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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, December 11, 1883, Image 4

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Loving Publishing Company
ro ha titSUJiMimiKits
Woshirt Prepaid v the Iubllthcrt
Daily Weekly
One Vein 510 011 On Ye < tr
Hit ifnntkt 1 < Mr Month
T7n re Mmllu S Oil 37ii Jo u
nmtvxnEit jiv aumrnit
JPcr Week At end
Itcmlltnncri by ilrnft poTofI1co money
order of In registered Idler nt ilsk ornniro
Convs irnJutuol nillcltc < luroii nil iich
Iloinpt Information of event nnd news
linppiiiiugs or general llitont solicited nnd
will lie properly coin > cn m l
All coiumunlcjitlons Intnndod for pitlillcn
lion lmHliOHWompulileil by tlio wilier
name nnil n < ldie not for publication butns
nn ovlri > uceofROiil fiiltli
Address Ictleoi nud communications of
> ery character to
liovinu ruiiMHiiisri company
lort Worth Toxni
hk > ii v mounino iikckiiiikk ii
Tiiinus nro ciilivciilmr down nt tlio
htntu capital
Tin Texas slave suit I a very thin
article of camptlgu cipltat
Tin Galveston Nows did i What
Is Henri Wuttorsou blowing about
llnmimtsuys iu luvis tlio Mor
iihiiih The public half suspected this
What Arthur tlonL know about
political bull dozing is not likely to be
dlscnveicd In tills century
Ir Hlaine poscses half the wisdom
lor which ho receives credit ho will
disown that famous letter
GnvnitAi SiimtMAN gives the news
pipers n kick and will devote tho Im
mediate future to musing his shins
An uutiMormoii society lias been
stinted in London It is to he hoped
that It will spread across the big pond
Ilitirisu Cnii MiiiA is preparing to
cstrict Chinese immigration Pulling
the pigtail is becoming a popular pas
It Is suspected that the icason Och
iltree Is so popubirwlth Arthur is that
lie always deals tho president a good
Tit i Pennsylvania legislature has ad
journed and faith Is lenotvcd In the
old proverb that ail tilings must have
nn end
Tin Houston Pot and Han An
tonio Hxpross aio not among the
claimants for tlio creditor Carlisles
Hum liu III journals should not ox li
berate prematurely Mr Carlisle says
that tarltl ieform will hold ltn own in
tlio committees
IIoim sx says ho knows no reason
why tho Sun should say so many com
plimentary tilings about him If lie
doesnt wiio does
Tick tho weather prophet Is dead
JIo lias gono where tho sensuns are
never uncertain being cither perpet
ual summer or eternal spilng
Mi VAvniituni should not bo so
heavily abused for exclaiming tlio
public lio d d it was only a pla
giarism from tlio Republican party
Xow that theio aro intlmationa of
an Inclination to crawfish by tho capi
tal syndicate It looks as though tho
old administration didnt make such n
bad bargain after all
Poou IlniYla resolution lias boon
Introduced in life senuti asking him
to leslgi His tijunipli was bref and
barren his defeat ignominious and
humiliating fcj > bo it to all traitors
Amhimoax eltlzunahlp Is Humming
n tangible value abroad It will bo
worth a few daysof life and sunshine
toODonnell for whom the president
will endeavor to secure a short respite
A SittiNciiimii Massachusetts
man is wearing a straw hat which ho
Is not to change until Butler is again
elected governor That straw merely
shows which way thu wind Is blowing
Govpiivoii IuiiAxt > is a lawyer of
ability and he remarks that It will bo
u very cold day when ny oxslave
holder of Texas gets pay from tlio
United States for his quondam slaves
Tin plan or a postal telo rapii seems
to bo at n discount Tho postma tor
general treated it very gingerly nnd
the president snubbed It outright It
wll hardly taUo with this congress
despite lie bills that have been or may
bo Introduced
WATrmtNDN says Ochlltieo Is half
horsu and half alligator Thomas Is
Homo timet neguseel or telling nlllgn
torstorlcH but Just wheiein lie resem
bles n horao lirone of those things Hint
mon Sense Indictment Ilomau as
an aspirant for tlio federal judgeship
of tho Eastern district but what are
wo hero for 1 Flanagan says He
mans prospects are excellent Ho
man and Flanagan aio both in Wash
ington nnd tho hitter is booming the
fonder Of tho Republicans who want
this ofllce llonian is m llttlu open to
objection as any of the lot mid much
less so than some or them He Is a
lawyer of fair ability conservative
nnd as to peisonul characteristics ab
solutely without reproach It is a good
sign Hint is Hurlosou county whole
ho lives he Is esteemed and trusted by
his Democratic neighbors Tlio dis
trict ho iias represented in the state
senate can poll it Democratic minority
in most elections but It has always re
turned Uoniiiu when lie caiod to be a
candidate I f ho lias a hobby 11 Is pro
hibition On that subject ho is an
entliusinstlcbiitiiola fanatic llko St
John Tho president could do much
worse than appointing Hoinan
Capital Punishmont
In Mexico when thu law disposes of
a inniis life ho faces n tlio of tohlleis
and Is shot to death An execution or
tills kind has occurred at Monterey
Utah is thu only Section or tho United
Suites where tills method or capital
punishment is in vogue The Tiah
criminal cntoiiced to deith Is given
ills choice whether he will die by the
gallows or shooting and thu latter
alternative is as often clioseu us the
Conner One or the most notable in
stances we can iccall Is tho ease or
John I Leo wiio wns shot in 1S77
for participation in tlio ruinous Moipi
tuln Meadow iiurs acro Ho was an
old mini and high tlio Mormon
Church but llrighnni yotnitr could
not save hint ity way orpooliojustico
or retribution ho was can led to Hie
very spot whore the mabsaeieoecurred
A single iniirkjinan was employed ami
his aim was so uccurato Unit the bullet
pierced Leos hcirt Ho fell tm
never uttering a word Tho many
bungling gallows executions wo lmvo
In this country suggest that shooting
is not as hiiitnl us thoscalibld Bclence
however might utilize
electricity as a
rar less repulsive destroying agenc
Hum either thu
rillu or the gallows
m tho Oonfetlorato
> < e
to help liio plucky llttlu elty cny her
point If carried Llwill ben honaiiitn
for Indianapolis
Tin bloody whirl Is nn alarm
signal It Is a disclosure of weakness
It is a confession Hint tlio lloptibll
enns dare not ntaku lie light on the
tariff It is Democratic duty nnd
policy to push ihe lighting ontogrotind
where tlio Itcpublicans do not want it
Krtu every protection Democrat
thero is an untlpioteetlon Republican
Protection Democrats abound in
states not given to voting tlio Demo
cratio ticket in national contests In
the coming presidential campaign
Democratu can combine principle and
policy witlt much piollt to them
Iitv ttiu sorrows not of a poor
old man but of Col Tint Winter
suiitlinewly elected doorkeeper of the
house of representatives Three hun
dred and slxtjIlve applicants one for
every day In tho yctrj besiege him
for n Miboidinuto position Col Wlu
tersuiitli will earn his salary that is
If ho lives through the racket
Tm light to make the platform of
Doniociauv demand a tnrill for
revenue only will bo harder than the
content with Republicans on such a
platform Demociatio hlghtarill men
will appeal tho party with prophecies
of woe If such platform bo adopted
Self interest Is us powerful among
Democratic manufacturers and iion
inongers as among Republicans
Wnv shmild Tennessee Kentucky
and Missouri bo denominated lebel
state Kaeh of them furnished as
many soldiers to Union as Confeder
ate arm Us If these soldiers nnd tlio
10100 that went out of Texas with the
lato Governor Davis had served Jef
ferson Davis with half the fidelity
thoy Illustrated In adhesion to Lin
coln vo would today have two in
stead of one consolidated empire
TnXAswasso lucky in tlio Mercer
colony land suit recently decided In
the United States supreme court that
we are led to indulge in hopeful antic
ipations as to tlio outcome of her claim
on the valuable body of land known
as Greer county Governor Ireland
hasieccntly written to tho president
on thusubject and commission will
no doubt be appointed on tlio part ol
tho government to act with n commis
sion from Tex is in adjudicating the
title to the disputed territory
Ooncorning Honian
We had almost hut sight of Com
About two yeitm ago the quiet In
qulrles for ami purchase of Confeder
nte bond attracted puullo attention
only Henri could dlscovertlio Texan Ioiiewsiiapers begun to print articles
mustang on the whole Is a ry do llout lho natter and then all at once
oentnnliiml it leaped Into thu full glare of
JtflHAVAjous is nil businessFort
Worth on u larger ocule She Is mak
ing it bid fur both national conven
Ions iicxtyear nnd the Indiana con
grcesloiml delegation without refer
ty ii genuine Nnsatlon The wildest
stories Imaginable were set nllnaLoJ
Jmineuso sums of money left In the
bank of England by thy defunct gov
ernment nml alt this money had been
lying there Idlo for year Cortnlu
ciicoloHHltfihlUroronccr fa working orles of CWedcrnto bomU w
cm Jn
good demand nnd were bought and
sold botli in tills country and Knrope
Then the bank of England nnd Mr
Judali 1 llcnjniiilti spnko up atid
punctured tho bubble There wore no
funds in thu bank to tlio credit of tlio
Lost Cause Ultimately It tiansplrcd
Hint English holders of theso bonds
had worked tip Hie excitement witli
a view as thi > y confessed of influenc
ing public opinion In tlio United
States and especially tho South look
Jug toward the assumption of the Con
federacys debt by Hie United Slates
Tills put nn end to the discussion tho
subject grow ridiculous unit was
dropped lint the public Is always
toady to bo interested mid fipiuscel
nnd wlililu Hie last ten days It bus
been treated to tlio details of another
sensation that recalls atrost Irresisti
bly the ruroro that was made over tho
Conrederate bond matter As the sto
ry goes now n Texan who wns u Un
ion man during the war and also a
largo owner of slave properly Is pre
pining to Institute suit in tlio United
States supremo court for restitution Tor
ills losses by reason of thu emancipa
tion or these slaves We arotold with
gravity Hint when Texas entered tlio
Union she received fioni the United
States explicit and solemn guaiantees
or tho Inviolability or thu slavo proper
ty huh by her citireiW And ns this
Texan did not engage in aid or abet
tho rebellion ho could claim exemp
tion from any or tlio constitutional
amendments that have followed the
warainlsiiotho United Stutes for the
value of his slaves It is u wildly
inteiestlrig story and that is Hie most
Hint may bo said Tor it There may lie
a man who litis time nnd money niot
to mention reputation for sanity to
waste In putting up and litigating such
a claim but wo doubt it It the story
had been telegraphed from Texas In
stead or Washington wo should sus
pect but Ictus see is Mulliutton In
Texas Perhaps lie may be in Wash
ington It is tho season when gentle
men oCorniitc imaginatlonsllock thith
er DutMulliattou or no Mulhatton
it may be set down as a pctrltleel ract
that tlio Texan or whoever else brings
such a suit will have his trouble for
nothing Tho subject is really loo ab
surb for serious consideration
A Tariff Boform Platform
What if the national Democratic
convention next jeunepeats thetariff
forrovenuconly declaration in the
platform of 18c0 and gives a pledge of
Its earnestness of purpose by nominat
ing such a roveniiereformcr as Win
It Morrison what are the protection
element of tho party going to do
about It
Tho question is well worth asking
and considering rar upon itssnxswcr
depends much of ctuisequenco to the
Democratic party That tho taiiff
question will bo the main issue and
Hint the Democrats as qualified free
traders will confront the Republicans
as absolute protectionist is a fict
foreseen by tlio most obtuse The
recent asset Hon of the freetrade senti
ment ortho in tlio
party election of a
speaker shows iv disposition to throw
aside tlio paltering negative policy of
mero opposition to tlio Republican
party and enter the campaign of 1881
with a clearly ileflned policy and a
ringing demand for a lessening of
liuilt taxation The comparative
strength of tlio opposing in
terests iusido tlio pirty or
frcctindo and protection is very
accurately dolineil by tho figures of
the volo for speaker Jliinduil was the
embodiment of tho protection idea
and had tho votes or 62 congressmen
Carlisle and Cox both declared them
selves for tariff rowum and their vote
Was 138 If tlio members or congress
who cast these votes properly repre
sent their party tho proportion or
rreolradeia to protectionistsi s three
to one almost There Is good leiuon
to believe Hurt the party at huge is
even nioo unanimously In favor of
the freetindo idea than this vote ex
presses Hut itulso
makes clear an
unwholesome fact thut
thero is a
strong ruction or Democrats who aro
no < luvonuq roformeis Theso nro con
dolled byconstltuencies who have lo
cal interests which they erroneously
Imagine to be advanced by nprotective
tin Iff They aie In ituo the Iron
masters or Pennsylvania the silk
makers ofjfew leisey the sugar pro
diiocrs of Louisiana and u few solita
ry representatives rrom niamifnelur
lug districts of other states Tlio no
Hon of Hieso moil is dictated by the
most powerful agent in shaping mens
I n dhect issue between free
tradu and protection will uuso
bo Democrats or Republicans Will
past association lmvo power to hohl
them to Hint party whB0 policy tliov
believe to endanger their Interests Or
Will they go to thu Reiinbllcan party
tjieir voting strength to
that sldo which Is In accord with iiiem
on the tarilfquestlon Inn row cases
doubtless they will deseit to the
enemy A freetrade platform
lessen the Democratic vote l pt
tflvimliii New Jersey and Connecticut
but this Is
not meal loss to tho partynr
hoy have
never but once carried more
tan one of tlioHO slates for president
And hey would gain nothing byevad
J V tlio larlllou ilo fur tho UepuJ
lean party cm go further in favor of
potectlontuan they dare
go pro
Itectlonbu who want n protection po
ley will vote with that putty whether
Democrats nro for freelrndo or not
Tliorcforo tlio eileollvu loss by the
adoption of a vigorous frectrndo plat
form cannot nnd will not seriously di
vlelo Hie Democrats
To compensate for tlio disaffected
protection Democrats thero will bo
huge accessions from thu agricultural
Republican stales or the West There
aie as ninny frcttrulu Itepiibiicans as
Hieru nro protection Democrats and
this class of Ilopublicaus is strong In
tho Northwestern stntes Minnesota
Michigan AVISconsIn Iowa and
Kansas though It now seems
flint they nro Irredeemably
Itepilbllcan are only so because lie
Democrats have offered no clioico for
anything bettor than they havo got in
thoTlopuhlioui party If the assur
ance is made to them that tho Demo
cratic party will give them relief from
tnrill bin ileus they cannot bo so blind
to their weirarc as to continue in pow
er n party who levies tribute on them
for tlio benollt ol a few Eastern maiiii
factuiers Thu Chicago Tribune Hie
leading Republican paper of tho West
Is strongly fieetrnilo Tlio city ol
Chicago which gavo u Republican
majority In 1870 Is now Democratic
by from 0100 to 10100 majority Ite
publicait temperance agitation in Illi
nois lias divorced thousands of Ger
mans from tho party in that state
Thoc ructs combine to give promise
that Hie twentytwo electoral votes or
that state will go to tlio election or a
Democratic president in ISM if an in
telligent and aggressive frcctrado can
vass is made With these guins In the
West we can afford to forego tho
doubtful chnnco of u few protection
states in the East
Thero will bo a roforming of party
lines Democrats will become Itepiib
iicans and Itepiibiicans will become
Democrats Old Nsues and old preju
dices aro dead A new and living
question is before us Democrats have
won nothing but defeat oil a neutral
platfoim and they can faro no worse
upon a potlllvo one It is more glo
rious to fall in defonsoof principle than
in a light for plunder
I sought to press a lovlnst kiss
Upon her lips as red as roses
Dill sad to tell deceptive bliss
Naught camo together but void no c
Just o
TixNV80h income is about 20000
per year
AsniiucAv toys nro
nil part or Ilia ivoi id
u demand In
Tin favorite omusenient of tho cm
poior of China Is tosplnutop
Ghii peas aie of lei eel for sale In
tho Gainesville Kin niaikct
Wiiitks are excluded from the San
Carlo leervatlon
In Jamaica firtyeiglit out of every
one humlied children born nrolllcgltlmnle
Xiw Yomc pretends to Iiavoa comet
of Its own which can bo seen nowlero else
Tin siijirome court or tho United
Stales Is Mil three years behind the docket
UuiTU0 Wyoming territory lias
established n shotgui < iuarantlna ngnlnst
Wiiist playing is tlio special weak
ness of most of tho Justtecs of tho United
Stales supremo coit
liti ficris have become very fash
ionable Tho Princess Uulso and nil lho
oilier n ce girls have them
CATAUinr bus killed ilfty dogs in
WnlerburyConn nnd hoisemcn fcnrltwill
como Into the stubles nost
Sojouiimiu Tmnirs real nnmeor
that which had been r v n toher by her first
mastirwn isnhelln Ihirdcuburg
Tin ebony tree glows to bo irtoeti
feel In circumference Tho outer wood is
puro white tho honu only being rerfoctlv
Tm Jim rlveTin Dakota is said
to bo tho longest uunavlgnblo iltr In tho
tTnlted Suites If nut In tho world Its dlk
tanco belneneury ono thoufciind miles
Jamiw AV IlAitNLz of Iowa City
lown ran agnlikt n colored man ono dnile
night recently nnd broko
hUiiose J lip ne
gro escaped uuhiirt
Tins was the very conclso verdict
ora coronersJmy In Idaho Wo 11ml Ihnt
tho deceased cuno to his death by cnlllni
In a game of foot ball nt Annapolis
aiiusculnreidet kicked tho bull liny > nrds
IllsfilenUaro willing to buck hlniagnlnst
any opera slngor In Hits country
Tm first railway in Spain wns lulel
In 1818 It was but fifteen and a half miles
one Ihokyslem has not groniM cry rapid
ly ho oor and now only eeners 0001 miles
A Im crow beliinglng to II Q
UJil f c H O Jumped upon n
shelfwherc IU mntdors revolverny and be
gan playing win it sUa u > ol > cr w
ehurgcdklllhigtlio crow
A iixviAitoii > boy so drunk that
could not walk was one of the dlsgiacoful
Khls to be witnessed Tluuk glVlng dayoi
llnoktrectNuvadn City Mil
Snow Is fovon e reigluTeet dee In
Judith basin Montana Tho sheepmen of
tlint section are wcllprovlUed
with liny an
ludk o that no Keilonlo i MlUnLitd
even If wo dohiivoakeNeiowliiler
Mn ALOvzd HAYis fKlfteryMo
orgo tosprmfclomea 6n hi IioWhWoo
Kll loud nouVln
lho table and
found the
horso w tltho nal
or lnhnmouthJiithtngirhuViho
with oxen Is
prontnblo biulnts 10
mm the Nm Joolllll 8
ndl m 1
erntc h become
way that eve
wclllrniicrtratllotlicy nro itlillcult to
Tin two liigliestsalarleel governors
of tho states nro those of New Vora nnd
leiinsylvanln who rceclvo tlOOJO u jenr
each Tho next highest nro Ihoso of Callfoi
nln Nenda nnd Illinois whogct foeo each
employment to teventcen carpenters
and more are needed
Professor Hudson of Tohuucaim
collegejient up a balloon last week for
thonmiisementof liia pupils
Dr P C Coleman of Colorado City
8 1 HPnluteil division surgeon
of tho Texas Pacific railwuy
The Henderson Times says tlio wirc
Ilifting in tlio Wrst has turned the
I do ol immigration into Eastern
Qalcavillsi has passed an ordlnnnco
rorblddlng the erection or repairing of
any buildings fronting on the
During November Abiltno sliliiped
eightymrlouds of cattle west nmllilO
carlomlsenst Hiere being n total ot
liol head
Kvery third person one mueU in
Coleman Is u stranger They nro all
looking f r niw homes tit d many are
buying for cash
On newyears day thu survivors or
Gieeiis brigade will celebrate the
twentieth aiinlvewary of their
of capture
Galveston Itland from tho Union
Tiio indies of tlio church
JImiTi 110 preparing n crazy
liillt i to bo disposed or dining Hie
Chris nius holidays to
church fund
incrensu the
Miss Wattle Cox tho missing Wexla
niele1 wns enticed
away from homo
> tho
y blaudlslinieiilH of a
Eiciut nonHm o ir Malno man
ostnrfnBnoiililsllnirerwIilia rccJn
llKi Oiiooftiiojmiiiii
porkors wns k Pi
rorTh k itin nnd upon iu tongue W
two nna no half
inches from tho tip w
rrslry >
itV2CIS 0H ho BUrvIw Hi o7 the Ulaek
or Calcutta wft sir lMvll
Vr ion his mother acanny undeinoaHrnttvo
oKl colcilmlywns told of tlo h rr m In
Ibo Uncle llolo on that awfat nl
merely remarked Ood help lho Sl o
was cliulncet to my Davie
Tinmi l ft mttiTTiTiiitli avenuo
Now i orlc whose dog ha gone for IiIr morn
hie paper every morning for yenm Tho
alwayskuvo modesn ilircoeeiit nlreotoh iln v
tho pnpor When thoprlro
cuno down to two
cents tho log threatened to tear tho nows
deftlei to pieces until ho pased over tlio mn
ny change
m 9
Ovnn forty tons of poultrv In he
linnet of lloston denier soured diuiint
lliniikrislvlngwcele md lliicewiiinrtermifH
w l urchn ed lorennnlnghoitscNwhoclalin
thntnllhough It would not keep for inair
hours and wns theicfore mnnlnbloin tho lo
tnlliiiiirkitlt was Jmt Osgood na tho driest
nnd freshest nllcrheliig Healed toasnlcmtus
Giv Quant snyo he believes in in
teriinllonnl nrbltiiitlon for tho settlement of
liitcnintloinl disputes but his rillh j us
adoption in olmlnl hlni Tho willingness to
go to war Is best held In chock by ihj ini
proving methods or molting wur destructive
Illggmis nro eilootlvo arbitrators They de
ter ibo bcBlnnlng of lighting and shorten lho
duration orlt
Dumxn the lute high wind Mono
Inko w as swept from one end lo tho olhey by
ayoiins tornado mijk lho flodlo Col Krco
Iress wnlcli lulled tho water Into Ionm nnd
Idled lho hither up on tho shore tncnly feet
high In boino places Mixed up with the
lather wero Ihousnndsofdind ducks thnthnd
beon killed by being diuhediignlnstthorotks
of the Island
A coioitii man named Iticliurds
iiimllIng In Illiodo Island cnlertiilns his
friends by slorlesortho lime nlion ho earned
S2m weeltplnjlng tho rtumlbiil in a well
known Amerlcnn show whleli trueledu
lhglnnd Hlclmrds was kept slmt up in
cnge mid wns expeeud to glnio llorcelynt
tho spectntois nnd every now nnd tlioil make
ngrnbatuny ouo wiio too closely approached
hlscngo Jlownslnughta mrtof gibberish
which liejepciiled ocenslonnlly to tlio horror
nnd tcrrorof the lo kcison
° no niBlll
Two Oalnesviii r
wide word Wl
Wntlos feuta S
cut ouo nlriiM Jo l
tested 5 fli
l0U9 d T k
tulnutes Mb f
nights bfTSS O
lmrlies JThqaS
C baroell
about 0000
Itandall and Pfjj fmn Kflj
preffy well but Mnufai
tucky Missouri Now h
Jersey Virginia Wis
cousin aro puldSjOOOcneli Mostof tho oth Compliments Oflbl
governors nro paid from S10 tolo
1 ho bouthcn
Mates paySl0 and JIC0 Drotber Wattersos
The low l snlnrle nro puld to tho governors tato ta I f 5
o a c We tm V
Newllainpslilrc Ithodo Jkland
mid Jllchlgnii who receivo butflOJSCoeli
Owin to tho scarcity or nti9lactory
liees lnmtpostscte a mob of l > nchcrs
nearAlbuiueniuoNJIlook Ihrirprison
er lo a lintcur nnd proceeded to elect ft
ratliur unlnno stnllold A crib or tics was
built ui > high on tho lintcar and two tics
wero run strnlghtout from the alb tho In
sldo end of tho two tlos being fnklened to the
crib by huhlng with ropes so that they were
held securely hi place The pilsoner with
tlisropoon hlsuock tho other end of which
wns fastened to tlio projecting tlesAvas iniulo
to mount tho gallows when ho wns pushed
oil tho fnll proving of kulllclent height to
break his nock
At West Point once General Sher
man accompanied by tho conitnftndajitof
cudcts was making nn Inspect Ion tour of tho
barracks Ho wasnt looking for contraband
goods but whllolu ono oftho looms ho got
talking about his eiado days nnd When 1
mis a cadet h said to the commandant
wo hid things In lho clilmneysdurlng tho
summer months 1 wonder If tho boys do to
still It was then InJiine So saying ho
stepped to tho flropluconnd rcochud up the
chimney ltaltllngdownit his touch ciuno
aboard followed by a fryingpnnn bottle
empty and a suit of cltlens clolhcK Tho
faces r tho cadets
who occupied tho room
were a study but tho general only laughed
nnd turning to tho commnndnnt raid This
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book Missouri

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