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One ofthe tourist cars that arrived
on the O. H. this morning had a corpse
in a berth. It was the body of Elra
Bradshaw. aged 16. of Boyceville. Wis
consin. Young Bradshaw was on his
way to Los Angeles in company with
his father, N. W. Bradshaw, a merch
ant of Boyceville. The young man was
a sufTerer from a disease of the bone
which bad attacked his arm and it had
been amputated. But his blood had
been poisoned by the disease and he
never recovered from the effects of
it but he wad not thought to be so
near death.
Mr. Bradshaw said that about 2
o'clock this morning he was up 'and
gave his son a drink. He and his son
had berths just opposite each other and
he heard him complaining and he
seemed restless but as that was no un
common thing he did not get up to
look after him any more until about
& o'clock. He was shocked to find his
boy had passed away. The body was
still warm and it was evident that tie
had not been dead more than an hour.
An undertaker was notified to meet
tue train and tie body will be em
balmed here preparatory to shipment
back home. Mr. Bradshaw has not de
cided which way be will return, as he
will have to make arrangements about
transportation. He has a ticket to San
Francisco but will not want to go that
way now. He will probably return
over the G. H. as soon as arrangements
The Mexican Central passenger train
due here at 5:40 yesterday afternoon,
waa twenty hours lata on account of
a wash out and did not arrive until
this afternoon. .
T. Dickson, a Washington excursion
agent, passed through this morning.
He brought in twenty-six passengers
and left four here. Tue four that
stopped here have some sort of a show.
The Santa Fe route has recently
bought eleven new postal cars. They
are fitted up according to government
specifications and contain the very lat
est appliances for safety and comfort
of employes, as well as speedy hand
ling of the mails.
A. E. Stoitz, the G. H. fireman who
was slated to take toe place of an S.
P. fireman who is sick, did not do so.
The reason is that he received a mes
sage stating that his mother in San
Antonio is very sick and he left for
that city last night.
The S. P. is having a new switch
laid in the yards just west of the de
pot and between the two tracks that
run on each side of the depot. It is
to be what is called a dead switch, one
on which cars may be left standing
and not be in the way.
A little child of O. H. Norman, a
brakeman o nthe G. H.. got hold of
a bottle of carbolic acid yesterday
morning and drank some of it. Mr.
of In the district court this morning
the prisoners having plead guilty:
Jesus Martinez, conspiracy to murder,
assault. to murder, and murder. Two
years in each case making a total of 6
years which added to an eight year
sentence already passed make 14 years
in prison. Amando Martinez was giv
en two years for burglary. Cornelio
Mesa was given two years for theft
from the person.
Must Pay Full Tax.
Tax Collector Caples yesterday sent
notices to May Palmer. Tillie Howard,
and Etta Clark that they must either
pay $450 retail liquor license for the
state and county tax or quit selling
anything but beer. They are now pay
ing beer rate, while they sell anything.
Want to Be Discharged.
The jury in the Moore case is still
unable to agree and seem very anx
ious to be discharged. They have been
out since three o'clock yesterday even
ing. Painting the Court House.
Painters are at work on the court
house giving in a much needed new
coat of paint which is being done Just
at the right time, before the Carnival.
Fined for Carrying a Gun.
Paul Hyde, colored. was arrested
last night for carrying a pistol and
was fined $25 this morning.
" "Charged" With"Cattle"Theft7
Serene ro Perada is being tried this
afternoon before Judge Walthall for
theft of cattle.
Cleaning the Jail.
Jailor Bridgers has a force of men
When the Big Game Comes Off on
Christmas Day. It Will Be a Hot
oooooooooooo oooooooooooooo
The Only New Jewelry 8
Store in El Paso is Q
can be made. He is terriblv broken work, but had to go for a doctor in
tip over the unexpected death of bis stead. The little child . was terribly
son. The young man's death was prob- j burned about the mouth and throat
ably caused by the high altitude about ' and for most or the day novered De
Alpine, near which place the death i tween life and death, but yesterday
Norman had just been called to go to c,ean,ng the unty jai, from ceHar to
Drunks Fined.
There were five cases of drunks
Ed Lamb, the popular St, Louis ex-
evening the doctor pronounced it out Plice court fined from to each
of danger.
Ed Shipley, the day pumper of theJUAREZ IS SADLY IN
jr. n. ai mis punts, w ijrtus I KHRTt OF A NEW T ATT.
cursion agent, passed through this;LUk;e'S hospital with one whole side
morning with eighteen people. He says 'naroiTTa Wednesday evenlnz he
that the tourist travel still holds up ' complained of feeling bad and when I Mayor Dnate Will Present a Petition
r ' " V, ".", 1 ne quu worK ne wenc . . . s I in Person at Chihuahua for the
waum(. vknj uccu i uumuj a nolel and went to Dea. i ne ueii i
short time and is just beginning to j morning he was found helpless and I Construction of a Respectable
B?id.up g? busines- He believes wa8 removed to the hospital. He is Place of Detention and Confine-
uuii ure "Bin an i uuiot rai- ( well up in years and en is manes me
ward will be heavier than now imme- miiHnn nil th mora serious with I ment.
diately after. the holidays. He assigns , him. but It is hoped that he will re-
as a cause tor the heavy travel to Call- gain the use of his paralyzed half in a
xornia me nooaing 01 toe east witn short time,
advertising matter reeardiner the at-
niAnl nf naiifmiia Th. ta Beginning today there will be a
to be to go to Florida to spend the through baggage car on the incoming
winter. The travel that is seen pass- - H. passenger trains to be transfer
in wtrH w en naoaine- rmth-" red to'the 8. P. Heretofore the bag-
Mayor Onate of Juarez is going to
Chihuahua to present a petition for
the erection of a new jail in Juarez.
Juarez is the only seat of the feder
al court in the state of Chihuahua and
JT.ni7, been transferred to aS- an important municipal district court
gan to invite them to come over and other car at this place and the through I point and the number of prisoners
spend the winter with her. That ad- oaggage nas ueeu uicreaaiug m nmuuui mere nas grown until the old Jail
mrtiain? nav fa nrnvcrt nv tha tart SO rapidly OI late mac ine lime re-1 , nt v,i,i r,v, r
. . . . . . . . . )iitAi1 mo rA tha rnan or a who IYTl c I
xnat tne iiae 01 tourist travel nas oeen tt Zz T. This nlan ha Wn on tw t
m m a a. 1 or than rnar a avm ror rnn . f. to w v
advertising and the men who contrib- wait before taking its departure after time and the council has several times
ntpd tn the, fund to iMr th PTnpnp the G. H. arrived. This morning there asked for a new edifice. It Is believed
of this advertising are reaping the rich were 186 pieces of through baggage that tne state wiu furi8h the build-
harvest. What California has done El ana mucn time was tu u, m cor lng now and th mayor hag gone tQ
Aso can uu. ine attractions 01 tms . - - -. --- ,,
na int.r rnrt ahm.M t h. of taking out the baggage and putting urge the matter on the governor.
rtiai m th east bv nrinted matter it in another car. One end of the The new building, if constructed at
iwfnr riiatrihiitori thoro Ponnlo whn through baggage car was full of Christ- I tii will be one of the bst 1aila in Mex.
hnr thmmrh tinketa tn Rnn Pranriopn mas presents, being taken home by
-J " . . , .!. , nloltlni, I t" "- """"'"ft V"- Ul
from the east are surprised to see such . fop & re6,dence an(i te unfit for a jall
m tuwu utrrtr. i ucjr uiu iiul miuw 1 1 -
was here. They say that if they had I - - - .
known it in time they would have I
made arrangements to stop off here a
while, or to have made this the ter
minus of their trip. El Paso should
follow the example of the California
towns and advertise.
The state railroad commission in
session at Austin has issued in regard
News Of
the Courts
The mayor wants a building fitted
throughout with modern cells and ar
ranged for the comfort of prisoners
with different class cells. The federal
prisoners are now put in with other
prisoners of the common class, which
has never been agreeable.
Mayor Onate hopes to have the
building finished by next summer.
Arrested for Using Abusive Language.
to railway bulletin boards the follow-' Mrs. Gusta. R. Perry was arrested jST CLEMENT'S ORGAN RE-
inr nrrfor- wnnrma nnnn invoetieia- tius mornmr on a warrant sworn out I
Hon it is RrtAinPi that anm of ' bv Mrs. Walter Lone for using abus- I CITAL WAS A GREAT SUCCESS
the railway companies in this state do jive language. It will be remembered
not require bulletin boards to be kept tnai several monina ago waiter uns The organ recital last night at the
attheir depots with proper informa- nie da suit for divorce from his wife EDBCODa, church was one, of th
tion thereon, and, whereas, much com- and she tiled , a counter suit. Later EP'scopal church was one of the
plaint is made by the traveling pubnc Walter Long withdrew his suit for di- most enjoyable concerts that have been
. as to the failure of depot agents to vorce and left El Paso, going to Dallas given in El Paso for many a day. It
. give them such information as they j where he spent about three or four consisted of numbers from some of
doubtless have of the probable time , TT the best musicians in
fore ordered by the railroad commls
ion of Texas that all railway com
panies subject to the jurisdiction of
this commission are hereby required to
keep in some conspicuous place at their
passenger depots where the public can
see it a bulletin board upon which
shall be bulletined each day the regu
lar time of arrival and departure of all
regular passenger trains, and when
wij bui u nam jb mr any cause de
layed notice and time of such delay
must be ascertained from the dispatch
er from time to time and noted on said
board until tne arrival of such train, to
the end that the public may be able to
form such correct idea, as to the time
of the arrival of delayed trains.
ht M.ln.ul rtlla a a hia hnmo. Mm lB st musicians m n.i raso. mere
Long still occupies the homestead on I was no admission but generous con
Mesa avenue. . Yesterday evening it I tributlons were received near the close
Is alleged that Mrs. Perry met Mrs. If the vening's entertainment for the
1AIUK UU tUO DWCOW (Mill AfCA v I . , , . .
that the complaint waa sworn outl""""- "uc a-
and the case set for trial at two o'clock I Kate Moore Brown for the program,
tomorrow afternoon before justice A. I as it was through, her efforts that it
W. CjpenCer.- I uraa maA a cnjwiAaa
Palace Theater Attractions.
Ed LaRocque. a G. H. car repairer,
is off duty on account of being sick.
L. Bourgeois, the G. H. brakeman
who went to California several days
ago on a leave of absence, has returned
Harry' Alexander, assistant general
freight and passenger agent of the
White Oaks road, left this morning
for Canitan.
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Maud Cook, the Palace theater girl CHILDREN'S
wno attacKed a. k. Minion, a rimes re
porter, night before last and who was
arrested for fighting, was not tried
yesterday evening. Her case was con
tinued, until tonight and she was re
leased on bond furnished by Joe Mills
of the,- theater. Lat night she was I "Our chimney is small, do you think
again arrested for fighting and will you can get jown it?
kovA tv anowA frs turn ohgrvao f hia I
t I One boy who was thoroughly inves
Hinton is being tried before Justice "gating tne matter asxed tn one ques-
Spencer this afternoon for fighting, I tion. "Isn't it too warm for reindeer,
Hinton was sent by his paper to the ren or do you make them yourself,
resort, and while there he got into a I have you a bicycle shop, are you going
quarrel over his mission. and waslto tne Mesa school, are you going to
thrown out by attaches of the dive. I . . ....
v u,B v u duooy j line
Prisoners Pleaded Guilty. I for children to hang up their stock-
The following cases were disposed I ings?"
Finally the kindergarten gifts from
o:::: -:::.:::::::: .& :: th litt,e prett"y ??eXe
-w.w.-w.v-w. vsjland frames, were all distributed, and
Buy Him a Kodak.
It will
Keep Him Off the Street.
Photographic Supplies.
they all bade Santa Claus good-bye,
g shaking hands with him, the boys tak-
iuis vn lueir cups in pretty saiute.
One small boy was noticeable for
ue fact that the minute he saw Santa
he shouted out, "I am going to give
Santa a map." Usually the children's
first thought is what Santa will give
them, but this generous youngster's
first promptings were to give Santa
something. At the end of the morn
ing a little girl pressed a bit of the
prettily woven work into Santa's
The other schools of the city had
(appropriate exercises today according
iAAiakA - - n i w iuc vuuiuo iiriuieu jr taw run jr. i ue
.o.o.. o.o....:o.o.o:o:o:o:o:o::o. 'attendance wa8 urge.
The foot ball team was out last
night again for anotheer hard prac
tice. Peyton Edwards, than whom
there is not a better all-around ath
lete in EI Paso, has consented to as
sist in coaching the team and was out
last night and worked hard with the
boys. With such men as Peyton Ed
wards and "Bob" Rutherford and
Captain Devis coaching the team it will
readily bee seen that something is
bound to come from their efforts.
The boys will meet again tonight and
tomorrow night and on Sunday after
noon will line up for a short practice
game the last before the big Christmas
game with Mesilla Park. But any one
thinking that the game will be a walk
over for either team will be mistaken
for the Mesilla Park team has been
training since last September and is
still hard at work fSr the Christmas
game and if the El Paso boys win
they will have to play hard and fast
foot ball and will need the rooting of
every enthusiast in El Paso.
The foot ball colors are cream and
crimson, and every body attending
the game next Tuesday should wear a
streamer of these colors. 1
It will be a pretty exhibition of man
ly strength together with science, and
no one can afford to mis3 the game.
By special request the southt side of
the gridiron will be reserved for acr
riages. That foot ball is the greatest draw
ing card of ail the college sports may
be seen from the following taken from
the New York World:
"Foot ball is the great money maker
among college sports. Harvard's fi
nancial statement of athletics, which is
doubtless representative, shows that
the net piofits from foot ball last sea
son were $42,269, making good the de
ficit in other branches of sport, en
abling the expenditure of more than
$20,000 in permanent improvements,
and leaving a net balance for the year
of $26,500."
X y io4 San Antonio St. Phone 578
000000000 coco 0000000000000
Look Here !
For Christmas we will make
IO per cent, discount on all
heating ,
' Stoves and
Steel Ranges
Con er Texas St. and Mesa Ave , EI Paso, Texss.
OOOOOOOOOOOO oooooooooooooo
S At Low Prices
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all the modern and ancient war
scenes, including President Kruger
leaving the pealace for the last time,
many of the severest battles in the
Boer war. the American troops in the
Philippines driving the natives from
the island into the surf, naval battles
of Manila and Santiago, the Dewey
arch and parade In New York, and
hundreds of scenes in all the countries
of Europe.
The original and famous Basco will
be here with his trained reptiles. This
is not the old sickening sight given by
tho fake tnake eaters, but is something
rarely seen anywhere. He carries
hundreds of trained snakes and insects
that do bis bidding a& a trained dog
would do. j
The flying lady, French dancing
girls, electrical theater and numbers
of other things have already been se- ,
cured and not one of them is or-1
dinary or in the least unfit for the
most refined people to witness.
So much for the Mid-way!
The association has arranged to put
up its own electric light plant in or
der to have sufficient illuminations.
The old plants are both now filled with
orders and will be run at their full
capacity, but the association wants
the grandest illumination ever seen in
a small city and will furnish power for
that purpose without taxing the estab
lished plants.
Everything considered the Carnival
has been well managed and a glance
at the program will convince anyone
that no Carnival in the country ever
had more rare and splendid attrac
tions than have been booked for the
grat show here, and the only question
now is something new for "Carnival
No. 2."
Booksellers and Stationers.
OOOOOOOOOOOO oooooooooooooo
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All the new stock consisting of
dolls, games, collar and cuff
boxes toilet sets, all t e latest
books, cut glass ware, Waterman
fountain Hens. Lowney s candies
and fres cut flowers,
For Every
Dollar's worth of Christmas
Goods bought for cash we will
give away one vote for the -ar
nival Queen.
Potter " White
PHdNE 356.
we will take hold of such cases with
authority. We will then go to such a
mother and tell her we will take the
little girl and keep her until she can
show us that she is fit morally to raise
her. But this school if established and
the humane society I speak of if or
ganized will not be for the purpose of
getting even with the other fellow. Oh.
"We want to rescue the fallen, save
tne children from being taught a life
of sin, keep the brutal driver from
beating his horse, stop the cruel hus
band from making life miserable for
.8 wife, and put a stop to these many I Senora Fedora Jinon, aged 50 years.
acts tnat we see being commuted dled ,at her home in this city this
...... , . , , ; morning. The funeral will be held at
daily, but because we have no backing tne church of g,. Heart tomorrow
we cannot stop it. afternoon and the burial will be in the
"I could go down to that theater and . Catholic Concordia cemetery,
take the steps that some people are
I would be called a donkey for my
pains. Let us have a humane society.
Then let the courts and the police co
operate with the society. Not to re
form but to save the innocent before
they need reforming.
"Society or no society I am going to
do all in my power to save the fallen
and rescue the ones in danger. The
people know that I have interfered in
cases of cruelty to man and animals,
not only in El Paso but in many of the
largest citiies of Vexas, My scrap book
tells the story, for I have clippings
from many papers telling of the in
stances where I have acted. I do not
do it for notoriety or money, for not
a cent do I get for it, but because it
is my earnest desire to do what is
right. I guess I will make a talk on
the streets some time tomorrow on
this subject and if the people are will
ing to act with me in this and all
similar cases, let them speak up."
expecting me to. but how do I know
that I would have the authorities he-
hind me?
A Wall From Expcrleae.
Carter I'll tell you what It is, old
I might go there and res- "J"u' " '" ,s " , " ...
cue the child and then be obliged to KoI, . ho, ' fhf
let her go back because the authorities know TOU can.t beat. Boston Courier.
would not support me in the cat. Then - - - .
Panne velvet spotted with gold la
very attractive.
French batiste In black and trimmed
with lace makes a fashionable corset.
Black fox showing a few white hairs
Is reported as one of the favorite furs
for boas.
Grecian satin, a new wool material
for evening wraps and tea gowns, baa
a tiny diagonal stripe on the surface.
Frosted gauze in new material called
glvrine is used for evening gowns,
which are also made of embroidered
Shaded su-de helta studded with
stwl. gold or rnamol and fastened with
handsome bnoUU'S to match are very
much worn.
A pr'lty vest is made of cream spot
ted not tucked at wide intervals, filled
In with tiny bins hands of colored silk
RtltHied on the edges.
Long coats of black satin with fine
stitched down tucks from the empire
yoke to a little way above the hem are
one variety of winter wrap which Is to
be very much worn.
Very frivolous and perishable neck
nifties or hons are made of chiffon, edg
ed with chenille, and of white taffeta
Ilk In a series of points edged with
tiny black and white silk fringe.
Pretty little coats for very young
girls are made of light cloth In the
double breasted sacque style, with
large turn down collars in open silk ap
plique. Other jackets have velvet or
lace collars, and a more simple style la
of cloth trimmed with braid. Then
there Is the long empire coat trimmed
with stitched bands. New York Sun.

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