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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, November 16, 1883, Image 5

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fInherits a
Jforc II as
rS nci tl < > vt nor
SV Jloore of o
jmneU Moore
fiini llmi ten inn
JrffTt he furfamed
ftn wliii that re
r until lio hail
limitu rtrst
o inim
when 0u
Intt AinwH nr my
idU0 gencml him
ft common so Iters
unliHfr < io
1 110 iHtor 1 >
S ro
e > Tenure
he cruel and pir
ffUolisd ami tho
the gi alum
vh n prove he proucteil tliu
I 1 < > of
rf from
SflwUnlllrt was on
WnlMjn street
Vt ngof short time
uw cco tiil by a
Sub Mwiru did
nwlMl when I e
epail r wm told ly the
Mt W was K A
ot 1VM 1 Ilrazos
teW nd tfUi put
jjr M > lv SllKn
rain recant M1 ancestry
lll tliM M tl SOIlll
cnitdttfwia county
The A Id that hU
utt WSlwip school in
hnufcna about tn visit
Jlr Mooio on
nrr at Mr Moores
Hi jj H sNoii street mi
tpMt I uiiul fiiuu
liju man points oon
Jts niuly lilsiory
tnt > IjI pio prctive e
Ijkuri ot a very Inter
xHedinucil two llion
IrD 1 rancla Moore tit
Jfdi mil In IM when
I illupirt tit thu Jloxi
IuJ another milled hi
IbdliL mil nil Independ
IHejdoinhibited a vcrv
11 ratiiii IiMilod lo Dr
re liy n s vndlealo whii
13 about P l to people
ilto now Tosa with
under ii treaty
Mexican fovcninicnt
taitl written on parch
1 fcpiliMi laumiauv and
tore i largo Uiily ol land
ithut lit should settle In
TliN U appeal he did
umon the
ana MeMiuis
i Mooie lived In Texas
llio Uenth ol Ids fnthei
uliiml ten yrtits old
when he icturncd
with hit mother
iUinuul tiled u th Jonemi
aml had entertained him
inIeximbefoie tin Moody
Ahnii mid Cmliiut After
ttiatilim I ho retnriieil to
um leai tailor lliu elate
Soiiilwnl claims ho get
ciciliivr lit until way
ItUtory as told by Sir
rtpurter isa very lntereat
ertiatiiewar ariih IMtter
in lTitO Shu was the
I William tina Mnrauri1
umewlth her pnivnts to
wty feiiii in 1S01 in
i awied by ISishop Inlno
si iloore mid joined the
fkopal thuteli r lth her
rrntuved to Tcxns In
Worncd to Tuniiweo In
fiasbaml havittg died In
oau went to Texas
D < 1 rttitrtad to Ten
1S > S The 1 to Dr
M acquainted with Hrs
Ivtston Texas in 1S4L
then u preacher in the
Mawtal thureh Mw
Jiil In tho eemetery or
iiMhxiv near isash
rltlon nppeari In Mr
1 y hllilc Phis hook was
iino Domini March 20
Iliam Maxy Price
Muxey wii Mr Mnorori
When asked what lie
iiotihiiut hiHTexiiHistate
I to lie worth hoveii dollarH
Moore told nn Aiiipriean
hehmUotiHnltcd si luw
> matter lint was not yet
make publh ids plans for
> lmttiu > tho iiiiiIIh tiro n
inc BMertlon that the inn o
rd ntnl oticeent elrcnhir
a to an cnurinouH extent
i of tin twocent letter
eitHreauil in nil the laruc
ftuflOnoto J2 00ffor tUo
oher Of lource iniieh
Binuat bu
attributed lo
ml curioiiH desire to et
new jluiiips hut noMnl
ilinatu that at Un t a
Incrmto will bo pernian
leoniedln little lato
iiaiinxlottH wile that It is
l jl not ho
r for Ititoxlcatinit now
I aiilifaiUircr lias
luck thnt the
fi It propojud
f ° fulhomServle
The Courts
lit llin district court yc lcnltiy llio
cnsoofC T Htrrlnu vs the Texas V
Pnelllo mlhrny company wan callid
and thu depositions of tilaltitltPfl wit
nci cs were puashed Tho etiso goes
over until thu next Hitting
Thu caso of Win Yottne v Jerome
Harris et al was continual
leronio Harris vx tho Mlnsourl Pa
clllo railway company n Mitt to recover
3000 daninK s to cattle shipped front
Tetnploto ChictiKo was on trial when
tho court adjourned over until S30 this
In the county court only one case
was trjed Jt L Turner was found
guilty of nn acpntvatod t saull upon
J Kpettecr ulitl lined 7o Tito crlml
linldixltet wasftnlbhid ntnl tho civil
docket will be taken up today
Tliirtysoveu 1111111111 cases were
llnnlly dfpoxed of tlittt week not lit
ellldlni dhmUiali
The commi lonors court mot vestcr
day and decided that tho opctil 11 of
proposal for hullditii llio new jiitl bo
ltxed for tlio cccoul Monday In De
cember Tlie court Hindu tho quar
terly Htatctnelltof tlia tiuimcitil conill
tlou nf tho county Tho county clerk
wni ordered to itsito l i000 in bonds
on brldtjo contracts Court then ad
journed over until next Thursday
iticoiiiiit s comer
Tlte following caes cniue before
Iteconler Keild yesterday inorning
M llluckwcll dlBtiirblug tho ence
0Kd Malioney drunk 10
Jims hpencer lighting 3
Icllx Assunt dlbtiirbini the peace
10Kollx Asstim carrying a pistol vol
John Mack drunk 51
1111 Avery John Payne G S An
dtxWB Ike Murxlmll Scott John
Krosh and Divo Squires wero lined
J i each 011 tho chargo of belni profes
Hional gamblers
Tito Oiicrti ToKiglit
0 rails fnmous KngllMi Opera com
nttny onen an enuatenictit at tho opera
1101110 toiilitltl in tho popular nautical
opera Dtlleo Taylor Tomorrow 11 fler
noott at tv o oclock they will give that
K ni of opera Olivette mid lo morrow
night pre < itit CJIlhert it Sullivans
opera Pirates of PeiiiMiice Of the
pti uiitatiou of thu last named piece
by tills coiupauy tho Mobile lfegister
li ad the foltowlnt
One of thu largest and most fashion
able audiences tibseiubled at Kevin
iiperi hou o thin mUmoii turned out last
ni ht to wltniM tho precntHtlou of
tho Piiates of Penyanco by iratt s
opera oniliatiy
The Pirates of Poirancu is a
spatkllng little ierioconiio opera re
jiloto with Kenis of melody and
nbotindiii in nlfutlnnal linlletous pit
uations Mr Willett Scatnnn the
Pirate Kim jiossesscs a ood voice
and plaed tils part to perfection Tho
character of iredoric tho appien
tlce jiltate was well sustained by Mr
Alnmm Hutch wboe toft tenor cap
ttireil tho lioilM And Mr Ired H
lrear as Sergeant of Police eot
his wotk in every time Mabel
Miss PfSble Gray Is tho prima donna
or tho troupe and tho slnglny last
nlcht wasentliUHlastieally applauded
The rest or the ttoupo Is tar above the
uvemge and not ft single ineuiber
wears thai jaded and wornout look
charactcritle of opera companies All
were sprightly and fresh
Jlv special Ksptet Miss Jroyand
Mr Seainen aaiiK tho gobblu song fiotu
La Ma cotte and they rendered it to
perfection their welltrained voices
blending together with splendid ef
fect As a whole Oraus Opera com
pans is good and a crowded hoiiau
would greet their second appearance
Widuesuay afternoon while Dr
Admin was mailing a call in the
southeastern part of tho city his
horoes beeatno frlglitened at a pacing
train and rati away towaid the river
Mtitet Irunk AVate was In the buggy
mid tool a good chuitce to Jump mil
Thu horses ran half a mile and llicti
down a bluff about fotty feet high
Neither of them was hurt and the
onlv dtiiuago to lie buggy was a
broken top
Died nt Hundley Tev
RM J fr > ti j u lAdji t iMSIk
on tho 11th
ihmes H Pat
day or NoviMibcr 18S
tlllo son of 1 AV PattlUo and Cairlo
ltichtnond Va papctsplease cojiy
Ilrllsrsl In pll the pa t
llultvis uor to lliclsit
Of tctiui lilm au ln vill I 0 fcP0lr
in ilrcnmi 1 Ill now
A ml on lithsusil lirow
11iou liultcBiuetu if
1 Htr twiluen
The New Yoik dudo now wears on
fastened a iud
his arm a bracelet by
locb to which his girl carries the key
When she vlncl A J 1
it tnean that tho little allidr is oil
you know
The latest dicker for fusliionalilo
weldings Is for tho bridei to ctiriy a
niayerbook bound In white velvet
n when Bhu goes to thoaltar and follow
tho clerirynian whim ho reads thu ser
vice Tiio groom stands by and chews
his whlskcts
Pennsylvania legialaturo has
n in fesslnh nearly a year at an ex
Thcro Isnt
of ncai ly WOOOJO
pen o
a court in the stato that would not
grant tho wife ofnny of the menibcni a
of desertion
divorce on the ground
The imwTuicldn7 whlch > Ju
been tested In fiuiupter eouutjb
at oneseventh tho
win nick wtton
c or ri ck ng It by handadillVrence
amougCtrover f 10000000 In the
whole crop oftlm cotntrj
Cyclono in Maine
JI Tito
Ticwlston Me Kovember
KiaulUlticoutitles Tho
iV OM d Ud
Northern Maine
liouiHcd fauuri oi iii The stock
her company i tiUar
puiatlvcly trllllus
Absolutely Pme
put tystrotur hnmt wliuUndmcncM Moio
sMiioinlciil Hum tli nrllnury Kind unit
mil mil l sold lu ciMiipoUlioiMi Itti lm noil
Ituite or lo tent ulicitl urlitlil ntiini or
plioxiilmtb IOwdcrn < f onfj In niiu HuY
al lloiiMi lowocit Co lid Wall Streot
Now York
Carthage Its Iln > inrts lVople ami
Social ririils r tlic llaj
Carlhiige November lt Carthage
thecounty seat of Panola county Is
situated for a mwil town and con
tains some103or oOO Inhabitants It
has fourteen stores ono saloon two
churches Methodist mid Baptist one
blacksmith shop two livery stables
one hotel run by Mr J V ltlrd an
enterprising young man two schools
both male mid female run respectively
by O P CarsWell anil MrsWoohvorth
one drug store ono sloiuu gin and
grist mill owned by Mr Hoyltigton
one newspaper the Panola Watch
man dally mulls to Marshall and
JIundurHon etc We had tho nleasuro
of meeting Messrs Tom Howers and
Dalis Vandcihurst senior and Junior
editors of the Watchman They
know how to make oao feel at homo
in their typesetting and lnksllng
lug depuitiicut Wo uUo met Mr
Oamiige taxcollecior 1 Vorsythe
sherill 11 II Pollard county clerk
Dr Kdgar Wall and many others
Curthago is a good inland town
Healthy water good lands chisipuud
homes plentiful They need a railroad
verv much and when they get the
Marshall Ji fabinu Pass railway
Carthago will eonio to the front us one
of tho best towns lu Hint Texas Sm
rounded by the llnest timbered lands
and Hied with as wholesouled gen
eroits a people as lm Is the day is not
far distant either Thny havo nlmo t
despaired of evtir gelling a ralhoad
yet ttiere Is u spirit of Improvement
manifested In tho new houses going
up and tho old ones being worked
over and remoiloleil
Steps mo being taken towards build
itlg a new courthouse as the present
one is pronounced uiioufo for a crowd
Judge Dooty lite tefnsed to hold dis
trict court in the old ono when a
crowd is neivsi ury
W J Snows store was burglarized
ono night hist week loss small
Dr Wall is putting up a private tclc
nhono lino from his ollieo to his lesi
lence Negotiations mo being made
for a lino from here to Marshall or
Colonel It 1 < Ingrain died at his
homu in tills county last week Jacob
1 Itelk of Clayton died of pneumonia I
at homo Inst Sunday
Miss Ilota Walker amlMiss Geotgia
Quest are visiting friends In Hcnder
Miss Kmma K w of Panola was
wedded to Itov Mr Stewattor Grand
Cane ha lit Wodiiesduy at her
mothers i evidence
Dr Ilirdong has sold out hero and
goes to Jreenvill Texas Tho doctor
htm many friends heio wjio will miss
him Tlnirbfci wishes go with him
to his new home
Captain Jlclhuny Io > tnvllne horso
tist week Old Joe was known far
and wldo as n old charger of deer
Great as Is the statu of Texas the
young giant of thoSoiith It hss never
had an opportunity or rather never
taken any to mako known its advan
tages its wonderful resources Those
who havo vlelted It know till thlc
others have read ofthe stato lu tonic of
tho discriptlvo pamphlets or bund
books published by tho taihoails
but Texas has never demonstrated
to tho world uu It could havo done
by a handsome display or exhibit
what great wealth developed and un
developed It jiossesses Tho world
has heard of fexus and lis lcourccs
the world will see and appreciate
these unil fully understand them If
our leglslutiili follows tho suggestion
of the governor uttd hearkens to tho
unanimous iippeil of Itsuhlu and pa
triotic press and votes a handsome
appropriation for a stato display or ex
hibit at tho Worlds Industrial and
Cotton Centennial exposition
II Has Mnippril
Tho Galveston News savs Has
nnvbodv heard anything drap uttd
thi Kort Worth Uvirmasks Havo
vou heard anything drop 2o wo
havent heuril of that squabble about
that Immense circulation of ww
drop yet which ceitalnly xlll In the
course of events r
IHgnlllfd anil Coiirliuiii
jAtllmc gulill
Dignity nnd geuthinanly > r iy
aro cltarat terstlc reutur < s or the Port
Worth OAZinn Many or mir Texas
paiiers might learn prolluible lesson
Uulhis Journal When the JAtriTi
dllt ew from any other In Judgment It
docs not get down lulu the dirt to qx
press its opinion
The Gazettes KiilrrprlH
Tho 1ort Worth GAtrrrK has estab
llshisl a buMncsH and icportorhil otnee
In Washington City where via Hon to
the capital from the South will llnd u
hearty wolcome Tho lAZirrrBH en
terpriw will eventually jilve It In rank
with the gteat dallies of the country
Mifinery and Dress Goods
Mrs O D Brown haB on
larged her Dross Goods Do
partmont and is now ready
exhibit to her friends and cus
toiners as full an assortment
of silks and all other now and
fashiouablo dress goods as can
bo found olsowhoro
Her now Pattern Hats aro
arriving and a nioro elegant
assortment cannot bo found in
tho stato
N B Ladles will ploiso tako notice Hint
all dress ca ° ds purchased of Mrs Drtmn
can bo matlc up in tho house In tho most
approved stylo and perfect fits warranted
J llrawij < r rr to nitmirc the la
flis of Jhrl Worth awl Aor 7Vm
tml her attire tockt iiirlwUn Millin
ery Drew Gamin tViiiimhtgs Uiulrr
tuair and Hrittlimailn Clothiiiff luivr
hern nclcrtril intl matlc vj > under hi r
onm prrtamil ii > rrvMon and hc u < cir
runts ijtutlilicit < i < i gouil ttnd prt t e
low os cnii In had aityirlfrti thin tide
of A ciy Yor
Mrs Jlrown is nor rmlviiig
ltur stock f Cloaks fur IniHcs
mWs null chlliheu The i > riu
Cloaks InihiiiiTS nil llio viulellcs
of Wtiipi Doliiiiins CitTitltifs
ViMiltS liiilitis Jtusoys ttcele
lliuuclislinlif n
In tMiy liilnt
imil line Willi re
vr mill iuUp nr
liilioii icuitllvni
Din njili in limy
y tiiTluiil iniin
iliciiiiilliNiut vi
rus Mltll tllAtlI
ll H HtHlll HLll
lilliirx lnitrcl
t II b v h t v 111
RCillllU II Willi
huh ti n < tii i
null > i < Hiti < ill <
will li h furlhrr
nn a niipriiiii
iiiiinl > inr liver
iiiiilitlnl i >
iii li 11111 >
c ratty
f EM
A rxrrsnletj c or ait CHtaits
caused by rularlcl poisoning ol lite
Mood such ks Chills ni Ttcr i
Fe tr and Aflite Sun Pains Dumb
and Masked Aflue Thhddxy Ague
Sinking Chills Inlermlllsnl H ml
lent Ulllcus and all other Tevers
caused t > malsrU It Is alio tho
tatesl end best euro lor enlarrjtd
Spleen Feier CaVc General Detiil
ly and Periodic Neuralgia
I IIHLNrtWIO ArsiiI Tort W01U1 rex
jlncoiiNS noi > v
Seiieily Itcmoinl lo Illile It Initii the
Jrasu ISohlicrs
Chicago III November lfi The
story Ih pulillHlied hero this morning
In apparently atttheutio form that tho
body of Abraham Lincoln has been
seeielly removed from thcsarcophugun
at Surfnglleld to prevent tho possiliil
Hy ofnny further attempt by grave
robbers The story rimi tho ellcct
that thu removal wus inude a few days i
after tho attempted dueoratlott of Hit
lie had concluded
a losi
casket and placed iu another itortlon
ortho monument and that lis location
Is known only lo u few immediate
Shut Down
Cleveland O November 15 The
Cleveland Itolllng JIUU couipjiiys
steel works will shut down for repairs
utiout December Jst which ulll >
ccssltutu closing tho all ulUx l
bJiiklng blast furuaco Tho wire mills
will leiualn In pHratloti Tho nn
profitable ftate of trade explains the
urgent need of repairs which will not
bo llniahcd iiutli the market Impioves
But you can still find a desirable shade in pur
Allwool Dress Flannels at 50c per yard
Wo voaturo the nss orton
that tho quality and prices 01
our Oarpots are giving univer
sal stitfsfiction Tins week
wo will rocoivo another ship
ment or IlGmps at 25 30 and
35c Our stock of Twoply
Threoply J apostry and Body
Brussols is complete
Very lti iict Hilly
Although tho woathor has boon vory unftworablo for
Wraps our sales iu this departmont havo boon vory satisfac
tory and wo account for it on tho ground of tho vory low
prices at which wo havo markod all classes of Wraps we
dont intend to mako it all on ono wrap
Corner Square and Houston Street
Silver Loaf Baking Powdr
irnorn oiiimiiiiui MrrflmiitH In
oriin and wAiimnuM
Hoiislon ami Jliiln lictwicii llilli ami 1 till SlmMs 1orl Worlli Texas
757l3 < olos3Silo Orooer
1100 mid IPS Front Slrott nenr Toxim tauUto Doimt
Clothiers and Merchant Tailors
IG nnd 18 Houston Siroo Fort Worth Tonus
No 207 Houston Street
dilorn inlBlnli CfiitiorTllcnUUnAirDC CLOIOPUriO faimiitt > Itli > lli tiiJ n t
In thp Unllct HljiUit r llurope Coinnnnd JhJriI r r ynur < ilvt
33WC 3F1 irfc TET
N Miilii Hlriet Vint Worlli Tml
Wo rfpiwiiUs Ilic met llinl llio be t sid nrn nlwniK Ilic cliijJircMrtnl to Dial cuit kpfii
nly nr M suouil wlilcliMiitiiirHiitiotooiiriiHloiiiirii Wiwlll npnlrall Mine tliul
p ftiiof Iluiriiiial n IlisK unn liiittoim Imut tliurxc
Wlilc lo mid Itelnll Pouter In
Kiiliiwilter Iintlis
Hot cold and shower baths only S >
cents Six elegant looms at IS Gut
mans barber shop next to corner of
l irst and Main strwlK
llorncs Hoiute Albany Tex U tho
grave eevenil years ago that tho bislyl central changed hands and re
was placed lu a leadlined tlghn furnished
J Ii Harries docs notdeudhevl tiny
ono on tho cms to drum for hlshgtul
at Albany Texas
M Bil r
Oo to Kellers for your wajOti bug
glesaud other vehicles
Xews boys not alio wed tolrum on
tho tniin for tho Dnrncs JIoiiho at
Albany Texas J D Haiixiw
A Citnanl
Olevelaml > oyciiibir llTlie
report that a man had murdered his
r + liIont ChlHholnl said today that family near thoivuuil at Doet tiibvi
not to make rails nt Ititely denied frotn tho nearest t lc
graph station
BoiitliSMuol Bijilira
Henrietta Texas
Tbl hotel hs Irfcn fanil tu l rowntly nlia
novr fiiroltnro mid evfryliihie nrfuUKodlii
fluUiliiiui tyl No palim will b nj rid 10
iimlio iiuhU winfoUlil lrr Minion
room for cointncrcliil iB a Tabts vlnayii
w ll W > 1
AC > wN1nK iwwwor
Wt I 711 nmu Til
7 IIIIT I > > ll fe ilwilii >
JliUnCtlKUACO AK tit Ki lt Worlfc T
mlsccllnucous rswys orutloiitry sp lK
llig motihcs etc iu yu6 liitrpdutUMi
wltti < xM nmlh AnolhertloKir tv

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