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f For tbe
American f
increase In Exports
The protective tariff has not check
ed tbe volume of our exports, aa tbe
following figures show:
Yearly average '93 to '96.8149 000,000
Yearly average '97 to '!)9.. 484,768.000
Per Capita Circulation.
On July 1. 1896, under tbe last dem
ocratic administration, tbe per capita
of money In circulation In tbe United
States wa $21.10. Tbls yer, on June
1, it was $26.71 per capita, an in
crease of $5.61 for every inhabitant in
tbe country.
Money In Circulation.
" -Note the following figures of money
in circu'atlon in tbe United States:
June 1. 1900. July 1, 1896.
$2.074. 637,871 $1,506,434,966
The republican increase in four years
wai $568 252,905.
Commercial Expansion.
Our national prosperity is becoming
more and more dependent upon a
steady and large increase in our ex
ports. This suggests that our conti
nued dependence upon foreign ships
for 90 per cent of our foreign carrying
Is a great national danger.
A Contrast
With en available cash balance or
almost three hundred million dollars
($300,000,000) in the Treasury at Was
hington, the nation's finances are in
considerably better shape than they
were when Grover Cleveland and
Secretary Carlisle were bunting
around to Bell United States bonds in
the London market at high rates on
Where tbe Farmer Comes In
Idaho fruit sold at the Chicago
market in 1896 for just enough money
to pay the freight. This year it has
been sold at $1.00 per crate of twenty
five pounds, the freight being $1.00
per 100 pounds. Hay sold in Idaho at
$2.50 per ton In 1896. Tbis year it has
eold at $5 per ton. Hogs sold there
for 3 centd per pound in 1896. Within
the last few months similar hogs have
Bold for 4 cents per pound.
The Tin Plate Industry.
Slnoe the establishment of tin
plate industry in tbe United States,
there has been saved to this country
upwards of $100,000,000. We used to
import Welsh tin plate, made by the
Welsh trust, to tbe value of $20,000,000
a year. Tbe Welsh tin plate trust is
not subject to our laws, and pays noth
ing in tne way of taxation toward tbe
United Slates treasury. Still tbe
democratic party fought tooth and nail
against takirg -away the trade from
tbem and giving it to American
6ilt Edoed American Credit.
Money In the United States Is
cheaper than anywhere else in tbe
world. At tbe market price in April,
the average earnings for our 4 per
cent boods of 1925 were 2 244 per cent;
fortbe4'sof 1907 tbe earnings were
1.857 per cent: for tbe 3's, 1.H8 per
cent: for the o'a, 1.4o2 per oent.
German 3i per cents told at 9GJ to 97,
and German 3's at 86 at 86, ej that
their earnings to tbe buyer were
more than tee interest stated. Tbe
premium on British consols is about 1
per cent, ana their earnings vary a
little above tha face Interest.
Movement Of Gold.
The followlogetatement of the move
ment of gold to and from the U oiled
States is interesting:
Calendar Excess of
Year. Export. Imcorts. Exports
1894 $101,978,689 $21,350,607 $80,628,082
1895 104,967,402 34,396,392 70,571,010
Cleveland Excess of ex
ports, two years $151,199,092
1897 $34,276,401 $34,022,812 $253,589
1898 16,194,954 158,151,852 141,956 898
McKinley Exoesa of Im
ports, two years $141,703,309
Difference between tbe
two administrations $292,902,401
West Virginia's Prosperity
West Virginia's cealoutput Increased
from 11,400,000 tons in 1895 to 18,750,
000 tons last year, giving employment
to nearly 11,000 more men, who worked
every day in that year, instead of 195
days in 1895. The bank deposits In
that state have doubled witbin the
same period. Trade failures have de
creased by two-thirds. The value of
the sheep Las Increased by 50 per cent,
while the price of tbe wool has doubled.
Tobacco is worth considerably more
money now than under tho last demo
cratic administration. The lumbar
mills and factories are running full
time, and it is safe tD predict that
West Virginia will Btay in the republi
can column.
What Prosperity Means.
The Washington Post, in an able
editorial, contrasts the surplus of three
hundred million dollars in the United
States Treasury at the present time,
with the balance four years ago which
was the result of bond Issues in a time
Of peace. It also shows that notwith
standing the heavy war expenses that
have been, and are being incurred,
the surplus for this fiscal year will
amount to about $65,000,000 as compar
ed wi'.h tbe deficit of nearly $30,000,000
four years ago. It 1b pointed out that
this is not tbe result of the war taxes
alone, because, comparing the month
of May tbis year with May, 1896, there
was an increase of almost $6,500,000
tbis year in receipts from customs in
tbat month alone.
What Our Islands Are Worth
The people of the United States are
paying $1,000,000 a day for tropical
products used in American manufact
ures, or for food and drink. Most of
the articles can be produced in a more
or leas degree Is the islands which
have recently come Into closer rela-
tlnnnhin with the Uc!tod States
These articles comprise sugar, coffee
silk, rubber, fibres, fruit and nuts
tnhiu-M. tea. cotton, gum", cocoa,
pices, rice, cabinet and dye woods,
liquorice root, lndlgo.cork wood, ivory
BDonpes. etc. as our leianu puo
slons begin to develop" nnder Ameri
csd administration, we shall procure
mnm of Bueh articles from those sour-
in ratnrn for on r nurchaae
the' people of tbe islands will buy more
of the nrnduets of our larms ana lacv
Nebraska Mortgages.
The following figures of mortgages
filnd nn Nebraska farms are interest
Vmtr. Number. Amount.
1894 24 842 $23,755,233
1899 18,258 12 844,415
' An equally interesting statement is
the showier or mortgages reieaseu m
Nebraska, as follows:
Year. Number. Amount.
1895 50.419 $29,269 949
1899 79,932 49,23:2 lt)3
Nebraska Live Stock Values.
Nebraska live 6tock values compare
as follows:
Horses $17. 715 202
Other cattle.
9 474 974
24 329.499
$45 657,896 $102 145,734
There were 18,532 bank depositors in
Colorado In 1894, Last year there were
over 30,000, and the total amount of
tbe deposits increased within the name
period from $9,380,000 up to $20,000,-
Of the Teachsr's Convention
Take Important Step's.
Has Already Been Subscribed For
Entertainment Purposes, and
Every Possible Effort Will Be
Made To Entertain the Visiters
On a Grand Scale.
Tbe reception committee met at the
city ball last night and many impor
tant subiecta in reference to the enter
tainment of the teaobers were decided
The meeting was called to order by
the mayor a few minutes past eight
oclock. Tbe following were present
Mayor Magoffin, ohairman; Professor
Putnam, A. P. Coles, U. R. Chase,
Felix Martinez, Professor Roach, Dr
P. W. Gallagher, J. A. Smith, Capt.
T.J. Beall, J. H. White, B. S. Catlia,
Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Rawlings, P. M
Jdillspaugh, T. E. Shelton, J. R. Free
man, Dr. E. H. Irvln, Judge Harper.
The committee appointed by tbe
mayor for the purpose of getting a list
of those willing to let rooms
for the accommodation of the teachers
made its report. They have seoured
bds for 2164 persons and hope to get
more in tne next Tew days, mose
who bave not been seen ty tne com
mittee, or those who have been seen
and who find that they can spare an
other bad or two, will please send In
their names to tbe mayor at once.
The average price for rooms will be
50 cent, and while there will be some
rooms over this price few will be rentsd
for les9. The names of those who have
rooms to spare are being kept In a book
aodvisitors will be sent' direct from
ib.9 train to their stopping places.
ibe books aio snow wneteer male or
female roomers are wanted, and those
who accept women roomers only will
be sure to get them.
There were ordered prfnted 250$
cards, which will be for the ue of the
committee who meet the trains. On
each card will be written the address
of a place where roomers may be ac
commodated and the price charged for
the room per day. A oard of tbis kind
will be given to each visitor-first to
tbe teachers and women visitors and
then to other visitors
It was agreed tbat the mayor name a
oommittee to meet the trains at sta
tions near El Paso, and while coming in,
provide the people with addresses of
homes where rooms oould be procured.
This method will relieve any conges
tion at the depots, other than providt
lng vehicles. The committee will mee
the trains at Toyah on tbe TVxas &
Pacific and Sanderson on the G. H. k
S. A.; others will board tbe trains at
Sierra Blanca.
After some discussion it was decid
ed to send only teachers to tbe houses
that had promised to take tbem, and
not to give out the cards promiscuous
ly to any one and every one.
It was decided to use one porch of
the oourt house for the headquarters
of the teachers only, and tbe general
information bureau and headquarters
wl'l be either la the chamber of com
merce, ia case the building la ready
in time, or in tbe D. R. Francis build-1
Ing, a room there having been offered
by B. F. Hammatt.
Tne mayor was requested by the
committee to call upon the different
transfer and carriage owners in tbe
city and ask of them tbat no charge in
excess of 25 cents be made for carry
log the visitors from the train to their
There are to be placed in the plazt,
court bouse, Chopin ball, city ball
central school, and general headquar
ters barrels of ice water for the visit-,
ora. There will be men employed to
haul water from the mesa and see tbat
the barrels are kept full and supplied
with pleDty of Ice.
Mrs. Riwling rpeaking for the
women of the city, said that they
would do all in their power to make
the convention a success, and tbat if
the committee had any requests to
make they should ba made at once.
The women we?e to hold a meeting in
tbe city hall today at ten o'elok.
Messrs. Catlln and Puts an wer
appointed a committee to secure ban
ners, ehalrs, and table for the variou j
I 4
Sale of...
to make room for new instruments now arriving. Remember we are not!
only, but dealers, and
headquarters, and to provide for the
ice water.
The meeting adjourned subject to
the oa'.l Ol the chairman.
The finance committee who have in
charge the work of getting contri
butions for tte entertainment wmcn is
to be given the visiting teachers re
port tbat the work of collecting is
now well finished.
There had been collected up to yes
terday $1563, in addition to the SdOO
appropriated by the city council.
Following is a list ol the contriourors
and the amount subscribed by each:
First National Bank,$100; W G Walz
& Co., 25; State National Bank, 100
Browce & Manzanares, 10; Lowdon
National Bank, 50; A P Coles, 12:
Parlor Salmon. 25: Doctor Horsley;5;
Felix Martines, 10; H B Cbarman. 10;
Hotel OrndorfT, 25; Howard & Mc-
Poetridge, 10; J W Fisher. 2o; Kel y
& Pollard, 10; J P Dieter, 50; M F Mc
Clean, 10; Henry Pfaff. 25; O T Eas
sett & Co, 25; Wigwam, 25; El Paso
Ice & Ref. Co , 25; H C Myles, 10; A
Courchesne, 15; Momsen & Thome, 10;
Rogers Candy Co. 10; Charles Zeiger,
35; El Paso Grocery Co. 10; English
Kitchen, 10; luttie faint s u as uo.
10: American Kitchen, 10; Burton &
Lingo Co. 25; M Alnea, 10; Mc-
Cutcheon Payne & Co 10; A Schwartz.
10; T H Springer, 10; Jarreli, Baliard
Co. 10; Saml Scbutz & Son, 10; Eastern
Grill, 10; C H Lawrence, 10; Phil
Young, 10; P Miohero, 10; Nagley &
L.TOD9, iu; Krakauer, iorit woye, to:
G L Huyt, 10; Goodman Produce Co.
10; Aragon Brothers, 10; G E Hubbard
& Co' 10; J Caldwell, 10; I Blumeothal
& Co, 10: R S Austin, lo; b. C Light
body, 10; J J Mundy. 10; R A Allen.10;
Kohlberg Bros. 10: E B Welch, 20; El
Paso Water Works, 25; San Antonio
Brewery, 25; J CalUher, 10: Pomroy
Transfer Co. 10; Clark & Fall, 10: J H
Nations M & S Co. lo; J R Berry, 5;
Potter & White, 10: Bank Salooo, 5;
Joseph Mills, 25; Dan Carr, 25; Cab,
10; Fred Schaeffer, 5: A Kline, 1U; U
Lesinsky, 15; G C Wimberly, 5;
Pioneer Gro. Co. 10, A Stolaroff, 3;
Horace B Stevens, 10; Perle Wasco, 5,
John A Happer, 5; Z T White, 10;
Shelton Payne & Co. 5; Harry Wood,
10: H J Stei?er, 5: Howard Thompson,
El Paso Dairy Co. 15: A M Loomte,
5;KF Campbell, 5; A Ricbey, 5; G W
Morrow, 5; M Melvin, 5; D Kline, z;
McLean i Keays. 5; Frank Goss, 1;
Bruck & O'Connor, 5; R D Richey, 5;
Clifford Brothers, 5; M H Webb, 5: C
Jnnla, 5; G W Davis, Z.bO; Pew &
Son, 5: W G Dunn, 5; E M Bray, 4; H
Feist, 5; Beall & Kemp, 10; Campbell
& Grayson, 5; W F Barnum, 2 50; J
Stoleroff, 5: Otis & Andrews, o; snver
KingSaloon, 5; Belgian Bakery, 5; A
K Albers, 10; Max Schutz, 5; John
Brunner, 5; Moon Chop House, a 50;
Legal Tender Saloon, 5: Ballinger &
Longwcll, 5: O G Seeton, 5; Price
Brothers, o; U'assett .5s it-euy, o;
Fenchler Brothers, 5; W A Irvln &
Co. 10: B Blumenthal, 5; Phil Smith,
5; CC Keifer, 2.50; A Math'a?, 5; H
Sprln'z, 5: El Paso Cornice Works, 5;
A H. Muter, z; Stevenson M vveaoer,
2; E Sambraoe, 2; Bohemia Saloon, 5;
Thomas Ehrenoerg. o; fc.1 lato fciad
dlery Co. 5; A W Spencer, 1; Earner-
son & Berrien, 5; Scnutz Brce, 5; Har
ris Krupp, 2.50; Cooper Brothers, 5;
Charles Bclsswinger, 5: John Julias,
Troy Steam Laundry, 5; S J Whitp,
NapJRov, 5-T B "Nichols, 2:CC
Shelton, 2.50: Hagan Bicy. Store, 5;
El Paso Commercial Co, 10; Chas B
Patterson, 10: J W Eckman, 5; Ma
Iver Patterson Vehicle Co., 5.
Judge Harper, chairman of the
committee, satd that there were a few
who had not been seen by the com
mittee and he thought that those
could be seen today and tbat tbey
would add to the contributions al
ready in hand.
We have an elegant line of ham
mocks at prices tbat will suit you.
W. A. 1RVIN sc to.
Have baby as well as yourself satis-
fled by getting him tbe gocart that
gives him all the comfort he needs.
They are the kind with the sleeping
feature and at Emerson & Berrien's.
Best cabinet photographs for June
only $2 a dozen. Cc me ea-ly and
avoid the rush. Goodloe's Studio, op
posite City hall.
Ever consider how Important It was
to get the right tblng to supply your
eed8.J Tbe gocart bandied by Emer
son & Berrien has the points that make
baby comfortable.
August Flower
"It is a surprising faat," says Prof.
Houton, that in my travels in all
parts of the world, for to the last ten
years, I bave met more people having
used Green's August Flower than any
other remedy for dyspepsia, deranged
liver and stomach, and for constipa
tion. I find for tourists and salesmen,
or for persons filllrg office positions,
where headaches and general bad feel
ings from irregular habits exist, that
Green's August Flower is a grand
remedy. It does not injure tbe system
by frequent use, and is excellent for
sour stomach and indigestion."
Sample bottles free at any drug store.
Sold by dealers in all civilized coun
tries. "SantaFe Route Excursion"
Baptist Young Peoples' Union, Cin
cinnati, July 17, privilege extension
until Aug 10, $48.80,
For further Information oall Santa
Fe Ticket office, Mills Building.
I I I II I I, I I I I I I I ll 1 ' v
nearly new and will be sold at
can make prices ana terms 10 suis ourj
XXXX Coffee
Sold only in
One Pound Packages.
Ask Your Grocer For It.
Coffee Pot
every morning. July and August.
That's what Texans may enjoy
while camping during tbe Summer
in the mountains adjacent to the
The seasion openi at
BOULDER, COLO., Sunday. July
Closes August 15.
Four days every week devoted to
study and instruction. Two days
utilized for every kind of pleasure.
Mountain excursions accompanied
by out door lectures. Fishing na
tlve trout full of gamlness. Ideal
suort and health for young men.
Then, too, each will have as asso
ciates the intellectual young
womanhood of tbe Continent.
No Other Combination
of pleasure, intellectual growth,
and healthful association equal to
that provided at the Chautauqua
and adjacent resorts.
Send name and address for free copies of the
uiuctratea cnaatauqua Journal.
A. GLISSON, G. A. P. D., or
T. Steklky, A. G. P. A.,
"The Denver Road," Ft. Worth, Tex.
Free Of Charge.
Any adult suffering from a oold set
tled on the breast, bronchitis, throat or
lung troubles of any nature, who wli;
call at any drug store, will be present
ed with a sample bottle of Boechee't
German Syrup, free of charge. . OnH
one bottle given to one person, and
none to children without order frorx
No throat or lung remedy ever hac
such a sale as Boschee's German Syruj
In- all parts of tbe civilized world
Twenty years ago millions of bottlet
were given away, and your druggist
will tell you its success was marvelous
It Is really the only Throat and Lunp
remedy generally endorsed by physi
clans. One 75 cent bottle will cure or
prove Its value. Sold by dealers In al"
civilized countries.
"Land Of The Sky"
In Western North Carolina, be
tween the Blue Ridge on tbe east and
the Allegbanies on tbe west, in the
beautiful valley of the French Broad,
two thousand feet above tbe sea, lies
Asheville, beautiful, picturesque and
world-famed as one of the most pleas
ant resorts in America. It is a land of
bright skies and incomparable climate,
whose praises have been sungby poets,
and whose beauties of stream, valley
and mountain height have furnished
subject and inspiration for tbe paintera
brush. This is truly the "Land of the
Sky," and there Is perhaps, no more
beautiful region an the continent to
attract pleasure tourists or health
seekers. Convenient schedules and
very low rates to Asheville via South
ern Railway.
Santa Fe Route
Musical Festival Las Vegas, N. M..
and return for $15.25; date of sale June
19-20-21, good to return June 25.
National Democratic convention,
Kansas City, Mo., July 4 Kansas City
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route. Date of sale July 1 and 2, good
to return Jul; 9.
Second Annual Reucton Roosevelt's
Rough Riders, Oklahoma City, Okla.,
July 1-4 ToOiiahoma City and return
for $33.05, date of tale June 29-30,good
to return leaving Oklahoma City July
A F. Stafford,
CityTicket Ag't.
F. B. Houghton,
Div. Pa Eg. Ag!
Now Is The Time.
In the interest of your own welfare,
now is the time to enlighten yoursell
as to the best place, and to begiD
providing for your next summer's com
fort and pleasure. With this in
view, consider the matchless climate,
the grandeur of scenery and the
numerous resorts of Colorado.
Drop a postal to W. F. Sterley, A.
G. P. A. or A. A. Glisson, G. A. P. D.
of 'The Denver Road," at Fort
Worth, Texas, and you will be provid
ed with exhaustive and magnificently
illustrated literature withe ut expense.
From the LAND of
I have just received a full line of
Kiegers California Perfumes as California Flowers.
Palo Alto Pink, Mariposa Lily, Rosmere, Lilac,
California Wild Rose, California Red Roee, California White Kjse,
Stanford Violet, Wild Crab Apple, Etc.
A yard of Red or White Roses or
as long as they la6t. Ask for a sample
M. H. WEBB, Druggist
New and Second-Band Furniture
The New Store at the old stand is where prices talk.
A True Confession is Food for- the Soul
I promised the public to pay them more for their goods
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El Paso Transfer
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Phona II.
no to no Boats Oregon trat
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Transfer, Livery, Feed
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New Rlcs. Rubber TIres,6ood Drivers
Hack Service Promptly Furnished
Transferring of Freight. Light and
heavy hauling. Consignment of
freight In car lots for distribution
given prompt attention. .....
Have fine accommodations for hand
ling live stock In transit through the
city. -
Full line of wagons,
livery wagons. - -
buggies and de-
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No. 11 and 14 San Francisco straet and lue
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KEZER, - 406 San Antonio St.
H. A.
tlanta & New Orleans
Short Line.
Atlanta & West Point
1 Western Ry. of Ala.
Iterate Magnificent Vestlbuled Trains t.
ween Atlanta and Montgomery, Mobil
sad New Orleans, &t which latter point
Close and direct connections
are made for
II Texas, Mexico and California Points
In Addition to this Excellent Through
Train and Car Service
'seRallroads offer most favorable accozn
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ntemplatlng a change of home can flnC
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luclve to prosperity than is to be found os
the line of these roads.;
beautifully Illustrated book giving detail
ed information as to the Inducements anC
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ers' Fouotain.
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Telephone 84".
Branch at Chihuahua, Mexico.
R. R. Tickets
Ticket Brokers; Jewelers and
Money Loaners.
Mexican Money Bought ind Sold
Brack and O'Connor,
-or the
In Pullman Buffet Sleeping Cars.
This is the Short and Quick Line.
Hours are Saved
Bj Purchasing Your Tickets via this Rout
For further Information, apply to Ticket
Agents of Connecting Lines, or to
J. C. Lewis, Traveling Pass'r Agent.
Austin, Tex.
B. C. TOVTSSESn. C. P. and T. 1.. ST. LOUS.
(B. G. S. M . & V. Ry )
El Paso, Tex., to Casas Grandex.Cliia., Mex
Distance 151 Miles
Opens to capita' ists and prospectors
the most resourceful ai.d inviting
section of Mexico.
Convenient to American and Mexican
Lumberlnv, Stock liaising, ( arm
ing and Fruit Growing
Tbe policy of the Sierra Mad re Line Is
to encourage and foster in every
consistent manner all legitimate
Industries in its territory, cumu
lated to promote the; welfare of the
Correspondence solicited.
J, T. Iamiaa, Geo. Traffic Agt..
1 Paso, Texas

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