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MONDAY, OCT. 3, 1898.
Love of Country.
J. A. SMITH, General Manager.
H. D. 8 LATER, Manaoino Editor.
H. L C A PELL. Business Manager
liMrad poatofno at El t'aao, Taia.
mm mall man or Mono (iiut,
Daily, on year..
bally, at DODlbi..
t)tly, thr nnitlii.
3 sn
iiy on Dontn.
WHklf oit year..
Wttkl; til (uoQlb..
Waoklv miatb..
1 00
Tit Dailt Biiuuli dl)Trl by erl
la Kl Him, Tuh and Juar. Mexico, at It
MAM par waaa. or loeaot par oionio.
Babacrlbar fall In to ret Taa HmiLD rat
niarlyor promptly shoild notify Tna H
AU bnalnaaa offlca (not tb carrier) In order
t rarelva immadlat atteotloa. -laiepooar
No. 11.
Katas of advertising In the Daily or Weekly
edition made known on application at th
publication offlca. Or ring u p telephone num
ber Ha. and a ropreaentatlve of the basin
department will call and quota price and
contract foraoae.
Local 10 rent par Una tn every tnatance
lor nrat ineertion. ana tcnrtu per une tor cn
a idltlonal Ineertion.
Leaal notice of avery daaerlptloa II pat
a is eaca ineertion.
TTaa H satin t. fully prepared to do all
Iiwiui trials bhu lutr juu riuiiua is mti
tae lateat at r lee. Work perfectly and
promptly aon.
Any erroneon reflection upon the Char
acter, atandloic. or reputation of any person,
arm, or orp-iratloi, or any ml-tstatemeut of
fact, which may appear In the column of the
H ikald, wi be g adly corrected upon It
being brought to the attention of the pub-
EL Paso has been try loir for nearly
twenty years to aecure rail connection
with the Sacramento and Wbite Oak
country. Wa now hae trains running
to the former and it will only be a rea
aonable time until the coal fie'ds will
be tapped. The building of the road,
and the increased trade from the coun
try it reaches has helped tbePas
City wonderfully, and what we hare
gained Is permanent.
El Paso needs a Board of Trade
ery badly just now. A good commer
cial body could do much to enooursge
manufacturing and other lnterpriees.
As soon as the Northeastern road
deacb.es the coal fields, if not sooner
from another direction, we will have
cheap coal and whenever this ocours
El Paso, with a small effort, can make
herself a grett manufacturing cen
ter. With the opening up of the Sacra'
me a to country the time ie ripe for El
Paso to prepare for an annual fair,
ltthould be an international and Inter
state exhibit. Western Texas the
Pecos, Sacramento, Mesllla and Mim-
bres valleys of New Mexico and North
ern Mexico could make creditable ex
Whether he stayed at Tampa with
the horses or fought In front of San
tiagothat he la a rough rider Is all
that need be said of any of -the boys
who enlisted In Teddy's regiment.
Each waa anxious and ready to go to
the front, and those who remained on
this side the gulf were as brave as the
Texas needs all the republicans sbe
can get in congress. Hawley, Noonan
and Crouch ought to be elected, for
the interest of their coutiiueots espe
cially demand it. The ninth district,
also, now that Jo Say era is out of the
race, should elect a epub'ican.
WHILE a part o the democrats of
New York are trying to make out that
"Teddy Is not a legal citizen of New
York, others are quarreling among
themselves whether we should sustain
a good dollar or adopt a forty cent
The display of fruit, grain and
graaaes made by the El Paso 5t North
eastern people at Albuquerque not
only shows enterprise upoa their par',
bnt proves that the road opens up one
of the richest rountrie known.
A FEW more enterprises like the El
Paso Foundry it Machine company
would serve to make El Paso have the
appearance ' of a manufacturing city.
Cheap coal will bring them.
A BOARD of trade would be a great
thing now to encourage capital to in
vest In an electric street car plant.
Let us have a strong commercial body
at an early dae.
The rough riders received aa ova
tion at every street corner in Albu
querque when In the procession last
week. They deserved all the applause
they reoelved.
Whether Chaplain Mclotyre roes
free, is reprimanded, or dismissed from
his position, one thing is certain and
that Is, he talked too much with his
The Chicago platform was too isnch
of a fossil for the New York democracy
la convention assembled. Tammasy
has seal a eeaae if It has ae shame.
mmm IJJvmk
General Wheeler's daughter who
nursed young Casey during bis sickness
death. He breathed his last while in
of the regiment and to know him was to
His body waa shipped home in a
a detail of routrh riders. He was buried
All the courts, both United States
the public schools and many of the lead
tend the funeral which was the largest
P. Casey, Sr., Eugene's father, received many letters of condolence, among
them waa one from Col. Roosevelt and
El Paso is going right ahead just
now. 'I here Is no excuse for any man
ufacturer to cut the wages of his em
ployees in such times.
Times are fljurUhin all over the
country. Money it plenty In our banks,
although loans are up to a high notch.
Old LI Hung Chang "is a dandy."
He is at the top of the heap now, bnt he
may meet bis Waterloo at any time.
LOOK at the bank statements and
you will nna the best answer in the
world to the Chicago platform.
Apparently there are two Van
Wycks in New York. Only one will be
beard of after the election.
Little Items From Live Papers.
Crowley & Garrett recently bought
10,000 head of sheep from different
parties near Alpine at S2 7a per head,
with wool on. Midland Reporter.
A fire at Midland, on the morning of
the 23rd. Ultimo, destroyed about
$7500. worth of property cn which
there were $2050. insurance. N. H
Ellis was the beviest loser.
Dr. H. A. Nichols, tendered his re
signation aa County Pyslclan Saturday,
to take effect on the loth of October.
He will then move to El Paso, where
his family now are, and will practice
bis profession In that city. Pecos
County Pickings.
Judge Noonan has shown surpising
energy and snap in this campaign. His
speeches and activity nave astonienea
bis friends wno baa begun to tnioic tbe
judge was too old to make a vigorous
canvass; he la more than a match for
Slayden on the stump and with tbe
people. San Antonio Light.
The movers continue to go from
place to p'ace in Texas and the In-
ditn territory, and there are con
tinual streams or covered wagons go
in: through tbecountry. Toe people in
tbem come from as fareast aa Georgia
and as far nortrt.as Iowa and Illinois.
Oenlboa Herald.
A gentleman who lives at Norfolk,
Va., wrote tbe Commercial club of Dal
ls tbat if the proper induorments
were offered, he would go to that city
and enueavor to organize a company
with 2d,000 or I30.UOO stock to manu
facture Texas tobacco into marketable
shapo. Peco Valley Pickings.
A conservative estimate shows that
there are at apreaent 226 000 head of
cattle in the Midlacd country, aggre
gating a total wi-atb of $4,520,000,
plaviog tbe valuation at $20 par bead,
mt,i n, considering tbe n gn quality
of the cat le, is not a very extrava
gant valuation. Midland Report
er. The California demand ifor fat cattle
is now drawing w.stward cattle tbat
would otherwise I ave found their way
to eastern market. Arizona dealer
believe that the demand has hardly
begun as yet and tbey are looking
westward this year for tbeir market
instead of toward tbe east and north.
Pecos County Pickings.
The following gentlemen have been
summoned to go to Kl Pso on the Bret
of Out. as U. S. Grand and Petti jur
ors: N. J. Henderson, P. A. Lficrtr na,
Charley Price. Eugene Graham. Tom
Blair, Ed. Toner, W. M. Kyle. Tom
Hendrick, Walter Culberson, Toll
Dawson and T. P. Scott. The laiter
two are out of the county. Inspector.
The farmers are nurslnir 44 and 5
cent cottun a?aln tnia year, but th-y
must not iorget in neapiosr tbeir ana
themas on tbe low price of tbe stample
toat they failed to rala bogs, corn.
oats and wheat, all of which are on the
Increase value instead of on the decline.
Raise the ttirg reeded most they
will be most in demand and will bring
the best price. Deoison Horald.
O. E. Hough, of the ostrich farm.
leaves this morning for Dallas, where
he Is taking twenty-five of tbe .flock of
Diras irom nere to exhibit tbem at tbe
fair. They occupy a car all to them
selves and embrace birds of all sizes,
from recently batched fledglings to
aged oatriehs of full feathers. A num
is connected with the Red Cross society
and was by bia side at the time of his
the arms of his captain. He was the pet
like him.
metallic casket and was accompanied by
with all the honors of war. -
and territorial, were closed, as well as
I lit business houses. bo that all might at
ever witnessed in New Mexico. Mr. J
one from Miss Wheeler.
ber of tbem have been bred in Texa
and some in this city. San Antonio
Good crops and the prospect of a
splendid winter oi the range have put
Heart into tbe farmers of tbe state, and
there will be no lagging behind of the
enterprising planters because cotton Is
down in tbe market. Tbe substitution
of wheat or corn or truck farming will
be made and tbe bueioeso of the state
and her agricultural increase go right
along. All things favor Texas. San
Antonio Lt'gbt.
The failure of a member of the next
legislature to vote for a d -scent and
just libel law will mean hi retirement
to private life forever. Tbe press of
Texas has borne until forbearance has
ceased to be a virtue, a law tbat has
permitted every scapegoat unhung,
ana even tne progeny oi tbose tbat
were hung, to persecute tbem, and are
at last determ'ned to have justice done
tnem. ueevuie ficayuce.
The new law under which the schol
astic population was taken has reduc
ed tbe number oi children in Texas
about ttO.000 below last year and pro Da
bly 90,000 below what tbey would have
Deen li tne census had been taken as
previously done. The decrease in the
number of scholars increases tbe per
capital apportionment from 8i las
year to $4 50 tbis year. There is a re
duction all along tbe line, but is heav
iest in counties containing large cities.
Waco Telephone.
Texas farmers are sowing wbeat and
fattenings hogs lust as though they be
lieved that some one of these European
autocrats would get the coin knocked
on his shoulder after a wbile. If they
ever do get into a "scrap" over there
it will be a big one and this
great granary and stock pen will ob
serve tbe strictest neutrality, as well
as industry, in feeding the contestants
Texas and tbe territory are for peace
the world arouud.but will always be
ready to feed all mankind In whatever
situations of friendship or billigerency
tbey may be found. Denison Her
During tbe month of August last.$l.
06ft,088 40 worth of Mexican hemp were
exported from Yucatan to New Or
leans, New York and Hong Kong.
It Is calculated that during the re'
cent war over 2,000 Cubans emigrated
irom mat island to Yucatan, and, I
is said, that so far not more tban 200
have returned Mexloan Herald.
A rich capitalist of Saltillo, capital
of the state of Conhuila, has donated
CZOO.000 for tbe foundation of an orph
an asylum. The name of this pbiian
hroplst is Don Eorlque Mas, who
amassed a large lortune in mining and
agriculture. Telegram.
Tbe national cattle aod stock show
whloh will open in Coyoacan on Octo
ber 1 promises to outdo all former ef
forts in quality the animals to be ex
hibited will be suDvrior to any similar
collection ever brought together in tbe
republic. Two lie publics.
According to El Universal, there is a
project on band, backed by a powerful
company, to bring 100.000 Frenc
Canadlaos to settle in this country.
ibey win be mostly rarmsrs, and will
be given lands tocultlvate in tbe north
ern frontier states, especially Nucvo
Leon and (jblhuan.ua.
A meeting is reported to have taken
place last week between Chief Juan
Moldonado, of the Yaqui tr'lie, who
was acconc panled bv quite a number of
tribesmen, and Colonel Peinado and
several state officials, at Ortiz. Sonora.
The meeting was of a purely tocial na
ture and was tbe occ-tsion of a banquet
tendered tbe vlsl'or-i by te municipal
authorities. Cbihuab ua Enterprise.
The quarantine against Mexico by
the state of Texas has practically been
abolished a'thougn no cmcial Informa
tion has been received in tbis city
Information was received by official
of the government, who have ben
working to have the quarantine with
drawn, to the effect tbat tbe quest on
of passengers having certificates of
non infection was one tbat rested en
tirely with tbe health officials at the
Rio Grande crsssing and that they
would only require them in suspeotal
oasss. Chihuahua Baterprlsa.
r"j iihm a -a "via
To Be an Auxiliary Post.
As already noticed in these columns,
tbe Southern Pacific railroad is mak
mar vat and significant Improvements
at tbe port of Sabine Pass. There 1b
no gainsay ng the importance of the
movement, and in order tbe better to
understand the extent, scope and char
acter of the work now in progress
t that point, a representative of
The Post called upon Manager
Van Vleck at his heaoquart-
rrs in ibis city yesterday and
in reply to questions propounded, Mr.
Van V eck Ouurteousy explaiotd'tbai
the Southern Pacific thought tbe tine
pe for guarding against the incon
venience and loss wbion periodically
arises by reason of quarantine restric
tions at Algiers, La., and other points
from wbicb boutbern f aclnc ships ply.
vo be more specinc, be stated tbat Lis
company was determined to have an
ocean outlet for its business whenever,
by quarantine or other means, the pre
sent shipping points were-fouud inade
quate to accommodate trade. As a mat
ter of fact, he said, Algiers was capa
ble of handling only a certain volume
of traffic even under the most favorable
circumstances, and tbe exigencies and
increase of business demanded greater
facilities of shipping purposes. To this
ond, tbe Southern Pacific had decided
on making Sabine Pass an auxiliary
port, and, in times of quarantine would
fall back upon it as its main ocean out
let. For the past two weeks the com
pany had a large force of men at work
making tbe ntcesary improvements.
and the enterprise would be rushed to
completion as speedily as possible
Prom all of which it will be seen tbe
Soutbern Pacific means to have a new
gateway to the sea, and that Sabine
Pass so long neglected and Ignored as
a leading artery of commerce will
soon spring into gratifying prominence
under the fostering spirit of this great
railroad benefactor. Houston Post.
A New Car Seal.
A novel and effective hasp and seal is
to be uced upon the cars ot tbe M. & P.
railway. Instead ot imitating the old-
fashioned lead seal, tbe new idea is
simply a strip of tin with tbe center
cut out in an oblong style, probably
two inches long and three-quarters of
an iucn wide Tbis fits into two re
verse thumbs attached to the lock:
The thumbs caunot oe moved without
breaking tne tin and the tin cannot be
removed from off the thumbs without
being mutilated. Tha Jeft band
thumbs can be moved in a forward dir
ection only, and when the tin is slipped
over it, it is moved by the man doing
toe sealing till it passes a catch, thus
insuring tne effectiveness of the seal
Phoenix Republican.
Sparks From The Engine.
. Tbe H U6tn and Texts Central re
ceived bUSo bale of c jtton a. its yards
in tiiia city ye. ttiruir;.
The G. H. boys gave a very enjoy
able dance at Chopin bail, Saturday
nignt. Dancing was indulged at a iaie
Engineer P. De Coursey, who has
Deen in tne east, f jr the past 15 days,
returned Snuruay. He is on the G, H.
staff of tbronle pullers.
- Tbe net earnings of the Atchison
system for the month of August were
$432,561, a decrease of $435,720 from
tbe same month in 187.
Engineer J. W. Howe returnel from
Hot springs, Arkansas, Saturday and
reported for work on tbe U. H. He
has oeen absent 15 days.
J. Roosevelt, better known as "Old
Galena," the oil inspector of tbe G.
H., was circulating among tbe em
ployes of that road, Saturday.
W. S. Cex, air brake inspector of
the Atlantic system, wa in town on
Saturday. He found everything in
firstcla-s shapa on tbis end of tbe line.
Tne new half mile passenger track
of the S. P. It about completed. It ex-
tenus from tbe depot wet and will
prove a great benefit to tne com
pany. The various railroads entering
Houston heve made a reduced rate for
the annual convention of tbe Texas
division, Daughteis of tbe Couleoe-
racy, to be nelu In this city October 19
to 22.
Ed. Reynolds, G. H. machinist, is
said to bave a great appetite -for smail
sausages. It is Bald loot at a recent
feast given by tne boys, Ed. ate three
yard, of we.uerwurs s auU was craving
lor more wnen tae festivities closed.
Thnrn vA a. 1 a rirn nnmlini nf Afltr.la
beintr moTtd around thid iminL at. nru-
ent. Tne S. P. have three trains com
ing from D.-ming. N. M., and the R,
G., S. M & P. will send in two train
loads tomorrow Mostly all them of will
go to points in ivaosas.
Tailors' Troubles In New York.
The cutting in tbe prices for pressing
clothes is causing the Merchant Tail
ors' Association of Greater New York
much trouble. It appears that C' rtain
tailors have b en pr. sslr.tr cults for 50
uents and tbis largely curtailed profiis
in some quarters. 1 he association re
cently appointed a committee to call
upon the cutrate men and induce tbem
to raise tbeir price. The efforts of
tbis committ' e have been fu'ile and
now the associati n advised its mem
bers tocut to 25 cents, thus making tbe
others reduce to that price aud ruin
their business. Tbe association has
also taken in band tbe matter of keep
ing; clothes tn order for customers fre
of cost. It has engaged an attorney to
draft a bill for presentation to tbe
legislature, provid'ng that when a
man buys a feuit, be buys it absolutely
and without any cnntl gent right on
nis part to make tne tailor keepit in
repair. Buffalo Express.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
Tbo best sa ve In the world for cuta.
bruises, sores, ulcers, sale rheum, fever
sores, tet'er, chapped bands, chil
blains, corns, and all skin eruptions.
and positively cures piles.or no oav re.
quired. It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
frice cents per box. r'or sale by W.
A. Irvin & Co., wholesale and retail !
Only one and one-third fare tbe
round tr;p to all points on the Mexican
Central Ky; tickets on sal Sept. llih
to lO'.h inclusive. S B. J. Euhn,
Coaa'l Ag&at.
Carloads of the New
Goods Now Ar
riving. We Are the First to Re
ceive the New Pack
of Eastern & Cal
ifornia Can
ned Goods.
16 lbs. best granulated tagar...,
lO lb, pare leaf lard....- .......
3 cn tomatoes, 3, new pack..
4 can tomatoes, 2s, new pack..
,...1 oo
The Celebrated Lion Coffee 10
3 cans standard sugar corn
3 cans early J ne peas
4 cans string beans
3 cans new California lima beans..
3 cans standard oysters, Is
6 cans Boston baked beans, Is
3 cans Boston baked beans, 3 lbs..
3 cans pumpkin
3 cans apples, 3s
2 cans grated pineapples, 2s
2 cans sliced pineapple, 2s
The well known Eagle asparagus
per can
Regular price 34 cents per can..
2 bottles imported olivea
2 cans Curtice Bros Blue Label
Flour City early June p-as, small
size and extra fine quality,
equal to French peas The best
value ever offered in 1 Paso.
2 cans for
Celebrated Lin Coffee, per pkg..
Try Sioux Rolled Odts the best.
6 cans Armour s deviled ham ia. .
3 cans Armour's deviled ham is..
2 cans corn beef......
2 cans Vienna sausage
1 cans beef t-teak and onions
Hamburg steak and onions per can
Or 3 cans for
3 cans grated pie pineapple
2 cans Michigan apple buiter, 3 lbs
2 cans Michigan peach butter, 3 lbs
2 cans Michigan plum butter, 3 lbs
3 cans blackberries, 2 lbs
3 cans gooseberries, 2 lbs
2 cans raspberries, 2 lbs
2 cans blueberri-s, 2 lbs
2 cans cherries, 2 lbs
3 cans Pink salmon
2 cans ebrimp
1 ran lobsters, is, flats per can. . . .
Genuine Maconocbies English
kipperred herring, regular
pr ce 35 cents
Marshall's imported herring, reg
ular price 35 cents
6 cans American sardines, good
2 cans imported sard nes
6 cakes Coliseum soap
3 cakes Glycerine soap
3 cakes Dairy Queen toilet soap. .
3 cakes Almond eoap
3 cakes Rose Amole soap
3 cakes Prairie Lilly
Try Sioux Rolled Oats, the best.
None Better.
3 pkgs., 2 lbs. each 25
10-lb. sack Si ux granulated white
c rn meal 25
West India spiced vinegar, some
thing long needed, per quart
bottie 20
Most of our canned goods are this
BAK&on'B pack. We are the first in the
market with thif year's voods and have
5,CHiU more cases en route.
Owing to short crops fruits and veg&
tables are higher this year than they
have been for some time, but having
nought very early we announce to tbe
public tha. our prices shall remain the
same as last season.
Tbe California fruit crop was shorter
this year than it hs been for the pat
four or five years and canned fruits
have advanced greatly in price.
We fhall, however, put them on tbe
market as follows:
2 cns California peaches. 3s 25
2 cans Cnliforcia pears, 3s ' 25
z cans California apricots 3a 2o
2 cans California plums, 3s 25
2 cars California blackberries, 3s. 2a
2 cans California grapes, 3s 25
Cele- rated Lion Coffee, per pkg.. 10
Try Sioux Hulled Uats tbe best.
We have established tbis depart
ment under the endorsement of the
Great Rvlston Health Club of Amer -
c-t's reprMgenta'ives. We are head
quarters for Health Foods, and shall
keep a complete aod up-to-date line of
these products.
Ralston Health Club Break'ast
Food 2uo per package or 3 for 50
Rals'on Health Club Barley Food
20 per package or 3 for 50
Purina Whole Wheat Gluten
Health Four, 24 pound sack.. $1.00
Purir-a Whole Wheat Gluten
Health Flour, 12-pound each.. 50
Shredded Wool Wheat Biscuit,
20o per box or 3 for 50
Wheat Shred DriDk 20c per pack
age or 3 -for 50
Granulated Wheat Shred 15
All these g-iods are highly recom
mended by the leading physicians of
the country.
Special Attention to Mail ( rders.
El Paso Grocery Company
Corner Ovarland and Oregon Sts., and
'J00 South Oregon ist.
if ampbell Real Estate Co j
Z. This company has business and residence lots for sale on easy
ZSZ terms. Will exchange lots for labor and building materials.
Will sell lots on monthly payments. Will exchange lots for
i improved property. Houses built to suit purchasers on easy
S terms. Call at our office in the Sheldon block. r
s B. F. HAMMETT, Manager. 5
Corner West Overland and Santa Fe Street.
11 misri
New York Tailor
-Stylish, Perfect
Work speaks for itself
3ne trial will convince vou.
Gives the
Try Him - - - 116 Oregon Street.
At SPRINGER'S. All of our old stock was burnt and must have
new goods to take their place.
F'Tj.rn.it.Tj.r, Oroolcery aud oetrpots.
21S Ban Antonio Etreet. ITTj PASO TE1XAS.
213 El Paso St.
Washington Dining Hall.
No. 4, TAY BLOCK, Little Plaza.
Link Restaurant,
215 IH21 Paso Street,.
A First-Class Short Order House.
OrHTi Day and. Nierht.
208 El Psso Street, Opera House Block.
ISTew and. Second-hand JTixrnitixre
Refrigerators Cheap in Order to Close Out.
Emerson & Berrien
324 A 328 El Paso St. Phones 71, 68, &
Hearse and Car ri acres Furnished:
ensro. u tsi usir.
Fine Merchant Tailoring,
And Cents' Fnrnisliing Goods.
The Most Direct Line to
Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver. St.
Paul, Omaha, Boston, New York
and Philadelphia,
And all Northern
Through Trains. Smooth Track. Fast Time.
Elegant Pullmau Pallace Floopers ra all through trains. Dally Tourist Sleepln
cars to Denver, Kansas City and Chicago.
and Minneapolis and once each week to St.
All trains not having dining cars
Harrey Houses,
Full Information cheerfully furnished
Oity Ticket Atrent.
Office, Fargo Building, Tomer El Paso
Mexican Central Ry..
By this rouie you travel COMMODIOUSLY, QUICKLY, CHEAPLY AND'
SAFELY. Pullman Palace Sleepers are ran between El Paso, Mexico...
Guaaatftiura and Tarnplco.
For rata and otaar Information, apaly to
B. J. KVKflj 0amerial Agent, El Paso, Texas.
Phone 02. J. CALDWELL, Prop.
Caldwell Undertaking Co.
m 806 S. El Paso Street,
The" Leading Undertakers,
Phones 107 and 02.
J. E. NAG LEY. Manager.
Fitting Clothes, ss-
806 l-o
San Anttnln Mi.
Highest Price
PABBT BREWING OO.. Milwaukee. Wis.
El Paso, Texas
and Eastern Points
Tourist Sleeping cars semi-weekly to St. Pau
Louis & Boston.
stop for meals at the famous Santa Fe Route
upon application to
. General Agent.
and San Antonio Street
01 MEXICO will tell you that all Impor
tant points in Mexico are reached by or via

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