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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, March 22, 1883, Image 2

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Pencil Plcturlngu of Affairs at Attutin
aB Thoy aro Focused by Gazette-
Atmliii. March 10, Tlio report of
tlio c.ccretary of llio board of education,
recently leaned by ex-Hccretary O, N.
jrollluuHWortli, Is wild to bo tlio niofit
uxU'iihIvo piece of compilation ever
lulled ly the hlaio. Tlio cost of print
ing wits about $3,ft00.
When it became known Hatilrdiiy
morning that tlio OAzirrrK lioimo n
porter had pOAMvaHloti of tlio roll with
tliu "aye" and "noe," taken tlio day
previous on tho )onltentlary leaxo
(iicrtlioti. he lit-cntnu at oneo tile object
of attention Irani some of tlie "leli'
tirely" gentlemen about the corrldorM
of tlio eapltol, Falling to convince
tho (JAZirn'K'H obtiirto young man that
tho only desire to poses that particu
lar document arose from mere Idleatid
harmlef'8 ciirloHlty on tbelr purl, a
second eanviiHi of tlio house was at
tempted; but iilaH, It wan too late.
Tlio members became HHKjjfraous and
refUHed todlsciifcH UielcawUlH until it
Hhall come up ill tlio Iioubc. Mean
time tlio ilAZirrrn man him carefully
locked up and will preserve that roll,
to bo UH'd, po.-slbly, In hl proposed
forllK'oriiIul)ook to be entitled "Hlxty
Days in the Lobby.'
A bill Ik now before
tho IcKlHluttire to uIiiiiiko tho charter of
the city ofAiiMliii, mid thl calla to
mind tlie too common pnutleu In kir
JHlallon of paHHlni; local ineaHiires wllh
out proper eoiiHideratloii. Under this
jiraellco great lianWilpH are often mint
ed upon whole commuuitlc by a few
IntereHted parties. Kor liiHtanco, a bill
allccllng an entire commuiilly in
dml ted, Introduced and, koiucUiiich,
piwhod without being printed or read,
Mlmply iiiKin (lie Htatement of a mem
ber (bat tlio bill "Jy purely local and
aU'ecta only my town or county."
Anil UiIh la willed "Iiglrtlatlvocoiiile
y.', Tlio hill allude! to practically
re-enaelH a eliarter lorjthl.s city, which
.wax annulled In answer to a intlllou
of eitl.oim; but tho ihomI, objectionable
feature In the new law In thiit It pro
vides for making every olllco In the
city appniiiiivo and pfiieea.thln vhhI
patroniige a. d dimgerouH power lu
iliohanilH of the imiyor. 'i'ho argu
ment In favor of thh proposed change
Jh thoeconomle feature: that Itforcin
the a'dermen to Hurvc without pay and
rcdiieeH the mayor'H milary to a llguro
merely nominal. TIiIh Idea would
not be objectionable pethup.s to (be
peoplti of a tlfbt-bunleiied clly hut
in tho oIiimxIc language of
a member of tho Iioumj, "there
1h a large-sl.ed bug under this dainty
ohlp." Austin hasalwnyh been cureeti
by "rlngH,' and Ui!h propis'il .vow
eliarter only hccUh to perpetuate and
make even wtroiiger thai ring rule.
The candidate for mayor under thN
new charter him already been nelecled;
lio Ih a man who can all'onl to m-rvo
tho city for thu "honor" in tho thing.
While of courw, iw u imlural Keipience,
thooHlcern to bo appointed by thin
truly "honrary" niiiyor have
alHo been Moleuled, thero Is
Htlll another potent factor
behind UiIh bill which U "purely local
and ellcctri my city only.' The Ua
iiriTU, however, rei"ralnn from part to-ulai-H,
and will not dlnc.ims tho pioba
bio ountrnV of tho ?IOl),l)UO worth of
hontla to ho iMaucd for hcwcik atone,
the outstanding lndehtednisH of ox
tremely "doubtful validity," nor bus
It tho f''a8t deal re to ipioHtlon the prov
porUy of the (pilot little plan to throt
tle old i'o.r. itoiult by denying the jieo
plo tho right to elect their olilecrH and
rearing an nutocratlc power In one
Hlngle liuiJeHtlc Individual to beleet for
tlijitn. An tho UA.nrru at prem-nt ha
woven or eight hundred readeiH lu
- Atirtlln, Ukwo alluoloiiH arc iiiadeiiieie
ly ioi"polnleri" purhnpa tho lino of
thought may be taken up whoru the
wazktti: iiiiruniiy lea oir,
Tho DOlltles of tlio future urn nltviulv
being dlHftiHiied at tho capital. Among
the migge.itlona promulgated by the
over busy quid nutwii, 1h ope which
iiami'rt lion. W, (.', WiiIhIi, gcneml
laud comnilHslouoi', an tli next gov
urnor. JIul.n extremely popular with
all the munthoix of the leglaturo, and
thoioare not a few who believe If he
de.ilrcH tho position ho will bo
one ( among tho Hlrongext men
In tho next race, if he
bo not HKuiMMsful. Tlu- frlendaof Hon.
(), H. aihwnn, Hpeaker of the Iioiihc,
mo already cauvaHMlng hl ehaneeH for
lieutenant-governor, flomu of the
frlentlHof the into railroad hill think
Mr. Gibson linn Hpollud bin ehiinee.s for
future promotion by tho prominent
part ho has taken by tho Introduction
of bin Hiilwtltuto hill. Thov claim
that tho HUhstlluio wiih framed for (lie
purpose of killing tho bill, that It Ih a
inero huhterfuge to prevent needed
railroad regulation, and for that rea
Jt.?.u. "tlu! lwPh" will not forgive him.
'lhln Ih morcly Hpcoulatloa In
futuivM, however, ami mot prohahlv
arlBert from tho tiHcurhltleH of the
The member are bccionlmr Imim.
tlent and "wmit logo lttiu. .Most of
mo tegiHiattoii now neing enacted Ih
done without a quorum.
Tho penitentiary Iciwch aro all the
talk now, and mo creating no Hiuall
amoiuit ofHpeeulation im to (ho Until
result. Moinherrt aro hearing from
their ooiiNtltueulH, and a prominent
senator remarked yesterdav that If a
vote wore to he taken over again In tho
minute, lie believed the Ichmcx
would Tall, Ah tho houyo tduml
at prcMout thero Ih little
doubt but that a tnidorhv
favovtho ahrdiratloii of tho leae, but
that majority in much divided iw to
tho reason i'or mieh opposition, rotue
ddlre tho attiio to tuisiiniv control now
other thhik It beot to muko a Hhort
Iohho of my two or four yean until tho
htatocaii get lu better condition torn.
6iinie, while others deslro to break tin
jircHont lease with a view to making a
betteronoat once. The lessee have
the prerttlglo of tho popularity of Kob.
ertH and Jiiibboek. tlio approval
If not tho aid of Ciovernor
Ireland bcliluil them, be
Hide one or the htrongest and bent
trained lobblea uvor hcou at the capital.
Under these elteiinialaiieo, ajul being
iupietlon dlllloult for the avetago Ifg
Islator to piaster, the Html result Ih
Hhrotidod in very mucli doubt.
. ..,.urJ."f ,,lliJ w,!ok appropriation
bill will be acted upon by the senate
and the land bill by (ho hoiiue. With
these two measures disponed of, it will
bo hard to hold the unions hero. For
that reason, probably, a good ninny
Important blllu will bolutt uiiaitviided
to, among u,mn tho reformatory bill
whliih has almady passed tlie Hcnato, I
the occupallon tax hill, tho railroad
bill mid others,
, The light between the team and nolo
mcmbcirt of tho houao will bo to go
over again, if tho first Hcotloii of the
land bill is now tied up by a motion to
reconsider. Htaumlertdoori that tho
nnti-Ica'io men aro gathering mow
forces and will make a stronger tight
next time.
Hcnalor Davis or Cooko hai ac
quired notoriety, if not fame, by the
persistency with which ho attacks tho
senator from Travis. A more power
ful adVcisary in debate than Henator
Terrell would bo hard to find, and tlio
constant and repeated invitations to
battle extended bv the senator from
Cooke exhibit nerve If not discretion.
The monotony of the senate proceed
ings was broken Katuiday by a tilt be
tween the two, which, while It re
sulted disastrously to Davis as a
forensic comU.it, Hlfau'cil the latter to
getoh'a good thing at tlio expense
of the seemingly much despised and
little understood university. He
likened that Institution (oa kangaroo,
with is hull on University hill at
Austin, one foot In (lalvcston, another
at llryan, its tall wrapped around tlie
colored normal school at I'ralrie View
and both of its paws in the public
treasury. Of course tills brought
down tho house. as the
HI,AIE ox his hamulus.
sayiiur goes. Terrell's reply
was merciless, but Davis got a slap at
the "rich man's school" and the laugh
on the senator from Travis, and that
was all ho wanted. '
(lorrcnponilonei) of tliu Cozettc.
Pilot i'olnt, March O.Mrs. I'halin
had some money and a pistol stolen
from her house last evening. It is
thought that tlie thief will be cap
tured. J. V. lSrwln of (he grocery house of
JSrw-ln fc Co., loft this morning for
Tennessee. A telegram stating the
dangerous illness of his father hurried
him awav.
The lump- of I. ai. Wellborn has
been gladdened by tho arrival of a
young daughter.
Constable Ula-srook arretted John
Durham last Saturday for failing lo
pay u lino ordered by tlie court some
time ago, charged with having the
festive pistol lu his possession.
It. W. iicatimoiit, representing Joe.
Brown's wholesale grocery house, was
taken sick to-day but will he kindly
cared for by the good lady who knows
Just how lo take care of guests ut the
Edwards House.
Uncle John Morgan round a Texas
specialty snugly stowed away in the
bed-clothes a low nights since, and In
the attempt lo remove It (be largo
lusitouseentlpedu twlsled Its lengthy
form around his linger piercing It
wllh Its poisonous fangs. The proper
remedies were applied and ho is on the
way of recovery.;
J. II. Wilson, of the linn of Wilson
& I long, cigar liianiifactuierH, Unities
viilc, was in town Tuesday lu the in
terest of their hoiiiio.
W. ti, M. Shtui, of the linn of Dav
idson & Co., lias returned from St.
Jtov. J. W. Atkinson Is in Sherman
again this week to assist in a revival
ltev. D. It. Orafton, of Denton, oc
cupied the Cumberland pulpit last
Col. Al. Al. Slaughter and tlie popu
lar clerk of Wilson it Co., J. A. I j. JSfc
Karland, aro in Denton as jurors.
If from the large stocks of now goods
received daily by our merchants Is an
Index of the business to ho transacted
this spring, weshall have lively times.
KIdcr Smith of tho UhvM'um Jtcwvit
ycr, Donham, Texas, was in the city
and preached hi the Christian church
W. I'. Doran loft Monday morning
ior m, liouis.
Ileglsiered at tlie Udwards House:
John Haven, Denison; A. A. Hurnov,
HouliiunjA. A. Kleldcn, St. .Louis; 0.
Molt?., Shermans li. Smith, Sherman;
It. W. neaumont. Fort Worth; Cl. W.
Stewart, Sherman; 1. Slgoii, St. Louis;
Miss M. H. Homers, St. Joe, Mo.; It. K.
Hendricks, Galveston.
Pilot, i'olnt Hotel ; W, V. Slnnlgo,
I-'ort Worth; S. Gee, Denton, Tex.;
T. Hates, Aubrey, Tex.; J. Mann,
Mustang, Tex.; McCoy, Denlon,
lex.; .Hui Johnson, city; Thos. Kiulth
son, city; C. M. Urimlard, Galveston;
John I'JnvIno, Wise county, Tex,; II.
iMuicuuui, iiiuni cny, Tex.; Mrs. V.
10. White, Willsburg, Tenii.; W. U.
Wallace, MelUuuoy, Tex.; Hlg-
We were a Jolly gang who chartered
the bridal chamber of the west-bound
sleeper live or us In all, and this
numcrlc.il strength of ours enabled us
to put oil a deal of style at a very
small outlay of capital per capita.
"Jimmy" Jlniuuoii with his ever
cheerful face, .Howard Peako with his
never ceasing llow of songs and Jokes,
Andrew .Uatcuinn and Oscar Scllg
man with their many social qualities,
and I to look after them all In a moth
erly kind of way. Who can Imagine
that we spend a dull moment? Songs.
Jokes and general merriment beguiled
the time (when wo were not sleeping),
and before wo were aware of the fact
or felt inclined lo separate Tor business,
tlie portal shouted,
and we alighted amid the general
bustle and confusion and amid the
braying of a brass band. Just how
the citizens of Colorado knew I was on
that particular train I can't say. Tlio
conductor niav have telegraphed them
that I was aboard. Atony rate It was
evident that they Knew of my
coining for wns there not
a largo concourse of citizens with a
brass band to receive me, and thus I
was again disappointed in my endeav
or to travel, unostentatiously and with
out puniic demonstration, i merely :
lifted my hat to the clamoring crowd
and making our way through a dense i
mass of people we sought a hotel. As I
wo walked along f was shocked to
hear Jim Draiinon say in sort of semi- i
(soliloquy "Well 1 can't see for
tho life of me how those peo-1
pic knew I was on that train
and yet there they were with a brass
band to receive me. "Well, well; such
annoyances are but a tax levied on
greatness and I must submit to it, i
L merely looked at him with silent
contempt. The idea that '- should
imagine all this demonstration was
for inn.
Hut I must lell you of Colorado
City. It is just the 11 vest kind of a
bustling town with some several In
habitants. I never heard how many.
It is situated on tlie hlstotic Colorado
river about forty miles from Its head.
It Is the home of the stockmen and is
surrounded by a country devotod ex
clusively to grazing. Cattle cover the
adjacent prairies and brow-c up to the
very edge of the town. This little city
Is beautifully situated and from the
gentle hill-side on which most of tlie
residences stand, a view may bo had of
tlie angry Colorado dashing its murky
water against the wave-worn rocks,
and if you aro in a dreamy mood yon
can easily Imagine a ruined castle lilt
ing its battlements from the frowning
elills. JJut the only evidences that
this spot has ever been inhabited are
the worn holes which the coyote, the
owland (he ratth-'.iake but recently
abandoned being frightened away by
the scream of tlie locomotive. Colo
rado has an elegant stone court-house,
a substantial jail, two good hanks, a
good hotel, a great number of substan
tial business (Inns and Just
thirteen hundred and ninety-one
saloons. I never counted the saloons
but I put a low estimate on thorn. My
partner "Jemmy" says there are laiA"
saloons, but f think he must have
gone into one twice. He went in by
himself llrst, looked In the mirror be
hind the bar to see if ills cravat was
on straight, counted thesaloon, started
out. met a friend at the door who
I wanted to see the bar-keeper about
something, went back with ids friend.
interviewed the bar-keeper, and as lie ! Walker it Co.
walked out counted the saloon a sec-1 thing in that
omi uniotitiu urns got mixed upas to
the number of them.
My duties here, the hurry and con
fusion attendant upon tho stock con
vention and the Hhort (lino I hnd to
stay prevented my getting very ex
tensively acquainted, but 1 remember
there are some good business firms.
LawMili. Smith t Co. havo I believe
tlio largest and juost varied stock
goods In town. Tho Iton-
limntion lied m oxirnvngailt ly
about the matter that the recording
angel must have lnul to write In short
hand in order to keep his deeds prop
erly booked. Ho denied bitterly that
ho'had to go to bed while this shirt
was being washed and that the china
man kept him In Ued two hours after
the rk was done in order to ellect a
(tompromlso, Jiratiuon refusing to pay
the ''two blites" demanded by John
who wanted to get rich "aile saineo
Mellcan man." it Is unnecessary to
Mil that John had the iils'c on ins
"Mellcan" customer ami that uran
ium was Dually forced to send out and
borrow two bits and take his shirt.
This, 1 say, Hraniion stoutly denied
and continued lo levy blackmail Jipon
mo until I adopted a new policy. My
motto was. "Millions for defense but
I not a cent for cigars."
Tliis so incensed my companion that
j he lias attempted, and perhaps par
I tlally succeeded In subsidizing the
; press. He has bribed one newspaper
I to take his side, that 1 know or. But
j enough or this; before leaving Colo
I rado I havo only to say that among
! her other institutions she lias a wide
l awake paper to represent her, viz: tlie
j Clipper, and that "this paper seems to
enjoy a nearly patronage.
Is situated some sixty miles east of
Colorado and Is also surrounded by
gliisbotton, Pilot
Orove; H. Fran
.mimiMiitiilit-('iitvorKlimK.IVri,iiilt .Men
tion mid N'imn Nntt-n,
UorroMximlonru of Uin (inuitto.
Cleburne, March i.1). The Golden
Troupe played "The Daughter of
the Heglment" to a good audience
last night. "The l-'retleh Spy" holds
the boards to-night, "Marik-d Lift)"
to-inorrow night.
There were two conversions at tlie
Methodist church last night, both
ladles above forty years or age.
Mr. . Molfeiiry, who
has been visiting ju.r
daughter, Mrs. J. D, llryan, during
the winter, leaves for her home lit
Iowa to-morrow.
Mews. U.S. Wilson, L. M, Gug
genheim and Dr. .1. It. Keating, all
piomlnent citizens are announced as
cancildales for aldorino'i respectfully
lu the First, Second and Third wards.
Mr. T. W. Mayes, proprietor of tlie
Pearl saloon, gave a gilt-edged bond
today, lit tlio matter of an attachment
sued out by a St. Louis linn, and re
opened the Pearl.
Air. A. J. HnUy, deputy United
States niiuvihnl, who ran tho attaeh
nieiit on the Pearl saloon, returns to
Dallas to-night.
County court, civil term, Is In ses
sion, It Is now transacting probate
Arrangements are being made t
tender Mr. 0, S, llenly, the malinger
ofthe Texas Express Company in Cle
lurno, and hs bride, n emu ,.,...
Hon at the opera-house on Friday
night, March JlOth. It will be tho w
alal event of the season, Kort Worth
Is Invited to send representatives.
For Kent,
The building known asCawldy &
Co'. Niloou, second door wctof the
LOOlU 0)t ion Saloon. AVllllnvr.mfr.il
(or h muuoo iiiuy,
ut 'I'lt-nli li,. li
(tretirooic House Is bv far the
best hotel out west, 'Mrs. Dunn
the proprietress evidently knows how
a hotel should be run lor tho establish
ment Is well patronized and guests
leave well pleased.
Tallant it J lull, perhaps tho best
known saloon men in tlio state havo
tlio finest saloon in Colorado City.
They have a large commodious biillil-
lugaiulit is said tliev alwavn keen
wi id loo nest in
a sa eon only. Apply to Ji Kulm,
TIvoll Hull, H5-tt;
well stocked
Mr. W. K. AVigglns formerly of
your county also has an elegant
saloon and treats Ills customers
with frank courtesy and good whis
key. I haven't space to speak of the
other 1,'ISS saloons and numerous good
business linns.
The hospitality of the citizens of
Colorado Is unbounded. They gave a
grand' ball and baiinuel In honor of
my visit to the city. True, the invlla-'
nous uitnrt say anything about the
ball being given as a compliment
to me, but tlie committee
who got tlie tickets evidently know
how modest I am. so thov 'left n,v
name oil" and put "complimentary to
tho Colorado it Hrtizos Stock Assovia-I
lion- on mo uckoib instead.
"Jemmy" Hrannou and I wanted
auemi mat oall, but there was nn
ut.L.I.V I.. II. n I ...
nuiviv in u,i miij,, i,pou lauing an j
Inventory it was round that our Joint,
wardrobe did not contain us
much as two clean shirts. After ills. '
cussing the attuntlon ut some length ,
we arrived at a conclusion. ni.miwm'u i
"grip" oontalned a solitary shirt with 1
an luimacuiiuo trout. Hi-iinuou could I
go to bed while 1 attended tho ball, '
and then after awhile 1 could come i
back, go to bed and let him have the !
shirt and go to the ball. '
This plan worked well. I
and we look in the ball very sntlsfad
torlly. True the shirt when It oauie
my turn to wear it wns nut as spotless
as it laid been, Jlranuoii having cxer
deed himself rather violently in the1
ball room, which caused him to
perspire pro'usely and wash some of
the starch out ol our Joint garment.
He had also spit some tilmmjKigue on
its front, which was not thereby
adorned to advantage, This how.
over. was a small umio...
and f should have had no HUiVoHhus
iw.ii f li.. .iir.ii i.iwi .,.. i..... . 'b
.... ..... .....,., .., w -in. union oiler- i
wards attempted to levy blackmail on ,
mo by threatening to tell that I bor. .
rowed his shirt if 1 didn't set up ul0'
vim"", in mvi. iii) iKii ivii every
crowd we got into that I was wearing
ii( uuii'im, wi co( roe tne crowd
U'nill.l I I..;., (..cl.,1 II.... .... I ..... "' I
.....,. ...v.. iiiomi iu.il i j. wns in no
expense for wearing nppnrcl I could
readily allyrd to treat to cigars.
liiteurazliii' country. AVhat Abileno
most needs at present Is a good hotel
and this want will be supplied at an
early day as builders are now at work
on tlieeoiiHtruetlon of an elegant build
ing near the railroad which when com
pleted will be taken charge of by Maj.
II. M. Stocking, who now
has an elegant dining hall
whore passengers are fed bountifully
as the train stops hero twice a day for
meals. It Is not necessary to state that
Cameron & Company have acres of
lumber at this place for It is well
known that this llrm lias lumber In
in every Texas town of note. Smith
it Stephens are the principle bankers or
Abilene. Thoy also handle large
quantities or merchandise. Charlie
Goldberge is yet at Abilene with a big
stock of goods and Cameron it Phillips
have a stock of hardware that would
bo a credit to any city in tlie state.
One Is surprised to ilnd such tin im
mense store where only a few months
ago the cow-boy and the prairie dog
only roamed. M. Cl. Terry also has a
large store on the south side
of the railroad. X. Por
ter has a lino saddlery
establishment and J. W. Red & Co.,
keep, I do reckon, more and better
liquors than any llrni in the west.
Tlio daily Gazhttb may be found
on sale in Abilene at 15. S'ato's drug
store on south side of the road.
My old friend W. 'J'. Jlorry has, J
regretted to learn, been for
several weeks confined lo his
room with fever. i hope
to sec him on the streets when L visit
tlie place again. Abilene Is constant
ly building up, nud will no doubt con
tinue to bo a prosperous town, as it en
joys a lucrative trade with Concho and
other Inland towns.
The cirst-homul train -was
on time Friday, and boarding it
we soon found ourselves at
safely housed at tlie Miller IJouso,
where we were made entirely conifort
nble and happy. Jialrd is fortunate in
having two good hotels, the Miller
House and tlio Slgle House. Hoth i)f
them treat travelers well. J. F. Pat
terson keeps a livery stable, where
the best or teams and vehicles may be
hired; and as for whiskies, wines, etc.,
you have only to go to the
crystal 1'alace Miloon, where J. M.
have the nnestofevcry
ilie. Aiuoutf the nlens-
ant men r met at llalrd 1 remember
T. A. Cochran of tlio late llrm of
Kerr, Cochran it Hibb. Mr. Hibh of
this llrm, after remaining in the busi
ness for one year, lias just sold out to
his partners nt a net profit or COS per
cent, or tlie canltal ho hud' In.
vested. Mr. Cochran had at Halrd
eighteen thoroughbred .Durham bulls
and ono cow Just shipped from Shelby
county, HI,. These he Intends turn
ing out on tlie range at once with ids
other cattle. 1 also met Mr. K. F.
Wagner of Wagner .Hros., whose
ranch is near Hnltd, and my old
IrieiidD. 11. Olds. Mr. W. Jt. Lot,
of - the Clarentlim was around
on the streets with a face as pleas-
""... 'Is. ,f llc AVm! cohiiMg money,
u-tili iiiu ........... i i "... . . y
...v.. ....j ii.-a nun i MiniHise lie m
J-nun Halrd Jlrauuoii and 1 shtnnei
ourselves as re l' it n mn .i .i.i,(i.
the place I only stayed long enouirh to trot
supper at the -Hickman House, and
thou came the pain of parting with my
traveling companion. L full on his
neck and wept ami ha wept tears all
over my shirt front and then 1 induced
Him to get, tlie socks he borrowed from
mo out ot Ills grip nud place them in
mine, tun! then, "All aboard for the
east bound passenger," shouted the
bus driver, and this story Is llnlshed.
Mr. It. K. Ltiim, llronham. says:
I have sold a j,Meat deal of Hrown'S
mil iMiiera ami nave heard
sneak highly ofit.''
oh-: sr-si '6
A warranted euro tor all diseases
caused by malarial poisoning of Ihc
blood, such as Chills and Fovcr,
Fever and Aguo, Sun Pains, Dumb
and Masked Aguo, Thlrd-day Ague,
SinMng Chills, Inlermlttcnt, Rcmil.
lent, Bilious and all other Fevers
caustd by malaria. II Is also the
satesl and best euro for enlarged
Spleen (Fovcr Cako), General Dcbilf.
ly and Periodic Neuralgia.
.. mdWSWJO, Vort Worth.
'' WliolCkuloAuo
yvfwv I
tttt.' w
f.Kfoysii msaiEDY !
ill 18 ;.-',? .WilCAL
"r.sK'rnmtovrlui.n.ute.wlion I
oilier remotes ft, , , J VuVe '
Z1T,'r"' S'50 ,,v ktUtS l I
onion tint iiiuiiit Hi m A
o rocoir
Una only keep tlrsl-cliuis
.itri.. iimi nil iron i r
ftf O A RIJIIRt rff. f-tM .. vi"L
mu. & mMin oi.. mu( wnRTU ti.
" A5 ;
w KOoUh, which wo Kuanintce to our iuMS1I.KAl'T: i, .
Imivf nto. fmfr.,, m Imffoii. Tri." or","'2.?or- vfiiftlM
He'Jii'B, Iron, lis, hi
itr 1
Wagon and Carriage Wood Work
M "fc IM. u n m v
Oornor Houston and Socond Stroota, Fort Worth, TeV
493-Kvory l)t!.scrlitlon of Job Work ilono oil Short Notlm-41' ''.
T M n;
Now House! New Furniturol.
Within a Fev Stops of tho Union Depot,
CAP J'. bULLE. Clerk. WM. II. ALDItlDOi:. Irnnrlt. H
rnm tr)in 1Ti rt TlnMnt at H,.ic... .. .t . i. tl
- hi iiiuiiii iHiimi, nn eel t-Jirn PHWi f- nflflf, t
C TI T- riTT 1 IT1
Hoiiston Street.
and Restaui
On tlio Kuroponn I'lun. '
... ... rOa
L'lic 'rjihjfj will lie Supplied with tlio Itcst tlio Mnrkcta
o-ap-E-isr 0D.fiL.-sr jOl-istd -Kr-rcs-rBCT.
i -
111 d
II ,
Sill I!
Stoves and Tint
Gltif8wart', (lut-ciibwnre and Croekory, Dinner and Tea Sell mlty
niBliing goads. Jfoliday goods in abiindancc. Boubt ovM
w WMvKJiitu3UHVt uuiy (jUIUlJt'llUUU .
H?2?ot? y BuiIdln3' Ho"ston Street, Next Door to SeBgna
' : -.
l'ort Worth.
Drusrs. Mfidirinfis. Pm
0. O. HYDE, Manager.
Llabir IMt(
KTrr...,,. .. r- ellDPilED.WF
"iitHMVt WAIILRS, AWU 1A01.C.3' .; ,-
' .
rt-H .
-sJwasL r3Mrs--
2L '
.rviTrTn-nn-ll IJ-T'--'
1 '-t -' - - - - r-r.s

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