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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 01, 1883, Image 6

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XlitirTiirtti oitJe f
mt < isTV llnlw lw
wh iBnzxn
Onln > nnl IrotlnnSoroml utrcot l > o
HniMtoii m l Tlirurhmnrtoii In
ir il nt tlio lnstolllce a roinlcla
Arrlyo Lnnve
North bound J01 > P
Boutli bound Si W m <
Vrftt hnuml V > ln i
K tVKer miX tfMvm 2w5
WcM KI0PW U > lllil
K bound via W r
mmli a miiimiii J2ftin fT i
West 12xccplBuiiuiy ISinm < J piu
North bound 7W W
Boutli hound lillp m
Arrl > e ICHV0
NW OrleftM Mouitun A
OnlvcMon Ihlip m JUUft in
Jjimputt cicbuno
Ttlliplo w P 11 A 1
To Iolcplioulc Callers
Putties who desire to coriiiiHiiilcalc
with thu flAzmT idltoilil rooms
please cull No lai
Tins DiiUns Kobbury
The negro women who weio arrested
InstHutnluy night by ollleopi Cokor
nnd Beotl on ho charge of robbing u
r H soldier of SX > In ii liousuof pros
titution In Dallas Wero loleascd lues
dny on account of the olllclnls nt Dnl
In not acting In thu mutter nnd there
being no cvldcneo upon which to hold
tlipm Iiito Ycstotdny Hliuilfl Mnil
dox received through tho mnll a war
rant for the nrrcbt of Hello Clunks
who Ih charged us being tho principal
In tho rohliiry and Manila Itoblitfeon
hoth or whom nro negroes nml hIho for
u whitcmuii mimed ltosu who Ih eup
posed to know Honiethlng nhout the
robbery Deputy Shurlim II Tucker
nerved thi papers arrested tho purlieu
anil conllnvil ilium In tho county Jull
to nwnil tho arilvnl of Khcrlll Smith
fioni Dallas Tho negro womun have
two trunUH at tho union depot which
Mill proluhly H Hearehcd with the
view of finding thu nionuy
A hpaiillfiilly decorated china Mil
ami saucer with motto given uwiy
with every poiintl win of our extra
choice uncolored lapan tea Price
oovpntyftvo cunts a can Combs Kciul
t Compuiiy
1 U Harnett dnerf not deadhead any
one on tho oars to drum for his hotul
at Albany Texas
Nuw Hotel
The irand Centiil hotel which won
the highest encomiums from the
tiuvcllng publlu under tho manage
jiientnf Mecsrs Nigger and Wftlkerhns
1 ico n nfiirnUed ruartaiigod and
llttud up anew by Plctoeit Hpunccrof
Kiiwms City who will ftiru neither
labor or uxpuiiHo In their efiortH to iu
ciPuHitlio niesenl poiulailty of the
hou Hotli gentlemen are practical
hotel men of excellence nnd thoy have
taken hold oftliu irand Central with
thudetermluiilloti toiniike it allttit
could be dcHirtd in n findclass house
We welcome them to tho city anil
with them nil thoucce < s they merit
A beautifully decointrd china cup
nndrtiiieur wlthniuttiiKlvcu away with
every pound ivin of our extra choice
nncolorid lapan tea Iiku sevnnty
Jlvo cunUncaii Combs UeuiUtConi
i y
Wliilam Koliiy foimetly inaHtormc
uUmiio on tho LextiM Paclllc toad 1b
In th6 city acconipanlud by liln wife
mill rPKltteted at tho Mansion hoiiho
Jtnbcvt Cahill Judtieeof tho peace
in Ttiwin Arlouu U in tlio city vmlt
iug friciulH
Ooonju M iICuirk > ciittlncer on tho
Gulf Colorado aula le went houth
on lilst j mi last night
3fr W J Canuaiian road master
on the Klo iiaiule division of tlio
Texus < V lacille road and one of tlio
nioiUcenialKuutlumen in Texa < wasln
the city yesterday
Tlic xtdewall niulnfe itcl with low
sljjna mil awningB Tliey must 150
Pool playlnu Ii quite fashionable In
tholiourth waidmul hoiuo Jlno ex
portH piactlco dully In thu saloons
J low auout that combination nhot yes
terday which won the game
An injured man named CHUord was
InuiiKlU in on tlio Traufccnntlucntul
piwjeiiKei tialn from Colllimvlllo last
nlghi > lie fell thiough u brldeo near
tlintplucu while nt work about ouo
clock yetitorday Ho was taken to
the rnllroul hospital In tin nmbulaucu
ioon nttcr he arrived at tlio union
depot Clltlbrd win iniurcd lntliu
lelt Hide a number of ills libs wove
crushed In and It wuh with threat dini
oulty ho could hretvtlio when taken
from tho truck Hold u man of mid
dloagcantl medium huiijht
A beautifully decorated china cup
and buueer with motto given away
with every pound can ot our extiu
choico uncoforcd Japan toa Price
suvoittyllvo cents u can Combs Head
Tlio CourlH
ill tho district court yestordny tlio
case of Kurah Snilth ct 111 vs the Tex
tin < fc Pacific railway company win
called but was uot linlshed Mliortly
after 4 oclock Judgo Hood adjourned
court until il oclock this morning
having Ilcetved notico of tho serious
tllnewof his son at tlio judges ranch
west of this place His honor left for
homo on tho Millsup local train anil
expects to return this morning
Itectlrders court Tho following
cases camo beforo Recorder Fell d yes
terday morning
John Fredericks disturbing tho
pence 5K
James Wilson drunk 0
Jack Cullnhaii drunk K
X > uvoMyurs Ulsturbing tlte peueo
Jf Mminer cursing >
John Ityiin vagrant dismissed
Cleburne disturbing tho pence
JDAnkcw carrying a pistol ac
PiiUi Finney ilrnnlc dismissed
D Schwartz nuisance dlsiuU < eil
lish Walker vtiralng dlsmissvd
Polnt About llm Itldf hi tho Ten JIllo
Itnca to ln Hun nt tho Villi
Ah announced yesterday tho man
uttementof the Driving Pari araoclii
tftn have arrowed with 11 Kvera to
Imvouiieuesttleuno match durlUKthu
full races dlxtntico ten mile to be tld
lien by Mndutno Marnntcttu and Miss
Mlnnlo PcckJvSOil tube given to tlio
winner and tJXl to the lo cr oliaimus
from liowe to horse to bo miulo at tlio
end of each mile without dlsmount
liiK These two cquiiitrlunncj aie old
and experienced In their line lhey
have been trnvclliiR together for sev
eral months under the munimcnicnt or
J It Kvera and D II Harris Ilicse
parties carry nine thoroughbred horses
with them in order to niuuuiraml lime
AtuoiiK tho horses they have Is ltobett
M tho maker of the fastest fifth half
miio hunt ever run It being mado at
Chicago two yearsago in fortyeight
Hcconds Tliey nlso carry experienced
men to hnmllo the horses
iMailamo Mnrantetto wai born In
franco whero he became tho cham
pion equestrienne She camo to
this country ten years ago but
lias onlv bcdi riding hero two
years HIlo is thu champion ten mile
rider of thou orld having madu that
dlstuncu at Syracuse X V AuB st
lfiS in 1001 i where she rode with
Misses lturke Pitmen and Ciiuket
Still Korgraccfiiluessasii rider ho
is uncxceilcdi
Miss Myrtle Peek has been used to
the Kiddle shioo sho ias llvo years old
Now at tho ago of sixteen sho Is tho
champion long distanceequcstiiennuof
the world The fasteit tlmouver mado
for twenty miles was mado by her at
Minneapolis In August 188 > when sho
rode It In I0V
Thcco two have been riding together
slncu the llrst of lust April having
been In from one to three laces each
week They have both had somo very
narrow escapes from death hav
ing fallen more than once
Whenever they have hud 11
contest great interest hat been cre
ated and betting has been lively They
ride tlicv claim strictly on their
merits each striving to win tlio race
Tho date licro lias not been deilnltely
settled It will bo cither thu 2ld or
2ltb instant On tlio tilst u race of
two miles will bo runjust to givo an
earnest of tlio horsemanship of tho
noted equestriennes It is expected
that thu content will attract many peo
ple irom tlio neighboring towns
Wciilhcrruril Jubilant Out IIt HiipuMhi
OniuicctlMi Midi II11 Iort
Vcslcr dny telephone enmmunicu
tioh was had with Wcatherfotil tho
line to that point lioing completed
Soon after tho lino was lit working
order tho following message was re
ceived by Mayor Smith and responded
to in an appropriate manner
Wivriiiiiniui Oct 31 16S3
John Peter Smith Mayor of loit
Thiough me the cltlciiH of Wcuth
evord send cordial greeting to the citi
zens of Fort Worth upon this tlio com
pletion of tho triple lino that binds us
to inch other First railway next
the telegraph and now the telephone
May your growing city expand and
piosper and may her people bo cor
UMpondlngly happy and may tenli
incuts of good wilbbuat all times re
clpineal between us I am your1 10
speeifully T F UU V
Mayor of tho city of AVcatherfoid
Other congratulaiory nicssagus were
whispered over tlio wire nutting them
being a very complimentary one to
tho Uaxtti from Mrs 10 J I McPon
ald 11 friend mid subscriber there
Tito connection with WcatheifOrd
also gives communication to Palo
Pinto Mlllsipitnd Mineral Wells and
thu line toIneksboro will bo completed
boon Tlio flAZirrri tenters congrat
laltous to the good people of nil these
points on being so cloMly bouud
to the metropolis of the Southwest
Telephone to Covingtons City shop
lo put up votirttove Telephone No
llotvtlio 8lulit oT u l > w llass Kthirtl up
tho Itcportwinl 311ml
Clink Clunk Clunk sung tho bagi
in a monotonous tone us Air Koon
thongentof tho Paclllo express corn
puny piled them otto after another
upon tho t ruck Tuesday night to bo
taken out to tho baggage cur of the
MlSfouri Paclilo train whoso cnginu
btood 11 low yards past tho oflleo jmll
lug and blowing as if weary of Its
dully burden Fourteen times with
his two hands he lifted a Utile hug
tlmtlookediiHir a llttlo child could
play with It and chucked it dotfn on
thu tiuck and fourteen timc3 tlio
hong was heard clink clunk clunk
with tho bitino metallic ling that
bus charmed millions of men
nil down tho ages For it
men havu saciiliccd and ato continual
ly fcicrlllelug tlio comforts of home
thu delights of tlio family circle the
souiety of friends and have gone out
Into a land of strangcis Into an cxilu
often little prefcrablo to death and
toiled with altuoitsupurhiiinanell orts
For It men lutve permitted Ihumselves
to forget their lasponslbllltles in refer
ence to their fellows and huvo had to
face the question put to Cain Where
is thy mother 1 For It tucii havu
robbed themselves even of tlio necchSi
tlesof life ami have been found by
their Idol oxpiiiug for Its love For
it kings liavjo won ami lost their em
pire It is tho universal link between
labor and fruition Without it or u
substitute all el lor t would stop and
tho world become Inert A
blessing and a curse Money Only
K > tt0 in each or 7000 In all Not
enough to make 11 poor man rich but
enough to iiiaku mativ a ono happy
Tho mcisonger piled the bags careless
ly at tho sldu of tho door Ho was
used to handling such amounts as that
Ho didnt oven look at tho tag to
sec that thoy wero addressed to Uon
Somebody In Now York city Tlieio
they luy like so niuny hairs of
suit What an easy thing us tho
train inn thiough tha country for
somo ono who could iimnugo to steal
in to tlnow the whole pile out and
the messenger too 1 These weio somu
oftho thoughts that rushed through
tlio mind of tho reporter as ho stood
by waiting tor oxinvaa niatuis to bo
opened Hut thu bell rang tho train
moved on ho was called Inside and
tho whole matter lay buried In his
ASuplcloui Cotiplo Ciihko tlio City OIllclnH
Sumo Triinliln
A young mAn riding n roan hoitc
rodu lido Fort Worth on Tuesday
mornlnir and put his horso In n wagon
vnnl TIo then sauntered around the
iltv nml trcd to sell tho aulmul nutt
ing that tliehorte belonged tn his wife
who would como to tho city on
tho afternoon Mlllsap train
Not being nblo to dispose
of tho animal ho went to meet his
alleged wife ftt tho union depot nt l2 i
oclock A woman met him there ami
tho two proceeded to thu Planters
house wheio they registered 11s man
nnd wife Neither was seen any more
until yesterday morning tlio man got
ills roan charger nnd proceeded to the
public square and oiicrcd It for sale
A purchaser was soon found nnd the
money paid over mid 11 bill of sale
demanded When tho man ollered to
get his wife to draw up thu papurs the
new owner objected to tho tianncllon
nnd themonoy was refunded tho roan
ohnrircr being relegated to tho stable
News of the transaction canto to the
curs of our city olllclals and they de
termined to investigate thinking if
tho roan charger aforesaid hud been
stolen they would Meal 11 march on the
inanwho htolu him So after much
deliberation and consultation they
thought they would arrest this pecu
liarly acting btinngcr So tho tele
phones wero put in Uo nnd it wns
learned that the man find woman wero
going west 011 tlte afternoon train and
tlio man wns arrested shortly buloro
the train artlved and upon question
ing hint It was found he canto irom Ar
lington and thu woman immediately
from Mesquite but us ho had not
claimed tlio horso aahls own nnd there
being no positive ptoof that it did
not belong to his alleged wlfo
ho was discharged but thej lino of
questions put to hini convinced all
who licaid that something uns
wrong Ono of tlio olllccrs charged
him with running oil with nnoliier
mans wlfuwlto lives in Arlington nml
ho did not deny It He left woidnt
tho wagon yard that If a man named
Webb Culled for tho road charger to
let him linve it tuying that Webb
lived In Arlington Tlio couple at
tracted muchnttentlonhlting as much
in the shadows as they could last
night wlillo waiting for the west
bound train which tliey boarded and
went west doubtless to grow up with
the country
An exchange had this to say in
leforeneo toTlios W Keeue who ap
pears here next Tuesday nml Wednes
day nights
An engagement that has been looked
fin waul to with great interest will be
gin on Monduy evening October 15th
at tho opeinhouse Tliomns W
Kcene tho popular tragedian Is to
11111 Ice his first appearance in this city
Mr Kcenos position among contem
porary tragic actors is now absolutely
Hcciuod Ho is now In thufomtli year
of his cai corns a Sbakcspeaio star and
if leport is to bo believed is attracting
much luivor utnllences than ever e
foio Mr Kccuub popularity fcomc of hid
rivals ascribe to the shrewdness othis
managers but 11 crltio wilting
on that subject luccntly says Itjtho
first placo Mr Kcene po se ses tt vnlcn
of ample volume free from the gurg
ling tltroaty in tone into which t > oni
of our tragedians merge ir moments
ofcxullement nnd pulsion It U also
frue from that haul metallic quality
which pievents tho auditor from be
lieving that tho actor is over In full
sympathy with tho feeling
of tlio lino or suntenco
ho has uttered Tho pos
session of a good voice is accidental
but it Is of all accidents tlio luukiest
that can befall 11 tragedian Tlio next
gieut requisite of tho actor is mobility
offeattifL In several scenes in Shv
loek Mtlchard III rind Maelieth it
is oftcner tho expression and gesture
of Keeno than his mero delivcrv that
capture tho spectators Those who
hnvo seen Mr Kceuu can pcaiculy fall
to recognize the justness of this criti
cism Opinions concerning ids acting
seem to ugruo thai tills season uhows
more study In tho subtlety of execu
tion His support is said to beexcoed
ingy strong Mr Newton Uotthold
an ulor who needs no word of intro
duction will be his lending num
News boys not permitted to on the
trains to drum for tlio Panic House
Albany Texas J 1 Humes pro
St root Spiliikliiitr
Mr J U Stanley of Stanley kc
Haymaker called on tho Uazutti
yesterday to explain why tlio streets
hnvo notbeen sprinkled Sprinkling
is paid for by tlio merchants jn front
of whoso doors tlio Hpilnkllug Is done
In ninny wises tliey rotusy to pay for
tbospiinkllng In oider to buetYeet
ivo tho whole street mustbuspriukled
as It would piolltn merchant but little
If ho stieet In front of him was
sprinkled and in Iiont of his next
door neighbor tlio dust luy thick So
ninny huvo been getting their dust
laid freo of cost to them though tho
aniJtiklorspald forovvrv bar oi water
they tiMil Tim Mu 0uii
discontinued to provoke m > appre
ciation and this having Uiii in tt
measure accopled thu work will go on
iigulii Injustice nliko to thu mer
chants who pay and to the sprinklers
as well as to thu general public il
scents that thocounell might accom
plish good by tho passage ol an ordl
nance lcqnlrlng nil property own
ers along certain thoroughfiirifi to
hnvo their premises sprinkled during
dry wenthur by tlio cat tor with a hoso
Oilier cities have passed such ordi
nances and tlio progressivo council of
Fort Worth that has in muiiv tilings
exhibited a snli lted determination not
to lag behind others hi tlio good work
of putting tho city nt thu top will
doubtless eonsidur this matter
IMItnr ClAiillc
Ualnesville Texas October 28rIn
your Issue of today aro an ad of tho
111 A nnd wmio fow little locals
I heso prices are so absurd to an Insur
ance mail and misleading to tho
nubile tluit 1 feel competent toexnosu
Its pretentions if youwould publish
my coinmuiilculloii without chnige
upon tho ground that as a scntinol
upon the watchtower von will pie
ect tho public i loso no motley by
thu success of tho T 15 a but tlio
groat publlo tor whom you labor sutler
Idoiitwiintyouto publish this hut
if you will publish my conimunlcntlon
free drop mo a postal curd
Yours truly
N HPtmMs
ff AJ w t 4 0Bkmmxi c
Who does all the smiling now Is it the poor
wretch who 1
halfclothed walks our streets from sunrise to sunset
a a
with the cold in a vain endeavor to keep himself warm with fre
disturbance commonly called
of family whisky Oh no is t
wretch who rich as Orcesus
cenary though would rather free
vest iew dollars in warm clothes Well I not
a guess
The real happy man the one you see pass you with a hapn7
fact the man that is enjoying supreme happiness right now has hi
cased in clothing that will withstand the severest norther and
bitterness of the cold Since
warm despite the happiness can be
cheap why shouldnt every man invest
Despite the claims of competitors we are showing the
overcoats If you have any money invest in our line of goods ke
hand on your pocketbook until you arrive at headquarters wlo
for giving value received to our patrons
J C Jtifseli of Ininpasas Is In tho
John A lCvuusof Nicvcs lexico is
in town
AV J Morphy of Shenunti is visit
ing tlio city
John Prahun of Albmiuerquc is at
tho Mansion
J J filgnn of Palestine is stopping
til tho El Pao
A Ditllosa of Decatur is registered
at the Mansion
J W KiriicstofSan Marcos was in
town ycslcrduy
M V Puller of Ilaird Is Mopping nt
tho Grand Cuutriil
11 C uwaltncy nl IJowic was nt the
Kl Piso yesterday
John Ilnrcourt of Wcalherford wns
In tho city yesterday
M IiUtliell of Johnson county is
at the Grand Central
It D Wclbornu of Henrietta was at
tho Mansion yesterday
1 < It Pago nnd J Dupuy of Dtllns
aro stopping nl tlio Kl Paso
K It Jjosey and George Diehl of
Gtilvcoton aie nt thu Kl Paso
H Ii Hanisonof Whitney was at
the Grand Central yesterday
K 1 Matthews and Charles Cox or
Pallas aro at the Grand Central
John P Ingrum slicrill of Jiaylor
county Is in tnu city on busincrs
Geoigo W Clevelnnd nnd George
Clark of Waco aro visiting tho city
J IT IJlnkc and lames Galbmith of
IloustJit aro legistcred tit tho Mnn
slonH Hollander D 1 Dugan and Yf
J Matthews of Sherman uic at thu Kl
I W Critchernnd A W Stone of
Colorado were at tho Mansion yes
K Houston Teronto Houston nnd
Mrs h GAVilglit of Terrell tire at tho
I H Pinfold nnd wife and Scott
litimheth of Paris are legistcred at the
1 W AVllsou nnd U W Jtumslll of
Gainesville stopped at tlio Mansion
J K I Stewart of Weathcrford is
registered at tho Ijindell with Judge
A J Hood
KJ Davih representing tho house
orw II Horn Co Philadelphia
Is in tlio city
Mrs Alice Ijobban and nephew
Malcolm Mooic left for a visit to I5lg
Lost Valley Jack county ycsterdny
iloraco linker of Wcutlicrfnrd who
has ben in tlio city several days
called at the OAyirjp oillco yesterday
D A Constable of St Joseph Mo
and George Cowan and A C Consta
ble of Kdinburg are stopping at the
Kl Piso
J Jr Jones It 11 Winston Davo
lrby K W Proctor J J Oarnci
John N Simpson nnd G A Webster
of Dallas uro at the Mansion
1 P Ay re ouo of our most promi
nent young lawyers wuut west to Ab
ilene iu t night on business Ho will
bo gone somo three or four days
L A Wilson u cltlen of Jack
conniy and a ranch owner of Ulanco
Cunoit was in the city yesterday Ho
Is going to rtnh to select a large cattle
Col Charles Soward of Wcalherford
took in thoinetionoil yesterday with
Col Morten Their visit at tlio Wa
Ionium hout < o presages u cluiugo of
owneis for thai house with tlto re
muval of tho Itidgo to Port Worth
Mr G JJ Hudson of Wncoln 111
who is an txtensive dealer in lands in
tills statu spent a llttlo tiluo wltli us
yesterday Ho goes from hero to
Houston Harris county where it is
said yon can buy two acres of land for
u nickel
Vr Iltzhugh and wife nnd Miss Ida
JMctichoo ot tills city and Mrs Dr P
A IlUliugli of Virginia inspected the
varioui dcpurtnieuts of tho OAirrri
yesterday and expresed theiuselves
well pleafced Tho lady blot named
leay < > today to join her husband nt
Dallas ami they will pioeced homo to
W e had n pleasant call from C K
Gilbertcdltor of tho Abilene Iteportcr
yesterduyiiiorning Ho was en routo
to tho Methodist confereitcu nt Gcorco
towu Mr Gilbert informs us that tin
ojlort was mado on Monday by the
citizens of lUUUilo
Gup to hnvo tho
vote upon the county seat Investigated
I he county judge refused to go behind
tho face of tho returns An appeal
was taken
Judgo Anderson ofWnco
repiesents tho Jlultulo Gap side or the
l U0
Go to Kellers for
your wagons bug
gles and other vehicles b
Unlmvntur Hntlis
Hot cold nnd shower baths only T
cents Six elegant rooms at K Gutz
mans harbor sltop next to corner of
First nnd Main streets
A beautifully decorated china enp
and ynticer with motto given away
with every pound can of our extra
choice uncolored Japan tea Price
A beautifully decorated china cup
and tnucer with motto given nwuy
with oveiy pound can or our extra
choice uncolored Juptin ten Price
sovontyilvu cents n can Combs Jtcad
it Company
IJuycrs of IHillincry
Not leo
Itaiiilall it Chambers havo Just re
ceived flu dozen more of those beautiful
tips Ju all thu leading colors also in
black and fiiuy otter them at the
extremely low prices of tMo Dont
let this lot go until you huvo secured
what you wnnt
A beautifully decorated china cup
and saucer with motto given nway
with every pound can of our extra
cholca uncolored Japan tea Pilco
seventylive cents n can Combs Jtwul
it Company
A reporter of th W 1
pleasure of mettfejgSW
a 1eavv iiiaiiufactnhtrf
Ho spoke very favoftUyK
inganl prospeelsof afiaditaj
cither cotton
or wcotapj
Worth and predicted tkTtii
sovuntyllvo cents a can Combs Head i notfar dlstant wiicnUen
sucli liere
Company Ho said then i
of mouey in New Yorkthlrijl
Just Jteeeivcil nt Tiirnei1
Cltuo s
Ono cat load of line Hour
One carload of winter upplcn
Onocnrload of Iiisii notutoe
Ono carload of Culifuruhi canned
goods Oppqsito tho post oillco
A beautifully decorated china cup
and Miucur with motto given away
with every pound can of our extra
choice uncolored Japan ten Price
fceventyiive cents a can Combs Head
it Company
i i i Y
At tho residence oftho brides father
near Cnddo Grove Johnson county bv
tlto Hew J J Davis Mr Samuel M
Korbls In Mhs Mtittio K Armstrong
on theisth day of October
Kcene next
Novembers here
Dont An get tho iibraiy
A dearth of titniiuenients now exists
Cotton cmnc in quite lrecly yester
Several drunken people wero out
Tlio bookkcepera are now worrying
over their trial balance
Tlio Kirst war school is promised to
lie ready for occupation fonday next
Thu beautiful young ladles oftho
city were out in grand force ycstci
ihiquirios aro frequent as lo when
tlto street lullionil extension will ieau
accomplished fact
It has been decided to have no mati
nee during Kecnos entertainment
This will bo a disappointment to
Several young men amused them
selves last night by spun ing on tlireo
dogs until thoy wero engaged ii n tri
angular light
Tho telephone yesterday received n
lot of now instalments ahd signalized
tlio event by putting in six of them
for now subscribers
A lunrrlnge license wns issued in tlto
county clerks oillco yesteiduy to
Charles Culberson and Miss Annlo
Wells both of Wuntherford
Tlio Ganiewoll lire alarm company
say lhey will ship everything by No
vember kith and will send Ur G rd
ner lo superintend tlio work
Tickets aro already being nld for
Kcene u demand for tickets having
been mado ycsterdny All who wnnt
good seats should secure thtm nt
A beautifully decorated china imp
and saucer with motto given nway
with every noimd can of our extra
choico niicolo Japan tea Price
scveiitylho c mean Combs Jtead
Last night > iUcttlty occurred on
thosquar iIm iv i Air Sedberry und
Mr JanusKa tly The latter drown
lttiifu but il was snatched fiom his
hand beforo any niNchlef was done
Ho wns drinking
Leo W Tnwtihoud bifiiic s mana
ger of Thomas V Kitne bus pre
sented tho Gaitti with tt very finely
executed bronze medallion of Kconc
It Is ii proilio nnd tho strong power ot
tlio uctor is very niiiiiftM Tliis is
quite a handsome souvenir
invMlcil here
MC as mob a
could 10 assured of nWa n
i on tiielr Invertnau
A beautifully decorated
and saucer with motto jlrwiR
every poimil can of oar tsA
uucoiorca Japan tea Vtkf
llvo cents a can CwiiLs tikt
A few good canvasm lo vi
the country for our nnUicjJoti
position will only le eiret a t
who can fiiiiiHlitioreiioi uJL
dcient funds to ray th 1st ta
expense and who tea te i
i commended Call in jw j
Ilco of Loving PuMislitfttefK
Xotloo Ik lirchy glvtnftA
NVliercus TJio contntlhiViS
eourtlitm oliiAnJ or > oja cti
the 1ilh Jar of Ocloiitr IK3 > T t
Monem court ilconrnl foidut 1
ot tho county fonrt urmlil coo
relc amiHloliliUuntil the tiia
l > or 16St tor coini > ettt > s mid ytl
courltiomo tn ncvndiuia wU iiI
sptrlllcattiins on lilt In Mid ofitf I
wild ilny tlio Wil will tw optiWil
iiiiittho court rcnnliitl rl li
iiny or ull hld TlWfiliull
Cicrk uf tlio County Court o I
notice to comici
f onlril MU will l nalnJVr
sinned for the ntrtloa o I
ncross Jll tchlu rtvu
M leal tn liill up t Moi r > w
nt li in ll n anil 111 < 1 J
t tin lllco or J V fWfWi
lit Wichita rnlK tf > >
1 eject nny nuii all tW J
County Juitee tt Ifhtuwcj
Thats a cobwo
lon and has i
kring is suntmcitp15
The singular
it is that pin latKI
is occasioned by so f
things Ma > be
Iddncy disease I
plaint consumpW
work ncnous d
neglect it Sot
wrong and no
attention i00
yet bccn df
in qfgj
iwtln ha
IasfordWjJ lt
bc d Tm
lo iicriM u
that 4 5
tints she
suffering fu
will cure you

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