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Eoport of the Stale AfHcer at Atutis
Th University.
,iiiIllljrlitUils oreniHg drew a larj
crntA'd; no on wasiiurt, uut a usuai,
one horse wm gored to death by the
hull aiiti tho tarrw was unable to help
Tho officers hare found no clue as
A Theological Student of Corocana
tenced for Horse Htcauuff.
yrt to the whereabout of the burglars several years mail c
acana Sea-' who blew open the afo of II. C. )tcr ofllec attempted i
iujr, ' Column night: or wai, although it . hlmscir throuch
b ! is known they lioarded tho Interna- infc mmscii inrougn
1 tional t rain at the junction, alwut two
HichwaT Bobbory near DalUu-Pemalo mllw from town Tbun-dny night, nnd
LuZtl Illinois Burned " thought they got otfat Catell.
Odious ia Illinois ijurcca. , K Q Abbott, an Englishman ami
Sara Scott, Colored, Exocutcd ia Paris for
' Murder.
t' '',
The lieaUs Continue at Lsredo
on Boligion,
Kw3froa AuiHni, Palestine, Lougriow,
Dcaitoa and Otbor Poiut.
Doiiison, January 5. Tlio report
that Fred Hughes o book and fttaUnn-
ery dealer hud nuufo an assignment'
brother-in-law of our worthy towns
man, John Case, .irrhed hero lat
nlghlfroi.i the old country. For sev
eral days lie had been showing sign
oflnsrnltvand on nrriving hero bo
caino perfectly wild and escaped from
this traveling companions a
the depot and is still at large.
Much anxiety ia felt in regard to IiIh
recovery, lie is crazy on the subject
of religion. -Mr. Case is unable toilnd
hiiti, although ho has been seen by
several partfej on the outskirts of the
John Incc Is to be married to one of
fjio ladies of bin company, who linn
pawl for his wife for koiiiu time past.
proved to bo true. J Itighes has win- j Spw,i to
Injjly been doing a good business and j),iw j.
was looked upon as a prosperous young , ' ' '
I upon
and li
stmir so to Mis friends,
merchant, and bin failure was miito u
hp'oljl lo tliOurrt.
Abilene, January 5. T lie report to
night Is that tho riCAtofllco Inspector
and bondsmen have taken charge of
thnjwsfnfllco ctlccui here.
A mew hotel ia going up and several
Htouu.MlnioturuH tio In contemplation,
Ju addition to one now begun.
About onu hundred dwellings have
been built in tho hut month.
Oeo. W. (Jnlonlck. J. T. Jkrry nnd
J), 11. Corley, the bitter presuitt justice
f tlw peace, are iiiueh talked of as the
jirolmblu candidates for mayor.
Hr"llto Ui Untt.
fiaii Antonio, Ilexar county, Jan
nary S.The Hev. jtauhdaiiH Way
coaetiottHkl, ialor of the Polltdi
uhjirch here, ilfoil ltut night. Ua will
be Imrle'd lo-tiiiirrmi'
An unofHeial city rcp'ort issued to-j
niiy HiiotvH ini iiunriy 9ni,uui) woro re
oefved as reoorder'it courta line from
FoJiruary, lf7H, to January 1, 18H.
During hit. year $10,350 were received
from tlio cuinu source.
A Mioak thi,.f got into HoliwarU'd
More will lot the owner wusatauppur
and emptied tho till of$V.
PaIohII ne, January C Mr. IlnyniM,
.superunciiiient or tno motive i)owcr
anuary o. A gctitluman
fnipi Orceiivllla Biiyn yesterday two
hlgliwayinen KtopiH'd several Hunt
county farmers, and robbed them of
the proceeds of thoir wilo of cotton.
Theynlso halted S. II. Jtlake, driving
home hi a wagon with Mm. Make,
and having about three hundred dol
lars in hli pocket. Jtlake jumped
from 'ho wagon and run. The high
waymen tired at him, hitting him
three tinu-i, oiK'o in the Hide, owe In
the breaat and once In the leg. Nono
of the wounds aru dangerous. Other
farmcrH appearing in Fight the high
waymen tied.
Two brothern named (frecn nwuilted
an old man nittned Catcs at 1'laiio hint
night, indicting fatal injuries, among
them a fractured skull. John Urecu
wa captured here to-day. JIIs bruthur
liHtill at large.
Itobcrt Clark of this city to-day re
ceived a telegram from bin daughter at
H'hool al Hi. Mary's College, Knox
villu, Illinois, auiiouiicing thodetnic
tloli of the college buildings by lire;
lo-w 7o,f)0. The school had seven
Texan uirls, two from Dpiiii-on, two
rronUinlveston and thieo fiom DalhiH,
namely: Min-es Ada Murphy, Ella
Clark and Mary Leake.
City AHcRur and ("ollector Hogel
Ktrdes the IncieaHe in the vtiluu of prop
erty will boatleiiHt$l,f)0,(K)overthat
made during the year.
The giand jury yesterday found an
Indictment against Bent Jilam for cut
ting Henry Danlola.ehnrainir him with
m-ttiulLwith liiteuttoklll. Aeaplaawas
lulled and Deputy Hherill" Moon ar-
tesled him in Kast Dallas. Dauiel.s
Wpctttl to tlniCJnrBtt-. . i!
Waco.McriCtinan county, January 4.
This morning E. C. Ovcrby, for
Icrk in the Kxumi-
suiclde by rfioot-
tlio head wltli a
pistol, but one of hU friends
knocked IiIh arm 'up and the pistol
mlsed its aim, IwlgluK tlio ball Jn tho
ceiling of tho room. Jrour hours lti.er
Overby KWallowed n heavy dose of ar
senical preparation but his family be
ing on the lookout for Komo act f des
peration took the nlurui and icl
nhoned for physicians who came
In tlmo to save his life. Overby Is a
young man of good habits, highly es
teemed, and the r.i-sli act Ia a great sur
prise to his friends, lie still payH he
will end hLs life by suicide and
htLs no desire to live. The
uiui-o of Overby's depression Is
rupjioscd tobelovefor a handsome
young lady whoso parents violently
opjio-o their mnrriiige though the
lady horcelf is favorably Inclined. An
elopement seemed to bo tho proper
lemmhf bnt tho lovers mood Is aot
(dwells t-cnslble and Overby preferred
n tragetlcand sensational.
At a meeting of tho bar association
reholuUonH were adopted, suggesting
changes In the judiciary articles of the
state constitution as follows: Supremo
court for civil causes only, to con
sist of nine judges, divided Into two
sections, tho chief justice presid
lug ovesr either section; court
of appeals three Judges, criminal jtiris-
nicuon ouiy;au appellate ami district
judges to be appointed by the governor
lora term or eigiityenrs; county judges
to bo elected by the people for a term
of live years and the jurisdiction of the
lower courts to be extended. The res
olutions will be sent as a memorial to
tho legislature.
Ycsterdaj's Proceodingi of the "National
Actlvo Discnion.of the Prosidoatul Snc
' ' o3ion BUI.
retnry of tho treasury bo cuipowcrol
to order the instant destruction of nil
cattle, r other animals, which are In
quarantine or give evidence of dan
gerous contagious diseases.
Mr. Itandall said he was unavoid
ably absent Irom the house yesterday.
Had ho been present ho would havo
yoted for the passage of tho civil ser
vice bill.
Mr. Singleton of Illinois did ntt
hear his name called, but would have
voted against the bill.
The houMj then In committee of the
whole took up the JJistrlct of Colum-
in tlio
lly the
same as tho present law.
During tne discussion relative to tno
appropriation for lighting tho District His patriotic oilbrts for 1st, J
of Columbia Mr. Kelly of Tennsyl- his thorough nudersU
vuiihi clinrged that the Washington the iiu&tious whlchs
An Epitome of tho Day's Inoidcnte
Over the World. .
still linirors lietweon life and death,
fn Vikt fli-titrjin tliii ittjIt ...! i 1.1 j,....
and machinery of the Gould system, j ofMr". A. M.Hower. who sliot hlimelf
was here all day examluinu into the
Intcrnatlonnl shops. Ho leaves to
nklit for Oalveaton with Master Mc
olnVriio Jolmson, to investlgaU'tho con
dition of the Oalvestoii road and shop
A negro, employed on the Interna
tional, got a pay check for four dollars
and raised It to fourteen, and to-day
got "fiair years In the penitentiary for
so ilglnj.
Wpili! (oUioOnf-ottn.
Gor-Jim, Nasiirro county, Janu
ary 5. Lluiiteunnt-Oovemor Marttu
left last night for Austin, fand Itepro
sQtilativ;e Htout leaves Monthly, to be
pritftuit at tho convention of the legis
lature. Colonel R. J. Slmklns of tho board
of regents will be unable to attend tho
nievllng at the capital to-morrow,
owing jo sickness in family, but will
bo lit attendance by Monday.
In tho district court U. A. McAVher
tou, who ea was reversed by the
court of appeals, has again been sou
toilet d to live years In thu peniten
tiary for horse stealing. MoWherton
wa roundly a theological student at
Tcliuacana oollege.
w ith a toy nJstol Ciiriotnias day. died
lust night of lock-jaw.
$1("oIhI to tliiC)nsecU'.
Austin, January fi. J. W. Ihilne-,
the new secretary of state,"nrrlved this
morning. It Is not known If he will
make any changes in the clerical force.
Mr. Mallltt, profe-sor of ehohilslry in
tho now university Is here. He has not
Indicated whether he will accept tho
appointment or not. The university
anents meet to-morrow to transact im
poitnnt business.
Htvretary Ilowman says many pri
vate eitlens are applying for copies
or tho nubile laws, lie will recom
mend that a larger number of copies
ho printed, and the vecrotnrv of state
be allowed to sell them at cont. Ho
has already furnished one bundled
and six counties with reports.
The secretary of state reports that he
will l-'commend tho enactment of the
law providing for two sets of election
olllccrs; one to count and the other to
receive votes; aho that the piesent
olllccrs send their repoits to tho county
judge Inside of three davs, the latter
olllcer to mako tho leport
lo tho secretary of state Im
mediately, that olllcer to can
vass, and diclaro the result In
uiieen days, instead offoitv as now.
Ills leport will aKo show' that one
hundred and twenty-four requisitions
have been issued dm lug the past
year, and sixty-tluvo warrants Issued
on requisition from otherstatcs. Fees
for churtcm, eertllleatos, etc., ?i),l(M.
Ho says hundreds ot diallers have
been tiled which show fraud on their
iiiccm. with this report Secretary T, I
H, Houinim closed nhto years of pub-
lie service. As vet there Is no evldin. I
No blither arrests have J that Senator ColiaM ill havo opposition J
ur lo lllllldll.
the report of Doctor Hweailngen,
state hcalih ofilcer shuw-i a total ox.
Speolnl U IhnCturi'Ur-.
Longvlow, Orcgg county, Jnnuaiy
5.-nMr. Jonah Sawyer, fbteitutii of an
extmgatigon the Texas and Pacllle
;dlway, was nfiestod for the shooting
ofJlmmie Ikuclay on December !,
anil which was reported In tho (I v
.irrwc, A long prollniluiiry nxanilun
tlon Ht'Cius to somewhat clear him and
Implicates u negro ho was jealous ot
llurelny'a attention to a handsome
negro girl
been made
J). W. lilugo, thogunsp ith here, no
eldentnlly shot himself In the hand.
Thu ball then struck n negro by&hiuder
nnd tmyuiely wounded him.
liquor dealer, was closed up by Dr.
Aiihcll of Foit Worth. lUsseiigerthen
nmde an asnlgniuent. Liabilities hirge
lu excess of assets.
Detroit, January 5. Tho Demo
cratic and Greenback members of the
legislature held a caucus this forenoon
and agreed lo act together on all ques
tions of patty policy, which will of
course alleet the senatorial contest.
Washington, January o.Tho ways
and means committee are to-day "at
work on the free list taritl' commission.
They report they struck out quinine
and tho free duty on the preparations
thereof at ten per cent, ad Valorem
Washington, D. f, January .".
General Comstock was before the -Mississippi
Klvcr Committee to-day. Ho
estimated the entire navigation of the
river could not. bo improved for less
than sixty-six million dollars. This
estimate had no regard to levees.
Kansas City, January o. After a
preliminary examination Addle Ayres
was to-day acquitted of tlio charge of
the murder of Jacob Hlitz, the orches
tra leader, on New Years day. The
question was as to whether Dl'ltz. shot
himself or was killed by hia mistress.
Washington, January o.Tho direc
tor of tho mint leports a gain in
metallic circulation by coinage and
import during tho past six months of
about $i!l.000,000 in United States gold
coin, ami about ?M,I0,000 in silver
Washington, January !. Some per
sons whose land entries In the Yank
ton land dish let were recently de
clared fraudulent, have asked for a
Hearing before tho linul forfeiture
Commissioner McFarlaud
granted tho
Washington, January i. In re
spoiibeto a hoiii-e resolution calling for
information as lo tho probable amount
of appropriations available for the im
provement of rivers and harbors which
will bo on hand at the
close or the current llseal venr.
the president to-day transmitted a
report from tho chief of engineers es
timating the amount at live million
Gas Jjiirht Coinnauy controlled con
gross and that the company had u man
In their employ In tho nouse who kept
them informed of tho Introduction of
measures allecting the gas interest.
Mr. Hlscock said if he (Kelly) made
tho charge against any member of the
house he would bring in a resolution
of Inquiry.
At:! o'clock the presidential succes
sion bill (Mine up as unllnlshcd business.
After some discussion, the amend-1
ment of Mr. Jvclly, making the appro
priation of 22 per lamp was adopted.
An amendment was also adopted leav
ing it to tho discretion of tlio district
commissioners to substliute other II
lumnting material for gai In lighting
the district. Tho bill thei passed.
I. Mi
pense o" maintaining quarantine along
the Itlo Grande about seventy thou-
-d nil !, nf.
Wlilnli (1m
states paid
sudciieienoyol twenty thousand to
be met by tho legislatute. He recom
mends that all local authorltlas
in declaring quarantine be lequlred
Ho thinks an appropriation of fcn.oot;
will meet all leqiiiiumouls of tlio next
I'aris, .Tumpuy fi.Tlio largest
enmd orcn In Tails for a long time as
semble! hem to-day to witness tint ex
ecution of Sain Scott for the murder ot
Joe Spear, which occurred some years
ago, Uuwiik executed ono-'half 'mile
wtHtir the squaio mmr where tlio
minder was committed, Tho shei'ltf
had ii guurd of about mvy men. It hav.
lug bum rumored that pott's friends mi
would rowiio him. However, good , ni..
order prevailed, notwltlitaiidllig tho liueh hlVuV "m ircoo -lor had v
luuro crowd vnrluiit.lv .wi iu.ii...i ... i ... ': V ,ul ' "?l'rier nau nn
from thtxo to tlw tliou-and. After
tho prlseuur, accompanied by the
hherlil and deputies, mounted thu
I'Cailhld, ho made a speech and de
clared his Innocence, and ald ho was
prepared to meet his God; that (jid
Adanm and Joe Homier done tlio kill
ing. He said he was nU aiiald to die.
in uie latter portion of his talk h.,
Spei'lulO tint Otw.i.u...
Waco, Mel.cuuan County, Jauunry
o A novel case was argued before the !
county couit today, Sometime ago.
y-mig man was arrested, tried and
inieu ill too oitv reeordor'rt vnnrt
an anneal vns tidcon nn !
plea thai under tho city charter, no
I mil- li.iT.,1
oxlstenec. It seoins that utnir tlil commented on tho slow ni-nm-.. ,,rn,
legislature charter of Waco tho duties 1 trial. Tho Judge ronmrked tho nuso
aim power or jitleo of tho
pence- arc conferred on the
mayor, no provision being made
for any other oiUcor having Judiolal
powers. Sub-equentlytho city conn
ell created tho ouleo of reeonler, with
drawlnir the ludlclnl nnn-timw t.,..
Washington, I). C, January 5. Mr. !
is. j. vampueu, upreentlng u syndi
cate of Chicago capitalists, Is negotia
ting with tho secretary of tho lnterloi
for the lease of a tract of laud thirty
miles squaroln tlio Indian Territory be
longing to tho Cherokee and Cheyenne
Indians. They propose using it ror
gnulngcaltloandcut only such tim
ber as is necessary to piovlde posts ftir
wire fences to inclose tho land. The
Indbmsiuo represented as being anx
ious to cuter Into the arrangement.
Washington, D. C, January f.
the president to-day nominated Gub
tavo Onward or Illinois, to be secretary
of the legation ortho Uulted Stales to
The cattle commission estimates the
sum of $2,000,000 required to stamp
out the lung plague among tho animals
this ceuntry and recommends tho re
quired lcglslttlon.
In the star route trial much Impor-
hint t.twl town.,, ,..o ....I t.. r ,
"-'"""ij !.- inn iii, uuriuue
Washington, January 5.Mr. Van
Wyek, in preaonting petitions for tho
passage of the bill to give Increased
pensions to one-armed and one-legged
soldiers, saiu mo commiuee on pei - , , , ipr0nrliiUnii bill. Jtnpproprli
sons would probably reach a emich - $3 44847 bdn W2 j,),
Blon on the subject at the meeting on ea 'ilmalttm' me bill is substantially
ruusuiiy uexi uij uui il-jiuii, im
mediately thereafter.
Mr. Ingalls presented a petition for
the admission of Dakota as a state, and
said In his opinion tho opposition to
such admission was wholly partisan
and malignant.
Mr. Vest denied that the opposition
was of tho character Htated,aiid asserted
that it was made by Itepublicans as
well s by Democrats, nnd
based upon unanswerable facts.
Mr. Garland charged that the llrst ob
jection to the admission of Dakota
came from Mr. Halo of Maine on ac
count of the manner in which tho
county of Yankton had dealt with its
Mr. Hale said he said lie objected to
the admission or Dakota on the ground
stated by Mr. Garland because the re
duction or Yankton county had been
sanctioned by the terriloriai legisla
ture and he thought it neither fat u r
fair that his action should be charac
terized as It had been by Mr. Ingalls.
A bill was passed making and ap
propriation lor the hiu vey to a certain
practicability of uniting the upper
allluents of the Missouri and Colum
bia rivers by by a canal.
Mr. Vest Irom the committee on
territories .submitted u report in rela
tion to tlio Yellow Urnc P.irk, and
wild he would will It up at an early
Mr. Garlund advocating the bill said
the practical objection to the piesent
hybrid system created by the law of
lV.r2, had been strikingly demon
strated at the time of President Gar
field's death, and after tho 4th of
March next, tinlc.-s congress should
legislate upon the subject, in the
meantime lifo of the president would
only he one standing between the
United .States and an anarchy. On
the other baud the advantages
of the system as reported
by this bill was, It devolved
the duties of the presidency In such
wises upon the secretary ot state No
Inferior man was ever nominated lor
that olllce. Under the existing law
thu president of the senate would be
come In a certain contingency acting
president. Tills provision reiiderd the
character or administration very un
certain for iustancc, when
the senate met after the death
of President Gut Held, the sena
tor from Delaware, Mr. Bayard,
was chosen president of the senate oi
the United States, the chief executive
olllce would bo then lllled by a mem
ber of a paity dete.ited tit the polls but
as if by magic Mr. Dayard was deposed
and the senator liom Illinois, iMr.
Davis) was put in Ills place, that dis
tinguished hcnator belonging to uo
party but,walMngin an utmosphcrc of
his own vision above all parcics cent
lean, ethereal or what-not. laugh
ter. If he had heeii willed to the
presidency by tho death of ITosldent
Arthur, the virdictof the people would
have approved him or his paity.
Mr. Garland in the course ot his re
marks exmes-u I tho opinion that tho
president's time of ofilcoouglu to be
six years.
Mr. Morgan moved to amend to pro
vide that olllccrs succeeding to acting
president shall hold olllce until tho
president's dlsaoiiity is removed, or
until tho vacancy is otherwise law
fully tilled, instead of until the regular
term as provided in the bill.
Mr. Edmunds moved that the bill be
rc-commHted to the committee on ju
diciary, with instructions to report as
soon as may he a bill to further provide
for and regulate the duties of the
president of the United States by the
president of the senato pro torn nnd
speaker of tho house ot repies utatives,
respectively. In case tlteie is a va
cancy in both the olllce. of the presi
dent and vice president of tho United
.States and for the administration ot
the duties of tho president ol the
United -states in eases iu which there
shall be, at tho tinio being,
neither president of the senato tiro
torn nor speaker of tho house of rep
resentatives. Mi. Kdmudfs said this motion present-d
clearly the alternatives of
either, perfecting tho system devised
by the fathers or departing entirely
from that system as propescd in the
penning mil.
Mr. Hlair ofl'cred an amendment
providing thai cabinet oftlcors named
in succession, instead ol acting as
president in the cases contemplated in
the bill, shall m act only until copgrcs
can come together and provide' a bur
i tor lining me presidential chair iu
caso of death, etc.
, Mr. Jones or Florida ofterod an
! amendment providing Unit no cabi
net oincorsiuu succeed to the acting
presidency who would not be elluible
election as president. Wit hunt
lfl.tnrv nT 1... !... ,
,t. . . ?!:
...c vrcru ltnl0)
Chicago, January 4.-45
much uncertainty and ev2
lug stories about tho coinlC
fairs in the Indian TWt tJQ
-.. -uu
lowing leucra irom
incut in Jiidiau T
uics win prove vprvH
particularly as to givliiVI
into tlio past ns well ulli
lilufnrv mill tn(iw ,,r ...;".
Stidbam Is a Creek, nndy
years has been one ofthe'u
factors iu all Indian u3
i n I..., i. "'"H
13 ttUll IWiW.tll , ll.i
having lor several years lJ
Kmu 111 .uij,t.-;v3 liuin li,,
i ;
l'tirtlicr rurtleulnr or th Great uml
iKtrou. CuMQiiKi.itlun.
Cohoes, N. Y., January 3.Thc lire
originated in the wheel-pit of the roll
ing mills. Work was suspended last
I'Viday, for repairs," and ws to bo re
sumed this morning. During n severe
cold spell hut night the wheel was
frozen iu the pit. The engineer began
thawing it out ' by the usual
procesx when by some accident the nil
caught lire and the Haines spread with
wonderful rapidity. The firemen did
splendid work and successfully di
verted the lire fron the central por
tion of tho city which includes tho
great knitting manufactories. A more
rapid fire never was seen. Inside of
one hour from the timetlieuil took Hie
tho entire works were consumed and
nothing left but the fariiaces and their
chimneys. The flames drove the
workmen away so quiekiv they had
no time to think of drawing the fur
naces, hence the loss is much greater
than it otherwi-o would have been, as
the iron will now cool iu them and
they will then havo to bo
taken apart. Total loss on the
rolling mill is now estimated
at half n million. The insurance is
about $7."n,000. The flames wercdriven
to the l'ilol mill, which was soon en
veloped. The sight was grand. One
fire ran riot through the oil and com
bustible matter and eomunicatcd from
one story to another with
great rapidity. Within live min
utes the immense brick structure
was totally enveloped In flames and
the firemen littery helpless tostav their
progress, poon the gasoline tank ex
ploded rending and leveling the walls.
Lo-s on the Gngerty mill 4.100,000. in
surance ?7o,000. Powers t O'Hrien's
mill occupied a' portion of the Pilot
mills building and 1 involved in
general ruin. Loss !0,000 partially
New Yoik, January . At a special
meeting of the directors of the New
York, Chicago and St. Louis Railway
Company to-day, tlio following di
rectors were elected : J. J I. Devereux,
Cornelius Vanderbilt, W. H. Vander
bllt, U. Mclv. Twombly, W. C. Whit
ney, W. S. JStirke, Auirust Scliell, An
son George McGee, J. II. Wade, Chas.
Hlckox, Janus Tillinglmst and D. W.
Caldwell. .1,11. Devereux was elected
president of the now board.
Des Moines, Iowa, Janunrv'fi. The
stookholdcrs or the Des Moines and
-Xoi tli western ituilwav Company
elected as directors: Jay Gould J P
Runnells, T. M. Hubbell, J. P. Polk,
J. S. Chukson and C. F. Meek. The
road will be pushed to connections
with the Northers Pacific and made a
broad auge.
Memphis. January 5. Coii-idi.rnlii..
I excitement prevails here over the re
I ports from Nashville that State Treas
urer Polk is a defaulter hu the sum of
- 1
applied to the crowd bolhhlu.k i h" ttor ' I!1 'niiwtorrUnr them to
.--i. . - -n-r "s lion liiiii 111 (I
wuitc, it tuHo warning front his
doom. Ho huM game until tho verv
Jtwt, ami said ho wuntiHl to die easy,
J lie drop fell at aboutU this evening,
Mpi,l lothn (lukoHo
The fiestas
'the Ciuilitv i-aiirt l..,.l,l..,l
, "., lH -'Kalhat thu defendant on
mm not made such progress as ho
thought It would make, fhinlioln.r M,.,
close of tho Hfth week,
Charles A. Dickson, mute, agent be
tween Peoria and Kvansvllle, was ar
rested to-day for stealing registered
Hull at Docntur.
uw ease is agaiuat tho defendant on i On Thursday evcnlm? next tliom , h .. .,
.Si.2iVCte.,t',D ?0'"5. " w,' A ."nber of the knlghtn mid ladles i ofstore en.
aueiupicd suicide yesterday, ia all
right again ami says he lias conclutlcil
Webb county, January 5- ."'i'11;, ,0'.r iho V1 S ""rwiulted
nre still bcmnii 'Hie &" tIUHI U,ere Uc kno ot
ot this city will probably attend the
eiitortatnment. The comnilttco in
charge is making tho most perfect
arrangements for the pleasure of those
who are present.
.ivvnij; un inistniieiiument tho senate
w ent into executive session and sooa
afterwards adjourned.
In discussing tho question of tho ad
mlsslon of American euttto to Great
Ilritaln, the rejmrt concludes: "It is
vain to hope Kngland will remove tho
restrictions so long as we fail to show
'"" prisugo has been wiped out
from our land and nothing slurt of
he nbraluto aud uiulenlablo extinc
tion or tliis dl-easo in the United
.states will reopen the British
market to our live wittic, and save us
ihoe millions we are now every year,
prod ga ly, we might ahnust say hi
saiicly throwing awtiv." Tne. report
estimates thu yearly W frQlu lUl,;
lung plague fn the Unlhal States
at from two to three millions, and
the prospective, lnv. f mi.Lw.,u,.
orcanltal Is represented by the prTsent
yearly losses, whldi, at live percent.
mi,,,f,i,b? from for,-v lxy l l
-"--- 4v uirrt-iiii'ii nv nrA.niiiti,,..
losses nt tho sumo rain ... f.mi....
crning principle Iu nllthcso
'lit bliall forbid tlw.mnv... ..,.
ot store cattle out of any Infected state
aHm,ry riJUtri (eptaftcrquaU
antine such as is now im.
posed on vtti.. imported
fmni Infected foreign countriS
The report recommends thai the"ec-
Thu Circus-
I, 1SK1.
I)atli ltulhUiiir
Corrcspoinlenro of the finrctte.
Moikjan, Janimrv
I 'vmvlita 9. ll.tl I-
v-vw.iyi iv imneys circus wmie
through our town, yesterday, en route
for Meridian, where thoy showed hist
Mrs. Rebecca Do Cordova, mother of
nil8, V; K lnl? l-wpriutris, or the
City Hotel, in lids Oily, died at the
home of her son-ln-liw, Mr. Wm.
torion, in Temple, on the "ioth of De
comber, 18S2, and was buried nt tlio
?ri. i ii C!,r,y',1 ""rial grouml, near
Klmlmll, in this county, uu New
ears eve. In this i-e It maybe
truly said that as tho old year wmie to
an end also ended tho life or one or the
that ever lived.
-nr. a. Hercules, proprietor
Commercial Houe,is llaviug
..,....v.wii uuui iu iiu l)(HI-e.
Mr. Alex Rubor is having a new
buildin? erUCtwl "r tl,L' academy
All the carpenters have 'as much
work as they can attend to now.
Ca.ter's Liver Bitters for thu
f liitu .-.i.ilr.i l.th
HII.-III ...iiu ,,,3 (W
really valuable ns
Mclilllop Is iiNo n thorouSj
Informed young clerk In i
and martial matters. Huts
of the hoii'-o of warriors el
I.... ,. ti.n iT. .si-.. i ti.i.. , y
'"6 "' WV" vtv-.-Muiiesnous,
rcscutatlvcs and deeply in C,
of the nation. JudueO. Wsi
living nt Eufala, writes aafoiJ
The Creek nation liasWI
into two bauds from time injj
known jus tho Upper at?
urceKS, eacn witn a ja
and resident chief,
ing under one governtal
two chiefs and assistantsrh
getlier a one executive. Ttii
government existed until Hit
the late war by which they't,
ded into North and South.
they reunited and ,
home Sands the actios;
of :i portion of the Creeks''
ported the Uuicd States i'dt
proposed that we do av:iyfi
two chiefs and unite uuaor
This was agreed to. and a e
with . equal numbers fn
two parties was a
t0, (1-r,a,t ,n coustitutlc.
code oi laws. This done, thei
convention adopted their chit,
who expecicu in ue elected,!
fcatcd and he rebelled. Attb
election inc rebel
ran another candidate:
wtis Deatcn. As many of
party nave never couio lioi
pretend now to have diseov
the authorities gravely wrona
iu belling to the United Stales
........ 4.. tl... ..... j.'
iiivjib iwi niu unv oi lg
noies that portion or coun1
tiled bv them. Tim imrh.
4 . ' I'-..,.
rebellion received their shun
proceeds of the sale. ThoCtJ
thorlties opposed selling hJ
forced to because the UuittJ
government had located til
noles on their land f
mistake and they
not remove thein but proposei
the land. The Creeks (hougll
ter to take pav for the land 'til
it without pay. This is thewi
tory ot the trouble.
O. P. M'eKlllop writes froa!
gee as louow:
This trouble is an 'eE
some three thousand
to undermine and destroy tfcc
recogni.ed constitution ofjHil
Lsiiiiiiii. iiiu iiuriie Kiiunu
"Chlcote party" was also def
they undeitook by ft'
aims to install their
Tlie fight began, but tho Unlil
Indian agent. Major Leoufi
settlement without bloodshed!
then they have raised arawi
twice. Minds died soon niter
trouble, but other lenilors
the fracas until latfi
when one of their youtigJi
arrested for violating theii
raised a mob, followed and to
sherifr and deputy and sen
prisoner. Kuowhiz such
would not be ' toleraf
whole faction took nrh
protect them. Tho const:
government party called
in.lltia, followed and arrested
the murderers, killed two or u
pinioned tho others. Hie
trouble grew out oil
allalr, and tho Anadit'j
Chlcote being rccoguiM
oi tne urcck nation, and sp
me reueis. nie latter orgaiia
iwn Hirues unuer .snrcchce
Knight in the two afci
the Creek nation, ' inlei
raid thu capital. Hearll
t lucf Chiote issued a nroela
the local party to arm thenal
repair to tin capital.'
eie sent out. forty
cote's men Avhile
encountered the wetorn dil
Sprechee's men, numbering
mi iiriritf I tl.ll. II.,.. , m. AH,
............. ,,,,,, liny, iyu rilt
ensued iu which seven Cliicl
killed. It is not novvn wh?
oi the other party was kllWI
held the field. After til
! Chicotes sent out (M0 men'-;
i due's force had dlsbandMl
turned to the Sae.-is, and Foil
tion vvlu re they htlll nre.
division of the Spreeches pan
bnrtcehts heed, also lctunii
Cherokee Aallon.
'the Iiullan ngtnt ha? gwi
ispieehee and oeo vv iat eaULII
Chlinti. ii., t-t, - in ,.,a,nhk-?J
a Tew days and this will i
trouble until the Natlonill
meets next October.
of the
ii nv
i-IUO 111
mist ix jrojTjfwjssT 'm-ii
Booksellers and Staii
(lllnnk ltooV.1. Ilelow aruinir.H'to
KRlinn and if
(Invaluable to McivhnntJ
oilnvr Alon.)
Guitars, Violins, Banjos, T
Accordeons, Valentt&
4 'Croquet in Seas

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