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f The Herald's
i .WANTS, i
iiiiTEI A wnma.ii to cnnk and do Ken
VV era) housework. Mrs. W. H. Seaoiond
Cor. vyonlng and Austlu Sts.
"LEK1CA L position wanted by first cliu
O t,fllce mn. A. .No. 1
i4Mkeper and steco-
J. O.
Herald office.
rOK 8ALE A neat llltie drug store at
r Ull lDo .. N. K. aunty seat. Good
nnenln fur nhml. Ian. clock new DU turn
piete. A dare, o. O. Miller, ttiUsDo-o. New
Mexlc ..
COU flALk Ore of tno best paying bote!
I busiotHla Ci ruu Sltuatea lo bertof
business center i f city- bowl reaa n fur
el Ins. Jobi A. Hauper. Real Rs.ate. Mills
LuKsALK-Arjout a $3,000 stock of n-er
ch&u.ilae Ootid rauua for selling
Mark Miller, 109 Mesa Ave.
COR 3A LE A (rood Paying Business, doing
lliX)n per month,
price. Mark Miller.
win set; at invoice
COB bKMT Two nicely furnished rooms
rortignt nouseser ping, two rim oi.
nQB Rr. NT Two nicely fur..lsheu rooms
w.tb bath 112 N. El FaoO.
'COB KENT 1-2 of corner basement In Mills
Bui. ding, steam haat. electric light ana
stationery wash tand. John A. Mapper.
Real state. Hills Building.
nNKlHOOH frame nous lot 30x90. renting
VI for It 60 per month, good location. Price
MOT dollars. Mark Miliar. I0 Mesa Ave.
ONE 1 ROOM frame bonae 1 lot.
Very de-
J slrabie local on Price 1 1000. rente for
16 dollars. Mark Milter. 109 Mesa Ave.
FOB SALE 1 Ova room home wltb hall and
la ran batb room, on corner lot 60x80.
Rents t r $22 fiO per mootn. This baralu for
1760. Easy terms. John A. Happer, r al
estate. Mi. is Building.
C OH8A L. 21 room rooming boose; a'l tbe
I rooms now occupied, price 1760 Mark
filler. Keal aetate 109 Mesa Ave.
COR SALE A 42 room rooming house cen
' trally located. Enquire of Mark Milter.
Heal Estate, 109 Mesa Ave.
FOB HALE A good business piece of prop
erty on Stanton between 1 exaa and St.
Louis streets. Tbls property Is advancing
rapidly but will sell cb ap and onol terms
If taken at once Mark Miller. 109 Msa Ave
(IN SAN ANT NIO. Campbell and Myrtle
V 9ta. a large Business piece, price raw,
terms easy, Horace a.
take and Insurance.
Hteveoa. Real ts-
8 pieces of Inilde bust nets propert on Ban
Antonio st. uow paying a handsome In
some on the investment. Tbls property will
advance twent) five pr cent In lean than a
Sear Investigate prices. Mark Miller; 109
esa a vs.
feet on Oregon between first and Pee-
,I"U 00 d streets Good buildings on some.
Mark Miller, 109 Mesa ave.
I have a splendid piece of Ruslntss property
on ftn Ant tlo street for -a'e Forty
leet front for 11.600 Tbli la a fine location
for a large tor . J jbn A. Happer, real es
tate, wills Bnlidli g.
FOR BALE 36 feet front on Oregon near
Second 9tret. for $1760 Easy terms
John A Happer. Real Estate, Mills Building.
rnu ha f . tc aivisn lntnn Texas St. ad loin
f ing lot selling for ISO-. If taken quick
can be had for 400.
Mark Miller. Real Estate,
IM Mesa Ave.
FOR SALE 36 feet front on San Antonio 8k
elose In. cheap for caan. Mark Miller.
Real Estate, 109 Mesa Ave.
FOR SALE Two business lota on Stanton st.
Close la. cheap for cash. Mark Miller.
FOR SALE New houae sis room and bath
on N. Stanton street, on two lots. John
A. Hajper, Real Estate, Mills building.
FOR SALE 6 room and br ck rel 1e-.ee on
N. Oregon street suub f Boulevard.
Et front. PrUe SaOO 1-4 cash ana balance
J, SA3a. at So' rent. John A. Happer
Ileal Estate Mll.e Building,
FOR SALE Sb'lcc hotss-s ' enttug for 130
per month on third street next to cor-n-rof
St. Vraln. -rlce $ 0(0. 1 4 csh an
balance 1. 2 & at 8 per c r.t. Jobn A. Hap
per. real estate. M ls Bulld'ng.
run ai.r 11 a toom brick house, good
I repair, close In, on north Kl Paso, price
Easy terms.
Mark M Her.
109 Mesa
FOR SALE At a bargain, my six roo -u and
batb modern new brick nouse. with two
lota, location one block weat Moe's fine
home. Hee owner, room 10. Morehouse block
FOUR ROOM BKIOK nouse,on North (lamp
bell t, southeast corner, two lots $210
cash. Horace B. Stevens. Real Estate and
SIX ROOM BRICK bouse, 1 ft. on Boule
vard. 104 on "tanton, southeast comer,
dlalrable. Horace B. Stevens. Real
s'ate and Insurance.
FOR SAcR me dve rooms and bath res
idence On N. Stanton st. Cloeeln. Very
aeelrable location. John A. Bapper. Real
state. Wills building.
A9ts room new brick cottage, a'l modern
Improvements, c o-e In on Boulevard
Nice lawn, tree, south f -ont; for thl'ty five
hundred dollaas. F"r terms see Mark Mil
ar. 109 Mesa ave.
allNE ROOM BKIOK bouse, 21-2 lots.cn
II North anta Fe St., east front deeirab.e
location. Horace B. Stevens. Real Eatate
and Insurance.
B-IOK houae on North Ore
r 1
gon streetclose In. $3500.00. Horace B. Ste-
venr, Keal Rsste ana insurance.
- r-O R 9 A L K One6 room mo-iern brick cot
I tags, all modern Imprnvementaion North
po Dt. for $2,500. Mark Miller
COR 9A.LK One eight room and bath new
I house. N. Stanton at. Olose In.
modern convenience. John
Rea! Estate. Mills b llldlng.
The Herald's
LTOR SALE .A five room brick boue corner
of HI Is and Third street for lio. Kasy
terms. John A. Happer, real es.ate
Mil. a
BUI aing,
A new modern 6-room 2 story resld nee on
" Kansas. All m dern conveniences. Tbls
property s cheapconslderlng lOCation.Mark
Hlller, 109 Alesa ave.
FOR riALE One live rjoia brick on ban An
tonio street, lot 40x130. Price 61'CkJ.
Terms to suit. Hark Mli er.
.OR SALE 3 lots and a good 6 room b-lck
house, co. ner Tavs and 2nd. street. Price
Sl.7fi0.00 Easy terms. Mark Miller, 109 Mesa.
;OKMALE- -Joe two room new brick houae
and two ' lots, cloe In on Ocboa street.
11300 11 taa-en soon. Mars Mllier.
FOR HAlE 1 Ave room .ueon2 l i'io i
Kanaasst between 2ud and 3rd atr-ns
'or $I0U, John A. Happer, Real Eatate,
Mills rtulldlng.
FODR ROOM OOTTAOK, No. 1210 Ban Anio
tl , 2 lots, very desirable, cb-ap. Bntct
B. Stevena, Ral Katale and Insurance.
FOR baLE 1 eight room and bath brl-k
house corier of Mlrtle Ave and Ange
street faclns soutn e-st. Three Iota. This
rooerty Is very cheap. John A. Happer,
leal Estate, Mills Building.
"lKvlfin ree on Overland street; nee
aVvlAIUw sture house co It now paying
wenty per cent on tbe Investment. Will
ell this piece of property un good terms to
Mant party. Mark Miller, 100 Mesa Ave.
CO- 8A0E 1 five room. 1 four rjoo and 1
sis room house curner Sonora and An
thony streets. Rents for (64 per month.
Ve-y resonab'e. Easy terms. John A.
Bapper, real estate. Mills building.
FOR SALE One Olock of groom 2 nlneroom
brick residences, good location. orlceliO -
600 Terms to suit purchaser. Mark Miller.
109 Mesa Ave.
FOR SALE-1 Five-room an 1 bath brick
bous - nearly new Drlce ai.ry. ana 2
three-room ana batb br'ck beuios t600 each
on aay Term". John A. Hauuer. real
estate. Mills Building.
t OR SALE One 8 room adobe house, pi as
' tered ou' side and 6 lots Including the
corner, fur 42.000. Terms to suit purchaser.
Mark Ml'ler. 109 Mesa ave.
OH ALE One new 4 room houae, -ne I
room bouse and S lota, close In. rents for
9H7.nO per month, price 23.000. Marie Millar,
OK SALE 104 fret on Stanton by 120 on
Third -ita. Pa tly improved. Rents for
mi 8 per er. Price 68jo dollars. 1 4 cash
and xa'anee 1 2 A 3 yse. r8 pe cent. John
A. tiappe'. ri-ai estate, sin s nuuaing.
FOR 4 LE- 47 feet on No tb "tant.-n street
between Overland and -1st Hts . for 470
dollars. John A. Bapper, Real Estate. Mills
OR A LD 71 fee' fcast ove-lan l Ht bet
ween Kansas and S anton tor 7100 dollars
jbo A. llppe . Keal Estate Mil s Build ng
COR ( A LE A splendid location for a fine
residence corner of Montana and Kansas
street a e'outb front. 60x104 feet John A.
Bapper, real estate. Mlns Building.
ORsALn 67 feet on Leon street between
1 B inoninu -aa rnciw Bir-OJ, r aay
terms. John A. Bapper, Real Es ate. Mills
OR SALE Property, Improved and unlm-
4 i r . A . l n .1..
ant to sell, list wltb me and I will adver
tise your property without cost to you.
Horace a. elevens,
Rel Eatate and Ins tranc Agent.
lussa ir. tot on mseoun near cc v rain
Street. $360 each. John A Banrjer. Mills
'OR SALE Two east front building lots on
North Oregon St . near boulevard. John
A. Bapper. real estate. Mills Building.
lots On Kansas street between Montana
and Rto Grande. John A. Hauuer. Keal
Eatate. Mills Building.
lots Ochoa street between Wyoming and
Boulevard and between Boulevard and
Montana John A. Bapper. Real Estate
Mills Building.
OR SALE south-east corner lota North
El Paso and Rio Grande net. John A.
Bapper. Real Esta-, Mills building.
OR SAL 41 lotson N Florence st, be
tween ntoiQ.DK anu nouievara. joni
A. Happer.
tl Estate. Mills -tulldlog.
4 Nice residence ota on East Overland
etraet. close to T At P depot for $400 each.
Mark Mil er. 109 Meaa Ave.
ON W. at Overland street close
In. tt 00 oer front foot. Horan
B. Stevens. Real Estate and Insurance.
0UTH, co-ner Rio Grande and North El
Paso Sta. $300 00 per lot. terms. Horace
B. tevnna. Rea Estate and Insurance.
Q 1X3 TS In MaoHa's addttlon. tfiOO.OO. Ilbe-
CI ral t"rms. Horai
tate and Insurance.
LOTS on Boulevard, north of Martinet
re-ldenca. exctllent view. Horace B.
Stevens. Real Es ate and Ir.nrance.
ttrrtrBi anigaa anu r lorence pii s iota,
I $ia)0 00, discount for caab. Horace B.
't vena, Keal Eaia'eand Inau-ancn.
SOUTHEAST CORNEK, 6 lots ODpoelte A.
Krauanersn w residence: on Mesa A ve
nue, iltab'e for larg residence. Horace
M. Htevena. Real Estate and Insitr-ne.
LOTS. 1" Block eaet of Mesa McniMil.
Terms. 8750.00. Horace B. Stevens. Keal
Estate and Ineurance.
PORNFK ctavla and Mvrtle Sta., 2 lots
J north side of Myrtle, ViouO no. Horace
H. etevens. Keal Katate ana Insarance
1 O LOTS n Mvrt e S., c'.ose lr., $760.00.
' C. Horace B. Stevens. Ral Estate and
LOTS on "forth Kansas St., corner, close
In. very desirable. H .race B. Stevens.
Real Estate and Insurance.
1 1-2
LOT" on North Kana Bt , eas
f rot. $760 00. Horace B. Htevena. Rea
Estate and Insurance.
f 4 r
LOT on Prospect Ave, very cheap
aC A. irtaltenator.ee. Horace B.
Real Estate and Insurance.
LOTS. (IOKNER Ochoa and lat Sta, op
posite T. A P Depot. $1060,00 Horace
Steven". He .1 Estate and Insurance
rot SAL4 14 lots on N. Florence st. for
r Sf25 T-M are a bargain JohnA. Btn-
per. real eaa-. Mills onlMina.
fOK SALE 2 lota. 4 -room frame houae.
ftoou KKjawun, aonu, inri .-nan. uinrs
n monthly oavmeats. Mark Ml"er. Keal
Estate and Insurance. 109 Mesa Ave
OR SVLE Two east front lots c Vlrg.nta
Street, between Fra kiln and Missouri
Streets, 1300 each. Jobn A. Hamaar. Kttal
Estate, M'lia building.
FOR ALE 60x100 feet on West verland Ht
near Santa Fes reet. Price reasonable
John Bapper. Real Estate, Mills Building.
The Herald's
r08 8I,K-S'i fan'ng lota aonth eat. Oor
nerof Campbell and Kin Grande "t. Junt
A. Bapper Heil Eatate. Mills Building
CORSALB I H Iota on M yrtle street, close
I In aMO. 11 r aimer. n.eai miw mnxi
Insurance. 109 Mesa Ave
COR L" Sri y 120 0" . "tariton street foe
HAVE FOR - ALE a fine piece of property
..u.ni.iiii'nl nreirn ano fcnaa nw
ntrtrint c rner for bualnea in 'be Ity
John A. Mapner. rea. estate. Mills kuhqidk
r-rw eir.c-t hniMlnr Int.a on Oamubell
atreet. between Montana and Rio
Grande. John A. Happer. Keal Kstate,
Mills building.
COR - A I.E One CMam. Boyd Whltfour
r i. Am npna. hrirb machine In good
condition: cheap. Mark Miller. Keal Kstate
and Inmrtnra. IMI Meaa Ave
r-OR SALE One wlliara uprignt cao-ne
I a-rand i.ia- o.nurt r sawea a;ngnsn on
rnli ..in, front Tone and action hsolutrlt
nefect Re-n rented hree mnnths. A 37R
piano for $230.00 Terms Jl.ro dow and $10
per month W G als o. El Paso Tex.
PARSON?, Dentist. It Plaza Block.
J. 8TRATTON Architect. 109 Mfsa Ave
at 1
To Loan on Improv-
sd Business Proper- 6
ty. ft
B. F. Ham mettfic Sons g
Mills Building.
And Decided a Number of Important
Matters Connected With the Great
Show. Prominent People to Be In
vited. The exeucutive committee of the
Carnival association held a meteing
last night and transacted much bus
iness. At the suggestion of the entertain
ment committee the association has
decidede to establish an information
bureau for the benefit of guests of the
city. John Julian was selected to
manage that department and will get
a list of every boarding and lodging
house in the city as well as a list of
private houses that wish to take in
people during the Carnival. He will
also prepare some notes on the points
of interest about the city and help to
direct visitors who want to see the
surrounding country.
Contracts for the music and other
attractions were signed.
Bob Finley, manager of the roping
contest, reported that many new con
testants were applying for admission
and he expected the contest to be the
most Interesting ever held in this part
of the west.
-The committee decided to invite
Governor Sayers and all other state of
ficers to be present at the big show,
and Senator Turney, Representative
Bridgers. and Judge Van Sickle were
appointed a committee to invite them
and other noted people as the guests
of the association.
The committee reviewed the work
already done and it was the unani
mous opinion that things were in as
good condition as could be. All were
thorughly satisfied with the present
conditions and are looking forward
with the belief that the Carnival will
be a greater success than the most
sanguinary advocate expected.
Court Rooin Hood No. 1, Foresters of
America, at tneir hall in this city last
night elected the following officers:
O. M. Jones, C. R.; B. Barton, S. C.
R.; T. A. Germaine, treasurer; C. C.
Rees, financial secretary; J. Riviere,
recording secretary; G. Cellum, S. W.;
C. A. Tegtmeyer, J. W.; Grantham, S.
B.; Meisel, j. B.; J. R. Hammond, trus
tee; Dr. Howard Thompson, physician;
. . Schaffer, druggist; it. Taylor, capt.
' A large and enthusiastic meeting was
heid and the election of officers was
followed by refreshments, 'music, etc.
If you have a stove to set up or re
pair, drop a card to El Paso Sheet
Metal Works, 405 Mesa avenue or
phons 548. Prompt attention given.
Special Correspondence j
Florence, Ariz.
Special Correspondence of The Herald.
FLORENCE, Ariz., Dec. 16 The ore
on the dump of the Ray Co. at Kelvin
having been cleaned up, the mill has
closed for the present. It is said that
the managers will take out the gaso
line engines and put in steam. It is al
so said that they intend to double the
capacity of the mill. The changes will
require' several months so that they
will not 8 tart up again until April or
later. This mine ought to succeed
for they have a large mountain of fair
ly good low grade ore which can be
successfully treated.
A Fool For Luck.
The old proverb about a fool for luck
has an illustration at the mining camp
of Troy forty-five or fifty miles up the
Gila from here. The cook of a good
camp thought he too would take up a
claim to be in the fashion and so saun
tered out with a shovel. He found a
place where the dirt looked soft and
easy to dig and with the first stroke
of his shovel he turned up several hun
dred dollars worth of gold. All this
on a claim that no sensible miner
would look at a second time.
Good Water Supply.
Our farmers are getting agood sup
ply of water fro mthe Casa Grande
Valley canal and they have been put
ting in a large quantity of wheat. The
alfalfa looks well now but the supply
of water is too uncertain for them to
expect very much next year.
There is also a good supply of water
going down the Gila to the Pima res
ervation though not as much as there
should be.
We are very much afraid that the
present congress may overlook us in
the appropriation for reservoir sites
and even if a small appropriation be
made it will take several years to get
There Will Be Appropriate Exercises
in all the Rooms, and the Children
Will Have a Foretaste of the Joy
That is to Be.
Tomorrow afternoon the schools will
be dismissed for the term which is just
closing, the most successful term the
public schools of El Paso have ever
known. There will be appropriate ex
ercises held at most of the buildings
and then the children will be dismissed
until after the holidays.
At the Central school each room will
have exercises consisting of songs and
recitations. At the Franklin school
there will be a large Christmas tree
with suitable presents for the children
from the teachers. The Mesa school
will have songs and recitations, while
the Aoy school will have a tree with
presents for the Mexican children, who
will have very little entertainment at
their homes on Christmas. The Alamo
schools will continue with their regu
lar work until time for dismissal.
The children of the kindergarten will
be entertained royally. There will be
a tree with presents which will be dis
tributed by Santa Claus himself who
has promised to attend. Their exer
cises will ie held at 10 in the morning.
The following program will be carried
out at the high school at 1:15 tomor
row morning:
1. Chorus School
2. Recitation Paul Gallagher
Piano solo Alice Davis
Mandolin solo.. .. Leona Krause
Recitation Ada Lane
Chorus School
Solo Faustina Look
Piano solo Minne Phiney
Recitation Juanita Sorenson
Violin solo Richard Ainsa
Recitation Rose Williams
Chorus School
He Hardly Knows the City of El Paso,
Such Have Been the Changes Since
His Last Visit,
Leon Blum, one of Texas's wealthiest
citizens, is spending a few days in El
For many years iIr. Blum and his
brother were the largest land owners
in Texas and are yet extensively inter
ested in real estate in every part of the
state. He has considerable Interests
here and expresses himself as well
pleased with his investments in the
border city.
Several years ago Mr. Blum retired
from business and now only looks after
his interests that agents cannot man
age. He is one of the owners of Magof
fin's addition and has a number of bus
iness houses here. He visits this city
every year but stated this morning tnat
he hardly knew the place when he
name this time. He has a great deal
of faith in El Paso and is of the opin
ion that this will be one of the best
cities in Texas in the near future.
the reservoir into proper working or
der and we may all pass away before
that time.
Allison, N. M.
Special Correspondence of The Herald
ALLISON. N. M., Dec. 19 Every
thing is running smooth on the river.
Last week J. C. Mcintosh was strick
en with paralysis, his entire right side
being affected. He is somewhat bet
ter now. He is a veteran of the civil
war, and is nearly seventy years of
age; he was under General Grant.
J. J. Jacobson came near death on
the 17th inst. He was engaged in gatn
ering mistletoe on the branches of the
cbttonwood trees, when a limb broke
on which he was perched and he fell
forty feet, striking on the back of one
of his work horses that was hitched
to his wagon.. That scared the-team
and they ran away, dragging Mr. Ja
cobson quite a distance and bruising
him considerably. He is laid up n bed
from his hurts, but will pull mrough
all right.
Judge Tavbill met with a close call
today, by his horse falling on him, the
pommel of the saddle striking the
judge in the breast, and rendering hm
breathless for a time.
Prof. C. C. Conrad has accepted a pri
vate school at Cook's Peak for the win
There will be several weddings on
the river in the near future.
That prince of good fellows, Morris
Simon of El Paso, was with our mer
chants last week. Morris has the fin
est collection of photographs to be
found in the west. He is also work
ing on an invention (a patent clothes
pin) that will insure him a fortune in
There was a sale of cattle here last
He Describes. Her in Detail
Terms to Suit. 1
and In
A preacher at Liberal, Kan., down
in the short grass country, recently
preached a sermon on
Young Woman", and and
'"The Ideal
asked the
young men of the community to fur
nish sort written descriptions of their
conceptions of the "Ideal." The follow
ing letter is one that did not appear on
the program:
My ideal young woman is a na
tive. She is a well graded one, too,
but not a thoroughbred they take too
much caie and are not good rustlers
when the range is short. She is pret
ty enough to make some honest cow
man lose his heart to her and make
her queen of his herd, if she'll have
him, but she isn't such a looker that
every chuckling cowpuncher in the
country will want to hang around the
old man's ranch until he's fired. She
may not have bene raised in the sad
dle, but she knows enough to tell a
latigo strap from a branding iron, and
is the kind of a girl that can get on
a good broncho and hold the cow-out
herd in a round-up when your extra
cowboys goes back on you at the last
minute. She's got all the good learn
ing she needs, but she doesn't go
around talking dead languages while
the buscuits burn, nor let the chickens
scroach up a good garden while she
makes experiments in botany. She
knows how to talk and does a good
deal of it, but you don't have to put a
jerk-line on her to get in a spiel your
self sometimes. She doesn't get lo
coed at the sight of a cook stove and
give an old time camp cook tips on
sour doughs. It doesn't take lariets
and hobbles to keep her at home part
of the time, and she don't get on the
prod every time anything goes wrong
on the ranch. She dresses as well as
she can put up for, but she don't blow
in every cent she can get hold of for
jingle-bobs and other fixings, and she
don't spend two hours,. when somebody
is In a hurry to get started somewhere,
doing her hair up to look like a water
spaniel that's been through a cactus
patch. In fact she's all right, and we
love her, and look up. to her and lose
our hearts to her and let her make any
old kinds of fools of us, and we put in
our live3 making money for her to
epend. and we'rs glad to do it- She is
ouw own home-grown girl, and we are
proud of her and wouldn't exchange
for any other kind on arth. She helps
us enjoy life while we can, and when
the other kind of time comes she Is
the truest and bravest little partner on
earth, and we reverence her moke than
ever. More than that, she's right here,
and we don't have to go off our own
range to find just the one we want.
Every cowboy in the country knows
just where to find one that tops the
market in all these points and may
his claim never be contested! Yours
for Western girls. A. Maverick.
sSujj z Sll euoqj aonjo qnf prsjeF
Phone your advertisement in. if It's
By Which the Ownership of the Sup
ply House is Turned Over to the
Denver Firm.
The final transfer of the El Paso
Mine, Mill and Smelter Supply House
was made yesteraay afternoon and the
establishment was formally turned ov
er to the new Denver company by Mr.
It has been stated that the El Paso
Foundry and Machine company had
bought the( Pass City foundry and that
Mr. Creel would no longer be interest
ed in El Paso directly. Mr. Creel de
nies this statement, however, and says
he is still directly interested and in
tends to be for some time. He still
owns the foundry and will increase its
capacity as fast as the demand for his
wares grows.
Mr. Creel has been a valuable man
to El Paso and has probably done as
much towards securing the trade of the
surrounding country as any other man
here. He came nere with his money
and engaged in what other men consid
ered an adventure but has made a suc
cess of every undertaking. He is still
interested and is one of the few men
who have agreed to put money into an
electric car line and wait for his prof
its. He sees in El Paso something
more than a mere village and prob
ably has more faith in her future than
many of those who have been here for
years. ,
Tonight for the Benefit of the Music
Fund, Will Be Given By Well
Known Musicians.
Following is the program of the or
gan recital to be given at St. Clement s
church Thursday evening, December
20, under direction of Mrs. Kate Moore
Brown, organist and musical director.
There will be no admission fee charg
ed, but a collection will be taken up for
the music fund, which is for the pur
chase of new music for the choir:
Andante" Wely
Mrs. W. R. Brown.
O Holy Night Adam
Miss Payne.
Legende" WienlawsM
Mr. Ernst Lange.
Life" Blumenthal
Mrs. Lucius Welch.
"Reverie" Flagler
"Postlude" Leniaigre
Prof. Marcellus Stewart.
Shepherd of Israel" .. Nevin
Miss Allen..
Cavatina" I Raff
Mr. Ernst Lange.
The Holy Temple" Schlesinger
Mesdames Howe and Welch.
The Holy City" Adams
Mrs. Malcolm Donaldson.
Chorus of Angels Clark
Prof. Marcellus Stewart.
Abide With Me" Mascheronl
Miss Anne Carrington Martin.
A Petition Filed Asking That the Pro
prietor of the Disreputable Resort
Be Declared an Involuntary Bank
rupt. Yesterday afternoon John Dyer, at
torney for the Dallas Brewing com
pany, filed a petition in the federal
court praying that Joe Mills, proprie
tor of the Palace theater, be declared
an involuntary bankrupt. ,
In the petition the company alleges
uiat Mills owes the Brewing company
$3,068.50, $2,088.25 of which Is covered
by notes. It also states that Mills has
persistantly refused to pay the amount
due, which is a debt for goods and fix
tures sold to Mills and for cash money
loaned him by the company, and has
been sending all money received here
to his wife in postal money orders
which cannot be touched by the com
pany. It was known when the theater op
ened that it was an institution backed
by the brewing company and it now .
appears that the company is getting
the worst of it.
To Be Given By the Choir Friday
Night, at the Last Service for the
On Friday night the second service
of song will take place at the Jewish
Temple. The program will begin at
8 p. m., and is as fololws:
Quartet "Israel's Hope" ...Goldstein
Solo Selected .". Mrs. Welch
Violin solo Carl Brennemann
Solo "Kindle the Taper" ....Parker
Hymn "Rock of Ages"
Choir and congregation
Sermon (Third and last lecture on
"Moral Gift of Nineteenth century").
Solo "Angels' Serenade" .Mrs. Howe
Violin obligato Mr. Brennemann
Duet "There is Holy Yearning"
.... Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Howe
Quartet "En Keloheme." Traditional
The Temple quartet consists of
Mrs. Howe, soprano; Mrs. Welch, al
to; Mr. Parker, tenor, and Mr. Jones,
Organist Professor M. Steward.
This will be the last service of the
year. Rabbi Zielonka leaves on Sat
urday for San Antonio, where he will -spend
about ten days.

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