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Loveof Country.
MONDAY, MAY 23, 1898.
J. A. SMITH, General. Manager.
H D. SLATER, Managing Editor.
H. 1 C A PELL, Business Manage.
Entered at the postofflce at El Paso, Texas,
M mall matter ol tne second cimi.
Daily, one y ....-..
Daily, mix m-wh... -Dally,
tore moo the ..
Dally one mt uik...
Weekly one e ir
Weekly six nor the...
Weekly threi oaths..
.47 01
1 50
1 75
1 00
1 00
.... 60
rTThe Oailt Hiiu la delivered by carrier
In El t'aao Texas and Jnares, Mexico, at 16
?oata per week, or 80 cent per month.
Subscriber, falling U get Thx Hxrald rex
nlarly or promptly sb- aid notify TBI Hm
ij business office (not the carrier) In order
to recelTe Immediate attention. Telephone
Mo. lib.
Kates of advertising In the Oally or Weekly
I'lltlon made known on application at tne
publication office. Or ring up telephone nam
oer 115. and a representative of the business
department will call and quote prices and
wontrac ior space. . .
Locals 10 cents per line In every Instance
ior DmiDHruuD,wiuittiiMvv
additional mseraou. , -
Legal notices of every description II per
cn eacn inseruun.
Tab HniLD Is fully prepared to do all
binds of nlaln and fancy 10D priming in an
ana latest stvles. Work perfectly and
promptly done.
Oaixao Btatss) Weiibis Bbbuv
Cl Paso, Texaa. May 90. 1888.
local Time 6:64 a. m.
Rammatnr. 39 84
Tnermometer . Mi
DlMetlnn nfwtnd N. W
Valnnltv of wind mf honr.... 10
Weather Clear
Kala M hours (lnchess nd hundredths) .0
II nhait aemnaratnre last M hours , 80
L west temperature last M hours 55
Arrival and Departure of Trains.
Mouatain (El Paso) Standard time.
Arrives. Leaves
T. & P
O. U. &. a. A.
.. 10:06 a. m 2:10 p. m-
S:1S p. m.. p. ni
B. P., west .
A. T. A 8. F ..
... 1:30 p. m
........!l:35 p. m
V.6U a. ni.
..........8:M a. m
.40 p. ni.
Mexican Central- 7:35 p. m
Ki faso H. K.... 7:uu p.
7: jo a. m
K. li. B. M. f . .
K. O. B. M. &.
Leaves Juarez at 8:10 a. m.
Arrives Juarez at 3:80 p. m
The condition of the streets, alleys,
and sidewalks in El Paso is disgrace
ful. The Herald invites all citizens
to send to this office complaints of
whatsoever sort bearing on this ques
tion. Citizens are requested to use
the folio win or form in notifying us
Fill out, clip, and send to the Herald:
An effort was made by the Herald
to have the plaza concert, now set for
next Friday night, the 27th, postponed
to the following Monday night, for two
reasons which it considers good. First,
next Monday is Memorial Day, observ
ed in North and South alike by exer
cites in memory of those heroes who
died in the war of secession. This
vear the dv will have more than
usual significance. We have the mar
tyrs of the Maine to remember. We
have " those who have been
killed during the present
war. We have, perhaps greatest
of all, to celebrate, with the deepest
reverence and thanksgiving, the final
reunion of North and South, now ap
parently for the first time since the
war of secession free from any taint of
rancor or suspicion. It is our opinion
that a suitable demonstration in the
park on Monday night, with plenty of
flags around, and the band playing
American music purely, without for
eign admixture, would be a very good
thing for El Paso. The second reason
is that the high school commencement
takes place In Myar's opera heuse
oq Friday night, and a good many peo
ple will be deprived of one or the
other of these pleasures if the concert
is not changed. El Paso has so few op
portunities for entertainment that it
does not seem right to double up.
Mr. Reck hart, when queried on the
subject, said that certainly no extra
concert would be given especially for
Memorial Day, unless the
money was put up beforehand.
The Mexicans in the band, who he re
luctantly admitted were the best part
of it, work for money, and the band
cannot play unless they are paid. The
concert will not be postponed at all,
W "'VDate!) 0
v Herald, El Paso.
jfc (Sidewalk, street, alley, gutter) .
la front (or rear) of V
V (Number and Street, address in full.) K
6 (Dirty, Broken Up.) 9
V " ' (Name.)
says Mr. Reckhart, for the public
will not permit it. Mr. Reckhart says
further that the only people that go to
the high school commencement are the
fond mothers and fathers and sisters
and brothers of the graduates, and
these people do not come to the con
carts anyway.
We suppose Mr. Reckhart would
change his mind if he could see that
the public desired to have it changed.
So if there is any feeling at all in the
city in favor of postponing Friday's
concert to Monday, we respectfully re
quest that the people interested send
cards to this office expressing their
C. R. MOREBEAD, president and
boss, will not commit himself as to the
disposition of that Dineteen hundred
dollar street improvement fund. He
doesn't know anything about it.doesn'i
know whether the money is in the
bank or not, but when the boys sought
his august presence in the counci
chamber in the back room of the State
National bank, whence go forth th
edicts that rule El Paso, he said, in
substance, "Just go ahead and use it as
you please; I won't hinder you. If you
want to use it for a jail, use it. If you
want to use it for streets and side
walks, use it." That didn't help the
timid aldermen a bit, so they
went to Joseph Magoffin, vict
president and mayor, with a view to
shouldering the responsibility on him
Joe winked the other eye in the direc
tion of the Herald office, and said
something like this: "Boys, as mayor,
I have only a casting vote, you know
What did Moreherd say about it?" So
it is clear that there is a bee in some
body's bonnet, and none of the boys-
like to take the responsibility of re'
moving it. Mr. Wales, Mr. Robinson,
Mr. Clifford, Mr. Brunner, speak out
now, and back up your convictions
by acting right. A few dollars spent
on Myrtle street, at and near the cor
ner of Florence, would make hundreds
of people rise up and -call you
blessed. And North Oregon
street is pretty bad, too.
Some of our leading citizens have
determined to boycott tbe internation
al street car line because the cars are
propelled by Spanish mules.
Something to Think About.
Denver Post.
On tbe Rio Grande river in the
southern part of tbe state is Del Norte,
one of the best towns of its size in the
state, which in the way of municipal
ownership of public utilities can give
o ner towns a pointer or two. Del
Norte has its own water works, owned
and operate! by tbe city. It has also
its own electrlo light system; the plant
is owned ana operated by tne city and
win De entirely paid tor in a short
time. JNot only will there be no mor
municipal taxation in Del Norte, but
tbe income from tne water works and
the electric light plant will suffice to
pay all public expenses and leave a
monthly surplus or Sou in the city treas
ury. Don't our Denver citizens fee
like hiring some one to kick them for
giving away franchises right and left
to private corporations and in the bar
gain compel the city to pay their debts,
as is tne case oi the tramway com
What the people here should own
and operate themselves for their own
use and benefit we have allowed others
to own and tax us for what we need.
Does anyone think it would be such an
awful tbing for tbe city to own its eaa
electric, water and street car systems?
Would it not be better to save th
money to our citizens that now annual
ly goes east in the shape of interest on
watered stocks and bonds? If there
had been no franchises to give away
mere would nave Deen no councumen
bribed and if there were no gas and
water and street car corporations there
would be no one to bribe the council
men and there would be no danger of
thefe corporations controlling tbe city
government. Del Norte has taken a
warning by the example Denver has
given it. There is no corporation to
bribe tbe council of Del Norte, there
fore no corrupt elements are strivlner
o get into the council in order to be
br bad. We have to make a start here
o imitate the example set bv rel
Norte. The first step in this direction
is to shut down on giviosr awav public
The Oregon's Commander.
New York Tribune.
The old Green Mounfin State is es
pecially prominent now iD naval ope
rations. As if it were not sufficient boa
or to furnish to the Navy Rear-Admi
rai Dewey, it now appears that Cap
tain Charles Edgar Clark, to whom has
been intrusted the responsibility of
commanding tne Oregon on her lone-
voyage around South America, is also
a v ermonter, bond and bred.
He was appointed from Vermont to
the Naval Academy in 1860, when be
was seventeen years old, and remained
there until October 1863. He entered
upon active service in the midst of the
civil war, being assigned as an ensign
to the steam sloop Osipee. which was
one of the Western Gulf Blockading
This Is
It will
Your Appetite
Purify and
Vitalize Your Blood, Overcome That
Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of
Hood s Sarsasarilla and berin to
take it TODAY, and realize the great
good it Is sure to do you.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It Axsarloa's Prsmn r All drugs!.
Squadron. The Ossipee took part In
the famous battle of Mobile Bay on
Auguet 5, 1SC4. and in the bombard
ment of Fort Morgan a few days later,
o teat the young ensign at the begin
ning of bis career had an amount of
practical experience in lighting such
as seldom falls to the lot of a modern
naval officer.
Within three vears after the war
Clark bad risen through the ranks of
master and lieutenant to thator lieu-tenant-commaoder.
He was attached to
the steamer Suwanee when she was
wrecked on July 7, 18G8. Since that
tim he has held various commands,
having .been attached to the North
tlantic ana Asiatic stations, tne .na
val Academy, the train inc-sbip New-
UamDsbire, the Boston JNavy Yard tne
Mare Island Navy Yard and the To--
Dedo Station. He was in command I
the steamer Ranger when that vessel
as engaged in tne survey ot tne
North Pacific Ocean, from 1881 to 1886,
nd was Lighthouse Inspector from
1887 to 1891.
He was promoted to the rank of
commander in 1881. In September,
1893, be took command of the Mobi-
ean and cruised in her for a year. He
as in charge of the receiving-ship In
dependence in 1895, and on June 2G.
1897. he was promoted to tbe ranic 1 1
captain and af signed to the command
f the coast-defence vessel Monterey.
Nearly three months ago he was has
tily detached from the Monterey
bile stationed at tne naaie isiana
aavv vard, San Francisco, aud ordered
to take command of tbe magnificent
first-cla9S battleship Oregon. By this
ransfer Captain Clark relieved Cap
tain A. H. Mc'Jormick, wno was men
ia command of the Oregon, and who
as in poor health.
On March 19. soon after the change
of commanders was made, the Oregon
started on her trip of over thirteen
thousand miles to join the rorth At
lantic Squadron.
Springs to Take off the Recoil Qnick
Loading Devices.
Lexington (Ky.) dispatch to The Philadelphia
Tne inventor of the double turret,
the recoil springs for heavy naval guns
nd the rapid-loading mechanism for
big guns is Lieutenant Joseph
Strauss, of this city. Seventeen years
go, while tbe Strauss family lived in
Lynchburg, Va., it was decided by
the naval department to appoint twenty-five
young men to tbe Naval Aca
demy aascaaet engineers, the appoint
uients to be made in competitive ex
imination. Virginia won two of the
appointments, Joseph btrauss being
one ol the lucky men.
After graduating the lieutenant de
oided to go on board vessels -and study
rd nance, as tne result ol tnis study
oeenvolved tbe plan of the double
turret, which enables a concentration
ol nre unattainable without its use
While watching the work of the big
guns the lieutenant was struck with
the inefficiency of the hydraulic re
coil, which was constantly getting out
or order, mung tne noors ol tne tur
rets with water and drenching tbe
men to tbe skin, rendering tbe work
ing of tbe guns not only dangerous but
in every way disagreeable. He devised
system of heavy steel springs, wound
in cylinders, which not only take up
tbe recoil of the .guns, but automati
cally return them to the firing posi
He also saw that the old fashioned
loading mechanism for heavy guns
as faulty. He worked on t a new de
vice -for loading tbem, which has made
t possible, as shown by a test recently
made on the Texas, to load a 13-incb
tun in two minutes, instead of six
miButes, as required under the old
machinery. It was the intention of
his superior officers to have him oc
cupy a chair in the Naval Academy,
out being oi a practical turn oi mind,
he lieutenant begged to be allowed
the privilege of studying the actual
workings of guns on board ships. Mem
bers of tne Ordnance Department who
have watched this remarkable genius
ay that should he suffer no misfortune
he will continue to make improve
ments until the American Navy will
be far and away abead of any other in
tbe matter of rapiditv of action and
n the minimum of danger to its work
ing force.
"Real Oratory."
Houston Post.
Within the past few weeks both sen
mors and representatives in congress
bave risen to the heights of real ora
tory. Perhaps the most notable
achievement in this line belongs to the
credit of Congressman Dolliver, of
lowa, who recently electrified tbe
house of representatives by his bril
liant speech upon the present crisis.
We quote only one paragraph. Said
(Jongressman Dolliver:
"We cannot and will not stop to cal
culate in money a recompense for our
noble ship that lies stranded, broken
and dismantled in the most infamous
barbor of all tbe seas. We will not
calculate with these for the value of
the lives of our dead sailors. We will
not betray our dead. But the nation
of America, laying down, as I fondlv
believe and hope, every trace of parti
san controversy and dis9eos on, in the
rear or t;od, counting all tbe cost, will
exact from Spain indemnity in full for
all tbe abuses of the past; not the spoil
of subjugated provinces, but the eman
cipation of an oppressed race; not the
ransom or besieged cities, but the crea
tion of a new commonwealth: not tbe
coinage of a bankrupt treasury, but
the nobler satisfaction or helping to
raise the flag of a free nation, once
dishonored, outlawed and despised, now
ciotDed witn beauty and with victory,
and destined to stand guard forever in
tender gratitude above our unforgotten
heroes of tbe Maine."
Without the least superestion of
jingoism or sentimentality the forego
ing paragraph is full of dignified
strength and eloquence. We congra
tulate Congressman Dolliver upon the
nappy enecc or nis speech.
Sea Air and Telegraph Wires
Telegraph wires will last for 40 vears
near tbe seashore. In tbe manufac
turing districts the same wires will
last only ten years, and sometimes less.
Chicago Tribune.
ThelHeieht of Absurdity: Mrs. Ros-
enbaum Mrs. Satzenstein was just
here der impudence ohf dot woman!
Mr. Rosen baum v ot did she say?
Mrs. Rosen haum (indignantly) asked
me vol I vas golntr to make out of der
baby shoos t as if he was for sale!
'Ah!" sie-hed the sad faced man at
the poker table, as his last chip dis
appeared, "If we could see ourselves
as others see us!" Boston Transcript.
So. Pac Co. to Klondike.
Through tickets via San Francisco.
Seattle or Portland. Rates of fare.
and freight and general information
furnished on application or by mail.
T. E. Hunt, Commercial Agt.
Yesterday was a quiet day in rail
road circles.
A. M. Crozier, of the White Oaks
was in town Sunday.
Another train of wheat went east
yesterday over theS. P.
A few departments of the S. P. were
compelled to work yesterday.
There will b9 an invitation railroad
dance at Rand's grove tonight.
Boss" Mallerov of the White Oaks
surveying corps, was io town Suoday.
The G. H. bovs succeded in getting
a very selected crowd at their picnic
Operator Moore of the railway takes
the position of Gen. Ft & Pass
Agt. made vacant by the resignation
of Mrs. Sbarp. Mr. Moore is an exper
ienced railway man and win no aouot
give satisfaction. iiiddy current.
Tbe G. H. boss are trying to find
irood crrounds about 20 miles farther
than Orn's grove and run an excursion
for $1 dollar for the round trip. ihi
will meet with favor among the u
Paso people as the ride alone would be
worth a dollar.
The G. H. shop men will give a dance
at the Pavilion in Rand's Grove this
evening in honor of Arthur Borcberd-ins-,
who was unable to attend tbe pic
nic yesterday. Arthur is a great fav
orite and the boys propose to give him
"a touch of high life" this evening.
An importaut train on this division
was delayed a 'tout forty minutes on ac
count of not being able to rai-e a night
operator, who had not noticed that bis
instrument wa- not adjusted and did
not hear tbe dlspat her calling mm
More attention is required. The ope
rator was suspended ten days. Optic
Instructions to watch inspectors on
the Santa Fe svstem, regarding watch
certificates for engineers, are that they
will send direct to the trainmaster, du
plicate certificates covering all watch
es inspected. The original certificate
will be banded to the engineer to be
kept by him. Inspectors are instruct
ed not to issue certificates after tbe
fifth of each month, without an ord r
of the trainmaster. "Railroads can t
be too Btrict in the regulations of tbe
watches carried by their train men.
said an engineer yesterday. 'The dif
ference of a few seconds is liable to
cost the loss of life and property."
H. Diers, who passed through El
Paso three weeks ago en route for
Mexico to purchase cattle returned
Saturday evening. Mr. JJiers pur
chased 1,1b J bead of fat cattle at an
average price of ill, Mexican money
and he considers that he secured a
great b rgain. He says the country
down there is covered with cattle and
that they are for sale. The cattle
country begins about 50 miles sonth of
Chihuahua, and he said it would be an
easy matter top"ick up 10,000 bed be
tween there and tbe City of Mexico.
Mr. Diers visited all the historic points
in tbe vicinity of the city and says
tbey are well worth going hundreds of
miles to see. ne win leave ior his
home In Nebraska tomorrow afternoon
over the T. P.
Rail laying on tbe extension of tbe
Gila v alley, Olobe & .Northern road
bas commenced and about five miles of
track has already been laid. The pile
driver crew is about six miles out from
Geronimo. Grading bas progressed
for about twenty miles, leaving eight
miles of work to complete the grade to
the Gila river. Ward & Courtney's
outfit is located about four miles from
the Gila, where some heavy work is
being done. The Midland Construe
tion company expects to get through
this week with the eleven miles of
grade out from Geronimo and will
move next week to the summit near
Globe to resume work The size of the
several construction crews is about tbe
rame as heretofore reported and work
will progress as usual. This road will
open up a wealth of mineral lands. For
year Globe, Arizona, bas been com
pelled to haul her supplies 150 miles
over the roughest road in this western
country. The people of Globe have
just cause to be jubilant over tbe build
ing of t bis ruad.
The G. H. picnic at Orn's Grove yes
terday, was a great success both so
la! ly and financially. The excursion
train, consisting of two coaches and a
basrgage car. left the . f. depot at
about y o clock with tne orchestra play
ing "Dixie," and the crowd yelling
their approval of tbe patriotic air
From that time until the train re
turned was one continuous round of
pleasure. Tbe pleasure-seekers took
possession of the quiet prove and mirth
and laughter prevailed. borne in
dulged in dancing, some in card play
ing, others in ball playing and so on.un
til all prP8nt were having a thorough
ly good time. When lunch time was
announced the crowd scattered about
the grove to partake of tbe refresh
ments. After lunch the various games
were again renewed and continued un
til about 6 o'clock in the evening when
tbe excursion train returnel to this
city. The affair was a success, and re
flects much credit on tbe committee of
arrangements. There was no bad lan
guage used and no drunkenness to mar
the pleasures of the occasion.
Whoopiog Cough.
I had a little boy who was nearly
dead from an attackof whooping cough.
My neighbors recommended Chamber
lain's (Jough remedy. 1 did not
think that any medicine would help him
but after giving him a few does of that
remedy 1 noticed an improvement, and
one bottle cured him entirely. It is
tbe best cough medicine I ever had in
the house. J. L. Moore, South Bur
cettstown, Pa. For sale by all drug
Stands at the Head
Aug. J. Bogel. the leading dru?erist
of tsnreveport, la., says: "Ur. iv njr's
New Discovery is the only thing that
cures my cough, and it is the best seller
1 have." J.b. Campbell, merchant of
Safford, Ariz., writes: "Dr. King's
New Discovery i all that is claimed
for it; it never fails, and is a sure cure
for Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
I cannot say enough for its merits."
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Couphs and Colds is not an
experiment. It bas been tried for a
quarter of a century, and today stands
at the bead. It never disappoints.
Free trial bottles at W. A. Irvin & Co-
Wholesale and Retail Drug Store. 1
His Work
His Reference. "
jiivi Milne,
f) The Inimitable f
4 ..Of Every Description..
J Finest Work.
I Lowest Prices-
EI Paso 6 Northeastern Ry.
El Paso & Northeistern R. R.
To accommodate the public, - will carry
freight and passengers on its construc
tion trains to and from the end of its
Commencing May 16, trains will leave
El Paso at 7:30 A. M., and returning
will leave end of track at 2:30 P. M.,
making close connection with stages to
and from Alamogordo, La Luz and Tu-
larosa daily.
Passengers can now make the
through trip to or from La Luz the
same dav.
General Superintendent.
stfrmk Kaaaff
rule. OUC NEW
iv. fi
Miami Cycle 6Mlfcj.CouMJcUierovvn,Q
These eoods are for Solo or rent
All bran new and at the lowest possible
prices. Call and see us
McDonald & Tanner,
113 Oregon Street,
Telephone 271-
Newest thing in town.
Prettiest wheel you ever saw.
4 "The White boy."
More new features tl
More new features than you
will find in any other bike.
If want to see enameling
"whst are" enameling, see
the BARNES. Nicest finished
wheel on the market.
Drop In. Ask Questions
We Wc. - Kick.
El Paso Novelty Work
Sierra Hsdra Line to the Yaqul Oold Fields
Take the R. G.. S. M. & P.
Ry for Casas Grandes, San Buena
bentura, and the Yaqui gold fields
Trains leave Ciudad Juarez Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:10 a. m.
Arrive Ciudad Juarez Tuesdavs.
Thursdays and Saturdays at 3:20 p. m.,
Mexico City time. Depot opposite
Mexican Uentral passenger depot.
J. T. Logan,
Gen'l Traffic Agent.
Bolden's Positive F lie Car..
Sufferers use it. Relief will besneedv
and cure positive and permanent if di
rections are strictly followed. For sale
Kelly by & Pollard, druggists.
oi id . tea I
WJ' UMNI nANbD. w .-aj
V D0E5 17 A
jsia. -sm wi
1SJ v
President Vice President. Secretary. General Mana-re.'
Wholesale Grocers,
f . .
We Carry a Comnli1 linn nf tnr!i mid ITsLnrv
class. We solicit the trade of dealers only,
sPitnnrml. Divil Ccifn Pa s
; This company has business and residence lots for sale on easy
; terms. Will exebange lots for labor and building materials.
; Will sell lots on monthly payments. Will exchange lots for 3
; improved property. Houses built to suit purchasers oa easy 3
; terms. Call at our office in the Sheldon block.
B, F,
Saddles Harness, Wagons
Marl in
Rifles . . . .
We handle the old reliable Cooper Wagon. Our stock of Saddles and Harness
is up-to-date in style, quality ana
jp jj g
Mexican Central Ry.
SAFELY. Pullman Palace Sleepers are run between El Pa?o, Mexico
Guadalajara and Tamplco. '
For rates and other information, apply to
G. A. MULLER, Commercial Agent, El Paso, Texas.
United Presbyterian General Assembly,
NEW ORLEANS. La., MAY 19 to 31. One fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale May 1
18 and 19. Good Tor return until J une 4. For full information call on or addn
Traffic Manager, Houston Tex.
The Most
Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, St.
Paul, Omaha, Boston, New York
and Philadelphia,
ind all Northern andEastern Points
Elegant Pullman Palace Sleepers on all through trains. Daily Tourist
sleeping cars U Denver, Kansas City and Chicago. Tourist Sleeping cars semi
weekly to St. Paul and Minneapolis and once each week to St. Louis & Boston
All trains not having dining oars stop tor meals at, the famous Uante Fe
Route, Harvey Houses.
Full information cheerfully furnished upon aonlloatlon to
City Ticket Agent. General As-ent
Office, Fargo Building, Corner El Paso and San Antonio Streets."
El Paso Lime Works.
Hydraulic White Lime
O Correspondence Solicited.
We can Ticket i to
LOW Rflie ,.
Fast Tin
l?. TURNER, 6u'l PiuV md TH t, DALLAS, TEX
B. F. Darbyshire, S. W. F4P.A.
. ,.
frmTRi-toa. u.ntt criinru ntPA nil crwio
and give especial attention to mail orders.
HAMMETT, Manager. 2
and Dealers In..
Firearms and Ammunition.
Colt Pistols.
Shot Guns,
&c, &c.
price, mo trouble to show goods.
.400 AND 02 EL PASO ST
op MEXICO wil1 1611 you that a11 impr-
tant points in Mexico are reaehed by or via
Excursion Rate
information call on or address "
A. G. P. & T. A., Houston, Tex
Direct Line to
Independent Assay Office.
Established 1888.
D. W. RECKHART, E.;M., Prop.
Agpnt for Ore Shippers Assays and Cheni
Ical analysis Mines rxsml' d aod reported
Office and Laboratory Co, man Francisco
mu nmnnanut 8T.
El Paso Transfer
hone.18. WO to 310 Boutt Oregon Street
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