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Last Edition
4:30 p. m.
20th YEAR,
NO. 143
And the Convention Will Meet
Early Tomorrow to Make
the Nominations.
Both Delegations Were Seat
ed, But the CalVeston Man
Will Go On the Na
tional Committee.
Philadelphia, June 20. Delegate
aad senators were slow to arrive on the
second day's sea-ion of the convention.
Until a few minutes before the noon
hour tbe delegates in their seats could
have been counted on one's fingers
and toes.
In addition to the usual display of
advertising cards, fans, and sample
copies of periodicals aad newspaper s.tlie
delegates when they arrived found
upon their desks two "appeals' for
their votes.
One was from the National Legisla
tive league, demanding equal rights
for women. Tbe second was a plea for
the ship subsidy law, signed by Alex.
R. Smith, of Pelbam, N. Y.
The woman's appeal was signed by
Llllle Devereux Blake, national pre
sident of the league. Says -she:
"We are here to astc you to U6e the
powerful influence which a delegation
from this convention will have in
bebalf of securing to all women citi
zens of this republlc7the rights and
privileges now enjoyed by those
resident in some of the states."
Tbe convention was oalled to order
atl2:27 by Temporary Chairman Wol
CDtt. Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, of Mas
sachusetts, was obosen permanent
chairman, and Chas. W. Johnson, ef
Minnesota, secretary.
Wolcott presided today with much
dignity, and when be annouccedLodge
far permanent chairman and named
the governors of Iowa and New York
to escort him to the chair, there was
great cheering, particularly upon
Teddy's appearance.
Senator Qnay and ex-Governor Tay
lor (of Kentucky) were also greeted
with tremendous applause.
When Lodge started his speech
there was considerable enthusiasm.
He spoke for less than an hour.
Then the platform presented by Mr
Payne was offered, read, and adopted
with aigns of loud approval.
The platform is very elaborate. It
"Be it known that the republicans
of tbe United States, through their
chosen representatives met in national
convention, looking back upon an un
surpassed reoord of achievement, and
looking forward into a great future of
duty and opportunities, and appealing
to the judgment of their countrymen,
make these declarations:
"The expectations in which the
American people, turning from the
democratic party, entrusted tbe power
of government four years ago to a re
publican chief magistrate and a repub
lican congress, have been met and ful
ly satisfied."
Then follows a glowing tribute to
President MoKlcley. Other features
"Such confidence the democratic
party has never earned. It is hope
lessly inadequate, and the country's
prosperity, when democratic success
at the polls is announced, halts and
ceases in mere anticipation of demo
cratic blunders acd failures.
"We renew our allegiance to the
principles of the gold standard, and
deolare our confidence in tbe wisdom
of the currency legislation of tbe 56th
"We condemn all conspiracies and
combinations intended to restrict busi
ness and. create monopolies to limit
production, or to control prices, and
we favor such legislation as will effect
ively restrain and prevent all such
abuses, protect and promote competi
tion, and secure the rights of produc
ers, laborers, and all who are engaged
in Industry and commerce.
"We renew our faith in the policy
of protection to American labor. In
that policy our industries have been
established, established, acd main
tained. "In further pursuance of the con
stant policy of the republican party, to
Drovide free homes on the public
domain, we recommend adequate
national legislation to reclaim the
aril lands of tbe United State", re
serving control of tha distribution of
water for irrigation to the respective
states and territories.
"We favor home rule for, and tbe
early admission to statehood of the
territories of New Mexico, Arizona,
and Oklahoma."
Other committees' reports having
been reported, and the convention
leaders not being ready for the nomi
nations, tbe convention (at 3:10) ad
journed until tomorrow.
Philadelphia, Pa., June 20.
President McKinley will probably not
be renominated today. A three days
convention was arranged for, and a
three day convention it will be.
Tbe program for today's session in
cludes a number of very important
questions, tbe consideration of which
will occupy all the available time,
and the nominations for president and
vice president will go ever until to
morrow. It la believed that no ballot will be
necessary to again make McKinley the
standard bearer of the republicans.
He will be nominated by acclamation,
probably by a rising vote.
Philadelphia, June 20. The en
dorsement of Lieut. Gov. Woodruff for
the vice-presidency by the New York
delegation early this morning seeais to
eliminate Roosevelt from the situation.
His admirers, however, and they are
Many, seem to ba 'firmly oonvlaoed
that ha will ba nominated for the
vice-presidency despite the things that
have been said and done.
Kansas will present the governor's
name to the convection if no state
clled before her does so.
credentials committee meeting
Philadelphia, June 20. The
credentials committee finished its work
this morning. The. Texas row gave
the committee lots of trouble, J.and it
resulted in a draw, each side being
given half a vote.
The District of Columbia contest was
settled by tbe recognition of Jones and
Chase, who will keep their eeata in tbe
In tbe Norfolk district of Virginia,
the Bswden people won although John
Swiss and his brother Dick did their
level best to override tbe - decision of
the national committee.
The vote of the committee seating
the Addioks people was 29 to 8. Tbe
committee sat all night, having finish
ed at 6:30 this morning.
NO truth in it.
Philadelphia, June 30. Regard
ing the story circulated this morning
to the effect that telegrams were pour
ing In on Roosevelturglng him to stand
for the first place on the ticket, Mr.
Youngs, private secretary to the New
York governor, stated emphatically to
your representative that Roosevelt
bad not received a single telegram er
suggestion that he try for tbe presi
The Texas delegation selected com
mitteemen as follows:
Chairman of delegation, State Senat
or Barns of Houston; vice president
of the convention, Dr. John Grant;
credentials, H. C. Ferguson of Fort
Bend; organization, M. M. Rogers of
L&Grange; platform, R. B Haw ley of
Galveston; committee to notify the
president, Dr. Brewster of Laredo;
committee to notify the vice president,
C. C. Drake of Eigla Pass; secretary
of the delegation, C. A. Boynton of
Special Dispatch t the Hbrald.
Philadelphia, June 20. The con
test committee of the republican con
vention concluded its labora at
this morning. In the Texas contest
R. B. Hawley of Galveston won in
every case. The contest was on the
two delegates at large and the first
nine districts. Hawley will therefore
bs the national committeeman.
In tae argument before tbe contest
committee Delegate Love of McKlnnev
called Judge Waller Burns a liar and
was promptly knocked down.
Philadelphia, June 20. "For tbe
first time I today balieve that Roose
velt is & candidate for the vice ore
bldency, and that he really wants to
be nominated," said Sinator Tburs
ton, of Nebraska, this morning. "I
have heretofore thought ha coun
tenanced the movement on his behalf.
I am now conviaoed of It. If I am
right, and Roosevelt is a caadldats, he
will be nomlcated."
t'lioio by Bell.
Will Have A Part In the TeachersJ
The program committee of the tea
chers' convention met yesterday after
noon at tbe office of tbe chamber of
commerce. There were present Chair
man Putnam and Messrs. Paw, Aller,
Harper, Slater, Sneed, Mallen, and
The proposition of the News to
furnish progran s free was accepted.
Mr. Mallen reported that tbe Chi
huahua band would be on hand fcr
the occasion. The bind will probably
stay in Juarez, and arrangements will
be made for their transportation at
night and fcr - furnishing them with
meals when on this side. Mr. Mallen
also said that there would be no troub e
about the passage of carriages to ai d
from Juarez at any time up to 12 or 1
o'clock at night.
It was decided to have mu6lc every
night in the plaza, and also several
afternoons and mornings. Tbe Mc
Ginty band will play Monday acd
Friday nights, the local Mexican
band Wednesday nlgbt, the Chihua
hua band Tuesday nlgbt, and the
Waxabacbie trumpet corps Thursday
night. The . Chihuahua and local
Mexican bands will play Thursday
nlgbt at the court Lou-e for tbe
Wcman's club reception, acd tbe
Chihuahua bard will probably play
either in tbe mornirg or afternoon of
every day.
It is about settled that both the
Southern Fclfio ani the Santa Fe
wll) run trains free of charge to the
smelter to acorn tnodate tbe excursion.
Resolution of Thanks
Last nlgbt the Knights of Ltbor pas
sed a resolution of thanks to those mer
chants who closed tbeir stores and let
their clerks have an outing at the
picnic at Tularosa on Sunday last.
l'uoto by Kite.
Overruled The Motion For a Re
hearlna In The Hanway Case
Special vispatch to tbe Hbbald.
San Antonio, June 20. The court
of appeals today overruled the motioD
(or a rebeiring in the case of the Sun
set railroad versus Jessie Hanway frem
El Paso, but granted tbe same in tbe
c?e of Carlos Trlolo ve John Foster,
reversing and remanding the case.
Four train loads of watermelons, the
firBtof the season, passed through here
from Corpus Christl for tbe north.
Sail for Paris to Compete In The
Olympian Games.
New York, June 20. A number of
collegians sailed from here today on
tbe steamship New York for Paris
where they will compete In the Olym
pian games to be given at the Paris
Teams from the following institu
tions were in the party: University of
Chicago, University of Pennsylvania
and Georgetown university.
The Democratic State Convention
In Session.
Austin, June 20. The democratic
stile convention met at hood, and
Geo. A. Garden, of Dallas, was dieted
temporary chairman. J. H. Qaarles,
of Fort Worth, wa marin erretary.
Minnesota Democrats Meet.
Minneapolis, Minn., June 20.
The state democratic convention
opened at noon today in Exposition
ball to select eighteen delegates to the
natloc&l democratic convention to be
held at Kansas City.
Of Queen Victoria's Reign Complet
ed Today.
London, June 20. Queen Victoria
today completed tbe sixty third year
of her reign, exceeding the long reign
of her long lived grandfather by three
years and nine months.
Talk of a regency has been beard
for twenty five years, but Queen Vic
toria remains tbe head of the British
empire and is not likely to relinquish
the post in favor of the Prince of
Wales as prince regent. Tbe queen
was born at Kensington Palace on May
24, 1819, ascended to the throne June
20 1837, was proclaimed queen the fol
lowing day, and was crowned queen at
Westminster on June 28, 1838.
About to Adda Million to Its En
dowment Providence, R. I , June 20. Brown
university expects to gain $1,003,000
today through a conditional offer made
by John D. Rockefeller, Mr. Rocke
feller has agreed to give the Uaiver
sity one quarter of million a provided
they can raise the other three quarters
and tbe time in wbicb to do it expires
Tbe fund has about reached tbe re
quired amount and before the day is
over those who are working for it hope
to be successful.
Will Rebuild Its Line Through The
Special Slspatcta to tbe Bbrald.
Texarkaoa, June 20. Thirty six ca
loads of steel rails have arrived here,
part of an inmense order to be used to
rebuild the Texas and Pacific road
from here to El Paso.
Injured Foot
Dr. M. O. Wright is suffering from a
badiy bruised foot caused by a horse
stepping on . yesterday. He is now
getting aroucd on crutches.
Filed for Record
M. Perolloand wife to Grace Del
Bueno, lot block 137, Campbell's ad
dition. Consideration $350.
In England Injures Sixty Persons.
London June 20 An excursion
train was telcescoped this morning
near Hampton court. Sixty persons
are reported injured.
Of tbe Teachers' Convention Meet
Tbe reception committee of tbe
teachers' convention will meet tonight
at aigbt o'clock at tbe city hall. Re
ports will be heard from the men who
are making a canvass of tbe town for
the purpose ot ascertaining what
rooms may be bad during the conven
tion. A hundred cote will be placed in tbe
olty ball in case accommodations in tbe
city are insufficient. It is proposed to
charge about twenty five cents per
nigbtfor tbe use of tbe cots and any
money which may be derived in this
way will go to swell the funds for the
The reception committee is com posed
of the following: Mayor Magoffin,
chairman; Profesor Putnam, R. F.
Surges, A. P. Coles, H. R. Chase, F.
Marticez, Profesor Roach, Dr. F. W.
Gallagher, J. A. Smith, Captain T. J.
Beall, J. H. White, B. S. Callin, Mrs.
J. A. Rawllngs, Mrs. J. F. William f.
P. M. Mlllspaugh, T. E. Shelton, J.
R. Freeman, Dr. E. H. Trvin.
At the Commonwealth Mine In
Special Correspondence of the Heralk
Pearce, Ariz.. June 17. Yeeter
day between 4 and 5 p. m., there was
a loud explosion in the boiler room of
the Commonwealth Mining and Milling-
company's mill. The explosion
was followed by a flash 5t flame. In
Cfteen minutes or twenty minutes
thereafter tbe mill was completed
destroyed, as were the crusher bouse
and tbe boisting works, entailing a
loss estimated at 8500,000, partially in
sured. Everything Is a complete loss.
Oce fireman, K?y Powles, was burned
about the face and hands by the ex
plosion. Tbe explosion was caused by
the generation ot the ga9 from petro
leum in tbe fire box. Tbe flame bad
gone out and tbe gas was being gene
rated when Ponies applied a light to
ttao burner. More gas bad accumula
ted than tbe stack could carry off.
This caused the explosion.
Is Not Yet Fully Known, But
Admiral Seymour Has
Been There.
And the Dowager Empress
Will See Such a Display
of Force That Her
Ees Will Pop.
Shanghai, June 20. The China
Gazette says that 20,000 Chinese troops
under Chang-Pi have arrived at Tsln
Kalng Fu, at the bead of the grand
eanal above Yang Tse, on route for tbe
Tiiree Chinese cruisers passed
Shanghai at full tilt today tttn ing
safety in shallow waters.
Foreign sentries at Tien Tsln have
ehct a number of prowling Chinamen
Tbe latest advices say hardly a man
in the Takuforta escaped.
Li Hung Chaog, who has been sum
moned to Pekio, left Hong K jog yes
Shanghai, June 20. Cuinese ton
verts who are straggling in here report
their plight as pitiable. They have
been deserted by both sides and must
choose between denouncing their
faith and death by the Boxers. Toese
refugees are tbe real martyrs of tha
present crisis.
Havana, June 20. In an interview
the Chinese consul there asserts that
tbe empress dowager of China is whol
ly responsible for the present trouble.
He says that a new government will be
at up under the leadership of Li Hung
Berlin, June 20. Three thousani
marines oommanded by General Von
Heffner, and the gunboat Luons and
cruiser Gazelle, have been ordered to
proceed to China immediately.
Norfolk, Va., June 20. company
of marines from tbe Norfolk navy
yard will be sent to China at once.
Twenty eight privates, commanded by
two sergeants and two corporals, have
received orders to proceed immedia
Shanghai June 20. Chinese reports
oredited here say that tbe Pekin lega
tions were safe on. Sunday June 17.
They also say Admiral Seymour's re
lief column reached Pekln.
London, June 20. A dispatch from
Shanghai to the Times confirms tbe
Shanghai dispatch to this association
last night, that the international force
had reached Pekln. The Times cor
respondent quotes a dispatch by
"Sheng's courier service" in corrobora
tion of the statement.
Vienna June 20. A strong Austrian
squadron, including the cruisers Marie
Teresa and Kaizerin Elizabeth, has
been ordered to China.
London, June 20. All eyes are
now turned to Pekin, and news concern
ing the fate of tbe foreign residents
there is hourly expected.
Several reports from Shanghai
coincide with the statement that on
Monday the British flag was flying
over the south gate of Pekin.
This is taken to mean that Admiral
Seymour's column bas reached ithe
Chinese capital.
Owing to the difficulty of keeping
the line to Tien Tsin opea it may be
some days before details of the city's
capture are received, granted that tbe
report concerning the British flag: Is
Shanghai, June 20. The Sheu
Tooll received an official message last
night via Ctee Fo, saying tbat ad
miral Seymour arrived at tbe Cheng
Meng gate of Pekin Sunday afternLOn,
and began an attack on the city at
Nothing further is known, except
that at the time the legations bad good
6upply of provisions.
Seven thousand Boxers are retreat
ing from Taku, burning everything.
All natives refusing to join the ranks
are killed.

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