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Has Been Buying Steel Coal Cars.
He Quiets the Steel Plant Rumor.
President C. B. Eddy or the E. P. &.
N. K. arrived last nlffht from Chicago,
ari iBft fni Alumncnrdo this more Id?.
Mr. Eddy was Been at his rooms this
mora in concerning aid trip ana eaia.
'I have been eat to buy new cars for
the road, and placed an.order with tbe
American Car and Foundry company
for one hundred presses steeicoai card.
These cars are made entirely of steel,
nil! )iia a. .narttv of fortV tons.
and were made at the company's plant
. ill , 1 S -3
in at luie; tney win oe euippeu u u
at an early day.
"The traffic of the E. P. & N. E. Is
in an exceedingly healthy condition,
and tbe output and demand of Capitan
coal is heavy."
'CorcerniDfir the alleged eteei plant
t Alamogordo for the construction of
which my brother and I were report
ed as visiting in New York, I have
simply to say that there is nothing in
it. We have not been to New York
for the purpose of raising funds for
such as enterprise, nor to raise funds
for any other purpose.
"1 found tbe people of the terth very
much exercised over the conditions in
China as they affect ourcltizeos there.
"My trip was apleatantone, although
I was somewhat busy, looking after
private affairs as well as those connect
ed with my office."
General Superintendent Grelg met Mr.
Eddy here and aocompaaied him to
Fred Tegtmeyer Dead.
News was received this morning of
the accidental death at Fort Wayne,
Indiana, of Fred. Tegtmever, a con
ductor os the P., F. W., & C. The
fatality occurred Wednesday morning,
but no details have as yet been re
ceived .
Mr, Tegtmeyer was a brother of C.
F. Tegtmeyer, yardmater of the G.
H. at El Paso. He was 39 years of age,
and was considered one of the most
valued employes of the read.
The ice cream social to be given by
the G. I. A. the B. of L. E. at tbe
residence of Engineer Sbwartz will
be held on June 2'ith instead of tonight
as was published.
Sparks frcm the Engine
Johnny Edison, switchman of the G.
H., ia in Tucson for recreation.
dallntmin Thlnnan if tho CI TT
has gone to San Antonio for a short
Auditor E. M. Harter of tbe E. P
and N. E. came last night from Alamo-
The Santa Fe will tender ther visit
ing teachers a complimentary ride to
the smelter.
John F. Oliver has accepted the posi
tion of watchman for the G. H. and
left last night for his station at Sander
Sixty Mexicans with their families
left over the S. P. this morning for
construction work in Arizona and New
Mr. Cloudcroft" Bowman, of the
E P and N E;, was in the city over
night and went out on his road this
The union Sunday school picnic left
for Orn's grove this morning. About
three bundred excursionists were in
the party.
C B Ed dy and Supt. A S. Grieg, of
the E H and N . went up to Alamo
gordo this morning in the private oar
Paso del Norte.
J. L. Campbell, tbe civil engineer,
left this morning for Clifton, Ariz ,
where be will do some special work for
tbe Morencl Southern R. R.
Thirteen carloads of Mexican cattle
arrived latt night over the Sierra Ma
dre, and went over tbe T. P. this
morning to Pecos Valley.
C. F. Tegtmeyer. yardmaster of tbe
G. EL, will take a thirty days rest July
10th when he will aocompany his fami
ly to tbe seaside of California.
Tbe T. P. has been compelled to
borrow equipment from tbe M. K. &
T. to meet the Increased passenger
traffia caused by the coming teachers'
Major Converse, the man who built
the G. H. and S. A. R. R., and who is
now the attorney for that road, passed
through this morning on his way to
California on professional business.
But They Had Only a Short Vaca
tion. Andreas Carno, Savlno Perez and
Max Damlnguez, tbe three Mexican
boys arrested by officers Mitchell and
Harold on Tuesday charged with tbe
burglary of Thornton's San Antonio
Street store, and Roller's N. Oregon
street place, were transferred to the
county jail, this morning at 10:30
Jailer Lyons, not wishing to place
them in a cell ia a filthy condition, con
cluded to give them a bath and change
of clothes; while waiting for thecloth
Ing, he allowed tbe boys to sit in the
back room, off the office, and they see
ing an easy door, opened it, and made
their exit.
They were gone probably three quar
ters of a hour when two of them, Csdo
anr Perez, were recaptured in Juarez
by Jailer Lyons and young George
Harold, and placed in jail there, after
having led the officers a lively sprint.
The third boy, Dominguez, has been
located and will probably be caught
this afternoon.
They will be returned to Sheriff
Boone by their parents, who will request
the Mexican authorities to turn them
over. They are all aged about eleven
years, and are thought to be the
pupils in crime of the quartette of
burglars who robbed Max Schutz's
store ten days ago and are now in
Of W. C. T. U. Begins at Edinburgh
Edinburgh. Scotland, June 21.
The world's convention of the woman s
christian temperance union began here
today with a meeting of the executive
board. Tomorrow will be devotional
day. On Sunday special services will
be held in the various churches, when
white ribboners will preaoh and speak.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
will be the convention days. Tbe an
nual council meeting will Immediately
follow the convention .
Will Elect Delegates To the Demo
cratic Convention From Missis
sippi. Jackson. Miss., June 21. Following
the instructions of the democratic
state executive committee, a primary
election is being held throughout Mis
sissippi to select delegates to the na
tional convention.
This is the first election of its char
acter in tbe history of tbe state.
Will Attend the Rough Riders' Re
union In Oklahoma.
Philadelphia. Jnne 2L. It Is
learned tbatRooeevelt is to attend the
reunion of the Rough Riders at Okla-
homa'.City, July 4, and that a spectial
car is being given him for the purpose,
taking him through Kansas and Miss
ouri just about tbe time Bryan comes
up for renominatlbn at Kansas City.
Will Stand For Reelection As State
Special Dispatch to the Herald.
Philadelphia, June 21. Tbe Tex
as contest was formally eettled last
night by tne election of Hawley as na
tional commltteman.
Green announced his Intention of
standing for reeleotion as Texas state
a Farmer On Negroes, Among
Tbem a Woman.
Corsicana, Texas, June 21. A
farmer named Ely, living 10 miles
north of here, shot and killed three
negroes yesterday in quarrel over
The dead are Joel Hunter, William
Barnes, and the latter'a wife.
Ely surrendered to the authorities
and is in jail.
Has Now a National Monument In
His Honor.
Washington, June 21. A monu
ment to Samuel Hahnemann, the
founder of homeopathy, was unveiled
here today. The fund for the monu
ment was raised by v homeopathic me
dical societies throughout the oountry.
Reelects the Same Old Officers.
Philadelphia, June 21. At a
meeting of tbe national committee
Hanna was unanimously elected chalr
m an and Charles Dick temporary
secretary, George N Wiswell was
elected sergeant at arms.
After giving a cheer, the committee
Proclaimed to tbe Filipinos Today
Washington, June 21. By direc
tlon of tbe president the amnesty
proclamation to the Filipino rebels
was Issued slmiltanously today in
Manila acd Washington.
Has Been Awarded Damages.
Paris, June 21. Col. Picquart, the
Frenoh officer who sacrificed his career
for the sake of Dreyfus, has been
awarded 100,000 francs damages for
articles calumniating him which were
printed at the time of the Dreyfus
agitation by the Echo de Paris.
Has Advanced To Sandsprult.
Volksrust, Transvaal, June 21.
Buller has advanced to Sandsprult,
north of the railway-
Yokohoma, June 21. An uncon
firmed rumor here says that Vice
Admiral Seymour, commanding the
international column whioh was dls-
patohed to the relief of Pekln, Is dead.
El Paso Steam Laundry, Phone 47
It Is very unusual for a regular physician of good reputation to publicly
endorse a proprietary remedy. We have often heard of cases where doctors
have secretly prescribed Acker's English Remedy, but it is most gratifying to
receive the following voluntary letter
from C. F. Smith, M. D., the most
successful physician of Olean, N. Y. :
"Messrs. V. H. Hooker & Co.,
New York City: I wish to add my
professional testimony to the value
of your English preparation known
as Acker's English Remedy for Asth
ma, etc. In several instances, after I
have tried my utmost to give even
relief, I have prescribed your remedy,
and it has acted almost like amiracie.
not only relieving, but permancnt!y
curing every one of the pa'.ients. I en
dorse the preparation as one of the
most valuable additions to the prac
tice of medicine."
Such a frank endorsement as tbe
above is phenomenal. Coming from
so distinguished a member cf the
medical profession, it carries with it
an assurance which the public will be
sure to avail themselves of. It i? rec
ommendations like this which make
it possible to give the broad guaran
tee that is a part of every sale or Ack
er's English Remedy for C'ougbs.
Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis and Consumption. It must either do all that is
claimed for it, or your money will be refunded. Do you know of any other
medicine sold on those terms? Io you know of any other medicines which
prominent doctors regularly prescribe in their own practice as being better than
prescriptions they write themselves ? These facts are well worth considering.
They are of especial interest to those with sore throats and weak lungs.
Sold at 5C, 50c. and $t a bottle, throughout the United States and Canada ; and in Eng
land, at is. ad., as. 3d.. 4s. 6d. If you are not satisfied after buying, return the bottle to your
druggist, and get your money back.
We authorize the above guarantee. W. II. HOOKER fc CO., Pro2rietors, 2'ew York. "
M. H. WEBB, Druggist.
Y T P Hih Patent Hard Wheat Flour,
A 1 1 Polar Bear High Patent Soft Wheat Flour.
New Era First Patent Soft Wheat Flour and Graham Flour.
Fresh Ground White Corn Meal.
Carload of Above Goods Just
Sole Dealers In Tbe Only Ralston Health Flour.
f Mines and f
alining, j
New Machinery.
Fonr thousand pounds of new
machinery has arrived at Moeollon,
N. M., for the B. O. B. Mine and Mill
at that place.
New Corporation.
The Jeffersonville Lead Mining and
Milling compaoyis a new incorporation
at Cook, Grant Co., N. M. Capital
$200,000. The property of this com
pany Is located at Cook's Peak.
Mines at Steins Pass.
A new company, styled the Mineral
Mountain Mining Co., has filed incor
poration papers. It is composed of
Washington capitalists and has a capi
tal of $300,000. Tbe company has
purchased properties near Stein's
Pass and will have offices at Lords
burer, N. M.
They will proceed at one with active
development work and will soon erect
reduction works for the handling of
their own ores and will probably make
them large enough to accommodate
some custom work.
Golden Giant Mining Comqany-
Ten thousand dollars worth of new
machinery has been ordered for the
Gold Giant and Mammoth coining pro
perties at Pinos Altos, N,M, and it is ex
pected to be in operation within nine
ty days. A diamond drill for prospecting
has been ordered These mines have
recently changed bands and the new
owners have Incorporated under tbe
laws ol New York as the Golden Giant
Mining Gompany.
Many New Ore Bodies.
Another Huntington mill and seven
Frue vanners are soon to be added to
the plant of the Ft. Bayard, (N. M.)
Smelting and Milling Co., owlag to
the discovery of many new ore bodies
in their properties. Air compressor
drills are alsoto be installed in .their
mine. This company has just bad
oompleted for their mine the most un
ique headgear In the territory.
The ore Is hoisted one bundred feet
and falls into a series of crushers
which, by tbe time it reaches the
bottom, have it ready for the concen
trators. The new three compartment
shaft of this company will soon have
attained tbe depth of 1200 feet, after
which the work of Btoplng will be
Grant County Mining Activity.
A Mexican leased some ground from
the Santa Rita Co., In Grant Co. N. M. ,
and made a rich strike. This caused
many other leases to be taken and sev
eral other rlob strikes have been made.
Tbe Grand View Milling Co , bas
purchased tea acres of ground in the
same locality, whioh includes the fam
ous Mimbres Hot Springs, and will
ereot thereon a 100 ton per day capa
city. It is said that the water from
thete springs has such a high natural
temperature that it may be used for
mill purposes without any artificial
heating, thus making a great saving in
Small In size and great in results are
DeWltt's Little Early Risers, tbe fam
ous little pills that cleanse the liver
and bowels. They do not gripe. Fred
Scbaefer, druggist.
Gooart! The kind baby can sleep in
straightened out, at Emerson &
The best butter in the market.Shady
Grove, 2 pounds for 45 cents at Ei Paso
Grocery Co.
Shady Grove butter 2 lbs for 45 cents
at El. Paso Grocery-
Received at
Madame AJontague,
Clairvoyant and Palmist,
EL PA80.
The Pecos Valley
& Northeastern
A New Road, Opening a New Country
New Towns! New Opportunities!
Last year 120,000 head of oattle passed
over this new thoroughfare. This
year the number will reach 200,000
Stations from Roswell east are within
thirty to thirty-five hours of Kansas
feed lota and no need of unloading
stock in transit.
Shipping stations on tne line in perfect
order. Portalis, Bovlna, Hereford
and Canon City can accommodate
with feed and water 5,000 to 10,000
head of oattle each.
Bona-fide settlers wanted. Every effort
will be made by the Railway to
assist them.
An abundance of waterl Rich soil!
Cheap lands! Qulok transportation
and fair, honest rates.
For particulars as to tbe various open
ings in the Pecos Valley and its
neighborhood address
D. H. NICHOLS, Gen. Manager, or
E. W. MABTLYDELL, G. F. & P. A..
Ropwell, N. M.
Mexican Mineral Belt.
The only direct route to the rich
mining regions of Eastern Sonora
and Western Chihuahua is via the
Sierra Madre line, and Casas Gran
des. Trains leave Ciudad Juarez at
8:26 daily except Sundays.
J. T. Logan,
Genl. Traffic Agent
Before you close out your household
goods see Mooney. Cor. Stanton and
St. Louis streets.
Scott's Arabian paste is guaranteed
to cure galls, bruises, sore and swollen
shoulders, scratches, cracked heels,
etc., caked udder and garget in the
cow. Sold by H. P. Noake.
Take your prescriptions to Potter &
"White's where tbey will be filled ac
curately from fresh medicines and no
substitution is done. Little Plaza.
See the beautiful line of aluminum
goods at W. A. Irvln & Co.'s.
Ask for "EL. PA80 TRANSFER"
the bests cent CIGAR on the market
The best butter in the market, Shady
Grove, 2 pounds for 45 cents at El Paso
Grocery Co.
Two pounds of Shady Grove Butter
for 45 cents at El Paso Grocery.
mitiiiiiui UMMiuiiiiuMi mmm
are a necessity to a happy Home and we
offer to the people of El Paso and to our g-
visitors the most complete stock of the very y
r? best makes of
-ever shown
We are giving special prices on buggy harness and saddles
H Mclver-Patterson Vehicle Company.
"Mexican. Centetl Ry:
offers most desirable resorts for the summer (as well as oi winter) notably
Guadalajara, Lake Chapala, Aeruasoalientes, which are high and dryi
where every day in the year is pleasant and every night co
Sunshine and Strawberries Every Day In the Yearv
For rata and other Information, apply to
B. J, KUHN, Commercial Agent, El Paso, Texas.
Pullman Buffet Sleepers
Pullman Tourist Sleepers
Free Reclining Chair Cars
The best route to all Eastern and
cities reached with one change.
Pullman Tourist from El Paso
and Cincinnati without change.
These cars are in charge of a special conductor and provide the maximum
amount of comfort at a minimum cost.
Full information cheerfully furnished by addressing or calling upon
S. F. B. MORSE, Pass. Traf. Mgr.,
Houston, xexas.
T. E. HUNT, Commercial Agent,
TAKE tftf
fflnnniiRflir' W
Leave El Paso'Daily
Solid Vestibuled Train Throughout.
Latest Pattern Pullman Buffet Sleepers.
Handsome New Chair Cars Seats Free
Direct Connections Made for All Points in the Northeast and Southeast.
For deeorlptdve pamphlet, or any
B. w. r. A.. Kl rmmm,
'No Trouble To Answer Questions-"
OLD . . .
always ose tba Lasarioas Service of the X
Queen & Crescent Route
tbe Short Lioe to the CAST AND
Shreveport to Chattanooga,
; New Orleans to New York $
Cincinnati and St. Louis. $
Railroad Time Tables.
Arrives,' 9:50 a m Leaves, 8:10 p m
Arrives, 7:20 p m Leaves, 6:50 a m
Arrives, 7:00 p m Leaves. 8:20 a m
Q. H. A 8. A.
Arrives, 7:30 a m Leaves 7:20 p m
Arrives, 5:40 p m Leaves. 11:40 a m
Leaves Juarez 12:40 p m
k. a.. 8. M, S.FAOiriO.
Dally Except Sunday.
Arrives Juarez. 3:55 p m
Leares Juarez, 8:25a m
Arrives, 6:50 p m Leaves, 10:30 a
in West Texas.
OP MEXICO will show yon that the MJCX
ICAN CENTRAL RY. reaches all of tbe
important points of Mexico. The table
land of Mexico traversed n its entirety by
Sunset Route"
The Short Line to all Pacific Ooaat points, with train
service consisting of
Southeastern points. All the orlnoioal
to Washington, New Orleans. Chicago
L. J. PARKS, G. P. T A.
Houston, Texati
Cor. San Antonio and Oregon Sts.
No extra charge...'
6:50 A. M., City Time.
further information oall on, or addrewi
T. r. A.. mt rmi
O. P. A... Dallas. v
Through Train Service
El Paso & Northeastern Railway Co.'
Alamogordo k Sacramento M'nt'n Ry. Co.
Mountain Time
Train Leaves El Paso 10:30 a. m.
Arrivea Alamogordo 2:30 p. m.
Arrives Capitan 8:30 p. m.
Train Leaves Capitan 8:45 a. m.
Arrives Alamogordo 2:00 p. m.
Arrives El Paso 7:00 p.m.
(Dally Except Sunday)
Train run via Jarllla, tbe great gold and
copper camp, on Tuesdays and Fridays,
Trains leave Alamogordo for Toboggan, on
the summit ot the Sacramentos, twice a day.
Stage Connections. '
At Tularosa For Mescalero Indian Agea
Cy and San Andreas mining region.
At Oarrlsosa For White Oaks, Jlcarlllas.
Qalllnas and surrounding country.
At Walnut For NogaL
At Capitan For Ft. Stanton Sanitarium,
Oray, .Lincoln. Richardson, Ruldoso and
Bonito country.
At Toboggan For Pine Bprtngs, Elk, Weed.
Upper Penasco, Penasco and the entire Sac
ramento Mountain region.
For information of any kind regarding the
railroads, or the country adjacent thereto,
call on or write to
Oen'l Supt & Traffic Mgr., Alamogordo, R. M '
Ass't Gen'l F. P, Agt., Alamogordo. IT. M

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