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000 OX"fr0
The El Paso Daily Herald
guarantees a circulation
ABOVE 2.250 every day in
the year.
The El Paso Daily Herald
guarantees a circulation
nearly if not quite DOUBLE
that of the Times.
The El Paso Daily Herald will
show absolute PROOF of
these assertions to any inter
ested party.
will be printed un
der the proper clas
sification in the
Column at 4: he fol
lowing rates;
(Abbreviations and fig
ures count as words)
15 Words or Less
1 Time. 25 Cents
5 cents extra if advertise
ment is over 15 and un
der 20 words.
15 Words or Less
2 or 3 Times, 40 Cents
10 cents extra if adver
tisement is over 1 5 and
under 20 words.
15 Words or Less
6 Times, 75c
20 cents extra if adver
tisement is over 1 5 and
under 20 words.
This business is STRICTLY
CASH. Advertisements left
at this office are payable in
ADVANCE of publication.
Advertisements will be re
ceived by TELEPHONE (115
2 rings) in which case tho
bill is payable ON PRESEN
TATION. It is better to
WRITE OUT your notice
and send it to the cffice with
the money.
In order to be placed in the
proper classification, adver
tisements must be in the of
fice before 1 p. m. Adver
tisements will, however, be
received up to 3:30 p. m.,
subject to being placed on .
another page.
If the replies are to be left at
The Herald office, we cannot
undertake to deliver them.
They can be had by calling
at the office and giving the
check number that appears
in the. advertisement. It is
better to give your address in
the advertisement.
Try it once and
you will need no
further proof of the
unequaled valueof
The Herald as a
Popular Want Medium.
WANTED Immediately First-class
tailors, constant employment, high
est wages paid. Ben T. Gillett
foreman. Bisbee. Arizona.
WANTED Good cook Tor hotel,
ply 108 San Antonio street.
WANTED An experienced powder-
man and quarryman, must talk Span
ish: none others need apply. A
WANTED Men to learn barber trade,
taught thoroughly in eight weeks by
lectures, instructions and practical
experience. We present outfit of
tools, allow Satun.ay wa;es and
guarantee $12 to $15 weekly when
competent; busy season now. big de
mand for graduates. We have placed
over 800 on palace trains, hospitals
hotels, country and city shops as
well as locating many in their own
shops, new field open. No better
trade in existence. Write today for
special spring offer and catalogue.
Moler Barber College. St. Louis. Mo.
WANTED Two good sewing girls at
once. 309 Texas street.
girl at 500 Boule-
vard street.
WANTED Lady to
branches and music,
teach English
Address W. W.
Cox, Organ N. M.
FOR SALE Small stock of merchan
dise new. Address, P. O. Box 340.
FOR SALE On account of sickness
A first class bakery in a railroad
town no competition. Trade is all
swelL Good business, well fitted up-,
no encumbrance. $600 cash. Ad
dress Bakery. Herald office.
FOR SALE Drug store at Hlllsboro.
New Mexico. Stock small but new
and complete. Good opening for
physician. Address, C. C. Miller,
Hlllsboro, N. M.
FOR RENT An elegantly furnished
front room. Nice location. Address
"D. J.," Herald office.
Crews, proprietress. Newly furnish
ed rooms, single or en suite, or for
light housekeeping. Hot and cold
baths. 506 Texas street.
FOR RENT Three rooms.
500 Hill street.
New house.
Dr. Lindsay's former residence. Ap-
; ply at 219 North El Paso street or
1 8o Horse power boiler; in good
1 100 Horse power boiler in A. No.
1 condition.
1 5 Ton "Consolidated" Ice ma
chine. 1 ioo Ton Incandescent Lamp Dy
namo "Brush."
El Piso Ice & Refrigerator Co.
FOR SALE Fifteen fine dairy cows,
Apply to A. Courchesne.
TO EXCHANGE A handsome, pearl
necklace worth $300. would trade
for city lot in good location. P. O.
Box 723.
Thorough competent dentists; all
the latest appliances for. up-to-date
dentistiy. Rooms 10 and 11 Plaza
block, head of El Paso street. Open
evenings and Sunday 4 noons.
Graduate of the American School of
Osteopathy, at Kirksville. Missouri.
Office room 7. 504 Mesa Ave.
4 lots on Wyoming. $1,200, easy terms
1 lots on Texas street. $700.
3 lots on Boulevard. $900, easy terms.
2& lots; 3 houses on Missouri. $3,150.
5 room brick, $2,500, one-third cash.
5 room brick, $1,800, easy terms.
$6,500 business offer, close in.
32 room rooming house. A snap.
17 room rooming house, close in.
3 lots on Texas street. $1,250.
Call and see our list of not advertised
houses and lots of all kinds.
El Paso Steam Laundry, 'Phone 47.
TOR SALE One of the best paying
hotel businesses in El Paso. Situated
In heart of business center of city.
Good reason for selling.
FOR SALE Two story house on Texas
street, between Campbell and Stan
ton streets. Price, $6,000.
COR SalE One 5-room house with
hall and arge oath room, on corner
lot 60x80. Rents for $22.50 per mo.
This bargain for $i.o. Easy terms.
FOR SALE New house 6 rooms and
bath. N. Stanton street, on two lots.
TOR SALfc, One 8 room and bath new
house. N. Stanton, close in. Every
modern convenience.
F-- SALE Four room brick house
on Missouri street. Price. $1,600.
TOR SALE 5 room brick residence on
N. Oregon St., south of Boulevard
East front, Prico $2,500. cash and
balance 1. 2, ard 3 years, at per
FOR SALE 2 brick houses renting for
$30 per month. On Third St. next to
cor St.Vrain. Price $2,000. casn
and balance 1, 2 and 3 years at 8 per
FOR SALE A 5-room house with bath
residence on N. Stanton, close in.
Very desirable location.
FOR SALE One six room new resi
dence with bath North Kansas St.,
near Montana, trice $3,500.
FOR SALE One six room residence
with bath new, on North Florence
street, near Boulevard. Price $3,500.
FOR SALE A rive room brick house
cor Hills and Third sts. for I1.8C0.
Easy terms.
FOR SALE A fine stx room Tiouse
bath and ball on Myrtle street. Very
FOR SALE 't wo new brick residences
now in course of construction on
Magoffin avenue, 6 rooms and bath.
FOR SALE 1 5-roora and batn brick
house, nearly new; price $1,750, and
2 3-room and bath brick bouses $1.
500 each, on easy terms.
FOR SALE 1 lots on N. Florence
for $375. These are a bargain.
FOR SALE 72 feet corner Kansas and
First streets. Price. $7,200.
FOR SALE Eight lots on Texas street
for $2,800.
FOR SALE 2 east front lots on Vir
ginia st. between Franklin and Mis
souri streets. $300 each.
FOR SALE Six lota facing southeast
cor. Campbell and Rio Grande sts.
FOR SALE 2 east front building lots
on North Oregon and Boulevard.
FOR SALE 4 Southeast corner lots
N. El Paso and Rio Grande streets.
FOR SALE Five building lots on
Campbell street, between Montana
and Rio Grande.
FOR SALE 35x120 feet on Oregon St.,
near Second, for $90 per foot.
FOR SALE Four large pieces of prop
erty on Sonth Stanton street.
FOR SALE 52 feet corner Stanton and
Second streets. Price $9,500.
FOR SALE 52x120 feet corner Stan
ton and First stretes. Price $10,400.
FOR SALE A fine large corner prop
erty on Texas street, 104 by 120 ft.
FOR SALE A fine piece of business
property on Oregon street near
Overland. Price $10,500.
FOR SALE 20x120 feet on South
Stanton street, between Overland
and First.
3IX ROOM BRICK house. 130 ft on
Boulevard. 104 on Stanton, a. J. cor.
Very desirable.
feet fronting on Santa Fe street, near
Overland. $4,500.
NINE ROOM BlwCK house. 214 lots.on
N.Santa Fe.east front, desirable lo-
! cation.
TWO LOTS corner Second and Virgin-
ia streets. $700.
TWO LOTS corner Second and Kan
sas streets.
FOUR LOTS on Arizona street south
front. $300 each.
THtt:E LOTS corner Ochoa and Wy
oming streets very desirable, $1,350.
FIVE LOTS corner Wyoming and
Ange streets.
8 LOTS in Magofflns addition. $500. lib
eral terms.
4 LOTS on Boulevard north of Martin
ez residence, excelent view.
site A. Xrakauer's new residence on
Mesa ave, suitable for large resi
dence. CORNER Octavia and Myrtle sts.. 2
lots north side of Myrtle. $1,000.
4714 FEET FRONT bo 134 deep on El
Paso street. nar Third.
60X120 ON W. OVERLAND St., close in
$30 per front foot.
25 FEET corner Fourth and El Paso
streets. $1,500.
FOR SALE Property Improved and
unimproved, in all parts of the city.
If you want to sell list with me, I
will advertise your property without
cost to you.
Diamonds and all other precious
stones bought, sold and exchanged. If
you want the value on any precious
Btone we will give it gratis.
Silberberg Bros., the Diamond Brokers,
102 San Antonio street, next to First
National Bank.
Read the records of 1849.
Wielipan & Cottiogham.
New four room house, hot and cold
water. Prospect avenue.
Eight room brick house, north side
price 2,750.
Five room brick house. Vs cash, price,
Three lots on North El Paso street
easy terms, price, $1,000.
Two lots on Upson avenue, price, $700,
Two lots on Prospect avenu, V cash
price. $500.
Two and one half lots on Arizona
street, a bargain, price, $650.
70x-121 feet on Coto street, a bargain
price, $650.
Two lots on North Oregon street, price,
One lot on South Kansas street, rent.
$18 per month, price. $650.
Two and one half lots on Mesa avenue.
price. $338.
Five lots corner Boulevard and St
Vrain street, price. $2,250.
f-0x78 feet on Boulevard, near El Paso
street, price, $1,125.
130 feet on San Antonio street, rental
income $100 per month, price $15,000.
Business block, rental income, $900 per
month, price. $80,000.
Eight room brick house on North EI
Paso street, lot 40x120 feet, price,
El Paso is going to be a great city
and Oregon street will lw its prin
cipal thoroughfare. We have for sale
on this street:
Twenty-five feet fronting on Third
street. $150 per foot.
Seventy feet between Second and
Third for $10,000.
35x120 feet near corner Second street
east front. $125 a foot.
NOW IS THE TIME to invest on Ore
gon street. We have several pieces
close in that will advance 50 per cent
inside of thirty days.
WE HAVE Other esidence. and beau
t if nl lots in all parts of the city. Al
so business property close in that
will increase 50 per cent., in twelve
months. It will be to your interest
to see us before you purchase.
FOR SALE Five room brick dwelling
on Myrtle avenue, three blocks out,
owner insists on sellilng.
FOR SALE Lot and a half on North
El Paso street, east front, beautiful
binding site will be sold cheap.
FOR SALE: On Myrtle avenue, close
in, a bargain.
FOR SALE Prospective business
property at surprisingly low prices.
FOR SALE Building lots and resi
dences in every portion of the city at
reasonable prices and satisfactory
FOR SALE Five lots corner Montana
and Ochoa streets.
FOR SALE Five lots corner Ochoa
and Rio Grande streets.
FOR SALE 56 2-3 by 120 feet on Ore-
eon street. Close in.
FOR SALE Four lots, corner Texas
and Noble streets. On El Paso and
Northeastern switch.
FOR SALE Twenty-one lots on Stan
ton street, between Fifth and Seventh
FOR SALE Five rcom residence on
Myrtle avenu. Two lots price $2,':00.
Rents $25 per month.
FOR SALE 50 feet in block 137 Stan-
tan street.
MONITION Notice is hereby given
hat there were seized, in this Customs
district, for violation of the customs
laws, the following described merchan
dise: Seizures No. 1126. 108 pieces
drawnwork: No. 1175 25 cigars: No.
1176. 58 cigars: No. 1177. 43 cigars; No.
11S0. 20 cigars: No. 1181. 49 cigars; No.
1183. 22 cigars: No. 1184. 2 ladies shirt
waists and 1 stake rope No. 1185. 41
cigars; No. 1186. 100 cigars; No. 1187.
SO cigars: No. 1190. 200 cigars and 1
zarajR; No. 119t. 25 cigars; No. 1192.
45 cigars: No. 1195. 23 cigars: No. 1196
41 pieces drawnwork; No. 1197. 1 black
cotton shawl and 1 pair shoes: No.
1198. 50 cigars: No. 1199. 100 cigars:
No. 1201. 25 cigars; No. 1202. 25 cigars:
No. 1205 3 pieces drawnwork; No. 1206
50 cigars: No. 1208. 50 cigars: No. 1210,
50 cigars: No. 1211. 12 cigars: No. 1212.
3 pieces drawnwork; No. 1213. 3 pieces
lace and cotton wearing apparel; No.
1214. 43 cigars; No. 1220. 3000 cigars:
No. 1221. 9 willow baskets and 61 pieces
pottery: No. 1225. 48 cigars: No. 1226.
44 cigars: No. 1227. 17 cigars; No. 1229.
34 cigars: No. 1231. 50 cigars: No.
1232. 20 cigars; No. 1233. 50 cigars: No.
1235. 25 cigars: No. 1236. 100 cigars:
No. 1237. 25 cigars and 1 leather cigar
case; No. 1238. 25 cigars; No. 1239. 1
piece drawnwork; No. 1240. 7 paper
fans; 2 drawnwork handkerchiefs and
1 silk handkerchief: No. 1243. 50 ci
gars; No. 1245, 25 cigars; No. 1246. 37
cigars: No. 1247. 38 cigars: No. 1248,
25 c igars: No. 1249. 1 blanket; No. 1250.
1 pair kid gloves and 4 yards silk; No.
1251. 49 cigars: No. 1252. 45 cigars: No.
1255. 3014 cigarettes: No. 1256. 2312
cigarettes: No. 1257. 1618 cigarettes;
No. 1258. 50 cigars; No. 1259. 48 cigars:
No. 1260. 21 cigars: No. 1261. 23 c igars;
No. 1262. 25 cigars: No. 1263. 19 cigars;
No. 1264. 25 cigars: No. 1265. 32 cigars:
No. 1266. 2 pint bottles champagne:
No. 1268. 50 cigars: No. 1269. 54 cigars;
No. 1270. 2 dozen toy violins; No. 1271.
19 cigars: No. 1272. 100 cigars; No.
1273. 100 cigars; No. 1274. 50 cigars;
No. 1275. 500 cigarettes: No. 1276. 24
cigars: No. 1277. 24 cigars, which will
be sold in front of the Custom House
on March 25th. 1901. at 10 a. m. Any
one claiming the above is required to
appear within the time provided by
law.. Moses Dillon. Collector.
The best grade or Mexican Cigars.
The Victoria Colon a specialty. We
do a strictly wholesale business. Mail
orders promptly filled.
A. ALVAREZ, Prop..
204 Mesa Avenue. El Paso, Tex.
See El Paso Wall Paper company for
painting. No. 103 Myrtle avenue. Tel
ephone 585.
I 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 1
t s A Those Romitifiii
t Originally Sold
W e expect a gross of New Style, in Colored Leather, by next week,
and will sell these in stock AT COST in order to make room for display.
Silk Bull Fight Handkerchiefs, 25c each
Neighborhood Notes,
The following charters were filed in
the secretary of state's office at Aus
tin. Tuesday:
Planters' Oil company, of Hearne.
Robinson county: capital stock. $50.
000; to construct and operate a cotton
gin, cotton seed oil mill. etc. Incor
porated by L. W. Carr. W. P. Fergu
son, K. M. Wylie, William C'renan, P.
S. Grogan and R. C. Allen.
Forward Reduction company, of
Texas; with principal offices at Gal
veston; capital stock. $100,000; to pros
pect for oil and construct and operate
pipe lines in and about fifty of the
counties east, south and soutliwest. In
corporated by Chauneey B. Forward,
of Cleveland. O.-: L. J. Polk and Jas.
S. Waters, of Galveston. 1
Bennett-Shofner company, of Flor
ence. Williamson county: capital stock.
0.O00; to transact a general mercan
tile business. Incorporated by H. M.
Bennett: W. A. Shofner. of Florence;
II. L. Williams, of Waco.
Of the thirty-two negro convicts who
eiScaped from the Hunter farm in Falls
county Sunday 'night last, five have
been recaptured in McLennan and Hill
counties. Sheriff Baker and his dep
uties caught three of them Thursday,
and placed them in jail; all of whom
were convicted in Judge Scott's court.
at Waco, of felonies. After regaining
their liberty they returned to that city
and fell into the hands of the officers.
Two of the escaped convicts were
captured in Hill county by O. L. Willis.
young farmer who resides near West
McLennan county. Mr. Wilis learned
that two negroes, arrayed partly in the
vesture of convicts, were making to
ward Hubbard City, and, arming him
self, overtook them, and tonight, ac-j
companied by Chief of Police J. A.
Thompson, of West, brought the pris- 1
oners here and turned them over to
Sheriff Baker. He will get $25 each
for recapturing the two convicts.
Sheriff Baker is informed that sev
eral have been captured "besides those
taken there.
An unknown negro made an attempt
to assault Mrs. Archibald Daly, wife
of a streetcar driver, at her home on
College Hill, a suburb of Texarkana.
The lady was at the barn when the ne
gro appeared and seized her by the
shoulder despite her screams. Just
then her 12-year-old son happened to
come in from a bird hnut and the ne
gro fled, but the plucky boy. taking in
the situation at a glance, fired both
barrels at the retreating figure. As
the charges were very small bird shot,
they failed to bring him down. Prompt
efforts for the capture of the offender
were at once made, but as yet they
have proven unsuccessful.
D. J. Holloway. of Clear Creek, has
received returns for his first strawber
ries this season. They sold for $11.50
per crate. They were strictly choice
berries and netted him $9.25. Mr. Hol
loway's family consists of his wife and
six children. He lost in the storm of
September 8. his house, barn, furniture,
clothing everything he had in the
world excepting his mules and his farm
tools. Notwithstanding the tempta
tion to leave his farm and go to work
for big wages in Galveston or Clear
Creek, he rebuilt his own house and
barn with the assistance of $60 from
the reliet committee. Others with half
or less of the loss he had, have received
three times as much help, still he is
ahead of them all today, having ship
ped over fifty crates of berries so far
this season from less than four acres
At a meeting in Corpus Christi of
the several committees having in
charge arrangements for the proposed
cabbage carnival, it was decided to
hold a big carnival street fair, trades
display and regatta there on April 14
15 and 16
Several other features offr0m a Kansas City live stock firm a
amusement will also be arranged. Ex-,
cursion rates will be given on all rail-
roids and several thousand visitors
and a grand affair is contemplated.
A citizen of Howland gave in a pair
of horses to the county assessor of La
mar county a day or two ago at $45 for
both. At the same time he gave in a
bulldog for $55. His object in having
the dog assessed so high was to pre
vent anyone from stealing it. the theft
of property over $50 in value being a
The following are new incorpora
tions in New Mexico:
The New Mexico Captist college, of
Alaniogorda. The incorporators and
trustees are John W. Crooks. Chester
A. Mcllroy. Benjamin R. I .and. Minn
S. Waller. Ananais Green. Sr.. Victor
Charles Roach and Hiram Piervill.
The Rociada Gold and Copper Min
ing company. The incorporators are
Henry D. Reinken. Paul D. St. Vrain.
Herman Reinken. Charles U. Strong.
Of Mora county: Joseph L. Matt. Will
nim G. Haydon and E. A. Manzanaresc.
of San Miguel county. Capital. $250.
0i0. Headquarters at Ias Vegas.
The Interstate Savings and Invest
ment company, of Denver, notified
Territorial Secretary Wallace that it
I I I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
c,i n. rrMrM X
at $i.oo. $1.25 and $1.50, t
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t-n-
'M 1 1 1 ( I I M I i int
has its headquarters for New Mexico
at Santa Fe, and has appointed A. B
Rcnehan its local agent.
Ai Watkins and one Francis were
bartenders at the Opera House saloon
about a year ago. says the Gallup Re
pubiican. LaSt apriQg they ,eft
mg west. Watkins bought some bur
ros at Congress, Ariz., on the Santa Fe
and Pacific railroad, and started east
on a prospecting trip. That was the
last seen of him alive. He was worth
several thousand dollars. Francis got
a railroad foreman to indorse a certifi
cate of deposit for $500. which had
been issued to Watkins. It had he,
supposed until this time that Watkins
committed suicide. Watkins' hrntw
came out from the east and started
detectives on a hunt for Francis who
was reported in Mexico. Three dif
ferent men have been arrestd and takn
to Congress for identification, but none
of them proved to be Francis. There
is no doubt but that he will soon be
Salvador Duran, a native of Santa
Fe. and for many years a resident of
precinct No. IS in that place, died on
Wednesday at the remarkable age of
106 years. He was born in February
1794. and lived in Santa Fe all his life' .
He served in the Union army in the
war between the states. He was hale
and hearty up to a short time before
his death and was remarV-nMw won
preserved, especially his eye sight.. He
was a consistent republican, and al
though he had to be carried to the polls
for several years past, he always in
sisted upon being taken there to -vote
the straight republican ticket. The
date of his birth is authentic, and can
be verified by the records.
Bisbee comes to the front with a new
trust. Living in the spirit of the pres
ent century, the mining camp forges
into the matter -of monopolies with
something like uniqueness. This time
its a social trust. One young lady
there refuses to introduce her friends
any good looking young men of her
acquaintance. This corner on men is
assuming a dangerous proportion in
Bisbee, and presently it will be next to
impossible for any lady in that camp
to marry. It has not been reported
whether or not the suffering populace
are going to legislate against this
A cutting scrape occurred at the Mc
Cabe mining camp, near Prescott, the
other night, which will probably cost
one of the participants his life. ; From
what can be learned, a couple of min
ers named Maber and Manning got
into a row while under the influence
of liquor, and one word brought on
another until blows were reached when
Maher pulled a knife and stabbed Man
ning several times, cutting him in a
frightful and what will likely prove a
fatal manner. Manning is in the com
pany hospital at McCabe .and Maher
is held for the grand jury.
The International Sunday school ex
ecutive committee has planned a great
Sunday school tour, which extends
across the continent. Five practical .
Sunday school specialists start in Vir
ginia in February, and visit eighteen
states, closing their work in Kansas,
after having been to the Pacific coast. .
This involves over 10.000 miles of tra
vel for each member. The entire par
ty will be present at the National Sun
day school convention at Prescott.
April 8 to 10.
Judge W. H. Griffin, at Tucsonfi re
ceived two leters from the east this
week from parties wishing to buy sev
eral carloads of good horses. There is
a growing demand in the east for Ari-
zona horses. The Judge also received
letter asking if he could furnish them
a carload of burros.
Articles of incorporation of the Wol
framite Mining and Milling company
were filed in the office of the county
recorder at Phoenix yesterday. The
capital stock is $1,000,000. The in
corporators are William Corpron. John
W. Cliff and Frank E. Plummer.
Putrefying food in the Intensitines
produces ettects like those of arsenic,
but Dr King's New Life Pills expel the
poisons from clogged bowels, gently,
easily, but surely, curing Constipation,
Billiousness. Sick Headache, Fevers,
all Liver, Kidney and bowel troubles.
Only 25 cents, at W, A. Irrin A Co's.
There is always danger in using
counterfeits of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. The original is safe and cer
tain cure for paes. It is a toothing
and healing salve for sores and all
skin diseases. Fred Schaefer, drug
gist. Persons who can not take ordinary
pills find it a pleasure to take DeWitt's
Little Early Risers. They are the best
little liver pills ever made. Fred
Schaefer, druggist.
POPULAR, WANTS, 10 cents a line.,
once: 20 cents a line, three times. Six
words to line.

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