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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, February 11, 1884, Image 7

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makes Ladies Fine
wish to dis
that we
dose out cheap
jn lrej lrstioiw here for Ihe
aim that have been ullini for
t Kvtn ilnjs still continue
from the country cannot
wntnd Imlues fur the Ism
i5bceaita tMwlyz l The
UrblngrauWlj toniidit 111
c heavy rains la Jsorthwcst
and the Tirritory The body
ofa Iuot mtli a portion of
nw sttacfiwl to tho shafts
post the cilytoiiight anil It is
iat write attempting to cross
ira above Dallas have been
1 JWlroal trains uregener
od time and several wash
ire vccurreil lears are felt
arceseners for the city sjs
i bring constructed will be
imaied A pitllou of the
i Milling is hi danger of
iceral ceremonies ot Dr L K
fhodleJ jejterday Hero held
trnoon Ihe attemlanee was
rge The pallbearers were
J WTlwniiiion Charles and
ik JTTrc7oiiit and II
anl Dm Thomson Childers
nd Tace A meeting of the
fraternity was held mid ruiltu
lutlcnsto the memory or the
1 alcplel
Tax Collator llnrglars
MM b the Tcleiihonc
uu February lOAnother
y rubbery occurred in
NlUtoftheoity last night
whet Miller ounty were
aWaud with ten thotiv
VNli r > loii Collector
ll court house for home
J I fety Alter
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K to town
He money at the house in
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1 hy u noise
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a union
A Colony or drupe Growers lcrsunnl
Comanche Visitors
Bpeclnl tollio Gazette
Wlchlln Kails February 10 It is
the opinion ol nearly all who visit this
section that the boll of this county is
admirably adapted to fruit raising
Our people have determined to give
tho mutter nfiilr teat A newly plant
ed orchard may bo seen near utmost
every resilience A small colony of
French composed of men who have
been raised up to cultivate tlio vine
came heio lnt fall and were so well
pleased with the noil unit climate that
they located anil began to plant a
vineyard at once They are not only
trying the various hinds of grapes here
to fore successfully cultivated in tills
state but have also ordered from
Franco many other UiniK
Mr Geo aidtlinga fioni Urenham
bought thrco residence lots yesterday
for the bum of J100 each ThoM sumo
lots were offered last fall for 113 each
Capt M 11 Iioyd president of tho
Firbi National bank of Fort AVoith
was in town yesterday
JStesrs Tom Wagoner ami G 11
Hurnet pasture and cattlemen of this
county are in town
Milky Way tho great Comancho
elder and Jlr Fox liia interpieler
have been In town several days guests
at tho Harris house Tho chief Is
sixty years old but has an erect and
dignified figure and seems to be still
possessed of groat physical btrength
Death ol Mrs Iuvlcr Local Xolcs of
the Day
flpcclnl to tho Ouzel to
11illsboro February 10 The death
or Jin J A liawlor today was a
shock to the entire community and is
a cause of much rcgiet and borrow
The deceased Is a daughter or Rev W
E and Mrs Cooper Both or them
enjoy the esteem and conlldeuce their
many friends bestow on them The
loss of his wire fulls heavily on Mr J
A 1m ler who in a young man of the
hestqiiullllcatioiiH Tho deceivcd lady
was well known by all und also much
beloved by her many friends with
whom no one can 1111 herplacein their
A large number of sorrowing friends
followed Dr UobertHlittle win to his
grave toduv notwithstanding the bud
weather itev T 1C Muse olllciuted
in tho funeral eeremonled
Two extra ouehes were attached to
thoiegular train this morning They
were tilled with Uncle rSuius boys in
blue bound for Sm Antonio They
took breakfast here and drank four
teen gallons of Java coffee inaiiufuo
turedforthem by Dr Klrksey of the
Unuld hotel They devoured other
rations in a like manner
One of the huge glass doors in tho
front of Cico 1 KturgeH1 bank was
broken by some miscreant who waa
under the influence of liquor
Tho northbound pnt > beiiger arrives
here twenty minutes earlier now on
tho new bchedule time They still
take Hupper here The southbound
makes no change
Mr If lCtistland and Indy will take
the train for a short trip and will prob
ably tako in the Mardi Gras at New
Orleans before they return
The Crime for Which Marshal ltattkln
Was Jailed
Bpocfal lo Ilia Qiuutto
Palestine February 0 Jnckonvllle
Is a progressive little town up on the
International but has grown luther
remarkable lately for some very law
lits proceedings yesterday the city
marshal Iat Hankiu was arrested by
the sheriffof tho countyand on an
examination beforo tho iustico of
tho peace was fully committed with
out hull charged with tho murder ofa
negro named Whitley Tho evidence
went to show that on December 10th
ltwt Hankiu summoned the negio lo
assist him In making an arrest and
after ho had got Whitley outside tho
town ho told him to get fown on his
knees as he meant to kill him The
negro started to run and Hankiu shot
him dead Tho matter has been kept
qulotup to tills time as Mtunkiu is
kuown lo be a dangerous elminoter
Tlio Creek FitTuoiitiT Light
St Louis February 10 A dispatch
from Ft Smith Aik saysn factional
light occurred among tlio Creek In
dluns forty miles west of that place
stTuesduy in which Yohalu was
killed and several others wounded It
feared that further bloodshed will
result ll3 there is said to bo very bitter
feeling between tlio factions The
eausu of tho difference Is not muted
A rniMin Siiilunccil
St Louis February 10 Itev Silas
omtli u colored preacher of Moberlv
Mi > was Hontenced to five years hi
ho penitentiary for liiHtlgatlng tho
hunting of tho colored Uaplist church
1 this city Inst September
1 n iinlwl
Sunday Meetings The Cnmlncr
Visitors Delay in Heliulldiugllio Duriit
fpeclnl tollioKnEeltc
JJulnl Februarv 10 David Doaz
and Wife or Fort Worth accompanied
by Mr N Glen Walker or Virginia
lire registered at the Si ul hotel Mr
Hoaz is largely interested In ranch pin
pertv in this county which ho propos
es to fence uud put a fine stock of cat
tle upon Mr Walker is hero with a
view lo purchasing ranch property in
this state and ho is fuvorably imprew
ed With this county Ho thinks that
law and order will prevail and the
fencecutting tumbles will boon siib
Bido that the laws pa < cd by the called
fccssion o tho legislature are good and
deserve to be rigidly enforced Calla
han couuty has a bright future before
it ajid has never been troubled with
rencecutting to any considerable ex
The rainy weather has caused some
delay In tho erection or buildings on
the burnt district of this town We
hope soon to have a better class of
buildings than before the lire
Keslgiutlloii of Justice Condi
voiwie 4UKK
> ctv Ktctting lajier
Local Itrmllies
Speclnl to the Qazottc
Waco February 10 At the court
houso this afternoon u meeting of
Irishmen was held to consider the best
means of aiding tho Irish national
movement as represented by larnell
Sullivan and other leaders The in
clement weather precluded a largo at
tendance and no action of conse
quence was taken today There will
be another rally next Sunday
Dr lames Young the noted temper
ance leetuier was here toduy to con
duct a union temperance meeting to
night There was to much cold
water in the hnpo of falling rain
and Hooded streets to draw
out a crowd and tho doctor will wait
for a drier senbon
It Istiuderstood today that Col J
Ij HsrtMW has about concluded arrange
ments for purchasing the controlling
interest in tlreKxaminer He will not
take formal charge however for two
or three weeks yet
Lively rumors are ulloat of another
evening newspapcr If established its
mission will be to grind tho antiwater
works axe
Strong inllucnces outBide of Waco
however are being brought to bear
on Gen Sul Jloss to enter the guberna
torial race lie is reticent as to what
Ills course will probably be
Iioeal polltiis are shaping them
selves Hon 1 C West a brother of
It J o Chas West of thu supremo
court will probably be a candidate for
tho district Judgeship of tho dihtriet
composed of Falls and IjcLenuan
Tho ladies of St Viuls guild aro pre
paring for another Lilliputian Dnar
like the one held a uw weeks ago
Muvor Wilkes publishesacanl in tho
Kxamiuor this morning critlcisirigthe
action or tho majority of the city coun
cil in water works matters This is
becoming a bitter local question
Hill Arp writes that ho will certain
ly bu along next mouth with his
promised lecture lie will donate half
the proceeds to tho lire department
Commencing with today the Mis
souri Pacific expres train for Fort
Worth leaves here eighteen minutes
eai Her than formerly
The weather continues warm and
rainy Farmers aro in good spirits
over the boaklng the ground has re
dates for the Vacnucy
Special to tho Oniftto
Caildo Peak February lOM C
Couch hVquire our present Justice of
of this peclnct will eniler
resignation Monday EMjuIro Cue
Justice and
has served us wel as
seem sorry to see film leave How
for Ark
start feonio time tomorrow
k nsas for lib health wIch has been
very bad for tho hint four months
John Hownian and S II Henderson
lire candidates lor theolUce
Fire at Helena
Memphis February 10A lire at
10000 lu burowco W3000 o
lm lnsurauee J1 J
Joint I
Jersey Jackets Ladies9
Silk Dolmans Mantillas
Light Weight for early
spring wear
Job lot Corsets that ninst
he sold
Also lot 2 and 3hutton
Mayor Smiths Efforts to Advance
Interests of Fort Worth
extension of he Dcincr Koad A Cotton
Factory and Jrnud Hotel
Proposed Legislation of tho Week Notes
at the Capital
Special to tho Garetto
Washington February 10 Mayor
Smith und 11 M Hornnu of Fort
Worth will go lo Now York orr Mon
day on business of much importance
to Texas They stated to the Gazbti1
attache tonight that they would ne
gotiate for building the Fort Worth
ltio Grande railroad and tor building
n mammoth cotton factory at Fort
Worth Mr Herman said also that
they repiesented tho Trinity Hotel
Co and would if possible arrange to
secure assistance In building the
largest hotel In tho Southwet
at Foit Worth They will be
away several days and will stop at
the aiurievant house Mayor Smith
ttdd he would return to Washington
uud probably start for Texas the latter
part ol the week
Col Taylor Irum tlio ltio Grande
and a number of new Texas Jtepubli
can politicians have arrived here
lly Associated Prcst
irorsiATivr wouk
AVashlnstou February 10 More
than 1500 bllN most jf them or a pri
vate nature have been introduced In
the house during the present htssion
iess than 200 or which uivo been acted
upon by committees and reported to
tho house Tomorrow anotheroppor
tunily will booffeied to Increase the
number or pending legislative mens
itaudiill will call up tho naval ap
propriation bill on Tiitday anil It Is
probable two days will bo occupied in
its consideration
The bill to prevent the spread ol con
tagious disease am m cattle it is ex
peeteii will io brought before tho
house for further discussion the latter
part of the week anil it is is barely
possible the shipping bill will also bo
reached in committeeof the whole by
In view or the fornudableopposltloii
alreads nmnirested against the navy
bill n number interested In Its passage
are apjirehenivo that it will not com
iiMtitl a majority vote
The retirement or Gen Alfred Pleas
anton as brigadiergeneral will be a
question to be considered nextlri
iluy private bill day It is
believed tho bill will pass
without serious opposition as the com
mittee in making lis report recounted
the brilliant and effective service of
General Pleasanton In tlio Mexican
anil civil war and made u strong re
port In favor of retirement with the
rank specllled
Tho committees of the house hare a
number of important measures on their
dockets for consideration tills week
Tho ways and means committee will
hear the arguments of business men on
various phases or tho proposed tanit
legislation It Is bellovcil by mouibeis
or the committee that Morrisons bill
will not be reported to the houso for
tiiree or four weeks
Chutes Dime Lectures Loca
and Personal Paragraphs
BpfcCla lo tlie Unrelte
Cleburne February 10 The Santa
Fo rullroud has decide I to erect coul
chutes here for supplying the engines
oiuhoDulUsdlvisoniiisciid of coal
ing us now ut Dallas The uiovo will
bo of adyantugo lo Iho company in the
way of economy anil convenience ami
will also be of some slight benefit to
An old tramp culling himself lro
resor Hough was going about tho
btreets yesterday uttering to lecture
cents Ills dilapidated
on any subject for ten
Indicated that
lapidated appearance
his average receipts aro not urge and
his earnings at Cleburne will not ma
terially mend Ins fortunes
The enterprise of the GAZirrn u
publishing the acts or tho legls a ure
ii full is appieeluted liore in a substan
tial way Mr Habermacher the
newsdealer who Is agent for I s sale
Informs your reporter that the denial d
Is rapidly Increasing with no unsold
conies remaining on hand
Thoquurteily muting of tho corn
mlssloners court tukis place tonior
Pri > frtM > r L H
rnirlv his old llllnoW
morrow morning for and New
iYim burned owned by lonu
Moore nd w tho principal business L by way of Galvtbton
block of the city Orkaus
Colonizing Huwliiii llolugoes
St Louis February 10 of tt
Jt7novnleit union or a ze leie Jewish to
day for tho colonization
remi5ee8fronnu n iihii
bo acquired from tho
wwt to
in the
cln left tills morning for Now York
Ho will
via New Orleans and Allan u
rclimlii 15ist some six weeks buying
no beastly weather today with
tliomu ou oM P ji liiy
at the churcheH
largo atteiidtmco
Tlio Sprinting Match Cnlilll nn Kasy
Spectnl to tho anzetto
Houston February 10 The much
talked of sprinting match for tho
championship for one hundred yards
and a purso of H00 between Cahlll or
Galveston and Louis Peco champion
or Southern Texas came oil today nt
the fair grouuds and was witnessed
by quite a number of people Time
not taken
Kindreds Condition 1 Pistol Shooter
Arrested Personal
Galveston February 10 J P Kin
dred the real estate man who attempt
ed suicide yesterdaj morning by shoot
ing himself through tho head with n
derringer pistol Is in a much Improved
condition tonight and his attending
physician entertains great hopes of
Ills recovery
A man named H P Puwn was ar
rested tonight on a charge of firing
his i istol ut thu residencu of C O
Heltman corner of 10th and avenue
IC with intent to commit murder
State Itailioad Engineer llrltlon ar
rived in Galveston tonight over the
Guir Colorado Santa Fe railroad
Tlio Striltint Wiiivers
Fall Itlvor Mass February 10
Secretary Unwind in an address to
tho striking spinners bays He firm
united und determiiud remember
men that thu emancipation of the
workinnoliueaiinist be achieved by
the working classes Ihenipelves mid
that labor can only stand on equal
terms with capital when united Tho
end of tlio Hist week llnils thirteen
mills shut down of which live aro
closed by tho weavers strike About
700 operatives are Idle Losj of wuues
over 0000 stock on hand IC5000
pieces production this week L i000
pieces against IGOOM usually
Plcaso inform your leaders that all
trains or tho Heo Lino route from St
Louis aro iimilug leguhirly on time
with no Indication of delay on account
of high waters As usual thiougli oars
aru run to IiiilianiipolIsCIeveland and
New York by this line
Jno Hovaud
Agt Heo Lino Koulc
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Strict mlddlluc
Strict lowmiddling
Low inIddlImb
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Stnndnrd prints novoltlon
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Dunkirk fiuiey
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ltnoody Milld colora
Allilon Bnlldcnlxrii
Aliens double pink
UleliiiiondH doubln pin It
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luiilho Iniuy niiios
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lid colors till print
Slur und ceMciit turkey ml print
llobo turkey prliit
WimliliiKlou fancy oil prints
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Prosperity KJ Inches
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MiitnKordn iWc per KW licrwlck liny 1 a
per loo
Llvo Stork Inrket
HofrlRcnitor nml llutclior Uvo Wolslitn
UccuH Corn fed per pound IJWiJo
Chwh per pound Widiivio
MultoiiR rnlr rut inuttoiiH V lt > jJ 3Uo
Choice per pound 1 MUJo
Hogs Per pound 4 ijtlJiC
Hlock boja eer pound JJJ1WI o
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TcxiisruiKeil full blood do
liiktorn iiuns nml soul hern Texni stock
cuttlrntioia two dollars per bund lost than
111 nlKlMl lUOlUlll > UH
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nnd < ipriirddoll > ercd an llui ImllH nml for
micli intllo uu liohn ruined In the couullen
euilmcul In tlio rillowliiB territory W Bt
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tltuuii en lnml went with wuco nml eiiHt of
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noutli of Ited lllcr
Htocks of cnltlo locntPil ill Wcntorn nnd
NorthwesternletiiK from t fAH per heml
ouch counted Dlllereueo In iirlrnowlm lo
locution nnd Icnuruoriliotiitiirotml breed ol
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sheep pelts p t hivjloc Mcxloiu sheep > IU
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On the following lines of goods ever before offered to the trade
New line Embroideries
Laces Cotton and Linen
Edgings Ladies9 Under
Kid Gloves that will sellwear Cheaper than ever
extra cheap to close 1 before
tfew lot Silk Gloves in black and all the new shades from eight to twenty buttons
It will pay you to call and examine the many and attractive lines of New Goods being added to our stock daily
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Dillu Car Works
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