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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, February 11, 1884, Image 6

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street be
OfflrB of ptiltlcatlonHecond
ThrocKmorton Kn
twoo Houston nnd
ecoiulcl t
terod nt the 1ontofllc
Taking Kffect February 10 1SS1
MIR30U1H rACiritt
KoitTir Arrive
No 15J dally
m m
No 151 ilnlljr Pm
No S1 dally SiSSK
S 0n in
No 161 dally
< IOnm
pOt i > m
r W a in
hliornia nnmi
connect nt Whltesboro or
Towknnn nl Novada for Knnio Oil t
Bed4llafor No 151 northbound tMoul4 run to St Louit
roiinocWiiLNevndnfor Kansas CllJ I nt tc
dallnfor llnnnlhal
No I lBoiitlilK > und lop nt < > nrtii
No 151 soulhbound ruin to Auitln mid
San Antonio
rrxAS ASP Memo
Writ Arrive
NoSU ilnlly Rypii
No SOT ilnlly except Hun JW o m
NosilUully lC0nm
NoS8 ully except HunU > l >
No30 dully except Hun
S 5S p m
B5U ii m
410 n m
1110 p n
No MHwculliouiulrunitoEl Iimo
NolUI wcilbounu run between Dallas
and Oolnnulo City
No WIS westbound runs between lorl
Worth nnd Mondial
No iil raitlHtund
and St 1mln
NO W3 custboiindrunH bolwecn Colorado
nnil Dallas
No 3W einlbound rum bctwicn rnrl
Worth mid Mnrshntl
Arrive Lenvc
Nortl lounil tliilly 7 Wn m
Boutt > jouutldiilly 83Jp in
Arrive Leave
Now Orlenus Houston 4
i lrcaion i 1123 p in la it ni
LnmpHMW Octtlrun
reunite 111 p m 1100 n in
Money to loan In sums otSWOnnd over on
ical cutntc J F Cnoixn AttyalUiw
l ir o lnrty of IjiudSeehori Lonklus
fur IllYcstiiieitfs In North Texas
A party of about ninety excursion
ists uomo to tho city Saturday after
noon in aspecial ear from Pennsylva
nia Ohio Michigan Minnesota 111
inoiH Wisconsin Iowa nnil other
Northern nnil Eastern stales Tho
party Is composed of gentlemen who
arc Necking investments In tho funn
ing lands of Texa nml is in
charge of Mr Gaston Mealier
special passenger agent of the
Gould system aceoiiipanied by
Messrs O J Fowler Kastern passen
of Utlcu New York mid J
Mclleath New England passenger
agent of Hostnn Mass Aiming the
excursionists are Messrs O G Mtir
jiliy a heavy real estate agent or Phil
adelphia H Gordon and Dr Jliadloy
of JMlmiejhta John JClinu of Des
Moines lowu A 15 Adnin of 151
Carte 1ml 1mfW II DeLniMnrtyr
and II Spreeker of Madison Wis
W Tj Thomas of Ogdenshiirg New
York 3 11 Oattellnnd I II King of
Segoimroy Iowa and other prominent
jjentlopien from tho Northern and
15istern stated Tho cxcur lonl8t
went west last night nnil will tttop nt
Abilene Colorado Olty and Ulg
Springs From tint lnlter point they
will return to Fort Worth cm Thurs
ilny next where they will dlsbiind
This is the fourth series of excursion
ists through Texas inaugurated by thu
Gould Hystom and is uouiiioued of par
ties becking farming Iiiiiuh They ex
press I liemtelves as highly pleased
with thu soil and climate of the Iionu
Star state Most them are men of
moderate means and practical farmers
When tho party riiuriii to tills city on
Thursday our enterprising real estate
men would do tho proper thing to
meet them and show them the ad vant
ages ollured to farmers In Tarrant
county The party numbered 123 per
hons when It left tit Louis but has
now dwindled to ninety
It may bu interesting to state in this
connection that Saturday morning mi
excursion party of twentylive persoim
passed through hero bound to Ban
Frunciftco from Chicago being tho
llratrcgulur excursion over tho Gould
system to California tills year The
JABtTK muii bail thu pleasure of
naetlng Mr Mesller who had thu
llrst named party in charge Ho states
that fully 800 persons have taken tile
benelltof thesuexcursions which will
bo continued until Mhv and resumed
again in the fall Mr Mealier Is an
accomplished gentleman and uutliusl
nstlo over tho wonderful progress and
prosperity of Tuxas
AVlutts Coming
llertlia Welby daughter of tho mini
that exposed tho plot by which an at
tempt was mado m tho tintiMasonry
days to palm oil thu body of an uu
known lor John Morgan tho exposer
of Masonry will bo huro u thu eoursu
of tho next few days Shu is of tin
emotional order and continues to gain
In public favor Sbo bus bad good
houses overy where this season though
hIio has taken In a largo extent or ter
ritory Shu travels on her merit and
not on her fathers fume
Ada Gray the well Uiiown will bo
huro soon after Welby
Uaroii Soomuti the magician Is
booked for this week
Iicavltts Mastodon minstrels will
appear hero February 23th
Hay wood a Mastodon minstrels will
bo hero March 1st with a eholto
reportoro Including UndoToms
Tho KiilMiiijr Doom
Tho ludlcatlcus point to a building
boom as soon as the weather settles
nnd spring opens A gentleman woll
posted In real estatu matters informs us
Unit contracts have been let for up
wards of forty business bouses and
that tho number
of residences can not
even bo guessed ut owing to thu pros
pects by tho building associations lor
worklugmeu and mechanics to secure
of their own Tho Working
mens Uidldliig and Loau association
and tho Mechanics Uuildliig ami
fciniust0Tl rc now 1
fmllM i 1 111 soou turn their au
XfMii th 8t ° W of these asso
who have not already tuUeu stock
should do so Imraedlutely The board
Vnra f V0 M wWrti assoola
tiou will ineot
tonight at tho oftloo of
Daggett Martin CoJ next door to
bt Jolm hotel Main street when tho
boom will begin hi earnest Btook
holders should bo present
At 12 oclock Salurdaj
night lu this
Itatlo Bulllrnn
city of consumption
in the twentyeighth year of her ago
Burled lu7th5CathoJIo cemetery j Her
vJww by the Catholic idlest
PA Cllr Mlwonrl panels please
One of Uio Largest Houses Erer As
sembled In the OpcrallotiseV
An livening of Strange nnil Unoxplnhi
nblo Kesnlts Hint Kxcltcil Gen
eral Ailmlrntloii
Vcslcnlrty was n dull gloomy day
All day long the rain fell slowly upon
tho earth and before evening tho
streets Which were very muddy In the
morning bad become glistening hikes
very Miggcstlvo of tho beautiful city at
tho head of thu Adriatic Notwith
standing however the nearly impass
able condition of tho streets when S
oclock arrived n fair audience bad al
ready assembled In tho opera hoiibc
and tho doors wore jammed Half an
hour tifterward tho audience nltm t
completely filled the house and before
tho closo of tho ovetilng tho audience
was tho third largest over assembled
there scarcely n seat being vacant In
tho growing city of Fort Worth aro
many disciples of the spiritualistic
creed and these votaries and their
friends were largely represented Ma
ny too went on account of tho fame
of thu fair lady who was to display her
powers while there were not a few
who west simply to gratify their curi
osity Long before Miss Fay appeared
there were repealed outbursts of impa
tient stumping from the eager feet in
the galleries
There was n loud clapping of hands
when tho footlights were turned on to
their full power and tlin cabinet with
various tables Instruments e ap
peared on the stage This was hushed
Into a feverish quiet bv the appearance
of Mr llratton who tlrst requested the
silence during the evening of that
nuisance the small boy as this was not
to be considered a show Ho then gave
a brief biographical ketch of Miss
Anna Eva Fay the lady
Ho said they took what was called
today the middle ground In exnla
nation there was n class called splrltti
alibis who attributed all the results
obtained by them to spiritualistic
sources tho scientists attributed them
to force while Micro wnn another
class that thought these results weru
simply produced by a black art or
magic Their middle ground was that
of thu scientists lie then called atten
tion to
Tills was a plain furpo < t all alr
hung all around with curtains The
front curtain was drawn aside show
ing a small stool in tho center tiial hu
lifted to show that It was only a stool
He asked that a eommittiu of two gen
tlemen be named by thu audience to
tonio forward to thu stage Mr
H O Perkins Dr T J IJeall
Colonel Morten Dr W A Adams
Col Hoggsett John Nichols ami Dr
H W Monro wero called for Ami the
lust named two went upon tho stage
ami duly made tho examination and
pronounced the machinery of a weak
construction They then took their
Heats upon tho stage Mr llratton
then remiestcd entlru slleneu on tho
part of tliuaudleiico during tho even
lug lie said he would leave It to the
audience to conclude for themselves
whether there were spiritualistic niau
Ifestatlomor not llo promised that
the lights iould not bo turned out
during the evening at all
Miss then
Fay was introduced nnd
by request thu gentlemen proceeded to
lie her wrists with strips ot cloth which
weru then sewed This process pro
duced considerable amusement among
tho audience Court plaster was now
pasted across tho strips and on thu
Mesh on each side Her hands wero
then held behind her with theno strips
and another tied around their junc
ture Miss Fay then sat down and
this last strip was passed thxiugh a
ring previously fastened hijan upright
stanchion ami tied together lu a hard
knot A piece was now tied around
her neck and thu pendent euda tacked
to the stanchion Her feet wero lied
together with a rope and Mr
Nichols placed his feet on the
other end oftho rope A tamborlne
hand bells and hariuonicou weru now
placed In her lap and the curtain
closed Thu hells tamborluo ami
harmouleou ntoncu
and so continued for two minutes
Thu curtain was then drawn aside and
an examination showed that sho was
still fastened as originally A strip of
cloth was now placed around her neck
and while thu curtain was drawn It
becAine lied ami was exhibited to tho
audience after being cut A glass of
water was placed lu her lap and al
most Immediately afterward thu glass
was taken from between her lips Thu
gentlemen said they saw no way for
her to get her mouth to thu glass The
audience was now asked to select tho
handsomer of tho two gentlemen to
alt Willi Miss Fay and Dr Mooru was
taken A handkerchief was placed
on bis head his hands on a tamborluo
In her lap ami a guitar on top A
water bucket was placed over his head
While thu curtain was drawn there
was musio thu guitar being thrust out
When tho curtain was drawn aside
there was writing on Dr Moores cull
and on blank paper lu thu bucket ami
Dr Monro said hu felt a hand on his
during tho time tho curtain was drawn
Various names and messages weru read
from the papers but noun
recognized as far as was mentioned A
ring was borrowed and placed In her
lap Jt at onco appeared In her car
A tamboiino was placed under her feet
and it bucket lu her hip with coins on
her feet and a pencil in her mouth
Tho bucket was found on her head
Ulnnlc sheets privately marked by tho
gentlemen wero then folded scissors
placed on top In her lap and whllutho
curtain was drawn doll babies wero
cutout of thu paper The paper was
Identllled by tho gentleman A stout
box closo fitting was now locked over
her leaving her head out at the top
Hells on thu front of thu box wero
rung In tho sight of tho audience
when placed closed to tho curtain cov
ering a small opening and various ar
ticles thrown
oil by a dark looking
baud An examination showed that
sho was still lied While tho door
was being locked again articles were
thrust away from Iter A kulfu was
taken through tliu oponlng and direc
Jloiis given that sho should bo cut
loose The box was taken away and
tho strings around her wrisls wero
found to bo cut This was but a llttlo
while after au examination showed
her to bo still tied securely
Several feats wero now performed
by Mr llratton then Miss Fay caino
k1 5 While Mr Uraltou was secure
lyr SMl th B lMk f tho cabinet and
MrNichols held Miss Fays hand
thero was tupping mld writing on the
bucket oi Miss Fays head
Coats and a vest a bucket and a
chulr wero now in uomo Inexplicable
way pasjcdtinonouoof 8 irma in
the cabinet whllo his wrists wero tied
fceeurely together and his feet as well
Ho was altcrwards brought out and
tho hnots untied and thoso articles
taken trom hlnarms nia wrjHts
Ktcii to bo very red from the chnUug
of tho rones
Mr Hearno came out and Btlir
clo so win arinlela closed at the ends
audit BiiiillnrJielmet were placed on
him and with hW hands against his
knees ho wastled with a very eago of
ropu and knob lo the chnlr He
was then wroiiounecdby tlioconmilttee
who did tho work very securely fast
ened after Dr Monro luul put on an
oxtrarope Hu wna tried with instru
ments but there was no response In
about live mliuites bowetcr there was
nery from within tho curtain was
drawn tusldoaiid Mr Hearno walked
forth to tho wonder ami admiration of
tho audience
Tho cabinet was now closed and three
chairsplaced In front Mrs W T
Wlboi by Invitation took otic Mr
Nichols thu second atid Miss Fay thu
third Hands were superposed and
a blanket pinned over them against
thu cabinet An examination showed
that thero was nobody in tho cabinet
Phees ol paper wero Knocked oilMrs
Wilsons head through thu curtain
various objects thrust out through the
opening a blind poked out several
times and while Dr Mooiu was peei
ing under to seo If anyoiiu was in thu
enblnet Mr Nichols necktie was un
tlcil Ho himself afterward told a re
porter that he felt tho hand at
Its work yet ho could ft el
both hands of each of tho ladles on his
nt each sidoall the time The cabinet
was now removed ami a careful exam
ination made for a trapdoor but none
found During this last great feat in
order to satisfy thu audience that the
little boy waa not in tho cabinet Dr
Moorowas asked lo go to onu side
where hu found him sleeping behind
the scenes blissfully unconscious of
any spirits except those tlibt come to
us In our dreams IJy request tho Fort
Worth public will again havo an op
portunity of seeing Miss Fay at tho
opera house in about two wcoks Shu
will giveone or two seanceri In the
city also by imitation If tho Ga
Kirm has tho opportunity of being
iinsentit may yet bo able to deelaio
by what means such results are ob
tained For tho present it must be
left to each to Judge for himself
whether they come from thu material
or the ethereal whether natural or su
pernatural In their origin whether
or not wo must ascribe these almost
miraculous acts to that mvsterious
force called the psychic which moves
s mysteriously at all times as to defy
explanation except as coming from
that great unexplored realm called na
Pearl Wcihlhir
Mr and Mrs JJ Melton celebrated
the thirtieth anniversary of their mar
rlago Saturday night tho uth inst
There were a goodly number of the
friends of thu youthful couplu present
to oiler their congratulations and to
partake of tho bountiful supper which
all nroiimiiieed superb and unexcelled
Many friends were prevented by thu
rain from attending though your re
porter noticed among those present
Mr and Mrs II Tally Mr and Mrs
J M Ilrnnnon Mr and Mrs Ii N
Hatcher Mr and Mrs Whit Dryden
Mr and Mrs J C Denny Mrs
Knowlton Mrs Goodnough Mrs M
II Smith Mrs J V Childress Mrs
T E Furgerson Mrs Geo I Dodd
Mrs S H Holmes Misses Fanny
Iloulhnu Josiu Smith and Addlu Chil
dress of Fort Worth and Olivo Ilrand
and hula Young or Dallas Caiit M
11 Loyd Dr It E Kiikin Howard W
Peak C H Pluiuer Cnpt J H Lit
tlejohn 15 Christian J E Mitchell
mid Claud Jackson
Among thu numerous and appro
priate piusents tho Gazkttu man ex
amined tho following A handsome
set of pearlhandled knives from Mr
nml Mrs T E Furgerson Mr and
Mrs J M Uranium Howard W
Peak ami Charles 1 Fox Pearl opera
glass from Mr and Mrs John C
Denny Pearl can case from Mr and
Mrs H Tally Peurlhaiiillo gold pen
from Mr and Mrs J5
Illgbee Pearl card case from
Mr and Mrs M It Eoyd Pearl
frame mirror from Miss Jaila Young
Pearl card ease from Mr and Mrs
Georgo T Dodd Pearl pocketbook
from Miss Alinu Evans Pearlhandlu
gold tootlipick rrom Mr J 15 Mitch
ell Gold ring with pearl sets from
Mrs S H Hoi mi
An Ethiopian string band having
been Imported from thu free stnto of
Arkansas for tills special occasion the
gueslsweru Invited to Join in thu mazy
danco which was kept up till thb wee
sunt hours
Thu GAZiriTi acknowledges a kind
ly remembraneu from tho worthy
couple In a stand of delicious cake and
some llnuwlne
City Hospital
To tho lAgmric
Buiuo ten days ago this city Institu
tion underwent a change In its man
agement now being under thu control
of Mr Albert Walker a former milk
vendor Mr Walker
has placed a
splendid nurse in charge ami Is doing
all that a man can do for thu comrort
or his patients supplying them
with plenty of good food
cooked in a plain maimer
loo much praise cannot bo accorded
to tho city physician Dr L II Blun
ter who usasall of his medical knowl
edge for tho comfort of tho city sick
Thu writer of this local was a ta
tlent lu tho hospital for two weeks
and now returns many thanks to Dr
falauter and tho nurse For awhllu
thero were four women patients two
with babies under a month old
1 welvo men all doing woll now Just
half the number g
Attemptoil Uiirghiry
An attempt was mado last night to
rob tho storo or D Schwartz it Co
H ru > f ten and Second streets
About 10 oclock some young mou who
wero passing saw a man lu tho storo
and stopped to look lu through tho
door wlnt iiws On seeing them stop
the burglar ran out thu rear of the
storo ami the gentlemen tired several
shots at him in tho alloy by tho bank
but did not succeed In stopping him
It Is not known If any thing was taken
from the store
To Whom It Mny Concern
On tho first dav or May I will have
a Brand drawing for a handsome gold
watch each Individual who Is
taking tho aui
pAzirm or who will sub l re rose Instead or falling and the
be within the next thirty davs will < > thuo tlicro was a silirht fall
c a chance In tho drawing free of J ° w l by rain The prediction that
he river
charge None will hold tickets but
those who pay promptly Subscribe
and secure a chance
Jah TMiiltov
City Circulator
Yesterday Mr J Q Pollard was
sentcd by 11s wife
with pair r nu
nis ITt WomS0l l0t > Um > y t0 otLu
J 13 Albright nml a Y rivlm
s one of Wichita Valley wefe
Ju the
gy esterday ana called pn tho Oa
tunning Solid Th ousli Train Dally ench
wny between Kor Wiitli and Oulvestoii
fort Mntlli with the TA 1 Ity Momclflo
Ify Kl W A Ii O lfy
tlflmrne with tho imlliw Division O C A S
luiim Mo 1
with thoT P H T C nnd
Mok h with the II A T It
Jlrlrrn > rwltlitht > TAMf H
Trinplr wild tho Ijimpisi Division O CA
s r Ity
Milium wltn tho I t N Hy
Miinrrilllo with thu MontirmniTy ana Jiavn
coin Il Won 1 1 1 It
llrrnhum Willi tho 11 A T IMly
ItocnWiit ullli the I II A H A Texan mid
Mexican and t C AH I lfy 1 hrouBli
ears fur Houston connection for > ow Or
leiinsnnd all points ratMiilheiisl north
IrcoU with the I A t N for Columbia
ItcMon with tho Matlory and Morsan lines
Tl o trains dally each way betuccn CJal
vckIoii nnd ouslin
Moikmknt lit Tiiains Oatveston Iloun
lon and lnteruicdlnto polns Leave Fort
W rlh lfl RIH nrrlvo do ll0 > < ni Ijuii
pn A nnd lnterniedliilopniiilii Leave lort
Worth 10iniini arrive do liiaiii
lnpnre for redured Mnrdl Orns rates to
OhIvchioii mul return
Fur furlliBr llifiiriiiiilloli address K I KOS
HICK rickot Agent Fort Wnrlli
isClltlJ lirillUV
aeneml Ins enner AcentOiiUesloii
Ilalus nml linging Ithcrs In the boner
Ohio Valley
IIio Water ItreodlngSloirlj nt tVIicelinir
nml Pittsburg
Heliiruing to Dcsolnleil Homes Itellef
for llicSiiflercrs
Wheeling AV Vn February 10 Tho
river has receded more slowly than ex
pected and part of the elty and coun
try abovu and below is still under wn
ter though the inhabited portion for
I thu most p irt is forsaken by thu water
I The disappearance of the water reveals
tho extent of the ravages of the Hood
thu sicht exposed to tliu eyo today Is
Indeed disheartening Huge rocks
board piles trees dtfftwood and small
shanties cover parts oi many streets
and hundreds or large houses nnd barns
aro gathered at peints where tno sur
face of tho waters was obstructed by
trees Fifteen houses are Jammed up
against each other at the south end of
the city Thu lliiltimore Ohio track
between hero and IJenwood was cov
ered with building and drift which
weru pulled to pieces by tho engines to
clear thu track Thu tlrst mail since
Wrdneday weighing four tons has
arrived lloats and a few trains on thu
roads least damaged havo opened
communication with the outside
world Every blanket in the
city has been distributed to
tho homeless sufferers but thero is
a gnat scarcity of bedclothes Tho
country people on both sides of tho
river aro doing their utmost to supply
the needy with provisions Wagons
loaded with provisions havo been ar
riving huro and Kenwood Jtelhdre
Hrldgeport and Martins ferry nil day
from points as far hack as twenty
miles BOiith Probably aiOOO pooptu
aro to be red and clothed from Wells
burg to Mountsville At Mar
tins ferry last night Dr
Hliieman now under ball fur abortion
wns caught robbing a Hooded store
was beaten nearly to death Ho is
missing today much to the sorrow o
his boudstuen
would reach tho maximum
today win also falso On thu contra
ry tho maximum was not reached at
point two hundred miles abovo Cln
chiiiBtl and a new Hood Is In from thu
ii Ti rlver T ° arrlvl of
the hlgheHt water hero must now bo
wmilUoiu postponed for soverul days If present
continue l
y extreiucaru
Bfnult > r the K8 w > l y man
ftj i i > he gas supply up till to
llt wtho street lumiw aro
unllght and Vm Is burning lu very
uw places Tho tables I n tho Western
union telegraph opunttors room
aupplied with candles the theaters are
running with electric and calcium
PrlYat0 8V Whine
i i P11lMe lv n long
thul tbo bouco l
o gaa Is scarcely felt
People aro moving back to their
houses and thu scene todnyMs a busy
one everywhere Thu streets have
been washed and
disinfected to pre
vent a bad ellecton thu health any
kind oilers of aid aru leceived but
with so many depending upon tho re
lief committee the outlook for
the future Is gloomy Many cases
of premature confinement of women
aro rcportt il but no deaths
from this cause yet A
bottle was found today with thu
names of four young ladles said to I o
drowning at tho time the card was
written As nono of thu iames are In
the directoryunit nobody knows such
persons it is believed to havo been
those from apoint up tho liver The
card contains tho words Farewell
friends and the names of Anno
Clark Molllu Sony Minnie Hawk and
Hernle Itubit Tho Masons have sys
tciuatlcd tho work of aiding in relief
roll of all Masons was prepared
and those not themselves aullerers will
bu called upon for aid Tho Odd Fel
lows and othersocletles aro also con
tributing It Is reported that some
sullererson the south sldo aru reduced
to tho extremity of cutting meat from
cows found dead as thu Hoods recedo
Thu Ohio river railroad Is belluved to
bo entirely ruined Section alter sec
tion of trestlu work nnd bridges and
cars were washed away
Cincinnati February 10 Tho lood
or 1881 was surpassed at I oclock this
morning and tho river has been rls
ng almost constantly all das There
is hardly a shadow or doubt that the
mark of last year will bt leached and
passed within tho noxt thirty hours
indeed at 8 oclock tonight he pros
pects decidedly Indicate a more rapid
rise tonight than during the day for
lu addltlm to reports of continuous
riHes at points above rain bus been
falling steadily since t oclock It is
not now heavy but persistent enough
to Indicate an all night rain Tho
same condition exists at ltlpluy and
e fifty and sixty miles up tho
r V T ° if u witlnues all
night will exert n decided intlueiico
on the stage here as the tldo from
tributary streams will bo pouring In
lit addition to thu Hoods
the people hero hnvo lost
cuiitldenco In tho prognostications or
signal service Twice thu white
Hag lias been railed to denote cold
coming Tho llrst time tho tempera
We are Getting Desperal
Spring is approaching and for foar it will And us with sonto winter rroorj
we havo reduced everything in our house so that rich poor and rich alike H
dross woll and at a trifling cost
trill manly Icintiiliie jhUltlty ami
rolmuurtio Uio Ieniale phyilque for
those l Mftt of vitality accompany
Iiir rniiijilirlmd jHcnliar to the scrj
Mother n itrtny tholr own cfhr vi
and tUllrata tvomen who cxpoct to
tmenmu iiioitiora and hrlug n p effur
ViiUflilWroi shouldhyall meanHUSo
It trill restore miffireri ftont
Mental orXervait Jrostratlon aris
ing from Orerirorlt JirciSMH or
jmtracltil Dlseasi It trill ran
Dranhenntsstinil tho Opium Habit
forns tho uppolllo crows healthier
and dlRpslInu moro forous through
tho noo of mm Tonic tho unnatural
ermine dies away until totally ox
tlnct IttshlyhlybrneilcM In llrer
Ooniptalnti Malarial Irtvr and
ALL Malarial Disease nud for tho
detillltatlns effects of i livr of any
lihut It nit no viii i it repttln
iraitc Improifs Itiaistlim ana l
ixtlte nnd affords tno Jtmiirptlo In
tiiflii nu taslly aisUnltable arllela
offomlt and la bo tiloasant to Uio tnsto
that tlio most eenslllvo palate will not
and liiTallds coacrally may jirorerly
undinitaud tho merits of Volitma
JAipild JUtf Tltnlr an analysis by
Uio eminent chemist AUTIIUU UILL
HASSUL SfI rlt8 of London
Knclainl nud nloau endowenieut by
tlio colobrnted pliysleliin rroresnot
Ijudou nro labeled ou eich bottle
AUTION Coldens Liquid
lirKP TONIC la nnnbbroYlallon of
Its original nnnio COLDUVSLIE
TONIO INViaORATOII liich twttlobears
tlilsorlglnal inline n mark ot cenulneueas
nblch should nlwnys ljnojiorvoilai ero
ore several poor Imitations Ihaeuiierl
prlty ol In materials and conirndtlou will
bo strictly uialulaliiwl Hold hy DriiKKlsta H I
E 1rr hottieH ror o n chit
Nowlork Hold Wliolraalo by J J BOUOri
Ualvostoa Tcsns
thu opera festival
Tho whow
year round nenl
occanlonnly tho
licaltlilul nlmu
liiHlniimrlcil by a
wliolcxniuo tonlo
like Iloklcttcrii
Hloimich IlittcrH I
lo all Its purity i
nnd cllclency as
n und pro
common it it
loam relievescoiu
iiln nnd Idllous
niss iirresU it
innturo decay of
t t M vulcsconce Kor bhIo by ifl drug
Kl t und danleiH genornlly
At Jlusio hall a twoInch plpo is sun
ported on trestles leading from the
Chic nnatl hospital across to Music
mil to supply the latter with gas nan
uraettired by the hcsnltal Tills gives
which begins to
night itsordinary simply of flight
On tho
outsldo of i0
hall an dectrlo light
bo used to
numborof persons needing relief In
creases with each days continuous
flod but Cincinnati Is deteriiliu f o
take care of her own people Tho high
standing of men composing the relief
commltteoand tlio good wSrk donobv
the Himo cominlttee lust year In ihiIiKs
outsldu of Cincinnati haru led niany
peonlo to send contributions hero
anticipation of tho samu being done
now tho roller mS
committee has
Ized the following uor
To the public Tho relief commit
are be
fort hu uilere wUrboSlluWr
tho relief or Uedlstrce1fln otl < erio
alltles with tho Bamo diligence ami
care which aro exercised In rellevl i iT10 °
ufferew here upm whom H tnelihftjj i
Wo carry the best line of goods for Mens Wear in the city and with the
have made wo predict a rush of trade thts week that will reduce our stock
groo Come early for bargains n
ran gotii nerve and muscle
StrcnglheninQ = = lnjoraing = = Fatlcnina
i pronauitrcil t < tt score of pht
rlctmi mul by IImiwihI of proita rUo
liare w < f II lo la thn beat Unmrn rcinrily
forlMiillly J > yjwif IniUtjriHnit Zovi of
Appetite Imp of llesh Jmitf QWfnlnf
Jemnlo henknnu gnitrlvIrritability Iftl
litrtal Jerrr nml many nthrr illietitr trher
tonics ara rnpilml differing essentially
from all other lleef JimU and Tonics
tuo7 < Mi < nnd < nrfi < iltftndstucro
foroalluo fitr ar < tof and rorrcrtlro
la cascsot nil ctt ron leu naladUs which
nroawoclited with au iMiovrmsiitD
KTtTKOtTUCIlLOOD Thcso all yield
totlioreRUlallni and nourishing prop
erties of Its Rroat food tonic clnmonts
Itcoraponsnlosforlho Im vf vitality
Induced by Consumption Oitarrhor
Memiehlalnud IUroattilfietlons It
ml °
i hJr > river rose
liichiN In ViV Vu
i faIa twentyfoiir hou
Fort AVoith Texas
nnd Glassware
Temple Place Fancy Grocery is of
fering the finest lino of Importa
tions and fine Table Delicacies of
any house in North Texas
ii07 Houston Street
Watches Diamonds Jewelry SilverwaareSpecii
purpose or the conimilteo to bestow
only sueli contributions ns bu
made in Cincinnati J
Slgmd H o UitNiut
1 ho water today on both sides or
embankment sustaining tho track
ofthcCincnnati Washington A lja
aim ereek valley soft
ened the earth and caused two hIIiIcs
leaving thu track unsuppoited This
compels rains on this load to enter on
the Cincinnati Hamilton Duvlon
rack at tho Junction seven mllea irom
luely It does
not hinder tho run
ning ot trains The Uco Lino trains
BKi0k1to lllko a tiriiiinus
nt the stock yards about three miles
nntT WrtiK l 1 r Icot J CI ii
Washington Ualllmoro road
hurg und through trahis will be 10
bimed at 0 oclock this
evening The
Bingo of water is sixtytwo fee Uvo
and hreeouartor Inches
Columbusp 1Vbriiary lOTho en
gineer on the Scioto >
llev rallroi l
waded out to 1ortsniouth 11s
tMNluSr l 10 rb that tho wiw
lust iV B at city than
3nnn r 11 0 ML Kr in
hn7 1ML ly
ing alloat the
on sidewalk and pconlo
when the en
inclplelit S U l 7
rlunint1m a1 tliV 1 i f thrco houses
rlL > np eo l7n which thu engineer
the 1L hLilld M n < MoKca or
bef ° 10li3 Iralllo
V i open
I I Columbus to
A forcu of wernl
Cosbocton mmured hwiay inun were entaeed < r
eli uaTlon lif In < 1 ttrlally F l nmry 10TIe
In he i imjroved
lu1 ls
m lug imrd J1 llvo
and is fa lvo f three Inches
o i tl
l fote livV lr eHmt 10 > o river
lhr ° d
rlshnrstr ni
StS > rain since
in All railroads
Talus Into
AiMorieSu Nn 1 0 I Went or the
He 1 CrZ tml AHroclatlou of the
Hon t far 2 tl a Ktt of 0 ttSHOChl
VU > starts tomorrow rni n
Uwwboc 011 rV Zrlm UoJled
I fur her nil f th ° N urh l vut
l ut l ° > forward
CI eii m 1 supplies
ilsiributlon 0 uutrul iH > utof
fitt wHKlvoa
lho Herlbers
lino gold
Pay your
Is ttiJiiiiittia
forbljmiii llll
mc alnta
men rich
lioor me niieulii
men P
menofc pllil
borinr m
live men
elgn bora mnJ
fact all i > 5
the belt and 61
I cat nnd
drink nt
Th oil Hall
To bo had In the
llr tela 9 nlneo In For J
palalablo luucb SpMW
and tbo wrtl 0
this depart
nblo In tho Kiuilorn B tMl
1ernons wlnhlng IpjiaJ
music for balm rartleMX
can do so by tallineall111
Oho orStciiliNi A UsisJ
Bounded r
New York FflfO
Orleans corresponafa
writes about
and a visit lo IhaftJ
writer says HV1 Is
near JlsgnoIIa 3li i Jy
crooked and IMJJ J
well adv
outruie pluo sW
his slave
lug been tbo propc
do > °
lass from f
brilliant and S V
Avellbutbada M
lirancoofllossbtrl u
oftlieplaiitiillf1 lJn
How many
1 tBr
About 173 M
Jliirhty goo ni Vn
sfiirl liulirf
llo s
ful liard wm tu uu
swer dlDllcr
On going o j
the historic njB
river a j easanM llh
nearly color > J >
reckoned wus
forty years ago
Tho store
wood in tb
day night which tl in t
chanco hi tuico YtfOi
tho ilW
cause of iLt
Court o
Hog I I
if nil
laljor ii
of tljni

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