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Published Every Evenlno Except
Herald News Company,
An Independent Republican
Rigid Enforcement of Existing Laws
It the First Step Toward Mn
nlcipal Reform.
H. D. Slatkr. Editor and
General Manager
Henry L.Capell, Business Manager
Entered at the postofflce at El Pao. Texas
for trass mission through the malls at second
class rates
Dally, one year
six months
three "
one " -
Weekly, one year
" six months
" three i - -
The Dally Hsbald Is delivered oy carrier
In El Paso, Texas. Jnarex, Mexico, and at the
Et Paso smelting works, at fifteen cents (16c)
per week, or sixty cents (80c) per month.
Subscribers failing to get the Hibald re
gularly or promptly should call at the office
or telephone No. 116. All complaints will re
ceive prompt attention.
Ratesof advertising In the Dally or Weekly
HEB&I.D will be made known upon appllca
tt at the business office. Those who pre
fer .n have a representative of the business
department call upon them, who will quote
orlces and make contracts for space. Call
telephone No. 116.
Masslfied advertisements or locals, ten
C10) -ents per line for first Insertion and five
(6) cents for each .additional insertion,
ep clal rates upon five hundred (600) or one
thousand 0900) lines of local, to be nsed In
one month, will be furnished upon applica
la order to Insure proper changes la adver
tising, copy for same should be at the bus!
asss office not later than'10 a. m.
Interest has already been aroused in
the country tributary to El Paso in the
project for a mining exposition here.
The exhibit for which Major Davis
will work under the direction of the
chamber of commerce) is but the
nucleus of a great exposition that will
almost certainly materialize here with
in the next two years. The "Monte
zuma Palace" idea has taken hold
readily, and it only needs a determined
effort on the part of our people to make
such a project successful.
It is likely that aid can be obtained
from the territories of New Mexico
and Arizona unofficially, and the state
of Texas, the national government,and
the Mexican government officially. It
la an age of expositions, and the time
Is ripe for a grand demonstration of
the resources of the Great Southwest.
The plan should be considered in
connection with the coming Louisiana
Purchase exposition in St. Louis in
1903. El Paso ought to get together
before that time a magnificent exhibit
typical of her splendid resources, and
make arrangements to take it bodily
to St. Louis. There Is every prospect
that the St. Louis exposition will sur
pass any International fair ever held,
here or abroad, and it is time now that
we should realize the importance of
being properly represented there.
Id connection with Major Davis's
work in the mining country surround
ing El Paso he has been authorized to
urge the mining men and merchants
of the surrounding country to become
members of the El Paso chamber of
commerce. Certain it is that there is
no strength like that which comes
from cooperation, and El Paeo, being
so favorably situated with reference
to all natural and commercial facilities,
Is the logical center of tbe industrial
activity of the Great Southwest. There
thould ba the fullest cooperation be
tween tbe people of El Paso and those
of the surrounding country, included
in a four hundred mile circle.
This cooperation cannot be better
fostered than by meeting in con
ference in matters of mutual concern,
and having a common headquarters
for all our interests. Such an oppor
tunity is offered by the El Paso
chamber of commerce. All persons
whose interests are in any way linked
with those of El PaBO are invited to
become members of the El Paso cen
tral commercial body and share In its
duties and privileges. Theofflcesof tbe
chamber will al ways be open to visit
ing members, and may be used as
headquarters while in El Paso. Thus
there will gradually be created a feel
ing of good fellowship and community
of Interests that cannot fail to bs
beneficial to all parties concerned.
ONE of the first questions, that should
be taken up by the chamber of 66m-
merce after the convention is over is
the matter of trotting a steam road
roller for the city. It is eeneraUy
conceded that tbe use of a heavy
roller in connection with frequent
sprinkling and Intelligent repair work
would solve many of our street pro
blems. The street surfacing we use
here is an ideal paving if properly
used, but it ought to be cared for. Tbe
steam roller would do wonders even
in the hands of a comparatively igno
rant man. It would be a fine invest
ment. The recent mayors' convention at
Waco spent most of its time in consid
ering municipal health problems. Dif
ferent methods of disposing of sewage
and garbage were discussed, and the
result must have been highly beneficial
to the progressive mayor in attend
ance. The mayor of Houston describ
ed the new sewer system and garbage
furnaces of that city, for which Im
provements $300,000 will be spent. The
mayor of San Antonio told of the na
tural garbage furnace three miles from
the city where all the city refuse is
burned. San Antonio has a regular
system of milk inspection and her or
dinance against promiscuous expeotor.
atlon is said to be rigidly enforced.
If there is a possibility of another
railroad coming into El Paso, the Ari
zona and New Mexico road or the
Roswell road, the question of terminal
facilities will before long be brought
up again. It is for the best good of the
railroads themselves that this matter
be carried to a settlement as Boon as
possible. Sooner or later El Paso must
have a union depot, and there will
never be any better time than the
present to plan for it. This is one mat
ter that the chamber of commerce
ought to take up as soon as possible.
There ought to be a general city
oleaning before the 'crowds come. All
unnecessary rubbish ought to becarted
away, and things epruced up. In the
residence portions of the city there is
much to be dene. Tbe fences and side
walks ought to be straightened up and
a little paint ueed where possible on
fences and sheds. It is cleanliness and
evidence of care rather than beauty
that give the best Impression to a visi
tor. Down town there is a great deal
to be done by the city, but bo far not a
stir has been made in this direction.
It is gratifying to note the way in
which the citizens are taking hold of
the electrical illumination idea. Noth
ing will do so much to raise tbe stand
ard of public celebrations here as will
a general participation by the business
men in this plan. The general effect
would indeed be magnificent if the
majority of the business men on El
Paso and San Antonio streets should
make night displays. Even a few
extra incandescent lights -along an
awning or in a window will help out,
and it will cost very little.
The chamber of commerce ought to
take up the matter of the fire insurance
rate in this city. Gross inequality is
frequently charged, and full investiga
tion ought to be made, to be followed
by vigorous protest if necessary. It
must be clear to any on that tbe num
ber of serious fires in this oity is remar
kably small, and we ought not be made
to pay for the frame houses and inef
ficient fire departments in other places.
If we remember rightly, tbe new
eleotrlo light company promised the
city bett9r lights than the old, that
is, brighter lights. It is true that the
new lights are steadier than the old
ones, but to the ordinary observer it
does not appear that they are any
brighter. Would it not be a good plan
for the city to have some tests made,
so as to see if the company is livlng-up
to its contract?
It is strange that some of our good
anti-saloon friends have never be
thought themselves to provide free
ice water along the streets of the city
as an effective antidote for the habit
of drinking intoxicating liquors in the
endeavor to quench thirst. It wouldn't
oosta great deal and its influence
would be most beneficent.
The news from China is most ex
asperating in its indeflniteness. There
has been no suggestion of a censor
ship, and yet it looks as if there
were a definite effort being made to
suppress'tbe news. It also looks as If
we have another professional fakir in
Hong Kong and one in Shanghai. We
will have to watch those fellows.
Roosevelt still flirts with the vice
presidency, and a whole lot of us hope
he will not let himself be beguiled
Into accepting the place. He is of
far greater service to his party where
he is, and his time will come in 1904.
It is too bad we have no exhibit at
that Milwaukee mining congress. If it
hadn't been for the inactivity of the
chamber of commerce authorities we
would have been represented.
The empress of China is so very
much mixed up in her mind that there
will probably be; a bargain sale of
yellow jackets and peacook feathers In
a few days.
A citizens' auditing committee
preferably in connection with the
chamber of commerce, would be tbe
most effective way to curb municipal
It mutt surprise the Boxers to be
stood up before a maohine gun. They
must be In doubt whether to call it
Religion or Civilization.
Santa Fe Route
Musical Festival Las Vegas, N. M.,
and return for $15.25; date of sale June
19-20-21, good to return June 25.
National Democratic convention,
Kant as City, Mo., July 4 Kansas City
and return for $34.90 via Santa Fe
route. Date of 6ale July 1 and 2, good
to return Jul 9.
Second Annual Reunion Roosevelt's
Rough Riders, Oklahoma City, Okla.,
July 1-4 To Oklahoma City and return
for $33.65, date of sale June 29 30, good
to return leaving Oklahoma City July
A F. Stafford, F. B. Houghton,
CItyTicket Ag't. Dlv. Pass. Ag'
Bromide Enlarging.
Life size enlargement on exhibition
at the Union Clothing Co.'s store, from
Curtis' Studio. The life size enlarge
of a prominent citizen of El Paso,
speaks for itself and shows the superi
ority of tnls process over all otter
methods of enlarging. This depart
ment is a creditable addition to Mr.
Curtis' other modern photographic de
partments. Mexican Mineral Belt.
The only direct route to the rict
mining regions of Eastern Sonora
and Western Chihuahua is via tbe
Sierra Madre line, and Casas Gran
des. Trains leave Ciudad Juarez at
8:25 daily except Sundays.
J. T. Logan,
Genl. Traffic Agent
To California And Back For $35.00.
Commencing Thursday, May 24th,
and each Thursday thereafter, up to
and including August 30th, tbe Santa
Fe route will have on sale tickets to
Los Angeles, San Diego and other Cal
ifornia points at rate of $35.00 for the
round trip. Tickets will be good for re
turn ninety days from date of sale.
Fort Worth and Return, $15.40.
Account Christian Endeavor conven
tion to be held at Fort Worth, Texas,
the Texas and Pacific Ry. will sell you
round trip tickets June 18 and 19, good
for return June 22, at rate of $15.40.
B. F. Darbyshire, S. W. P. A.
Pure Hygienic Water.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as to
purity and healthfulness of our ice.
Telephone No. 14.
El. Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co.
Bottled Beers
labeled "Budweleer" "Faust," "Black
& Tan," "Anbeuser Standard," "Ex
port Pale," "Exquisite," or "Pale
Lager" If "Anheuser-Busch" Is on
the label the7 are purest beer. Henry
Pfaff wholesale dealer, El Paso Tex.
Mr.'w. S. Whedon, Cashier of
the First National Bank of Winterset,
Iowa, in a recent letter elves some
experience with a carpenter in his
employ, that will be of value to other
mechanics. Ha says: "I had a car
penter working for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days
on account of beiog troubled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to blm that
I had been similarly troubled and that
Chamberlian's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy had cured me. He
bought a bottle of it from the druggist
here and informed me that one dose
cured him, and he is again at his
work, b or sale by all druggists.
Neglect is the short step so many
take from a cough or cold to consump
tion. The early use of One Minute
Cough Cure prevents consumption. It
is tbe only harmless remedy tbab gives
lmmed later results. It cures all throat
and lung troubles. Children all like
it and mothers endorse It. Fred Schae-
fer, druggist.
Reports show that over fifteen hun
dred lives have been saved through the
use of One Minute Cough Cure. Most
of these were cases of grippe, croup
asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis
and pneumonia. Its early use prevents
consumption. Fred Schaefer, druggist.
Moki Tea positively cures Siok Head
ache, indigestion and constipation. A
delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruption of the skin, producing a per
fect complexion, or money refunded.
25cte. and 50 cts. M. H. Webb, drug
gist. The best butter in the market. Shady
Grove, 2 pounds for 45 cents at El Paso
Grocery Co.
Gocart! The kind baby can sleep in
straightened out, at Emerson &
Call at all drug stores and get a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They are an elegant
physic. They also improve tbe ap
petite, strengthen the digestion and
regulate tbe liver and bowels.
They are easy to take and pleasant in
Ivy polsocing, poison wounds and all
other accidental injuries may be quick
ly cured by using De Witt's Witch,
Hazel Salve. It is also a certain cure
ort piles and skin diseases. Take no
oher. Fred Schaafer, druggist.
Now is your chance to get paper for
that room at about your own price. Go
to Ehrnberg's and make your selection
from 20.000. rolls of paper. See Fire
Sale ad in tbe Herald.
She was the fond mother of a fine
baby. But it was a crying baby. She
unclothed it
and looked for
pins. Nothing
was hurting it.
She looked to
the baby's
food. It was
sweet and
But the baby
still cried and
wailed. Then
she called the
doctor. He
examined the
child and said
" starvation."
"The child is crying for food." " But,"
said the mother, "it has all the food it
will take." "The question of starva
tion" replied the doctor, "is not how
much food is taken but how much is as
similated and goes to nourish the body."
Pain in the body is often only the out
cry of starvation. You eat enough but
the stomach is not doing its work, and
the nervous system is starving. Put the
stomach right and the pains will cease,
together with the uncomfortable conse
quences of the condition. There is no
medicine made which can equal Doctor
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery in
the quickness of its action on the stom
ach. It cures diseases of the digestive
and nutritive system, increases the ac
tion of the blood-making glands, and
so induces a proper and perfect distri
bution of the necessary nourishment
to blood and bone, nerve and muscle
throughout the whole body. There is
no alcohol, opium or other narcotic con
tained in "Golden Medical Discovery."
" I wish to sav to the world that Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery has proved a great
blessing to me," writes Mrs. Ellen E. Bacon, of
Shutesbury, Franklin Co., Mass., "as I firmly
believe I should be in a very bad state now if I
had not taken it. Prior to September, 1897. 1 had
doctored for my stomach trouble for several
years, going through a course of treatment with
out any real benefit. In September, 1896, I had
very sick spells and grew worse ; could eat but
little. I commenced in September, 1897, to take
Dr. Pierce's medicine and in a short time I could
eat and work. I have gained twenty pounds in
two months."
Just organized to occupy the spacious
store-rooms being oompleted on South
Stanton, near San Antonio street, will
present to the public a most complete
acd up to date assortment of
The management being thoroughly
acquainted with the quality of goods
demanded in this market; will arrange
to handle tbe very best possible that
the money can afford.
All goods will be sold strictly
at the very closest figures. This will
apply to any and every artiole in the
Just at present large quantities of
goods are being received and we will
not have our complete assortment for
several days; however, we shall do the
very best we can for you.
The publio is cordially invited.
The Lion
Grocery Company
South Stanton,
near San Antonio St.
Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kid
ney troubles as well as women, and all
feel the results in loss of appetite,
poisons in the blood, backache, ner
vousness, headache and tired, listless,
run down feeling. But there's no need
to feel like that. Listen to J. W.
Gardner, Idaville, Ind. He says:
"Electric Bitters are just the thing for
a man when he is all run down, and
don't care where he lives or dies, it
did more to give me new strength and
good appetite than anything I could
take. I oaD now eat anything and have
a new lease on life. Only 50 cents at
Irvin & Co's., Drugstore. Every bottle
Hotel Palacio, Chihualma.
A Labansat, as successor of J.C. Mc
Dermott, will conduct the above hotel
an the American plans. The new man
agement assures tbe public of first class
arrangements in every detail.
Take your prescriptions to Potter &
White s where tbey will be filled ac
curately from fresh medicines and 110
substitution is done. Little Plaza.
JOSHUA a.lAYNOLD, -President;
ULVIfEfl . STEWART, Oashlsri
El Paso,
Capital and Surplus.
O. R. MOREHEAD, President;
J.O. LAOKLAND, Oashier;
Established April, 1881.
A legitimate banking business transacted in all its branches Exchange u
all the oitles of the United States bought at par. Highest prices paid for Me
loan Dollars.
L. M. Openheimer, President. T. M. WlNGO, Cashier.
H. L. Newman, Vice President. Wm. H. Webb, Assistant Cashier , .
J. G. Lowdon, Second Vice-President.
The LowdonNational Bank
Capital Paid in $100,000.
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. Mexican Money and JExchang
bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers ta all points in Mexico
President, Vlc resident. Secretary. General Mksiit
Wholesale Grocers,
Ve carry a, complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, and guarantee all oar good
Class. We solicit the trade of dealers onlv. and give especial attention to mall orders.
You must have In order
to look well.
. If you want a strictly up-to-date suit you will find it greatly to your
advantage If you will just drop Into John Brunner's and leave your or
der for one of his good fitting suits. He carries the finest line of suit
ings in-the southwest. Prices reasonable. Call and be convinced.
Merchant Tailor, - - 104 H Paso t. !
The Great Registered
Son of Eleotloneer, one of the highest bred
and handsomest horses in America, will
serve at Bal linger & Longwell's stables
(San Francisco St.) during present season
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
of each week; and at A. Courchesne's
ranch on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days of each week. This horse has no
superior in breeding in this country. He
was purchased some time since by a Mis
souri syndioate for $10,000. He has a
reoord of 2:17.
I E. P. & N. E. Slz
Will sell daily, from
Special Excursion
These tickets will be pood going on any day of purchase,
returning on any day (Sunday excepted) during the season.
Will be good for continuous passages going or coming only,
and non-transferable. Holder's name will appear on ticket,
and must be signed and stamped with the agent at Cloud
croft at returning train.
A. G. F. & P. A.
F. E.
M. W. FLOURNOY Vlco-Prsldntl
J. H. RUSSELL. Asst. Osshlsr.
Four-Footed Favorites
find feminine favor easily. Such lucky
stall-tenants have their beauty much en
hanced by our handsome harness, which
looks its own praise and is all and more
than it looks. Horse flesh was never
put into anything more satisfactory for
carriage and work purposes. What we
sell and what we ask for it make us win-
ava oi
We Handle Sboe Findings.
Fire Arms and Ammunition.
-w Do IR-epairing
El Paso Saddlery Co.
The Question
of where to bny Harness and
what to pa; Is easily settled to
Your Satisfaction
If yon will call on us. We know
all the Ins and outs of the busi
ness. We can sell you the
Finest Harness,
or cheaper, as desired. We war"
rant each grade as represented,
care for according to oar Ins
tructions, and you will not need
to buy so often. Call, and we
will give you more points.
H. P. N0AKE.
May 16 to October 1. 1990.
Round-Trip Tickets
G. S. F. & P. A.

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