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Auction Sale of Books.
The Book Auction will close next Saturday. Only
a few more days and your last chance to buy books
cheap will b gone. All large sets and heavy books
Will be given away tonight. Free guess to everybody.
Only 5 more days of Auction Sale of Books. Saturday
night will be the last sale. Come while the selection
is good.
Mundy Building, El Paso St.
YES; .AXjXj iTE3"W!
At SPRINGER'S. All of our old stock was burnt and must have
new (roods to take their place.
Sam Antonio Street. HI t THJXA8
Washington Dining Hall.
nsiGKrjxtAR ransrtTHiR. is to s x-. m.
ISNew York Tailor
Stylish, Perfect Fitting Clothes -r-
Work speaks for itself
One trial will convince you.
ixVjXillXO lull PA.BBT BRBWINQ CO Milwaukee, Wis.
220 El Paso St. EI Paso. Texas.
Gives the Highest Price
Try Him - - - 116 Oregon Street.
Oorn.r West Overlaid
Pine Merchant Tailoring,
And Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Link Restaurant,
SIB Ell Paso Street.
A First-Class Short Order House.
Oxen Day and Nierbt.
Emerson &. Berrien
324 & 326 El Paso St. Phones 71, 68, &
Hearse ana carriages rurnisnea.
800 El Paso Street, Opera House Block.
New audi Second.
Refrigerators Cheap
THE: - :
305 1-2
San Antonio St.
- a
ana Santa FS Streets,
Phona 92.
l. CALDWELL, Prop.
Caldwell Undertaking Co,
80S S. El Paso Street,
The Leading Undertakers,
Phones 197 and 02.
J. E. NAG LEY. Manager
- h.aiid. jFtLrn.itu.re
in Order to Close Out.
Jfe3t $ c7
I TOM. 1
j A True Story of a Tender
5 Written Especl lly forthe Herald
Tom had blue eve), f robabiy trim
woud uever havo impree-sed itself o;i
most observer of the b g. burly, nd-
bairtd Ir st.m-n who t sed t.roe-bun-
dtei-poi.ni kegs of spik-a up ou a Udi
without h blink. Ms-t jI tee tj8 acoiv
Tom u a good uatu red. reckless liana,-
man, always for.d of a bth', atd a! v. ays
rehdy to ttke his medicUe. lorn haj
dimples, an a ts.vii.kle in bis eye tli;
compelled you t laugh. Oa-i cay I tew
him srr,ile, and I had tj go to dim. lie
slapped me on tbe back, and sa d, in
his broad Irish brogue, "You ought to
have seen nie lay them out, oue afer
tae other, as fast as they ceme up; five
of them, aaa every one as wild as ibe
devil himself. And I punched tbtm,
and put tbem sound as e : p. so that tbev
suored, they did, jis sir. O, it was
beautiful! But then, ju?t is I was
laughing and feeling- good, a brute
Mexican stole up behind me like a
hellish cat, and stabbed me in the back.
It laid me out, but, say, you know it
was me feelings that was hurt a sight
more than me back. Bah! to be stab
bed in tbe back, when I was doing- them
so lovely! I could have cried." Tom
had been in a drunken fight with Mex
icans in a saloon, and bad spent the
night in jail.
O&e day after dinner was over, the
boys were sitting around swapping
l.es. Tom said little. An old engineer
told of his run with the manager's
Boecial one dark, stormy night, when
h s engiae had ignored the absence of
a high trestle, aad, never even breath
ing hard, had taken the rails on the
further side of the gorge, to go serene
ly on its way after a terrible leap of
fifty-one feet at full speed. A fireman
told of his awful run through a lowest
fire, when he burned his tender, trucks
and all, in the eogine furnace, after
his wood and coal gave out, bt cause h-;
couldo't stop for fuel.
Finally after lie whole circle bad
pulled at the mystery pipe, they tot t
of waited for Tom to speak. Tim a -ways
had a good story, to top oil on, as
tbe boys sa-d.
Tom baa a dreamy, far-away look in
his eyes. He b.t bis pipe bo hard I wts
afra d it would crack ;and be puffed atd
puffed. Tben out came the pit-e.
"Boys, jou see that bird on toe f. n e
out thereVTbis is my little girl's bit t .
day; May's dead, you know, feu -years."
The smile d.ed away from al.
the faces around hiT, and not a word
was spoken. Tom broke the silence.
"That's a butcher bird. Little May wts
so sick, and she had a pretty canary in
a cage in her room. The caaary was
time, and ooe dy I let th-s ch 1J tako
it in her hind. How coull I know the
was dying, damn it?" he asked savage
ly. Tom was not often this way; I lov
ed him so. And ;o ewetr seemed to
soo'.he him, so that 1 know it wesn'i
counted again t him. A V'iff, anothi r,
and t'om went oa. "Just teen she d eu.
and herjitt e hani openei out- wi e
and closed uptight. The carary git
away, and sat chirruping in the w.n
dow sill. And 1 don't ste to he couid
do it, when lhe pretty oue was uea'J
there. Just as 1 looked up, one of
these cursed, black bearied uevils if
butcher birds came aljcg ana cut olf
tbe litt;e canary's heaJ, clean I w
so mad I was that, dumb, ani nursiin .
It was rucb a m an insult to the dead
one. Ana i ow. saia ion, as uu pu.-
ied out his gun, "I will make tba:
sas; murderer on tt.e fence eat a lor-tv-tive.
See him lly to pieces There
won't bj enough of him left to show
there ever was one. hut you see niiu,
boys. Ai-h! the brute:" And at ti t
last word he pulled tne irigger, and
his catiary was avenged.
After a ei.ence following mis extii-
bitiou, Tom again b-g;iu to optn bis
neart to us. l Jove p ras u a nowers
now, most oi a ytning in tne worm
6iuC3 the ciild went away. I listd her
room up after tb dud as 1 know s&e
would have wanted V. 1 ttrung vines
and grtea things all ovtr tue pla'-'f ,
and had a garden in the kitchen siove
in tbe summer time. 1 bad to give up
the other room and take a boarder, too,
but I went on letting loose. 1 got birds
and let tbem fly loose all over the rot.m.
They bad a place at table with us, the
Utile bugifers, ana tney usea to kiss us
good nigbt." Tom chuckled siher.i
called it, unt.l bis dimples danced.
Mv Dardner used to say, 'What the
devil do you want with all these damn
weeds?' Weeds, he called me pretty
flowers, weeds! Why, the man had no
soul. But 1 had to give it up. I took
a little trip to Egypt and then to Hon
olulu. There I had a wbo:e tra-dtn
to meself, and I used to lay so long un
der the big trees studying the prettj
birds and watching them getting mar
ried that I cot bred. I had a w holt-
collection then of fluffed birds a- d
flowers, but I had to sell it to get home
Snow Balling.
About one
young woman
in ten nowa
days would
dare to run out
bare headed
and bare hand
ed and frolic
and snow ball
in midwinter.
They have to
be muffled up
like hot-house
flowers before
they dare ven
ture out in se
vere weather,
and even then
would shudder
at the thought
of rollicking in
the snow as
their grand
mothers did.
The trouble lies in the fact that too few
Women enjoy perfect health and strength
of the special womanly organism. A wom
an who is not well and strong locally can
hot enoy good general health. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription cures all weakness
and disease of the delicate and important
organs concerned in wifehood and mother
hood. It is the most perfect and scientific
remedy ever devised for the peculiar ail
ments of women. It restores womanly
power, strength and virility. It tones and
builds up the nerves which have been shat
tered by suffering and disease. It corrects
all irregularities and derangements and
stops exhanstinir drains. It restores weak,
nervous invalids to perfect health. It is
intended for this ona class of disorders and
is good for no other. It is the discovery of
Dr. R. V. Pierce, for thirty years chief con
sulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, at Buffalo, N. Y. No
other known medicine can take its place.
" I have been troubled with female weakness
that ray physician called caturrh of the womb,"
writes Miss Tean Conner, of Catfish, Clarion Co.,
Pa. 44 1 doctored for it and did not get better.
At last I commenced taking Or. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. 1 Rot better right along and when
I had taken four bottles was cured. I recom
mended the 4 Favorite Prescription to a friend
of mine. She has been using it and thinks it
is wonderful."
Constipation is a little illness that if
neglected builds a big one. Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. One
little " Pellet " is a gentle laxative and two
a mild cathartic. They never gripe.
fi2S? mm w I Mm
RANDS GROVE promises to become a very popular resort this summer
for El Paeo people. It is situated nea-tbe T. P. shops, and is well provid
ed with prass. 6 rale, and water. The grove is visited bj large number of
pscple erery warm day, and the frolicking children present a very interest
ing scene. Tbe grove is being adapted to all kinds of pleasure cutings, and
El Paso people will not be backward in making use of it.
on. Well, 1 ve eot to araw some ol
f r '20V beadlieht. Come, Ta-a-sur!"
And the big black shepherd climbed
, i i . . . j
up at a U'?Kea nis master a laue anu
theT trot ed joyourly after Tom, "who
loves a scrap Hkt his iife."
Cludad Juarez, Mexico.
The S. M. is breaking ground for a
new deDot at San Pedro.-
A carload of horses was trrnsferred
vesterday from the S. P. to tha Sat-ta
The new depot of the Sierra Madre !
at Cdsas Gra. des will be completed in
about a week,
General Maisger Rimsey, of the S.
M., wo-it to Casas Grandes this morn-
log, to return tomorrow.
Mr. George nowian of New York.
secretary of Ue b Al. roa-i, a: a his
family, are at Corraltos.
Yesterday was pay day on the Sier
ra Madro a .d r,n j boys we -e celebrat
ing tbe occasion ia grea. shape.
The new T. & P. railway passenger
depot Ht Abilene is nearly completed
am v. i 1 be qui.e aa at ract ve looking
and a very cOJViiiUnt buildiag.
Tvvocirlo&ds of mj-icr;al arijved for
t'e n,w wa ei4 tarns f ihs b- P. It is
th-i i.-tcution of tJis company to ri pair
the two tUr.-ady in use and to bulla two
new ones.
The Santa Fe ye terd y turned over
nine car lot. as of oai'le to the i' xas &
PaciUv-; received 13 ears bom the
Sietra Maure, and 14 cars from tne
Mex Cia Cenu al. The cattle- received
will go north today.
Yttr-master Mudo. of tbe S. F. said
yesteruay tfeat, the nuuiLt r or ore cars
t.acn to the tueUer dai y will average
40. There were dt) tken up yet-jrd y,
with fully as ueny wore cars t-tanuiu
across the river ou tbe S. M. a id M. C.
The Sierra Madre have contracted
to deliver 3,000 bead of cattle iu El
Paso, lhe catt e will coiae from Dub.
lan and -bcloug to A. B. Armston.
Dublin is one of Mexiio s Mormon
settlements, where tbe cattle are said
to be in hne ccndition.
Harry Bentley, who is in
road service at Torreon,
the rail-
writes that frequent street brawls have
recently come off there between the
lower clas of Mexicans and our peo
pie, who have to exercise much pru
dence and forbearance in their aeal
ings wi.h the natives. Abilene Sen
tinel. Work on the foundation for the
White Oaks round houe was com
menced yesterday. It will consist of
three stails and will be built, bo as to
admit an addition whenever tbe com
pany sees fit, or feels the necessity of
et.ldi'gi' g it. It is being built at a
point on their line to itn of the S. P.
rouiid house.
For some months pi&t the S. P. have
bean tryir.g the California couplers and
thd coupl. r company have exerted
every u-eaas to have the S. P. place
them on all of their cars. There ar
rived in tho S. P. j ards yestei day.how
ever, a large number of the "Janney"
couplers, and the work of placing them
on all cars in thn repair shop baa al
ready begun. It is said that the "'Jan
ney" uives much better sitifaation
than the Calif-rLia coupler, and tfiat
tae S. r. company will adopt them as
tht ir c mp.er.
The Union Pacifio has adapted a new
hospital pi.!, aad wil. in future conduct
lid uwu hospiiui. Ii a man is injured
whi.e oj duty he will be given mc-dieul
attention at the expanse of the compa
ny aud teie will he to more m n tuly
due-- :;l!ict d. If tin employe becomes
iec p.icitaL- i b licc.dent ( r illness not
in th'S lirif of duty h wiil have to piy j
his own muiiicU expenses. Tuti Ciim-,
pany wnl mpl-'-y physici ns along Vi
lin-i to . ari? fur tte icjured as in the j
pa- t. The protxis -d tr; aniii inents, in ;
is balieved, v. ill b) very sa isfct ry I
to tae tniplojej of the n-ad. Ex-
ciane. !
A centlemao interested in the Casas!
Graoiles couutry was iu Juarez ve-t r-
oay. To a Ueuald ma i h said: "We ;
have a goad country iu every respect.
Tronjiui-al prose ts ar.i brilliant,;
iud. cd, but, ucderstirid nne, you can't'
go over there wi' h a ci lTee sack and
fill ii witi cold nu-eiff every day, ;
a-i a certain newsp-ip-r correspondent j
wo lid hsve you bel eve. Toat kind of ;
ad ffortising d ins thi eountry a trood
d al more harm than eMod," -,ontinued '
the miuer iudi'nintly, "bacauae it
brings to the country a class of
pec tors without sufficient money to
buy their second .meal. Yes, it is a
grod mineral country, but prospectors
would better prepare for all possible
emergencies before going there."
It is reported that the White Oaks
will begin the construction of their El
Paso yards between the loth and 20th
of this mt nth. Thirteen car loads of
rails are here for that purpose, and
the tips and other material will arrive
inadxy or so. Ju-t where tbe main
yards are to be constructed is difficult
for an observer to dp'ermine. It is tie
prevailing opicioo, however, among
those who are supposed to know, th: t
the main yards will be south c-f the T
P. shops, and that tbe passenger yards
will be near tbe S. P. round house
9 p.a?!f wr yrd3 wil1 pbbly be
Some of the S. P. boys are suffering
with an attack of b it-eball fever. L M.
L."wis, night switchman on tbe S. P.,
said yetf-rday that there were some
gool ball players in tbe S. P. service
here and they were anxious to p'ay.
"Tnere is Riley, for instance," be
said. "He is a first class al-a"Oui d
' ball player. He .is working in tbe
yards with the dy crew. And for n
j other I will meat ion Sheehan, of the
team in the Arkansas league. I could
mention several others who are good
players and anxious to play for what
fun there is in it." Mr. Lewis says he
will eet a-tr am from the S. P. to play
next Sunday if an opposing team fan be
secured in any art of the city.
Hereafter engineers on Sinta Fe
wh)-b-l:eve in spiritualism mu-t be
careful acd not expose their be i f.
Several eneir esrs havo received warn
ivs not to take their ensines- cut dur
ing a certain period lest they should
nv'fct with some accident. O'.herB sa
w arcing lights on tie running boards
of their engines and many eng:n. ers
at d others are continually recjvinu
messa-'es and warnings. It was
ty ought by the officials of tbe roid
that spirit m s aes were eometimes
followed closor than train orders and
j-st befo-e Master Me'-hanic Geo.
Smith 1 ft Top-ka he called sevcal of
ihose intere-t: d iu spiritual sm iato
his ffice and told ttit-m that if they
wir-hed to continue on the road thpy
must drop spirits ani messages. St.
Louis Globe D?mccrat.
T:ie Curfew in Indianapolis.
The curfew hss become a" verv
tilar icstituiion in Indianap.'di-3,
t e
city that inaugurated the revival of
t.bi.t ancient custom. It has now been
in force there three months, and from
the inquiries that sre every dy com
ing to the superintendent of police,it is
probable that its spread over the state
will be rapid. Jt is eaid to have
wrought a marvelous change for the
better in the peace and good order of
the neighborhood of whose disciplinary
machinery it is now sa conspicuous a
part. The limit of grace was eight
o'clock in the winter, but since the
present month came in an hour more
is allowed. But it seems a little hard
that while the lads and lassies must
submit to this restraint, they are to be
deprived of the poetry that formerly
attended it. The curfew no longer
"tolls the knell of parting day," but
announces the fact by the "toot!"
"toot!" of a factory whistle. Boston
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the pub
lic to know of one concern in the land
who are not afraid to be generous to
the needy and suffering. The propria
tors of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away over ten million trial
bottles of this great medicine: and
have the satisfaction of knowing it has
absolutely cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarse
ness and all diseases of the Throat,
Chest and Lungs are surely cured bv
it. Call on W. A. Irwin & Co. drug
gist, and get a trial bottle free. Reg
ular size 50c. and $1. Every bottle
guaranteed, or price refunded.
Reassuring Ilim.
Washington Star: "We're constant
ly winn'ne: victories," siad a govern
ment attache in Madrid.
"That's true," replied the citizen,
"judging ny what we read. But, that
beirg the cise, I don't see why we
are being taxed at such a heavy and
increasing rat."
'My dear sir, good things come
hiirh. Y"u mu--t exj ect to pay more
for victories than you would for de
feats." Holden's Poflltlve F lie Corn.
Suffer. -rs u-e it. Relief will be speedy
itnd flu r posit:ve ind permanent if dl
rcC'ifjf!? are sf.rio'.lv f' Uowed. For sale
rC. lly br i'c Polla-d. drutrgista.
Theli -rlin letter in th- Musical Conr-is--undcr
datT of May 4 speaks of the
e-!Fag-met t of Miss Gfrevieve Walz
'oLe vard Li bling. The letter says
that Miss Genevieve is "a refined,
pretty ri d awfully sweet, genuine
American girl "
Too m-iny dogs and not enough
&hoep: too much whiskey 8nd tobacco
and not enough entrgy are given as
among the reasons why so many farm-
I era fail. lexas arm and Ranch.
Chief Consulting Physician to the
New Cure edical and
Surgical Institute
of Hot Springs, Ark., has permanently
located in f.l faso on account
of climatic advantages.
In offering his professional services to
the oubls'j,he lavsieluim to two medical
diplomas, go d medals for excellency in
medical studies, two years', expedience
and a.-.ic:,at on with eminent specialists
inPh;iade'phia and New York cities.
Alsr, five veers' a-ocia -'on and exper
ience with leading tpecitlists at Hot
Springs, Ark. Ha is discoverer and
perf ector of New Cure tor Diseases
of Women and the ot igiaatoe of a new
System of treatment tor t-isaes of
the B'ood, Tumors. Ulcers. Cancers
and Scrofula, and all Inflammatory
Conditions of the Eye, Far. Nose and
DR. REGISTER maintains that in
this advanced age of medical skill and
discoveries, every physician who has
made imp: rtant discoveries or is in
possession of special skill and advan
tages, should make it known through
the public prints. His extensive
experience, with the aduantageof com
bined skill from his associates, guaran
tees to sufferers in El Paso and vicinity
the very best treatment known to med
ical science. All Sufferers from ay
cause should call in person or write
and get an honest expert opinion.
Afflicted women are especially request
ed to investigate Dr. Register's new
cure for their sex, A home treatment.
References to cure 3 of prominent
people all over tbe Southwest many
Co-. El Paso & San Francisco Sts.
Opp. Grand Central Hotel..
Hours: 9 a. m. to 12 m., 2 to 4, and
7 ti8p m.
Morgan Line.
g t "SUNSET ROUTE." tt
The Morgan Sunset Southern
Pacific steamers will continue
to run between New York and
New Orleans, and war risk
will be assumed until further
notice, by the steamship com
pany, at no expense to ship
pers. Should hostilities make it
necessary to discontinue the
steamship line,arrangements
have been perfected with the
Louisville & Nashville and
Pennsylvania companies to
handle by special service,
east and west bound freight
between originating points
west of New Orleans and New
York and seaboard points,
and the service will be un
broken, cars running through
without tran-fer where prac
ticable, thus insuring fast
The Mallory steamship line
has discontinued for present
plying between New York and
Galveston. Shippers will
please instruct C. H. mallory
& Co., New York, to deliver
to Sunset Morgan line any
freight in their possession, or
subsequently received. Also,
route tuture shipments via
Morgan line.
6 T. E. HUNT,
Commercial Agent.
Morgan Line, El Paso, Texas.
Dr. King
F tudeaVidl : Block.
cpstnirs )
Corner El Paso
San Francisco Sts.
9 a. m to 5 p. m
Night hours: 7 to 8.
Toasnl etion Free.
PATARRH We have placed In our of-
un i i ii ii 1 1 nee tbe LiATISST and most
inseases. ny our lnnaianon process me mea
lcinu comes In actual contact with tbe dl
seased Darts and when our treatment la cai.
rled out we ouarantrb a CURK in each case
accented for treatment.
WF fMlRF SE5ft5.wj ?' ' mh,
, , rr,uu. iicuiuiTj ivj.im c w
bv Electricity. SK1N DISK ASKS. ECZEMA.
Dinnn On IPnM P'rimarv Seaan
DLUUU 1UIOUI1 dary and Tertlarv
' i j kkii wirnout trie use or iereury.
UDITC for SvmDtom Blanks If llvlna
VVfll I U away from clt7. Oases success
fully treated through our perfect system of
aiai' i reaTmni
Add-ess: TVo KTNO & r-O.. Paso . Tex
Without Any Heavy Waist Belts.
Absolutely Waterprooi.
Wltnoai tLCS sm.
Ciuth CoTs Neat.
pptroit, !ch. Xw (1)
In Chw9. Cluthe'e "Cen
tulno" Truss (pat'd), we leave
you almost entirely Iree, and
hold rupture securely without
a direct pressure. We will
show and explain the Truss and
give you booklet i
V. A. IRVIN &. CO.,
Wholesale & Retail
DraHBts and Stationers.
A. H. WHil fcCfcR, D. D. 3
Dentistry in all its branches.
Office Over Santa Fe Ticket Offioe
Horace B. Stevens,
Real Estate
Insurance Agt.
HOUSE of 17 rooms, centrally located,
ler loagipg. Ample ground to en
large. Will be sold for less than
improvement cost.
HOUSE of 5 rooms, with large light
Dasement, on Myrtle avenue.
ON Myrtle avenue, corner, 62x120 feet,
ior gsou.
ON Saint Louis St , 94 feet,near Piar-
son uoiei.
50x120 feet, on North El Paso St., $750.
2 STORES on Oregon St , opposite
rare, zzxeu I eel each.
3 STORES, 501 to 505 South 1 Faao
St., at 912.50 each.
2 STORES and Shop, 111 to 116 Watt
uvenana St.
3 STORES in "Sheldon Block."
FRAME HOUSE, 4 rooms, No. 707
north .Kansas St., at 915.W.
I Solicit Collection of Rents
and make no charge for
Lowest rates. Fair treatment
Horace B. Stevens,
Real Estate and Insur
ance Agent.
Newest thing in town.
Prettiest wheel you ever saw.
k "The White Boy."
More new features tl
More new features than you
win find in aBy other bike.
If want to see enameling
"what are" enameling, see
the BARNES. Nicest finished
wheel on the market.
4 Drop In. Ask Questions
4 We Wc- Kick.
j El Paso Novelty Works.
Tli Druggis t
Headquarters for
Moth Paper,
Powder, AXO 1 " .
Tar Rail.
Roach Bait,
Sticlcv and Poisonous
Fly Paper.
115- . ,
, San Antonio Street,
Dnuoriu m rwi
Stanton and St. Louis 8ts.
El Paso, Tex. P. 0. Box 97.
All kinds of assaying and chemical work.
Act as agent for shippers of ore to Smel
ters. Correspondence solicited.
LongwelTs Transfsr.
I am new prepared to do all kinds of
Transferring of Frvgtt, Light
and Heavy Hauling.
Safe Moving- a
Headquarters at El Paeo Stables.
All orders promptly attended to
Phone No. 1.
Top. Tr.rrwAll.
Special attention given to Real Es
tate and Probate Law. Will praotloe
In all the courts.

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