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Published Every Evening Except
Herald News Company,
An Independent Republican
Rigid Enforcement of Existing Lwb
I the First Step Toward Mu
nicipal Reform.
tt rt ct i miro Tf rlltnr and
General Manager
Henry L.Capkll, Business Manager
Entered at the postofflce at El Paso. Texas
for transmission through the mails at second
class rates.
Dally one year
six months
" three "
one " - -
Weekly, one year -
six months .
" three."
The Dally Hbrald Is delivered oy earner
In El Puo, Texas, Juares, Mexico, and at the
El Paso smelting works, at fifteen cents (16c)
per week, or sixty cents (80c) per month.
Subscribers falling to get the Hxrald re
gularly or promptly should call at the office
or telephone No. 116. All complaints will re
ceive prompt attention.
Batesof advertising In the Dally or Weekly
Hkbald will be made known upon appllca
tl h at the business office. Those who pre
fer ?an have a representative of the business
department call upon them, who will quote
prices and make contracts for space. Call
telephone No. 116.
Classified advertisements or locals, ten
U0) cents per line for first Insertion and Ave
e - n. .h . ri ItlnTi n.1 Insertion.
sp clal rates upon ft v iPfcundred (600) or one
thousand (1600) lines of local, to oe usea in
one month, will be furnished upon appuca
Im order to Insure proper changes In adver
tising, copy for same should be at the busi
ness office not later than-10 a. m
For President,
william Mckinley.
For Vice President,
It is a source of the most genuine
gratification to read the list of dona
tions to the convention entertainment
fund, as published In the Herald
t oday. The required amounthas been
practically made up already, and there
are others who have not yet had a
ohanoe to contribute. It may be seen
ow comparatively easy it is to make
up the requisite amount if-every one
contributes a little.
It is especially pleasing to see so
large a number of names on the list.
We all like to see the hundreds and
fifties go down, but after all It is the
sense of personal Interest of a large
number of Individuals whieh comes
from contributing a share of the ex
pense that makeB any project success
ful. To contribute toward such a cause is
like taklcg stock in a strong fiaancia
company. The returns are certain to
be vaetly more than the expenditure,
and every one who gives may congra
tulate himself that he has had suffi
cient foresight to realize where his in
terest lies.
The full success of the entertainment
is now assured. There need be no fear
about the proper attention being paid
to the visitors. The committees are com
posed of workers, they are attending
strictly to business, and the few days
that remain will be utilized in arrang
ing all the little details so that there
will be no hiteh.
El Paso has come to the scratch in
fine shape. Everybody knew she
could do It, and it only needed a spur
to make her shake herself and get out
with the intention of winning every
thing in sight.' Such an occasion as
this is of pre at value in showing our
people their own capacity for genero
sity and hard work. It keeps things
moving and puts life into the deadest
of us.
As to acecmmcdatlors for the crowd,
it appears that there are easily
available about two thousand beds.
But if twice that number come El
Paso will be able to put them away,
and no one need stay away for fear of
getting no place to stay.
The finance committee have done
noble work. Every member of tbat
committee deserves the thanks of the
community. It is the hardest and
most thankless job of all. The
program committee has laid out a flee
series of enterta'.cments, and as soon
as everything is under way satisfactor
ily this committee will add itself to
the reception committee and help to
carry out the program that has been
The reception committee must bear
the brunt of the business from now on.
It will take the completes! organize
tion and lota of hard work to take care
of the people, and every citizen is ex
pected to join the reception committee
in entertaining the people.
Remember that the work that
has been imposed upon the
reception committee does not
absolve any individual not on that
committee from doing his part also.
The whole city is the host, and every
citizen should take it upon himself to
see that at least two or three of the
visitors have everything they want.
By sticking together and exer ting
oureelves every one juet a little, the
work may be accomplished with the
least amount of friction or inconveni
Ignatius Donnelly, who imay
need to be reintroduced to the gentle
reader as the middle of-the-road-vice
presidential-candidate and Shakspere-
oipher-mao,can sling polysyllabic mud
himself. Io his acceptance of the
honor of his nomination for the can
didacy he wrote of middle-of-the
roadism :
"The forward movement of God for
the blessing of bis children aga'nst the
troglodyte in his cavern, cracking the
leg bones of hid victim to extraot the
marrow lor tbe cannibalistic least."
Himself he piotures to ba
"the eagle In the mountain top nigh
famished in the fellowship of storms.
rather than the beastly reptile in the
swamp toioated with nitn ana sleep
ing away its wretched existence."
The hopelessness of pinning one's faith
to democracy is worded after this
"Plutocracy will never be over
thrown by the democratio party with
its head in Wall street and its tail in
the Mississippi valley, and we must
have a party dreadfully in earnest, in
which there is not a single plutocrat."
It must Impress every thinking man
that the republican party has immea
surably the advantage over its op
ponents. It is the aggressively right
party. It stands for progress along
lines tbat lead to greatness and wealth,
national and individual. Its watch
word is hope, and there is cot ashadow
of that miserable low spirited ragging
habit of the Bryan party. Its publio
statements are honest,and Its promiees
are carried out. It is the right party
and the powerful party, and ought to
have the support of every man who
loves his country.
M. Waldeck Rousseau delivered
an interesting decision as to the right
of a man to work, if he wanted to work
The decision was made in reference to
a recent act of the authorities in send
ing twenty policemen to escort two
workmen to a factory while a strike
was in progress. M. Waldeck Rous
seau argued that a workman who wants
to work is as much entitled to the pro
tection of the authorities as the work
man who does to want'to work. This
displeases the socialists of France but
it is an important step towards estab
lishing the lawful status of the work
man In France.
Hamlin Garland, the realistic
novelist, has-out Atklneoned Atkinson
and out Bryaned Bryan. In a recent
lecture in Wisconsin he grew bitter
over the wrongs done the red Indian
and the lgnobillty of western civiliza
tion, and had arrived at the point when
he asserted that the famous chief.
Black Hawk, was a greater man and of
more enduring fame than Abraham
Lincoln when the long enduring au
dience cried "enough" and yelled for
music by the band.
General Whe-sler says: "I am
firmly convinced that the United States
is at the dawn of a new and greatly in
creased prosperity." It is men who
believe who aohieve prosperity for
themselves and help to achieve it for
their country. Those who tear down,
carp, discourage, and preach hopeless
nees and failure have their places la
the economy of politics, but they are
not favored part?.
Republicanism is boldly for expan
sion commercial, territorial, and In
dustrial. The demopops are for con
traction of everything exceptor a forty
five cent dollar which they would have
Uncle Sam stretch to a dollar dollar.
It is well the republican party took
such a firm stand on the gold standard.
In no way could the party better re
tain the confidence of the Intelligent
It is said tbat Van Wyck made a
mistake in climbing into the ice wagon;
he fully meant to get into the band
Texas farmers don't want forty-five
cent dollars in pajment for their big
wheat orop, however much they may
admire Bryan.
The anti-trust plank in the repub
lican platform is a most satisfaotory
declaration. It will meet the wishes
of the most rampant, as well ae the
more conservative antagonists of those
trusts tbat are against public policy.
THE Honolulu newspapers are not so
slow. Comments one: "A Tammany
parade last month was two hours in
passing a given point. It is supposed
that the given point was a saloon."
Wolcott cutis the demopopulist
plank out of a nutshell when he says
those partisans are antl-everything?.
We are invited to "peek in", but,
hang it all, we cannot seem to see
much even through tbat open door.
Everything Is in line for a magni
ficent reception to the visiting teachers
and their friends.
Written For the Herald.
Women and Wheat.
In Kansas the women have gone into
the fields to help with the harvesting
to save the big wheat crop.
Sun Spots.
A note French atronomeer, Abee
Mareux, has seen b'.jr spots on the sun
througbt the powerful telescope at the
exposition and these spots he claims
will be visible to the naked eje in the
latter part of June and he Interprets
they betoken extremely hot weather.
The Bare Facts Of the St Louis
The St. Louis 6trike commenced
May 2. Number persons killed 13.
number wounded by bullets 65, number
otherwise injured 90. Estimated busi
ness loss per dav $100,000, loss of strik
ers in wages $275,000. cost of posse
comitatus $325,000. Number in posse
comitatus 1,500, number police on duty
(regulars) 1,000, number special police
500, men on strike 4,000. Kansas City
The Buffalo Exposition
Buffalo is making great preparations
for the Pan American Exposition to be
held there next year. The exposition
grounds will cover 250 acres and the
electrical displays will have all the
magnificence, marvel and beautv that
eleotrlcians can devise. The United
States cover n meat buildings, oae 60
feet by 18 0 feet, the two others each
150 feet square, will be joined by colon
nades and built according to the
Spanish ideas of architecture.
Hawaii's First Governor.
Sanford B. Bole, inaugurated June the
14th. governor of Hawaii has served
the inland ever since 1S84. He was
appointed to the supreme court, under
the Island kingdom, was . president oi
the island republla from July 4, 1894,
and now is the island territory's first
governor. Dole was born at Honolulu
in 1844, is a graduateof Williams college
and a member oitne Massachusetts bar
In 1873 he married Miss Anna P. Cate
of Massachusetts. He is a fine looking,
tall, upright, white bearded man, patri
archal, benign and pleasant.
Reward for Bobs
It is probable tbat Lord Roberts will
receive the order of the garter from
the queen as reward for his bringing
the war to a close in South Africa.
The blue ribbon of the order of the
garter is the most highly prized gift
tbat the queen could grant. Not more
than twenty English nobles of the
highest rank have the order and nnly
five members of the queen's own fam
ily: the other knignts are foreign
sovereigns. Lord Roberts is now a
baron and there is a dimculty in the
way of raising him to an earldom, in
the fact that he is far from a wealthy
man and would not be financially able
to hold up the exalted and expan
sive title, so tha order of the garter
and a errant of $50,000 will probably be
the extent of his reward. Also be
cause be lost his only son in the war
it is thought that the patent of his
nobility will be made so that bis
eldest daughter will inherit the peer
To California And Baek For 535 00.
Commencing Thursday, May 24th,
and eaoh Thursday thereafter, up to
and including August 30th, tbe Santa
ire route will have on eale tickets to
Los Ad gel es, San Diego and other Cal
ifornia points at rate of $35.00 for the
round trip. Tickets will be good for re-
urn ninety days from date of sale.
Fort Worth and Return, 515.40.
Account Christian Endeavor conven
tion to be held at Fort Worth, Texas.
the Texas and Pacific Ry. will sell jou
round trip tickets June 18 and 19, good
for return Judo 22, at rcte of $15.40.
B. F. Darbyshire, S. W. P. A.
Pure Hygienic Water.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as to
purity and bealthfulness of our ice.
Telephone No. 14.
El Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co.
Mr. W. S. Wbedon, Cashier of
the First National Bank of Wioterset,
Iowa, In a reoent letter gives some
experience with a carpenter in his
employ, that will be of value to other
mechanics. He says: "I had a car
penter worklne for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days
on account of being troubled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that
I had been similarly troubled ana that
Chamberlian's Colic. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy had cured me. He
bought a bottle of it from tbe drugreriat
here and informed me that one dose
cured him, and he is again at his
work." For sale by all druggists.
The Qrandest Treasure.
One of the fondest, hap
piest anticipations of a p
mother's Heart is mat oy
her husband s ear
nest toil, and by
careful economy on
both their
parts they shall
be able to lay
by a little store
which the
baby when it is
grown to man
hood or wom
anhood shall
have as its own
private pos
session. But every
wife who ex
ce c t s to be
come a mother may pro'ide a far more
valuable treasure for her little one's future
than can ever be contained in any savings
bank if she will take the proper care of her
own health and physical condition during
the time when the baby is expected. And
if every husband would feel it his bounden
duty to see that all possible means are
adopted to carry his wife safely through
this critical time, he will help to bequeath
to his offspring that health and natural
vigor which is the grandest fortune a father
can bestow.
"During' the past year I found myself pregr
nantand in rapidlv failing health." writes Mrs.
W. J. Kidder, of " Hill Dale Farm, (Enosburg;
Center) Enosburj? . Vt., in a grrateful letter to Dr.
R. v. lnerce. of Buffalo, N. Y. " I suffered dread
fully from bloating and urinary difficulty. I was
growing perceptibly weaker each day and suf
fered much sharp pain at times. I felt that
something must be done. I sought your advice
and received a prompt reply. I followed your
directions and took twelve bottles of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, and also followed your
instructions. I began to improve immediately,
my health became excellent, and I could do all
my own work (we live on a good sized farm). I
walked and rode all I could, and enjoyed it. I
had a short easy confinement and have a
healthy baby boy."
"Favorite Prescription " is the only pro-"
prietary medicine in the world invented
by an educated physician and scientific
specialist for the one specific purpose of
restoring health and strength to the dis
tinctly feminine organism. It is a prompt
relief and permanent cure for every form
of female complaint or weakness.
No remedy relieves constipation so
quickly and "effectually as Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets.
Will be ready for
business commencing
Saturday, 23d
For the First Week
We shall give to the
consuming public
1 8 lbs of the very best
New Orleans Granu
lated Sugar for
5o lbs high grade Patent-flour
We are too busy just at pres
ent to publish a full price list,
but the public can be assured
of the very lowest possible
values, for the money, on any
thing and everything in the
staple or fancy grocery line.
The Lion
Grocery Company
South Stanton,
near San Antonio St.
Neglect is the short step so many
take from a cough or oold to consump
tion. The early use of One Minute
Cough Cure prevents consumption. It
is the only harmless remedy tbat gives
immediate results. It cures all throat
and lung troubles. Children all like
it and mothers endorse it. Fred Schae
fer, druggist.
Reports show that over fifteen hun
dred lives have been saved through the
use of One Minute Cough Cure. Most
of these were cases of grippe, croup
asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis
and pneumonia. Its early use prevents
consumption. Fred Schaefer, druggist.
The best butter in the market. Shady
Grove, 2 pounds for 45 cents at El Paso
Grocery Co.
Call at all drug stores and get a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They are an elegant
physic. They also improve the ap
petite, strengthen the digestion and
regulate tbe liver and bowels.
They are easy to take and pleasant in
JOIHUA It AYNOLDa, -Presidents
EI Paso,
Capital and Surplus.
O. R. MOREHEAO, President;
J.O. LAOKLAND, Oaahiari
Established April, 1881.
A legitimate banking business transacted in all its branches Exchange o
all the oitiea of the United States bought at par. Highest p-lces paid for Me
loan Dollars.
L. M. OPENHEIMKR, President. T. M. WiNGO, Cashier.
H. L. Newman, Vice President. Wm. H. Webb, Assistant Cashier
J. G. Lowdon, Second Vice-President.
The LowdonWtional Bank
Capital Paid in $100,000.
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. Mexican Money and Exchange
bought and sold. Telegraphic transfers ta all points in Mexico
President. . Vice resident.
Wholesale Grocers,
iVe carry a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries, and guarantee all our goods sr.
Class. We solicit the trade of dealers onlv. and give especial attention to mall orders.
If you want a strictly up-to-date
au.TauxKo xi you wm just arop into
der for one of his good fitting suits.
iagB in -cue sou in west, trices reasonable.
Merchant Tailor, -
The Great Registered
Son of Electioneer, one of the highest bred
and handsomest horses in America, will
serve at Balllnger & Longwell's stablea
(San Francisco St.) during present eeaeon
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
of each week; and at A. Courchesne's
ranch on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days of each week. This horse has no
superior In breeding in this country. He
was purchased some time since by a Mis
souri syndicate for 810,000. He has a
record of 2:17.
lilE E. P. & N. E. 51s
c c
Will sell daily, from
Special Excursion
These tiokets wili be good going on any day of purchase,
returning on any day (Sunday excepted) during the season.
Will be good for continuous passages got Dp or coming only,
and con-trarsferable. Holder's name will appear on ticket,
and must be signed and stamped with the agent at Cloud
croft at returning train.
A. Q. P. & P. A.
F. E.
at. W. FL.OURNOY.;Viee-Preaidsnti
M. RUS8ELL. Aaat. Oaahlar.
General Manas
Four-Footed Favorites
find feminine favor easily. Such lucky
stall-tenants have their beauty much en
hanced by our handsome harness, which
looks its own praise and is all and more
than it looks. Horse flesh was never
put into anything more satisfactory for
carriage and work purposes. What we
sell and what we ask for it make us win
ners. We Handle Shoe Findings,
Fire Arms and Ammunition.
we IDo TZ&TpSLrlng
El Paso Saddlery Co.
rYou must have In order
"to look well.
suit you will find it greatly to your
joDn .tsrunner's ana leave
He oarrles the finest lin
your o in
line of suit-
Call and be convinced.
104 H Paso t.
The Question
of wire re to buy Harness and
what to pay Is easily settled to
Your Satisfaction
If yon will call on us. We know
all the Ins and outs of tbe busi
ness. We can sell jou tha
Finest Harness,
or cheaper, as desired. We war
rant each grade as represented:
care for according to our Ins
tructions, and you will not need
to bay so often. Call, and we
will give you more points.
H. P. N0AKE.
May 16 to October 1. 1900.
Round-Trip Tickets
G. S. P. & P. A.

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