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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, July 10, 1883, Image 2

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. MMrity&nzfiiit
Loving Publishing Company.
UttO U1UUWI, . .
Three month . . .
Hlx month
8 (JO
i?iiJ?."PP'f?'lhe.ciMinof b
TTi ..nnlV iV. .7 ",KR"K nine uroanaciieap
Ml paper lu thecounirv uni m imiI,1tIK
ttkln nil parUortiinirniiiuini.iiiiii'in
ra potieo, at tlio following low
Three month . . 75
Hlx mouth - tl 25
Onvj-enr . . . ... 200
UnUwlptlon to dally nnd wvkly l strictly In
advance, and all pajr utopped when time
raid for explron.
subscriber dwlrlnii the addresi of their
paper clmtiKt-d will picoAO Mato In their
communication both, the old and now ad
areHH Remit Ly flrnfl on Fort Worth, pontofllm
money older or reentered letter. If Kent
othtirwlacwo will not be responsible for
Addreen, Oazkttb, Fori Worth, Txai.
Hroclmuu copies Hunt free on application.
IlltAXlll OKHeLs.
mrThe Ixivino l'fllMHlll.Vl
nat ttUMWua
Con fANY
ijkr. r4MVIfriC' iruiirii i.j(- iitT v-vr
itponuence una (he rtcctpt of ndi(ruitnmiu
and iubicriv!hnt,vnd uhere tUri " 'A"" Cbw
pani'i iut((c(ow uiay aluttyi lit uuntl, ni
BAN ASTONIO A'o. 230 Dofmttat ttrect,
AuSTlif OntT Aitnur nnd Jlois D'Arc
iUtet, It, CifHKiTOI'llKit Mawi'jcr,
Coi.OHAno CITY I-.i CViiu, Alwuigcr,
wAto J. K.Tni:K.TjittniiKr, 1
AVlelilTA 1U1 I.H-JNO. M, ItOKKX.
GAIXHYIM.i: WlMisOlt AM) 'fllllilJ.W,
jiiantifer 1 imxvik wajvoK, carrier.
Pofitago to bo Paid.
It requires 0110 cent in j)re)ay the
postage oil n conyof IheOAZirrri:; one
cent 011 the Woo' Grower 11ml tivo
cents on tho Mock Journal. Where
two papers are enclosed In one pack
age, U requires two cunts, and if an
other paper Is enclosed with tho Mock
Journal It requires" three cenln,
'. JP&raom teavlny the oily or the state
dttrlny the summer month can have
the DAILY OAZUTTE mailed (0
them, postpaid, for $1 per month. The
addrem may he chunyed an of It n an
dcMrcd. The OA 7.UTTF. will ho mull
cd to travelers in Europe, ponluyc pro-
paid, for $1.80 per month,
" ' '&
Tiik GAZirm: docs not bono to tnve
to tlio taxpayers tho money nppinpriu
ted to p;iy Dr. WAM.fU"H for doing
nothing, hnl it does hope to finpiCM
tlio matter so firmly upon their minds
that a repetition of the outiae will ho
An able aiticlu containing some
good stiggefltionB upon thT onfoiec
nient of tlio law, clipped fiom tlio
AJvarado Mullet in, can bo foiiinl In an
other column. Jt hliotiltl ho read by
every lawyer ami olllcer of tlio courts
in the state.
'V111: anll-ijiouopoly party heives no-
!CM OMltllO lilllill,, Hi I. ...II! ... 1 ,
PhTV3 . . ' '""' "'"in njiiiiuuiw
initnfi, in I 1 ..til.... 11.. .,
"" vnnn- mo jeiniKintiio or
opMblloan partiiw. ft gow into a
jcomiUloi, i- voluntary a lonoHno-a
winennmnntTrtM.il kv,.i. bi,. i...
Tiik Jaro investigation in Chicago
shows conclusively that l'im:n Me
Qtiovn who 1ms fawlndltd thwewltli
whom ho had dealing In the lard cor
ner, has rendered the public home ser
vice by exjwsing the atrocious practice
of 1"ovi.i:h )i.. ivlio adulterated lard
with tallow and tho fat from -beef
bones. The teat hnony of Maui in, the
fojtinnn of the rendering department,
lleamid conclusiK'i he lia'vlug tes
tified (liat he had charge of the tanks',
and knuwt that the lard was -o adul
terated nnd labeled nnd told
as prime lard. Thut as many as 0,000
tierces were ko adulterated. If there
U no law in Hllnola to punish pueh of-
fniiCH there should be. There should
be home severe penalty for such an
Imposition upon tho public.
Tin: .Republican parly beems very
well contented with small majorities,
fn 1S70, CliANUi.mt sent hi famous
dispatch "Haves lias iW voles and is
ejected," This being the exaot num
ber required, party manager went to
work and by fraud and corruption se
cured the requisite number. In the
next olcctoral college it will require
101 to elect, mid tho Kcpublicaus are
claiming Jut that number. They
may as well ubderntaml now.that the
methods adopted to secure the3So will
notwvo them in securing the 101.
A different peiiliiuctit obtains among
the people now than prevailed lu 1S70,
and the &amc tame mibmbsiong to
I rrlll.t liltl v.f.f imiflflnt.t I lw f.iUml
Tun decision of I'ostmaster (ieneral
Gni-SHAM If honMlyexecuted putn an
end to tho lottery biMnei-s In the
United States, a consummation devout
ly to be wished, by all good citizens.
Without enieilng into a discussion of
the legality or morality of these con
cerns, it cannot be controverted, and
will not be denied that they aio hurt-
nil to an alarming degree. The piac
tiro of buying lottery tickets I in
dulged in to a greater extent than Is
generally believed all classes of peo
ple fiom tho Jabot ing man, who needs
every dollur of his scanty earnings, for
the support of his family, lo tho
wealthy merchant whoo mind hhonld
boengioif-ed with Ills business, have
been devotee at (his Illusive shiino of
the goddess of fortune. Occasionally
a prize is drawn, ami' good luck of the
fortunate man is heralded through the
pre' as a stimulus lo others to try
their luck. The small price of -tlie
ticket induces many to invest, reason
ing that they can allbrd to lose a dol
lar, but they eldom stop with the
first dollar, and one after nuolhor goes,
wilh tins vain hope of retrieving their
tuck. Tlio public aie to be congratu
lated upon till', decision, and the hope
Jh indulged that It will be rurldlv en
forced and the business destroyed loot
and branch.
... , l
greater inaiiifctntion or usappnu
than ha been noticed." ine
univeislfy is removed somewhat
from tho general public. Hut lew con
template any direct pergonal benefit
from it, but all receive alt Idlrect and
and they will not remain patient and
foi bearing if they learn that It has
been established and, munificently en
dowed for the sole purpose of provid
ng sinecures for broken down "talcs
meu.woiu out politicians and an
llniiii'iiil lililloamiluirn. who. selected to
..... ...... j..... j--....T .. ,
execute the law, set an example of vi
olation and disiegord for law.
Tiik laboring classes in whono
interest, according to thu Republi
can theory, the protective tariff
I maintained, should bo able
to see through the subterfuge.
Protection to woolen goods enables
the manufacturer lo sell for a
larger profit, and thereby to pay
a larger hire for labor. The
is true of iron and all manufactured
goods. The less iron, the less wool,
tho higher the price, and all to, keep
out the goods manufactured by "pau
per labor," and the wage-winner is
told that It Is all for his benefit. Why
not then begin at the root of
tho evil. The more iron the
cheaper i true. The more labor, the
cheaper is equally Hue. Jiiit the Pro
tectionist who clamors for a liich
tariff never ays a word againt the
impoitatlon of skilled labor fiom
abioad. The hs labor tho
higher the pi ice stares him
in tho fjee, and lie favors
the encouragement of free labor and
protected iron receiving a double bene
fit from the operation of the unjust
rt.8tem. If the protectionists mean
what they euy, that protection Is In
the intcrc-tof labor, let a prohibitory
tariff be placed on every skilled me
chanic that lands on our shores.
Tho Amendments.
Austin Statesman wilh the
of a seer ha? discovered in-
tllcatlono "that Iho lax amendments
In tlm .niidtlfiiHnii lintli for state rev
enue, and school infrpases. will bo de-
tkxas statk smvs.
from It, but all receive alt Idlrect and entieami scuooi purpees . win 00 ui
gencral beucllt from its establishment, ft ate'd" and at once proceeds lo fhow
and general management If succcj'-riil, why they should be rejected. Jt argues
1 ...tit .. f ... ..i .... .....1 flmt flm fi-nffifii ttittiit i& it 11U Knliirf rtitt
that'the government l now being run
on a tux or thirty cent on the Hun
dred dollar, and theainendmenta pix
vlde for an iuereae to sixty cents.
To have stated the case fairly nnd In
accordance with the facts, the Males
man should have said (hat (he consti
tution limits taxation for all
purpose to fifty cents on
the one hundred dollar valua
tion, and that the amendments pro
po'e to place the limit at sixty cent,
all tho increase being applied to the
tax for school purK)ses. TheSufc8iai
assumes that the- limit will be levied
under the amendments, in the face of
the fact that only three-fifths of the:
Major Penn will hold a campinccl
inir near Cameron. .Inlv " ). nun at ltd-
tdn on August 0.
The Texas state grange will hold its
atTntial meeting in Dallas on thesecoml
Tuesday In August.
JIouton A'p : The sjileudld success
of tlio Foil Worth Oazkitb has made
hair a dozen other pnpers want to get
lo be the property of a syndicate of
Tyler Jlfpnrlrr: Kx-Gov. K. II.
ihibbard returned home Wednesday
evening in company with his charm-
lllg UUllgUier, iUI jivihi, nuu ua
been atteiidlntr Hollins institute, Vir-
glnia, wliereshe graduated with high
est honors.
Fl.l... r,.'..v1...l I fL.IHi.i inn. f lin AlttmifD
1I1V V.IUl."h."ll J Ullilt Ciijnuii; iiiiiiuuo
San Pedro jmnther is dead, but the
mustang beast isstlil aliveaud Incrcas-
Inir tn tniilSr.lt v. A fnu' lllnlltk IK'O lie
came ui to tlie residence of Mr. Tom !
Ttmstoll and littered his fearful
creams lit the moining his tracks
weie within fifty yards of the House.
Tyler Courier: Last Monday even
, - jm
To the Merclumts of JVorth
You can Arid right at your doors, FREIGHT Pa mi
. . , v.- .j.., mco, me most
cornpteco assortinent of
1111113 vi iuv 1 vier vjurim jjasi iiuiiiiu --ci-
ninouiit now authorized In- tln con-! Itnr ulwut four o'clock lightning sttuck
same L,llitlon is levied bv tho lesrislature. I l!'e ilttliotlfel church building in this
Lmlertlie pre'-eut system only
' elpya of hermits.
'rmi name of the great state of Texas
does not appear in th- roll call of the
states that makeup theanti-iuonopo'y
convention which assembled in Chi
cago last week. There seems to tie a
hielt of patriotism and n dearth of of.
lice seekers Just now.
It is rather unfortunate forHAMUKi.
J. ItANDAr.i.that IheRepublleaiiswill
have no voice in tho selection of the
speaker of the next house of reniesen-
tatives. That duty will bo performed
i.va ijomooratio caucus to which tho
-i.jMU4iriiiH, woo recently find so
much In him to admhe, will not be
T.'ii: uamo of Ji:ui:.miaii O'Dono-
VAX will HO SOUlldlntr ilnu-n fln mm.i.
as tlio synonym ot all t Jiat isoiiinyc
ous, ohlValilo and bravo. Ifo'luiM.
l-wtthhlsown right atm wo lieg par-
'n, wan nisown r.iHe tongue beaul
ed tho Uritlsh Hon in his den. The
facit that thu Hon was In his den in
London ami O'Doxovan- In ( v,n.-,.
er's fnslltute, Xew York, a distance
of only four thousand miles dividing
tho combatants, didn't matter to
O'Do.vov.v.w His mad was up-all
tho Irish putt lot Ism in ids soul was at
boiling luat and slopped over like sap
from a sugar kettle. Ho wasn't any
more afiald than Pun, Sumtni.iv
when he attacked tho I'lumm
squaws and pappoces wlio were
sick Jn bed with the small-
!o. O'Doxova.v glorified the
I'Jui'iiix 1'aik assassins, and dimlm..,!
III., ...III! L ..
.7 ""unfiles;! 10 -go as far as any
Tun Philadelphia Tuna tdlsus thut
"while the lenowued Colonel Ocmr,
Titnn is in Europe 0 fellow-Texan has
coiuo up to Washington with the
avowed purpose of stealing away the
laurels he has garnered lu the shape
of pattounge as a member of congress.
Tills man is also a colonel and his
namo is Tavloh. He belongs to that
mythical type of peron known as the
original Southern Republican, u getius
wnien is almost extinct. Ho now
says that if the president
Will - trivo him ilm n.if .m,.,, r
J - jmv.f(.t i
lexas tlio Republicans will have a
good show of cany ing it in lsst. He
also insists at the same time that if
OCHiinini: retains tlie oillces tho state
will go Democratic by a majority of
a hundred and twenty-five thousand.
If this is true it Is quite evident that
tlio president should throw Colonel
Otnil.Titni: over anil accent tlm ml.
vice and guidance of Colonel Taylou,
in spite of the fact (hut it U Imniu.
paljS.lo atta ck the former while he is In
jiiinipe iioming up the institutions
of his country with all his na
tive vigor nnd led-headednosH." Thk
rls beyond doubt Col. Hon T.tvmi,
of Fannin eouniv. Tlw nnmiin r-
Joxas have a little iiinm n,.r.f r,.,.
him than for the Red-headed Ranger
of tho Rio Grande, but not a whit
moio confidence in him politically,
ami neither or bcth of them combined,
backed by all the patronage of the
government and all the money that
can bo gathered together by the Jay
HfniiKM. process will m.-iK-,, 'iw,,u .,
Republican state.
. ,:: r,::,""!i::::: !'j: "::z
- " " ""-"J "" " r' " ' me ni oi 1 reiaiKl's cause."
untl-UlOllOliOlv collVCiltinn lit, rihtmiirn
alTiri lu it... i..i....i ....i, ,, . .
j: "B 'f v,,, "iiuiiii iiiiii-monopoiist. 01
ujury. nut such is fate. Tlie
lllVeilUvo UCIllllH Hut. mnitu . 11...
buuefils oi Ids discovery. Some cnter-pilsingntlddle-nian
usually hups in
and secures the piofiis.
t Tin; CJuclnnatl L'nnnhrr keeps at
ho head of ,(8 ,,torlal coUuii; ,
' double lends," (ho uufi loudly oritl
c sin by tho a-ow Vo,J; Sim on (1,0
eivibnirvice reform and Soimhu. pi-v.
marrox. The JCmjuirev dors itself no
oredtUy,tHMUorwm. ()of
r.!kl!:t2V,f 'r,V".l. ''.tlU oon tro h
j'optlinr mi iippolMtiiui t t.Vn NJn,l.,,t' foi'iiC'
11 111 iiii-iitn iiniim ?iirt i.. ir..
wlio uoiiiii not li ivo ecoitc l.a.i' hill,r'w'
olti'i.iil iii, i,..ih.,,. ""'ll,-li ""'Uliejrliecn.
Koit Woith (UzinTi: nicacn pftvF?'
Tvmnnntr, -- h
That's about tho force of !.,, ..,...,
nient adopted by tho defense, it u
virtually no argument at all. it hardlv
ilsesto tho dignity of tho fool's last
resort "I'll botehyor." m
- 1
--.. . t f J U 1 1.1 . . I 11- lllllIU ( .
Kcsuuiy reincily. ni,,, a,::,lWi'
ft'Ol t Hit In, l,n 1 K,I ,."."' " "".
itienrni 1 1. 1 11.. 1 1"... . : ,V " '.. "" I " H. 1 II
........,.;.. "."".v V". "" r'Tiurineu 1
W Ri'iV Sl ij?.r A'om:
no eure,-yoM(o,i a" vu" """""'S
Hnfortunately there la m remedy
...v iiiA-puyurs. "aeoiinirlH no .11 0...1 ,...""""
ouro" Hd Is not otfered as such, but it d,.i . ..' . . ? '!cn t,t(-,d with dls-
J' opouito a8 preventative to a rep- w on, th .' , "''"'Wlcs to
cUtlon of 'tho disease. oi they were addressed. Tlio re.
hiw assume to be above ami 1,.. ",
1 ii. . I UIIV riwnAi.ull.itu.. a. a. w-,w,,w
r iuo oojifrno in, r i. .... i . . "'"'"""miv nj uio iuvin.t ...i
,-.-T.,.w sr lJV, iiiriiifi ll' f 1 I l...l... .. - " I'" MW II 11U.1
'I'll I! Mm liru Iw.
' - -,- MMI 1IU
Happened to lie in New Voik. He
h nrted out for a tight but shipped on
the wrong vessel, and here ho is in
America hurling defiance at the Kn
glbh government, and Imd breath in
the faces of Ids creditois, who applaud-
him to the echo. JimiaiiAii
O Do.nmv.vx will do all his fighUg by
lroxy, and induce ids deluded couutrv
ineii in Auiciica to part with their
hard earned monoy to enable him to
wiry on.tiie war, and buy bad whis
ky, ujjonovax is a fiaud and thu
Jrlsh-Aiiieiifuns should suppress him.
Tin: Galveston JVirwiH attention
to tlio patience and forbeuranei. nt n.
people of Texas in tho tronhnnn n.
eliosen ofilelaN wlio nerslsloiitlv ,..i,i
nrrogantiv Jirnoieainl vinini n... 1
,tvhle.lt they are selected to execute,
uiat mere Has been much of this and
'that it has been homo nation m. .,
uonunateiy too line, and units a
oimuRu lo nuulo In the method? nnd
practiced thaw wlio mo entrusted
Mthjdacesof honor and profit for
uearanco will cease and re.nonst.aneo
carnS T,,0""ni.o state have
earnestly remonstrated with tho tun-
nmy leueillH fnr II... ,
which they have discharged a portion
of the.r duties and fr
Uio neglect or n.. .,... r
Anll.,11.. , .. "MIU4 HUIIC iwiiuii
ei in ly U8 obligatory. These remon- "gllators
niiiiiiiTt'V inmiA 1.. .
wuelie.1 In lanirua,, ZZ?.?., """ ..." ,l'"- "a ,,,,", tit there
dlKiilfled. i,v ... :; '.'. ' WM,U "' va.siuiiierencoIntllq moral
Tho Lato Arcbishop.
Jlnv.Jon.v UAinihT Puw ma, th0
voneruble and eminent archbishop of
iue.e.atnouc Church in the West, died
last week at St.. Martin's convent In
Urown county. Ohio. Ti.o .i,,,.n,.,..i
pielute had pa,ed througli more than
tho thiee score and ten yeais allotted
men having , cached his elghty-fourtu
birthday In Febmary last. Ho was
lorn 111 tlio county ol Cork, Jicland,
In tho firnl year of lids century. His
patents were in a fair aondiMnn f tr..
and gave him tlie best educational op!
poilunlties olfered in 1,1, ,mliv0
country. Ho decided upon entering
the priesthood and came to tlil Coun-
"J wuon 01 to 11 voiifli nt,, 1 ..t 1
the theological seminary at Mount St
Mary's, near Knimltlsbtirg. Maryland'
He was ordained a priest in I82o", and
assumtd Hie chair of philosophy and
tliuology at hi, alma mater. Three
years subsequently he was chnen
pre-siuent at that institution. J
1S32 Jllshoj) I-euwlch, tho pioneer
of tho Catholic church in Ohio
d ed, and Father Puiicbm. succeeded
lm. In 1630 ho was consecrated
Ho was a pronounced Union man
tlurlny the war, and did all that a
iiiliiKlerortlw go3pd could properly
do in favor of his principles. I re was
lo a strong opponent of tlio tern
peraneo crusade which have and con-
uiiuu 10 nave iiiir t nf ,.,.i .
,..,, , . : " "sunn must
iM,.s.uveiy m oiiio, nnd wrote con
servatively against the class
"men tie termed 01, .i,,,,,,,,.......
Iho temnoniiif...
fourth of the general revenue, viz:
Seven and u half cents can be appro
priated for schocl purpose, confessedly
not enough to make the school system
efficient and it is to avoid this, that
the amendments are pioposcd. The
amendments reduce the limit for state
purpose-", Including schools, from fifty
to thirty-five cents, and inciease it
from twelve and a half (when the
limit is levied) to twenty cents, and
twenty cents is little enough for school
purposes. When the levy is divided,
as the amendment" propose, seven nnd
one-half cents may be found sullicient
tor general purposes, and it.twelve and
a half be found sufficient for school
purposes, the entire tax levied by the
stnto for general 'purpo-es and tiie
maintenance of the public schools will
be only twenty cents on the J100 valu
ation; a. tax of which no people
can icasonably complain. The
pinlssion for school dis
tricts to tax themselves, bv a vote.
twenty cent on the one hundred dol
lars, is one which the legislature can
not contiol. It is left for the people,
Mid the people have always shown an
ability to take care of themselves when
permitted to do so by the politicians
and artful demagogues. The States
mail, reasoning from false premises,,
leacliei tlie conclusion that ilie amend
ments will be, uml ouvrlit to bu. in
jected. Reasoning fi out correct mem-
ises, the amendments aio wi-o ami
Judicious aud in the interest of econ
omy, and unle&s it J, tlie purpose of tlie
people to abandon the schools they
should be adopted. Tlie Statesman
knows, or Miould know that the cash
balance has been greatly augmented
by leuAon of the fact that the legisla
ture was compelled tcr levy thirty
cent in oider to make provisions for
the schools. Could the schools be pio
vided for separate and apart from tlie
general rcveiiiiy,the seventeenth leg
islature would lnfvo 1 educed the tax to
twenty cents on tlie one bundled dol
lars. The amendments should receive
the unanimous stippoit of the tax
payers, and be adopted by an over
whelming majority.
rngrafefiil I I.'iuinently So!
IDcudur Trluune.1 '
Last week tin. ' h,.t.u,, ,.-,, .i. ...,. !
of Foil Worth and the (Jazi-ht. V
well, wilh fulsome compliments in'' re
gard to their action on the question of
nnMiiii C.1.....1. .,...., .. '
"" cvi.uwjs iieeiunng tie UA-
zktie the best paper in tlie state,
and tint iipihIv a. 1.1.... ,'
- - . t j ,y Vi HI ill IT 111
i-ort Worth was better n,,, 1
olf Imt jltil md ..( tltn I ki 1 1 If 1 1 ti nti
l,il UUV Will JVU C.W II1V, l.UllIIlJJkj V
fire an was thought by a few who, see
ing smoke escape from the building,
sounded the alarm of fire and created
a geiierai.rush of people in that direc
tion. Waco is going to have the fire alarm
svstem, and will be the only city in
the state except Galveston with this
facility for calling out the fire boys
promptly. The JiMumincr says: "When
It conies to lire-fighting servico and
the apparatus for it Waco always takes
the lead." It might also have said
that Waco takes the lead in number
of fires.
fleorirta lends tho Pontli Ibis vear in
putting tlie first bale of new cotton on
the market. For eveval yearn past
1 extn lias nail an unuisputeu monop
oly of the first bale business. Rut
Texas will market more bales of cot
ton dining the season than Georgia or
any other state, aud theieiu is tlie con
solation over this ".scoop."
Ronbam.ltroca'-.' A little thiee
year old daughter of John Graham,
living near Dodel City, was shot by
her uncle last Saturday, and died Sun
day morning. The pistol was an old
nlln 11,111 Lull 1wr,lt li.til.p ,lim,t flw
house for years, ami was supposed to
1... 1. 1 , . 1 ...t 1, i .1... ......
uu jiui jijiiucu, aim uie uiieie was
snapping it at the cbildien in fun.
A outig lady of Cameron and her
lover slatted for Areola to get married,
but the lomance was spoiled by the
lady changing her mind near the depot.
Hei intended lot co much time.ln try-
lll'r III liCV-iimrtn llf.p tlmi lie mkuul tlw,
(train thut was to have tarried him to
Happiness ana Had to be shipped on a
freight, but he went alone.
Saturday a negio boy of Walker
Station attempted to ride in a lady's
sadtllo. sittlmr biilmvnvh. 'I'lw. Imui
was a wild one and shied at some
thing, thro.ving the boy off. Ho fell
in the load, and Ills leg caught In thu
lariat, dragging him to death. The
hoise was caught two miles away by
several convicts, with the body stiil
drugging alter him.
Montague Crow-Timbers: A good
many of the "excuitcrs" who went
back on the train Thursday morning
looked as haggard as the battle-scared
Veterans ofnlH. Iinmlrnil I'Mr. Him I.,
attempting to imbibe tlie spirit of '70
ti,.... ....1.1.....1.. ...1.. . ..
u-, vwiiuiiuy got me wrong bottle.
"I-ort Worth 'S;i," makes a man feel
poweiful patriotic on the 4th, but a
sicker t'lli.d you never did see on the
Jhtllait Times: It is now said that
the Synagogue troubles are far fiom
ended, and that 11 new move is on the
boaid-. That the signers of tlie
charges against the Rabbi and the
chief owners of the stock in the
chinch wbii-h was chartered, and
that then- will freeze out or be frozen
out. The manner in which tills is to
no none is not known to us, but the
court will probably get jurisdiction
of the subject. All this is a rumor
and 110 one in.partieular told us of tliN.
fherefoienooneneed to apply to us
"I "i iiuiiiuniy.
Montague Croat-Timber: Thursday
Boots, Shoes and
At -the Immense . Establishment of
P.S We are strictly Wholesale, anri Rfnritr ft, !&
Interests of Merchants only. - v m;
3?3E3:S3 3VC.-:s.
Fort Worth.
0 j
The Great Popular Route of Texas.
Gulf, Goloraao & Santa Fe R'y
.r IL.nx."ni' -Yew Vork; Mor-
-"h u"j uiner env nan. nm 1 ,,.t 1 n ,ri,t .,i.,t c ..?..., ,..:, '
it'".! Ci,l,V0,.of, ,,cr ow. He la'id for
:""' "7 su?. "'ways pain lor what
she got, together with many other
nice tibius too niiininiiiu .r,.....i-.
Our people were uh on the tip-toe of
expectation to sco the column and
half puff the Jo,t was to
Jin ii!k!. i GA,z,:'n',r' ' ' ro?
UH tlllS llUttrl'V. IIIIMlin ,1 1 ...
"ml mortification of our people TlTe"
Hie Oazi.ttk come and tlio base i,,.
gratitude was manifested, lor daws its
i.ft ..vie tiuseiy scanned Hy expect
ant tlnoniis of eager looker; for the
old all the GA.irrrn has ever given
in return, Is simply ,, i.ertion 1
an out-of-the-way plaee of the"""
nrt ck- thus yerilyuig all we hJe ,1
fifi1' i0rt.V ortl1' l,,nt ,1,ev rc ""grate
fill ill tlio nviii.,,,,. r. .,.., n"'l,-
r,.i...i li.' "...'. Vu ""vise oui
eountrv-wltli 1lmuin1.1i:,.,.
j ...... ,wi. nvrtHIIHL illlJlOllUCO-
nientthata little child of ( W. Tinkle
wlio lives about a mile east of town
had wandeicd into tlie woods and
could not be found. The tliou-'ht of -i
nrattlhnr hifni.t 11 i. .1. , !?.,..01 a
r ......... .,. 14, lUK vuuitness
and a frantic and ilkti-.i,.i0,i m...
at home spuned our citizens to
! rcue and in les (Jan
I....I. iiiuiuitH uieie were nearly a
hundred men at Mr. Tinkle's mo.,t of
whom were provided with lanterns.
Jliei'iowdwasxiiicklynrianged in a
no stretching fiom the hoiiie out into
the WOOll .'lllll imrli,,. .1... ,
oi" if r f in Vr "v -u""'iana
01 it. L. Lltte they proceeded to
make a circuit of the house but found
no trace of tlie little one. Again ft,
ing in line they marched (iheclv to
wards tin Milrnml ...wl ,..!... V, -l.
corpus Chriitl, Brownsville uuU Vera
At Alffi SiS.?- S-S-. .? R- for CWuin
ai nnii-viiiiri " " "ona county
...v..-. ,nv lll'.VL IIIIIP I1H ltli,ii..i,,. ...
Worlh, and omeo her llwll ZnuZ I fiS.hcy,'!etn,ml t,,eIr "t eager
Oazetti:. for they ""rtu nv th, 0 m ' The An , ln,'",e 0f tll0,y"K truant,
predate those who 4K? t , , f UIe fr ,ni3 "ly tweuty-ono
own bailiwick aU on ll'elr m nhs old-Just largo cnouAi ,,
When She Starts She's "Thar."
Isnn .llr,tiM
Worth wh.f,0' ttW?nl 'alnst Fort
1,. i, , v.1".' l)Urfll n"d activity
its undertakings 'nro diseussCd
1 here nre some thh., for w"hicli l e
Miou Id be stood up In the cor Jr. now
and then: but wlion Di. ..'.",
nnythinghe-Vhar:" V rilaytlo
procession was over three miles h ug
aud Senator Arnvm- .iii,.i ...... ,' .lb;
audience. " v" lu "" 'uw
ciiinoovcr tlie vnrd fonm.
wandered away a'bout ela'rk.
and had
1 ,. ... r:"J "-"'i'ousiiiiiity to lin iwv.i.. . "1
T .,'-"""'"' "' u'wm V 1 )iiii..ii,..,..,', - i-vwjmw ,
fir'r?' .to.r " -tmetlon of hold, T ' . " . " l"1' ", '
... " "iiiuii 1 ey servo and
W'llOsn in, ....... .1 ' - HUH
I&i1 . '.i""o on of tho unh-e ,
fl,n ,JK. ., . WfAw'K Jiolds
v .wviio 01 me navy;
uiiiuiu netwecn enforced total absti
nenco and voluntary sobriety, tho lat
ter the rulo of Christian life.
The latter years of Archbishop
l'uuc-KM.'s life were shadou-mi 1... .
great ,ul M(, flnailcIal Uiai)ttr
While eminent as u theologian and an
author ho wile I,.,,..-....! 1... .
, . """"" m matters
lliianclal, and lib banking business
wus u iiosoiato failure to himself and
to his depositors. Tho i,iui.. , ,.,.
ttllsforfn , ..,;"- ' n ",s
iw.,11 , ,. . ...'.:;,""" '" "."i "ir is mill nr to
u-- w It'll IIIIIIU dW Tit. I.. I IIIIJKIIII pii n ... ..... ,
.,;?!l..t',"tbr a,,"ttl " l-4a itoh I.. 'r,i ""WP IrliW J,M
, ii. r.""'.1"0 "oceso in Ohio I
Closlutr JSxnrnlsori.
-.Ti,0l?,os,nex,lM of St. Josepli's
Gennanla opera-house on July JOt 1
This school is under charge of the "sd-
1 he oxorcUes will bo of tho usual order
in such cases, uml tiw.cf." .V.l...0iUtr
genernllare lilted ' toattem Sli
'' VAI'LULL'll I I I II T lltl ak..uk. t
.;.' v mi viJLLTLiiininir
event will ensue.
wJini?"ite 'J' W"y of hcad aml
vou wlKh i. "w. . "A1 "n vneiner
vliii:iVtn ir ,. r ""w.you win icarn
clothing ff.le" W"f ' HW
L-niiiU 1,1 1 "" Kt:,,U8 Hirnisiung
T?m f'wi f' K00'-'' ""'I fel'ow. The
1 eniicsee store s Tin; ii. ve k
Xearlola, Grimes county, Miss Liz
years! "' "8cd 'll)0Ut lwcnty.four
At Moody, July 1st, Miss Sallie
daiigh er of I! S, and Rachel Moore. '
20th StXISR!?,:.5?Hyj ?"
.,,.,1 't r -.:""" ,',v,ub"u' 01 j. 11.
in bhennan, Juno 2. Claude X
elgld davfd &,X "10"th3 and ly
i.Ji-0feV1' ."'J' 5.". V'vlnn Achesne
one yeJir. ' U' ' 1 'Oret0' "(l
Jn JillSt. V,ion Ti.l.. r. -r. o. . . .
In ,n,.i. T
in 1 ,?"""' JU" -'. Irs. Anna
Rlaekwcll, wifeof J. T. jilaekvvell.
finnt.A,;i1l,),1,)' J,,,le (ry John-
, -ej.. uv JI.-JIIJJ
(Sunset Itoute) for ColuiubuWcimor
llarwooii. i.uilnv. ,, ,..,!. ,".'
Uvnlde ana Western TeVasa, UMlcS
lso for Houston and star and Crescent
tho Tcche Country, New Orleans and
ll LPt??i 'o"theast. .Vortl. and
.wtw.!tu on Yorj5 TBxas and Mexi.
."..."rton. Victoria1 and
At BKKNH Ail with 11. & T. C. Ky. for Hemn
AT MILANO wltn I. & O. X Ry. for He.irn
raleKtlne, Koclsdale, Itaund itoek
Li'r 5S?!.C?Lc?nB, Athens, .MouD
At vn m vCiii 'S """ J cxarKaua.
ALMOUGAN with Tes.ni Central Rv for
or 6? cWUK u''yn f Da"a" Dlvl8lon
At FORT JvoKTH with Mo. Pacific and Tn
A-PacUl?Ry,. for all polit on th
lines; for II PaM. ftantii Ke.faan Frim
HIS CHJ , (st. I.OUll, CUlCJIKO. New Vnrl-
. , n?ITun'i ! ts North, East 1 iid West '
uauAil G. .MURRAY
General Passenger Age
A. M. Briiton Pres. John Nichols,
rrea. . y. 1X1MAX. Cashier.
XearAlvarado, July 3. Mm T,.,il-gotheMn-Inw
of WKofubs,1
Hm!,,''."0..".. Kittle
,;,, " "i eiivors, who of K. a
Hallmark, aged about twenty years.
Iiik &1i!i!Vf ,CUr fo.r matoM Poison-Mhk-A:.,efr,u.u'
8U?. '? found in
per bov som 1 5 1 ' VU.M,'6 ecu,H
Capital anfl Snrplns $165,000 00
A .Regular Banking Business
lU all ltA brinnhAH tMnr..Hi..i
Yor)c"p.,n.?lLra? '. National ihiiIc.SL
Gulf, Colorndn Ai Santa fi
way Coinpany. ,fy
secuetakv's yrrjf
. Galveston, Texas. Max W
otice is lieioln ulen that the W
rectors of -nld nimwij comiunr ttt
anuetlnit of tho stockholders ofgf;
pany, to be held nt Its olllre In tWiis
tho lht day of August, lsS-J, a tlie m,
in., forthe purpose or consfdcrlnf IS
mlninifnstotho necessity fur cm
completing, IniproMiiir andoifinia
way, by the Issuance, sale aud" ,
said company, of tecond monpfS
or hnld comjiany. In 'uiB,d
thousand doilam each, to nn amwT
exceed thirteen thiunnd dollar ntv,
tllQ maltl triwK- nf Cll.l ..nmivmr'iljS
constructed, anil toJ be coiistnuW
luireii.nnuau ornncii lines of wiW.
u.iiu uuuus hj run joriy j ears, m;
1 ii . i s-i t. uiiii ittii r- iiirn ,if i hi ina n
T)or rnt. nor nnnnm nnvnidn taml
on tholbtihiysof Apillnnd Octoi)j
year.nl thu clt of New York. Tbi
as loiiow; Not to exceed f' WO wta
before tllo3l8t of T)eceinlier. istt a
tional issues h that the airreoittl
second mortgnirc bonds glial;
nniOlllltH Iter mlln nnilnn nr linl
IIS fill IriU'w 11,i.A,.ili.. ', ,. fCf I
herlst l&o. i mm. iiaioVn. ,!, tl
December dl'st.'lsST, f C,0.i; DecemlJ
ji.uaf; xetuiuuer m, ivia, www'
isi, ,0-w, sv.mw Ltecemoer sisi,,
liecomher Slst, lsy.', ll,0CJ; Deo
iL"-- fl-'.W. nnd December,
i.i,ieu; too miles of completed rft
usccrtnlued bv I'ertltlniln nf lb
and chief engineer of said eompanf;
i-.ij uiuiii oi mesaiu uouus 10 not
ll.socond trust ileeil nnil mnrliriiltei
railway, franchises and propcrtl!
Any nnd all railways ol said com''
Hitllioried, heresoever situated
iiiiini iiiii'n i rnnnnno uviiinLinni
Bu:.y';7':ri"".v c-v,,w?m
:iml rifhfc tt n-ot. nnfr rniii hn
i ; " "" mi;ft mini w"j
Uucts, cuhertH, fences umUtruiiU!5
ninu, uh ut'pois, hiniton now
shops, water tank?, and nil other m
together w ith tlio lots or parcels 9
which ench nnd nil me or uiai'.Wv
iiini ii 1 1 men oiMi'Au .invi iiiu
. ..... jy;-""'"" -i ijiiuui3 j-m'
K"5e.nuu,iieii;ht, hand and
nil other rnlllni? mn,.lr nl r
mnchlnnrv. tnni. imnlpin
and miiterinls, all furultwii
uo-jksoi accounts ouchew, iip
sets of crcryklnd, all leasehold l
iwuses, incomes, toiiti, rents, I"!"
Mieplflnil rnnl m i,i...i.AV.inH nniH
w ;nx-zr: "v""' ."".:
.ii.wini.-i jeni aim personal pn
f1... ... .... . ,.1. .. .. " . .1
v"iMO wiiii uii nppurioiiai""
jjoiner wuu an tno present ana 3
chllsesniid chartered riglfW, ?"
....... uuiiics. niiicn jiow iluor "",
ly "clung loornppcnniniuiKi
iiiciuuing 1110 rruurhlse to M
Uutltls understood that the
Htate of Texas, nnd nil other UnMj
'I""" ") UUUU114I1 orotnerwisf, i
acimirtd forfcoinoof the purpoJj
u.u ni.Luiucu, anu useu in www
f ala railwny or the opemtlon thw
lltrttlt A,SHAA.I . r.- I..t..n.l.1 Crt tl
F. P. KlIii.EtX.TB
fiBTfiAfln sc
9TI1V HlUlV HriLE.fl&
'A tnaa ilJtift lluiiul Utfl
Tno Llltlo I)etectiTf,J
BK5T (UKiiE mm f"?,rr
40 111. An II mill Kll
riramuii Ummiw"i:
lllowersu Anll. Vljf
ft niav ho .. 1
thnM.,rH,n..V.MV"" U1W
- Ktb IlLLIM IW 11VA1 1
irsltv hv. m. "..:.?,w,',.l,,
to arbitrary and una, i"i. " "?. T
of the regents would hnvo' r, ', .
-"' v
l-'oit Tin: THOUeniTPi'i..To avoid
a dll !!!'! if. iini,l. .1 ... I
iiiniin.,. 'k ."" I'Immkuki:, 10 IICKICCl ll
J7. --"'. rtiiiJiii I t'ljiiifii fn an i n t...i. .
ii.i.. 1 ... --f's ' 1 uiii in iTiniuini .10 i.iti
1 i. , - "" in vijiio ii nn r,iP 1 .ini;.iu I.-.....,,..,: ;t Aiwivu
uiiircu and slxtvfour !. ...J . : "..v.? " J''"S''i iseniedy Is irti
Illlll Mini,. ,!.... .. . . . -'''. Ill
tin, I til.. I.. l . '.. W'llllilllJ
c i i, .. 1 i .. 11 ' '" "."" im dioccso In.
Mimed lu all one thousand 11ml inrn.
Aeker' English llenicdv Is guarai
eeeUo cure. Sold by L. &. rm,s(",J
oquct Coloiic
fi. !' icsn,,.t ?.ml wfreshlnj'artlclo for
the bath or toilet at E. M. 'elis.'
IfaS CLlIVll liinrn n. r rv .
Kteo'loVSont '"..Aifflc!:
0 ...i ,.;i i'ty.f JW,,D" '"ways safe.
e,u illl.l IVIIIIUIU. 1
For renalrlner nf nil i.,...,
Keller'aciirrlatro ,inn..fo.-""lS..SO to
morton stroet ,r :, , "V" "'?. i'lrock-
To and From Weatherford,
Graham and Jaoksboro,
O-Run Every y RScept SunUy
No, 41 Uoiurtoojiir
Sash, Door and'J
Having purchased the newer.1
I'm in unier me iiincuiutii"- ,
now inacuiues to 11, 1 nm ""'
nil .kinds of work, wicli iu bt0!
iJoore anu nuiiUH, W'lnuow n-
""" "uiiiura uuu oi""".VJf.
aud Church 8eat. AUo, " '
Scroll Sawing, j
Tumnu and Pw
n Ail kinds oriumberdreMe40;
Hfl 1 1 Bfnnl fm .Fiinwmlnnil.
ux,iH,HVIVU A"HU'V .1
Mill between ScwtH ? J
at the end of the Sant Fe
r uri w oriu, Texas, . . -
.T. li.TAil
j A
l--w.. rt,
1 3-'
' ' ""cr or second.

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