the
remains, which had remained h'.dden
under the kicten floor during.tbe day,
to Eigbty-3eventh elrest, where they
were buried in a ditch. Here the
body was found by Captain Wheeler
ard bis detectives Sunday, November
28. In tbs meantime Merry and
Soai h had disappeared A hue snd
cry was sent throughout the country by
tne po lei department, energetic
sheriffs in twen'y counties of as
many states arrested tramps on sus
picion, and about all the available force
of the local detective department was
kept on tbe jump for weeks only to
bed that in every rase tbe captors of
tbe supposed murderers had been mis
taken. Finally Merry ard Smith were
corralled near Princeton, Ky. Tbe
one admitted his guilt and the other his
complicity Merry was tried and con
victed, and tbe date of execution set
for 'he 18th of February. A stay of
execution was granted to give tbe con
demned man's attorneys time to ex
haust every possible legal means tbat
could be brought to bear in the
prisoner's .behalf. All were unavai'-
ing, however, and. further clemency
was denied.
Appetizirg Luu -heons Given at a
Small Cost
"Proveriy Luncheons" is a new name
f r the economical fea-ts which groups
of people give from, time to time. A
company of eight women have found
it poss ble to give in turn ample and
app tizing lu:.cneous to this number
for the sum of $2. With a little care
that a simple dish be perfectly coo'ted
and served, the luncheons have proved
gastronomic successes a? well as pleas
ant occasions of friendly intercourse.
One of the hostesses says that until the
matter is looked into, it is not under
stood how much the nonessentials of a
cost the salted almonds and bonbons
and various similar things when orj
aered carte-bianche Irom a caterer.
Por example most grocers sell the or
dinary almonds shelled at about 25
cents a pound. Half a pound salted at
home is an ample allowance for a lun
eh eon of eight, and tbe cost is 18 cents
the few dt ops of oil and the pinch of
salt costing too little to estimate. The
qne.ti o of flowers was a serious one
with the poverty-luncheon hostessep,
but it was solved by choosing Japanese
blossoms, which we-e subsequently
used also, ani consequen ly cost very
little for one oc -asioa. The lun-he ns
served con6i?tel of four courses bouil
lon, clam broth, or something similar
with a meat, green salad, and des
sert course. New York Evening
Three Seasons for Belief.
I once met a thoughtful scholar who
told me tha for years he had ead
every book that he could which a-sail-rd
tbe relig'on of Jesus Christ, and he
said he should bave become an infidt 1
but for three things:
First, I am a mn. I am going some
where. Tonight I am a day nearer the
grave than I was last niht, I have
r. ad a'l such books can tell me. They
eh d not one fol'tary ray of hope or
light upon tbe darkness. They shall
not take, awav the only guide and
leave me s'one b'ind.
Ci itrr A . knil a wirtt.Viat T a 1 UT Van
go down into the dark valley where I
am going and phn leaned upon an un
een Arm as calmly as a child goes to
sleep on the breast of is mother. I
krow that wa-t not a dream.
Third. I have three motherless
daughters (and be said it with tears In
his eypf). They have no protector but
myself. I would rather k'll them than
leave them in this sinful world if you
blot out from it all tbe teachings of the
gospel. Selected.
Tbe face is the heart's mirror.
Spring Goods t
Just Arrived. &
Latest Novelties
For Spring Wear.
We have juit received a new line o( Scotch Lawns, Queen and Storing
Perca'es. 36 'ncbes, Medina Organ-lies. Buuc'e HtriD, I'cl c Madras,
WlndsorStar Satlno, Satin and French Dlniltv, To'le Du Nord Zephyrs, '
also Spring C otiing, Hats. Shoes, Underwear and Neckwear for Ladles,
Gents and Children, suiting the season.
Department Store,
Agent for the Reliable Tailoring Establishment f ROSE & CO., of Chicago.
. ..Health Lecture.
Dr. R. C. Flower,
TONIGHT, at 8 O'CIock P. M.
Pr, Flower is recognized by many as tho greatest orator on the American
To Save the DePauw University.
Indianapolis, April 22. A three M
days' conference of ministers aud lay- fi
men of the Methodise church was be- 7
gun here today for the purpose of dis- j n
cussing ways and means to save ue
Pauw University at Gref ncastle, this
state, which is threatened by the
failure of the DePauw state. Tbe
university is one of the best known
educational institutions of tbe state
and bas an attendance of more than
000. The late Washington De Pauw
provided for it a bequet w' ich would
have equalled all of its needs, but
through tbe failure of .the De Pauw
estate tbe millions tbat bad been an
ticipated have dwindled until at pres
ent the univer ity set-s no' prospect of
ven meeting the $15,000 shortage for
ex'.yi.-r, unless the Me'hod.ets of the
stat , which denomination bas had tbe
direction of tbe institution, come to tbe
front an : provide for the deficit. It is
proposed to piao the universi y under
the direcWcontrol of the cburcti and if
his is done, litt'e difficulty will be ex
perienced in raising sufficient funds t
maintain tbe prestnt high standing of
tbe institution.
A New Pugilist.
San Francisco, Cal., April 22.
Much interest is manifested in the
tight belween Jim Jeffries and Pete
Everett, tbe Colorado heavyweight,
which will be decided at the Olympic
club tonight. It was originally hched
uled to come off next week, but was ad
vanced because of the match subse
quently made between Jeffries and
Sharkey. Tb,e Colorado man, although
comparatively unknown as a fighter, is
tn undefeated young giant, and ex
pects to make tbe Los Angeles man
hustle for tbe decision. Everett is 6
feet and i inch tall and weighs 210
pounds Jeffries, measurements are not
quite so large, but he tips the beam at
nearly tht; same eiwht. It wil be a
C. n: est Detween two oi t: e largest oieu
In the pugilistic world today. ShoulJ
Jeffries meet with defeat, the result
w;il probably be tbat Everett will be
substituted for the fight with Sharkey
which is scheduled for early next
Blast Furnace Trust
New York, April 22. A national
cooierence of bla-t furnace men ia in
progress here today and the result
will probably be the formation of a na
tional organization. Tbe reascn fur
the formation of such a trust is tbe fact
tbat the annual output of foundry and
mill pig iron exceeds the demand,' the
txceas last year being about eight per
cent. It is thought tbat tbe combine
will embrace all. of the leading oper
ators of tbe Pittsburg and Cleveland
ois'ricts, with a few from other sec
tions. Troops in Town.
Troops A aad I, First cavalry, arriv
ed at 11:00 a. m. today from Fort Hua
chuca en route to Cbicamauga, and re
mained in tbis city turee hours while
tbe stock were bting cared for. There
were in the command 112 men and
thc99 seven officers: Canta n John
Pitcher of I troop, commanding of
ficer, Frst Lieutenant E. S. Wright,
Second L'.euttnants Smitbers, N. D.
Kilpatrick and T. A. Robert; and
Surgeons W. J. Waeman and W. W.
Quinton. Tbe command had 176 bead
of stock.
There was a large crowd of people at
the Southern Pacific depot to welcome
the soldiers. The train was made up
of ten box cars, five tourist cars and
one Pullman. The wives of a number
of the officers accompanied them.
The top of the cars and and th front
of tbe locomotive were covered with
cavalrymen, and the crowd cbeereJ as
the train pulled io. Several of the G.
H. shop hands had a mortar to the
east of the station, and the filing of
that was appreciated by the"tourists."
Tben one of the McGinty cannon
on the hill make the "circum
ambient atmosphere" in that section
of the wo' Id of a livid hue. The men
were lined up in front of the depot and
marched down to the stock cars wh eh
were hauled down tbe ards to
be cared for, and after the men bad
fed and wa'e-ed their horses, "they
wt nt into can, p." and to k a little su h;
in' to eat tbems-1 ves. The advent of tbe
soldiers inorpastd tie runrlial ppirit
that bas be n p-rvadiug the town for
the a-t t data, and the eppeatange
of the First i- f ntry tomorrow will
higl t' n th- fe linir further.
" The a tlllf-rr m- n from Sn Francis
co are delayed, and instead of arriving
here shortly after 3:00 p m., their
spet ials will not reach El Paso uctil
11:15 tonighr.The First infantry will be
along som time tomorrow.
Troop B, 7tb., cavalry, 65 men, l" com
mand of First Lieutei ant S. R. Tom
kin'', and cccupying nine car with
their equipment, pasFed through before
daylight this morning frr m Willcox,
Ariz., en route to fc'ort Still, where
they will guard the Apache prisoners
now aching to go on the war path once
more The command went over the
Texas & Pacific, and "Darby," who
looked after their well being while in
town, did not get to b d until cearlv
daylight. Ccsequently "tbe sand
man" baa been bo'hering hisg-g lamps
a'l day, and "Darby" would fain be at
Engineer Ackley of engine No. 3. of
th White 0ks road mashed his hand
this no"n up on the bill while attend
ing to bis eDglae. "
Finest Line
Chatelaine Bags
and Purges. The most exquisite
Jewelled Purees and Rags
in tbe city. The prc-per
thing for well dressed la
dies. Our ttcck is com
plete and prices right..
r..t,t t. VA 1 J -KT -
un j mu; III wo uuu. IUU UOVI fA
Line. Latest novel. Athletic y
goo's. Bring your Prescriptions ft
to us. we'll fill them accurately.
-T HE-
El Paso & Northeastern Ry.
fl Paso t NarflH-sfri R. R.
To accommodate the public, will carry
freight and passengers on its construc
tion trains to and from the end of its
track, commencing April 20.
Trains leave El Paso at 1 p. m.f and
returning leave end of track at 730 p.
m , making connection with stages to-Alamo-gordo,
La Luz and Tularosa
A. 9. GREIG,
General Superintendent.
On terms to suit all
Flano Tnbtnsr. Poltahlnr and
Kepairlng;. M
S80 Ham Antonio St.
Besides manufacturing PURE,"
are now making a fine line of
Chocolates & Bon Bons
For 30c, per lb. We use only pore
cream for our ICE CREAM.and
PL'RE Fruit Flavors for our
For Over Fifty Xeara.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic and is
the remedy best for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
There was a little flutter in railway
circlet th's morning because of a re
port i hat fe T. & P. had got the ar
tillery tra ns away from the G. H.
Agent Butof toe S. P. wants to bet
$20 1 rat, theT. & P. bas cot gofc
any doge' in tha pii.
Mike Brannigan was driving; over
the Stanton street bridge yesterday,
wl e-- a plank fetched loose, and one of
the horses is suffering from a bad;y
ba-kei et in in consequence. Mike is
trying to find out who is responsible
for this br-ak.
California Southera ca- 210 came
through on tn s morning's Santa Fe;
which struck tbe crowd on the plat
form as something ju-it a trifle out of.
the usual order ol i vents.
SUty six car- of stock, ia three-
double headers wett i orttx over the-
Santa Fe yrbUrJay. T&u yards and
the pens ol the San "a Fe are full of
stjoi avd stock cars.
Tbe Southern Pacific was four hours)
late t dtv. there having -been a gen
eral deliy on the west eud because of
a derailed freight.
Just think, 3 can?, 3 pounds each,
grated pie pineapple for 25o. at El Pa
so Grocery Co.

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