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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 01, 1883, Image 4

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will lie pioperly compensated
All communications humidcd for public
lion must honecnmpniiled hy lliu writers
mime mil mldrcm not lor publication hut us
n rvhlcnronfKood faith
AriilriH letters nml cnnimuiitcftllons or
rvcry character lo
Kurt Woith Texas
lniK Is a great country Alaska It
it solid chunk of lee nud Klorhla it par
adise of orange blossoms and alliga
Jin IimVnm Knott the Demo
ci alio governor of Kentucky has pie
sciitcd President Arthur an elegant
lulling rod This Is it suave way of
hinting nt ISVj
Tin Coleman county feneeciitters
might Iiiivi liiul gallantry enough to
have let Mis Days wire lence alone
She may bo ileh but she Is a woman
and that ought to go a long ways u lib
true men
hiki ho state the penitentiary
iiiiiimgcmenl seems to bo gradually
accumulating a cash balance His
not a largo one but enough to show
that tho penitentiary hoard Is apply
ing economy and a tbilfty policy to its
handling of convict labor
Tjiouoir miiula bus never been
biiideiied with the expenses of war on
its own hook it carries thu bugost
iinllonnl debt In pioportlon to populn
lion or nny eountiy In tho world If
a nattonaldcbtlsiinatloiiiil blessing
the Canucks mo In an ecstatic Mate of
11 It is expected that the ensuing
congiesswill legislate he standard
sliver dollar out of existence then the
holders of such expcclnlions aic pretty
ceitnln to be disappointed Tho Dem
ocratic party nuido the slverdollar and
has never hud utilise to hu ashamed or
lis eieallon This trado dollar tho
Itepubllenn pailys htslnid Is thooiily
thing to feel disgraced about
Wilrrx Tom i > hlltreogot to nlvcs
ton tho hand played Hail to tho
chief And tho icdhended ranger
icceived the devoirs of his admiring
constituent with graceful complacen
cy What Hoi Gov Hill Storritl
think of substituting tho name of
Ochlllrco for Ihecity beside tbeseaV
It Iniiks on TO more than anybody
oho In this wide wide woild
Tun Ilouslou Ago recalls Jtepiu
seiilatlvclohn Hnncocks haul pay
vote when In
congicss several years
ago 4et Iiygonc be bygimes Ulu
DniI This is a year of fmglvcuess
alid reconciliation In Texas Ifitnmii
miidon eriiironce ilnul keep it stand
ing chmged against him especially If
If he has achieved enough ol useful
ncstoinous than counterbahinco his
IKitiiAih If a dlstiiigulshed medi
cal gentleman whoso nnmu com
mences with It had been appointed
by tioveruor Ireland to a ccitain po
tlon connected with state health af
fairs tho Statesman Mould boablo to
view tho governor through vosccolor
cd spectacles rather thai green Wo
dont wish to ho unjust to tliu States
man but memories of some old cpi
odes will wiim up as we lend Its fre
quent hard at
hits tho governor
fov lumANDdld his whole duty
by tho statu when the Louisville expo
sltlon was pending butthelcgHntiuo
tniiibbedhlm lio pocketed the snub
and wllldohlswholedulyagalii when
tho extra session meets In iccominend
iug steps for representation at the cot
ton centennial and worlil s exposition
at Vow Orleans Jf h0 s snubbed
agnln It will boa cold day when some
of tho o legislators get back to Austin
as law makers at least
Ont esteoiucd contemporary fu
Waco Kxwinlncr ought not to oHM
cloo tho jA irrrBH sermons with
out reading tin text Tho Iazititi
provokes no man bears no miillee en
vies no ono but It never turns tho
other cheek Jlfo Is tooshoit to Wisto
In envy of our esteemed conletnpo
niry but wo are never In such it hurry
that wo cantstop o lilt back The
< iAZirrri mensures o otheia as othem
nieastnotoltnoiuoiv unless That
courtesy othem show to iw that courte
sy wo show to them
Tut Kroethlnkors hrtheir coiiven
Mount Waco last Suiiduy aiipum to
l vo been more conservative amf dig
HilledJn their ultccances m wlan
tlonsthuiisonio othergniheilugs
of it
hlmllar nature In a country like this
j tV
3ltiiJ4 i Jtdi
there In no Heed Hint any wan should
complain of ubrldcincnt of his right
mill prlvllego to think Jtiit whnt hu
len c about religion There nro fn
unties and malcontents religious itnet
Irreligious but they nro not numerous
mid the constitution of the hind sup
plemented by the commonsense and
fairplay of the pcnplo will always se
cure till the lollglous liberty needed by
nny man or wmiinii
AViiiin PotiniwterGcnernl Greshnm
moves ngalnu tho patrons of tho lot
tery ho will have tiiken n long step
forward In the right dlicetlon and all
good cltlicus will bid good speed In his
effort to break up the Iniquitous thing
which robs without mercy Its dupes In
all partHof tho country Having for
bidden the use of tho malls to tho lot
tery companies he now Intends to pro
ceed against the patrons of the lot
teries It seems that tho law against
lotteries has a jicnal clause attached to
It Imposing a line of fiom one hundred
to live bundled dollars upon anyone
who knowingly deposits or sends by
mall tiny letter or chculnipertaining
to lotteries Mr Qreshani holds Hint
n letter asking for lottery tickets is tt
violation of this law and that anyone
coriexpondlng with tho lottery com
panies on the subject ol the lotteiy Is
equally subject with the company to
Its penalties
tl thn lieiuoorals elect marlll mini for
npoikcrnud declare ngalnslu liulll In tliu
national plulform noUyrar what Mill the
people kiyv fort Worth < Iaii tv
Now ymi liuioRtiiirlc It Hut the iiiitlonnl
plulform next > ear will nut decline ngaliist n
tm111 iinilthcn what will tliofl Amri do
Is the < SAiruso bllndoj by Its taclrwlu
In mlaclio thai It has forgotten thai neither
the lumo ratle imitynor nny other parly
lumcvcrycl declined ngalnsi u customs tnr
ltl Him Antonio lxi > rps
Do not heg tho intention Suppose
itandnll Is elected speaker nud in 1SSI
the national platform demandsa tarill
for revenue only and nominates a can
didate In sympathy wllh Its deninnd
what will tlio people say Of coiirse
If the Express knows that tho Dminc
raey will practice ono thing in con
gross piofess another thing in a
presidential election that settles It
and wucan only wait the defeat that
has conio with quadrennial regularity
fromjust such mistakes as Grant
calls them When I ho Democratic
party is bravuenough to deinoiistrato
tho courago of its convictions we mav
expect success and not before
Our Presiding Grace
Tho American people are just begin
ning to have their eyes opened to thu
tiue value of ibcif president His va
iled aecompllbhmeiits hitherto mod
estly concealed from public knowledge
aro beginning to get noKed abroad
and wu aio JtiMlJled In feeling real
proud of it
nan who can unite tho
the heels of tho decision in the civil
rights cases Isjust too imich lo Maud
We dont object to the mules being
well emed for only ItlcmlmU s
that thu Itopubllcan
pnty never
gushes over anything hut n nigger
and a mule or something of the kind
This illcounts for thu fact that the
giaml old
paity lmy always
tho victim orthei unrequited love
only an dibit to keep their
K lfaf
thu mind of that party these luilnitls
are always uppermost and Inseparably
connected Tho parly originated
in a fanatical love for ho nigger
After the war the government coii
tractors uftcr burying all the dead
soldiers they could iltitl placed grave
stones over the dead
ment mules and dtew heir
pay for tho same Then they
promised each nigger forty acres and
a mule
> rcourse the country understands
that tho party want all f their old
mules well eared for as long as they
live This was seen In thu eltoit to
pension Qmnl and the iato omor
Too Much Strict Construction
Tho lloliston Age discussing the
question of an appropriation by tho
legislature to hnvo Texas represented
nt the Xew Orleans oxpoMUoti quotes
n cniistllullonnl provision as follows
The legislature shall not have the
right to levy taxes or linposo burdens
upon the people except to raise rove
nuostlDlcleiit for tho economical ad
ministration of tliu statu government
And then the Ago proceeds to say
Tho Ako In not neither la loerjiorliplini
thn lieepcrof the eomelcneu of nny incmlir
of tlmlcgliilntuic lint enoh member swenrs
to support the constitution nml It rciiilrrs
noveiy strht itinatmctlun of that Instru
nif nt to kco Hint nMile tonpproprlnto inoiifj
eollected fiom thopoiplc hy the titxRittlicr
nrs to pay lor the exhibit olTcxns proiluct
nt Now Orleans l it vole ngiitnH conselcnce
Will tho Ago kindly explain how 11
Is that a legislature subsequent to the
adoption oftho eoiistittillon of which
theabovoisu part eMnblMieda high
court the commission of appeals not
provided for in the Judiciary article
That com t was declared by many per
sons to be unconstitutional but the
supreme court decided that It was not
hut perhaps this additional tribunal
was ivenliul to the economic minim
is ration of the state government Jt
was certainly needed In the adminis
tration of Justice and law and wo will
let It paw Uhero aro other fea
tures of expense however now al
lowed by litigations every year mid
not Incident to the administration of
tho stale government that should not
pas muster witli tho strict construc
tionists How about the money small
amount as It is appropriated fur the
llsh commissioner tho gentleman who
looks after tho distribution of the ter
mini carp V And how aboveall things
ole about that ST000 impropriated at
the last session to purcha e those sets
of works published by the Southern
hMoriiil society and the WOOOOfor
the purchase of tho Allium These
aro not largo matters we grant ami
one and all they aro worthy measiites
especially tho Alamo purchase But
they certainly go to show Mint the
rutnbaga constitution Ironclad and
i wonderful Instrument that it is lias
yet at times been found ami
malleable enough to be stretched or
welded to meet tho views of legislators
who may be fairly presumed to have
had at least sonic degree of conscience
moral and political Did the Age
and thu strict constructionists pro
test when these iiiea ures we
have cited were inaugurated
And has tho supreme court
ever declined these extra appropria
tions in no wie connected or even
germane to the economic administra
tion of the
state government uneoi
stitutlonnl Common sense the needs
of Mic time anil a nphlt of progress n
endored them The most eminent
graces of the highly linlsbed gentle j exiiounde of law
nan will thedlguityoftbecblef magnil declared that constitutions arc ot
Istratoofa mighty nation One of his Intended to hamper tho
whilom potcompanlons who before
Coupling took It into his head to hum
ble John Shciinun by elevating the
Intelydlsinissedpoit collector of Xew
York to the vleeprosldencv was
progress o
slate or people In tho path that leuls
to advanced civilisation or eullghtdi
nieiit always piovided that tho ln
payers mo not subjected to unnecessary
or severe burdeiis in instituting essoi
nlJmJ TlvVl Vh i i ° ° Bt yia venense
gives the publh Ww lf tllu ttlmiUnh of l
HIs civ
inost adviuierd
natuie of his accpKhmets KS iV W
presideni says he
a long time ago
when only collector of the port of New
Yoik was ono of the mot favored am
uxpert pupils at tho hnuo school of
Debson ilros In Xew Vo rl Hut Rt
mo give you a pointer Mr Aithiir is ti
Ho took lessons when I was at school
at Leonards
Mr Aithur was a
scholar for tbreequaitcrs In Umt
tlnio he learned he various steps and
twists mid turns completely nud when
lessons were over frequently out
danced home of the best hands in the
plo to set on foot theso great industrial
and scientlllcexhlbitiousaud displays
such us we have witnessed atlhilad cl
phla Atlanta Denver mid Louisville
within less than decade
a and such as
the exposition at New Orleans will un
doubtedly be The QAZirriiiconfcssi s
to an earnest desire to see a Texas ex
hibit ofllistclass merit and extent U
New Orleans next year And we hold
that It Is the right and the duty of tie
ItBlsliitmc to provide by an ailequao
but not cxtravagnuh appropriation
for such an exhibit
The amount
needed will bo but a btgatelle
This Govornmcnt Mule red with lie resultant returns or the
Lot this mule bu kept and well I expenditure Thegovernorlseredtted
eaicdfor as long as he lives is tlm with having some conception of tho
latcstgushing order emanating nom Dal spirit and Ihnilations of the eon
tho war dopnitiuent Tills light on mllon He dcsiied mi
tion for tho Louisville exposition and
lie will urge thu propriety orrcpresent
utloii at the cost of thu state ittNeiv
Oi leans it is our belief nml hope that
ho will have the cooperation of nil
men who have the progress and tie
velopmcnt of Texas at heart The
lAzum will certainly tako e tre that
the subject Is not permitted tolan
hopes that the Age too
e suggest that thu
g vernmeit bu y
this inulo a Texas ranch of ten thou
sand acres supply im with a couple
> r government tent government
hlankels a kettle
camp mid body ser
vants as long Us ho lives vml
when he Is gathoicd into his fathers
will see Its way clear to a mote llbe
OOiii dons
Drunk until ho could drink no nmrps
IVII ilntin upon tho binooui tluoiiiv
fell mid
made his head iiiltoort
IVII till o vmbi inn iioliirps
Kays he will ilo so no morps
Hut will Join
tho temperance Corp
Manv Bodon women have husband
to support
telephone is now used exeu i
sltcly III tho
Somi Illinois coTkgo students me
nudMlk hose
a 7oiith of St
nn electric watch
IT WiDlli be uTriilbmt
UHlc AKt lltcrVlcw ClwUlimju
J oo to Join niypatientvKaldlhu
KHsl old
doctji iis he passed
1 > niiv ami ji Tidric clubs
STVonnoiinritnM every week In
Texas This tiling Is becoming n monoid
lioumsfeitcpiultlnjr <
An Kxetor X If lmly recently re
ceived n letter which was iiiallcil In AVnsh
ton four yours nml nine months nsu
Tin CourierJournal tells of ii dog
In c iimlno county Kentucky Hint crows
In Imitation ofaroOfter every tlnio ho licnrs
Tirinti Is n silver lining to every
ilontl II Is repotted tlintKM ratnlntc hits
abandoned hlscantcmplnted trump tliroiiKh
Texas i irrylli tho ling
Tin Tyler Democrat predicts that
inch 1aqiis will icl tho Judgeship Too
much rennoit to fonr the Democrats n true
Pinphct mines tho pity
lAMlis IIooax eighteen yeais old j
of Nowcnstle ln didnt know It was loaded i
but the Imll from the old pltot hilled thu six
year old boy nt whom he pointed It
+ I
Km mouths ugo there was hatdly I
a nit to be seen la Winnipeg They inhcr
tl l r r Icllnisund they huM thent like
unto tho times when tho ain hoptiers oor
I on the West
Tin latent invention to torture the
public and protect stnot rnllnuy rompnlilc
On paper China linsau army of SIR
on mrii In reality her nelltrmod and
piopiily disciplined troops number only
nbmil liOOU ieryiClilncsu ollleer Is le
iinlicd lolmnii athlete
Tin wife of an Ohio man isnt linl
so pretty its she wns uctorc he eaicUiily lelt
two pounds of pouderon the kitchen table
lie lrlc to soothe her by telling her that
powdui It only skin deep
Tin shoemakers of San Iranclsco
IOC In number have otKiuilcd themselves
Inton Duller Democratic club to work lor
lleujninlus noiiilniillon by thn Doimicracy
lor prenldcnt Jhis Is tho llrst ehib mulls
llktly to be thenhoniakers last
Jt is said the word masher was
Introdiiiid Into thin country by lrl h iniml
KranlK It helm derived Irom tho Incite
mnlse pronouneed masliei nml fclKiilfyliiK j
line liaiidsoiue and was orlKlnally upplled
liideiislou to a daaily whoo led Indies
Tm grand worthy secretuiyiepmts
IhollooilTempliirsln Maine In n llourlshliu
condition Tlic order now hns In thu statu
annul 1S0Xlire nunibeis mid JIUOil on Its
recoidx ln > lodires The next annual se <
slon will be hclil nt linnnor In April lssl
At coiiiuni to a birdfancier of llar
rlsliurg ln nodi formed pigeons me eer
lnuiiilitcplthose maimed hyiiRiin Tho
reason IiokIvcs forthe laclls llintns soon nt
tho eisiiru hnlchednnd a deformed siiuab
puis lu its appearance the old birds kill It
Daviii Adams sixtylive died in
Washington county N V It Is aliened that
hostmvcdto death Klliecu thoiiband dol
InisInsecurities weie found hidden In tho
house nml his lelatlvcs nro IooIcIiik foriw
OOOmoto Ills wlfuslsned todcnlh ten years
Tin editor of the HUlsboio Mirror
has been suiiimoned tow oik the road Wbnt
Isto become or the boasted usefulness or tho
press f tiH practlio Is kept up The Idea of
n Texas editor puttlm hi his time working
tho roailH when Urn miat iiuestion of tliu
sieakcrshlp election Istu bo settled yet
Tmiu Is n story abroad Mint Mme
Nllsson will soon marry nu Amuilcaii mer
ibnnt Her last hualjuid wn a business
manand Iftho nindim mimics nifliln says
tho XenVink World her choice will tin nil
iitliiblcaiipreclAthe Amcilcmi Journatl > a
man who doesnt know what It Is to spemj
other peoples moiiej
Tin Washington Capital gives tho
follow Iiik in n Buuiinaiy or tho bcuellts from
hot ttnter thinking It Isim Insldo lmtb
II illssuluH Ihe nbnormal crysuillluo sub
staiHcs piovenllnaeoiighii neiinilahi rlnit
iimtlsin nntlKotit Xeiesfciry to hate Ihe
hot water In tho stomach heruro meals l > c
It to wash down tho bile slime yeast and
wastenml lmve slomieli Iresh and clean tor
inllnjr 11 juomotes illmliiatlon
Ax exchange having said that Miss
llennle Jones mminslnsedllor of thothcns
tllhlol Jntirunl Is Ihe prettiest wittiest and
bilKhtcst Deinocratlo editor Hint nut bo
construction of nn Instrunient that has Kmf f
too otei le an obstacles the Z Z Z
Interests o Texas and Tcxitns ii ul a beinnisbo1 And tl i wnow his
UniY Joxi > ofThomiisons corps
Ihilend tlnoiich ihe hirmoiii
abirInnn cT 1 t ° °
ittinnels has a Chinese laundrviiiaii
hisVweek 01ny 1mlJts llli f0 °
foKea 1
Tho Bit
it are I v l t nine
SMtbnMAMani AI PtunH betwe
j and Kemp were cut Thineen
rJl > S fc
tllo1 VXoney I
Sixtyfour Germans nrrlved it Uren
lmm Inst Sunday to settle in the
Dcnison was lelt
early Kildny nlghl
not work
llio gits would
An ollhrt is being nuulo wm ros
liects of success to endow Hi vlo
Tho pecan cro about Orahain Is
plentiful and the citizens gather them
The contract has been signed for tho
new school house as Albany which U
io cos i t > Hi
llnlrd > yunts another lumber yard
Ihe growing trado of that thriving
demands bLast
own it
Last week il 0 head of beef cattle
were s lipped from Tom Gieen county
to I iustern niarkets
Several largo herds of btilliilo have
been seen lccently on Spring oieck in
Tom Ureen county
The ieo company of JJreuhnhi nro
noiu tho dlshonovty of their loiiilueiori Is a j talking about it ddi ig ii poHr picker
reiilsterlni turn utile which Is belus testid to thu establishment
on rhlhtdclphln earn
A number of theatrical coniiiaiiies
have cancelled then ciigamments to
play in aiiiesvllle alleging that the
audiences me too small
In the Liberal convention at Waco
one speaker sulil lie was not afraid of
anything God mini or the devil mid
did not want hlschildien tobe
Mrs Jellersen widow of the late
John L Jelleison has removed from
her old home tt Lipan Springs ami
will aside
perinnneatly in Seguln
A llio Gordonsvlllo last Sunday
night destroyed Criiinii A McAfees
drug store Saltier fc Co s storage
house and Ban Smiths blackmltli
Mr ii lay of Camp county is
loHiiilboiwtenthoilslni tliochainpioii
uud tho sctthiis ol I heavyweight man Jle
lluuiin tho icnlor editor of tho Memphis I nought Into Iittsbtirg a few duys ngo
Sclmllar whoso Junior Is M s llnttle A I nil sold It bale of cotton weighingJll
lnul ilseslo icmark that thoSclniltitr Is j lOUllds
publlslied between the tlslnunnil the scttlns
Jfr BinInn v n i
of tho kiiiiiinil Hint lis iimiingliur editor KII nilll Who
bu SunrfW M ° i
lsnpo o nd T
h s oftho copiffntom e Kh iM lu rT 1 1 0
1 a 1 ore o t
icunli ones len l Marlon and do TKce Is
lent her In tho content Tor tlioiliatnplonsil irrivt
astoaiiyofilioimllilcsiiniiicd ThiiUciml1 Iht Addllun college has forbidden
will bmk Its Judgment and therefore ll KMs lo wear hooiis or ban s The
Miss llcnnlo Jones luickers niiisi either put notleo to that ed ect publislied in tho
upoi shut up college paper Is certainly in very bail
i taste in eboicu of words
u hat do the
communistic organs I T J T > Jnl n r w i
y w ieii < ocnitiK Hunt n m nty idnnted
Palls and oUie counl os ere J i l ° l 1lI r u i peanuts this
opinions of siun Inwlessnes
At the Coleman
county meeting nu
agreement was made that no moru
tenees should bo cut for iirteen days
nun no huge pastures enclosed until
after the meeting oftho legislature
Mr Joo Bule near Anson in Jones
enmity nindu rty bushels of corn to
tlieaore this year Tiesoll was good
ait there Is more in thu man than
thero Is In the land says thu Texas
V estern
The llrst ear on tho Central set
xd for colored traveleis
t Sherman Sunday Tiic coach was
lirsclass just such ns used for the
wilUv II wns well lllled with col
oi ed tourists
een Kaufman
rsday night
ntwtuln l by Miss ilxie who
wth nuisicon thepinuo
> V
Sp ooi ki i k S Jlk <
A lot 1ms been purchased near Tem
ple and a city cemetery will soon bo
recalls aro coining ilo Brownwood
ipilto freely and selling nt SI pe
Tho JCpiscopalinns of Gralmni aro
arrniigeiuents Io build iiiooo
ehtirch In that place
A man under a plug hnt
profound senatlon on the
Conianclio the other day
created n
stieels of
The small grain crop In tJrayson
county now planted is Imgcly in ex
cess any previous year
Brownwood now 1ms n glass front
drug slorc and will soon have another
building with a glass front
Tho Abilene postmasters baby look
the llrst premium at the Austin fair as
the handsomest in the state
Somervell county shows an Jn
crease of a0iMW In assessments over
last year Little but proijicrous
Vm0J 1n t11 < > f Sherman cousin
< 1
of ODoiinclI thoshiyer of Carey has
raised JoO oward the defense fund
leiico eiittlng troubles In Jirown
county Itseemsareiiboutended Thero
have been no fences cut for some time
The school at Graham Is so larire
that an additional building will be se
cured and another tother employed
Dad Cranston ofTom Green county
killed tlilryelght ducks with hot
barrels of his shotgun Inst Thuivsduv
Burnet Is
will 1 re
t0 lh oorporateil and
Into Its
reinu old title of J5uzard
wn when tho new mayor conies
Threefourths or Mm cotton crop of
county has been gathered
jvhllo several larmers near Xavasotu
have linlsbed picking entirely
A Illie omble a sixteenyearold
boy at Sau Antonio was sentenced
hist week to two years In the peniten
tiary for thett
During October oightyolght build
ings nermlts were issued in San An
Wh vallJe11 < i tlng
Diulngtlie late rainy spell Mr Mo
L li ey was > thirteen dnyt going from
Abilene to 1ortCliadbourne a distance
ol fortysix miles
The Sabine pasture formerly owned
iv irmik Houston and Mr Joe
Jturtb pasture fences near Terrell
were cut the other night
Ionnnt tikn
Wnen v
tHoulyeUi i
nlu alt iT CijLj
dwlcilltlon S5K
Reporter is nj > tfl V
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