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El Paso daily herald. (El Paso, Tex.) 1881-1901, December 20, 1900, Last Edition 4:30 p.m., PART TWO, Image 9

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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O. BA-LUNGXR ' ' ! i J.'J. 'WMWIt-
Transfer, Livery; Feed
f :
ifw RljjB,1 Rubber Tires, Good Driver.
Sack Service Promtly Furnished
ri Transferring- of Frel bt. Llgnt aa4.
i? neary ' haaUng. 'Oonslcnmenta - of
4 f role-fa - In. -ear lota for Alatrltrailon
2 cItu prompt iNealoa. - -,--
g Ba'Te&ne'muo4a1TsfkanA
5 line lire stock la transit throofa the
i city. - '.-it .- - -
, Ho. U end II Ba ITnael u rtiast aagio
ata -1 . r "
Pfrone Nrj.H
: .... O --
.-wK&f - w "fin ma
.V ,ws4ar off I the
t .
The .
linJer One Management -HOTEL
KATES f2 00 to la.00.,' AU outride sonny
room. Excel lan t table board. Batter
r and cream f ran .nr own jersey dairy
Bpecisletes by the month. : - .
"Xnrbpean plan'ratea "76c to" $1,60. finest
room and finest furnletoPd In the Cltyrl
Erery room baa ptfra..porchae'tattjv'1
Special rates by tbejreef orpqptH. j ,J
Everything- strictly first-class.
iiO. 207 n TEXAS STREET.
Chopped in Two.
Your dollar le split In the middle
when you buy coal that 1b half
waste ashes, clickers, elatr. Why
not get a dolUr'e.worth .Jor your
dollar? How? .Buy honest, clean,
. well-ecreened, accurately welfh
eo. coai rrorr ; -yn.
Wood, LimeCementPIaster
Fire brick; Fire clay Plas
tering, Hair, Etc.
x uvire wop.
'Second an CajhuabBsT
BPiso'.Tei, tg.ftMyMei
IT ; Pi taacr f 51 MlfeaO
OpMaaocaadtatMtaaad ferbepeotora
tne moat reaoarceful and lnrltlni
" OonTenlentto BierTcan46dnaezlcaa
marlceta. . ,
i LEAlIMO UIQCSTKIKa, ' Mini at.
f - Lufaiberlng. Stock aiainKl rai-rn- f
9 - las anwrnit Srowux. aianiace'in '
uvvfliDHin idhq iinea
Tbe policy of the merra Hatire Line la
to encourage axd foster Jn every
consistent manner all legitimate
Industries -la Its territory, calcu
lated to promuie tbe welfare of tc
country. - . - ..'
OorrespondeaeeaoUclted. -. . - .. 3
Jao. P. KM8T. General Hanaaer: '
w, . Jk T- L(aAm.iea . Traffic At..
CI Paso. Texas, and Oludad Jaarea.
Max. -1 . .
S Sewing Machine
I ' MakQS a nice . f
$mas present, f
;;jio kit .iui r'ii'iL c syirf wmimo-M
jiii bi iiu jrfit
a .rail Una of wacoas. bawl a a" "
U4HVA 8. KAYMULUH. President
- :E31 Paso.
o. r. morkmv
j.o. l'
resleent; f
.AND. Oashieri
rtHoftAo United 8utft boueht
lean Dollar
Hi Ii. WwaKjyioe FwSWaWti rWM- H tTEBB, Aalrtn OMUfe-
-3 -J-- GlfoomMoai VieePlrjldeat., J - - ' :i ' j-
Gapital ftiia
Safety Deposit Boxer for rentr
bought ana sola.' 'I graphic 'transfers ta all points in Mexici
a.tstlMKt.J VArOIX)HOa. B. P.
Praaldaat. .Vie resident.
v.-o- I -'"
no esaie
-! V i artd jOBBERSF
e carry a eomalete line of Staple
a complete line of Staple ana Fancy
slaaa. We solicit tne trade pf dealers only, and
Ttie'New Store at the old
rue ConfesBion
It : New
9 .
bTb. ar
O.I promUeid abe public tpay: them more for their aood-
M o 4h'ifri mAra Avwta
buyer In El Paso. I make
C.; G: -SH
Across from Zeleer Hotel .
Expert FaneralDirectors and'tmtalmers
Dirlnro lftC
f pio Daa&d grhj
XT IsT 3D B O?
324 A 326 tl Paso St.
'' o Carriages furnhaM:
3 Daily
.Train s.to..
j .:-...-: J - V --.:- -ifv
.(! ti.-::.' '-' i,
,V GtoclnnatJ, D r-l.t r;rA
:!'a-..vrlJfiKB 0liiTRAJH9ETC.. CA 'EcUHif)Bt APPr3r
fi'f?? bta'n1?t ,E-ursion Sleeping -Car Ser
. w 1 u icerfefcjtaldjveanset Route and its
tC-i a :: fiTcyoasr f?ween all-Points
4Jt3 ?T:J H."i:T jiKvimi;
flli.-'l" .If?MfT a.f f Jr" ...... .
J-'J'J. '- i'r-". .(,;.;:. .;, W' Y,......:, - '-laT'j.-ij..!.-) .D (T1.4 'Tar? A3
- anaaasaaanmaaaaaaamaBaaaa ijaV
L. J.1PAR1T9 . . n, i.n i2
cijwr. c.i ; . Houston.' Texas.
entst. . ..: 1 ii'j-!' i. t.tM.w.t
M. HUlKMit, Vice frnldrai
r, WILLIAMS.- Am. Ouhtoi.'
$150 OQC
JOB1PH MAQOFFIN, Vlaa.rrs.a.
r.U-k. at.Oashlr.
ttW-" Hlehft pricw pld
ijuj". v 4' lira ii-Trr lit rot iit
in ' ii i. i. i)j i.im I' H i
" 1 - i! i ti'
tf' b.T.3 -aI J9
va roce
lm- ; i . ,
Groceries, and guarantee all oarceod '
(lyejeapuClalatteiiUoa to mali-orJert.
J.J ..!'..
stand 'lis' Where, prices talk."
i s ! Food "for , t h eS ou1 j
f ' tiklv . nMt Mm thn n
thlstallr'afad tand4by:lv' l:! :: :J -J
7 - - t . .-..,-.t
CI tn C4 - . t
- - : j -r .Telephone t7 J
Berrien . -
Phone 7Lr6fi A 1QQ
r ? fl.liJl.l J.I lli.;T
I r.-.
Best lino to 'all "'
g. b. WATrFet',a t,,",
in rwrlt tairH
- 4 -t.
' JOB,
unset-Central Special "or Pull-
U J.IPARK3. G4 PiletTL 'fti.
' Houston, Texa
f '
Ti m i . ' i 1 ;
(Concluded From Yesterday.)
It takes a lofiJtlian a mere nlg-
with hL'iueairitto scare
." sai-'-Ketti armnitc'Otly;'and I
jjtS-wrijat ,-mayie by
Tits U,litpr5ttep on,
i1"VdU. lpkV"n f
?do,trD'.Wca c.btm."
tTrthoTVK' grum-
SfcjEftp them.
; "What rifles? No, nobody's said ri
fles' to me tfo'aolire'here,iaX:j
yLtieeemp eive,t, sHe.ieaBer,oC
'Ways fpnbfjjd jfofcyv Qj, tftosettle-l
ports up the, coast, 41911 j lt,7,rl
"Jbr did V said Kttie, ;"and, yoo,
cin'Vak'e:if? i'rbnV' mMiat ec haVen't.
Smu&rfifrfif rlfleS Ssftbrt'lif a Wir offense'
brrr 4he PeVsiangfHP,'1 d1 Pm 5a!f
frOtng tO'ta.myf'rmway''bPitti
layit If JLkaclTT Iti'l -xof one'? .nil
-fiWsli 14 pk;fyqu'i;ft(jWTOnG air
aald the mate. "lH .beljeve thejr.'re 4,
some cases that are djwp wi the mani
fest as 'machinery UJsuhrTthem Btow
eddgvn'o Jyild and I remember
one of the stevedores in London joking
about them when they, were ata.ek.-bei
"Supposing" they "'were " rifles, wnat
consigned to some 01 i.s-nciUpors ,up
coast. UjO'U raid , him ' a's soon as
they're prqperly armed, and. he doesn't
llfee th'e' iilM. :' What raidlhgs' done be
likes-to tlo himself, and at the- same
time he imucU iPefera -gepdr Brum
njagpm rifles'td the kfcal Ironmonger's
bliiuifarhus$sr!S.'. "V T
I'tvJl fcl Kettle, I'A'altinj ti
near wnat no tuougnt you couia ao
with the riflea.rsuppeslns'they were on
board.," Ar,.0 - ; s 't ', j;; i .
."Oh!.be expected, me to broach cargo
and brins them here ashore to him.
He's u simple minded savage."
"By James," said 'Kettle,the man's
mad. What did. he think I should be
doing while one of my mates was
scoffing cargo under'iriy blessed nose?"
"Ah, you see," said the foggy voice
with sly. malice, "he did not know. you
60 well then, sir. That was before he
bad pcrsTiadocT you to come into his
House to'stay with binii" ? ' -:-s:-f.T
It Is probable that Captain Kettle
would have found- uccasion-to make
aMd cCtfiitient'od- this repartee from bis
inferior oflteer.-btit-at-that- laement an
other .voice, rctldresstxl . hltu - from : the
slit at: the other-side of-his prison, and
bo tarSed Jsharjily round. To-" hla surprise-'
ifi is - nev person : sixkeT in' - Very
tpleta.fe "finish -;4 J ;" :'
.'"CapnV."l want'foVmake'cotitracij'wld
"'Tlie deuce you do! AndjWho jhjgnjN
you he. anyway
"I culltui gen'lem'n; sar. JBoon Zan
a'lKW' IjHl 'JW. b, bfexQfld on P. an O.
' "Is this the Arabian Xigh'ts?'
the mischref "dtd "you-get " here.
way?" ' ' J y .t : it-.-.'.h?. or- .-( "
't'cnt"'oh)nr"stIn' jiden, sal ' "he
ole chief itreir hie out."' Went ' Vembb".
Caughf - for " s-fa'S-e. TakenF caravan.
BiWugftf- liere: 'Bfit "I'm? very, clewr
gen'leiu'n' fa r." " s n ftbon -bongti t m yset f
three wiVca. fiorigbt 'noilier wife W-
tnMor"' ' ' ' ' ' ' e: ' ' "
Oh, jou last' said KetUe. , - !
.ii::!..' .,,111 Vi :
ftZL-V9- l?V V-
sovprcisa, cash, jdawh. And. a bertl lb
my Wcaiuboats-Kiokold if youlwnl
oni'rm boi; asKingyoUt4o aein me
mereL shi(aa.s-lfni QBite competent-, to
find my own way on Uourd-aud to "Wipe
this if .i..i-jiy rWun before It's
qaitofrayMf-f TTtr? 33 vo Rf
, "othin5o jUw.ipd. s:ir.';..wi(l the
amn ldu;t!ie"Ut.,:; Ij'.Youv Insult" jpjs
'W-j?1 OT'j A4 H - genf Wift' n ber'e is,H
an jarjso.vereietVn atnse.-to; ip- s -jBef
aidean patmvaa olet mao-ittrtdiiad ke;
aay he want dcm.:rtde9) yftmot-oa
your ole tramp."
IoesiH'.t4idlfflpftf Cben .oyTocan
tlT bfint tastpS-rTiW-rftva-Wlifiiilcrtw
flfetnan. nrjC'tSpe y.orf- and?jilU'1ir'!
nJiiH;i ui m- ii jyiK .unun- iroiivi- loan
K,uoiLthci rll'Uss?ji i:had,knovu
dered them; end I hepe they come
aroupd tUii Jown.of osptirs. aud fUre
ytm.hfa Aal-oeeshere,,you aik.BBure
rteKpeVtful:i'ftloht.i my -OBteiinttoat ? or
ywtflrlget yhrJhin kicked,' dkddr.- f-
"Aft brtjframp,'rft1d h rtfau'rreH9h'
InglV4 t ep-ed' orr. P. aiiD., .sa'f;1 t(n'
on l an O.'-tvtr dbrff care to' s
id.tramri-s.-tqdrs. . 5
bftppxsHf theaulmals thoaermasenger.
lines cairy nhjng"ta eat the dead bablear
to save t he-trouble of1 hearing them
overboarrU'r, o 1
rXhe e-firmati spluttered, bat be did
not continue the contest. -.lie recast
BUaedrtiuitibo'had to deal with a maer
In the cheerful, art of Ins.ult.Tand.8Q ba
anoiafktulkIly to business; inri
YViHxocu- sivfl Bad depi rifles.--jm
low white fellow?" w
"Xo, I won't, -daddy."
"VerV rfrlfF." rilfl" Vlrf llfinn'cnlr1l.t
you tfli'tou d6 said the man. and aft
er that Kettle beard bis sllppcra'snuft
.. wwJtl " UU I D'IUII.ailllj( 13. UIUB-
itettlb.Tiut te did not remain cuditei-
Ing his brain over, this for long. It'bc-
trade. fT?Ijg"ot
ent. LfU- yrav vi
Mr. IIipFi'I Moju
and Si'kiius-Afat
you ;t-$pi
see 1 435 'tall ii . TtAoce.t
-ji -
ana awsJs:3,3ona xm
K.I.I, ana, tm iraii
ia. ?.
. -
,... .. .... j- x. 1 n'L ni' 1 "i found that, it was loosened and., with
, Vfear, you-msult mc,, ot bally Chrls-.l. " f , ii ' ,' uTr-t:-.,- f:
tian any hugor.- Hardshell .Moham- I troxzb ..,.iWiiKl.lf bs)odHl. ( anJ so ,he(
medan now. sar.an c-an marry as maay- .,,1.'frSm7
wives as 1 em, buy.". . -7 .1. J .:?.,.,fC.mP.!Tti!.'
i-rm' s.irrhe- prophet's weleomo to ' .fnfl, T,'""'
yoii, l.o.A" l.ere, my mjm.'Paaa dowrr- VaVVgV, . J '
a rnpe's end from aloft tticre. 'atict lefi B!' ',0''?V J &M
rtirrKlffO' tiiMi 'rtiai Hfahls- iit-trwo cbuliinpo8ed. him.
tiuit- auii ko' nannaiy. tTiieiootsi(io ;ioniy remaining match and saw that. he -of
th3 un4erground r-'isoH-tliM toiltt fwas-Jn another botUe shaped chamber
' stairway f somevlK're'! nea; aadJi8lmilar to the one he had left but' ip,
thVii?tb 'Be -ofihh'nrtt entire fvhd sntttothU thfr xt-fls n. ilnorwav. There was
get aen that ajt4t'rnlpht-tirKisRilUe iipojigent smoke reek here also. '.and.
f n l..An. . u itf :. ... . ' . f Jtt!
" Mifiii- nriur' un- waiii iw
For a tool -ho-liatt spied a broken
crock lvinon"tLeW)(fri'm7,,Wrh the
ldeJ"once' Vi? bi'heH. ne HM'tibl KittV
f 1 . . T.-ir. 1 .
anuatted JuSt untferueatTrt! v Wrr1 anifTha.fAmri. a o.ir n,i oViri
"A"1o 'iou .'.y.i. ti'iUJTi STai
iveiite.xirisou anu the mate's was
other of those, hotfln fanned rSiSTiT letFott
anAr.batthere, was Drpaently a Jpn.t
ft Kettle was prompt his ch fetors TtooliTtOiSten mere.boHbK. t.rape;
WM ttfefffl heJcaraft.jtptAhavftaqp. wbree,.oftlfa-aJ
liP Pfif.SWffil s5iBSW m iSS.tlobWeije erff ohejng)
barai lata .a glow neltbfmiAibceatha'andiU
tbaBmoreradingbing' Ab3 svsn e nlrsssms k
the fire lighter UJetoblsffepaitBranl'Slnii
pdWtf 4hore,. clapiU sinttq phurC MisVel a'Weretftt'SeeTnothb
jaBOWhttflr wal thfe- soxrad oA-mHtesWiriWft fti SfrHfl'ffft v3k3atfeerVe1"
019 mmesTaS1 enMvmnu.OT'aCarMne'IffWeFeJl att Hmr tf 't7ieHHfriet'KcetHT
uoormP9fnev omwotv-7prtmiu:-aartinf'4W? dtfIth,ga6hI, hn"pmeiftrj
teemed to be carpets or heavy rues. I urrrfv7Srff,9fio?fl3 SZ.i Va J.fto3nr
There wffs sortltiupe mysterious
X wa D9riOfn.llftl r'TI I .mal
pnis mn,mret or
a . . - . t . . .
lit nnl1 nnt nut n nnmA.tn t fi ntlo-
I eeft.?, Wf.,w'paBfotoritjrUadfi
AjaS lRnirl.e, sweat dsljl
d from him, but, iojlpiwltb -
havape glee athlssi
SSUCceSS. The foun-
rerr,M8., M'fl VfrtaHVP 'WVftd
l r .-rr., i r-TT --T.n-iOTti-rr: i.t, p-t rimrn-nij
HI1U.I Ul 1.1 . 1 I If .lllll.'l IILIIIIII! Ufl I II 1 I
pppeare0,nle sniall.,,ur,,,, ,n,eT
i jAAurrai, in APqtfter, prson, haq i
Fn.eJ;;tbe; reek jb.cforeand.w.atl
tWWl, .ilfftPeri VM
K'YPt.WWPv luatilJ5p?jrjJ
khe distance, "they're going. tosmp.kpT
kis to death; that's the game."
"Loo"k(r llke'trylng' it,' panted the'ilt-
tle SAitor, f rani his work.. ) Jtiij h'-air.-rA
"Thafs dried
Rmrning; Ther'
here, and that s
!the smoke pets
tears' yoo all to
It-nn't-yon come to smne-agreemetitrwitbt
liad over those Messed riUes?' ! 'Irsi ad
lieastly death to die,- this."
, ?Tou: aren't deatl-by a long chalb--
jyet-'More'n I'd hate to be-smoka
jdried-like a ham but-1 don't start in?:;
ho scoff The oarpo on my own ship4atd
njr4)ally 'price;" ' r
I J There" -was: a sound of distadt cougbni
;ift. i-'aud"' then ' he rhisty iueotieni
.""What ar-you working at?" 1 c.;
1 T'Takiit'g xrrcfsel''. Kettle . gasped,
xmA after that communication betweeoJ
!tliO'lTi was limited to iuceHsant KtaxT"
icato coughs. .
' More and morp acrid grew the air as
thV'bufn?ii3"'cam& satrrt'ilteVr'Vt
fhMhW 'flHrtrriftne'r4 Wtn m'rifre',aW?
inore !and;'niW ftf'nred fitw"KetWeaH
' biitvif 'Vras m-rtledi'' He7 ld -g'i red' li'p'
hls'rvrtSinarhl'eii df 'ralbinjj a-'paska-'
1 wajWndP the wan.-"InlvWthirwOHllr'
..." . . i' l : ' ..v. .1 ..
i nave im.h'0 a 'lanor or" weeRs-wn-rr rri"
liooir'bro-ken rbt,iameW Vis''la 'only"'
tool, for the weight of the bufiaibg'
'lmiv.Wr ak;n t? thhardpes of
-iw; .Vf Vf'f f,"V. 1
I rmy. 11 wsi: iimiuiiini y iniiu-iui ui i
lf!..'lM... -he. briLjaam.
when they were urulcrmined. and tlif
w:Cl CasCfoGrl LriJks Ciilt C iC Gri
tjief sfdo. Moreover, bvety iltrnat
M?r?e was crosspinned. auil the work!
lliaii was rapiuy netouiniS I"lny
was rapiJliy
oil by the terrible reek which cami
lowing in from the 0,1f,frf
I Still, with aching c!tSFinmle(nl
finders and Binrtiuc eyex Kettlu. wyrlq
.41 dog$Airtt'nrTf9 iroii
iliade c
ih the blackness heyond he dtlLnoI
llmiw. Either RnilTVt Ir th
reman might be waini?iTTgirtmn
klotip deja-aeo JhVJUqfif ,Ji2.aS??iIt
OoariHl. TfWWasladylo'eeepl
bery risk. lie felt that it he staid I
ie reek or tu-at burning t-jftfrtTytHin
.1 'sniti; cinrf'j tt.t ffm
jl The lioren theMlj;i?woftas not
4 P5Aj8&Ta throiijrtiv, ?ftf6pe opV
U' 1
KITAairii'ji . ItadT TrU me trulu. or rh
- T
tttato you into dog s mcau" '
icamtl.s dimw they re 1 tpi ln KM,,vi,f!iM,ri.''-!''Snt h
s no. wood in-iArabiai troU sboPi yor savy. sar? f-bont ltil
their, oaijf fueUi WheiDl mJk yK ).);; J
into your IwnssJ 1tt jastH -r-ParTi .1 .
nirc ' . it co v atir niiun. i .
... ... J . --V i -"e- i tuj rfawi b9.a.i.?
rrTirrtsi-'lIcifelt'tha thtf hacingrcotilfi;
were? giinwlugtr'ay ftlsT fftrerrgtn'! aW
iins 'n'dV'the' rtnfoH-( etn'rrt "of"r
loncrer he would be strangle
f t. 'till til
I ' -r- - - - T
lie found and seraoed his
itnouen its sienaerness came to mm as
;a blessed. relief after, what he had. been.
'enurns, he lusted desperately11f6r(iJ
J;fh JBfW.Jwm,o cwiHreana TOF
Jill- I tlRMnAYtrntfthAin pnnriuiuittAD Mnrrn v u
IViiLl.ha loilul l , Jara.i .h!r.L- onrni
hffbeilrraeii;the doncso, aa,
biledwas51aidjmed tha trauo,
4eoaiSw 9ej6H.rli inj l7TMdjir
7 beete.hliOr,,r,y' f.!. - , , j...,-.
o-- w
" - aa v v r auuix a.
j taoai d)Beoi Kfcteigirwif lytB-rfsteftle-n
point of starting off to carry tfisoijt..
I Lu. ...- A .
they a were ,aAm.st', wltWpSiU8d 'jguJnaqu
WodotteBnlpn,freHe - .npe WsjaiDa 1
lnc. mniliinr fluff ns l)I.li.v,-.,Ma " .
Bail 3ieHher.Ivttl& uq? bis. iuate had 1
ny eye for the humors of the situa-
1 A 1 J .1 v. , , . . .
uuu jusi mtu. Jiurraj nuicseu toe
Jnan's legsjirtistlchlLv from beneath
hlm anKeltle pipped Msands anjj
throat. ne thrWyiiis savageitfie
face close dorii. to the biafk 'tafi!a.
x0w," he nTii. , "Where's b'a.1 '? Tell
me trl,y r;VH mate.jira Into ffcgs
meat. nd Aiea'k- tniltlv . irAnika
a row, I'll gouge' youryes. oiit'?'
liad. he in 'divan," the felrsrw
room" sanl Murrayr-rr
; '!i nitthe icVet."y-9afd. fettle. ' ' S
In to.ttbe-. oubliette Alu "itppp)d.1Juhr
clappingff'dowfivth4 door. :$n :it$'vfIae
. : - t v .-4 J 9 r I
abfiji'; v4Thre y6i fnnjf tay.
black lieasttVsaW toe,'jusei "to
ahacx rmlssCyour-' Comct'TiTpirIr.
' They-felruponRad-eJ M?oussa placid
ly resting amongv-he cushions of the
divan.rwitb, the stem of the waterjupe
bewe hjSj teeijh, 'andj tls .mintprob
a)yy euri'ng . out jpla'n .of ?caippag&
In," which the captured 'rifles' 'would! do '
astonishing work.. ... . .,
I Kettle, had naeyolvier in. ppen ( vjew,
but Bd , had .alrpadg . learned, hw. jcewj
Hypfh'at. uistrq'mpnl, could be .prpjicedj
ob, 099a i on, , a n,d ,b,a d , the wi t . t o pp ae
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yon to understand what's going, to be-
IThe-'ast. lighter load
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