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";w. i4 ,
(Dottb IMltj
roMr to tlio Doinocrat-Advancc.
VOL. 7, NO. 30
i of tbo Bonate Standing Oommit-
tflos on Koterrou Hills.
Itroller's Hooka in BoferonoetoSohool
Bonds to bo mvestigatoa.
it.- TTma "Rill TttliriravnnnF
IffO 01 Wtl liuuau "" ...u.M.-b
tnorubuo litmus,
otost Against tho Eooont Leaso of tho
Penitentiary uouviots.
Iduction of a Bill to Appoint a Eail-
ronu uouiinissiou.
Houses Adjourn until Monday
Notes and Porsonals.
L0j tutlii lazuli...
January 10. Mr. Mullock,
i ho committee on puunc uuuis
Lftod favorably the bill repealing
jtf granting land certificates to
ui; also the bill confirming pat-
Ulll surveys "i ucuu ugma aim
v warrants issued under special
iiiaetcduftor March 31, 1870.
Cuesloy, ironi me committee on
i.w,rw Iti-iKirt I'll favorably tho bill
tding the constitution rugulalln.;
lillllier Ol Ix-iniiviiiK hum iwimus
ly scat-; also too bill Hiiortening
fine tiom tho date of election,
Mti the results snail ue aseer-
. Terrell, from Judiciary conimlt-
tunber one Uoportod lavorauiy
hill amending aruoio
of the revised civil
Ites; also a bill thatin sultsou open
lots an mill oi me correctness m
Emio sliall bo prima facie evidence
lof; unfavorably tho Dill llxingtne
ftfjustlces oi mo peace.
Pattern, lrom juiuciary coniiim-
buinber two, reported favorably
bill providing that citation
Bioeess may ue scrveu on mu
iloitt, secretary or treasurer or
Is ol corpor.ue companies or joint
associations; aiso mo mil ctos-
fcill places of business on bunday
LLiiOa. m. and l p. m. ; aisomaiv-
!n oflense to dispose or personal
brty o which there is a mortgage;
onioy mo out graining any per
ils right to challenge, for cause,
riant! jurors.
Perry iroin me commiiteo on
alKI notifies ivenuiiuu ihtuihuiy
ill, with an amendment, direct-
he laying ou i oi cciuiin puunu
ltll.r.S ItlJ.l'l'UllEU.
IMr. Mullock Providing in the
lof mechanics, laborers and ope-
h on railroads they may have
liens enforced by any couit hav
Itrlsdlctiim thereof.
Johnson of Collin Repealing
w mailing an appropriation lor
roiKuration of fish and creating
Bllce of ilsh commissioner.
Mr. Terrell To authorize the
Ion and survey within the limits
i'cr county of such certificates for
wore issued under tne acioi
li jo, 1SS1, to coitam classes oi
Bins tliat nave not neon sold to
! parties, and providing that.one-
of tho lunuiinder sliall be set
i for public schools, and the other
to the payment of the pubiicdebt.
Mr. I'atton To i educe to one,
lets incorporating Herman's I'ni-
and Herman ncnuu.iry.
lo apiointiuent of General King as
Bunt general was cotinrnied.
iti-soLvrioxs iii:n:mti:i.
Mr. Matlock -Joint, resolution
Itlng leave of absence
county judges of Bay-
Bid Wichita counties.
Mr. Collin Joint resolution re-
ting our senators and loprcsenlu-
Tho house met at 10 o'clock. Messrs.
Jones, Lee, Johnson, "Wntklns and
AVhlto wore excused.
By Mr. Pendleton Petition of sov-enly-tlvo
citizens of Bell county, pro
testing against the recent long leso of
penitentiary convicts, and asking that
tho hiring out system bo abandoned
and accommodations be made to keep
convicts within the walls of tho peni
By Mr. Rodgers Petition from the
cltlens of the' proposed new county
of Upton
By Mr. Stringer Memorial of AW
II. Moore, a Texas veteran, asking for
a pension.
By Mr. Foster of Grayson Petition
of cit bens of Grayson county ', asking
that the county be made a separate ju
dicial district.
By Mr. Hill Petition of attorneys
of Polk county aklng that indict
ments loundiu district courts
tain" unities bo sent down to
con its.
By Mr. Thompson of Boxar
taeli tho unorganized county
wards to the county of Uvalde
dlelal purposes.
Bs Mr. Let. To amend tho civil
statutes relating to tho fees of judges,
sheriffs and other court oflleers.
By Mr. Durant To preserlbo the
neniiltv for violation of the law relat-
w rt t j
of eer-
-To at
of Ed
for iu-
lug to maximum freight-charges.
By Mr. Flshur To repeal tho act
pi escribing requisites In bills of Indict
ment. This is the law known as tho
lloninn common sense law.
By Mr. McKlnney To repeal article
2231 of the statutes relative to the tak
ing of testimony.
By Mr. Abbott For the pay of
militia called out to suppress the in
surrection at El Paso In the year 1877.
By Mr. Scott To amend the law in
reference to tho Issuance of writs of
By Mr. Foster of Grayson To
amend the law relative to chattel
mortgages and other instruments in
tended to operate as mortgages on per
sonal property.
Bv Mr. Avers Making it a penal
nflcnsc to fraudulently dispose of
nim-tirairod nronertv.
By Mr. Cunilltr-To amend tho law
protecting fish and game.
By Mr. Phelps To regulate the lay
ing out, opening and classifying of
roads and fixing tho penally for a vio
lation of tho same.
By Mr. Woods To amend the law
as to the use of loud and vociferous
language In public places and private
By Mr. Adams To take down testi
mony before grand jurors.
By Mr. Wnilth Authorizing tho
comptroller to pay superintendents of
public schools for services prior to Sep
tember 1, 1870, out of tho unexpended
balance of tho appropriation heretofore
Bv. Mr. Cramer To repeal article
(591 chapter!! of the penal code.
By Mr. Tileson To prohibit the
manufacture or sale of liquor within
two and a half miles of the Campbell
High School in Cameron county.
By Mr Moore of Washington
Regulating the fees of tax assessors oi
state tax on amounts under $.20,000, at
six per cent., and over that amount
four per cent.; county tax for amounts
f.10,000 four per cent, and over that
amount three percent.
l!v Mr. Suott To amend the school
law", making the pay to first gradol
teachers $100 per mouth instead ot iso
as now, and second grade $00 Instead
ofJIO, and third grade $10; changing
the text books as to certain grades and
authorizing trustees to fix rates ol
tuition in contracts with eachcrs.
Bv Mr. Patterson Authorizing the
challenges ol grand juror.i for cause
and giving the state's attorney four
peremptory challenges.
By Mr. Patteisou Providing for
tlte "sale or lease of school lands of the
state. This Is the bill inttoiluccd in
thencnate bvMr.Matlocic oi .Montague,
jms Dceu aimuiy
hi congreas to perfect hiiic treaty I n Hynopsls of which hi
.Mexico lor tne prevention oi opi-1 ujven by tho Gaxtti:.
lo diseases on the border
Mr. Davis Resolution to ap-
Lacominltteo of threo to Investl-
Itlie records of tho comptroller's
in reference to the common
til bonds and ascertain the status
ich. Adopted. Messrs. Davis,
ling and Shannon wcie appoint
or. Shannon Granting leave of
ice to the count y judge of Ntivnr-unty.
.Mr. Matlock Kcsolut ion that
Ills reported favorably be printed.
Mr. liarris To amend that fifty
h be Diluted. Adonted and the
lUlou passed.
nif.i.s j;.caioshi:n.
bill nnivlilinir iiimirfhmcut for
riding oa()I across streets or high-
PuillehniiirliuruiHl fixlmr fees
Micesof the peace; the bill provid
er printing not ies tnan
nor more than twelve thotisaud
Is of the law of a ucneral nature
lifteen bundled copies of specials
I "in io lesiore tno civil ami crim
liiriHdictlon to.tho county court of
lor county.
e nm providing that if a juror
i-no remainder mav return a ver-
Jwas taken up. Tho unfavorable
ft wius adopted and tho bill lost.
house hill withdrawing miblic
1 from sale was taken nniinil filler
Iderable argument, was amended
mjiscu. jt now provides that nil
atlthni I'eil tn I in until muliM' the
f July M. 1M70. is hereby wlth-
iilioinsale, provided that nothing,
is act shall bo construed In return
.iiiil reser ed by an act to provide
in. Mr. (3nrr son J wiKinir raiiroun
companies liable for malicious conduct
by their agents toward travelers.
By Mr. Odem Making sherifls ex
onicio road inspectors and declaring
their duties.
iiv Trr. ('ravens Denying nny slate
atlornoy a fee In cases where he is not
present or taking part in the case, -and
not allowing them to reduce the lees
In consideration of pleas of guilty.-
By Mr. Stagner Reducing the max
imum fees of county treasurers and
limiting their salaries to $1,000. .
By Mr. Foster of Grayson To sim
plify acknowledgements of married
women. , ,., . .,,
By Mr. Chambers of Tarrant Rcg
ulatlmr thccoinmisons tif tax asses
sors and making them two mills on
the one hundrail dollars of valuation
for state tax, and one and a half mills
on county tax.
By Mr. Robertson To chaugo Hie
time forllllngcountcralUdavits where
action or defence is based upon a sworn
account. .... , .
By Mr. Chenowlth To appoint a
board of raihtiad commissioneM, do
flue their duties, etc.
By Mr. Burnett Regulating the
fees of sherifls for keeping prisoners for
a number not exceeding lour, fifty
cents a day; over four, forty cents a
t!Ry Mr. MeKinncy Authorizing
the nale or lease of the Plate university
,101-Nr i:i:n.X"noxri.
By Mr. Stout To amend tho article
,,., fi.xfiiimi inakiuit tho state tn. cx-
id' elusive of pubiicdebt tax, not to ox
P : reed fifty cents on tho one hundred
ue sale nl n not lion ol tlio uiian- : nr.,.,i oriv
lntn.1 ...I ii. i .. . T..I.. . . .. . i... ........... it..1t..ffit..lflI
- jmoiic lanus apjuovcu .uuv ; dollars; sciiooi la.v inn iwiib ,,
i'. aim tin act amending sucp (v.jiVe cents on tno iiuimrc" uonn,
I roved Viuvh 11. 1SS1. the mans ' '.wi n imimt.v .mid tTil tax n- m)
'' puliii-' domain but the ; exceed "tiro latttV amount except for
fc,'ii i' foiistvu'cd to be for tho tiridoe purposes.
fioes ror vvhli'ii sulil land was
(dlyct ainrt and deslmiated by
act, till the legislature shall other-
! provide for the sale uuder tho
'' regulations as the legislature
licre.irti.i- .r,.-i,i,.
Mourned to it) o'clock Monday
Bv Mr. Mclvlnney That the chair
mcnofcomniittees post tho tlmo for
the jiiectlngHof the yarlous couimlt-
Mr. Garrlhon For a committee of
three to act with a committee of two
from tho senate to visit tho stale punl
toiitlarles and report tho workings and
conditions of Iho same. Referred.
By Mr. Frylillcr Dlreetlngthe com
mittee on judicial districts to report a
bill for tho equalization of labor In dlf
ferentdUtricwof tho state. Mr. Motir
suud moved to refer, and Messrs. Fry
mleraud Garrison optioscd reference.
Tho motion was voted down and the
resolution adopted.
Bv Mr. Bcnavldes To print five
hundred copies of tho governor's in-J
augural address In Spanish. After
considerable discussion tho resolution
was adopted.
lim'OUTri OK COMMlTTr.lS.
Mr. Acker, chairman of judiciary
committee number 1 Uutavorably
on tho bill amending tho law as to tho
exemption of current wages from at
tachment and execution, It being un
constitutional; unfavorably on the bill
making tho pay of grand jurors $2.0i)
per day, because a bill for that purpose
had already been reported; unfavor
ably a bill defining tho penalty for as
sault lo commit rape; favorably on a
bill providing for an ideation
to repeal the stock law
where It has been adopted in
a county orastibdivlslon; favorably the
bill providing for an Issue to bo made
on the truth of allldavits for change of
ventio; favorably on the bill to re
quire counties to provide for the pay
ment of claims due teachers of public
schools, audited under tho acts oft Au
gust 7, 1870, or April 22, 1870; favora
bly on tho bill prohibiting tho killing
of deer between February 1st and Sep
tember lut.
Mr. Bell, for judiciary committee
No. 2 Favorably the bill for
tlio payment, by tho state.
ot magistrates, constables and
county attorneys lu examining
trials of felony cases; favorably on
tho bill prescribing the penalty for the
carets handling of firearms; unfavor
ably the bill making it forgery to sign
a parent's name to an order for mar
riage license.
Mr. Annlstcad, for tho committee
on constitutional amendments Unfa
vorably on bill for levying an ad va
lorem tax for roads and bridges ; tin fa
voiableon the bill limiting tlio state
tax to thirty cents on the hundred
dollars; unfavorably on the bill lixlng
tho legal interest at six per cent and
conveiitlc ,i at 8 per cent.
Mr. Cbenoweth, for the committee
on interuiw improvement Unfavora
bly on the bill to proveut unjust dis
crimination lu freight charges between
railroad depots.
Mr. Taylor, for the committee on
rules To 'amend rule fifty-one so Hint
the call of tlie house sliall be suspended
when a quot urn Is secured; to amend
rule llfty-eight legauling tho journals.
Mr. Roboitwon, for tlio comiultt e
on judicial districts Asking the bill
diminishing jurisdiction of county
cmn t of Starr county be referred to ju
diciary No. 2.
Mr. Uhaiuuers or coliln, tor Hio com
mittee on roads, btidges and ferries
Favorably on the bill levying 2-3 cents
on the one hundred dollars for bridge
nnrnoscs. A minority report was illed
by Messrs. Steele, Davis of Camp and.
uusiiing on tno groiiuq tnat tne oiu is
Mr. Foster of Limestone, fortho com
niitteeon printing, favorably on Rosen
thal's resolution for printing 10,000
copies of Governor Ireland's inaugural
and JJ,000 lu German. Mr. Caven pro
posed to amend so as to make the num
ber In German 2,000. Mr. Rogers of
fered an amendment to pilnt 1,000 I u
Spanish. Mr. Nash to ainond to print
300 in French.
On motion of Mr. Upton the amend
ments were laid on tho table.
Mr. MV'Ivinneyi'ouId not, understand
tho piactical bentlts to arise from
printing this document at all, as
nearly all the prominent papers had
published It. Mr. Scott thought
It will lo provide for a number to bo
printed In German.
Mr. Upton said ho had heretofore
voted against nny documents In any
languagesave the English, but would
favor it and cited tho fact that, a great
nianv Germans recently voted against
Mr. 'Ireland because they did not
know him. The resolution was
Mr. Wurzbach's resolution for the
printing of bills when recommended
by committers, was adopted.
The senate bill to dispenso with a
county attorney in counties wliero
there are resident criminal district at
tornevH. passed to tho third reading.
Mr.' Bates' warehouse bill was post
poned and made a special order for
Phnr-iliiv next.
Adjourned until Monday ut 10,
O'clock, ,
Titling. I
Dr. Maurlco Satin, who will most!
probably bo appointed state oeullst.is a
young man ol about thirty-llvo years, ,
a German bv birth and quite a master
in his profession. lie was a pupil of
-the celebrated oculist. Dr. Calhoun, of i
Atlanta, Georgia, and c.iuio to Texas
several years ago from tlio former
uinip. Itis sclectio
-: , ..,
os t on is regarded as a very www one. i
Micro have been. It Is stated, but two
iiiinlieiuits for the position
The resolution introduced yester
day In the houso by Mr. Brown of,
Johnson county asking tho legisla-,
ture to open up certain of tho publlo i
domain tobatify tho outstanding Con- '
federate ccrtilicates, in excess of ,
available domain, will most'
probably meet with much
imposition. Notwithstanding this,
however, a moinout's mature re-.
tlectlou will lead to tho conclusion
that the resolution Is founded in great
measure upon principle and askiiso of.
right, whether It Is practicable or not.
These certificates arc, coining down
to cold truth, based upon faith In the
state's promises t fulll! a contract
"They wore issued as a matter of gen
erosity, it is true, but at the salne time ,
voro "to all Intents and purpose a
prihn.o and obligation upon the part
iifLhissfato. But not alone aro the
prliiiiled Confederates interested in
thin matter : manv of tlio-e eerthlc
aro lu tne minus oi liuioooiji aim ;
well meaning purcnaseis who win ou
forced to slider if no provision be
tliesr redemption, uus in
is tne argument oi mu
friends of the resolution; what the
other sldo will have to say will be
developed when tho resolution comes
up In tlio luuise.
Cochran's bill requiring county
clerks to keep Indexes of appeal bonds
and-stay bonds, is fortho protection of
purchasers of real estate; as securities
on these bonds are liable, and a lieu on
all their real estalo Is retained from
tlio dato of the recording of these
The university regents have made
their report. It Is quite lengthy, but
the inoM salient features and facta em
braced therein have from time to time
been given In special telegrams from
The dillcrcitt bills submitted to the
nmii illttim tin liititriiiil tiimmvimittit
have been submitted to sub-commit- Tho
tecs and ordered printed. There are
several bills already In "to prevent
unjust discriminations," etc., etc., but
it Is thought the main ones have not
appeared yet, but are now being care
fully matured In certain circles.
l'nlimi-1 Clii-iunvi'lli's bill lnlniilnci'il
lu the house to-day for the creation of
a ratluud commission provides for the
appointment ot mo commission oy tne
guyernor, and speclllcs that one shall
be a man learned in law and another hi
railroad atliilrs and civil engineering,
but no" one In any manner interested
in any railroad shall be eligible to ap
pointment. These commif)ioncrs,
three In nnmbei, shall be appointed
by and with tljo consent of the senate.
The bill has some of tho features
of those discussed at tho general
session of theSyvcntrenth Legislature,
but embraces many now Ideas not
heretofore considered. It cIuksIUcs
freight Into classes, regulates the tarlll'
on the leading articles of merchandise
and consumption mid leaves tho classi
fication of other articles In the hands
ol tho commissioners, The bill is
quite Icnghty and has been pro
pared with great eare and thoroughly
covers the vv holu ground. Its author
claims to have taken and uUllzul the
best points of similar measures hi
force In other stales and seems to
think his bill Is not onlv founded in
justice to all concerned but o shaped
as to meet all reaseliableobjccts. R-ill-road
men are stiietly on the alert and
several ot them had fully mastered
tho contents of tho bill before the
journal cleik could get it to the
Tlio bill ot Mr. i' osier to mane
Grayson a separate judicial district
has served lo dNi'loio the temper of
the house on tho subject, and It Is ex
tremely dotibtlul if siicn a measure
can get through tho legislature.
Hon. B. M. Baker was qunlllled
to-day as secretary of the board of edu
cation. Two charters were lllcd In the secre
tary of state's olllco to-day; tho Cum
berland Picshyteriau Church of Aus
tin, and Sous of Malta Building As
sociation of Houston, with a capital
stock of $7,500.
Files for tbrco hundred sec
tions of fifty cent lands
were placed in the laud olheo to-day.
The Merchants' Insurance Company
also the post route bill which was also
Mr. lllseook endeavored to dispense
with the prlvato business for to-day,
but failed to secure the necessary two
third vote, and tlte house went Into
committee of the whole on the pilvatc
At 2 o'clock the committee rose aim
the houe paiscd some private bills. A
war claim bill then gave rlo tosomo
debate, and tho yeas and nays were or
dered on Its passage, pending which,
on motion of Mr. Hobettson of New
Jersey the house at ;l o'clock adjourned.
Quiuoy House Destroyed by 'Piro
Yestordny Morniug.
Xnrnm J
:ciiii of s'ewnd Out-dti Ollirr
l'lt-cx HUll l,)!f n.
of Newark, N. J., with net nssuis of
$S,000,COO.:il, was authorized by the
commissioner ot insuianco to transact
business in the state lor the current
year. Its Texas business for J8S2
shows grois receipts for pie
nilums'f 11,058.70, and losses incurred
for same period $7.'t,7is.
Walter Morgan, whllo Intoxicated,
rode into Cloud's livery stable to
night, and, without any provocation,
stabbed .foe Henderson, an employee,
twice lu the head, Henderson is not
expected to llvo till morning.
Qulncy, Illinois, January 10. The
Quhiey iIoum), one of the largest ho
tels lu the city, was burned this morn
ing. The tiro was discovered by a
guest on the third lloor who at once
gave the alarm. Tho first clerk, Jas.
i. Griffith, who Was on the second
lloor at tho time It was dlscov
eieil called the porters and sent them
to every room lu the house to alarm
tho gucats. Many of tho guests were
hi the dining room, but a largo num
ber were hllll a sleep. Men, women
and children rushed to the street, few
waiting to dress, but the tiro
progressed siowiy ami no
lives were lost. Katie Butler
chambermaid had a uatrow escape,
having gone to her room to get nor
trunk. Her cloihlng caught and she
was Itadly burned about the face, but
the injuilcs are not serious. Wil
liam Slackbaek, a detective
on tho police forvo had a
leg broken by falling down the
stairs. Ho had gone into tho burning
building to rescue nny one who might
need assistance, and decerning bltndod
by i lie smoke fell tho full length of one
ot thu siatrways. There were at the
hotel about lltty regular board
ers, fifteen transient, guests and
tony-two servant. Nearly all the
guests unit boarders loH everything,
flic hotel building was owned by J.
li. Morris, ahd valued at $"10,0110. It
was leased by G, P. Fay
wfio owned tho lurulturo jmd
list tires, and will lose $10,000.
Morris had $12,000 insiuancc. The lire
cutiglit from a dofecllve flue.
Nowburg, South Caiollna, January
10. A (lie here this morning dastmyed
several stores. Loss, $2-3.000; insur
ance, $20,UOO.
Morchwid. Minn., January 11). The
Key City block, a brick sttucture
which cost $10,000. burned to the
ground early this morning. There
were sonio loi ty persons living in inc
block but all managed to get out
safely, (hough many had narrow
escapes, Several mciclinhts who occu
pied shops in the miildlng lost their
entho stocks, on wltloh there was little
or no lnsMmnee. The building was
owned by Bums fc Plemls, and In
insured for $20,000.
A Series of Sad Notes from Longviovr
Burial at Palestine.
Murdor Trial at Abilono Mystorious Dis
' appearouco in Ban Antonio.
Interesting Itoms Prom SKonnau, Oorsi
cium and Other Points.
tjpci'lnl ioth- OinmUto.
Abilene, January 10. Tho examin
ing trial or Zouo Hemphill for killing
ltoie Breeding did not terminate un
til yesterday evening. Hemphill wa
placed undor a bond of one thousand
The weather Intensely cold. About,
day light the mercury mood three de
grees above zero.
A meeting of citizens will bo hcldlo
nlght to nominate candidates for city
Wiu'cldl to Urn ClitKolltk.
Palestine, Jnnuary 10. Tho lire dv
partmenl turned out In full nuuibor
to attend tho funual of William R.
Bordeaux, a youngaml esteemed mem
ber of, and the first death in, the de
partment, it Was a very solemn fun
eral, tho stores being closed and
business suspended,
Since the burning of tho city caln
10(ho a few nights ago, Palesllno bus
no Jallt Shcrlll Davis, refusing to
allow tho city prisoners In tho county
jaihheuce a jolly place this for trumps
and occasional drunks.
Hpnoliil to tliu Ouki'Uc.
Jiiingviow, January 10. .1. 1). Smjth
of Arkansas, who had his leg mushed
a short tlmo since by a const ruction,
train, died last night. The physicians
wcie forced to amputate his .leg a
second tlmo and tho bandage broke
and he bled to death before the doc
tors arrived.
Charlie Bold, a rich jeweler and
pioperty owner, died yistorday front
excessive drink.
A convict, iiamo not Known, was
badly mashed between tho cars at
Willow Springs, four miles west of
here, while coupling cars on u convict
train. , , ,
Jliumto Barcely, who was shol- by
an unknown assassin about two week
ago ami was pronounced fatally
wounded, has to tho surprise of every
one almost recovered, and hurt lcsitnicd
his duties.
Jlis seiec io n io mis important, -eBto ,() u,.,0 r ,t t).(Ily
rwtuirinti tu rinrfiiviiw i us jl viirv wimi ijiit?. 1 ii.-. .i ..i.ii.
MM. ,.. litivik iinmi ft 1 wtiltofi.
1HMVI Alt W .w-.. - . ,-.,... J
Washington, January 10, Mr,
Sewcllflrom the military u flairs com
mlttce, reported tho advisability of s
bill lo authorize tlio secretary or war
to establish a home for indigent
soldiers and sailors In Kansas.
Mr. Harrison from the committee
on territories reported a bill
thorlzlng tho county of Yankton
Dakota to issue bonds. Jio said a
majority of the coiumltteo were satis
fied of a desire on the part of tho peo
ple that the country .diotild have such
legislation as would enable them to
relund their debt and get rid or the
taint of repudiation. He would ask
the senate to consider tho bill at an
caily day.
Mr. Garland gave notice Unit three
members of the committee disapproved
tho bill and would oppose Its passage
most strenuously.
Mr. Halo presented Mr, Frye'.s cre
dentials of election, Filed.
On motion of Mr. (Joke, tho Joint res
olution was passed, authorizing the
purcluiio of steam launclitx for use of
tin- harbors of Gnlvwdou and Mobile.
The postofllce appropriation bill was
then taken up.
Mr. riuiuir said no would asi; tne
ensued on the clause providing for the
reduction of letter postage to two cents,
ami at theclo-o of the morning hour
tho po-itotilcc bill was laid aside and
tho senate resumed the tarlfl' hill.
Mr. Miller offered un amendment to
make the duty on lliled bottles ono
and a half cents a pound, Instead of
thirty per cent ad valorem ns Jn the
bill. liOJt.
Mr, Moore of Pennsylvania intio
dueed a joint lenolutlou proposing a
cousiituiioiiai amendment, graining
made for
congress tho power to provide by ap- j
proprtaio iegisiaion or un emorco
njent of the obligation of contracts en1
teied Into by any state of the Union.
The Judiciary committee resolution
dim ting the' military cwinmltlce to
investigate the chaiges of mismanage
ment of the Hampton's .Soldiers'
Homo was adopted.
Mr. Bingham of Pouiisylvmiii;, chair
man of the postofllco and pontroads
many of tlio-e certificates ! committee, reported buck the. hill pro
viding mat wuenever ii muiii oeeome
necessary to ineroubo the speed on
which mall is carried on any post
route the service shall ho re
adjusted for the reduced tinift i eqtilral;
Eleven npw churches In" courso of
erection In New York will cost 2(
000,000. The Dukoof Newcastlo is at Jack
sonville, Florida, taking a rest from
Samuel Ruhc11, who died at tho ngo
of 84 years, hi Newark, Delaware, one
day last week, kept until his death
the first dollar that ho ever earned,
A Belgian s sparrow has llteiully
built her nosl In the lion's mouth,
havlmr made her homo in tho Jaws of
tho monumental Hon surmounting
thu Bclgie mound on the field of Wa
terloo. Yung AVIng, who made his fellow
studentf. at Valo stare as far back as
1801, la chief magistrate of Shanghai,
China. He still speaks English and
remains a devout Christian.
A llflccn-ycar-old girl of NewYoik
is bent on killing her mother because
tho tender parent loves her younger
children better. This Jealous miss liar,
made two attempts at tho crime, and
says she will never bo satlstlcd until
success has crowned her efforts.
Tho Troy TiiifH savs that tho night
after fho election or Garfield lit 1HS0. n
bonllro was kindled on tho sldo of a
hill, and it communicated to a bed of
cokocoal, and has been binning ever
since. Ed'nits have been mado to ex
tinguish tlio lire, but they have all
failed, and It continues to cat its way
along the vein of natural fuel,
Tho sloryls fold In Hartford of a
discharged state's prison convict, who
as ftooiuoi he reached that city hurst
into tears and was Ineousolublo be
cause he had left his pet moifc in his
cell. Tho little beast was the only
ft fend ho had. it came fiom a hole In
the corner every morning and ate ihr
crumbs from his hand,
For a quarter of a century Mrs.
Jiydla Maria Child and her husband
lived without u servant In their hum
ble and plcnenut home lu Waylaud,
Mass. OiK'o, relates Xlon'it Jfrrultlf
wh'Mi he said to her, "I wish, for your
sake, dear, I was as rich as Cru'susj"
she responded. "You aro Cru'sus, for
you are king of liydla."
It Is only nino dogrcou colder nt tho
north pole than It ison tho Hue of the
Canada Pacific at points lu tho noith
wost territory, where It sometimes
ranges sixty degrees below zero, while
explorer in tlio arctic regions have
found the coldest resistor sixty-til no
degrees below
In California walnut trees are grown
as a regular crop. Ten years' growth
pioduccH a tree twenty Inches in
dlumeler. A walnut (rev crop would
prove a very profitable investment In
any state of tlio Union, tho demand for
tho wood for furnlturo purposes being
solarge, .
kii)l(tl to tlio C1 iiKiilt".
Kan Antonio, January 10. Three
well defined eases of Hmall pox aro re
ported by the city physician and two
have been lenioved to the pest house.
A fourteen-year-old girl, llliwi Cup
ton, Is missing. She Is suppojed to bo
uiKon away oy imiiu, n iut. .u..,
who is also missing. The police and
friends, aro lu search,
The Ben Thompson trial Is drawing
to an tyul. To-day the lawyers are ex
tensively airing their forcnslo kuowl-
tM'l'0, ... ,i
J. B. Lobe, a harbor, was found
dead this morning at his residence oil
avenue H. ,.
Geo. B. Loving and A. M, Brltton
left by the noon train for Austin.
Sherltl'Maddox and party leave to
morrow for Fort Woith.
fqmolul to tlmClmtotln.
Shcruian, Januao 10. Thu Randall
Buckner contested election case fortho
county attorneyship was decided to
day in favor of Randall, making his
riefual iiiajoi II v one hundred and forty
two. The original count wimonly one
hundred and forty.
Tho norther which struck us last!
night knocked tho thermometer down
Hear to cro, where It has remained all
day. Tho ground Is white with snow.
Hpcnlat lotlmdfl.iSin.
Corslcuua, .htnuary 10, Mrs, Lotlu
Buttle, a young woman whllo sitting
before tho lire this morning, had her
clothing caught by iho flames and was ,
so badCv burned that she dh'd this
evening. , , , , if ,
Colonel Paramoio, 'president of tho
Texas and St. Louis Railroad, Is hero .
In tho Interest or hl load. . .
The grand Jury had to adjourn to
day on account ofthe Illness of five of
lis members. , . ,
Asevcionoithor with snow stst in
this morning. 1 1 Is the coldest day of
tho winter, the thcrniomoler standing
eleven degrees this evening.
r.lpgaiil (Jnrlcrs.
A Now Yoik letter gives the follow
ing points on gai lero: "1 u an up-lowu
show-window there is a display or
costly garters. Tho spot Is a l elide-
vous lor ounii-town newspaper inni.-n-pondents.
Tho collection Is really an
advertisement Tor the place, and
although some big stories of miles may
bo obtained Inside, there Is no accom
panying evidence of their authenticity
that would bo received lu acourtof
Justice. A pair of these clasps, quite
elegant enough for a bracelet, aro of
tho finest engraved silver, set With a
large, exquisitely enameled pansy,
lu low relief, fastened on blue
silk elastic lu a nest of blue Hillrii rib
bon, Another, more cosily, has a ham
mered sliver surfneo, holding asjulllng
face of the man In tho moon, llnely
chased. These aro placed ou a scarlet
clastic and satin hows. Another set of
oxldled silver shows llnely carved and
chased owls' heads with golden eyes,
fastened to blue plait le satin ribbon
and plush. Mourning garters itro
made of black elastic, ami Uic plain
silver clasps set In tufts of black
chenille and ribbon. A. similar pah'
are set with antique silver coins."
The great temple of the Mormons In
Ctali J said to have cost, up to this
time, the enormous sum of $1 i.000,000,
By the tlniu It is finished It will have
cost double this sum, and will by, the
most expensive building In all Amer-
j MfUX
?, Hie Fltutii
Jtho OilKiHt
Mauuary i
May tlio Pi
i-story frum
fill Paclllb
h Hurvlll,
l tothogri
5vHl. Tho
tiding as-so
fcrby, tho j
lagaln a n
fU'enry A
Jlclde, has
as to-day I
bonds. A
J. AVr
tho (
Jslu anrct
for trial as
vtlompt to
ther 1 I
covered w
ven, Com
jtho ludli
'a frlendl
o Col legi
'an lutori'
Isltlng j
is procure
jm country
" ' ' -
,r Mrnt l'n.
t the Un
ovvh that
Id was gro
r yeai-a
c. Thor.
. nt. ...... .... I., i
i'-.--i.... I.-
lure way n
i)f 057.8l(i
5 head. '
g stock ct
.other nit
io mtiltoi
form a
lu A merle
,1 InurcflHi
lied evldei
t was cute
bt-rore. 1
tic In n mill
. ho'iut ot
' 'iilon Btoi
n 1HS1. '
J Jvoh lnon
' 4 Inercast
., Ig a dcllc
vlotis yen
(inilsof n
') That (I.
in try aval
be very
(1 In 1h2,
un tootlo
'ease In
)o need i
s market
A carefi
Vo BtOSjll
I for tho
luce anv
fid HUpjil;
) inercast
j;eof moi-i
eat lu tin
fact (hat
vo In tl
Much of
II the a
yf stock
tho riisl
hogs i
ould mh
tho great
iheep so
lie liupu
range h!
tr meat i
jjr wa
dllllcH o
t a pro!
TJio r
e steady
fU, tho i
Hy, all p
, when
Will be
'the co
ed, To
bo Obllf
will ha
the pral
of lamb
( clicaii
j Thod
(ton at
jioilits (
folved b
itiid If
Us (o t
that wl
cop III
i JlluKo
that r
cxiih spi
(( two
an car
We. I
Iket to
fro ke
how on,
Poor in
1(011 fi
(O l)U(
elter II
Is, thu
i uio 1
tine U
led in
,eI, . wUh such force J asfvldo the" funds InJitHhands i resulting of prTnces.
.. - x. -v.. t-',j attained a circultitToii of nearly IV
,.f-vv u-" .nin.-icat's'.
-I.. ,v
,000 froiistrucflon ofthe navy, revlewlngtne I the giicrokli hav,(:ilcetcd iPO.QOO
lovnuwiwy oi nit; navy, air, TUoniHH Jtaxcs frotn
7.,1ltn1lrln.l l.n full. VUI.I . . ' '" ' - ! T
. . ":.."''' "jw- V. TT'lV"'! l9KOOOit,J4Jw VtW "
r i:e,-Hmrufiou
nle'uro oertaiiily ddotl

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