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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 16, 1883, Image 4

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Loving Publishing Company
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Addres Idlers nnil communications of
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IiOVIXO lClllrsiIIMn Company
Tort Worth Toxat
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I tiivgraveof niccnhucklsni logo
wltktatn loinltV
Utah llltli nmltes tho American
eagle look gniwy
nil Is a siiccipsI iiI statesman whoean
licilee acce < sfully
Political slugging llnds lis Inst
champion in John Kelly
Tun longest barl Is linn holiest way
to tho pcrHlnimoiiH In politics
AltTiirit Is not a political prodigy
it In true ImUlill hols nblggei man
tlinn llnyos
liirnKK nnd Kelly Is it ptnposcd
political eomlilnatlon that would star
Il brevity bo the Mini of wit the
thanksgiving proclamation Hhould bo
styled u gillieinnloiliil plea
As Ohio olllcoholder stole 11000
mid died In iomor > < > Iho leform In
Iho llmkcjo state inu t be genuine
Tliildolluriilthe daddies fells us
hat In iiHl wotrusl biiltbe InlUd
Stale Indorsement seems lo bo going
at par
Xo hope for llolmmi Is iho way
a prominent politician of Ohio puts it
Cot rcct u Utile chapter in tho dimy
of il is to be ruwrlllun iixt > o
lrnoineboily would inaugurate a
leliglous system giving women the
pilvllogonf iiiullliilying liiiHhmids at
pleasure it wouldnt rcipilro a century
to boostou Moriiioul < nu and all It
religions connection
Houston Age goes to congress uiiin
loiTlewed and unpledged save lo tho
traditions of Ihinncinoy as opicsed
In tin platforms and conventions And
from what he Age nays wo shall not
ho astonished If Mr Stewart decides
to vote for Ham Hiinilall
a h
WiiATpoiitlnn will Mahoiio occupy
in tlio United Widen senate now If
ns has been stated on apparently trtist
woithy Information Itlddloborgcr In
lends acting willi Iho Democints In
tho attempt lo ledeem hlinolf with
that parly In Virginia Mnhonos vote
will again become essential to Itopub
lican miiKtery lit tho senate lint a
man without a pally with no piostige
and no prospects cannot hope to com
mand n fancy price for his vote Tlio
Itepublicans of thoHcmtto aro not to
liavo lcgUlalion all their own way
IUUUAX calls Tlldoii n coward Iic
oaoBooflbi iresidential iiiibiogllo in
1876 How much blond did llcagan
shed during tho war between Iho
slntct TJiero Is a vast deril or cheap
glory being won by c tiling Tllden a
cotrnvilfov bis emirHoat that time And
genciaUy by inou who cuino tliiough
that other war wltUoutn scratclt It Is
time Kmithcrn men lot up on this
racket especially men presumably
with brains enough to know what tho
situation was at Washington when it
wan feared t hero might be an emcutr
Thebiiidenol that outbreak would
hare fallen on tlio Koujh mid yet
ihorearo f oulhern men who never
felt n wound that now talk about Til
ilens ciiwaullce Ilosh
Tho ICIgliteonth leglslatuio apnn
pi laled for iho year from bYh is JSS i
lo Kcb 2S 181 2112703 and for tho
year from bch 2s IKS I o bYb 2S 1KB
llo 0IT Maturing Htntu bonds nnd
Inteiest and work midmnterialsforthe
coTisttuctlon of public buildings ac
count for tho birgo excess or tho appro
priations for iSSatovorthtwoforlKHI 5
Tho of tho
aggregate nppropiIul < iiH
for Iho two year mini up i7i > lV70
Oomntroller Swain csllniutes that for
ho operation of tho stnlo for Iho
fiscal year ending Aug ill IfiSI theio
will bo vtspilred Including thu ex
penseH for tho extra tension 2 > 18 > uil
Thl leaves n balance for llioieiualn
lug apiiroprlation psrlod of 9oojtt
Why hen cannot tho taxes bo re
thiocd Uhw been shown that tho
receipts on an assessed valuation of
y omvtoo a i0 ctixiff together with
occupation pojl mid other tuxes will
prorldo a net revenue of J222i000
> o expenses tan bo Jiicurrcd thnt uro
Plenty of Work Mapped Out
The governor sticks tn his text with
rcfeioiico to the subjects for legllatinn
nt tlio approaching extra session Tin
portiinltles to interpolate this or that
subject do not alllct bint mid lie an
nouncts that It is useless lo approach
him with such suggestions or reiiucstfl
Waiving consideration of tho cchni
calliles involved the right of the
executive to present supplementary
subjects after his proclamation is once
Issued It may he said that tho de
cision of tho governor appears to bo
very appropiiato on oilier account
It is by no means desliablo that tho
extra session ahull convene loaded
down eolo say with tusks The ses
sion must of necessity bo tisbott one
thirty days nt the mot Granting
tlmt time o bo Insuniclent another
call mid another thirty days umkiug
sixty lu all is tho outside limit Pub
Ho sentiment will
not lolerato any
more Tho proclamation contains
touttceu distinct counts or subjects
needing legislation They aiu all
without exception matters or Import
ance that Hhould not bo defoned until
the regular session of lKSj few r
them me very Itupottant If tho leg
Islaturo will lake up llieso fouiteen
subjects seriatim and
give them one
and all careful mid Intelligent consid
eration It will have all tho wotk It
can handle and dojuhtlcuto A greater
amount would inevitably icsult In
careless and haMy action entailing
nnnoynnco and confusion in future
Kven as it Is wo shall be agreeably
disappointed If there is not tinkering
and blundering in dealing with soino
of tho matters I hat will come up Xo
doubt there nro many subjects or Im
portance that ought lobe attended to
If it were practicable lo do io There
Is always nomethlng that needs atten
tion In tlio ntihirs or government as
well as corporations Jlrms or Individu
als Hut these extraneous umtlcia
will simply have to await Ihelr turn
In IBSo The governor has mapped
out an adoeiualo tnsk for thu extra
session and It will bo very fortitiiato
If It gets through Intelligently niid
thoroughly with what will come bo
lore It in thu fourteen siiugiHtlons < > f
A natiovai iiuiraudiie should be
declared asamt Ho wwi
vi wnmrnHmv
not liicliitleil nnd deslgiintnl In tlio ap
propriation Mil Tlio comptroller lifts
provided for ho ifo of fi 180031 niut
there remains butf 100Jr to exhaust
tho funds appropriated On this
showing n reduction to 23 wnU on the
hundred dollars ml valorem taxes Is
clearly practicable
Tm Western Null Makers nwoclii
lion Ima ordered that tho nail mills of
the country clo e up until tho present
stock of nails In tlio country I ex
hausted This they do lo pi event
overpl eduction anil lo keep up the
price of nails The employes of tliero
mills will now bcicln to feel some of
tho protection which our tarili gl vc
them Hundreds of them no thrown
out of wot It nnd will bo kept Idle tin
tll It plcasis tho owners lo open their
mills again Riifth a stale of ollulrs is
possible only In ncrfuutry whoso arllt
syMcm keeps out ifiiclyii competition
nnd the few homo establishments by
combining can regulato production
and prices The mill owners mo pro
tected hut ns the unemployed work
man blows his fruity fingers to warm
them ho will ptizzlo his poor wKh to
llnd where tho protection lo n m
comes In
Badly DisflgmoJ but Still in tho Ring
Grit appeals to our admiration
oven when displayed hyouroppnuciits
Tho South la not Mirry to see lien Hut
lers presidential prclcnsionskillcdoU
butlt frankly confusions to iidmlru
tion of tho old mans Hpirlt of novcr
say tlio Already lie puis out hlsile
llmicc to tho llepublicans or Massuchu
sctts and niinoiiuccs himself in he
Held for 1HS1 Ho points to the fact
that iiuilerhlsfleveril candidacies he
has brought up tho Democratic vole in
alamachiiMttnfioin 112000 to IBOOOfi
and In a icnuirkably brief time at thai
Tills much must ho said us to litis for
midable KtiilcMiKin of Massachusetts
vl that he has a ncrvo which ills
counts tho old try try again of the
schoolboy liiynic Wo have pouie
wlicio lu our mumory it llouling leiui
uisceiici lliat ltcli Itlltler was a candi
date for governor of MnMiohuueta
away back In ISIS At all ovcnisln
addition to voting fortylive times in
suceesilou forIeU Davis for president
In tho Demiicrado national conven
tion bclil at Charleston in lhixi ileu
Juiiilii I wiihii candidate for governor
ill tho Old liny statu that year Of
courc he was beaten lie was hcnteii
Iwicciigaiii as tho Diinoeralio uiudl
ditlo sinco tlio war but thu tidal wave
of lhS2 enabled him o consunimato
his ambition lie says that lie was
beaten by money and coriuptlon and
avows his purpose to lie to Htaud by
his own preliiisions to u icelecliou
as governor Mo says that bo will llnd
full employment fur ho liepublltmi
corporation fund in beating liutlcr in
MiiwiohiisottH thus keeping it from
doing riiNchleftotho Democratic cause
In Ohio nnii Indiana next year ltrnvo
old llenl Wo repent poignantly the
somewhat iliscoiiiteoiiH icfeienees we
have made o thee Mayst thou live a
thousand years or at least until after
thu next presidential < ctiun
TllBLoulRvllloPxposlllon Is clostsl
It vat ttgrarul iticccm itimnrlitllr and other
lit TAXvKHHHlnlor tried her broth
rxlarTMnii llicory nnilitlcceedeiK Tlmt
Asmvlillo wo aro about It let in
irrllnllit olillunry or Cludiacr along Willi
Hip ollir Jena ileinaenKtie
Tins ihanksglvlng proclainallnu
linwitlliit IlilrRif have xonn antrny since I
dropped tlio ilim lTlie Old Alcnldr
Tlio New York Tribune Miyn the
prriddrulliil ntrdlo In IicrIiiiiIiir to nirker
totrarii Mflioimld < t Imllitnu Lot her
Kkvixtiin thousand n year ban
rjiirtM and ilisr nre i llo cumuli linpplne s
lo crowd Inlotlif umiiladorof i eiicnil Slier
niiiin life
llHXXirrrs cablo across tin Atlantic
will terminate nt Loblolly Marnicliusc < t5
ftiiino pnipli tlmuslit it would tcrinlnale la
Ills mind
A mod of women attempted to
lynch liy linnglnir Jacob Nolilcu bud man
of tlrcenslitiiR Prim Tlicy were lliwurlcd
by llirnnlcers
It Is not generally known but is
nunc the Ickh true lliat nilhoads piiy the
Pullman c r cmnjnny lor tlio iirlvllcje of
Tins Memplils Avalauclic us ono in
tlicwlllcineii Isiillll crying aloud for Han
cock In I8S Havo your wind lo hIioiiI for
Old llions is lather aliseiiliiunded
nt llmcfi hut bo nover permits an cntlio
winter tohllpimnj wltlinut dlscoverluc Its
HKAoos mayor Is mentioned as
a probnMo iiindldnlo forJ0crnor Carter
would tlr tip a wintry brewc for lliu Illinois
It Is wild there tire 2ioiu30 widows
Inllermnny Some oi their husbands are In
heaven but tholilijorlty oftlam hcII brer
In America
Adjiiiiai loitTint says tlio Aiucit
can navy In tontptucdof nlllccrtiind wnlcr
Who will uer tlmt Ibis Is not it temper
mice nation
Wis bet ono cent on thu Into elect ion
and lost II Lowell Times We guess you
bathed joiiroplnlon for all II was north
Iloalnn Traveller
Its a grtnil hlekcningpccnu said
adlsllngulshed vKltor to the Kniin Clly
slstightur hou c Well It Is it llttlo rough on
tho Mncrlcun hog
IlrTKPs buudrpil indictincnls
again gauilders ullinllns lool s as though
tlio comity attorney theio Iiiib enlisted lor
I hren curs or thu nr
Mil ItiAiNH liectiiiifi a grandfather
Iheothcrdiiy He has al o wrlllen a book
Hul with nil nfthK the mcaMiioofhls hni >
1 > 1ii i < Is not complete
V Cuiioknia woman only twenty
llvo years old has hid flvn hiebanda The
rIHh In be iSnslern stales will look longing
ly liithetlnldentialF
Tiinitr is tt hitch ill tho adoption of
the neiVHt indnid of time Tlmiiiloruey geu
eral InisderLired coiigicksloaal action neccs
hiij to lanle li legal
Tin battle of tlio giants for the
spenUcrihlp Is about to botfla Already llio
nmbntanls nro on the Held and tho work of
Ihe lobbyist liegliuil gb
I in iti Is every poslliillly or a row
between Unhoiin mid the rulmlnWratlon
riieliirmpihnjKtliti president did not Mip
poll him In the recent contest
UurwsTKit Is pushing Ms investiga
tion Into the swindling of soldiers hy claim
atonts nnd lhliigsaroice > dlngly Harm for
cerlRlii of the gentry about Washington
i i
CiATH ssys unlosa till the signs or
Ihp times aro at fjull Itandall will certainly
be elected ipnker WMI tlatlill looy an
11 you will llnd Hu st nn sory unrrlUble
Tin Ohio hog isliecoming danger
ons JleidcherneslcUeiinl aueiilliolamlly
atAkionand two died Perhaps tlio bog
liaMgonn on a strike because he wasrept
dialed In the recent cl < i lion
Tin Houston Ago and n fow other
Tcnn papen art booming Mr liandallfortho
piaherbhlp Woailmlii yonc pluck Uiule
Dan albeit you urn following what appeal
t be at this
outlook a boprlesn cause
Tlinv tell or a young girl in Yew
Jerncy long deceased who Use out or iur
grave and goes prowling around trjlng to
gel aome one toliep her company H
aredlcm toremnik ihe Is not ucceisful
VorMi Allen Thurman of Ohio who
made aunsaof lilmstlfby mpportlng Porn
kerfoi gmctnor ngaln oinea to tho ironl
lie la out In a lard denying hla falheis can
didacy to tho keimtc The public baa beard
MUltn loo much of young Allen
Mlt Iltvixu usked a New York re
poiter wbeitlti hn was morn attractive
than what you iro urctulouied loover
here He khould hiic been Infnimcd that
It was tbe popular belief Hint bo wan an Kit
gllthluaii and the husband of another mans
iTlsuniicrstooil that Nat Mien
deron like Wmh Jones will not atlend
thin ienlon of congreis Hut though abr on
Natllltaup hlsMilroniid uhouu thogloilcs
of Mr llnndnllono of the uWuUW lew In
rejas who cling t He great protectionist
> el n Utile whllr mid till this will ho utrr
Not long ago the connnlhMi ners
court or Comanche county dlsruurd lliopio
prlelyof putlliu somo addlllonaUork
thejull In tbatlownmiklng It more secuio
agalniit C4c p r prUonera In the Itlit or
itfonl fvrnta It would m tlmt what U
iiecdtHllstoinnko It mcuw ngiilnuoutildo
Innuenccsiiiob proof
Tun only cciihlderatu rcaturo nbout
llierriditlymlilng at Coinaiicho wua that
the mob loot tl brothers to Hie V
Ingegiavejtrdandlmngcd tlieui their Ah
Mxni us tliocoumerH Inquest was comluded
theio was
nothing to do but nlglu STOV
IsMieath the dangling bodies and bury Ihem
Ihohcitrso wasnt cn ed Intoleuu iull
iTwIIUenrccly da to iidmlt Dakota
ute until her peoplo showacleaner
rtcordlhanll l0y I10T >
JIllikronlwhohasbeett Inveslltatln Die
tailed stu ta u
llialmou of the public InmU lathe
Ui Vu
Iiavobctn acquired by tho grossest frauds
Hie law not being complied with In letter or
la spirit
AiiUTNTGiviiiAri Kin le
ported as Krnitly dlstrcRscd at tlio Intent re
ports from tho West nlsiiit fencocuttln i he
Kood innn went out tliero hlmsclr lacstt
Billed innlteni nnd cuino buck to Auitln
llnnly bellet Ins tho troubles wero over Ac
cording lo lilt Idea every thing Wu coteur tit
nur In tolcmnn and other coiuuIch Hut It
has ruined out W slnlncothcu nnd tho fencc
cllppers aro hi Iho Held njfilti Now what
doos the luljttlniitgcnernl think or It
Tim report la abroad hat it nkcs a
n simill forluuo tn b ly it small lot nt Hnblno
Puss Tholoirnlias iiroiprcls Ildreiunsor
Inrlnr Improvements deep wnliT nnd u
great city there Wo do not Itimw Jinl li r
niuihuf truth thcielH In the repoils of tho
high prices pint etl on propeity there but for
thoKihoofMnblno Pom lis litturc Ills to bo
hoped tlicy ate oxnggurnted Many a piomls
lug town hnsbnd lis growth nnd prosperity
nipped lu tho hud blighted for good nnd nil
by piiriiilngtho vory loollsh policy of driv
ing away cnplliil population and Industry
by high prices for ienlctnlr > Let tlio people
eoiiioj sell thorn property at rrn o < inljlo prl
ccs mid let tho growth of tho plaeo bo stable
mid prosperous llctltlous prices nt tho out
set must bring Rtignnt ou Inter
Now my dudlsli darling dear
Lend me plotse n willing ear
While I whtxperBciitly my dcslic
Thero the opera lasglit
A weddinghop In slghtj
Yotirnltondnnco dudy I require
ISiiKtiged you nnnghly hateful nmn
To bicnk my heart heewsayou can
I hate deiplso you puss that fun
Inncwcll I Rliould smile I will oxplie
All cllortls bciiiginudo toorganlKcn
lodge or MiiMinsat Alliieial WelN
The Ibpinr licenses Issued In Ieoborl
soii county this jcaruuioiint to f21000
The lop croji continues to bo it
problem of tlio inline The late sea
son is giving it a good chance
You can now go front Kort AVoith to
Teiiisabin for only U2ii > Iliis is u
special excursion rate vin 2uw Or
leans and New York
A Wcatheriord boy onlv tlftcen
years old has acctimtilated llvo hun
dred dollar1 worth of property by hid
own labor
The Austin drays have invited lie
ISrcnliam drays to it competitive drill
lo take plaeo during Christmas week
When liny meets Urny then comes
he ug of war
Two or lluce fraudulently packed
bales or cotton tammu info Witxtt
hnchio last week Tlio law llxes a
heavy penalty and tlio perpetrators
will be prosecuted
A stianger In Denlsnn ollercd lo bet
ins two mules Una they could pull
three hundredpound Kick of Kind ten
feet hitched to thoend of a uipo three
hundred yards long He made n full
lire and lost his mules
Ilorr the Mint Is Jmiftleil
Philadelphia Record
It would not bo healthy font burg
lar touttempt any of his tricks nbout
tho mint said Colonel A Loudon
yesterday About a year
I caused
ago all iho muskets to bo
changed for tepeatlng rilles and seven
shot carbines tlmt are darlings Our
outside watchmen who patrol the
about lie place are well sun
plied with llrcarins
In fact Uiey
mo walking urcnals We can eadily
nun eveiy person in the building who
can liatidlo a pistol or rjun There is
no trouble upprehended that 1 know
of and I can not divine why the sec
rotary of the ticasury has ordered
Titling ituns and carbines for the
mints 1 havo not requested any be
cause wo aro hullleiently ainml At
litis time there are being turned out
in or ii million or standard duller each
mil 1 1 W0fml tIy havo W
mn i
OUO1110 illsilver I
in tin vaults Hut it
would take a llttlo army witlt cautions
togctnt it
Santa Anas Swonl
This relic of the Texas revolution
was splendidly mounted with gold
when captured at Sin laclnloutul
came into tho hands of Miinbemi Ii
Lamar afterwards Into the
of ills brother Jr Ianmr of Macon
Cla unit lmer lo his son Lavorgu
litimar who died a few vears hko in
that state Hut the gold Iiad been
MolcnfromUwheioit was loft care
leslv exposed t n hotel when belm
carrfiil to Washington for the iniuwim
liavorga Lmiar jirior to the war
removed to loIk county Ga where
he became mi intimate friend of Ir
Stephen A Ilordoir who is an old
Towfio V ln nt <
ll1 ii
county and lndlng
that he i canto when a youth with lA
mar to 1 exits and boiohlmselfeallaiil
cin lv in lis battles and was t Iti
o gtv him the captmed
and ho sltll has it
among the ndlrond bo
of tlio handsomest
men c
SiiTfd by a Dream
Sau AnloniuTlmes
ih kablo incident eounecled
with the recent wreck on ho
Ifarwoud Is told by a railroad
says lluit engineer Tim
running engine No to
was wrecked ami
Igbt before had aVcHiii lb only t if the
took his run out
the next lav Men
Ho was one
on the road
i >
around Texas
liiptujiud rl
Cniorlluir Aroiuni
lOnlvcslon Ncwn
lloleterKniltli boon Is
ii >
in u declili
and healthy fHhon S WJ y
1 injure tlio stfite
ot liable
3lr 31IIU urTKxna on Hin lieri01
T rlfr 0
dtl SpcHl < ld
Wushlngton Post
AJost reporter visllctl
a iiuinber nt
newly arrived congnwiinoii v frdav
mill wideiivoral to extriict from tl of
lions 0ln pon th0 tt ft
Mr Itogor Q Mm thoalnlwart
neiocrntrom Texan was fmid
i h roBlilonco mid rcsplmded
to tho rci orirH jHterrogatlons ohccrfunv
P1 locratlc
ho Haiti l consider tho elections
satisfactory J think tho lofent verv of
llutler has only uroveil what
body knew that Massachusetts taV
Itciiubllcnn etnto IlJlutlef hud
rlcil itimaln the fact would hav 1 mT
And what about Xuw York
Iho election In New York pri
JIfuHiiioiiunieiitto Ids states
lis biogrnpliy will bo jiriiiti
lablet man falls to return
Hint wHi a good Western man oil
soiiiid Deiiiocnillc pltttfonu wocaitetr u
rv thu state It has certainly conveyed
the lesson very forcibly that the
Democracy docs not nib well with
prohibition Tho Democratic party
insuIwiiNS been
opposed lo sumptuary
laws or any attempt to Interioro by
statute with a cltiens pursoiuil
What nbout 1eniisylvanlaV
IeniiHylvmila went us everybody
our way expected JJesldes theio wies
no issue there between the Itepubll
eiiiB mid Democrats that I know any
thing about
Of course you are gratllicd at the
result In Virginia
Thoroughly mi It was n great tri
umph and places tho statoat tho head
of tlio Democratic column A victory
ho sweeping in lis effects means per
manency All over tho country its
importance was recognised lively
eyowasllxed upon Virginia nnd a
contest which they know lo bo a dead
ly one with Mahoneism I havo just
lccolved a telegram from Texas haying
that thu Democrats of many of thu
cities are betting off bonfires nnd blioot
ing oil caiman in honor oftlietiitnnph
of the Democracy or tho Old Domin
Or coutFo your views aro as pro
nounced as ever upon the turiH
Ceitaiiily T hold with ttio Democ
racy of Texas in a tariff for revenue
Only with a big O 1 believe
taxes can only be taken from the peo
ple for public purposes and cling llnn
ly totho oldfashioned way of thinking
thai property taken frorn ono man mid
given to another by law Is robbery
Does the Idea of division of races
or tlio Mnliouc programme have many
in TosubV
I hhoiiiiMio sorry to bdiuvo hat
anything Inculcated by Mnhono could
prevail in Texas even among the nc
giocs Theru is no such thing how
ever as a division or war of races
thought ol The negro is as safe in
Texas as in Vemonl litis the sumo
lightsmid remedies as tho white man
and llko him lie must look to his local
government for redress of wiong
Our peoplo are supporting negro
schools and colleges for the education
or their young and wo are going to do
our full duty by them but wo aro lint
going to change our form of govern
ment to isatibfy race prejudice
How do tho black voters in Texas
stand to iho whites numeiicalivV
I should say there are four whites
to one blackcertainly three to one
How about tho speakersliipV
We me heartily in favor of reform
ing the larilland eliminating lu pro
tcctivo features and I think our iVp
lescntnsivis will veto that way in the
suvakcrshlp contest
Married SuTPiiljliic Vciirs
Tioy Times
Joseph Foster who recently eclo
brated at aliothoioveiityIirt h niini
vercary of his marriage is ninetynine
years and oven months old and is
now in falling health Ho was born
In Westerlo Albany county Ills
wife is still living and was ninetylive
years old May 1st Her maiden name
was Minor Ornhoul mid oho was burn
in tho same town ns her husband He
came to Green county In 182 He ou
sted in the war of 1812 and caiiio up
the Hudson on tlio lirst steamboat that
plied ou that ilver Ho landed at
Athens with hoop that had been dis
charged and went from theio loWect
erlo on foot The couple were married
when lie was twentyfour ami iho
nineteen yems old Tho family is re
markable for longevity Josephs
father cune to this couiitrv from Hol
land mid died in Pennsylvania nt tho
B0 f 100 years mill Mrs Vomers
mother lived to bo nearly Kin vcais old
Mrs Ioster has lost her reason Th
wllh one exception is the only couple
in the rolled States that litis Jived to
cetlier seveutyilvo years
An Old Vet
INavasclu Tablet
The editor bcfoio leaving installed
mo in his chair gave mo tin old pencil
and commanded mo write To tlio
venerable editor of Iho Ago wo send
greetings I knew Inclu Dan in 1820
when lie wu a member of the Arkan
sas Jcglslatuie Ho was adistlngulshed
Under in that body I remember well
his opposition to the purchase of Lou
isiana in fcO i and to Clays Mhsnurl
compromise bill His speeches umtlo
in that IcgiHlutiiio In opposition ion
high tmitr mid tho subtreasury bill
printed in tho Congressional tilnbe
ted if the
Tnentrroiir Oclock
Illifhutcljihm TimesI
A peculiar clock which marks tlio
hours from one lo twentyfour lias re
cently been completed by a Wilming
ton inanufacttiior Tho new lime
pleoe is of tho kind soon to be udoptcd
by several of the rallr ads Tho most
conspicuous Innovations me in iho
marking upon tlio dial and in lie
movement or tho wheels which run
the htuiiK The miiiulo hunt Instead
I making twelve revolutions to uvery
revolution or the hoiir hand ns in the
ordinary clook makes twentyfour
evolutions while tho hour hum pusses
around oncu
TliOiVerrs Is Hiinest Vow
Ioit Worth Democrat
That gigantic lie only bearablo be
muim t is so palpable Mill Haunts
from tlio innsthead of tho Ialvei > tnn
isews 1 h Democrat would rtilher bo
honest Him lo the Galveston Xuwti
Is tho
leil felt of
hi tlr
° Ch
consists J > t
will Ki f1
wcllno nner tWU
l l century Z
one orawet
Is lioiiore < i J
coinpletc t
oiniicror rc
i i ti iio of t fi iii u 5
pusllonhjte c
jnornlnBt SW M
> alace ivtrJ wteecL
lcyKctonlnvir is
are cik1I9
chuuged in
any wish
the dragon a T
lieror The riaSTL
tirato tlStol V
the middle sillies Folfca <
the nortfi auOwlffrtattl1
each Tho uJJ Att < te
in o i
auspicious cli °
carved At Hie WvT > 1
to adinl lb JSgft
front h ornenwnM ri
6cuIptiiroaiKlvartii Iifi i
the diwrivay wlilcb Ir I
keeps its pliKeclosDlotiiM1i
midprevcnliiljcMMai bag
ing InjunimwIlibJimJii
admit tlio brcree The m f
useil1 In swing Ilia Mips of k
ogodicrare of vttlom wlvn
ia slnstliroughtli5 mIioIh tew
the curUlnstaUietcintiAto
are very agretaWtu n
wttninier ami sinter MtUtaw
uji to give air to the room <
quired KxJt aiulfiitraiiveHc
on each side of Hum cihUb
Along tlio whole front ii
yards tliero Is n covered IIIA
Ilftcen feet wide TlierDorw
re tson two lows nfpllitrf J
lars thine with fresh veioltt
within tho ivonis uinl iDthi
outside and arc decorated fill
turttl work partly glltail S
nialicd flic Hojmi sin
ly returned from n
gavo the cnuicror a
valued at t3000 II
slated of cliamlcllcis botiing is
candles each The emperor 1
Mime electrical niaclilms id
berlc s foreign curiosities 6
vaccinated when an infantIti
high destiny was thought c <
wlso it would have l ea di
vaccinate liliu for lib ps
sacred wlien emperor no to
touch him UN mother tt p
of Chun uuo Is iM
empress of tlio West will 1 <
tho rank of empress donpt
liols 11 and Id father E11
made Tai Sliaug Hiiui A
this Is to hu cxcteJtyr
that after two yean Ihw
empresses doyager tut in i >
they will be sl ten
The priiiccsss bU motl l
to ee hlni onco a nioalujiaS
she llht k
when eif
rises afterward His
likewise Tho W
Chinese dully for wilionr <
half Ho spends twolounn
and riding and Is
fcir with feledelnff H
brother of five whom hUw
with her when
Thu teaeliers who
kneel to him on en
afterward sit The r
cutiuchs 1 ° Sl
tend him be id au inJ
l r for Biicctal 1
wait mound hlni resliwW
much ot > J
lie lakes ro
Hi schoolroom Is at thj
Hsln Tieu aw
mid Vang tlio hall in whehMV
fcrencu every iutriilf7
A iood Sdffti j
III Iho long llrtoruwflj
iutloiiutVlctabuwM 5
21st wo are lilted l S
of Mr U W M
WodonUk io Mvhelhff
whether co
boll or
plantcil lu dril s in f W
lrouleast in Inly
gioxvei8overtlnw i >
to roiindup h
i °
cut out Iho T h w
tlllcally or if Hi 7fw
whyUovernorlrela 04
very man to reiww
Ihirncd < o
te l
MuryHenilinoiiil tf
> J r
sona wealthy i
death Her clolrt
grate flj
Wcnvow l bjgf
Lawiouce W Suidis
Tlio WiishiiiRtnn
tv weavers stoppl
i4uuwvi i iiUw miJI rvviniroAAWJiiiru w h wJS

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