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Last Edition
4:30 p. m.
20th YEAR, NO. 146
The Chamber of Commerce
Will Have One of the
Finest In the West.
Will Act As the Chamber's
Representative on the Out
side, and Everybody
Asked to Aid Him.
Maior S. M. Davis went up tbe
WhiteOaks railroad yesterday to begin
colleotiae mineral for the exhibit of
the chamber of commerce in 1 Paso.
Following la a oopy of tha rede
tials which he carries:
Incorporated Under thu Lai of Texas,
Juno 20, 1900.
To Whom It May Concern:
Thisjis to certify that Majjr 6. M.
Divls is a d'Jly authorized represen-
tative of the El Paso chamber of com-
aaerce. Me is sent out oj tne cnamoer
to collect minerals for a permanent
exhibit which is to be maintained in
tbe ro -ma of tbe chamber at El Paso.
He will also eeoure as full a descrip
tion as possible of each mineral dis
trict, town and camp which he visits.
Tbe chief purpose of all this is to has
ten tbe development of the mineral
and other resources of the oountry
tributary to El Paso.
The chamber of commerce respect
fully and earneetl7 requests everybody
who may be in position to aia Major
Davis aau faalllta&e bis work, to uo so
Any favors or courtesies extended to
Major Davis in the prosecution of his
work will be appreciated by the cham
ber and tbe people of h.1 Paso People
from tbe country about LI Paso are
cordially invited to inspect tbe
exhibit and mike the rooms of the
chamber taeir headquarters whenever
they visit tbe city.
Mavor Davis is also authorized to
receive signatures for the member
ship roll of tbe chamber of commerce.
Tbeonly expense connected with mem
bership is a membership fee of two col
lars on joining and regular dues of twelve
dollars per year, payable quarseriy m
advance. Everybody who is disposed
to contribute to this extent to the
objects of the chamber is cordially in
vited to cornea member
El Paso Chamber of Commerce,
By W. G. Walz,
Acting President,
Ernest E. Russell, Secretary.
After spending a week or two in the
White Oaks country Major Davis will
return, arrange the mineral accumul
ated by that time and then take a trip
up the Santa Fe road. The mining
towns along the other railroads will be
visited in turn. The first month or
two will be consumed in covering the
towns and camps near the railroad and
easily accessible so as to get a collec
tion together as soon as possible.
A. S. Greig, general superintendent
of the El Paso & Northeastern, who is
in immediate charge of the collection
and arrangement of the exhibit to be
put in by tbe El Paeo & Northeastern,
was In El Paso yesterday and stated
that he was arranging to secure a
handsome and striking cabinet, pat
terned after one of the most magnl
Scent cabinets in Denver.
The mineral will lie upon velvet, and
the caee will be lighted by concealed
electric lights, causing a sparkling
and brilliant effaot. The Eddys never
de this sort of thing by halves. Mr.
Greig needs nothing more thsn tbe
authority and the money, both of which
have been granted him, to make the
White Oak display in the ElPase
chamber of commerce equal to any
thing of the kind in the west.
There has been a little delay in finish
ing the walls of tbe chamber of com
merce building but it is expected the
building will be ready for occupancy
by Saturday night.
Will Have a Monument In His Home
Erie, Pa., June 22. Tbe fund has
about been completed for tbe erection
of a monument to Captain Charles V.
Gridley, commander of tbe flazshlp
Olympla in Dewey's fleet at Manila,
who lies buried in Lakeside cemetery
In the suburbs of this city.
Tbe body of the offiaer was brought
here soon after his death, which oo
ourred only a few days after the battle.
Authur Ledvard, the Well Known
Aemnant. Drowned In Lake Erie
Toledo, June 22. Yesterday at the
annual outinir of the Merchants' and
Butchers' association one of the attrao
tions was a blloon ascension. Artnnr
Ldyard, one of the best known bal
looniata In tbe country, ascended with
his parachute, bat tbe wind suddenly
shifted end instead of carrying him off
toward the city as be bad contemplated
the balloon floated out over toe lake.
Ledyard evidently gave up alJ hope
of ualng the parachute, as he was seen
to climb into the basket and attempt
to guide the balloon.
Suddenly it seemed to descend and
drop Into the lake. Meanwhile steam
ers bad started toward him in the hope
of picking him up, but before assist
ance could reach him, be sank out of
The body of Ledyard was recovered
this morning. A rope was bound
around his neck and it is thought this
trmalad him and prevented his
swimming exhort.
Will Return To Alaska and Explain
Washington. D. C. June 22 It is
given out here, that
Governor Brady
of Alaska will
a few days.
return to Alaska In
On May 15, the republicans of Alaska
bled In convention declared that
Governor Brady's continuance in offioe
was inimical to the interest of Alaska.
The governor blames congress for slow
legislation, and believes that he can
make explanations that will be entirely
satisfactory to his people.
rinnirreaa enent so much time ever
Cuban and Philippine questions tftai
Alaska was necessarily nerleeted.
Settle Tnlnae Between Mc-
Govern And Erne.
New Yohk, June 22. A match of
Importance in tbe pugilistic world baa
been arranged. McGevern and Frank
Erne, champion light weight, signed
articles for a ten round bout July 16 at
the club house of the Twentieth Cen
tury Athletic association.
They will meet at 128 pounds and
Erne agrees to knock out the cham
pion featherweight in tea rounds or
lose the decision.
Tbe winner will take all the purse.
In St. Louis Last Night.
St. Lovis, June 22. There were no
street car strike disorders last eight
or this morning. The cars of the
Transit company were operated en all
divisions, and aside from light traffic
on the north and south lines and the
presence about the barracks and car
sheds of an arm el posse there was
nothing to Indicate tbe existence of a
The running of owl cars has been
resumed to a limited extent.
New Has A Home Provided By the
Versailles, Ky., Jirne 22 Genera
CassiusClay yesterday bought a new
borne for his divorced child wife, Dora
He provides for her and her present
husband. They agree to name their
baby Clay.
By Governor Thomas After Nine
Years Imprisonment.
Denver. June 22. Governor Tho
mas this morning conditionally pardon
ed Harley McCoy, sentenced nine years
ago to life imprisonment for the killing
on Sixteenth street of Captain Haw
Governor Thomas pardons him at
the end of the six months, if by that
time his conduct in the penitentiary is
as good as now.
Will be
Examined by tbe Industrial
Washington, D. C, June 22. A
sub-commission of the industrial com
mission left here today to visit the
eastern cities to inquire into various
industrial conditions.
Cannot Stand The Prison Fare
Leavenworth, Kan. June 22. Cap
tain Oberl la Carter's health Is shat
tered by the prison fare.
Sewall: "You can do as you please,
against It again." Pittsburg Chronicle
Destroys a Whole Block of
Great Office and Factory
But the Loss, Which Has
Not Yet Been Estimated,
Must Be Appall
ing. Pittsburg, June 22. At 12:10
o'clock this afternoon fire broke out in
the rear of the extensiva printing es
tablishment ol Elchbaum and company
on Fifth Ave.
Ia less than t?n minutes the entire
five story building was ablaze. Tbe
fire was quickly communicated to the
adjoining buildings.
Every fire engine in the city is on
tbe scene. Tbe ten upper floors of the
Hucsey building, adjoinincr Eichbaum's
oa the south, are now burning.
The buildings occupied by the B. &
O. Railroad ticket office; Bonnet &
company; McCey and company; Paul
sen, Karcher, United States Express
company, and Jos. Weldon are burn
ing as are the Exchange National bank
and Piatt's restaurant on Fifth ave
nue. The fire department is not making
any appreciable headway.
2 p. na. Tbe towering Weldon block
has just fallen with a tremendous
crash. The Elchbaum building is tot
tering and will probably fall soon.
Nearly the whola block has been de
2:.10 p. na. The firemen have the
conflagration under control. No es
timate of the loss has yet been at
Will Be Fought By the Salvation
New York, June 22. The ice trust
has another foe in the Solvation Army,
which will soon commence distributing
penny Ice" in the poor districts.
Tbe scheme ia being eogineered by
Commander Booth Tucker. Tbe wagons
will only cover tbe tooemeat districts
and six poinds of Ice will be sold for
one cent.
Cape Parliament Convenes.
London, June 22. Parliament was
opened today in Cape Ooiony.
Marriage Licenses
James E. Thornton nnd Miss J'eie
Escontrlas, R. chard Odors and Mies
Mary Olivias.
but you wouldn't catch me going up
- Telegraph.
Broke Open the Kentucky
Treasury Vault in Thirty
Was Thus Set Loose, But
Mr. Crook Was Escorted
Back to the Peni
tentiary. Frankfort, June 22 Experts
have been for three days trying to
open tbe state treasury vaults, the
combination of which had been lost.
This morning they sent for Sim
mond9,a noted crook in the penitentiary
who came, and after thirty mlnutss
work the safe door flew open. '
It contained a million dollars.
In Chicago will be Taken Care of
Chicago, 111., June 22. A diet
kitchen for babies is an innovation in
social eetlemect work that has been
undertaken here. Throughout the
summer it is expected that from 300
to 500 babies will be supplied with
proper food and medical care. To each
of the mission babies will be given
eaiiy a quart ci sienuzsa water, a
quart of carefully preptred milk, and
when they are sick, cereal and beef
broth and crangc juice.
In oases whare the family is able to
pay for this attention 70 oents a week
will be charged. In other cases
charge will be made according to the
family, although to service will be
given free.
Is Coming Home To Close the Season.
Kokovo, led., June 22. Tod Sloan
la coming home to ride the remaining
portion of tbe wo a,-? on in America. In a
letter to his parents, who reside here
Tod eays he will close up his affairs in
London on July 1, and return to his
native lac d in time for the big events
He has accepted mounts for several
big races. His record this spring sur
passes his phenomenal work of two
years ago in England.
Necro Bull Wrestler
Billy A. Clark, the colored bull
wrestler, will give an exhibition of hia
skill at Juarez, Jul ? 1st.
Permanently Organized After a
Mot Fight.
Milwaukee, June 22. Tbe Interna
tional Mining congress was permanent
ly organized after a hot contest
Boise City, Idaho, was chosen as th
next meeting place, and July 1, 1901
as the time.
A refeolution was adopted cailiug for
the estabiUhment of a department o
mining, with a secretary who is to be
a rr, ember cf the cabinet.
iceotjector toe permanent con
gress ia to foe'tr fraternal relations
among those t-i.gaged in
miainjr, and
for kindred purposes.
That Jones Is the Only Good
rlcan Row Living.
Hope, Ark., Juen -22. -Chairman
Jones, of the democratic national coin
m It tee, said of the Philadelphia tomi
"The platform and tbe ticket are an
indorsement of the administration
policy of imperialism and criminal ag
I gresslon, and openly put the country
on notice that a war of extermination
Is to be waged on-the principle of gov
eminent upon which the republic was
Chicago Students Will See Tbe Paris
Exposition Anyhow
Chicago, 111., June 22. A number of
students of the University of Chicago
are about ready to start on a trip to the
Paris Exposition. As some of them can
ill-afford to pay the usual expenses
incident to such a trip they propose to
work their way across tbe Atlantio and
back in cattle ships.
All of those who have wheels will
take them alone-, and do their land
journeying upon them.
An tbe Vote In November Will Bear
It Out.
Dubuque, Iowa June 22- Speaker
Hendersonsaid of the ticket :'McKlnley
and Roosevelt will sweep the oountry.
They represent the patriotism of two
wars, and will be enthusiastically
followed by the soldiers of each.
"Above all they represent integrity
of tbe highest order, and deep devo
tion to their country."
While On Tbe Way To Cburcb
Raleigh, N. C. June 22. News
reaehes here that 14 negroes, all em
ployed on Samuel Snell's plantation at
Makelyville, Beaufort county, while
attempting to cross Pucgo river in a
boat on the way to church were struck
by a squall.
The boat oapeized and all were
drowned. None of tbe bodies have
i been reoevered.
Won By One Of Pierre Lorlllard's
London, June 22. At Sandowne
Park today L. Re iff won tbe Sandring
ham stakes of 20,000 sovereigns on
Pierre Lorillard'a Old Buok 11.
The Newt Matthews Case Nears the
The state continued its arguoion
this morning and during it Matthews
looked quite cool and unconcerned as
if he was sure of an acquittal. Hie
wife sat beside him but the two spoke
but little. This morning before the
trial began she visited him at the jail
and accompanied him to the court.
The case was given to tbe jury at
11: 15 this morning, and up to three
o'clock this afternoon tbey had failed
to agree.
The prosecution made a strong p!ea
for his coaviction and urged punish
ment at death.
Immediately after the jury went cut,
the wife of Hunter, the murdered man,
walked out Into the hall and eat cry
ing on the stairway for some time. A
friend tried to comfort her but she
would not stop crying. She remained
in tbe hall some time weeping.
Judge Sexton s Administrator
Clarence C. Sexton has made appli
cation that he be administrator for the
estate of the late Judge F. B. Sexton.
The application will be heard during
the early part of next month.
Our Government Is In Doubt
Whether We Are at War
Or Not.
Utterly Destroyed, and the
Foreign Settlement Burn
ed, While the Slaugh
ter is Terrible.
Chee Foo, June 22. The bombard
ment of Tien Tsln with largo guns
continues. Nearly all the foreign con
cessions have been bjraed and the
Anierien consulate bi be n rzed.
Trs troops ocrjupy-n? the r i'.--ad
station aro hard pressed. II ir.f. rce
ments are urgently cevded. The
casualties are heavy.
Washington, June 22. Up to noon
nothing had been beard by the etate
department direct from China, and
in the absence of any news officials
decline to discuss whether the oc
currences at Tien Tsln constitute a
declaration of war upon China, or
form reasonable grounds for such a
declaration by thla government.
LONDON June 22. Admiral Bruce
reports from Taku under dte yester
day (Thursday) as follows:
'Hope Tien Tsln will be relieved to
Washington, June 22. The trouble
in China ia caused by the introduction
of telegraph and railway lines by for
eign capital, according to the director
of the bureau of statistic?.
Chee Foo, June 22. The entire for
eign community of Pel Lo Bo arrived
here today aboard the gunboat Nash
ville. They lost all their belongings.
Shanghai, June 22. There is a
Japanese rumor to tbe effect that 150
foreigners have been killed in Pekin.
LONDON, June 22. The French and
Chinese ambassadors were closeted
with Lord Salisbury this morning.
Afterwards there was a meeting of
the cabinet to consider tbe Chinese
Immediately after the cabinet meet
ing Lord Salisbury went to Windsor
to report to the queen on iho cabinet's
decision concerning the Chinese
Of Fireworks Will Be 61ven Next
Friday Nlgbt.
Next Friday tfght,the 29th, the citizens
ot El Paso and the thousands of visitors
who will be here by that time will
have the opportunity of witnessing
one of the finest displays of fireworks
ever shown in the Great Southwest.
At a meeting of the program com
mittee yesterday afternoon it was
decided to secure the display from
Mr. Sweet, who represents Pain, the
man who shot off nearly $200,000
worth of fire works at tbe World's
The display will be given at the
Athletio Park, and will begin about
9 oclock. The admission will be 50
cents for adults and 25 cents for
children, and there will bo seats
furnished for all.
Music will be furnished by a band
before the display begins and during
the display, which will include both
set and aerial pieces, some of which
are new this season.
The display will last about aa hour
and a half and the convention commit
tee will get 25 per cant of the pros a re
ceipts for making a guarantee of SI 00.
Among the set pieces mill bj the
American beauty rose acd the yellow
rose, never shown here before. The
display will be the same as that given
at the State Firemen's convention at
Waxahaohie l6t month, which was
witnessed by 7000 people.

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