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SATURDAY, MAY 23, 1898.
Smith's Creamery is open again.
Fine line of hammocks at Irvin's.
El Paso Steam Laundry, Telephone
No. 47.
Mrs. J. H. Comstock.
O'Brien Coal Co., sell pitch, paper,
lime, cement, plaster, etc.
Pitch, paper, plaster and lime. 1
Paso Fuel Co. Phone 110.
the best 5 cent CIGAR on the market.
For plumbing and gas fitting at
reasonable rates go to 310 1 Paso St.
Ropers is now serving ice cream
soda io all flavors with crushei fruits.
Patriot'sm on the battle field. Rel
soldier life Battl-s fought History
illustrated. May28tb.
The best Mexican and Havana clgart
are made by the CI Paso Cigar Mfg.
Patriotic evolution of the new world
and a choice musical program. Car-
rlDgion and De Cbauvents.
Vapor and medicated baths at 416
North Oregon street lienumatism
relieved at once; maseage in all forms.
Hear Carrington. ,'Chmp'on drum
soloist of the world." Houses 5 st'eks
atone time. Cnopin hall, May 28 -h
Pavne-Badeer Coal company. Mc-
Aleeter, Cerrillos and anthracite coal,
cord and stove wood, yard Second and
Chihuahua streets. Telephone no. xi.
Bov your coal from "O'Brien Coal
Co ," tbe airents and direct shippers
from tbe Cerrillos mines. 'Phone 8.
Stoves of all kinds for hard and
oft coal.
Everybody goes to the St. Louis
Furniture company. 317 El Paso street
for good house outfittings and easy
s rms.
For sale. Six choice lots on Texas
s'.reet, including one corner, near pro
posed White Oaks depot
B F. Hammett, Jr.
America, Just Before the Buttle
Mother, Star Spangled Banner, Col
umbia, T-nunr on tbe oia camp
ground. Viva L' America. Carrington
and De Cnauvents.
FOR sale. Six choice lots on Texas
street, including one corner, near pro
posed White Oaks depot.
B. F. Hammett, Jr
A musical and historical entertain
mnt by Carrington and Da Chauvents,
"Greatest juvenile pianist ad the
drummer boy of tbe Battle of Sbiloh."
Cbopin ball. May zatn.
Seekers Afsr Cold know they may
be d sa p;jlned, but seekers afier
health tate Hood's Sarraparllls witb
the utmost confidence that it will do
them wonderful good.
Hood's ills are the only pills to take
with Hood's Sarsaparilla. Easy, yet
Pat nt Issued.
The application for patent of Rich
ard Qulncey on bis home strap was is
sued May 10, and already they are com-
iog in demaoa. J ney ar so timpie
and so itrong tbat every team in town
should use tbem lor they sale many
times their cost in the old stripes. The
Wrst Texas Saddlery Co., corner Over
land and Oregon streets now have a
good tupply.
Grow fat Eat at Smith's Creamery
VTT A NTF n.-atnnnir anher. Address "D"
hiHALD ofHcf, stating age experience,
ard oalary expected. Permanent position to
the right p irty.
T?OR SALE Mining bonds for sale at the
- Herald office
COR SALE Mining deeds for sale at the
-T Uerald office.
FOR SALE Dr. McGUl's famous Crange
blossom by Mrs. A. M. Smith, 125 Leon
UOK SALR-Very cheap, gramma hay. Ap--T
ply Geo. S. Good & Co.. btunton and fct.
Louis Strs.
FOR SALE. One dinlng-r om table, one
center tble. All Iron bed stead. Go.d
as new. 303 Magoffin Ave.
T?OR RENT Furnished front room 214 So-
nora Street. .
FOR Rent-Furnished house for rent $25
per month Audres L. (?. R. Hebald
P'OR RENT Front room Gents only 318
Texas st.
AFtlST cHss dress miker, fitting a spe
cialty ; best ot references given. 606 Mesa
MISS"E. CHURCH will commence Summer
sen ol Wednesday June 1st at 615 N. titan
ton street.
ti at. as at
IKi-r V
E van iuu
Hi Greatest Slaughter Sale of Jewelry
m This Is No Bluff,
ff. & H. Walkers
"Family Soap,"
6 Bars for 25c.
"King" Soap,
....7 Bars for 25c.
"Ideal" Soap,
....8 Bars for 25c.
12 oz. packages, 5 cents each.
4 lb. packages, 25 cents each.
Look the world over and you
will find no better goods than W.
& H. Walker's.
Think that everything YELLOW is gold.
Clean your Silver with cheap, gritty or acid preparations.
Buy cheap Spectacles, because they will ruin your eyes.
Buy a PLATED watch case and pay te price of a 20-year filled
case simply because it has a 20 year guarantee in it.
Pay as much for PL TED ring as vou ought to pay for a solid
gold ring, simply because some one wants vou to.
Forget that we never MISREPRESENT anything we sei;.
"mo Jewelers." jjk
Bronson Block, III an Antonio Street, El Paso, Texas 1
A Fall Company Has Been Gathered
Without Effort.
Recruiting of a company for the
Galveston regiment his been proceed
ing moat satisfactorily at the Times
c ffice, under the charge of Juao S.
H&rt as acting resruiiing officer.
There is still room, however, for many
more recruit, as there is no establish,
ed quota for El Paso, and moreover it
is likely that many of those aiready en
rolled will be rejected on examina
tion. Recruiting officer John Kinney is
expected to reach El Pao on tbe G.
H. train this afternoon, and it is desir
that as many of the racruits as pos
sible be at the depot wt en he arrives.
He will arrange for a called meeting
of the company coon afterwards and
will announce when tbe examinations
are to be held.
Tbe Galveston regiment of volun
eer will be commanded by Colonel
Charles S Ri he of the corps of en
gineers, United States army, wbo has
for years been engaged in work on the
jetty system at Galveston.
Tbe enlisted men will be furnished
transportation to tbe coast.
The following is a complete list of
the names enrolled up to this morning.
Sm Scapgs, John Seawell,
John L. Faegan Edward Selig,
Isaac E. Archer Chtrle L. Adams
Adam J. Deiter, Harry Goodman,
Sam G.Green. Ofo Rodeers,
D. E Anthony. J. T. O'Brien.
H. Spivey, Frank Clark,
V. J. Loften J. C. Dodge.
Charles F. Jones. C. F. Elliot,
J.S.Johnson, Jno Mtehan,
T. E Lord, D. M. Stowe,
J. H. Jeannette, C. Van Bale,
C. L Heid, C. F. Lewis
I James E- via. Williom Rodng,-
T. V. Lawler, Arthur A. Hopkins
Preston B. Russell.C yde Van Dyke
Mac Broadous, Stephen J Kearney,
F. V. Rucktnan, William Gir son
L E Ruseell, Edward Kauffman,
V. Grcnwald, Heber R'Cbarde,
George Bauer, J- Lee. Bempelman
G. W. Stuart, E. A. Huneon,
Edward Morgan, R. B. Gun'h-r,
Joseph Hayden, W. J. McLaughlin
D. A.Dobson. N. W. L"cd otb,
W. R. -Connelly, B. W. Finley.
John T. Neafeey, F. A. Hamu on,
J. L. Boi qu llo, R. E. Aistrop.
I. R. Browaing. J. C. D y,
Frank G. Tays, Carl Lawrence,
L. D. Ranson, John Hill,.
G. L Bergman. G. B Hnaley,
J. E. Perea, H. E. Miller.
Memorial Services
Tbe Confederate Veterans. Worn an 8
Relief Corps and the Sons of Vetra"S,
are cordially invited to attend Me
morial'Services with Emmtt Crawford
Post G. A R. at the Presbyterian
cburcb Surday eve., the 29th inst. Will
start from San Antonio St., at 7::;0 p
m. sharp.
A. G. Malloy,
Commanding, E. C. Post G. A. R.
al ! ! -t f.W
ivccp x jcuci ;
Yes? Well, perhaps you can; but we are as yet not quite ready to tell you ours,
but it will be money in your clothes unspent to watch this rpare for the next few
days. You don't believe it? Well, white you're getiioer impatient to find out just
what we are "drivin' at," let us state that we have inaugurated the
Ever known in the city of El Paeo, or, in fact, the Southwest. This means that
Jewelry, Watches well, the entire s'Oi-k is subject to slaughter prices and you're
going to be Bur priced at the extreme lowness in price of eiery article in stock.
But a guaranteed Slaughter Sale at Slaughtered Prices.
Keep your I on this location, for in a few days we will
divulge our secret.
m fill RPRRERO
Besides manufacturing PURE,
are now making a fine line of
Chocolates & Bon Bons
For 30c, per lb. We use only pure
cream for our ICE CREAM, and
PUKE Fruit Flavors for our
It is Now Reported That 10,000 U. S.
Troops Have Been Landed in Cuba
Atlanta, May 28 It is believed
that 10,000 United States soldiers have
already landed on tbe Cuban coast, and
have by this time effected a junction
with the insurgent forces. This is told
in a letter from one of the Georgian
volunteers at Tampa to -a friend in
It appears from this communication
tbat for tbe last week tbe nights have
been occupied in lodging transports
with ammunition, troops, equipment9,
horses, and provisions, and that tbey
were then forwarded to some spot al
ready designated on the Cuban coast.
So urgent was tbe necessity for sec
recy deemed that the point at which
the men would land was not even di
vulged to many of the officers io com
mand at Tampa.
Shortage $50,000
Boston, May 28. Frd T. Moore,
paying teller of tbe National Bank of
C mmerce, is missing, and it is report
ed tbat bis shortage is $59,000. Moore
is 32 yesrs old and married.
Slight Fire.
About 1:15 o'clock tbi9 morning a
policeman discovered a slight fire in
the back yard of Mr. Emerson. M '8
avenue and Idaho street. A p le of ma
nure was burning, and the fire bai al
ready been communica ed to a fence
dangerously nesr to a frame s'able.
Mr. Euerson was called and tbe fire
Knigh's of Labor Excursion.
It is now definitely settled that the
Knights of Libor will give the first
giand excursion over the White Oaks
road on tbe 4th of July. The propo
sal made bo tbe company has been ac
cepted by the Knights and tickets will
soon be on eal in all parts of the city
at a cost of $150 for the -round trip to
La Liuz acd return. Nice little bov
and girls under twelve years of aee
will be charged half price. Ample ar-rang-ments
will be made for the com
fort and convenience of the excursion
ists especially the ladies and children
It is expected that this will be the
largest excursion ever sent out from
this citv, and every effort will be made
by the Knights to take it enjoyable for
For Over Fifty Mn,
Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup has
been used lor children teething It
Joothes the child, softens the Brums
allays all pain, cures wind colic and is
tbe remedy best lor diarrhoea
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
at .AlA. X it U tJU lJjU . i a X
.4-0 53139
RROf?.. .Ipwplorc. M
El Po 8t-f El Pmo, 1 txat. JjfeSj
fU3.,S. M.&P. Ry.
I Sierra, Madre Line
A and the jy
I Yaaui Gold Fields.J
High School Commencement.
Last eveninsr a large part of the pop
ulation of the ci'.y gathered at Myar's
opera house to bear the commence
ment exercises 01 inegruuuauoK tiass
of '98 of the city's high school.
Lone before tbe time set for the
first number tbe house was overcrowd
ed, and cbirs bad to be brought in
and placed in the aisles to accommodate
tne people wbo came late. 1 nis was t e
eleventh of the annual commencement
that have been held ia the opera house,
and never hefore has so large an aud
ience assembled to witness an enterta
inment of this kiod.
The decorations of the auditorium
were very beautiful. Roses, palmr,
and ferns 'd the greatest abundance
were taetefully U6ed. The very ap
propriate class colors of red, whie,and
blue were broupht out again ar-d
airain. in tbe decorations, and in tht
costumes of the pretty girls on the
stage. Flags were draped over the
balconies and Doxes, ana aoouc tne
stage. The stave background was an
immense flag; amonir the flags used Id
the decorations were two or inree
standards of tbe republic of Cuba.
Tbe exhibition of the true patriotism In
the hearts of these young people was
very graU'yiog.
There was arransred in the center of
the stage a large pyramid upon which
were seated tbeeighth, ninth, acd tenth
grades of the high school The girL-
were all dressed in wnue, witn rea
and blue conspicuously p-esent also.
Tbe graduating class occupied ot airs
at tbe left of tbe stage, while Superio
tndent Putnam and his assistants
were seated at tbe right.
The Droscenium box at the left of the
stage was occupied by Mayor Magoffin
and the members of the tcnooi D:;ara
One of tbe prettiest features of tbe
occasion was the four little flower chil
dren, two of wbom eat on either side of
the staee. The r services were con
tinually needed during the whole even
The ciris crraiuating were Alias
Mabel Maria Falvey, Mis Allene
Blacker, Miss Mary Ellen O'Keefe,
Miss Sarah Annie Edwards, and Miss
Gertrude Stansfield Hifirsins.
They were all prettily dressed in
white and eacb carried a large bou
quet of white-roses, the class flower.
Tbe boys of the graduating class
were James Franklin Haan and Salomon-Wolff.
At the opening of the exercises-Rv
J. T. French offered a very beautiful
invocation, offering thanks for the suc
cess of our public schools and asking
that a guid ng band care for this grad-
a ing class throughout tbe coming
Tbe whole school then came to the
front of the stage and sang "Hail Co:
umbia" and tbe "Revel of the Leaves'
with much spirit. Miss Kate Moore
was at the piano and she well per
formed her part of the entertainment
Miss Falvey delivered an excllant
and well written eseay on tbe subject
Ivfe chould beunia ae." Miss Falvey
acquitted hen-elf aamirably, her dth-
very being excellent.
The "Historv of the class of '98" was
eriven by tbe class historian, Miss
Aliene itiacKer. xne auaience iuiiy
appreciated her description of the
events during tbe high school days of
this class.
A duet. "Spring song" was beautiful
ly rendered by Misses Grace Allen and
Al.ce Lei saeiton.wno aeservtaiy won
great applause from tbe audience
Miss Mary Ellen O'Keeffe then de.
tivered an essay entitled" Tbe Supreme
Aim." Miss O'Keeffe, though having
a difficult subject handled it wei,
showing careful study. After Miss O'
Keeffe came a recitation by Miss Sa
rah Annie Ed arcs. Mies Edwards
chose for her recita-ion tbe patriotic
Doem Musio on the Rappahannock."
This recitation was accompanied by soft
strains of music placing the martial
airs that were used by the north and
fouth during the war and ending witb
'Home Sweet Home." The enthu
siasm manifested by tha audience
afier this recitation was very great.
Tn is piece was evidently the hit or the
The musical farce that followed was
very good. Tne part'c pants were
Miss Alice Marvin, Miss Roeamood
Windsor, Jas. R. Emerson and Wm.
K. Marr. This little Uiversioa irom
toe exercises was very much appre
ciated, and Mr. Marr as tbe German
disp'ayed considerable talent as a co
median. An f-ncore was called for but
bey would not return.
The oration, Unknown Heroes.'
by James Franklin Hagan, was ably
delivered. Fallowing that came the
"Class Prophecy" by Miss Gertrude
Stanefiold Higgios. Tbe luture ol tne
class of '98 was very beautifully por
1 raved by Mi-e Higgins, and she was
listened to most attentively. The trib
utes paid to each of the graduates
were quite pretty and win De long re
membered by each.
Then a chorus of girls of the high
scrool pang a "Serenade," from Tro-
tere This selection was highly bd
oreciated. Following the chorus came
'he valedictory by taalomon Woltt.
Mr. Wolff had chosen for his oration
'Undr the American flag." This
young man very ab y gave a history of
thetl g, and told of the rights that our
gl'rious)old banner proclaims wherever
t waves'. Tne ability with which Mr.
Wolff bandied this subject showed that
be was f-tmilisr with it. Ibis
thoroughly par:ot.io arid timely essay
pe p v interested the audience.
Tne high scuool quartet sang two
very pretty songs that brought forth
rounds of applause. This quartet was
composed of Misses bheltnn, Martin,
Allen, and Marvin. Toe high school
glee club, composed 01 young men,
gave a pretty selection.
Here Supt. Putnam stepped to tbe
front of tbe stagehand stated that tbe
Hon. J. M. Ca'lisle. state superinten
dent of pub ic schools, had promised to
deliver tbe clos'ng address, but that te
was unable to come on account of sick
ness, so that part of tbe entertainment
had to be dispensed with. Prof. Put
nam made a brief address to the au
dience and class, after whieh he dfli
v-red to each one of the clas the cer
Highest Honors World's Pair,
dold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
A Psrs 0 raps Cream of Tartar Powder.
tificate of graduation, tied with red,
white, and blue riDnons, tne ciana uui-
The exercises of the sobool were
R..t, n nlnaa Iw the infrinr of
patriotic songs, after which Rev. J. T.
French pronounced a most uning
On Monday night the graduates will
h on vn &n informal dance at tne
ourt house by the young men of tbe
city. Tbe invitations have been issu
ed and a plea-ant time is expected by
these who will attend.
A pleasant surprise was planned for
Miss Kate Moore by the pupus and
teachers of the high school this morn
ing, when they presented ner witn a
very beautiiui nanu pamteu viuua
game set. Miss xaoore, wno nas com
pletely won tne oearu ui iud juuut;
neonle of the high school, was cal ed to
the assembly room of the school, not
snowing wbat was in store xor ner.
She was too much surprised and too
nappy to express her appreciation as
she would like to have done. Miss
Moore has been tbe teacher of music
io tbe public schools for some time,
nd bas devoted a targe pari. 01 our
ime after school to tbe high school
pupils. They are soon to lose her will-
log and tireless assistance, anu vaey
took this pretty way of expressing the
deep appreciation they feel for her
work in the past, ana tne love tney
have for her personally.
The following' pupils of tbe Mesa
school are promoted witn nonor:
VI lid a uonnouy, winmireo iwe,
Ducile Smith, Grace Stewart,
Jose Flores, Edga Locker,
H Ida Wolf Aryra White,
Annie Solaroff Elsie Kohloerg,
Louise Hooner Rina Coldwell,
Elbert Townsend taipn xnompson,
John Rvan, French Malone,
William Leighton, rrea uicKerson,
Alfred Budd, Myron Henley,
August Hintze, Leland Davie,
Margarita Wright Roy Brown,
Donald Gallagher Tom Newman,
Beetle Roe D. Malcolmson,
Mason Vol lard, Octaria Barlow
E.hl Howard, Mary Stolaroff.
Gist Russell, Leonor Hernandez,
E. H. Brown of Nebraska is in
M. B. Green of Kansas City is at the
brand Uenirai.
G B. Good left for the east yester
day over tbe T. P.
E. H. West, of Denver, came in on
the Santa Fe this morning.
B. W. Freer was among the arrivals
yesterday, from San Francisco.
E. Tyner, of Chicago, came in yes
terday and is at the urana central.
Dr. S. V. Young of Washington. D
C. , is in the city on his way to La Luz.
Nat S. Green was among tbe arrivals
this morning over the T. P. from Dal
Chas. T. Wettstien. of Cedar Ra
pids, Iowa, arrived this morning on
T. P.
J. Green and wife, ware among the
arrivals on tbe Morning Santa Fe,
from Trinidad, Colo.
J. A. Raynolds, prasident of the
First National Bank of Las Vegas, is
in the city 00. business. He will return
Mrs. M. Cabell Martin will leave on
Monday next for a long visit in Virgi
nia. Her maoy hundreds of frienus
jjin heartily to wish her well.
Mrs. Judge Magoffin, accom
panied by her daughter Mrs.
Glasgow, arrived on the -Santa
Fe this morning. Mrs.
Glaswgo expects to stay witb the fa
mily while Lieut Glasgow is away
witn the army.
Not Spanish Sympathizers.
Mr. Courchesne, French consul, and
Di-. Marcband, his secretary, wisb to
repudiate most emphatically tbe
charges thjtt the French colony here or
in Juarez is sympathetic with tbe
Spanish cause. In a talk with a HER
ALD representative this morning Mr.
Courcheene said that the spirit of an-
tagooicm shown in certain quarters to
ward tne r rencn ana Italians was mo si
unreasonable; that he was personally
acquainted with all tbe French people
here and many 01 tne Italians, nou ue
knew they wore loyal to America, and
that those wbo had become citizens
were as loyal as any native American.
The French are republicans, that is,
liberals, and it would be absurd for
them to side witb a monarcny. Mr.
Courchesne hoped tbat the good pt-o-
nle of E Paso would not be prejudiced
by the malicious statements of irres-
Doneible people.
The version the Herald reporter
got of tbe melee in Del Arra's saloon
ls,stnirht seems to die pose ot tne story
tbat Old G'ory was involved in it a'
all It was simply a saloon fight of no
uncommon sort, and tne Italian parties
to the affair say tbat they saw no flag,
tore no nag oil any coat.
rampled co flag or anything
else under foot, and did nothing but
s mply fight: and that hre was no race
questio', o nationality question, no fl g
question involved in any possible way.
Toey say tbey are perfectly loyal 10
the Stars and Stripes, and love tb s
country above any other.
Officer Clements is on the sick list
anil Offinni Dwvnr ia in hia nlacfl. Of
ficer Archer is doing night duty in
uwyer s piace.
Tbe ball-tossers will meet on tbe
grounds near the Santa Fe depot to
morrow afternoon.
A Card.
I. the undersigned, protest with all my
energv and indignation, against the
siaoderlngs of a man like I. E. Archer
as published in a morning pa pe recharg
ing me with trampling the glorious
flag of my adopted country under foot.
It is simply a lie out of whole cloth.
My sy mpathy and love is for this noble
country from which I have received so
royal a hospitality and in the present
war in which the United States is
flghtlng for the liberty and indepen
dence of an oppressed people, I am
ready to give my services, and blood
if necessary, to the American Republic.
This I believe to be the sentiment of
all Italians in the citv.
Eugene Dell Ara.
"Battle of Manila" Tonight.
The Carrington program will show
up the cattle 01 Manua Sampson
squadron, Schley squadron, McKlnley
leading tne united nortn and south in
our present warfare to free Cuba.
Everything will be up to date in our
present crisis. No patriot can afford
to see this choice entertainment.
Chopin ball. Admission 50c. Latest
war song; come prepared to yell.
i Sincerity in I
g Word or Deed.
For this week very
and we have made more
meet every buyer of hot
I Linen Crash Suits,
H in Various Patterns for Men from $3-50 U: H
jJWMte Duck Pants
From 85 cents
Our Blue Serges
and a class of tailoring
into summer clothing.
I The Union
A Few
Of Our Many
Furniture Bargains.
Iron Bed, any size, S3.50.
Imitation Mahogony table, 24x24 top,
brass feet, $2.00.
Tabomette Stands, Oak and Mahog
ony finirh, 75 cents.
Solid Oak Ch ffon'ers only $7 00.
$20 will buy a Solid Oak Bed Room
Suit, with 24x30 bev. plate mirror.
Combination Kitchen Cabinet $6.00.
Highlv polished quartered Oak
China closet, $11.25.
Compare these prices with your
eastern catalogues and you will find
you can Fave money, besides patroniz
ing home institutions.
Hoy t & Bass,
On terms to suit all
. Purchasers.
Piano Tubing, Polishing and
Re palling.
SSO Ban Antonio St.
An extract from a letter of H. C.
QtnNN, Mayor of Wimar. Tex.
Regard Dr. M Kanna's liquor cure
as a great benefit to me in msny re
spects. I bell- ve it tbe best tonic ex
tant. Since . taking it I have felt
stronger, renewed mentally and physi
cally. There is something more in tbat
medicine than curing one of drinking
intoxicants; a something tbat builds a
man up. I am glad I took It, and if I
could afford it I would take another
course of it. Not that I feel the one
course did not do all tbe doctor claim
ed for it but because I believe it is so
generally efficacious as a tonic. My
health has been splendid since I left
your house. I have not drunk a drop of
anything intoxicating, nor have I had
any desire to do so. I heartily endorse
your treatment.
Very Resp.
Mayor Wimar, Tex.
Dr. J. J. McKanna can be consulted
regarding his treatmens for liquor,
morphine or opium at his apartments
at the hotel Pierson.
Cheap Fuel For Cooking: Stoves.
Before making your arrangements
for summer cooking we wish to call
attention to tbe economy of using
stove gasoline. Five gallons of stove
gasoline is equivalent to 1,000 cubic
feet coal gas. Stove gasoline is sold
in this city five gallons for (1.00).
Special arrangements made for pri
vate picnics and party. Enquire on
ground or address L. Franz. Box 628.
El Paso, Tex.
The Presbyterisn church choir
will begin on time, 8 o'clock Monday
evening. Came early.
That is what Makes Friends,
Wins Customers, Grows Bus
iness, Insures Success.
We make no claim we can
not substantiate; declare no
values we cannot show.
hot weather is predicted,
than ample endeavors to
weather clothing.
represent perfection of fit
rarely, if ever before, put
Such as Fine Underwear, Madras and
Silk Golf Overshirts, cannot be excelled
in the city.
Clothing Co.,1
El Paso. Texas.
Dr. M. Ramser,
Practice limited to
Suectacles accurately fitted.
To Care a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
of it falls to cure.
. Hear Jean De Cbauvents tbe great
est living juvenile concert pianist.
Chopin Hall. May 28th.
For Voluntpers.
A very serviceable and necessary
article is a Good Fountain Pen. We
have it. Tbe celebrated waterman"
$250 each, best in tbe woWd.
Geo. W. Hickox & Hixon.
The Jewelers-
San Antonio St,
Pare Hyanla lee.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as.
to purity and healthfulness of oar ice.
Telephone No. 14.
Ex, Paso Ick & Refrigerator Co.
Shelling: the Woods.
Dr. J. J. McKanna is here to help
these who wish belp. It costs nothing,
to call on the doctor.
Madam Adelaide will remain in El
Paso, until June 8'h only. Go and
have a reading, and be convinced of
her wonderful skill.
Rand's Grove pleasure rascort
Grand concert every Sunday. Onen
daily. Refreshments at popular prices
Remember the concert at the Pres
byterian church on Monday evening.
Dr. J. J. McKanna and medical staff
have apartments at the Hotel Pier
son. Scenic word pictures, Piano concert,
old battle rones, drun stick juegling.
Over 100 scenic splendor. Chunia Hall
Saturday, May 28th. Admission 50c
Tickets 25 cents for the concert oel
Monday evening.

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