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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 07, 1883, Image 6

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To Telephonic Cullers
Iarties who desire to eonimunlcatu
with the OAirrn editorial rooms
please nil N 12
In tho largo ninl attractive advertise
ment or bargains written by Mr Chaw
iiriho Chase trading company which
impaired in Hunduys lesuo of tho Ga
yirrn our Intolllgcntcoinpwitorsmls
Inlerpietcd tho language of dr Cia o
catiMng lilm to utter Unit which ho
invn would have tint In print of his
own frco will he correction was
iniiilocliciriulty In this connection
wo iimv triilhfiilly Kiy that the CIiiho
Trading Co h advertisements tin at
trnctltiK unlverwil ntlentlon tliruUKli
oiil Testis both on account of Iho orlu
iimllty shown and the iitlnictlvu bar
gains oH cred Wo congratulate tho
rlly on beingablo to boast of CIuibo
J rmlili < o
A Mn Cllinln Out l Wliilnw ami lfU
llliMMiiriallTuriily IV t
James Floyd tho bicaUIng of
whixo iinn wiw nicntloiied In yester
days OAZirrri could not ho found by
ho rijwrtrr Monilny mill no ono
mowing of the fracture could tell of
Iho circumstances Mr Floyd wan
naturally reticent about tho matter as
ho Is n ni d > t man and does not court
notorii ty as u shining exuniiile ol any
sclciitlliu phenomenon Yesterday
luiAuvor wiien freoii tiuil iiucitloticil
about Iho mutter BiiV it full account of
lliu aeeldiiit that resulted in tho
fracture of U arm JIolsu phifterer
by tntde mid had been working
rjutiirdav In u ll ht place down
neir ilie river On tho premlfes
wm ti lil li plaulc fence directly in
fnoiUof whero ho worked Htturdiy
illKhUio uleiil iiueiihlly ami towaid
iiiorniiitf hail a very unpleacaiil ilreiiiu
JIo was a aiu at hix work but It be
iauie neceKxary for him to climb that
lilKh fence bewio hill IIo nmiumed
to get to tho lop uithoiil any trouble
it Hcemed lint then ho looked down
ami It deemed nliuortt Iinpoi > Htblo to
reach tlie round on Uiu other Hide on
account of itH distance lie clutched
tho top however and let hlnnelf down
to hit full lcli lli lie found himrclf
hoveral feet above tho ciounil bill eon
eluded o rlHlc a drop anil lei K
HtlMiiHtcad of liaviiiK neon on a hlth
Icneo lo hail actually elluibcd out the
Kicond Hlory of tho houxo fniiu hli
room nnjl whio In tho Houmambu
Hello Irupmil wentvono feet to tho
tho ground He awoke wllha pricking
Herniation in his arm and crept up
utiilrH to bin room in eouilderahlo
imiii IIo aftcrwardx went to the
jihyHlclaui Dri Daniel HrookH and
nail Inn arm hl > 1 ilovd often walkH
InhliHleep ImlllilH Im hit llrntfcit
while omnainbiilhtlo that Iiuh eaiifed
him any trouble 1 Io was fortunate to
escape ho eiiMlly
Miners Love AhIiuw will give a
public exhibition today at t p m at
iho courtlioiiso Hipiare Call and ico
ho nutomatlo waihlne niuehliie
IIoailijiiiirleM at tho IlliuoN house
Now ear of Oylono lour Jimt re
eolved at Combs Head t Coh
Von Hbould lead tho account
OratnH telephone liupiovemeiit
I > ew car of Iyclono llour Just
cclwd at Combs Kvml Ai Coh
Su Teiniioinnci Muulliitr
ThoOAZirrn in icquested to un
nouiico IhatMlHues l raiiccu K Wil
lard ami Anna iordon will hold a
Htuto iilee tliii of the W C T U at
laris Toxiih ovember lTitli ono
weik loin next Thurhduy All
frlemlH of temperiiuco are cordially
Invited to attend and paitlelputu In
the uieetlui
Ittiiinlurri Coiul
Tim following cases viuno before
Hioorder lelid yecterday morning
Cluia Ualiiea dl tuiblng tho peace
Iuey Moore dhtuibliig tho peace
Mat liuiif dlsttirbhig tho peace ills
lVarl Stanley prostitute Hi
Ora Jluiiiiltou iiroftituto i r >
K fiulokeinttedt Helling llij
Hundav i
iimr on
0 II Day Milling liquor on Humlay
Nut Kramer Helling liquor on Sun
day VSi
Jtii Stuart Helling llotiir on Bun
hiy tSi
lamiH McOImiiIh vagraiii
W II Korresl vueruul W
Ii h ratteiMin uwiault 50
Krank Iowoll vagrant f 10
Tom Welch vagrant 10
If you desiro to hcu iv llnuot tho tlnest
ittamoudiiaml iuccIouh MoueN In Iho
Mate call at 1 M OramH Jewelry utoro
111 Kim Mreot Dalies
Tho Toloplioiiu linprovomoiit
Have you read tho lust and most
wdnUcrful invention in conneetlon
with tliu telephoncV Mr 1 M
pram a prominent Jeweler of DilhiH
U tho Inventor and tho purposo la to
illvothu tltno of day by mnml over
inaiiy mile of territory Mr Oram
deals in lino watches illampiidH
anil tivprythliiK pertaining to tho Jew
olry Hlitf Cull on him nt 112 Klin
3 W Ilrmliig Shot on Ka t Wf Mliprfonl
Street hj1 I Curitilnuliam
In Accouiil rili Orriirrciircnsltclntcd
< > il
ic Kjo wlH >
occurred on tho
A terrlblo trnpedy
forner of Knul Weatherfordand
ing streets ycdtcrday evening about
half pant llvoVclwk In which
of th iv
l enlii an old cltien c
lost his lire by u jlrttol uliot ired by U
Ii Cunningham nlw n cltUon ot lhl
city Tho particulars nroas folIowH
llatl feeling had cxltlcil l
partleH for Mme time am K
Intel Hilled
quarrel on Monday evening
t lmt feeling which
cichho until IN oulmliintloii In Htm
lng death ycHlcnhiy evening
VII W I 1K >
nn ovowltness j Ivih ul > stantlall >
tho following Htatetiient of tho occur
rence Ihmlng was walking down
Hast Weatherfonl htreet after llo
oclock when ho was pusicd by Cun
ningham and his on driving In a
light covered miring wagon
When nearly to Harding licet
Cunningham pa cd W Ii Holt anil
Charles KergiiMin who weie walklag
In the name ilireetlon Ho was dr v
lug and asked Mr Kerguiou If ho did
not want to ride and tin Knjuton K < > t
Into tho wagon Cuniilngham made
Homo remark alKiut Kleinlng who wa
then mimo illhtanuo behind hut who
heard the remark and retorted and at
tho Hiinc thnu ran IiIb hand behind
him as though in tho act of drawing a
pldtol Young Cunningham then
nlowly drove tho wagon around the
corner of Harding htreit at which
point his father tool hold of the iclns
and backed tho wagon around until It
was facing Weatherfonl street and
waited for Kleinlng to eomo up
Kleinlng who lived ou Wealhotford
otreet Just beyond tho lallroad contin
ued to advalico down Weatherford
with bis hand hIIII behind him on Iho
pistol in ills hip pocket When ho
liadgotton at the Junction of tho two
stiecte Cuiinliigham hailed liml and
said Vou d n old h ofii b
you liavo been carrying a pistol for me
nil ily
Kleinlng Mopped never leinovlng
his hand from behind ami nald aslie
raixid his led band ami moved It In
the direction or CiinnlnghauiH resi
dence on Hast Heeoud street
Yop had lietter go on home Cun
Cunningham continued to curse and
nbiiso Kleinlng for kiiiio time while
the latter Mill held ono hand uloft and
tliu other ono behind him Finally
Cuniilngham Jumped from the wagon
to the ground and as lio did Homing
pulled a pUtoi rrom his left hip pocket
and held It down behind him Cun
ningham then Bald us ho started W
wards Fleming You have got a pU
lol in your hand now Uil iln
you and running his hand Into his
Worn pulled a largo wled fortytwo
caliber pistol rrom It and Hhovlng It
toward Fleming llred Tho ball en
tered Flemings head Just above the
left eye killing him Instantly Cun
ningham then got Into the wiigon ami
drove to tliu Jail and dellveied
hlmoelr up to Deputy SherifT It II
Tucker and James Muddox
> iu T 1 ritKiHr
who Is delivering clerk for Win
llrown thogiocer gave tho reporter
lliofollowliigaccountofwliit lie saw
and heard
Ho had Htoppcd his wagon at Mr
Williams to deliver somo goods and
had got as far in the gate Mr Cun
ningham had driven past and was
hidden from liim by tho Iioukc He
beard Mr Citunlnguum talking very
loudly Husaw Fleming standing in
the sued with Ills right hand behind
him on hiii pistol which was In his
iiockel lie heard Cunningham say
Fleming hud been carrying a pistol lor
him all day Thinking hero was
going in lio a lilllculty he stalled up
that way but slopped at Hilts
gate Dlieotly after this ho heard
Cunningham nay Ill get out
of my wagon Ho had not
heard Fleming say anything at all up
tollilstlme Cunningham Bulled Hie
action to tho word by Jumping out of
his wagon and Mailed toward Flem
ing Then Fleming said to him
Dont you eonio another step toward
me blit did not pull his pistol only
keeping his hand on it Cunning
hams icply to litis menace was to pull
Ids pistol and lire Fleming fell on
Ills right side dead
Mil 0 8 VIWKlihON
was found by tho reporter at his homo
u hhort dlstaneo boyonil the sceno of
tho killing and gave tliu following ac
count or his connection wllh tho mat
ter as an eyo witness Ho was returning
homo walking along with Divu Holt
Cunningham and his son pa ed thom
In a livery wagon and as they did so
called out to him Dont you want to
riilo liomiV Ho replied You ought
to have spoko about It bvfoic while
w o were In town Tho wagon Mopped
and hu Jumped In the hack part After
ho got In Cunningham said to
him looking back townids
Fleming who was walking In
tliu road That d old s of ab
lins bien carrying u pintol for me
Tills was in a tono loud enough to be
heard by Fleming who was walking
along Die road about forty feet Inek
wllh his hand behind him as If In ids
hlji pocket Ho said something In re
ply In a loud tone but tho buggy niado
considerable noise and lio did not un
derstand what ho said Cunningham
clutched very excitedly at the reins to
slop tliu horse Tho oung man tola
his father ho was drunk and diovo on
Cunningham kept repeating Tho d
old s of u hitch etc IIo dually
succeeded In catching hold of tho lines
and Iho homo backed ami
tinned the wagon round Fleming
was coming along behind hut stopped
near HoIIh liouuo when the wagon
begun bucking After it was turned
lound and liie liorsu had slopped lio
Jumped out inlying I will get out
Cunninghamand goon home If thats
tho way you are going lu do l y tho
tliuo ho got to tho ground ami looked
around Cunulucbam was also ou Iho
ground llaclng Ids bund In ids
hrcitbt pocket Cunningham said Tho
d old t ol a b > has got a pis
tol in his hand now pulled his pistol
and llred Just about tho time Cun
ningham spoko Fleming had taken
Ills hand from behind lilm with his
pistol In hand but CuunlnghainsMiot
followed befoio lio could laliiu
Ills arm Thu two wore ubout forty
feet apart Fleming fell to the ground
ou hit rteht hlo and died without u
quiver or movement Cinii ng n
seemed lo repent of his deed He kept
had been following
nu saving that Flem tig
lowing film nrojiud nil day wit
Hiatal Ho cried aloud and said that
lie wns corry ho had done It Sovernl
women of tho neighborhood wero ho
first ones lo reach the spot besides tho
men Immediately lit hand Cunning
ham got on his wagon with Ids eon
and went to town to surrender
News of the killing soon spread over
the city and n largo crowd of men
women and children soon surrounded
th corpe which lay nearly lu the
middle of the street at tho west end or
lliu Junction whore It had fallen The
body was lying straight as If it had
fallen naturally Tho liead wn some
what bmt out of poltlon to tho side
Tho blood trickled over tho short
white beard nnd silvered locks on tho
head and clotted thick in tho slnuuls
Through the congealed carmine tho
eyes of tho dead man glistened In a
mucking stare The hands lay natur
ally as If in sleep and lut away from
tliu right one lliu pistol lay pointing to
ward Tils fed
Thu Nxly lay in the road for Runo
time when Justice Inn who was
callfd arrived and selected tho follow
ing named men as Jurors to view tin
body before it could bo turned over to
Ids family Did King Win Me
JlrhJe Dan VaughnW C 1ilnce IS
I illakeley W h Holt Tho Jury
Inspected tliu remains reinovid tho
contents of his pockets consisting of
papers JflM In money and n small
bottle or whisky w hleli together with
tho pMol were delivered to Justice
Zlnn Tlio inquest will be held lu
Justice Inns oilleo tills morning at
8 oclock
Tho quarrel or Monday nrose as
slated tonOaihti man Irom tltodig
glngof ti well by Mr Fleming which
wassupnlie < irroni tlioKamostreamlliat
supplied thai on the hind of Mr Ciiu
nlnghiim Hard words wero passed
between lliem and Fleming was
knocked down hy Cunningham who
claims that Fleming llrstcut nthini
with a knife lie also expresses con
fidence In his ability to provo throats
ou the part of Fleming to kill him
tiiii > iai > man
Mr J W Fleming was well
known InTarrantcountyand through
out n largo portion of tliu state most
prominently as Iho editor of thu Ago
of lrogres n Grconluck paiier pub
lished mr a long time In tills city
Major Fleming was u man of great
ciitliUHiasm and earnestness or iurpose
lie was a good and a useful citizen
uml thousands will regret Ills untime
ly death us a public loss IIo had no
enemies In the strict senso of thu term
and thu manner of his death will be a
surprise lo nearly every one who
knew him Ho was an ardent lover of
light ami Justice and according to
Ids views upheld them fearlessly Tho
OAXirrri hint a warm place in Its heart
for the old man with whom It often
quarreled and tenders to his beieaved
Iniiiily a heartfelt sympathy
John F Kuerell of Cincinnati
is in
the city
11 K Wiley of Itunnels county is in
the city
C M Darling of Albany Texas is
in town
A II Webl of Jampasasls ut tho
1CI 1aso
JCd Ilyan of liura county is at tho
h A Iiouiou of Waco is Mopping at
tliu Mansion
J It McCrackeu of Chleo is now at
lliu Mansion
John F ICIehison otIIillshoro is vis
iting the city
W I Ilooksof Itiica is a guest at
tho Mansion
H C Upsliaw or Hlllsboio was in Hit
Fort yesterday
James Can older Missouri is at tho
Grand Central
Mr James Ifoutsof tho Dallas Her
ald is lu the city
AV W Overiimn ofCliarlotie X 0
Is hero ou n visit
James IieHermaii of Decatur Is at
thoCiraud Central
W W Hell and J X Oeii of Henri
etta aro lu tho Fort
Ijiiko Short of Hxn
guest at the 101 laso
Antonio Is n
laul Fortler of New Orleans is stop
ping nt tiioMiinslon
C T Herilng a c ittlo nan arrived
in tho city yibloidny
W S MoDonald ofllonhaui is stop
ping at thoUraud Central
W M liigiam of J Kenard t Son
Carpet company is lutown
W II G inetson of Dallas lu regis
tered at the lirmil Central
It 11 Winston and A D Winston
of Dallas aro at tliu Mansion
Captain C C Iool a cattleman or
Johnston cunty is lu town
D i Kilns and wife or Faint Hock
aro rcglsteied at the Mansion
C5 M Heaver and Huster Batnson of
Alvarado moat tliu Mansion
Judno Leak of Dallas attorney for
tho Gould syMcin Is in thu city
Henry Kaunders a commission mer
chant of Galveston lb in tho city
A Ci Mcfiraw of Colorado Olty is lu
tho city on his leturn rrom Victoria
A H Hengo and Walter HaIN of
heymouraroMoppingat tho Mansion
G 11 Dugan WJ Matliuws ami
D 1 Dugan of Sherman nro at tho JCI
V II White mid J W Arthur of
Dudgu City aro registered at tho Grand
Charles H Iiunfordand Frank Ilen
lfj of Hunt county aiustopplng at tliu
VA Inso
Captain Hubert MeCait and Jim
ood went over to Dallas yesterday to
take lu lliu races
W It Iluyden manager or T W
kcoue railed on thu GAtrni yester
day Hois n very pleasant gentle
Mr Montague n big cattleman from
Ilardoniau tuuiiity is hero on ills way
to Maury county Tcniiesseo his old
Mr Charles sjulifiiber returned yes
teiday from tliu Hot Springs or Das
Vegas Now Mexico viicro lio 1ms
been in search or health
Frank V Hiiwley thu genial ami
uniidtfoino hti lm manager of C D
> School ISoolcs
Parents can savolitiylng a new set
or books by sending their hoys and
girls to tiio English department of the
Business college besides getting them
lu a school wlieio they will rectivu
practical instructions Terms very
Iruo With His hallow
Vesteiduy wliilo out at recess two
school hoys named John noweriimii
and Richard Stanley had a misunder
standing Tho former spat ou tliu lat
ter and no lesenled it by a very ap
probloiis epithet After school How
ernian waited lor Stanley to settle
It and attucklng lilm with a barlow
one of his lingers anil inllieted
a gash
cut lust liack of his1
rljsht tligh Dr Feild
pronounced it not dangerous How
ermati rested lu thu calabooso hist
New car of Cyulonu Hour just re
ceived at Combs Head Cos
lilsliops Comedy Company
C 11 Hluhops comedy company
will npprir nt tho opera house next
Wednctday and Thursday nights
November Itli and loth Wednesday
night they will present Strictly
Business and Thursday night tliu
comedy of Our Hoys and tho fareo
of WiintedJa Thousand Mllllneis
Tho company is now in Sautli Texas
where largo houses uro tliu order Tliu
company plays in Galvoston lonight
and largo houses hnvo already leen se
cured Tills Is ono of tho strongest
companies on tliu loaJ They pluycd
Strictly HiijImW at Haverlys in
Now York city from April into Au
gust to crowded houses ovory night
Tho company makes friends every
where it goes and Fort Worlh will
doubtless provo no exception to tliu
S2Sffi 3 V JTllVMll il Dinn Jt Ullllf M ouuArkansas and Teias
Ncwa lioys not ieriultted to on the
trains lo ilium for tho Barnes Home
Albany Texas J D Barnes pro
tpouml Har each bar wrapped in u
Japanese lidy made of jinre vegetable
oil and tnlimv Tiio bent is the clieap
uit He sure and too that each liar or
It is ono or tho peculiarities or tliu
American people to duvotu nil their
time to ln < dnu s without regard lo
health In this rush for money and
fame many lives uro ruined which
wltli proper attention nnd u timely use
or a proper corrective could bo saved
For this purjioo tliero is nothing
equal to the Prickly Ash Hitters
it iclloves tho system ciT till impurities
purities Hie blood uml by ussiMingna
ture restoies liealtli and vigor
aucaatmayfaxaxifx inivimmmrjiviLa
This and similar expressions wo hear ovory day from
quote thom on CLOTHING To toll the truth we buy our
good 5
CHEAPER than our loss ambitious competitors
This week wo aro making a drive on MEDIUM PRICE Sut
If you look through your pockets and nnd 10 lying around looso
around and well take tho and
come money send you
away with
have ELEGANT SUITS at 12 14 16 18 and 20 and
so on
up to 36 But to thoso who might not need a new suit wo want
to say that our OVERCOAT STOCK is IMMENSE We can soil
an overcoat and please ir have
you you you any intention of
Buying Last but not least wo closo with tho remark that our
STOCK OF FURNISHING GOODS will bear inspection
establishment will bo of mutual benefit
She iniorUy oftht tlti of the humrn
Sir arlin from a derangement of tlia
Liver affecting bath the stomach an J
ioiiel J order to efrct a tttre U It
ntttnry to remove the raute Irregti
ln > uml filngtllah aetlon of the Jtoieels
HtndarnttBltknatattheStomatU Intn
< iii i > tlt and Zotntctendleate that
c o ZtrorUat fuultatij thnttiaturcrc
ijutrfs ntthtaneo to enable this organto
throw efftinpurltlet
S rlcUly Asa nlltcraarcupeolatlj
tamroundedforthltpnrpoK Jheyari
mild < i ilulr action unit effective a a
nire are ylcittant to tho ttistaand taken
catllililhothchtldrcnandadulU Xa
lru according to direction they area
c aMfJj > Ir > i urelirI y l > cpflfa
< vHcrnincl > llltyaint > UiinlCon
illlintlou lHca cil KlUneyii
ctciVlc AoamoaCLXUTiacrthtu
are vuferlor to any other fic i Iiii > i
chantUD tho til item thoroughly and
imparling Hciellfoa > deiicr0y to theln
mild 11 Ua meUIcIno and uotait
lltoxlcntllti hoverogu
h Yooa crscoitT rca rmciir ah ctnta
udLkonocttior raicrtlXtOpcrOattlc
a UiUt tai u cm JJo
A visit to
Bishops Comedy company callfd on
tho GAtrrrr yesterday Though not
u cowboy ho Is a Texan haying Gal
veston lor his nativity
ix kiukf
A good house
A btttei onu tonight
Tho city council will moot today
thu regular meeting having been post
poned from last night ou account of
the Kecue engagement
Ah an evidence of thu extension of
Fort Worths wholesale trade thu
OAZinn iiotwj a wholesale shipment
to Waco yesterday by V F Iiku
The finance committee lias finished
tliu work of examining tho accounts
or thu city ollicials and vlll
mako n full report at the meeting
Wo have received an anonyous com
munication ou thu subject of renting
the public Halls of tho city signed D
II II AVo must have tliu real name
or wo cannot ilvo It place
A meeting will be held In Iho ollico
of tiio Texas In vestment company
tills morning at fli JO to make prepara
tions for tho Chicago excursionists
wlio will get horohoxt Hunduy and
remain over until Monday night
Tramps Alirniul
Veslerdny morning while olllcers
Hushing and Colter wero out lu search
of tho men that beat Mr Battle they
wandered over to tho neighborhood of
lliu refrigerator and found a tnuinn
paradise Homo of these gentry had
provided themselves a tent and cook
ing utensils ol a cheap and slniplo
kind and weio In tliecourso of get
ting a meal the vissels being ou thu
liro when tho oIIIchih approached
Hut dismayed by tho ar
rival or thu minions of
thu law they forsook
lhcir93 quondam homo ami
emigrated In various directions Tho
olllccis by expeditious movement suc
ceeded lu capturing three out of tiio
Mix and captuied thu fortress Tho
prisoners of war will pi nimbly bo af
forded an opportunity of showing their
skill in tiio improvement or the city
The ollleera are on the lookout lor the
other emlgraiitB
All persons aro hereby cautioned
against negotiating Tor or attempting
to pas two certain cheeks drawn by
Allibon t Forbes on the Traders Na
tional lank Fort Worth Texas iiuyii
bio to bearer and numbered and
111 respectively Said cheeks being
lo t or mislaid payment stopiied
Foit Worth Texas November II JbSl
Now car of Cyjlono llour Just re
ceived at CoiiiIh Head ifc Cos
New ear of Cyclono Hour Just re
ceived at Combs
Head A Cos
3 >
Sweet Gum iiiui IMiilloin
wi V
Most of our leaders have thoughtTexiistaV nZu
dation very llttio of tho fact Unit inthoexu relievo me of rfrZJf
they see clinging to thu sweet
gum Ireo in thu hot summer mouths
there Is u principle that is considered
thu most powerful stimulating expec
torant known Tliuy hnvo no doubt
thought less of thu fact that lu the mul
lein iiliiut seen in thu old lielilsisa
mucilaginous substance tliutacts us a
hmilling demulcent ou thu Inflamed
surfaces of tho lungs and which has
attracted tho attention of tliu medical
world in consequence of its wonderful
olleclu on consumption When these
tilings arc considered It is notsurpria
Ing that Taylors Cherokee Henicdy
orHweut Gum mid Mullein tliu great
panacea for Coughs Croup Whooping
Cough and all Bronchial AH ections is
proving such a boon to those sull er
Ing For sale by all leading drugglMs
at liie and 100 per bottle
Matiuuiotured by Walter A Taylor
Atlanta Ga pioprietorTaylorslieni
hint Cologne
Tho Gilir Colorado t Santa Fo Hall
roiil Company odors you tho smooth
est and best line with only one change
of cum for Chicago Cincinnati Wanh
Inglon and other Northern Kastern
and outheasterii cities Oflleo on
Main street near tiic Kl Latwo hotol
Cill for rates and time
E Ii Knsuicic
Railroad and Btcamshlp
Ticket Aguut
Railroad Tickets Bought and Sold at
HI laso Hotel clear store
10 M Howi ngent
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muilntortiall t > artlc or of
can do to t > y cnlUtK atl h oil I
IIiiiihckuoiKiis nnl CmiHiuiicn NOTICE TO COSB
Will savu money by liuylng Wrlsleys
soaps which aro sold by all grocers
Among their celebrated brands aio the
Iinen Whlto Velvet Geimou
Family Knglish Hlue Old En
gllsli Gold Medal 3pound Har
each bur wrapped in u colored Inblc
napkin id o their Nuw Tidy boapi
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nlnncU for the tneOa i
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Intermittent Fr
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