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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 01, 1883, Image 7

Image and text provided by University of North Texas; Denton, TX

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fffhc army iroin uracra
liitleiiautCJencrnl Sher
w ijetotnorrow morning
ceremony bit
4 ilie clianjje flen Shor
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remain with
+ tIAtnvo U ready for
IWKrtt Sheridan Is tho guest
fofst51 Mvy took iihiuD this
W WPXferswilt bo Ad
ilitJJHaivcl Kogers mid
Jlodor3 Temple and
o5Si Gen Walter and
iSS5 Howltx re
WAc l temporarily in tho
in the premises
s po
AC L1 oclock out of res
ry of the deceased
frSaobe 111Tho war
iw umxl Bpcelnl order np
ftBcomhict of any calls olllcor for
fKdBp befor u general
S reasons for tin
p iW may roach It do
fcSSSSt llVlIcrtieueral
H toilet chief of mdnanoe
I jRiLAvrci second artillery
Ft tf engineor Major
E ferifellow judgeadvocate
Hi Salts armyi wil1 uu1 H re
irfftTMttiiH meet In Wash
1 of November
ijBltslood llionuyy dopiit
rtifflrtUkesny fmtiter action
vfacwtf Commander Frank
lnkt < WdIK u vtc fm
iwluolF l10 expedition tin
Uil Hle l shown ly
l In
aBjrilniiy > e developed
ItWKrii i > f hcc < > r f inqiiiiy
5a of war
r 3tjasecretnr
iSttiiffWr telegraphed Hell
wrfflrWngareli11cct icimcst
Ilaliti eA je of the olllce as
is t >
tt trfi ff rfflurtniiiit that
LtiaKntoftte puullu delit to
Etef viUth < i < rn reduction for tho
IntsKtbofWiSTOOOii Tho amount
ladkTKfllH iiiloii enls for
Jiiiitalpr N JjOHiijin or
iSitew < luri < cd at Wiixliing
laHC fi 0XM Indlanapoll
I74S Jaw 7sj077l Jolum
LWi WSI 20 Total amount
tiwipafoiiH IfHliur ed by agents
LilhiJ8 > f7tSU
I fenay of tho interior lmi bii
ptfrmDiisslfiuer of Iiiiliau af
isWilnn to the etlect tliat
ksntboes not letognio the
1i lDtnii Tetrltory ascourts
< tii6lnile meauliig of hec
K of lliu revised > tatuteH
wjalres that cprtnin
si made with the In
ilill be executed before
4i tf a court of record Ilio
wrhoHi It was not tlio intent
afihelwr makers tliat agreements
ahKecutcd before iudgeslinv
liniitut knowledge or tilu
Itreatiianllecting tlio rights or
dui < I such Jimited general in
the judges of tlio Indian
iuiIii Ibu Indian country usu
apiny of nine pernmiH citi7eiiH
Hwitfe Indian nation have
luaiui for the puijioo of v
janational Imnk a Vinitii
TOi capital of 51000
sintiry goes on to say that
graphic reports of the disaster
tolvidhe directed the acting
foal olllcer to furnish thesc
Mtliciiavyu cojy of Oarling
ateKtlons The listas furnisli
Xtt 110K her tilings
led Mippleinental orders
Jijwrs were ofeourse supposed
> tcdn part of the mithentie
> t Went Uariing
l the seerctarv of
Mvy mid pecrctary of war
toiiferwices formed an opinion
t diwcy l an older
appears lie Ud not ic
awi rlfr The secretary rr
a imtlon of tho dUuieir
S words or the signal of
ltttfrlfif weretnry conelude
b S for VIn < iu > l nam
IfanS ledthociwo to the
ill lecoinnicndntloii
tbSSi ap hus written a
itelnFT eh f Kiwi
kiW to 1is conmiuitlcation
U ltoHi ler expedition to
Nitn lra Mor < 1 were
Island on tho wav
wy fays It would
reitlons contAined In
l Vuclt 1 llle e1 vour tho
Htfu supplemental
a rl ton sliottld in going
C k f supplies as tlio
k i re Tho omission
JftJntC0 ccn Uu ht of
fiiiiilL l unilewtnnd
Hlii ii a s ncvtl uu ° rilLr
rfethv8l0lblt His equally
htm MU vlng
HZ ll llsciotiou he
Fl < thulnr 0 moro wl ly than
Hfilt fithulnr e tliiii eon
I hoveiiieiiUoiied
WC ° H iConcerning
CTit w 1 t u ProIMMCll
willV 1 Francisco in com
lor iL ulral Iaeili
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t4nlteM tlm J > l
It Seems So
eston is re
° > r the stute
J cito i
iJof l i
elurof the Hate
r v m
Tlvcltrincnl her tlio London Explosioiw
llvhlcntly the Work of the
run nxiLoqioss
London October ilKxcllcinent
over tlio explosion on the underground
railway evening Is very great a
large number of policemen under spe
cial Inspectors were on duly all night
ut tho vailous railway stations guard
lug tho lines JIer vy forecs nlso
watched tlio houses of parllitinent and
other pub lie buildings The explosion
at C baring Cross occurred Uoii vards
west of tlio station No train was
thereat tho time Tlio walls of the
tunnel were battered but tlio rails
were not misplaced The windows
orthe station were blown out but tho
roof was not damaged and no peiwins
hurt there At Iraed street the force
of thoexploslou was terrible Although
men were busily engaged all
night moving this debris tho task
Is not yet llnished Tlio tunnel
there was not destioyod but a dcoii
hole was excavated In tlio roadbed
Tho brick work was blown out and
M ° 8a idiiu and telegraph line broken
The lefresliiiienl saloon was wrecked
and the windows of the other rooms or
tlio btatlon smashed The
rain forty yards west of the station
All tho peioons injured wero lu the
last two carriages Twentyeight pur
sons wounded wero taken to tit
Marys hospital four or them are seri
ously hurt but expected to iceover
Tho others were able logo their homes
timing the night All the detectives
or tho metropolitan police are search
ing lor the peipcttators or the out
rage and thu railway or
llcers are assisting Tho police
deny that any rocket cartridges have
been round near tho Hcene o tlio ex
plosion No trace has been discov
ered orthenatuio ofthoexplosions It
is a cei tallied that tho explosions could
not have been caused by coal gas
Trainsuie luuulug as usunf this morii
ilirce oclock No explosive matter
yelf iinil at the 1rnctl street station
An inspector from the homo orllee
viewed the scene or the explosion
there and arterwards examined tho
damage to tho train JIo expresses
the opinion that cartridges mmlo or
the first order of explosives such as
gun cotton wero used The guard
states that while looking out orti win
dow Just before the train left 1raed
street station lie saw boiiio sparks
nearly underneath the carriage and
immediately alterwards heard tho ex
plosion Tito explosive used at
Charing Cross station was small in
quantity not being dynamite
Tho poiieo warned railroad olllcials
three months ago that they hud ad
vices rrom America of tlueateiicd ex
plosions and precautions wero then
taken to provide against them
Tin rihiiiiiiisixnimitox
London October ill There was an
immense attendance today to wit
ness tho ceremony of closing tholntcr
natloual fisheries exhibition Iteply
ing to an address and report shewing
tho complete success of tlio exhibition
tho lrlnco of Wales stated the queen
bad followed tho successes of the exhi
bition with great Interest and request
ed him to express her hope that it
would be or hcuclit to the lislilug pop
ulation of tin kingdom He slid that
arter all the expenses had been paid a
substantial surplus would leiualn
which should be devoted to Improving
tho welfare of the llshenncu oftho
country and promoting the interest of
tlio fisheries in order that calamities to
a Ushers lllbmlght be alleviated Tho
princo wasgratilled at being able to
continue tlte work of ids father in giv
ing opportunities for the peaceful em
ulation orall nations and thus divert
ing mens minds from international
rivalries This exhibition led him to
hope the buildings might remain to lie
employed ror tlio Uso of other exhllil
lions J le desired lo yeo here n liy
niciilc exhibition in ISSi ono of tlio
progress of Invention in ISSi and bo
proposed holding here a colonial exhi
bition in ISSIi
irAititixmoxs siwicii
London October 11 Harrington
secretary of warin a speech at Ilttxtou
last night thought that Gladstone at
the forthcoming installation ol the
now lord mayor of London world say
tho neaco of Kuropo was assured and
the illlllcultii s with France were set
tled although a stale of things might
arise In China which would require
all or Kiiglands Iriendship and rot
bcarance to prevent serious complica
Manchester October 11 Tlio mi
ners conference representing IOOO
workmen resolved to send notices to
employers demanding an advance or
IS per cent waues The conference
then adjoin uedjll December
Dublin October 11 While a quail
tity or ammunition was being cou
veved hv a lullroatl train under es
cort to Teinplemore county iTipper
nrv a lx powder and otKj cart
ridges wero stolen at Limerick Junc
tion while tlio soldiers composing the
escort were at luncheon No clue
London Octobertil Michael Davitt
lectured lu St Inuics Ian evening to
u large and orderly audience Head
vocated tlio natlonaliatlon or land
denounced tho course or Salisbury mid
Northcoto In stirring up discord in
Ireland and said the time would
come when they would havo to defend
their illgotten property not against
the land league but against the en
lightened manhood of Kugland Pri
vate property in laud lie declined was
robbery On motion of Lllen l yl < f
a vote ofllmiiks was passed to DiUtt
by the meeting
AftriA3iii caimi
Dublin October 11 Tlio s earner
jroliyheud from Jieio oHoilyhrad
with a cargo of horses and nigs capsized
sized this evening In
wwoslxiy < > n board
There passengers
including a luimtor of cjtI lo l i
mil ilrnverti It is billOked nil cro
t Thoirollvhea1 belonged to tho
London Northwestern railway com
I > lfollylieail came In collision
Tho steamer
lision with tho aenunii steamer Al
aiuliro hound from Liverpool to New
SS ggj JTOCTH1imBb TrmuspAY y
werfplckedSiirmni landed at iJol
Oltnwn October
SlTbo coventor
son Art SK 0l2l < nicrt ° r u ° tol
SA8t Vtl uoro heartily
cheer si iho hall
was nrcttllv af
conic mnged and there tri nsUg lJfweN
iu w 0ct uer 11 Klvo thm
dollar Domln
ncn r iwr 010 1 froM J
Wimi cunirv
Montreal October 11
Smlor < l the
> llKMftli mn
Millty to thoehargo
of forging u cheek
on the Hank otl ionlo I
erlpait bonds were found upon Sun
0 F tit 1 lo soot o
oitlcer wlio arrested hint
Juslico LorlngdlsmlMcdon a tccltnl
Cillty the eisu against the collector of
customs for poiiilsaitliig as Immoral
tie works of VJltniro mU Iaiue Tlte
court did not decide titimi the morita
or the case
rmxncriONs takkv
explosion ailf w October 11 Precautions
iccurred Immediately under a passlnc lmvo lw n akc lat0 airalnst eplo
w i1 VV Hwiiys All tho luniks
PUlJlIohulldliiginnd piUotts are close
ly watched and extra warders an
placed around the prhoners when ex
hicks vashak vicrottv
Calto October HI Hicks Iashn af
ter two battles entered KlObeld The
raise prophets rorces aro broken up
Ills fate Is tiukncwii
NivnoiHYonitiNi miimis
KraiikrortontheMalu October 11
While the debris caused bv the ex
plosion at thivpllico or tho cliief of po
lice was being removed light shells of
shrapnel shape were discovered which
wero filled with nUroglycerlue
Several suspects were anested
Iesth October ill Tile Iestlier
Lloyd reports that the Orleans princes
have sounded tier > any In the matter
of asserting their claims to tho French
throne and that Ilisnmrks reply af
forded no hope tliat Ucrmaiiy would
approve such a course
an ivirinitt intii >
Paris October 11 TitoGiiuIoIh pub
lishes a report tliat DaUriza the
French explorer has been killed in a
light in the Congo countiy in Africa
thi itiiii > iii > aiiox
Paris October 11 In the chamber
of deputies today Clenilnelay ladical
tcsiiiued tlio debate upon the intcrpcl
latlon of the governments Tompilii
policy Ho severely arraigned the
government Pilme Minister Ferry
declared ho would teply
a von of coNftuKNci
Pails October 11 The order of Iho
day oxpiesslug confidence in the firm
ness and prttdetice or tho government
was adopted hyltKI to Jlitl
rsixii s imPAiirrm
Paris October 11 It is nimored
tliat owing to ministerial statements
regarding the Tonqiiiu negotiation and
the adoption or tlio vote of conference
in the government In the chamber of
deputies the Marquis Tseng will leave
Tin jAwm covrimiiNi i
Paris October 11 Tho Intel nation
al labor conference adopted tho follow
ing lesoliitiou Tills conference
records Its opinion tliat the
principal end to be pursued
is to limit the hours of labor and thus
render supportable the position or tho
worklngmen orall nations This Is
obtainable In two ways vl Legisla
tion for tho protection of the weak
against competition and the oiganl
atiou ol the worklugnieu who should
be united and disciplined Jt Is the
duly of workingmeu to direct their
efforts against unjust laws which ren
der the orgauiatfou of labor impos
sible and hinder international legisla
tion which Is so necessary to nmello
rato the condition or the woikiug
a ftiim sTPuiNii > ni < > N
Madrid October III The Liberal
slates that letters from Havana repot L I
that a filibustering expedition from
the United States has landed near
Santa Hplrctu
Dibsoliition Notice
Tlte paitnerslilp lierctofore existing
between luX Jlruuswlg and W A
riymlugtou under firm name of L N
Ilruuswig ii Coiupany Fott Worth
Texas has tills dav been difsohed by
mutual consent YV A Symington lo
th ing Tho business will bo continued
by L N IJrutiHwig who assumes all
liabilities Incurred by said firm and
Is authorised to collect all accotiuls
due the same
Ii N llniNswifi
V A rirwNinuN
Fort Wot lb Texas November 1 18W
Thunklng my rrlcndsiind the public
generally for their Jlberil patronage to
us during tlio past year I solicit it con
tinuance of same for the new Ilrm
Having this dav purchased the in
terest of W A Symington in the Ilim
or L N Jlrunswig t Company 1 beg
to assure my patrons and friends ol
best ciideaxors to please them both lu
prime quality of goods and lowest
Henry it Peak have tlioilnestasporl
inent oVrhelf and heavy liaidwaro ill
lort Worth
A beautifully decorated china cup
and saucer with motto given away
xvitli every pound cm orotic fxtro
choice ttucolored Japan tea Price
fteTentyIIvo cents 11 can Combs Head
Family Cuff
Flrstclasd dinner furiilshcd wltli
A Treasury HoliliwK
irK la October 11Two
com vVk VJ110 VAilt of the
Sodnly wwy tfaywo ia t mKbt
nniJi n tctVl ho Ireastiwr mid
considered myHicrlou as 40t of tlio
pack om w sUvw mul oi y
Wholesale VQisoniug
Cliiclmudl Octoln > r 11 Fourlren
1TVU lUouirnmnicfl llviiig lu
i 0 lartof l llV vo tNen
w 9j pt wor
One child died orftiy and a number or
thopoUoti was ailmltilftlcriHl In some
way through food bought at ajrroccry
Ahcautlfully dmuatort olihin cup
ami saucer with motto given nwav
with every pound ui of our extrii
choice titimilorvd Japan lea 1rleo
seyenlyilve cents a can Combs Head
A Company
llarnes House Albanv Texas Is tho
central changed hands and re
Tho Cotton Mnrkct
Tho cotton market was weak vcsler
dav and prices nominal lancing rrom
8ifito 2 > Xnllftjwns received hero
or the fntlurvof Hanger < t Co ol Llvei
pool the largest cotwm commtsAiou
utealmiiis in the world and it Is
thought that numerous Other failure
will follow which wilt setiouslv hurt
the inarket Four hundred bales wero
received here yesterday Messrs Hoiz
llattle have contracted with a man
Ufacliirlug ilrm at Coliocs New Vorl >
to shin them one cur load of com
pressed cotton every month and tlniB
save nil Intermediate handling or mid
dlemens prollt
The cotton market Is firmer though
quotations me unchanged fron last to
port IkCceipUs yesterday wero larger
than for several days and agieiter di >
greo of Interest was manifested among
Dry goods how no change rrom last
report worthy of special mention
Cotton goods both heavy and lltjlit
weight aro very Ilrm and higher
prices arc anticipated Sales for thu
past week havo ueen exceptionally
Tho drug inarket iswlthoutmalcrlal
chan e anilMiles for thu past week
hao iiteu exceptionally light
Wheat Is u little oil ami locclptH
very light Tho mills for novel til davs
have been supplied from the elevator
Oats and barley iiliow a shade ad
vance and ryo is very Ilrm at inarket
Wool and hides are Httbshiutially the
panic as shown in last icport Hut
Tew hides me read veil tliat would class
libovo No J
Nnr YoiiK Oclolwr 11 ctourmnimtx
Hull rnnil quiet mul IrrcKUlar
HlnUs ijulrt
JtlciilKiui CcVitniirMikHiiiirlYn ciVe ICiiimin A
SV7I18 New Jerw < > CmitiiUNortlicm 1ncltle
isimiiion OreKim Ninlxallon IUiuIIiil Mini
HoImi tntoii Jarlllo una VOKloru 1nlini
xrlilludoiiiinhotitlicruiVnlutl rnclllcUnci
lulaiiil Diiivir HIiiioIh Onlnil Nrr Yurie
UlilriO Krlc Umnliu unit Wiilmxli J to ii
NlWOlitBANS Dot iHlslll
Yolk Iir hIitUiik It II I si
on NiW
New Orl iutM
NKwOiitKXNSOctolHr 31 Hum Miuth
Khlr < liiiun3 liouilciii iji long tIcar lout
Uacon SliouliliTSiiulit nnit utradv lit 1
< > i > li dour unit tluii rfli hl liermut fcuarro
t lAvs riiolcn iiKiirciircit mvii cil
Fi irriami llrniullCj li
Wiiihkv HUidy mul tinrtmtiKeil
CoriiK AetlNo mul firm voininuii to
prliim loK lt >
Huoau ioojiloinmiil unit lower common
to iroinl roimnon Oifetisj Ulr to mlly mir
Ws 04 lirline Ojft iilluw clitHllul rtU
wiltf t larlllcW TJicaTJi
JIiimsshh rtcllc fnlr I0r > iirlino In
ilmlon twtw
Kick S only ami uueuancui
HlIAN Dull III w
forrov HKrnfrutlb S5 J moninir > cl
tow ifilncil i iMj
Imiii ipiliit fmnlly lilli < rnt Ai < < 3Vs
lilch Miiulcx Ilrm OCfAJU
01lanih ririncr mixed C while nnd tllntv
Oais Dull end ealer
litiiN MKAiccnrcoiind lrm ntawa 7
Ioiib Coud dcimiiiilmid loser lit llj
IAiiliStejid tierce S kej 8
nt K
Net York
October II Sloney 1 Io < pi1
1rliiinmcmoiUlii pnper W
Htcrlllii uxcluini e bnnkable IiIMk dull
l H sl Ht I St
Tin en lr emit bnndu lCu4
Uoiipoim IH
ConisniH l l
Ikoxer A ltloOrnnJi iiJi
llniiHtoii ATcxus centrul ill
KaniMK A Timm VI
MlKMinrl PuiHlc u > i
TeAns ljellle a
Note York
NbW Yoiof October UI Hpoliolton rUima
ipiletat lIM
Hulcii 1171
IW MllldlliiK
UoikI MUiIIIpik H
lllildllni rilr
Ill turcs elo ed firm
ctnheil dnll hint ciinler
Middling trpiiuNy
the cholscst the market supplies for yeornary
seventyfive cents S iniple roimis Tor
ilriiuiiiieiH Table Ixwnl per
week Coiner Third nml Houston
October otlon
0 1 Mil
JO 1 M
II lpl
HiiKm I20W
Oi lober Jo IXjMO 10
Novimltr 10 IVi
I lecember 101 ulhi
Jnnuury 10 7IK4W7I
Kobraary Ill K5i
In IwKlOll
11 IMll It
II iai
II Mflltlll
Hiie KOWAiilerliiiil7 W linporU llj >
Mil Ainerlmii
Ktitureff cloned xvenlij IJJSIoirir
Notr Orleun
XrW OiiIiaks October 81 Collon
HjHit Mused cany at I U Umir
iSttlp BJ0
0nlli4r x no
0kjI ordinary 111119
Ilyiltldllne 1 iy in
oooainpjaiiije 111710
M ddllriKlnlr Z w llSl
Halei llyij
aoilnic iiuoUtlom
NoxemotT 10 I7JI0 J
liwcinbm 10 IlutlCu
16 awrtin i
M W M 10
iarrh Min u V w
April lOMljIUl
lil l IOI4
Ji mgu w
w ii iniii jAUri in
0 uVRiT0 > r OclnWr Si Cotton fnot
rlosritialr > tnt MO lower
Cnwbi anotiillOn
Joo l Ortllnfttyu
iflr Mlildlltiic
Oao1 Mlilillllli
Uitfci > tn act nim
ton Ikii lsll ro twlso
Iniurm vloscii Htm
HntiM sw
I > r inner
M wu
M y
flood intddllnK
Ktrlol lour mlddtliiu
Loir inlililllllK
KlrlrlKiKHl ordinary
ooj onllnarjs
ft 1111
I0 > <
t t0 518
BtSWt J C > Wl8
Jfl tock
Ml Jobbing
m Mio u
to 4Vy0 41
li BljitO M
inrH irti
10 MrtIO M
lliWll > U
m tmit <
Kr flitis October JtlloHr Vt k but
noi loivtr
WilCiTiLnwer nnJ rarly ncttc Xo 2
liai > pcclii < > cr
ViivWoftker and dull nl tin ll en li
nhocmiKn4lKllcc < mti < ir
vembsr V7 litd lH < eci bcr
V iimkvSUuily nt Ul
own Mi uUiika at a 23
Iliov moss Jumlor only m UI Job trmlo
IORK Inii ullV V
CTriincoclpt i lno miply Mln nu
S > isl nbliilni oifeicil but would brlna
tilmiiBpr prlrvn nxporktR i0 Ol s c ol Ui
ilinliNi SfiivsaoiX vitnmoti n > fiilr hOWSS
1 etnas enlrr bntHicr < iitnl lootil tlcnlei s ore
reirlijijiiitlMwnias5iJstii Imilni emlcr nl
xiiKRPlleeclpts l 0 > imlcl omnmon lo
mriiiiii sswinij ntr lo ood a kmTi
llKiimM city
ICASHAiiriTV Oelnbel nt Mi tTlnwen
No S roil Mi4 nikcd lis UU > la Soil
l ii MH Kij Dcccnitior
IViiiniIhIdI 37J4 iMkti 311 tilil Novcmbii
XIV blilj ran
1IVI1 Wt
OATTtKUccelplii2yOji iid imltpjt lodv
but none lien imttximinckpni 3wWt > i linlr
lirv l > 3 lili3 71 kikhI tn eholio leiuimteerw
n kw > so cunnen 31 o 3 r
KiiKrittiiTlitHiiono mnrlH iiuleltiln
live nxcrnslni 1 > I punnds3HV
Ciiluxnn October 1lCArriiltccelU >
10 iW innrlrluoilt BB1 G7VimHl lo tliultu
sb < iptiiir > liVHIlMtromiiiiiii toiuidhini lew
M4 innciuvllliixfiiiik Toi < i SiiHlsy luilr
bnoiU 4 1
Hhiki Ueeclpln B0 > ncllx Infirlor to
fnlr aowioe tood tlw clioks 3iUTu
a S1 < NlM
Xmv Vol It
Nnvr Yoiik Oclnbcr 81 rxomilliill
Wiikai spot Uc Iimei options to Pfc
lnvxorj Nu fl toil fWKttl ILlfj No g rod I Cs
full tU
< iitsHpotWI < e loiven opllima J In
Ic Imvin n 5 M 0T
vm K SpotAilnltln ilrm nml In licttir
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