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mitt It
tssor to tho Dohiocrnt Advance.
VOL. 7, NO. J 8
loin, I
kinds nud prices, from a Doll Baby up to u handsome Silk Dre&s Putlcra, Jllnok Satin Dolman or a Aue
wvercoai. oo, ii you wish to nniKo your who, nusunmi, eniiuren, sweetheart or menu a nice
present, bo euro to call trhero you will lltul
Tie Largest Assortment and Lowest Prices
f 1
Absolutely Pure
This pointer novor vnrto. A marvel of
purity. strenidh ami whnU'Komcncxt. Jtoro
coiHinlcul ilmn tho ordinary IcIiiiIh, and
cuiiiHit bo sold in comiiotltlou with tlio tnul.
tltudo of low toil, Hhort unlulil, nhtin or
tilionphnto pnwilOM. tialit ohiJii mm. Hor
a i, Hakino lw iijcu Co., 100 Wall Klroot, New
York, hopU'iUlwxIy
A.M. HHiTTON.Trc. John Nichow, Vleo
I'rc. H. W. I.OMAX, Cashier.
Largest Stock of
ooks an
ios, Organs
and White Sewing Machines at
Factory Prices.
holcsulo Manufacturers of
es, Pillows, Bolsters, Etc.
:k constantly on hnnil. Send for
, Comer Fourth nnU Houston
peoplo tiro always on tho
L fta looicoui lor clmnix's to in
ftij crease their earnings, mid In
K? Owtlmo brcomo wealthy; then
wiui tin not improve wioir
les remain lit poverty. Wo oiler
.im l to uialco inoiipy. Wo want
en.hoyHnnd glrlsto work In their
Anyone can do the work uronorlv
ninuiri. xiio uuHincsH win pay
en tlinesordlnary wageH. Kxpen-
icc, Nonno whooncasrej fnllH to
y rapidly. You can dovoto your
to tho work, or only your spore
1- Ull In rorranl Ion and nil that. In
1 free. Address
HTINSON .t 00.,
I'ortluml, Maine.
To Close Out Winter Stock at the
Ladies Plain Sandal 2 to 7 marked down from
" Arctics 2 to 8 " "".-.-
Mona' Arctics 5 to 11 " " " ....
" Knee Boots 5 to 12 " " ' - - - -
" Hip " (J to 11 " " " ...
Ladies' Pegged Polka 3 to 8 marked down from ....
" Grain Pogged Polka 6 to 9 marked down from
" Grain Standard Screw Polka 3 to 8 marked down from
" CalfPcggcd Polish 3 to 8 marked down from
" Whole Stock Pegged Polka G to 9 marked down from -
Misses Wholo Stock Peggod Polish 12 to 2 marked down from
" Grain'Poggod Polish 12 to 2 marked down from
Child's Polka 8 to 11 marked down from ....
$ .CO to .( ,50
1.75 to 1.C0
2.00 to 1.75
4.00 to 3.40
5.00 to 4.25
$1.00 to .85
1.25 to 1.10
1.50 to 1.25
1.50 to 1.30
1.50 to 1.25
1.00 to .85
1.25 to 1.00
.75 to .50
i a
CaBitaranaSnrDlus $165,000 00
A Regular Banking Business
In All Its ur;iichcn, trnnKicted.
Kxchanirk bointhL and Hold, nud rr.llnntlonii
made pu all nccewdble points. Imi wh Klclit
oxclianKOOn Kncinnd, Ireland. Urnnco, (for-
uiitiiy, ,uamu. iiiviy, uouuinrK.nweuon ami
Donnell. l-fiu-HOli it Kllnmcnn. 3?ntr Ynrlrt
Valley National Hunk, HI. Inls, Mo,: llu
porters' and Tradurn' National Hank. New
ionc; i'irHLi-.Hi!iiuni iiaiiK,uaiVeilon,To.uii;
ClIlzeiiH' flunk of I.tmluluiui, New Orleuiiii.
h msittor of course e.'icli and all have dolonninoil to turn
lew leaf, as the old savine: aoes. For Heaven's sake if
turn over an entirely new leaf, paste it down, ho that it
uaolc to the old place again that is soiled ana worn oy
id unnatural usage,
have determined to turn over a new leaf ourselves, and
do that the public will bo tfio beneficiaries of the act.
t'sfc place we aro come East in about thirtr days with tho
Indention of briiiffinc back with us a stock of Clothing,
nig Goods, Hats, Boots and Shoes, etc, that will beat
? ever brought to Fort Worth, in styles, prices, etc., etc,
iho meantime- what wo have loft of our winter stock is go-
J oilered at a sacrifice. When we say saenhce, we mean
(ITNG, and don't vou forget it. Our stock consists of
Jk m the lino of Gentlemen's Goods.
Outfitters for All Mankind,
1 rPti
FiHy f'oJJs on tho Dollar.
Mrs. C. D, Brown fias dotermlnad to
offor and so all tho balanco of hor
soasonablo goods, such as Fur, Silk,
Satin and Boavor Cloaks, Dolmans and
Circulars; Wool and Caasimaro
Drossos, ready made andunmado; Fur
Caps,Eapos and Muffs,otc,.otc.,andso
forth, at not half price, which is oqual
to about 25 por cant bolovi cost,
This is no sensational falsa protonso.
f wish to sell off all such goods ana
am doiorminod to give my friends ana
customers tho advantage of the groat
and unprecedented reduction.
tilrs. C, D: Brovm.
.v 'v
3Jor 01o.iXlrc and 'J3orcv
Caused by Slulmtul I'ol.inilrior tho BIoo.
Price, 3l.QO. rorietrK."e3tii
r.. x. TinwNsu'io, rrt n'uitii,
U iliw Jy Wholewaio A.'aut,
Tin: prtts tMiuoiinccH thlb monihij;
tlint there i dollcJt of WOO.000 In tho
fatate trcnurcr' oflkje of Tomnwce.
Tlint Ih about tho nmount It would
tnko to pay the Jimunry interest on
tho new bonds which Colonel 1'oiiK
said ho would withhold, Tt Reeins
that the eoudition of that poor debt-,
ridden stale lit jawing wowo dally.
AtJHcted with a repudiating governor
ud legislature',' sh'o f ertuiiily dervB
Hor State Treasurer round to bo Near a
Half Million Short.
Nashville, January 4,At tho lnet
session of tho TenneH.oo Loglttlatttron
conuiiltteo was nppnluted tinder n
joint resoltitlon to Investigate
and report to tho next
body the condition of .illldrs in tho
htate treasuror'fl ofllco. Tl:6 report
which has been made makes tho
startling exhibit of a four bundled
thousand dollnra deficit In the treas
ury. A consultation was had with tho
bondsmen of tho treasurer and It was
determined to suspend buslncHS In tho
ofllco for tho presunt. The treasurer
U Colonel Jfarsh T. Polk, a Domoerat
who la now tfervlne In that capacity u
second term. llu win elected as
a state credit Democrat the hist time
but. recently astounded tho people of
that faith by asserting that he would
not pay tho January interest on tho
state bonds funded under the Hlxty per
ceut act of tho last legislature, No ex
planations have been made yet. Tho
teport has created u profound sensa
tion, Nashville. January fi. -Tho an
nouncement from tho state capttol
this morning of the deficit In tho state
treasury, produced a geuulno sensa
tion throughout the city. Tho
following Is llo report of thu
legislative committee:1 Tho Joint se
lect committee to settle with thu
comptroller and treasurer report that
they have visited the ofllco of the
reasuror and upon Inquiry find
tho treasurer away from
tho capital. Ho has been for
two days and they ate not advised
when ho will return. JIls clerk states
that ho cannot go into a settlement of
tho treasurer's account till his return.
They also have Informal Ion from tho
bondsmen, or Homo of them, that tho
condition oftho treasury Is such that
they feel justllled to roeonnnend
that the workings of the
treasury bo stopped until
an examination oanj bo had. Tho
senate adopted the following resolu
tion: Whereas- The senate has rcat-ou to
behove that M.T. Polk, present treas
urer, Is a defaulter for the amount of
WOO.OOO; and, whereas, the
bonds given by Bald officer
Is not mi Melon t In amount to scuure
said deficit, therefore bo It
Resolved, by tho senate and house
of representatives, That tho attorney
general of tho Unto bo and Is hcreb'v
instructed to attach Instanter all
available assets belonging to said
M. T. Polk, nrovldcil that uumclent
grounds exist, to tho end that the
same be held for the satisfaction of
said deficit.
Masked Marauders Th DiokBon Oaao
The Week's Failur.a,
Mntlit'd MumiaitvrN.
Chicago, January o. Kour masked
men captured, bound and gagged four
uimaiusoi.1. ij. AruoidM lurm House,
twenty miles front Chicago, near JJon
iier'n Orove, Wednesday evening, and
secured $1,1200 in cash and rode away
on four of Arnold's horses. None are
captured. An old farm hand Is bus
peoted. Herr Alost's efforts hero aro not suc
cessful, most of tho former -socialists
now bulng property owners.
Tim Dhknon Ciu.
Washington, January fi.Judge
Knell will render his decision in tho
Dickson ease early next week. The
defense fed confident Dickson Mill be
held for perjury, but considerable lu
teiest is manifested n to how such a
decision can bo reached after tho ac
knowledgments In court respecting
Diokso.i's character and Uowcr'a
I'll U in r.
New York, January C.Tlio failures
In tho last seven days reported to It.
O. Dun & Company number 221, dis
tributed as follows: Hasten) states, 21;
Western, 72; Middle, IIS; Houlhern -12;
Pacific, 15; Now York city, 17; Canada,
10. Compared with last week this
shows an increase of til.
Yetfirilny' r.o Font Up TIik-ii Himctrnl
unit jollity Tlitiuitaml,
Cohoes, N. Y., January . The rol
ling mills of Morrison, Calwell A Pago
are burning. The pilot mills of P.
Oagetiy and tubing works of A. (I.
Curtis fc Co. aro In danger. A high
wind is blowing.
LaterThe rolling mills ate a total
loss nud the pilot mills are no. v burn
ing fiercely. The lire Is now under
control. Morrison, Calwell A Pago'
rolling Mills, Oliricii A Powers' knit
ting mills and tho Patrick (Jngerly
pilot mills were totally destroyed.
Tho h,s will exceed 5250,000; Insured
for two-thirds.
Davenport, Iowa, January C.-tJ.
Hlchter's cap and fur store burned
with a number or other buildings on
Second street. Loss 100,000, Insured.
Cincinnati. Ohio. January r,.A
South Jlenil. Indiana special fcays tho
piauiiug nun oi iiuuson jiron.. turni
turo factory of Smith A Ditlok, plan
ing miliof irartsel A Jrartnmn South
Uend Pump Company, the Pissoll
Plow Company and Sibley A AVarr
machine shop were burned last even
ing. Total loss SSO.OOO, insured for
afcout $25,000.
hAiu: .show;
Honda fit lio Iiie(I to Vuy fov tUtt NUUrl
New York. Januarv' fi. Tim Paul
nays: It was rumored yesterday that
Iho Lake Shore directors woro consid
ering a proposition to issuo $0,000,000
of bonds to pay for tho Nickel Plate
road. This was at first denied, but
repeated again to-day. While there
Is no absolute- means- of knowing
whether tho Lake Shore is to pay
for the Nickel 1'lato by the issue
of bonds, U Is at least probable bondstoM
about that amount will necessarily bol!
it-sued by sotuo corporation for llint
purpose and as the Nickel Jlato haB
been presumably bought In Vandcr
bllt's interest, and especially in thoth-'
lVJ'c,!,t,0Lt,! I'1J Shore, to which the
Mekel Plato is a clo-o natallel lino and
nowHtandsIn the relation or second ,
track, It is fairly prcMtniablo that tht
bonds will bo tailed by thu Lake
- '
a woarAy DID IT, ''-
htorj'of llir Slionlliie r rtnmtitU bv llt
Mtntremi, '
. .X,nv VovV J'u,nmrJ ?.-Throughoul '
his illness his friends have sought to
conceal tho gravity of the situation,
and, above all, the agency of a woman' ,
In the tragedy. Nevertheless no
doubt Is pormlsslblo that tho shot
which directly or Indirectly caused his
death was fired by a lady who Is well
known In Paris and whoso pseudonym,
Leoulo Leon, conceals tho patronymic
of one or tho most honorable Israefltlsh
families of Bordeaux.
tho counselor-general of tho Glrondo
department, to follow tho fortunes or
him by whoso eloquence in thultaudin
subscription and trial she was com
pletely fascinated, alul uniting with
him in lKlkS, sho deserted her family.
Their connection hah lasted over
since. Ho was Impatient or tho chain
ho could not break, especially as a
child was boru tho succeeding year
whose paternity ho reftiscd to acknowl
edge. These refusals caused scones of '
recrimination and often of positive
vloletieo between tho lovers. Tho
man wearied of tho connection and
the Woman clung dovotedlv to him for
whom sho had sacrificed her honor.
Gainbettn disliked the child, who was v
sickly but Intelligent, tuul lived ushls
lienliow. 1 1 ri.vtoiiilklt.il ftuttilwifiJi In' -
character and features. Two veaw" l
ago Leonlo'H husband died, and sho"'
summoned Catubetta to fulfil his
promise ot niarnagc, but received
another rofuHiil. Jlo mado an iigree
meut. linWi.vur. to i,M..liln r..
young Leon, on tho condition that ho
should be educated In Ooinuiny. The
mother hesitated, but finally con
sented, and accompanied tho child
and his father to Dresden. Tills was
the journey commented upon last
year by the ICuropeau press, which
ascribed political motives to tho pres
ence or 1 icon Maskable at tho German
hotels. The conned Ion was continued
after thelri-eturn, Leonlo going every
Saturday evening to his villa, where"
sho was accepted as lulslrcfls by thu
Servants, nud returning Monday
morning In his carriage. Their quar
rels also continued. Within u week
three discharged domestics revealed
themysterlos of tht) lll-ntarred estab
lishment, Fiually thu dissensions
culminated In the eeno of
Gambetta lost Ida temper, giving vent
to abuse and coarc-'o lunuuago, such as
ho was wont to employ In moments or
passion. Sho was exasperated, seized a
revolver and tired. IIu raised ills hand
to turn aside the weapon ami received
his death wound, everything else Is '
conjecture; none but they know tho
truth, and Gambetta died, yet made
uo sign. I can vouch for the auth
enticity of this version of the un
happy story, and I assuiuo tho entire
icriimnglhllUy for it, no matter how
dlfrcrent It may bo from tho others
which may obtain publicity,''.'
Dhputch itypqrt,
AVoimHtIbI l)lii,i,nilii or mi IiIhIki AIuu,
iiiist Sunday Foley Abbott, of Saw
tooth went on tho high and rugged
peak, opposite tho Pilgrim mine, on
itciivor t-Mloh, to kill home giouse.
As tho "beautiful" was about thrco
feet elect) went on enow-shoes. The
trip was a hard one, as tho mountain
Is very steep and he was obliged to
make many "tacks" to roach the
summit, Whllohowas passing near
one of tho high granite elllKs ho no
ticed that thoru was an opening under
it, and thought, ho had loitud a good
place to rest and bo protected from
ihowhid, so he proceeded to it. Hoe
ing that darkness wan Inside and the'
cave appearing to bo of god
size, ho made a torch of silvern taken
from u pitch plno log near by, and
proceeded to explore his new find.
After going through a long, narrow
and crooked passage he found himself
Inside of a large chamber with smooth
floor and perfectly dry, which -wa
billllantly lighted by a flame in the
center. As this was the main attract
Ion ho cautiously went to It. To his
astonishment ho round an Image or a
man, made or what had tho appear
ance or silver, and which ho thlnkH it
is. At the head was a peculiar pat
terned helmet, In which were three
Imitation featheru, made ofgold or
copper. From tho mouth ot the
strange linage proceeded (ho flatn
Mr. Abbott thinks that tho prehistoric
and undoubtedly liitullluctit race thai
erected 11 had discovered u gas Jet, and
that there Is communication down
through tho body to the
solid rook, from which (he
gus proceeds perpetually, It Is an
evidence that there Is an Immense
body of coal oil under tho mountain,
from which the gas proceeds, After
batlsfylng his curiosity looking at the -wonder!
ul lamp, ho tremblingly com
menced a search for other objects.
On the walls were hieroglyphics, "
which, of course, ho could ,uot read."
in one corner was a largo human skel
eton -ntleust nine feet high and by
It'a Ktone tomahawk and a large croas
bow, which, although it had thu an-
neamnce of being perfectly pound, fell
Into a thousand .pieces when' ho at
tempted to lift It. A stono tnoitnr,
containing Miuu very ram gold speci
mens was found, and also noruo large
pieces of ruby silver. Soma backbones
of salmon were scattered around, prov
lug that (lie Inhabitants of tho cavern
were salmon-eaters, There were ninny
other things in the apartment, such as
arrnw-htuds. hone of imlinulx mid n
petrified human )ittnLk'4(chunut V,
ldaho) Kcyttonr,: " ' ' ' "&?"
! V
flftftr,( jMJtt
, - &'"V
"ftav "'g"'y?.
i : ( . ,' "j it -1 E9
TIT' M"'''r1f"'lfcMiiif'li1''ftr''"''i-ijiMiMiiiiiiitriirTiif-i---""-1 - - ""T " '.":.'. " iJMMJHgSiMtTiSSiMSBtSliBBBBhn

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