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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, August 03, 1883, Image 5

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il.. 11 nit llllc'
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4tteWie directors of
inerii"""' aI1,i family
!. TWTSiiii liuiitnliil
UielL V hois
.'cotoi'.0": fiii-iiuiiwl him
rpjrlt)g -w. c iitltmnn licit-
ififlce-. . ? :,ni,ii to tiio
on North
if U 11.
. nt '"l l .. nn
jik rwe"u
"" I... f-Vflf.
ittrert"""";:, flLd lumber
"" ft 'houettlul
'"n'UnWt iU evtning
.R-ni i lib fall Biock
7fiader returned tlifo
ig"Sjiihv,th congea-
:,e i ftiriiid JooLowIno
11163 JM -UMIu In inPllii 11
.JOllW"1 ""'-" i
Imv fforfllcfb confined to
Ir rf (aBfcmen from Lime
I, J through tl.o ciJy
E&tLeinvay out West,
;fmore desirable locution
tiltkng n uiw timiiij ....
foe dry weather Is causing it
err wit. .
1 V i - l...tll ti now omrp-
i nncbed Knew stock of goods
" -i - . ... ...i in
;Wt of tlie nnugo'ovi-1 '
ttheroauw jiowiiuMii.-. -
here the itorc stands js ngen
'ibrilfknlekeis, and pleas
is,lngnuttlifit way tun get
'.i lanlfi on the streets is
;n.iiwi of Mr. Street from the
K I life iiilnMeiial functions.
rl the c-ird of Mr. It. W.
iHiJicd In yes-tcrduys's hx-
r.Ffreet has tlie lullowing
ywner tills mornliig:
.lngj.ll.-In this morning's
there is a mm utui we-
of Mr, It. W. Uavis, in
.id (lie following: "In your
tuings issue mere up-
itlitaneiu mat i uioiigiit
Mt. Stuet hud accepted
Itiwlo prctch to the Ileliji
Woleht Association, hud
.siVt dignity and honor.
iflTlthotiKht no such tliiiiir.
Mining and intimated no
." luanuliloilai note np
tec Davis's conimunica-
trlbt the hifornmtion ic
to.arks w.e derived fioui
W enclose! my written
fciu which j ou derived
nation. In it you will
I did not b.w that Judito
Iitthat 1 hiulcoiiipiuini.sed
,iy and. honor," but this-:
as surprised that I should
iwto lireacii to an inlmel
HaMitliodNt, hut if I lind
iuurepiesditullve of the
flerelil had eiimpioinised
iid honor." In convimri
u statement jlu wrote ''his"
materially dunging the
onnection I will add that
ion in the conference- reln
e inidaint against me of
ability, develuptd the fact
not acceptable, at least to
tnd to Jlev. Mr. Wrhdit.
.nisei hail lUrcd to orem-h
utiou which tlioy denonit
iel'," and not because of
iprencbeil, and pieauinably
,' "1 me conier
voeu to suspend m rmm
7ilJ refusing to puss my
urreiniiuenc'il to do so for
M0I1. lllUH vlrlunlKr !...
on record und saying to
Huuyiircieuiteil minister
i . , ,"' boutl. who
ilt0" lUlI'ls"...,,! el
heatlien would be non
.tnii. Theifreat yLuaxar
jiint are whole need not
, buttlihe church zealots,
ll0i Kive the He to his
,E,1J;,01,1.v the religious need
TM r w the infidel
"'UK are cmuMiii i
: ti"it i. ":""" " S
i. v; """ a" i"
" JU(a t ml nil
?otothilrnuMi i,l,!., ii
"hU is surnriuM.l u. t
WU Jfetlifulkt .. .1
"o'lt 1 hud ' i.ll..,l in
'jcartmi. That"thouht"
attoliisii.tHiiiJ ,'"". ..,
;ja"olllciai n.enibvr of
lUHi0IH Which Mr llnvlw
n,,:1. confer.
Mil q.i, T. u IIU0 ,U1
4 T fLi1 osliel to
tal...?.1..11. lie who
lltt-oZ1, I,1'10 "ction
-.i-sil rrt
fW lonli'iice.
riea this,N;;!:::!..
-..l.(j iuj-
Bviins, TJnllcil JJbtw district ntlornoV
fprllio Wlitem rstrlct of Texas ar
rived hero yostordny nnd took
quarters tit the Uxcol.slor Hotel,
la'jn. Edmuml GuUiriudo, United
Stnfcs jjiJ'i't "ttoruoy for tho
Hoitlliern district m J-'oxjis, nrrJvod ou
Hie noon tmin to-dny, dipt. Single
ton, United Btutcs dlr,lrlc& dcrlc. mid
Jitclc r"rtli, tlejiuty mnrsliitl In
elifirge, mo also here, Jt is uiiderstood
that thoolijeetof tiio vhiiof the two
ih'dt nnincd ollleluls Is to Investigutu
tho condition of nll'ulra hero gen
omlly ns fur na rcluU's
to the millonnl Koveriinient, und
tonicertiiin If It la true tluittlio Fed
cnil court enmiot ho hold In JeflVrson
wiwiuui,,copnruzing mo lives of the
ollleers cliurged with tho duty of en
forcing tho law. It is also their evi
dent intention to thoroughly examine
Into tho details of Jutlce Jluinrhn'n nn.
fia.jsinalinn nnd the entices that pro
voked it. J is argued by sonlo that
lIutigliu'H death following bo closely
on the lynching oflho two negroes for
rape, neceasllati'K an examination by
unbiased paitles. Jack Evans
is cool nnd reticent. while
air. wiiigmui beenis to be both ofll
clent nnd courteous. Neither of llivo
gentleman have any friends to reward
or enemies to pnnlBh. An impartial
investigation will result in a trimnnh-
ant vindication of the characters of
some oi our poopie wiio have been Im
plicated by anonymous newspaper
writers. Sevenfl of our county ollleiaJa
and prominent citizeww have been be-
tore tne committee, ami members of
both parties have gl7en testimony.
No developments so far, and Ilaughn's
death remains an unsolved mystery.
During the little thumierstorm on
Friday evening lightning itovaded the
feunctum of the Jlmplesutc. evi
dently attracted by the recently
erected telephone iippaintuo. Col.
Wind Taylor and his faithful terrier
were the occupants. The o came
down tho steps one hundred feet
abend of his owner and has not been
heard fiom since. Ward is u sadder
and wiser man.
WhltakerA Galloway's Blcnuv saw'
mill, four miles north of our city, was
destroyed by lire last night.
Hot and dry; thermometer last night
just one hundred.
A large party leaves here Monday
for the MoKlnney reunion, your ie
porter included.
mmmvm m. smJ
"ipso iiotim to nie ho did w Vi .7
8t.hdt.od ten.pera'Enr'Uelmlra
WAs l-nthL.;:liort In stature, bfl 1
mennln 'ir0,".Jr,Uo." 'oigllt heads?
nietuuiigihath 3 liend was nreclselv
Zk; "r."r?l'o oi ;noo 1 fe-slzo
!T" , - .'." yA'sienc
u Oftint. .'.l Is said, now uses Mot
ait o hrnr.1 n'n Mior. ami itwi
Mint thoy nro, ndlv W' Unlily (
tUoso that conui fmni UnW. ,
n fi.. - r4 in i mi
v. 11II11 u MU
c-utolt,relcrshurg,anl the "tlicr
'.".'.Vf "'' !t.V,.n dnuRlilcr flhlr, I Z
o'ila f , ' tourer fi
w "l "IU1UUI1 III fSOU" .hrcm JJ I
- .. vviOLi
Crlohialloii or TlinniKU Coiinoctliiii With
SI. I,ouli Iy 1lie "iiriiitv (luugo
j:llny A Hesl'imtlon.
Spcclnl to tho Clazelte.
The Texas & Rt. Leuis ralhoad Avill
celebrate its connection with St. Louis
nnd the North by a grand excursion
to tho Arkansas river bridge on tlie
fou i th, .uite a number of prominent
speakers nie expected to bo present,
and an exclusion train will run from
each end of the road.
A munlier of changes In men and
ollleiuU of that road have been made
by the new superintendent, Mr. Hor
ner, and nioie aie expected.
Judge J no. C. Jtobinson, for a num
ber of yeais judge of the Seventh judi
cial distiict, lias to-day forwaidcd his
lesignutiou to the governor. It is not
known yet who will fcocure tho ap
pointment. I'arnieisof this section now com
plain af dro'ith, apd say unless it
rains soon crops will he materially
here in the
T ll.ilcs of Now Cotloiv Colored Huso
bpcclul to tho Onotto
CorMcami, August' 2, The first bale
of the season was received here to-day.
One fiom .T. 13. Anderson of Winkler
came In hnlf an hour ahead of that
brought from Karnes by J. L. Cherry.-
The colored baso ball club of this
place defeated tho Tyler club to-day.
W r,, .
NeW Y''?''ll-ftthis
X,thi?.rK ",ml otl"-'r
""" to ipeud the bum-
- C. Ki,,,,.,.., ... .
HMiw,i, TUK "P to
v'u'i meeting
Rnl....i.. ...
Cr ..Aor '"8 Waco
'"is evening for
Jn.ai .Ul1' jeveuinir.
l.'0 or a if. -.
r7Ho.n.,."". "Vi . v.,
f' tM ?. 7" thn
"'IS tiVi-lil.,,.
aJ.; ,,,,l n,,,....
"in i 'hii ft
ij. :.! a,i"cui8 w..u.,i
lR. ' '"" tillr,,..,
Km "'"
I.. "U2I
'SlJT11:- Wlllcand
V Hou.
Krom the ' Sjirliigfleni (Mas,.) n0mW!can.l
T"e ibIIIon known n3 t! o "Wild
tat eiven on Hampden ).n.k ves
terday afternoon by the IJumio Am.
iJr. carver combination iitliauted n
Inure crowd mul u. w c.r.. ... v.. ..
ihed tliem with entcrialninent of no
common oner. 'Pin. i,rr....... ' "' ""
In act interesting to an unuaunf ex
tent, exciting and novel. Some Cadi
fornJans gave an exhibition of ridfnj?
hero several years ago Miirirestivo ,S
lvn,flow,l,,ri80,V0 'r-w l,l,L tut-
"Wild Aest" is in Its nnd ex
ecution practically new Its aim
is to present to tho Fast as far ns
changed coinlftfon will permSt a life
pltturo of the more striking experi
ences of tire fair We.st-tlio ?idlnir.
lV,.Utln?1,,!Kll,i" whleli form tlie
chief talk of returned ndvenfjirois
from' 1he plains. TM ideals oiv the
whole well can led out The propule
tors have-gathered' about them u Una
number or ponies-, bufl'alos, elk, 1
Ulaiis and cow-hoys, and Jiave
arranged their programme with a gen
erally good eye for drnmatib efltct.
Hampilen park presented a curious-1
spectacle fo the visitor yestcrdav with
its many tenfa and wigwams and In
dian "braves," tquaws; papooses, va
lues and dogs, and the illusion was by
no means dispelled by the sight of
many buffaloes gru.iiig within tlie
tmek. The euteitalnmunt itself was
given in tho open air. It Included
pony race- bv the J milium, mlmr v
ow-boysiidingkieUng and bucking
noises ami a ounuto; an Utiistmtloii ot
the "pony express" method of bearing
news acro3s tlicplains befoio the days
of the telegraph, exhibitions or the
methods of hunting and lassoing bull'a
lo, a dramaUe reproduction of an at
tack upon a stage coach, of an Indian
attack upon a bvout, an Indian village
upon the trail with the papoo-os drawn
behind in baskets upon btlcks and
feats of liiark&niun.ship by Cupt. I?o
gardus, Mr. Cody and Dr.' Carver. The
captain ended his illustration of the
various methods of pigeon shooting by
breaking twenty-eight clay pigeons,
without u miss, in u niinutoanda half,
while Messrs. Caiver and Cody broke
glass balls both while standing still
and while galloping at n
fuiious pace. .Remarkable as
these last feutvnes were,
however, the most interesting feature
of the show, because the newest, were
the feats of horsemanship by the cow
boys. They sat their seats 'as though
horses and men were one, audi every
motion was marked by easy grace and
the freedom of assured security. This
is a feature which might be well am
plified to include some of tho tricks of
riding which the.se men aie knowmto
be easily al)!e to accomplish. The en
tertainment will be repeated tills- afternoon.
0Ar.KrrK OrrifcK, Amp. 2,
Oolrt lluylno
AniorlcaiiiiV7r'n'uTl'i'r' IIaJ
wean 3tlorl.nivY ,". " T.
Moslmn .liver ZtTZ 15
.... v... '"yKtwi r.xcuxxaK.
. 1",t1"isju.curr.npy u,,CPs
"r wt lrK 1 "'Kin, currency M )i per i
Olt L'HtOa 1l. ' 11 hml ClU'nV CfnrO
atcrllus, in ma ''"k, ti.uj ourrenoV nor xi.
.... ...(till... . IVrm,. . - ----
m pvrnw
M per sin;
IMlllfllmH. ."XCHAJJOM
Kw York sight currency ii.tttrtW
IjuwU.'loanniiPUt, ct'iCJJfy.j' illscoin
uiLivi'Min,. niviii. piitrt,M. ....
w i...i.7i
nh J.AIUJB nil
CUlcaeo slg
l! Hlghf, ouirohcy .Ji ; OKcount
MtL'l, mrronoy int-SiX
light. urrncy Jfa" JUcount
Jioir yik.
,.iv7i?2Tir'!?in,t 2--"'cy In si,od sup.
Il (J 11 ,(?. tlnvd fit 2.
1 Ki"li"? e,"",s,:' "uknlilo Wlio, Htcaily,
Coil))on 4U's.vpi,
Coupoim, Vtl ID'S.
fsi. I.vitl
lt?T4'U?!. 'V'lfu,t a-,'l"r-IiOrdrj Ibih
C I'tt ffijSSIgJ' : iborhite7T3
ji,V0,.,s '"vtit miU Sli)Mj4iii'(,'hiot5; ciuh4A!
MK'ot''"' CU'',1! 2,KS, Ata
liWMI 11 1 WM llllfl
i.-.i .,'.:""" Vi
brv "mHsToxiuw, I iVqi I t.. ' w
IIOOSK-Hcrp .t, (7U): lowers llulil.CftMi.Ui).
licnvy. fi fow b,
nuicici' Ko'tii.is
IJWsjnurkel utomly mo
I i..C. i I :..' "" -'. C t-uimn '.-jriii' an,
limiJi..ot, ; urltnrfi)4! union VJr fxnoitH-
r,.t.iP,Vf,l,V(,.n vr'j'' American- 7 v; re
:p(sl;.w,Hli AmerlCNi.
SvntVojxMiBdflriiuini cloieil l-in ti?hpr
UpAim Is i .mllnnry, 4; s()od oiillna'?. b;
iiiliKSltur, 5);. mhIi'D la.U e ,t which P, Tt) i-ie
Ainor.aiii, nml'J,i0ir.iruvM)rtN hiuI soehvla.
lion. UliponnvVJKMill Aii-yrilrnii.
lu(iiK's opent a :( hli.'lii)4i ilull nml qv'tiit
null eiowaNiwtoiiWioir rwiwtho bosiiiuus
on hodKi'lfm itlil 2 i hMii-r tlmiiy
miiiiii. AiiKnHiBtiaMiptniirfr,ri:i7; beploiiw
lo- indO,,i,ei,5lKi; Oi-lolwrwiU NiiVdiiiben.
llenvnr.t 11'f.nr,.,,.,..
lloustou ,t Tirtn Coufwl!'
Jtllll-IHI IV 1('T
JllKtourl l'aclrft
Texas & l'aolnc....,
.VV.V..., t , ,
Tho AitUt AVho 1'iiintcil llio 1'amotiR
l'iutiirn Kncl.-i a DNscnHhloii With a
btiitc'inriil af I'.icts.
New York-, July 20. William Page,
tho artist who painted the famous por
trait of-'Aduiirul FaruiguL in tiio rig
ging of the Ihigship, which was sub&e
fceiuiently put chased by a committee
of citizens (or $10 Of)') and presented
to tho Grand Duke Al.exis, Mild
to a reporter lecentiy at his
honle, near JUohnimid Valley, Stolen
lIaud: "I was niueh interetted in
reading tho discussion, which arose
some months ago, concerning the
statement of an naval oflicer that, Ad
miral Fan agut was not lashed or tied
to the tigging while diieeting ihe
movements of the fleet during the en
gagement from his high p isitlon on
the mast of the vessel. I c-in give the
statements ol the admiral himself,
und thev will settle the question.
I have olten wanted to explain wlnu
Admiial Farnigut s.iid to
mo about this matter. When
ho was sitting for the paint
ing I was living at Englcswood, N. J.,
and ho came legulailv from New
York for Ihe Killings. When they be
gan, I asked him toescribo his actual
position during the conllict. Ho then
explulnednw he hud tlrst ascended
the ligging ou one side of the vessel to
give oulers to the men below. He
found, however, (hat the smoke Inter
fered with his viow and the ollleers on
deck could nor fee his movements or
motions dl.tinctly. While ho was
in tho .rlirglng he noticed
a piece of shell strike a few feet
above his head and cut away a por
tion of the main-top, beneath which
he was standing, with Ids feet resting
ou the rope ladder. Glancing below,
ha noticed that if lie should be wounded
or killed, as he meiely held on by his
hands, he might roll down tho shrouds
overboard, and his body inlg.it not be
recovered, owing to tho suioko and
quick movements of the nianeuvring
licet. As his .on was on board, ho de
blred to prevent such a result, so that,
on finding tho smoke so thick us to in
tercept his view where ho wajs, ho
descended' to tho deck uiid crossed
to tho opposite side. But on his
journey across tho declc no, round a
piece of rope, which was precisely
what ho wanted, and took It uloft with
him, tvlng the knot himself which
fastened him to tho rigging. I pro
cured for him a piece of rope to ubo In
tho posing for the painting, and the
i-,,,u l1, ,,,,-,, ii,im u'mh the one matte
by himself. Probably any bailor will
recogni.o it us nautical knot, or one
likely to be muile by a Feafarlug man.
When I went to untie it Its fonuntlon
.Tauies Carey's Fate.
fChknao Hernld.
The uttermost end of Africa had re
fused to bhelter J unies Carey, tho in
former, fiom. tlie vengeance of the
Irish Iuvincibles. Spirited from Dub
lin to London, hidden in that great
maelstrom of life, and then secietly
conveyed on board a bteamer for
South Africa, he never escaped the
sleuthhounds of Jrihh hatred that were
on his track. In all his hid
ings Ids movements were known.
TnoP.ritisb government used all its
hkill to lwille pursuit, bill failed.
When the ninn who hid informed
against tho Phoenix Park nuuderers
stepped ashore at Port Klizibeth, in
jubilant spitits that he had eluded de
tection, tins pNtol of the avenger was
at his Imu-t, and as he fell beforo the
fatal shot, the usis-in consigned
his soul to damnation. Few can re
gret Cary's fate. Im entered into
a con-piiacy to murder und turned
informer up'oh his lellow-eonspirators.
He t.hus became tin instiunieiit of jus
tice only toleitited in its use by llio de
mauds of civilization. When his tes
timony was given his futo was sealed
unlets his identity could bo forever
blotted out. This the government un
dertook to do. It was an almost hope
less task. It failed. Carey has paid
the penalty of his infamous treachery.
O'Donnoll, his mtudeier, will bo
hanged, Willi bis execution it is to
be hoped that tho record of blood and
infamy which dates from the murder
of Cavendish will end.
The Mormon Candidates.
Now York Mall.)
The Mormon ticket for the. August
election, according to tho Salt Lake
Tribune, is composed mainly of tho
"sons of the prophets." The old fel
low thcipbclves have loo many wives
to run openly in tho face of tho law
and the commissioners' decisions, so
they put up their boys to keep tho
apostolic bueoesslons in ofllco intact.
At a recent party in London the
Haioness Uurdette-Contts wore a sin
gle diamond worth $12,000 upon a
strip o plain black velvet around her
Father Borneo, the famous Italian
missionary, Is now in Paris. Ho hits
erected seminaries which contain M),
000 poor boys. He furnishes OtIO-priests
every year to tho church. Over twon
tv thousand priests educated by him
are now preaching in various parts of
tiio world.
riM.n0oi,.f i.Dnrln Herlin Is roeula-
ted by law, and caoli gla" hV "
upon the side showing tho hoteht be
low which thvro mu-tbo no roth, and
your average Gorman Is very particu
lar to see that tho top ol tin beer and
tho bottom of the foam cel t that
,i!,-L,iV,.,.,,8ood a ;:m oo: pVimo, i aii y". fnuX
Now York.
citomjcE. ft
,.,lfr-,v. Yo,BK Au'khI y.-Ftofji.-PuU unci
W AT-ruili fin'n: opUoni opened V to i
' "Vr.lUA'f '5ilnBtore;1N-o'.2jeillll)lli
i,u.' e: I tbVrtl l7iilelevJior.
. Cv nN-ciwii lots if trlito lower: optlom U to
Ii low er, closing nlemly; No. ;l sM No. '.' UWj
J'okk Di, II nd lower at Ir, 61.
iMMii-ijfiTH'r, priian HtvRiH, a iwi8 ro.
lVfK-(tlKl"'d StlVllK.
'.(i.n -(juiot: reiloed ,n.or, powdered 03
l)f; KWiinlnted 8irl'-10; CilhaiMCaw.
T t'wvtTiHM-SlrMiser nt B7H03S.
UiTMc is Tmiii; e.'-nr hi.
nicr-Q,ulct Imt nicely.
Molmh-rMDitJi nml tnu'lmnirud,
mvb nrotic
Kkw Yunv, AtutMt 2.-ltepvs-?To fr.,
orri-rlJiKs nu notion;; dolt.c: ilrcjuoil tn'tr,
dtulibt olijkj'pliy Hltuliiei((i4 iiiitlvo witei;
W S lor Toxiw drr,H.il) for western UrewiM.
MHiri' lUCelpiH 7(.1, invlllly Irtuehm;
lionbs 0O9t9
ho- and OrtibeVrSlK); OelohuronU Niiveiiiber I "'I."r.l;-n,el't "', my
f,,17- KovoulKir 'nut ' Dwlilcr R ; 1 ' S -? ''? X17wt ',i1
licriinil.liirWhry.53S;.Inniiry nnd iVuiturl' ,S o&rW.
May,,5lr,iri,'Wtl I,,,ch' 3 "- A"r" f W.Wf,
Ifew York.
Vkw Yomk A.ftWH2-Ottoi),pots opened
iitilct, liilcd ilrr I-IC lulvuiico nnd otos?,i
ilrni nt rovleiliiiotUonH, In which orillnnrv
and ood orillimry wele further advuewl ,'i
and low liildilllnjr-'Ull, "
Toxns Ordlnnry .,
Ciood tlidlniiry.
Mldillinir I.
Goml Middling..,
MlddlliiR Knlo ....
hales, 1 1S8
. 0J
...10 11-10
" - ...113-10
o exnurli'rs nml am u, u,i,,n.
KtrtUICM OllClll-d hteaV! unm ll irnl ir ulnnilJ
nl uncoil 1 cub: linn cm ililiil call: closed llnh
ill i&il point higher limn .csiorday.
AUKUst,...M io 2-jaui 21
weptcinber m ma i9 ai
Oil out inns
.Novombcr pi nifji'n t
Dccuiiiiicr J id (i 6ao in
.iHiiunry hi pj i u
t,''1"""'!- 10 l(?M0 21
MiOflu ... l) ,1HI III
April ,.. , .; io Jlwm J(l
l'iy , io 5 10 57
Sales 81 (VO.dQlhereil on coutract 2,1(1,
Cotton linn, in t-lcaiOO-H); finnics linn.
yooiv-Qulct Uu'HtWi4VTcXM iiold nt If
Not-Q,uotatlon!fre ror'loc unlsis
oot middling ,...............,.
Hlrlct low mtdillliiB
l.ow'mtdillliii' ,
Hlrlct inoit oiillimry
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.Iuorian.,. ,
May ,...,.
10 ft!
1 1 :i
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,..10 0J
10 III
. 10 "21
io ai
, io ti
io -vs
Now Orlt'unn.
2ew;Orlc-ins, August 2.-lton-m in; inld
illiiiK ItJJ: lnw middling lijft (,'ood ordlnniy
s)i; .net receipts -iv; Cro.)s teeelpts !17 ; o
iiiii l (Jipuf llrlinln a I; cunUhunt icij hales
1)07; i-tocjc on liand 070).
Ailj;iMt,a Spot eotlon
clo'-ud nunj 1-iO lil;hor.
7 S-Ifl
".'".v.v.'.'.'rr.'.v.r.v.'.v.v.v.'. h i mii
..- :t-in
!III- c
-.,.... U16-KJ
opened 5ledy and
L'luslni; iiolutim-
I.ow Ordlnnry,
Ordlnury... ....
Oood Ordlinry......
Low Mlddllna
Ciood Middling..
Sales 000.
Futures opeecd, easy; -ifta points lilslicn
low oidiniiiy o))ootd Metulw olnscd baily
steady; Atnjii'st I points lowcc Hum ji'lIcii
diiy; rioptouibtrr llnres li! points h'glicr
tluu .veHteidti.v.
Clrmioi lirs.
COFFKR AND TKA. ClOni-jtK.- Firm
comiiiDn.yc; ordinary, sUc; rhlr, li)4r, pilmo
llio, Me; fancy, '.'e; CiMiSarnij invfc- old uov
ciniiicnt Jilvi, KSc. 'i'i;A-li)iperfcl, litoiOs
Sno t- A'cry Ilim; l.ouldlnun pure white,
SPCe; oil" white, Uc; yellow olnrlitMl, ii'fos
fanev yo'low claifllcil.U c; oiiou lieitlo mi.
kioh, choice, KUe; (.umdaid A.Vic; Ktandaul
Kraiiutiitcd, 9i ; Louisiana on" urnmilated,
l'c; powdcrod, 10 u, cutl6ni10h.o
MoLAMsr sands vnt'i' Louli'liiiiiua-olrniscs,
pi line lo ehplee, li.j&S.'ic; o i'nii), -t'JK lie.
Kioi: MUiiMiaiin, O'ffa) 'a .
I'isii MniKniel.Kil'i nils, No. 1, Jl ir.; No,
2. 1I.'); hair bbln., No. 1, f7.nc; Mo. 3, tMl.
White lldb, No. l, h'f. bum., tlUl.itf ). J, i-l.'JJ,
Dried hcrrliiK-., per box, -loc. COd flwJi; Pl"o.
HAi.r I'oniHe, lu liiiB, )1.M); Hue la Imiuk.
et i VJe.
UANNt:n noons. Prices nor docn
apples, Hlaiidard.fl.yi; I'oivohoS) xtunda,. -lbH.,
SiAV, a lbs., SJ.'i'J.!y); Heeontl. ' B
Sl.f(i;a R.x..$2,ie:Toumtm. Htandurd,
Absolutely Pure.
?. p!121le,uvo,,, n!,,, A marvel f
purity, ytrvoKth and wliolononioucii. Moo
economical than tho ordlnnry kinds, aid
cannot bo oM In compolltton with tho mm
lltudn or low test, Hhort weight, alum or
phosphate pon dorn. Sold onluin cutis. Kov
ai, Uakino rownKit Co., 11X1 Wall Street, Now
Si lC; er0e" mnoii ft ?c! 8rcou l'tchor, v
1.tuik.s Koinlml, enson M-or. l)or
smn.,-nbavS2l: ntelone nklns.V th KV.IS;
Wilt wfilni, em.li uat'v Kheoppolt.s,neci)rdlnL'
lo tiifrount orwool,80oup- nhcai lings, no
eonllinf to nmmint or wo l, loftttfto ; Mcxlcmi
Kboep reltii, v i lb bguoc; Mexican slieop putts,
lmproed, IlQiiao; Moxlcnii. ulioep HherllngHl
t, , v. Stnplrl)rii5i.
, Imrlc, Ctiitimmoii, per pound, I'lgnoe: Imrlr.
f'eruviiin, per pound. i6j:j Horax per b,
lf)iisll.cibnniii()rioilitTvarli,ilJMi: 0 u
pnrus norm, wsi; cnstoroll pergi I. Ho! i:
? ivr,.i ir rv .v.1. ." . . ".'"
I pound, as4lo;.ilnlk, him,,, jwr pom
? x" !" ?c,'' ' lt y7 ' ,or l'oun.1, '0)W. c
ViticlMi, pr peuvyil, I looi snr rliUa
i i-)t- iii i ai. vn ; trilHI
I (mottled . pc3v,fffli9; cream tiatHr. u. v.. Jr
inn, awl;
. . '."?-.,
lUnto. 1 76flU M, tilorofoim,WV.iOj eomposl-
117011; foiltx, per j'tmiid. sas-. uuiu opluni, per
pound, i 5);xume,-wnphor,mI(ii;U!- morphtuo.
! ox, S.I 71; Jiiihuiu oil, coftlen, i&ffllh
qitStalno, . A W per o 1 nV; quinine, Oer
uiiirt, pr o I fco. qCinlne, Uei niaii', raise, per
OS., X ,0,
u Y?'?"1 enHlr ,Slnunr.ed'H royal pnternt, JIM
V )til.r ncllt( (tt H,! V) Jl 1M tfm. Corn nionl.
Kfioj'iSt. ,v'hi,f'bbrnriekei
Wi(3)UliiCtX lemon urrnm
Minpn. IVitWsiXX, I'JftfllOe;
V ,rl,,.,-
asHorted (nUcsnuii
cDcRJI, ai. yo.U)illtytmd condition. '"""J"1
Powder- IKvait inif, kei
M (; ltlilc. !! li; U.S.. ftK
Hiiot-3i,ly tmek: iiuclt
,-,V?' ,.,!,IV' !.a"! n,w! v t cent. nl Asm,
pnllln'h, Jin1), Mlmiiions'. S.USy.llneldui'ntltV
S'fn; Anus's (tlniveU, dot, 12 Wh IloicJ
Mieis,lierf,joiO; l!ir Iron. 91 (i: steel, 7Ue
hWidlie, Tin l'liito, 8M0 Tnw
i7'e;eieniu oi(n,
". 'U"!Sc; ji,
'iT. . IC; Itlllp. v J ft.
"Mile, Vuitf IDs., JIW
I'liiiiun, siwipiiiTT nnwniP, ini cent, oil::
Cooklni; stov.K, tlnWr,0 0O; Hro jmtiiloliC
Siouxiiiwoo: Collro mills i) -'coiikj ok lloltsr
10 i cent, oif; CiiiTlaue IxiIIh. ft) y t-ont. oil.
3.iS hccoiuis, am., fj.in; , 16s., JJ.60- O
porn, SXlOdii.tt-c clioun pens, iljiv Ooio
lierrleH, si ;.ViU 1); ltaspboirlCH, jl V t'ovo
oyHtew, rail weiKlil, 1 ti. fJ.lS; a K 9i.lt ; light
Mc'itlil. lib,, ah'- ',,. sLv- BBnw l, ITT),.
l. .5l t.7! r,.irll)lnrt. AnierWvki, u r.,i .....,n.
.M i.l oil ....
hales 75
. !) 7.1
tl 7W !) 77
U 7dM II 77
I) 7d .
II 7 & 0 79
. II It)
10 0 &10 01
,. ..10 li(i)lO It
10 VI W I J'l
..fj ;i2io :u
importod, 4.0.U0 e.io; (Straw b.(rrlWH 2. It,., ?lo
llliielslierili-N, M.2. flreim gston, ?l.fto, Con-di-iiMdnillk,
crown, J7.IK), Ungfe, 58.7o;tiwlhs
KUNIMUKS-S ureh. fto. Hoaiv. common
iHciO-riiiun olive. Jfc. enUI4,nni bosc-H,
Ifle; liiilvesi, llle; iiliuriorri, Me. Indtgo.gl.'Ulb:
i!l'.,rJi,J,ryw?'"0 '""u. ( olomiiu'ft iniwinril
3l.l0.!Pi.50d'vun. Mncciironl, linportod, loclb;
American, Sl.-i box, llucKotf, lw hoops
tiiW".?'! WDl1 ouckotB. Ji.3) doien. ihooi m
?1.75f&i.'.l)docu. '
Coming In freely; pileoaningoffctiiSOcSSI.
l'nliitN, OIIh and Viimlilitm .
I,AlNN,porlb-VlilU) lend, 7Me IS; yellow
ochre, ilry, io; bin nl aiiibur In oil, jHe; dry, 7c.
i.iini-t-iii 1,1 iiuiH,,
81a).4i llry Cliiodn,
iikavv nuows- ('onoNS-NelTO-UftVB Kn-
(J.'lll CSlDM,
Gai.Viton, AogiihlA Cotton Hpo quota;
tlonmidviuiue I to day as followm CiidliHiv
uihI good OKliii.u-y .1-1(1, low jnlildlliig ami
in t'UU 1 nir I-1U; low inlddllug ilucllued i-ul
anil middling fair- 'i. '1)icm luhanccs and
leductlous weio caiinyl bv u rovlslon on tho
pitrt f tho cotton och:iugO(, .Mur.iot ulObrd
htoitdy 5lles 1 3 biles.
Ordine.ry (, 1i
Oood ordinary , b
Ijow middling , t.
Middling. vU
Unod niliiiliing,., "!i
Middling Fair i Wt
lOitures opened linn (lt lifglicr; were bnie
ly Meady atM-cond oid; ilrni on t ,lrd and
clo'ctl firm. Uil lilgnr tt-an yesterday 'or
nil oept Jaiiuury, wMoehulosed 'i oil" from
jcsteid.iy. Cloiig.qnoUiUon
Auuust ... ,
Sopteniber j
October .7.
No ember..,.., ...,.....
.In ninn y ., ..
nlfh !'; receipts OOAllH;
cintsmise; mock u,.w.'
St I.imlH.
St. rniuis, AugiiKti Cotton Strong; mliU
dlln. UK; aJoK none; iveelpls 10 sblilpmenU
a-W, hto.k on Iuuul7)t0. ,
0 (!0(3 (17
y r,W) m
I) W 5 9 70
H .Wit'J 01
DfiUiU (II
-:.m wnjH 71
expoitx, 1,210
UII.S l-ollcd UllKfi'ili 111 lililu. T ,.n ;.i
r.iw iiLV; iieatufoot,!) 1.7.1c: iluli.aoftSto nuirit
turpentine, Ox" co.il oil, 2-5 oanos'. llfillimit.
VI J1 M I Pill lllll lllllu ir.n, !
110; fcfiglSU ai; M,Sih); KwUm, U?,-Jn.
per gallon; Kuplon, M cases, Si U); lard oil,
ri., noaWe; Wehlvirgiillii.wJ-.iv ' '
AUvisiti:s 'oiml, iflafaH a per
couch varnish, fl,.';tr(l 00.
' Ciui'aoo, August 'J.Flour--Qlifct and tin-
IMuit Fair ilciuiuul but lower rate: t J 10i
13 liiJCcosh; l;JU75ail3iiAiigUMiJ 1.1 zt Sep.
IjAUl)'. Fnln demand but unBettled nnd
generally lowers S i"?-8S -tO c.inIi, or Au
Hulk Mv-ats Fair demand, iiliort rib, 7 Iff,
I'llOllIKJC. '
Vhkat ftuJet uny lower; 1 mii
ai W)n Anjiuj-t; I "i'l IC'Sepleniber; I Wi
d wJiOetoiHK No -J rd winter 1 i .
foils UuLl; l'i Xi each; 9?H.I')' AugtiBt;
tOivWitepeaiUer. Mito 1S UUo,.cr.
i.l Vb STOCK.
CiucAfiOvAugimt y,-lloos-u-colpu, 1,100:
Ueay l'(U lower; Igbt ll.inr; mixed
6 (.;: heavy flfi .' 7 -; llghiSJ lo.
UA'lTU5-Keclpt,0": goixl prhiiic, Muly;
oth'mlow:eKp.,rlj, S l)ji.K; co"d lochoho
4 0UCtS".
uVt.u-IteeelnlH. 1.108; dull nnd weak
Inferior ttnlr, 3oiv75: good, liO; cln-le,?
160. .
ltaiisiin Clljr.
PotutocB, country i(Ka60ofljurtit; Onions,
now, S3 10 nhl. Tiirnliw, 111,1,0 bu!
"ninn, II. 1. med., bbls., iH(&r,i;lunu Ilniii,
r4W, unull buiier, 4f)c; bavo. Wa7e
I'lclcloj. )in-dlum,$0'H(if0') V U'titr, linli-bbl
Si 'or S ; Vim feet, l:ltH,,St CO; elder, half bbl.,
Retail Vinegar, apple, iiSlo Wgal.;puie
wine, 6c; lVa, gi 11, dried, y rt, t,vjC; bliiclc
cycd.fi.; IViulies.rililftdifiKe; Ajpt"H, dried,
Ka) c; Ciibliiwo..1c; llaol.'llorrioti ftK$73o pel
gat.; I'lunis Bic.fl"eier gnh; WKermeloiw 15
('; CanteJopcK )(Ki(lH; Apples akg)76e puri
bushel box; ToiiuuoohSOu,
IfAY Now eounln looio Jrom wagon,
J.ilOtfeooo per ton; Corn, countoy, We; 1 nu,
eouiitiy,2)a: lluiu, 7,5. pur iOJ; Chops, f 1 7)
perl 0. Hurley, ):.
AleatH and Lard.
Mi!ATHtorig Hugar ourod haium. He; I!a
con, paciiul, bleak fkHt baoou, MUc; liori;c)ea
U)i; long clear, tys; Unlit JiKatx, ached,
short ory will, OKo.
I.AHD Kt'oint Ilcices, lOllilf. bblK., IDlic;
M , Htm, mice; i-t lb Huh, IliJiif; 10 tb linn, Jo,c;
6K)tln,10;e;3lt, tliiK, lo.f '
' ...... 1
Itntter aiid'Olit-rno,
miTTKii-roiinlry. lbiOc; "Wi-Htorn dulry,
22Uc; fancy dalrj-, i7lo; cooking butter, loej
butterlne, H'c.
(!iii;csk Fiat ftuiUiry, lc; Now York
factory, llJio; fiUl.cream, I60; Hweltzor, a')(o
Kc. ...,,....,
1'uullry and Kggit,
1'ODi.Tiiv Heiut, SJ (XVMl 25 per ilomn;
roost, in, ll Wp2 OOj half grown, chicken,
SI W2 no, Turkey, UeOJK Oeeno, S3 M
S do; Duckx, fJ tmi ft
Koos 1'er dUA.n, lla.
- ji.-.
"WlUSKY Keotlfledtl 100150, as per proof;
hour iiiaHli, one year old, 1 n) two yearn old:
timrt iWiieo yeinw old ti 60(32 75; fane
uxtiaold wiiUl'y ?ldtr.
WiNiW-t'laraU CAie.TJ'finlOOO. ns poniuo.1
Ity; C&luwba, pergttllon, !)031 !f I'oit.fl
I M; Mian-y, pu k1, JlaoS0O; MavliUn.
per gl tl iri ir, White wine, fn cax,
U oosjio .
filAMl'AOJfK O. II. Mumro A Co., Ti'alra
DrM, 4M Jfl, W 00; Jl 2.dlek, In bahkes fin WsW
astxi, ICrug, iu bevskot,? W&,'MJi I uuiohUc
Ohaiilliaene, T UV9IIIU.
Al,K-jtock Ale, per doz.,2 00? JJj. lorler,
per ilor.., 093 M.
r.orr 1.1:0 Iliuti Hl.louls oiiavti. Els no; ots.
5 J1 2 60; Ilu&welber, own cle, t& U; pfntu'
,ail i.r-'.ntiur ncer, qparu, siaui; puiiB
111 &); Hcidlt Milwaukee, ijuarUm&O; pints
$13 tn Uiib Punch I3 00
AlUJttSt 2. WlIKAT-QUlOl
cdMi; &y rciiicuHwr.
j. ei:ii;
KA)"lA- 1 1 . ,
Vi, JrcdwKi'nOS
fokx I,owcr; 3i KJ.8S
.lUKl-tl uciuuci.
CATn.E-UeiielpiK "2,X) market steady;
good native vti-urii of 110) jKiimils, j n ,
CtockerH mul fe-der, .1751 (0. cow, V OXtf
&;,: Vox leew, ;17(0IW. , ,
lloos.-ltl'e1t,, none: market qulot; 11a.
tlv'sof8 pnund,am,
Hoo-HlceU'tl'; louer nnd woakjiu)
;,?J,,vr,c '-.'"ft L'i"Hfy. M."7.",uoiy,7B-.i
(IK-. Atlanta, 1-1 7.
finK liadw.v Ci,-rios-s-pplton lt.t-l,7J:;
'hingor M,0: itaS(i.,; Uodiord' K., Ski
IiLusPciipurelll.JiC. ni,ioiiii'iiCiirK,ps-;.vetOOdayK-r,oiiR.!!lo
M. WLan,wr:M,a UlackxtonoiV. V 4-1, OS
Cabol l.l.ft lln -t f-74-.'Hl':M)iir..v..i.c.uei "-
niiiM.s-Hliink aad lirownnmii.' i,,,,""
IjiioHlnrSon., 11;
AVooI, llld4, V.tq,
ViMXii-Medium, according to grado.qual fy
und oondii Ion, a to ii'.c: inn uccordtiurio,
aridp.iiiuility nnd cihUIIoii, 15 to -.. e. rv
a-cardlne tonrudeiiuatltv and eondlll.on. IV
tOKr; Mrxleail 1OpfOVtid. Iiccoidllllu ,nd
quail y and condition. 11 to IB; Muuleuil, uo-
eoiniiig 10 isrujie, quality aim u,iiiihioii. iu
to II; burry, IM, according ( amount of
burrx. ...
HiDKS-.No. 1, heavy Mint, iry V ft I'e; No.
", heavy hint, dry, V lb He. !.o. 1, light Hint,
V n)l(V;No,a, Unlit Hint, T,tti Oe; Jnuliy d)n.
nteri, sr, 6c; fulteu liae,i 2? lfs; dry eatted,
:., CA.V ,
jyn . . bL&&B4l&&4i
. . nniitfiiM iiiw w mi wimi mini 1 w in 1 mini .. " -ship. mMHummwmwzmtmammtMBBammmmiGasxarnxij
ffitMianmf"r aaBflBMilBllmffffimffirMWf
ilB Willi flit .,, jmamSSSKlMfKWw&mmW -- -
li liWllPPi '"wr.EFTi"w '" ?ftJ-Ml '"
O iillOWN lllKUtH-
lirand 10 o 111. '
Tiokino onr.ti-eigold medal, HUlKh
gor fancy Ktrlpe No. l.'JlJAUiiiegiii A) L
blM; Tliornd) J;e, '.
f 11 uvio rw Adriatic, UW. American, UV
lliiKtouH,7tob'!j; Apron ohcel-.n,i.to
Iticicoiiv Hiiiii'R-lIftinllioiij bliio
black, I ',.(: Hock liter, 0W-
I'liiMH (liirl tM,uJtHiiaKiteH, x (jlM,
Dovon dnikH ntyles, loftil'-; lCarloiUoiii. ;
t'onoN Dnetrt (looiw Ulbego, fie; Alp-cv
liiHiers tii!(iii)e; llrtnadeHi 7Ke, Lueo hmit
Iiiks.tX.IH, liftlO'Aa '
.til.AMC 'is 'addle lilankotM, S7.00i5.
(to'-Igiey bluiilietKSS.a),.), afi,4fcVic 0a
Hbllo lilinlJutH, 2.i), it.00, 1.00.3 i2.i) cielit
S(inrletbianIO!tH,f7.0i, n.oocbiv.no each) CiUI
(lAnhi blaiikuts. sum 7Ji'412.6) racbi bllvce
grlv..liiiilcoU, ftJ.aj,a.7fiii1Jil eaeli; hip lobe-f
flrnrbory, Fiiinltitr.t and (llaso.
FnriiHuro llcadnteads, Imitation wnlnnt,
cneli.S 4(nl);ull wilinitiifrt)J5iiiB0;CJinli
wood Heat, Mdi ., Jl73(j.7-Ufl eauo nlld.iiUUm
Kcnt,8 0000; eanoHQHt.ilhiiiii;, jiioKOooi
CblldKiind io'-ko'K,S8(K)(f."i(i; ja-go it)klng, t
SJOirw.l 00; camp and lockurx, eaeli.. (I 7fl.,y A
JM; Mlrmrs, nieb uw, v doa, SUnKH'JMt
i'aiilus louild, Maoail-ii; ll loafi fi-VKtrtW; '
HafeH, eaeli, ?(V70o; llureaiw, ?il (O'lUlOi;
wiihh btuiulu, el Hty'tOr. Ix-il KprlnH.M '2Vj-rW);
Unity Cm rlnuea, U rtla)
CincKerv W O leuK,;,! dor-, SliOOirublO; W U
plnlcs, h cSI Ot); V M dUlie-), ii WniHlK W ii
bakers, SliKMlPO; W (1 plUiliorn, 4JW98X;-:
oweru and baHlni, ill MrK'6(; WO bow.t,.
I JWITH; iibMii lei)riifnft, Kn tfh$7! i".
(llHHiwnru Lafoi) ihliuntiy, .Vo, 0, crimp,
lop, lido., 40 : No. I, ciliup top, vidi,., IV;;
No 2, ct Imp top, fl do.,mM Aigaud, dor.,,
IA-; CIi)blln, 'nittix., lVMt$Uy, Tllliil)ltix
ilur. , NHU'iC-, llai tuintilWK, V dil HTstitl (w;
Omdyjdri), tj.lOOttl no- Lanips, NCOnl200
1.V.1111V11 (tough lumber boxing, l&lniuin:
und umler, llrbtelnsx, 510; h ilpjitng '-Nl,tl-
boxing and Hoofing, clear, ti ', I Inn)-, uleao..
Ikaiidl ,Sii; loiiuu luiulinr. hecond. oliusi'
S)t;JolHi uiidrieanliliig, c.ullh.ili).
Siiii.no Find .oininon while plnn, j;taW;
Mviimt d t, ih third ilo.Si')Hioplnr,47 fi ; oa
th o pine ; tii 0; do H.tsiA natlvu rnnli,MK.
l)iubi.i) I.t'M 111:11 I loxtng lUluelieH unit
under. S I O f.Cdl Oi-. do Uxi. S I i,til' i'Or
xcaiilltng. Jul it- or uuy uommoiii liuiiboiv
nji maai ;; ooxiug over, 11 iucnes,ii.ou
Hi 00; iiiielt uIoho1, l', totUnnd a,-'i UiQta no
Hceoiid clash, any Kli)d,SlU.t4Xil w.
l)iu:-vSKi) AMD MA'niuun F.t.oumf,-I'lrHU.
ClliRX, S (t, e(4)lld elHM, "AI.
WlllTKl'lNK FuttlIMllM LUJinnilr-lti, ljj,
and "Z Inch while pne, 470: 1 Innli do,,),
Ulill.IMI llKADKI) OH V LAIN llt-tv O'im
inon white tilne, K, Haffl. .irdo, Sl;Rd do, W"u
implnr, , VrJK jmplar, , f W, native plno,,
rori.Ait itUMiihii. J4, I-.J, ninn- men, j
do I Inch, V'. . , '
Hiunoj.I.s Whllt, pIuoA,1;d4lliiulod A..,
Sl.tfi, doextra.No.ti jfViO; ryiiliJm ben nv
Inniiul, &; do No. a ft 60; do NpJl, Wm natlvo.
Picirt-TS. Whrto pine, drersil and m-ndiwH -animroiir
Hat, f I; yellow pliu-dii, 6.1; lath. . ,
1 ir, riMihrr, Km. -LIiiuj, Aiibiln, 3i
per bbl, CcmiiAl, Loiilslll4,nr. llob0imlei
per bbl,; 1'orl'M.ud. V perhhi jlnUirX,,w:v
Now York or Mli blgim. ' per bbl. -
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K.wJillcry and SJ-AnifiH..
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