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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, December 10, 1883, Image 2

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yyv KKMVliV I
nroJi > ui ilccly
tiiiniU of Ihc Head
III nRtilsrUloHiir
Mrciltii 1nnltinllV
til I > > i
MibnrcHnntlOA to llio white rncev Tlic
tlino nevcY was mill Mill never lie
when tlia binds uherolhcronro either
white or red men will lie tlio uoinI
limit tnee nnil if Senator IMiiiunds
would have tieftrocs made niasteis ho
xhniild ulvo them n country if their
own Ho Is trlller mid leiuiiKOguo
when patiderliiir to ptijtidlces of races
when appealing to Northern preju
elleiN against Southern w hltcn l v pro
posing tlio enactment of another civil
light bill I ns always aa true to
tho Union nsKdniuiuH I flaked my
life and JCdmtmds his words mid 1
nm truor better friend of tho negro
thnn KdmiindH when I insist that
idle Inw designed to comput hoelil
eijuulitv are only ruinous to the best
interesis or these Africans Such en
iictinentfi lit ho commends in his plneo
In the senate only wrve to sharpen
mid elcllne hy low Irrepcalahlo mid In
dcstiiictlhlo rnce tintiigoulsiiM which
tlmonnd Clod hiuiclf will never ob
lltcrntc Nature soon oxleiiiiinatcs
products of nilsccgcmiitfou and unless
unity of nice l > o possible social mm
political unity Is utterly Itniiiwdble
Jlut the neecsdtlcs of KdimtniiV inrlv
demands iiee mnllluts mid
Kdmmids U wife III his method
of exciting them Vice hi
tnirdtclr Iel us have another civil
lights code If Kthnimds nought tho
negto s good ho would ilellne a plan of
coloiiiMiiou hut such is not his pur
pose Ho would ictnlii power for his
party ufter 1SSI Jlo would soibstltnte
tho negro for tho tiiilll ijuctiou the
bloody tililrt for national bank notes
It will pay bettermid Kdniiinds la nut
ill ways a ctnlrsinuii Ho enacts tho
me of a inKorablo piltlali and dollies
tho nlelio wliicli history prepares for
him In fames I iutluou
Hpccljl Id tlio icttc
Tnc IVtal Telegraph 1111
Washington DC December The
1ostal Telegraph bill introduced lust
evi m in cnngiets has been revised
and will be Introduced In tho houjout
at tho earliest opportunity Tho hill
authorises tho postmastergeneral to
sin tiuctaud opuialc three main lints
or telegraph The toilthci n lino to ox
tond liom Ilaltluioro to Sin Antonio
Texas via thoSouth Atlantic states
and Now Orleans Tiio length of the
lines will bcoverHOOO miles and will
cost In round numbeiiilirooooi Tle
graph Miming aio to bo sold liUo prM
iiku stumps The charges are to bo
thirty IeutM for ten words and three
cents foreieh additional woid
As soon m possible Judge ltengin
will lutroduco a bill to control Inter
Miitocoinmoreo The judge said to tho
corrt < Kiideiltof HicUaitii today
that many congressmen are reelcvtid
who fivor tho bill and otlioi causis
lead him to suppose llttlo dllllciiliy
wiH hciperltiicfil in its pniiigt >
KfTorlMuio again being made to n <
move Koluer Aithur is working tor
tlio picddeiillal iiomlnalion and ih
slivs tlic lielpof tlio treasury depot t
inent Kolger is no politician and
cannot handle tho funds anil employes
of tho department satisfactory to tho
Arthur tactions Unnhiim has devcl
o > ed strength inn nuiehine mail and
will bo given the place
lldlsrATlVi 111118
Jour hundred and 11 fly bills have
been tho senate
mge or another over or thlough the
doimlnslinll for everv otlbino
pay thoaggileveil person JiOO
Also n hill iiiitliorilng the rcsiirvev
or townships erroneously Mlrvejed or
n wliicli tlio mommiciiU niarklnii tho
boundaries havu been obite > rited or
Ml MeXf rAM
Al o 11 ineasuio providing mr the
aniieniloii liononf the Kansas hind
districts or Judicial imrposes of tho
iiiiiuimed una lvlmr Imtwien Kansas
mid the Indian TenItory and authoi
Iiog the completloi of its nirwy
tiiij worn TA 111 IT
lluprescutntivo Converse or Ohio has
ho wll
liity tomorrow it possible privldinV
lor the iwtoimloii iff tho riV
on clotliliig wools eonibing wo
earpet other
similar wk s to
at they were prior to the enactment
01 the present tiuill law Convert
a confeicnco yesterdnv
IJ110 pusideiit 0f ihoNatlonnl
Glowers UssiKlittloii at which
latter gave tlio iroioscil nieasuic
iidoisenieiit and toulglit Conv
no doubt that Ids hnTw IH JinsViho
house by a two thirds nuiorilv The
wool flrow ing imtutry he wii H
Insi y allied jbo igiieultural And
liming class who are intcnMcd In
ho iiMoriitlon or dm 11
iUlH lll
l ni M lM Ircuiiwlmico wi
Rlw liolIU Miiiiatli His state was
the ehler wool proeliicing Mate in tho
ounlryaud ltli Wllkm InV
eiely iroui the leehiction made in the
pre sen law Theu were In that l e
m wool growers ami their w 1
1 esorwoolsortie last mal cli
ig amouutecl to more than lltiUm
dolbus Theudeelortle loJuctio
Hist Vlelory or llio Nationals Her Ike
llromi Stockings
A Closely Contested aiiir Sighing f
Oilier HtliK lo Compter
Tlio Heeling of Heal IMnio Men
Colorcd iMrn Shot
Speeltil to tlio Inrctte
lulla Deccmbtr 1oit Worth
turned tho tables on Dallas tndtiy on
tlio ball Ikld the Nationals defeating
tho Drown stockings In a wellplayed
game by ntcoio of l > to 0 llio ncst
obcrvablofcaluroofthegimo was tho
lluo pitching and llrat ba > o play or
itUsand Pcott lespectively tor tho
National mid the splendid fielding or
Lewis and tlio good batting and huso
running of Carroll Air tho Ilrown
Stockings Tho gamo was played
anil won on its merit1 and
bort Worth should feel elated at the
lotorv of her team Tho Nationals
left for homo tonight Negotiations
mc ponding heUuon Manager Grigs
ley of iho Nationals anil the manage
ment of tho Browns foi tho latter to
play In Kort Worth on Sunday anil
Monday next but nothing podtivo has
been concluded
Heal estate man In all pails of In
state by letters to tho Dallas pai ties
who have inaugurated tho move for a
Mate association heattlly and fully
Indorse tlio nolicnie mid llio Indica
tions are Unit tho convention to be
livid heie on December l tli will boa
very large and impoitaut one
At 11 oclock tonight Hairy and
loclohiiMin brothers and intelligent
and industiimis uiuliittois aged about
IMorLMyeiii weie shot by Tip Wil
son also a mulatto aged about iti
Harry Johnson died In a few minutes
from Mounds in thosidenudabdomen
loelohdiou U dingiroiisly woundecl
in tho left thigh and legion of thu
groin They were coming iiom church
with two mulatto gills uhen Tip Wil
son met them unit used indecent and
iiiMiltlng language and shot tho
brothers for protesting against II
Wilson was iMpturcd by tho police
and Jailed Tho allieir creates much
hitter focllnir among tliecolored people
ToDajs Dlrctioii The Itoml hieslimi
Itiisincss Llimges Ioe il mid
Keliglniis Notes
HpcH l to llirdnrrlto
Whco Dccemiiertt Tho ilderinnnic
election tomonnw has Inlenited tlio
aveiage Wacoito to day about Si much
as tho sermons ttiat wero preached
porlumsa llttlo inoie iru weionot
tor tho bonding and other iiiestiom
that enter Into tlio conteM the selec
tion of ho aldeinien would bo a
lather ordinary matter Jtut wliun
tho laxpiyer hears talk of issuing
anywheio S > IUIMM 0 > otm
worth of hoods and taxation aliout
two of the live to bo chosen tomoirow
are bond men that clement with the
council anil tho epieslloti This Is
given by way < if explanation why the
mote selection or a foiv alderiinMi
miikcsthotlectloiian iiujijrlnut one
II is a healthy sign that llio
lending citizens men WM itHtiuIIv
cannoi lie coaxeel into giving
their time or attention t local politico
are now coming to the flout Win
Cameron the wellknown lumber nuui
and iiiiioliiint is a candidate in one
In another It H Iarrott head
or tho lexas Benevolent association
lum 1 1 is Ilonent is 1 s
illls a leading phslean ami bcavv
jiropeity owner A roll vote will no
iloubt be polhd in all the wards
Mr IoulsIJiilling ofW hltney and
MNs laullp Mitlcntliul of Hlllsboio
wero inmrlcd this afternoon at tlio
residence c f Kabbl Suliler in tills
> > ho jablii tying the lUot Kov
ernl rrieniU tiom adjoining townsweie
Itev II r Crist the new pimtor of
K s tonnally In
stalled todny preaching his Inaiiguial
sermon Hoglvtsromlso of achlevinir
The CII110 Iinbeas corpus eate w ill be
1 U > lll u Inics tomorrow
Clliio is tho man who kill A O
Cleveland Cameion wholesale
gioceiN Imvo dlsiolved pnrtneiMhlp
Cleveland retiiesand A I Slorv hi e
oroalveston lakes his place
Alvin loslln dlanionds
ami 11
playi ii
IIMalen fu Woir Mini Klllwl v
A iiinlilii shut at llnuis
anil I he llxpress
liaiire or Iiuijjc
hpccUl tnthonnrpilo
Hun Antonio Dei ember l > Clmitea
I m i n Htil was aeeldeut
nlly lllled
by a friend nanied K irlnK
irna Cotulla niKt before lat by
S forn woirpniwllntr about
IHO HJllft
About one oclock laht iiIkIiI loo
Jolinon cloreel wishot tiuee h u
at ty Jiiim 1 Cinmins
Johnson iMcniploied In th White
onlinnt Kiloon
rp irr
Himcofwhieli 1110 of national impoi doublo next year what it h now lie
tance like Honntni CokoV bill pel Iirickh up hltciisaud begins lotaktan
tainlng to judges or lie United Hubs Interest in tho < lection Itisprollv
district courts Throe hundred have ell understood that the minor ami at
applied for relief to Itidlvldiial and least three of the live aldennen who
111010 ol tho hit ei class are ti come hold over until Deeember lfsj aie
UAMtiiic vi Mii iiuiAN In favorof bonds The council Von
CongriMiuau Divls of Illinois i Hi j lt l ten aldermen If
iutioduco a bill toiuoirow provldiiiK
lor tlio iiioiiiotloii olfJen Sheildaii to
llio rank of general of the unity and
en Hancock to tho rank of lieiiten
lAVli TIMSIAssins
Senator Ingalh will soon introduce
a bill luovldiug that any iwrson who
Iliilosos an m81 of public lands to
which ho lias no U0 nh ill liollible
Ion linoofjdOOperdav for tlio timo
hat such enclosiir Is inaiutalned
mid any person who olistriicLs the pas
A Womans WoiK With nn Unloaded
lhtol ltotv at n linnro Hnll
Captnlti I nils
Spectnl to tho emtollc
Oalveslon DcccniliLrO This morn
lug about 1 oclock whllo J War
ren Mid Itemiis McDado was In the
loom of Iauri Hy ties and Itosa Mar
tin in tho alley south of Uroadway
between Twentysecond and Twenty
third streets Waricn was shot through
tlio left thigh tlio ball lodging in tho
light h vn pistol InthehaiulHof Lnurn
Hjnes ltosa Maitln gives this state
ment of tho nlliili She says that
slio ureotiipaule I Ijatirn Hynes
last night to WarrenH barber
shop on Market street whero Miss
ILvhes went to get 11 pocket knlfw
wliicli Warren had honowed The
hour being late Win 1 en and iMoDado
nccompanicd lliem home After be
ing theie a short time Miss Hynes In
sisted upon Warren and MoDa do leav
ing to which Wairoti ilemuired mid
drew n revolTcr from his bin pocket
MlssIIynes cxpostulntcel with him
and inged him to nut up the pistol as
fllie was afraid of It Win ran assured
her It was not loaded and cocked it
and handed 11 to her and told her to
snap It which sho did A loud leport
followed and Warren fell lo the lloor
exclaiming I am shot McDado
secured a buck and at once conveyed
Wairen lo 11 drug loie where his
wound woro ilris ed when ho was
taken homo Wan en says tho shot
was accidental 1 he pailics to the af
fray 1110 colored Warren is married
and liati a family
At a late hour a fineas occurred nt
llio Soup Holly 11 dlsttpiitablo no
gio lanceball in tho west pari of tlio
oily which lcsulted in Smith Uroen
eliawing a vicious looking knife
nud plunging It into the
thick nniclos of Iho leit
ttriiinf Frank Iiitidio 11cmtho shoul
ekr Uieen was iru > tud and lodged
in jail while J tiidis was sent home
r < n repairs
Captain Cliirles Fowler agent or
tlio Huntington siiidleato licie is in
icceipt of a letter from Mr Hunting
ton to tlio effect that the letleia all
el essMt to Captu 11 Janiis Hails by the
commercial bodies anil oitions ot tiiis
city Imvo been forwarded to Captain
10 ills who Is In lCuropo by the steam
ship Arizona Mr Huntington in his
letter says ho has stiong assurances
that Captain Kails will nuikon prompt
mnwer to the letter and Captain
bowler Is in daily expectation of hear
ing something lolatlvo to the views of
Captain Kads on the ijiiesllon of deep
water hue
Mr Max Denlllngof St Joitls has
accepted a position 011 the editoilnl
stall of tho tierinan Post of this city
Jly Aisnciileil Iren
fialveston December Tho tiei
1111111 steamship Wiser finm Hienien
with ilA immigrants was expected
today noil tho customs ollleers weie
waiting for her but at nightfall Untie
was no sign of the ship
Coiignssiiun Ochiltree was toduv
unanimously elcetul an honoiaiy
member or the Galveston piss club
A A Talmago geneinl truipnitn
tion mnagcr or the Gould Southwest
ern lallway system airiveel In Galves
ton tonighi Jjo U making a tour or
Iltihintr Tonn Vlentd vfilh
Cillicfi KjeOnrriid unit
iiiuyoi m caMlng vote will contiol Uie r loiin Gsuotn
Hlllsboio December
Vour cor
respondent has juil returned Irotn 11
geneial ie vof tlio lovrn on a slight
elevation aliout 11 half a mile south or
town TJieiv U now in course of elec
tion a lluo twostory collrge which
when completed wilt bo a llrstdass
boardlag college Tor the educaliou or
both sexes All or its appointments
nrostilctly tirstela and it will prob
ably bo open by laniinry 1 1SS4 It
w ill bs under tho nuuingoiicni or Iro
resnrH Wlso and IVlit with a full
corpsorabloassistantsInevery biancli
or e diicilioii There urn Jiho number
less now neat and tasteful dwellings
being orotted in every epiatter of our
Ilelng fiitiinted as our little city is in
the veiy heiit of a gram and cotton
growing belt wo will not let 11e im
provements close for wo have tho
couiitiy to back us and a tiade that
will alwajs ho good Our city U lo
cated In a high diy healthy seollnn
ortho county anil almost the center
A better class of pcoplecannot bufounci
thnn there Is in HilWioro Fehools
anil chuivhes am hue and both aio
well attended Tlio people aio henull
rylug their Iioiikh and overytliliiK
lr IlOrfies onward and upwxrd
Wo invite stmngers liutitiii homes to
DiTclllnyniiriicil A Iliudile Kniluie
Tin Kiislnrss Outlook
Nperlnl lotlin laetlc
Taylor IVx December OTho
elwelllne limine and all it eontenlH Lt
liiiiKlnisto Mr T V C > ±
on iliushy about nine
mile from i
IlHwyww entirely consuuieil by jiiu
KhtlmutedlosjSSiOj Mr
eknmii of
T1 > II Melaska Hon
Austin railed of
yestciibv The
mil n biniiuli house this e y
J > K r wh mp > lr
name or 1 Mclaskn Co Jioth nw
STtJOMVn 1 11 1 0 lUVe falwl f
t > uMllaiul tle tamo report lvis their
18 nt nli nil tho h tine
i iylor Is still iinpiovhiL jtuHii
meiiepotthocronrdi terd iiu mnney Jone
easy collections Jo
calhercoiilaml pleasant
< > r Kuw
ne s
Death nf n Staiitt
St Iouls December i tJulie a
fttiirllliiR event occurred In tin Mei
m tl e
llbary ball InnlBh ames
Klvhuii sjilritiialillu Jnc
fyarelH tho clou of whlef 1 el Xiie
the oPtliu
slnifi O n ul lllu
AVIillpWooily Case X Jinnd
Cliurili 1csthnl Icrswmil
torraspoinlonioo tlio lurclto
Moignti December 8 At tho Au
gust Icini of tho ellslilut court of
Ho9Uotoiinty the grand Jury found
a bill of indictment against John L
White and A N Woody for tho mur
der of llosfj Cavanaugh hoinotlmo In
the spring They wero nrralgneil mr
trial at the same term of tlio court and
announced 1 < inly Tor tilnl hut on mo
tion or tho county attorney Tor change
or venue supported by thu allltluvitH
of three Individuals the chiingo was
giantcd In tho cii o or 1 L White to
Clebmiic but overruled In hocusenf
Woody Whites otso is tet for the
luih Inst In tlio district court ol lohn
son county and will ho watched with
Interest hy tho people of tosiiie
county whoso high standing for In
telllgonco nnil honesty hns btcn to
pronched Mr White Is on tlio uleit
all the whllo for evildoers and only
this class need fear him As an ofllcer
he Is ifisoreet but utlllnchlngly clo
termlned In nil things that aro re
quired upon htm In hlsolllclal posi
tion When his eves fell upon Cuvan
atigli ho spotted him as th0
mail wanted In Houston county
for tho tnuider or one lanits
Thomas which surmise has pioven
to bo correct Thomusand Cavaniugh
beeamo Involved In u dispute about
somo sinned cattle and Thomas
tinned nnil walked lelsinely away us
ir to avoid any furtherilltllcultv when
Cavaiiuuirli shot him in tlio back
wltlin Wlnili steriille Thus another
good man was tlio victim of a most
treacherous butchery
A generous public can but awnid to
such men asI no L White thu pio
tectlon or propel ty nnd llio ngninst
Ihcso miscreants and know Hint no un
fair means would bo resoited to by
him to biiuK them before the tribunals
of tho country
The Biiiipu ghen by tho 1ulies
Aid sooioty at the Jwipllst cliuich
Wednesday night was an unusually
suceessrul altiilr Hy 8 oclock tho
house was ciowded nltliiiiigli It was
raining veiy liaid on the
outside There weio four
tables each of which was
supplleilwith choice eatables which
judging fioni their tasto and appear
ance must smelylia o been piepneil
by skillful hands After suppr Mr
W H Lockett called tho attention or
the cciitlemeii to an elegant cake
which he said was to be
presented to the most popular
ioung lady piescnt He stated that It
would be voted ofi and tllu young
lady receiving the largest number or
votes would bo declared the most pop
ular The price or votes was ten
cents each Attcran exciting contest
of an hour or moie the polls dosed
11ril Miss Anna Hawkins
or this place was victor by a majority
ol four votes she receiving 131 votes
against 117 for Miss L leaico of J > ow
At one end of the house was n post
olllce the postmistiissert being Missel
Ilea Cooper and Maty Cemnels Theie
was a letter in the olllto for
eveiy young gentleman In the house
and it cottheni ten cents to old iln
them although they weie not legis
ters Some of the boys would have
UionostmlMussto read tin ir letters
aloud mid for this sho would nmkeai
aililltional charge or one cent per line
making somo 01 tlio letters cost about
one dollar as they woro extia long
elters The olllce was no doubt a pav
itg institution
As a sufficient supply of pioylsions
wereleniiiliiingalter the supper the
midlenea weie notlilecl that ihey coulil
get dinner at 110011 the next ehy for
twentylive cents Accordingly a
laigeciowd 01 hungry people cheer
lully paid in theiripimtens to imitnke
or the uood dinner of wliicli there was
a plenty for all We are told lint the
proceeds orthe cupper nud dinner
Jill and the money will be donated
hy tlio LadleV Aid society for the im
provement ortho Jlnptlst church
iostinasler 1 W Simnis was In
Mierimm and Ddlas this week
Mr < Uuiku lias been spending
sevcial du s with his family nt this
vouxo couyrv
liu tjltleSlalliiirCnspsSp rnl Im
tics Held lo II1II
ITorre ipondenco oltho Giuetle
ai haiii December 7 On Mondny
t 10id 01 December
VA U ud and Monioe Chanibeis
werenniilsned before Itobt Allcorn
onnehniiroot the theft of thlrtvtwo
feudiints to enter into Ijoinl hi the
sum ofwaw each Homo very MirU
nmj developments weio lioitht out
nltlt efeieuee lo ereokedncs in the
cov buMiies in 11 = iliin Tho
1 esmed to have undentood the
me doubtlcts
thr a lampe on thieving > r ii
wlillc if
not for nil time uilluhu
1m KI1l 0lBr w lrtle
be l Ininlicilcd
A A Xieliolon ami
111 Iovelofloit Woitl
waived i v
Vv t < leholhoiiM bond was
1 1 W yt heycuiitlM as m > oii
TKm l ° ltlr fllCllllHU
Iort Worth
John Tolbeit who
arrested InIek county on tl o m 0
alV lntlnn and
1V H 8UIH rVW Ileudoison
I v I Cw0W
ivokIvhi bond
lau ii neaier a who enlo Mealthu
uyeerhad in this nectloi
Kctliutioii of Vii ci
Tlio SiihiiUoiniiiiy
Xow Haven Dccemiior P The sal
v Ion
my 0w tlio
lonhht and imailc a
IS uJln SiSRCId w
The XcxrjiooUiiir
Bit Mi lotions Firiiisii
F ° rt Worth Tonus
For Ssil
Healeru In nil klim of
aio riDuitooM iiousi ior i xvo on
M ijut Hui lio lonl htrcit near nrteolnii
ucll Komi HtiiDlu and crlli milt nud iliinlo
tlecs 1ricollWJ
TO ftill
1101HON 1 OUISIANA 81 Hllltr
1 VoiiPh ndillllon
1rlce i iUniiit SJOfiuh
to iioni tortoxiro fton ititFi
i > nnil linrdln Mrcdi locjllon ood 1rlco
vofl ifnfioM nouiirrors < ioi on
l > tt W lthtiloid MlcelLoxliuUNP with
inllery nice Mmdo trees ClieapnttilVi
AJO fi3 A
iiitotni imim 101 100x110
i cirnir ronrth nnd eirnve Mrwl lioinC
nloly ruriilhlieajiml tilled with Mnnbliory
jn11 f enoil iilcr uniler diningroom ooil
liunse etc 1riroSlOO
Tor > inmmiNiss
L > eoiirtlioiHe on 1 in1
TO V ItOOM JI0lT KT O b10ltll
A ol of onolinlltnrooii tbo eoiner irnillm I
tlrmn path iuIihmh well close by
Mry chcii pintciiittlOlipart eish
NotllS IAXIAIt C0USTV12ti iiiiiH 7V
under fence 7e In miiml liiIIImIIoii S7j In
limit r inciniiiiison placnj raises vain cot
Ion notitoos ule Miiplleil nllli c Mvriiiuul
creelcol unlpr riiiiM IIiihiikIi thcphtie Near
Miiim Kin tie ltcntcil for nil nr lo uood
tenants Irn mile lnnii l irls
Nowl riiNni N rOtfNTYlTo cres 50
iiiiilcu fenco lllliitullUnllon
somo Umber
li > i tine lllii thlcosiuliiKsln nihl imd veil
cifwiiiernt House II miles trom Dculonone
miloiioin jouUville
No Oil TA UK N T CQV MTVKID iiriesiill
iindor leiiee < 0i icbiii eiiltlvntlm story nnd
a null iiojcimino lioiikc4Ui
pcmli Mum ur
llrtltt0 7liillthsouth
Woi t h
N ° fllV I AMAK COI NTY l u noes i > l
foneeniiit in cmiHulienil neics Im
clMein t ef > iiiir tenant nociiih and
nt each lenmllns from Paris
Bonds aaad Securities
Fort Worth Austin San
AntonioColoradoCfv t
nniiit < ir or ninrKs In loltera
i111 rrnlvn iironiit nii nii
Iiiiulrlii thnnlil hr ailtlminl Trim mel
went tb rlintttl dill Drimrlment
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