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Published Every Evenlno Except
Herald News Company,
An Independent- Republican
Rigid Enforcement of Existing Lwa
Te the First Step Toward Mu
nicipal Reform.
tt r Kr.ATir.R Editor and
General Manager
Henry L.Capell, Business Manager
Entered at b postofflce at El Pao. Teaa
for transmission through the malls at second
class rates.
Dally one year...-
" six months.
three "
Weekly, one year.
" six months
" three i" .
The Dally Hraij Is delivered oy carrier
In El Paso, Texas, Juares, Mexico, and at the
El Paso smelting works, at fifteen cents (16c)
per week, or sixty cents (80c) per month.
Subscribers falling to get the Hkbalo re
gularly or promptly should call at the office
or telephone No. 115. All complaints will re
ceive prompt attention.
Batesaf advertising In the Dally or Weekly
Hibud will be made known upon appllca-
tl a at the business office. Those who pre
fer ?an have a representative of the business
department call upon them, who will quote
n-lces and make contracts for space. Call
telephone No. 116.
Olasslfled advertisements or locals, ten
(10) mnts per line for first Insertion and five
16) cents for each .additional Insertion,
sp clal rates upon five hundred (600) or one
thousand (1600) lines of local, to be used In
one month, will be furnished upon appllea'
In order to Insure proper changes In adver
tising, copy for same should be at the busi
ness office not later tban10 a. m.
For President,
william Mckinley.
For Vice President,
In MoKInley and Roosevelt the
nation has an ideal pair of candidates
for the highest offloes within its gift.
MoKInley la the slow moving, con
servative, careful statesman, while
Roosevelt, whom all the people love,
Is quick, aggressive, young, vigorous,
wonderfully right, and full ef the
power of inspiration because he is
MoKInley displayed the best trait la
his eharacter when he held back all
the weight of the nation just before
the war with Spain, and refused to
plunge the country into war . until
everything was ready for the conflict.
He held feaok with his firm hand the
clamoring multitude, and did not let
loose the war dog until preparation
waa oomplete.
We on the outside of things will
probably never know just how much
woe and load the president saved to the
United States by his indomitable cour
age at that trying period. One who
was in the oapital at the time musthave
been impressed with the tenseness of
the strain which oppressed every man.
The very atmosphere seemed to weigh
heavily. In the white hou6e itself the
clerks walked softly and people talked
in whispers, as if they were about to
face some terrible calamity.
A glimpse into the counoil chamber
disclosed the president sitting there
at his place, hi face seamed with the
lines of care, his brow wet with sweat,
and about him the group of faithful
ounsellors, deeidlng the fate ef one of
the earth's most venerable nations.
None knew just what war would
mean. The future was a sealed book,
and yet with the firmness of the know
ledge of rijht, and the faith that ac
complishes, the president, William
Bra, and I
there began one of the most remark
able and successful wars the world
has ever seen.
Through all the trying period for a
month or two before war began, one
man was the president's constant ad
viser and confidant. Called to the
white house to consult with the presi
dent and cabinet often twice a day, this
man, who had studied books and maps
for a part of his life, had roughed it on
the western plains for another part
and for the rest had been a great man
of affairs this man, Theodore Roose
velt, In bis capacity as assistant eeore
tary of the navy, rendered service to
the country that will never be forget
To him mere than to any other man
the United States will always ascribe
the credit for making oar navy the
most efficient fighting machine for its
size In the world. He organised the
auxiliary Beets, tbe transport service,
and the supply stations. It was Theo
dore Roosevelt who gave Deway the
word to take Manila.
McKItley's grip on events has never
oaee faltered. Ha has stood to his
guns, and has met and hurled back all
the attacks from within his country,
tbe bateful blows ol bid political ene
mies. as the armies of which be was
and is the chief hurled back the forces
of the enemy without. His adminis
tratlon nas been assailed at every
point. His opponents have tried to
Qadan unprotected argle.a vulneraVe
tower, a weak cmback met t, a breach
in thejwall, but tbey have failed, every
time, and today the administration is
as free from the taint of scandal as aay
other in the histery of the country.
Senator Foraker rightly said that not
ainoe Lincoln had any president had to
meet such grave problems as has this
Scotch Irishman who eits in the white
house. And Roosevelt spoke the
trutn in nis characteristic ally com
plete way when he said,. "McKinley
had to meet them, and he met them."
That is enough he met them;
no half h earted endeavor to shift the
responsibility, no cheap appeal
for popular sjmpatiy, no turnlegaway
from the problems pressing upon him
he met them rquarely and wrestled
with them until he achieved the right
MoKinley represents the careful,
powerful, thoughtful man of affairs,
the settled business Interests of th
country, tbe industrial and commer
clal elements of our national great
ness, tne tmcK-Deiore-jcu-aci 6cnooi
In foreign affairs.
Roosevelt stands fer the West, be
typifies the rushing, hurrying,
decide- aaickly-and-get-there element
of the American people, the strong,
lusty, young republic carving cnt for
Itself a new path in the world's des
tinies, tbe spirit of decency and right
eousness In national and loeal gov
ernment, the honest, rugged, faith
ful, warm hearted, courageous, con
quering spirit of the American Pio
The ticket will carry the country like
a rushing wind. Nothing can stand
against it. It will carry with it every
voter who believes that the destiny of
the United States Is the stars of heaven,
not the pit of destruction and decay.
Progress, honesty, right, power
these are what MoKInley and Roosevelt
stand for. And the one word Patrio
tism covers them all.
They have conscientious trust
worthy tornadoes out in Nebraska,
ne tore through the west end of the
town of Beatrice, passed on out over
tbe prairie, and then decided to oonse
baok and tear up the east side, which
it did completely. Now prophets and
augurs are deducting that four years
ago a populist tornado struck Bryan's
chances and went on elsewhere, into
Spain perhaps, but finding it necessary
to tornado Bryan's hopes some more,
it will return near its old path, next
An Oklahoma editor, who is some
thing of aa Alfred Austin, according
to th9 Hartford Post, sums up the
agricultural .and political oonditlons
in the territory in this coadesied
Good rains;
Big crops;
Vree homes;
No Pops.
The demopopuiists argue that the
tariff is mother to the trusts and the
republican party their grandmother, er
some such lineal decent is traced
by them, but here is news from Eng
land, the land of free trade, announc
ing that a $43,000,000 trust has been
organized to unite and control the
bleaoheries of the rea'm. Now who's
the mother of this British monster?
The demopopulists are falling all
over themselves explaining why John
R. McLean sect $25,000 to tbe Bryan
campaign fund and then left for
Europe. Did be send it to help along
a cause he believed good, or did he go
to Europe to avoid a campaign in which
be had no belief, and use the $25,000 as
a campaign sop?
In summing up Bryan's ready sym
pathies with outsiders, the Kansas City
Journal suggests that if be would enly
espouse the cause of the Borers, demo-
oraoy might sweep tbe country if tt bore
upon its banners this proud device
"Boers, Boxers, Bolomen and Bryan!'
Tbb St. Louts Globe Democrat
says: The trouble with tbe "antl
Imperialism" and "anti-militarism"
arguments ia that the American people
are not chuckle-headed idiots.
Clark of Montaca will no doubt
bob up serenely at the bead of Mont
ana's democracy delegates at the
KaneasCity convention.
The New York Sun calls Col. Moee
Wetmore. "Tbe great St Louis Trust
Yon Seeking- A Summer Health
Hesltbseekers from tbe north and
ea9t who have been spending tbe win
ter months in the south, and who de
sire to change for tbe summer season to
a higher elevation and a cooler climate,
should visit the Montezuma, at Las
Vegas Hot Springe, New Mexico, on
A. T. & S. F. U'y.
Tbey will find bere a desirable al
titude (6,967 feet), insuring a pleasant
summer climate. The mountain
scenery is of unusual interest. First
clas9 hotel accommodations, unequ&led
hot baths, expert medical attendance
and ample facilities for recreation are
otber attractions. Terms reasonable
The waters are a specific for rbeuma
tiem,derangement of internal functions,
neuralgic affections and loclpient tu
berculosis; also those convalescing from
acute diseases are greatly benefited.
For detailed information address W,
G. Greenleaf, Manager, Tbe Monte
zuma, Las Vegas Hot Sorings, N. M.
Reduced Rates Account 01 Teacher's
The Santa Fe Route will place on
sale June 30th, July, 1st. and 2nd final
return limit Angust 5th, tickets to
Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Hot Spring;
Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver
at one fare for tbe round trip, plus
$2 00. Texas Teacher's attending the
convention can thus make a side trip
to tbe New Mexico resorts or Colorado
at a small expense.
For furtber Information Inquire at
City Ticket office, Mills building
corner of plaza.
A.F.Stafford, F.B. Houghton,
City Ticket Agent. D. F. & P. A,
A (iood Cough Medieine.
Tt onatlra wall fni flhamhcrl&ln'B
Cough Remedy when druggists use tt
. . . . i, .
to tneir own iammes in preference
in any otber. "I have sold Chamber
Man's Cough Remedy for tbe past
five years with oomplete satisfaction
to myself and customers," says
druggist J. Goldsmith, Van Etten,
N. Y. "I have always used it in my
own family both fo.- ordinary coughs
and colds and for the cough following
la grippe, end find it very efficacious.'
For sale by all druggists.
Pare Hygienic Water.
Made from distilled water. Ask
your family physician or druggist as tc
purity and beultbtulness of our ice.
Telephone No. 14.
El Paso Ice & Refrigerator Co.
Mr. W. S. Wbedon, Cashier of
tbe First National Bank of Winter set,
Iowa, tn a recent letter gives some
experience with a carpenter in his
employ, that will be of value to other
mechanics. Ha says: "I had a car
penter working for me who was
obliged to stop work for several days
on account of being troubled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that
had been similarly troubled and that
Chamberllan's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy had oured me. He
bought a bottle of it from the druggist
here and informed me that one dose
cured him, and he is again at his
work." For sale by all druggists.
Starvation never yet cured dyspep-
la. Person e with indigestion are al
ready half starved. They need plenty
of wholesome food . Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat bo the body
can be nourished while the worn out
organs are being reconstructed. It Is
the only preparation known that will
instantly relieve and completely cure
all stomach troubles. Try it if you are
suffering from indigestion. It will cer
tainly do you good. Fred Sohaefer,
Mokl Tea positively cures Slok Head
ache, indigestion and constipation. A
delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruption of tbe skin, producing a per
fect complexion, or money refunded.
25cts. and 50 cts. M. H. Webb, drug
gist. Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets are sold
on a positive guarantee. Cures heart
burn, raising of tbe food, distress af
ter eating or anv form of dyspepsia.
Ooe littla tablet gives immediate re
lief. 25 cts. and 50 cts. M. H. Webb,
The Chinese ask "how ia your li
ver?" instead of "bow do you do?" for
when the liver is active the bealth is
good. De Witt's Little Early Risers
are famous little pills for tbe liver and
bowcl3. Fred Sohaefer, druggist.
Small in size and great in results are
Ds Witt's Little Early Risers, the fam
ous little pills tbat cleanse the liver
and bowels. They do not gripe. Fred
Scbaefer, druggist.
Shady Grove butter 2 lbs for 45 cents
at El Paso Grocery.
The greatest danger to life in the crtv
is not the car with its clanging gong, bul
those silent invisible foes, the germs of
disease. The prevalence of consumptiosi
in cities is stated to be largely due to the
frequent expectoration or diseased per-
sons, wnose
dried sputa
mixed with the
dust and blown
into the air, ia
inhaled by aoane
luckless nan or
woman. Sanita
tion may mini
mize these perils
but can never
obliterate them.
The essential
thing is to edu
cate every per
son to the
knowledge that
the germ can find no permanent lodg
ment in a healthy body. Keep the blood
pure, the stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition in sound health,
and you are practically germ proof.
This disease resisting condition is ob
tained by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. It purifies the blood,
strengthens the stomach, nourishes the
nerves, and heals the lungs. Even when
there is obstinate cough, bronchitis,
spitting of blood and other conditions,
which, if neglected, lead to consump
tion, the faithful use of Golden Medical
Discovery will, in almost every instance,
effect a cure.
"I was taken sick In July last year, and was
not able to do anv kind of wcrk uctil Novem
ber," writes LIr. Noel W. Orvin, of Langley.
Aiken Co., S. C, " Had been coughing up small,
hard lumps of phlegm for about a year before I
was taken down. I then called on a doctor, who
said that one-half of my left lung was gone,
and advised nv to leave my home and go to the
country. I wrote to you for advice. I took four
bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery;
which I sincere! v believe has done me more good
than all the other medicines I have ever taken."
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, free, on receipt of stamps to
cover expense of mailing only. Send 21
one-cent stamps for the book in paper
covers, or 31 stamps for cloth binding.
Address Dr R. V. Pierce, BuSalo, N, Y'
Will be ready for
business commencing
Saturday, 23d.
For the First Week
We shall give to the
consuming: public
1 8 lbs of the very best
New Orleans Granu
lated Sugar for . .
5o lbs high grade Pat
ent flour ....
We are too busy just at pres
ent to publish a full price list,
but the public can be assured
of the very lowest possible
values, for the money, on any
thing and everything in the
staple or fancy grocery line.
The Lion
Grocery Company
South Stanton,
near San Antonio St.
Neglect is the short step so many
take from a cough or cold to consump
tion. The early use of One Minute
Cough Cure prevents consumption. It
is tbe only harmless remedy that gives
immediate results. It cures all throat
and lung troubles. Children all like
it and mothers endorse It. Fred Schae
fer, druggist.
Reports show that over fifteen hun
dred lives have been saved through tbe
use of One Minute Cough Cure. Most
of these were oases of grippe, croup
asthma, whooping cough, bronchitis
and pneumonia. Its early use prevents
consumption. Fred Schaefer, druggist.
The best butter in the market. Shady
Grove, 2 pounds for 45 cents at El Paso
Grocery Co.
Call at all drug stores and get a free
sample of Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets. They are an elegant
physic. They also improve tbe ap
petite, strengthen the digestion and
regulate the liver and bowels.
They are easy to take and pleasant In
iOHU e.KAYNOLDB. .President;
ULYS.CS 8. STEWART, Oashl.ri
EI Paso,
Capital and Surplus.
O. R.MOREHEAD. President;
J.O, LAOKLAND, Oashior)
Established April, IS8i.
A legitimate banking business transacted In all its branches E:tchatre o
all the oitiee of the United States bought at par. Hfghest prices paid for Met
lean Dollars.
L. M. Openheimer, President. T. M. WiNGO, Cashle-v
H. L. Newman, Vice President. Wm. H. Webb, Assistant Cashier
J. G. LOWDON, Second Vice-President.
The Lowdonlational Bank
Capital Paid in $100 000.
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent. Mexican Money and JBxckang
bought and sold. 7 elegraphic transfers ta all points in Alexico
President. Vice resident.
holesale Grocers.
carry a complete line o. Staple and Fancy Groceries, and guarantee all oar good Ar
C)&s. We solicit the tratSa of dealers onlv, and give espeClai attention to mall orders.
If you want a strictly up-to-date suit you will find it greatly to your
advantage If you will just drop into John Brunner's and leave your or
der for One Of his COod fittincr Bulta. Vfa Mrrlna tVin finest Una nf suit.
Ings tn-the southwest. Prices reasonable. Call and be convinced.
Merchant Tailor. - . 104 H Paso t. !
The Great Registered
Son of Electioneer, one of the highest bred
and handsomest horses in America, will
serve at Balllnger & Longwell's stables
(San Francisco St.) during present season
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
of each week; and at A. Courchesne's
ranch on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days of each week. This horse has no
superior in breeding in this country. He
was purchased some time since by a Mis
souri syndicate for 810,000. He has a
record of 2:17.
IHEE.P.& N. E. 5L
i i
Will sell daily, from May 15 to October 1. 1900.
Special Excursion Round-Trip Tickets
These tickets will be good going on any day of purchase, and
returning on any day (Sunday excepted) during1 the season.
Will be good for continuous passages going or coming only,
and con-tr&Esferable. Holder's name will appear on ticket,
and must be signed and stamped with the agent at Cloud
croft at returning train.
A. Q. P. & P. A.
P. E.
M. W. FLOURNOY.lVic-Prasklerti
WO. P. WILLIAMS, Asst. Oas-.
J. H. RU88ELL, Asst. Oaahfer.
Genera) Muut
Four-Footed Favorites
find feminine favor easily. Such lucky
stall-tenants have their beauty much en
hanced by our handsome harness, which
looks its own praise and is all and more
than it locks. Horse flesh was never
put into anything more satisfactory for
carriage and work purposes. What we
sell and what we ask for it make us win
ners. We Handle Sboe Findings,
Fire Arms and Ammunition.
w JDo Repairing
El Paso Saddlery Co.
-You must have In order
"to look well.
The Question
of where to bay Harness and
what to pay Is easily settled to
Your Satisfaction
if yon will call on us. We know
all the Ins and onts of the busi
ness. We can sell you the
Finest Harness,
or cheaDer, as desired. We war
rant each grade as represented
care for according to our Ins
tructions, and you will not need
to bay so often. Oall, and we
will give you more points.
H. P. N0AKE.
G. S. P. & P. A.

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