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Willlhave his
In Memoriam
Angels choose our fairest flowers.
And bear them up to heaven;
Brightest, rarest gems of ours,
Soon back to God are given.
She is gone; her leaf has perished
in the green, and we who loved her in
life, are left alone, too dazed to speak;
with a grief too great for tears.
The name "Florence Newman" re
calls to us the elements of her nature,
which combined to make a perfect
woman; like a rare, beautiful bud, un
folding, one by one, its lovely petals,
reveling in the sunshnie, she passed
modestly from girlhood to noble wom
anhood, revealing one by one. to
those intimately associated with her,
many God-given qualities of head and
Her brave young heart was a foun
tain from which flowed an inexhausti
ble stream of love, sympathy and noble
stream of love, sympathy, and noblej
impulses; hers was a religion of love
and charity, practiced in her daily life,
and her heart always inclined to the
good, the beautiful, and the true. Her
fortitude, patience, and resignation
were almost divine; for she understood
what it meant to suffer and be strong,
and smiled through her tears.
Her happy, sunny disposition attrac
ted and held young and old alike, and
her bright, cheery presence oft made a
rift in the clouds that hovered about
the lives of others less fortunate than
she, and made way for the grateful
sunshine she always brought.
She possessed a high strung, ether
eal nature, with delicate sensibilities,
and it seemed her pure, beautiful soul
must be out of tune with those of
coarser fibre, yet she played bravely
her nart in the great drama of life, and
by her gentle influence and example,
wrought perfect harmony out of dis
cord. Her home life was ideal, sublime;
aer devotion to father, mother, broth
er, was fraught with little acts of
kindness and love,
"Innumerable as the stars of night,
Or stars of morning, dewdrops,
which the sun
linear! on every leaf and flower."
To her immediate circle of friends,
she was known as "Queen Florence,"
m. graceful tribute to her charming
personality, bestowed upon her by.
those who crowned her with a wreath
of loving thoughts and constituted
themselves her subjects. This honora
ry title, which she wore with so much
dignity, modesty, and grace, was emi
nently befitting, and her loyal, grief
stricken subjects will always remem
ber "Queen Florence" with deepest af
fection and tenderness. Surely she
was "a perfect woman, nobly planned."
Our deepest, heartfelt sympathy goes
out to her bereaved parents and fam
ily in this great trial; in fancy 'we can
see her now. the loveliest of God's
efroir, waiting and prayinK for those
headquarters at Springer's 216San Antonio St., this year not only for the little ones, but for the
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very low, and the goods are all first class you should call early to avoid the rush which will commence very shortly. You can make
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Our assortment of Dolls are complete in every respect, ranging in prices from 5c to $12.00.
Toy Dishes. China from 5c to $5.00.
Weeder Steam Engines and Trains.
Iron Stoves from 15c to $4.00.
Tool Chests from 25c to $4.00.
Blocks of all kinds from 15c to $1.00.
Iron Safes from '. 10c to $2.00.
Games to suit the young and old.
Toy Pianos from 25c. to $7.50.
Many others too numerous to mention.
and Co Carts were never so complete as this year. The prices are very low for the quality.
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Such as Rocking Chairs, Reception Chairs, in Oak and Mahogany, Rattan and Willow, was never more complete than today. Side Boards,
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IT JDULrN WJHiJDWO, Furnishings, 216 San Antonio St. g
dear to her, whose pilgrimage in this
world of sorrows Is not yet ended, and
as each day brings them nearer to her,
they will remember her example, and
bowing down to the greater power that
shaped the universe, will be patient.
for there is such a little way to go.
Pure in person, heart and mind.
Charity and love combined.
Her nature many traits revealed,
Leaving many half concealed,
Of character divine.
She," blest with perfect womanhood,
Weaker natures understood.
Nor censured those brought low by
But all their sorrows entered in,
And raised them up.
Serving God in love's bright sphere.
She spent, in sweet employment here.
Her life; and those who mourn her
Would not have her take up the
Of life again.
God of wisdom, goodness, love.
Incline our hearts to -things above,
Grace and patience do thou give,
That, in humility, we'll live.
In purity of heart.
That when our trials here are past,
Like her we'll come to know at last
The perfect joy of seeing thee,
Of living through eternity
In thy love blest.
A Friend.
Of the Mexican Republic, If Mr. Liman
tour's Health Shall Fail Him To
tally. "Enrique Creel.principal owner of the
Banco Minero in EI Paso, Juarez and
Chihuahua besides many other banks
in different cities of Mexico, is being
prominently mentioned as the next sec
retary of the treasury of that republic,
to succeed Mr. Limantour," said B. J.
Kuhn of the Mexican Central last night
"Mr. Creel is known as the father of
the banking business in Mexico and is
one of the wealthiest men in the repub
lic. When he established the Banco
Minero in Chihuahua the banking busi
ness in Mexico amounted to nothing.
He adopted a system similar to the
American system and has revolution
ized the business throughout the repub
lic. He now has one of the strongest
banks in Mexico City and numbers of
smaller banks ia different cities over
the republic.
"Mr. Creei's ability has been recog
nized by President Diaz and since Mr.
Limantour 's health began to fail it is
said that he will be relieved by Mr.
Creel. If Mr. Creel takes hold of the
government's finances there is little
doubt that the financial depression now
existing there will be relieved in the
near future."
The Football Boys are Gettng in Fine
Trim and the Game Will Be Well
Worth Seeing.
Final arrangements for the big
Christmas game of foot ball have been
completed and it all lies with the team
now as to whether or not the game will
be a success. The boys all say that
it will and are hard at work every
night training for the big contest.
Foot ball is the winter sport for the
Americans and on Christmas day the
people of El Paso will have the first
chance to see a real game of foot ball
when the two elevens have trained for
the event and none should be preju
diced against the game until they have
seen one with their own eyes.
The tickets wre placed on sale today
at noon and already enough have been
sold to guarantee the managemen that
the game will be a success. There are
people who will say that foot ball is as
brutal as prize fighting, but no one who
has seen a game and has understood
it will ever' make such a , remark.
Foot ball may be made a rough game,
but the rules this year prohibit all un
necessary roughness and the manage
ment will insist upon fair play.
And Move to Laredo, Since Business in
Juarez Has Got So Poor and Io Get
ting Worse.
J. Goodman is preparing to close up
his business in Juarez and move to La
redo. Mr Goodman now owns large stores
at Laredo and C. P. Diaz and will close
up his store here that be may give
more attention to his stores there. The
business conditions in Juarez have
grown steadily worse for several years
until now almost every merchant in
that city wants to get away.
Mr. Goodman has had a store there
for nearly twenty years and until the
past few years found the investment
profitable. Recently, however, it began
to decline and he opened houses both
at C. P. Diaz and Laredo. He now has
a wholesale house at Laredo and will
reside there in the future.
RfdiiroTfrr of it Practicable Route
Acrom h Southern Andes.
More than 100 years ago. Father
Menendez, while traveling among the
mouutaius in the northern part of Pat
agonia, discovered a pass through
which, be said, a practicable wagon
road might be made from the Pacific
ocean through all the mountain ranges
to Lake Nahuel Iluapi, by far the lar
gest lake in the southern part of South
America, and on to the Atlantic ocean.
It became known as the Bariloche
pass. In those days it was thought
that no good would ever come out of
Patagonia. Very few explorers or oth
er white men visited this region, and
Father Menendez's discovery, though
utilized for a time, was almost forgo'
ten till some 20 years ago, when ranch
men began to move down to the neigh
borhood of Lake Nahuel Huapl and
found the grass was good and other
crops might be raised. Theu citizens
of Chile and Argentina began to look
around for this pass In the mountains,
and. although they sought diligently,
they failed to find It.
The description which the pioneer
priest had given of the important dis
covery was, unfortunately, very vague
and painfully lacking In detail, and
hunting for the pass in that rough and
tangled mountain region was a good
deal like looking for a needle In a hay
stack. Finally the official explorers
whom Argentina and Chile have long
kept In the Held began to take a hand
In the search. They used their utmost
care, but all In vain until this late day,
when the long sought for pass has at
last been discovered and traced by the
Chilean engineer. Captain ltarrlos.
Peterinann's Mltteilungen prints a
list of all the valleys of big rivers and
their little tributaries through which
this comparatively low lying and tor
tuous route runs from the Pacific ocean
to the big lake of Patagonia. It Is not
worth while to reproduce thcra here,
and most of them are the names of
valleys that have not yet appeared on
any of our maps. One or another ex
plorer has struck the route In a part of
its course, but, somehow, has never
succeeded In connecting It with the
other parts for any great distance. But
there Is no doubt whatever that the
route which Father Menendcz and
some of his successors followed has
been rediscovered in its entirety. Here
and there are found traces of the old
path, and there are many blazed trees
which the original discoverer Is believ
ed to have marked.
Home School Work.
By order of the Pittsburg board of
education more time for study during
school hours Is to be permitted to the
pupils of the high school, and the ne
cessity for home work will be obviated.
In this reform, as Is pointed out by
the Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph, the
school authorities are beginning at the
wrong end. Pupils In the high school.
by n-aMoii or tneir age ana vr .
the shorter school hours, are better
able to stand the strain of home work
than are the children in the grammar
schools. Children who ought to spend
In play H their daylight hours out of
school arid who should go early to bed
to give the forces of growth and devel
opment In their systems their proper
opHrtunity are required to spend one
or two hours at home in study.
Wondrri of the Forbidden Palace.
After the march of the troops through
the Forbidden palace at Peking a party
of civilians, including the ladies of the
legations and several well known mis
sionaries, was admitted. Tea was serv
ed, and then the Imperial palaces were
Inspected. The most remarkable fea
tures of the imperial buildings are said
to be the exterior gilding and the stair
cases carved out of single stones, with
figures and dragons. Hons and other
ornaments. The bed of the empress is
trimmed with solid gold. After the in
spection the gates were closed again,
and no one was icrmitted to enter the
grounds. Loudon MaiL
A Formidable Navy.
Morocco has the smallest navy in the
world. It consists of just one vessel
the Hassani. Until r-cently the pecul
iar feature of this warship was that it
had no guns. I.nt the sultan. Abdul
Asiz. has now purchased at Cadiz four
of the lightest pieces of ordnance left
to Spain by the United States at the
close or the war and has had them
mounted. lie is thoroughly satisfied
that in the event of war with any of
the powers the "reorganized" navy
would le able to sweep the seas. Phil
adelphia Record.
Edict Aenlnst Look SUli-ts.
The local lio.ml of health In one of
the districts - of Vienna has nltifeil
placards in all the public gardens and
parks directing the women who visit '
these places to hold up their skirts if ,
they trail upon the ground. The notice I
states that as these Inclosures are de-; ;
voted to the recreation of persons de-
Blrous of escaping from the dusty town
the authorities forbid dust to be swept
there Into heaps by trailing skirts.
Medical Record.
The World's Letters.
One of the Berlin reviews publishes
a calculation on the number of letters
distributed annually throughout the
world. It gives the total as 12.000.
000.000. Of these. It says. 8,000.000.000
are In English. 1,200.000.000 In Ger- i
man. 1 ,000.000.000 In French. 220.0O0.
000 In Italian. 120.000.000 in Spanish,
100.000.000 In Dutch. 80.0O0.0O0 In Rus
sian aud 24.000.000 In Portuguese. The
Anglo-Saxon Is for the present very
well In front
in noble souls valor does not wait for
years. Cornellle.
Conduct Is three-fourths of life.
big folks also
The Herald has two telephones tNo.
H5). one in the business office (2
I iiuSs; ana me otner in the editorial
rooms (3 rings). Say which.
If VOU hnvA nnv littlA 4.AM m
! Personal or otherwise. The Herald will
u giaa to nave it. by mail or phone.
Fuel orders filled with the first
Quality by Kaseman, 'Phone 8.
Made from riistillori a.t,
- -v,. . ash juur
family physician or druggist at to the
purity and healthfullness of our ice.
Telephone No. 14.
El Paso Ice and Refrigerator Co.
If you are going to California this
winter, or expect to visit Arizona or
Northern New Mexico, it will pay you
to make the trip via Trinidad Gateway
using the unequalled service of "The
Denver Road," in connection with the
Santa Fe through servHe to rhe coast.
Buttermilk. Telephone No. 156.
The Hadley dining hall all Amer
ican help. The best 25c meal in the
city. Corner North Oregon and Frank
lin streets. $5.00 per week.
Don't use any of the counterfeits "of
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Most ot
them are worthless or liable to cause
injury. The original DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve is a certain cure for piles,
eczema, cuts, scald's, burns, sores and
skin diseases. Fred Schaefer. druggist.
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds
is all right, but you want something
that will relieve and cure the more se
vere and dangerous results of throat
and lung troubles. What shall you
do? Go to a warmer and more regular
climate? Yes. if possible: if not pos
sible for you. then in either case take
the ONLY remedy that has been in
troduced In all civilized countries with
success in severe throat and lung
troubles. "Boschee's G rman Syrup."
It not only heala and stimulates the
tissues to destroy the germ disease,
but allays Inflammation, causes easy
expectoration, gives a good night's
rest, and cures the patient. Try ONB
bottle. Recommended many years by
all druggists in the world. Get Green's
Prize Alamanac.
Sold by dealers in all civilized coun
tries. Go to Hotel Don Bernardo, leading
hotel of Las Cruces. New Mexico.
Drummers' headquarterst $2 and $2.50.
Briefs printed Just right at
Herald ofnee.
Call 587 for Deming water man.
Effective December 16th. Mexleaai
Central will leave El Paso at 9:44 a.
m., Juarez at 10:40 a. m., local tine.

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