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Pudding Spoiled.
I Link and Pin. I
(Continued from First Page.)
Th Order of Railway Conductors
will holl their biennial convention in
St. Pant. Minn., the first week in May
and it is expected that about 7000 mem
bers of the order will be in attend
ance. Division 10X. of New Orleans,
will run a snecial train consistinK of
four !leeTers. a dinins car anil baggage ' coaches all well loaded. The tourists
ear for the benefit of members or the Ipeem to be going back home,
wrder and their families who want to
j Civil Engineer Edes of the S. P. is
j here with a force of about sixteen men
; surveying for the leveling and straight
i ening of the S. P. track west from El
j Paso for several miles.
The G. H. cast bound passenger train
last niiit was an extra long one for
that direction. It consisted of eleven
j? from the south and southwest.
Yesterday J. W. Eckman, of this city,
who is a member of the order, receiv
ed -a letter from the chief conductor of
division 10ft. notifying him that a sec
tion on this train had been reserved
for himself and son and Robert Ixick
art. .on of the chief of police of El
After the convention adjourns this
tmin will leave St. Paul for a tour of
the west and southwest. Going by a
northern route it will stop at Vancouv
er. Srattle and Spokane, then turning
wuthward will make stops at Salt
T.ake. Colorado Springs. El Paso and
the City of Mexico. Going out of Mex
ico over the Mexican International it
will return to New Orleans. The
above are- only a few of the many
places of interest at which stops will
be made.
Thirty-five days will be consumed on
the trip. The train will pass through
fifteen of the United Slates, five prov
inces of British Columbia and eight
states of Mexico, covering In alTabout
. 12.000 miles of railroad. In conversa
tion with ''Link and Pin" Mr. Eckman
said that the total cost of the trip, in
eluding meals and sleeper, will be $75
for himself and $37.50 each for the two
Great preparation is being made by
the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis
to entertain the conductors and their
families while they are there.
The two Gates excursions expected
from Mexico on the ICth broke the
record of ail specials through El Paso
aud came in just as announced, arriv
ing Saturday morning and left over the
Santa Fc at 11:30.
There were two trains, six cars In
each, and cirrying together 130 passen
gers. 1 hey proceeded together, accom-
preseuted an animated appearance in
the sunlight on Sunday morning.
All along both sides of the street
were groups of politicians, big and lit
tie. discussing the local situation in
general and the result of Saturday's
caucus in particular
Among the many tickets that have
been prepared was one gotten up yes
terday, it is said, by the Ramblers with
the view of having men on the board
who will protect their interests. The
personnel of this ticket was learned
This morning the west IkhiiuI pass
enger train on the S. P. was the short
est that has gone out of El Paso in
many days. It had only seven cars but will not be given until later,
and thev were lisrhtlv lonrleil. I
I Magoffin Benefited.
Frank Lucas, the railroad machinist! , , ... .i . c
who recently returned from Chihna- It is conceded that the caucus of Sat
hua. where he quit a good job because rdey benefited no one in particular
lie didnt like the grub, did not go to I but Magoffin. With Mr. Morehead
Tucson as expec ted, but left this morn- I menaced bv Mr
ing for Phoenix, where he has a posl
tion. Tom Williams, the machinist,
who returned from Chihuahua with
Frank, went on to Tucson ami is work
ing there in the 3. P. shops.
The Sierra Madre line announces
that beginning April 1st. the sale of nation this morning remarked to a re
seconti class tickets on that road will
lie resumed. A few months no-n this
road abolished the second rlnsa fare I "Magoffin is a good man tor the of
leaving only the first and third classes. I fice but
but finding it not a satisfactory con- What he meant to imply is not
Krakauer, Magoffin
may not nave opposition in the con
vention from that quarter. It is report
ed that he was jubilant over the out
look Saturday night.
A democrat when speaking of the sit-
dition the management has decided to
resume the sale of the second class,
making as before a first, second and
third class service on that line.
A Mexican Official is Held Up. and
There May Be Trouble for the Of
ficials and the Railroad.
City Clerkship.
I '.en Catlin is making a spirited fight
for the city clerkship. Although he
has served in that capacity for a long
time he wants to hold the office an
other term.
Ben is kept guessing oftener than any
one else, for as often as a new alder
manic ticket is made up he is at loss to
know just who will be the men who
will have the power to retain him in
the Dosition which he now holds. As
A case has resulted from the bubonic
plague quarantine against San Fran
cisco that may result in some compli
cation for the Texas quarantine auth
orities and very probably discomfort I for the aldermen It is pretty generally
for the Southern Pacific railroad com-I conceded that no one will know who
pany. 1 t k. n;t fn .live livvra
general for the state of Jillsco. Mexico. e,ecuon- Ior a DO,ler 8 "CKel lnal wl"
came In on the Southern Pacific train I sweep the field Is not only a possibility
from San Francisco with his wife and I but a probability, and is being freely
Pianos, $195
Pianos, 225
in any
style of f
I Pianosatthe Piano House!
w.g.walz !
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Solid Oak Sets, 3 pieces - $16.00
Waedrobes . . 6 00
" Box Seat Chairs . 1.50
And other articles at less than
oue-half their worth.
Sale at 317 St. Louis Street,
in D. R. Francis Building
Every One Eats
Most popular lunch counter in the
city. Anything you want. The
best of food and the best of ser
vice. "The best Chill Con Carne in the
city every night at 8 o'clock."
Open Day and Night..
STEIN & UHLIG. Proi.-.
109 8m Antonio Si - - F.L PASI
To Well Dressed Ladies Only
Mr. L.. B. Wiesz. Ladies' Tailor,
late of New York City, wishes to
announce his arrival lo the public.
Ladies' Tailoring, Fancy Dress-
making. Robes. Gowns, Shirt
: Waists and Riding Habits a spe
cialty. First-cless fit and work
' man ship guaranteed at reasonable
prices. Room 14. Coles-Hubbell
Building, ovtr the White House
Dry Goods Store.
Rokahr Boot Co.
Morehead and Krakauer Decline to
A Herald reporter called on Mr.
We have added four new machines
to our shop.
Shoes repaired and finished as good
as new. Will call for your shoes and
return them.
Phone 471. No. .213 Texas SL
'-7 1 J'Q D
For the Toilet Table
m; ana t roar, ati
con l soa him oc tl
ireet. no to the
the purpose of his visit. Mr. Morehead
began to edge toward the door at once.
"I don't know anything at all about
the political situation. I am not in
politics and don't want to be."
"Do you mean that you will not be a
Our Complexion Creams, Toilet
Waters, Perfumes, and Powders are
Indispensable for the refined and
dainty woman. We have everything
in toilet articles in sponges, loofahs,
rtl I sea sail, nne soaps, oatn, nail and
rJllllQrO tooth brushes, that are of superior
manufacture ana reliable quality.
1 laB a
Resort. . .
panied by K. B. Houghton, to Alba-! family. At the quarantine station he
qtieroue. where they divided un and was obtained for not having a certifi
Houghton quit them. cate from the authorities and he and
Two of the cars went from Albu- nis family had to remain in the box
querque to Las Vegas Hot Springs and car station over night and all day yes-
tne remaining ten cars were taken tol"r,",-v ulsl nignr ne was snippet! to I r I f -r
the Grand Canon. Twenty-nine of the I Las Crvrea where he Is now awaiting Morehead at the State National bank OtS
excursionists will leave the party at I lue uraers oi me quarantine authori- I this morning witn a view or ascertain
tne uranil Uanon and go to California. " I',rl"e ranroaa comnany. ing how he stood with regard to the
Tne rest or tnose wno went to that concenas mat ne as nolit., situation When Mr More
STPnil ftnnt will return tn Alhnnn I not instructed bv the railrnarl omnta I "
nd there meet those who went to Ias ,n San Francisco to have his certificate nead emerged from the little Prlvate
Vegas Hot Springs. .Then they will j slsnea and knew nothing of the quar- I room at the rear of the bank the repor-
go to Denver. Colorado Springs and ,II,,,,P- r,e na" uongnt a round trip tor met him at the door and told him
other Colorado cities, after seeing UCKpi rrom wuaaaJajara and went into
which to their hearts' content they will the city office at San Francisco and had
return to their eastern homes. !t stamped some time before the train
ANOTHER ROCK ISLAND MAN. Wuat makes this case an unusual one
Mr. Brasted, general agent of the is the fact that the attorney is a gov
Rock Island road, received notice this rnment official and was away from
morning that G. W. Merrill of Des Mexico only for a stated period of time.
Moines. Iowa, had accepted the posi- That time will elapse tomorrow it is
lion or traveling freight and passenger said, and it is already impossible for candidate for the mayoralty?" the re
-ui ior me kock isiana nere. I nim to reach fcis destination. Just what I porter asked.
' - -- . i miu Liitr rvucK in': wu.--.-i j 1 1 1 1 1 m win rip n rioes not
Island for many years, having been know as he has been unable to corn
traveling live stock and freight agent muricate with the proper authorities,
for the company at Des Moines for In many cases officers have lost their
several years. He is expected to arrive positions in Mexico for absence un
in El Paso about the last of this week authorized and Mr. Medina does not
to assume charge of his new position want any such complications to arise,
under Mr. Brasted. This aDnointment The Mexican consul here tnnU nn h
will make three men in the local Rock J matter yesterday and asked the rail- I know more about the matter than I do.
laiauu unices ior tne present. Mr. I roan company ana the local authori-1 1 am not responsible for what they
f Bkn Aril A A m w r-m A 1 .. . t,i I 11.- 1. & 9 . J I
uiooicu imjs iu no more men win ui 10 assisi nim in passing Dut It an-
u. tuxiJi h . . .x . I .i . i . . . . ' I ay.
uci c ai pi raeui uul wnen iuai iiuiumg couin De aone. He I . , . i i , ,
the road runs its first trains into El is still working on the matter and ex- The rePrte" handed Mr. Morehead a JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER JOINS THE r Oregon and Overland
i-aso several others will likely be put I pects to get some reply tonight or to- I copy or an evening paper containing
i morrow. i the statement that two men (presum-
SPARKS FROM THE ENGINE .Y"6 U !s ot dffinite,v known It is ably Krakauer and Morehead) had had
I stated on good authority that Mr. Me-1 . v. j j . .t
w. r nuA o o D dlna will .Tip th. Snnth. pan.V a confab and agreed between them-
deadheaded to Tucson vesterdav to fill I Pany for a large sum both for loss se'v that one should take the mayor
a vacancy. ' I of time and discomfort. It is stated I alty and the other name the aldermen.
Chopped in Two.
Your dollar split In the middle
when yon buy coal that Is hall
waste ashes, clinkers, slac
Why not get a dollar's worth for
your dollar? How? Buy hon
est, clean, well-screened, acca
rately weighed coal from
Payne- Badger Coal Co
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
'Phone 389. Second an Chihuahua.
'No. I have nothing whatever to do
with it."
'You are prominently mentioned in
that connection and the public would
like to know where you stand."
"You that is, the papers, seem to
On terms tosuit
all purchasers.
Court Ronsi Block
XXXX Coffee
It Settles Itself.
Sold Only In One Pound Packages
Ask Your Grocer For It.
El Paso Grocery Co.
NEW YORK. March 18. John D.
Rockefeller has joined the great steel
I that the asrentn of tho mmnfiiiv in n I it i j i, . . .... I trust, and all his mines, railwava lalra
WP T . - l . - ,'...7 ... I -Ti i . muirurau, uun eier, rauscu 10 iuok l ' - -.
r. KCDinson. wood contractor for I Francisco have I nstritorirtna nntlfi. ... ... I trsnsnnrlntinn lln . i
the G. H.. came In from ft H.t loll r.ar.rr, r .Cilat tne article and as by this time he , . . ' "'
this morning.
ah me km. h. car repairers worked
yesieroay on account of a rush of work
iu ineir line.
quarantine and to allow no one to had reSalnl the other side of the door
leave without securing the necessary I he closed It with the remark:
papers. Just what the outcome will be I "I have nothlner to mr about the
conjecture. matter"
The reporter then dropped around to
by the
When in Juarez insit upon avlng
"La Prueba"
Cigars Manufactured By
BALSA Y HERMANO, Vera Cruz, Mex.
The only Mexican Cigars that have
the entrance to the leading clubs of
the United States and Europe. Special
S. J. Kellogg, a G. H. brakeman, laid Itf not, eat lgRS in P'wence to
IT sick yesterday and his nlace' wa9 hnythins e,Ee' wten ytu two the office of Mr. Krakauer. When he
lied by Brakeman Oldmen. dozen for 25 cents at the Lion Grocery j stated that the object of the call was
interests are being absorbed
king corporation.
It means the transfer of scores of Drand' "FLOR DE BALSA.
J. P. Morgan this afternoon confirm
ed the statement.
H. Small, superintendent of bridges
ana buildings of the S. P.. Atlantic
with regard to matters political, Mr. I John Foley,
aged 42,
died on Mesa
Mexcan leather carver and burner
at wrk. Call on us.
Dr. J. C. Rechy cures all diseases of Krakauer's mouth set and he replied avenue Saturday night at midnight and
system, came in from the 'east thisthe lungs, and especially pneumonia, emphatically: his body was shipped to his former
moral at;. I bronchitis and pulmonary tuberculosis
i in tne flrst degree. 518 South Stanton
superintendent Martin returned fmm I street.
is trip over the division Saturday
Curio Dealers. Ciudad Juarez, Mex.
Opposite Custom House.
night and left for San Antonio last
ntgni on no. 10.
C. M. Woods, traveling freight and
passenger agent of the Frisco lino
here from Denver on business for the
rampany wntch he represents.
Charles Lee, an S. P. engineer, who
was recently transferred from Tucson
to this place, will soon bring his fami
ly and make El Paso his home.
I positively refuse to discuss pol- nm ,n New ork City. leaving on
"i cunuay nignr. ueceased
was manae-er nf th Mow yv.l
Are you. or will you become a can- tho rvvrAt.-uA.,. i j
- - I - -A C WW ILL Cirt'i I I llll I'fllll- I .
didate for the mayoralty?" was asked. Pny and came to El Paso on account lie STAK LlVerV. Feed
I decline to be interviewed," was la'"ng neaun. He had only been
therer.lv nere inree weeks. W. Irving Steel, a
. ... -. .-
"Will you accept the nomination for mn7. who"1 J?. f"!"
The largest display of Rook wood ever I the mayoralty if it is offered you?" his regular travels
Room 28. Bronson Block
Gasoline Engines
We sell a G&eoilne Engine thi
has the least number of working
parts the easiest started and
, operated of any In the market
ING or driving any kind of
If your engine or machinery iioe eo
run to suit you, CALL AND
El Paso Novelty Works.
South Stanton street. El Paso, Texas.
Civil and Mechanical
You can get 17 pounds of the best
Standard Granulated Cane Sugar for
$1.00 at the Lion Grocery Co., 110-111
South Stanton street.
seen in El Paso will be at the art exhib
it to be given March 26. 27, and 28
and Sfllf? StaMAlo w- overdo
"I positively refuse to compromise company to come to El Paso and re- I NAT GREER, Prop. PHONES
. i . . . . main until fnftfiaK xtfln.., 1 1 I
See New Century Wall Paper at El
Pao Wall Paper company. Telephone
myself by any statement whatever.
And that is all Mr. Krakauer would
say on the subject.
mam uuiu iunner oraers and ne was
here when Mr. Foley died. He attend
ed to the shipment of the body and
men proceeded on his travels.
imttl n i ii i I "nis, waicnes,
TTTT,Wv-y K-XK-6M--!--W y note of interest.
105 El Paso Street.
is something that everyone enjoys,
and the bread made from our Fan
cy Patent superior family flour
gives results that the most dainty
palate will relish. White, nutri
tious breads, delicious cakes, and
pastry is what you are rewarded
with when you use our White
Swan flour. We have the finest
teas, coffees, flour and spices to be
found in El Paso.
Phone 353
"'f'uw'1 aiuuuuw iiunea on oia- I h or tnn woaVnooo ,ni ... ... i
monds watches, and jewelry. Lowest following grippe there is nothlne
Unredeemed pledges prompt and effective as One Minute
I at bargains. We buy old gold.
Silberberg Bros., the Pawn Brokers.
102 San Antonio street, next to First
National Bank.
Sugar has dropped in nrice at the
Lion Grocery company. 17 pounds of
me Dest standard Granulated Cane
bugar for si.00. 109-111 S. Stanton St.
Cough Cure. This preparation is high
ly endorsed as an unfailing remedy for
all throat and lung troubles .ind its
early use prevents consumption. It
was made to cure quickly. Fred
Schaefer, druggist.
Mexican money bought and sold.
We pay the highest and sell at the low
est rates.
Silberberg Bros., the Monev Brokers.
102 San Antonio street, nest to First
National Bank.
Mrs. Howell. Ladles Hair Dresser
and Manicurist. Hair shampooed with
soft water and dried in half an hour
by the use of the warm air dryer, nrice
50 cents. Face massage.
Just received full line of switches
and pompadour rolls.
114 MESA AVE. TEL 224. 4 RINGS.
The Lion Grocery Company are the
people ror you to trade with. Thev
carry the highest grade of goods and
sen at the lowest prices.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Sviur. has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the eums.
allays all pain, cures wild colic and Is
t hft hna ramailv fs ilta..hnA -T.
uu uu nuoru iu eai plenty or eggs tv-flve rents n hnrtla
now as me L,ion urocery company
gives you two dozen for 25 cents. Ferns and Carnations Pottr a ivi,;..
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially d igests the food and aids
Nature In strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest discovered digest
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency, it in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea,
all other results of imperfect digestioa.
Prepared b E. C DcWItt A Co.. Chicago-
of all kinds from na. Wn carry the bu
of everything in our Hue.
Ei Paso Fuel Co, KSr
Offilce: 411 Santa Fe St.
It's Money
In your pocket If the hocse jou but o
build is constructed wltfa
Bnilding Material
from onr yard; and you will make no
mistake If you buy j our
Independent Assay Office
Agent tor Ore Ship
pers. Assays and
Chemical Analysis.
RsroKTBe crox.
BuIIiMWuk a Special! j.
. o. mi as.
Cor. San Francisco
A Chihuahua Sts.
Occidental Restaurant
Regular Meals 25 Cents.
8b.ort Orders at aU Hours. Dinner from 1
t 8 p. m. Everything brand new and
strictly flrst elass service.
103 Utah St BetweenJBan Antonio
,WJ wmil Ol. and Bast Overland Sta

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