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fmltj gazette
OBIet ol PnMleatlon 8 eond St Bet MnHojit n
tndTfcreekaorton Entered at the fort Worth
PoitoBte i BscondCLui Mill aur r
IT octane rrepaid by Iht rtMlthert
> MT Weekly
One 1 < tJiOWOaeYtar
vIxMontb 6 W Six Month 1W
Three Months 3 onI Three Months K >
8nn1 y UMtrru XX per annum po tp ld
DBUVBttKU Jtr CAnntrnB
Week eenU
1ULU1 J II Sullivan manager
ntnuof T II Loan toanmtu
WAOOWl Ulcnn manager
vvrathbuvoiuj II fl Do sey manager
lUKlsO 11 Muey manager
jBr Ba HK W Cameron manigcr
MARSUALblIobt Kennedy manater
AtmBxrJ U Mlnter manager
Oleiukkx W 11 llrrd manager
KirA oJ A Stephensonmanager
Oa xsv1lbKi UlII ana J i illofciOD
na < ccn
BoitiiAUU e Johnson manager
llotmv flnov T K Wuttham manager
IHlitn Frank Dcrscv manager
UkEinritLB11 8 Ellamanager
Cotoiuuo TV 3 Newklrk manager
MUitouJ F Mollanlel manager
OlscoA M lledfleld manager
Wmmuono J O ulenn manager
EtUi ol AdTirUtlng Tarnished on Application
JtcmUtaneetbydraft potlofflct money order or
nrtaittereJ Utter aXrUkofcflce
Corretpmdenct it nltcited upon alt nori rub
JYompt information of eeenti ani netrt happen
tnqt of general Merest tolicited and tciU be prop
erly etmpentated
Ja communication Mended for publication
mutt be accompanied by the writer name and ad
ttrtttnot for publication but at an evidence of
rartiet writing to TUB OA7BTTK en btutnett
perianal to themieiret will pleate inclote ttampfor
Ml lrttert relating to biuineu of any Unit tkoutd
Fort Worth Tex
btuddrettedtoTHK OXZHllE
THE GAZETTE has tho Largest
bonafldo Circulation of any Daily
Newspaper Published in Toxas
For governor L S Boss
For lieutenantgovernor TBWbccler
For attorneygeneral James S Hogg
For associate justice Beuocn It Galnos
For land coramlssoner It M Hall
For comptroller John 1 McCall
For treasurer Frank Lubbock
For superintendent public Instruction
0 H Cooper
For Congress Sixth District Jo Abbott
For state senator J J Jarvls
n presoutatlvc Geo W Finger
County judge Hon SftrnKnrman
County attorney It L Carlock
Connty dork John F Swayno
District clork L II Taylor
Sheriff II II Shlpp
County treasurer W T Ferguson
County assessor James lloblnson
Tax collector J K Murray
County suivoyor 0 W Williams
Commissioner precinct No I II C
Hollow ay
Justices of the 1cacc Q Nance and
Frank II Smith
Constable John Thompson
Tin Fifth district Is gcttlog Into a
Wok to tuts land that Is a proy to class
prejudice and class war
Tar all races will attract largo crowds
to Fort Worth November 0 will bo a big
day In tho Queen city
Tub Itcpubllcan heart beats or lllalno
but John Sherman will freeze tho coming
boom to an cany death
Tint Democrats ol New York arc t
smooth lot they put thu record o r
Democratls administration against Ho
publican promises
JuiuiK Noiitom expect lllalno to be
tho noxt president The jndgo Is tho lio
publlcan candidate or congress la the
Sixth Texas district
Jkkf Davis says ho Is contunt that
John Sherman shall go on calllug him a
traitor because ho proved Oen Sherman
Johns brother to bo a liar
Bhlv Mahonk Is looking around or
some one to hold Itopubllcanlsm In Vir
ginia until be can got a bettor holt It
Is a vain search he had tho deathgrip
and only relaxed when tho Mo went out
A tiKKTiNO has been appointed to con
vene In Dallas at the rooms o tho
Merchants exchango at oclock a in
October 28 or the purpose ol organis
ing a Texas Stato Horticultural Associa
What with tho refrigerator a llftynillo
oxtcnslon of tho Fort Worth Donvor
tho building of tho Atchison Topeka i
Sauta Fo to Kansas City and somo other
mattors JTort Worth should smllo when
it contemplates tho future
Kvkkv Democrat In Tarrant county
ought to begin cow to think of tho duty
devolving on him to go to tho polls on
election nay And each aud every Demo
crat should also make it his duty to see
that his neighbors vote The contest In
this couuty has a vital interest for every
man Go to the polls
Auk tho nominees ol tho Democratic
stato convention undor nq obligation to
do bttle for the patty that selected them
to leadr Are they satisfied tb be elected
merely without regerd to the assault
made on their psrty In different portions
of the state Is Jndge Wheeler to be left
unaided In his work for Democracy
WatCii your tickets on election da >
There will be Democratic state tickets
with the DatkLantcrn nominees for
county officers Let every opponent of
the Dark Lantern ticket carcf oily read his
ballot No trick will be left untried to
win success by the conglomerate that
professes to speak in the name of the
people Tiik Gazbttk speaks now be
cause already the plans are being laid to
deceive the unwary
Tiikiis Is nothing like home patronage
to sustain a paper but when It comes In
such shape as the following no editor
would give a good square advertisement
for all tho big turnips and potatoes the
olllco receives Space is money and
newspapers are business enterprises not
donation patties nor benevolent Institu
tions The Oxford Maicotte says
There are tome people In thli country who
when they ha e to patroalio a netopaper lor
eome mjitcrlons reaton bcitovr their tavora
abroad and then bring tip a threconnco
tomato to their local odltor and expcci blra to
t lladitofn tonnd lie about Hand abont tho
wonderful quality of he land they have to acll
Tiikrr are romances In real life whose
pathos exceed any that Dickens over por
trayed A fen days since a man laid
down to die In the streets of New York a
homeless wanderer a starving man In
tbo morgue a tew days after In its pine
coflln ah unclaimed body lay A woman
came from her carriage to view the still
features she turned suddenly away and
saldi He was my husband 1 will at
tend to his burial Twenty years ago
he forsook her his young wife for an
other since then his course was down
ward Henry A Scott born to wealth
well educated a bravo soldier a member
of the marine corps a favorite of Gen
G ant whom he accotnpanltd around tho
world bnt for tho loving pity of a
wronged wlfo would have tilled a paupers
grave What pen can probo the mystery
of a womans heart
As tiik congressional elections draw
near somo close and anxious figuring is
being done by both Democrats and He
publicans as to the composition of tho
next house of representatives Tho
Democratic majority in the present house
Is about forty The Republicans as a
matter of course profess to bo very confi
dent they will cut this down If not re
verse It They will havo to capture not
more than twenty districts now rcpro
Bcntcd by Democrats to do this Tho
Democrats equally as a matter of course
profess confidence In being ablo to hold
their own and keep a working majority
The cold truth lsthat tho contest Is going
to bo very close and all estimates arc
practically valueless until tbo elections
are over Iloth parties in all tho states
feel that It behooves thorn to do their
best It goes without baying that the
Democrats in Texas will send up an un
broken delegation as thoy havo In tho
present house It Is a pity that the out
look Is not so promising in somo other
rnoQiiEsmotr fou teaouers
It was tho custom of tho great Dr Ar
nold of Itugby to carefully study each
lesson for tho day nnd In thjs way to bo
prepared for class recitation saying ho
wished his pupils to drink from perennial
springs and not from stagnant waters
Tho teacher who feels such responsibility
and would emulate his exainnlo In tho
hope of attaining tho results that marked
his successful career as an Instructor of
the youth of IJrlton must pursue his
methods Thero is no standstill point in
the great work beforo tcachors ndvanco
or retrogrado Is tho Inevitable mandate
To tho teachers of the public schools of
this land Is committed the uturo
o this nation and much If not
all depends upon tho elementary
schools where the primary education
of tho maBsis will cortalnly have its
effect on tho political f uturo of this pco
plo A practical knowledge of political
economy and the duties of American clt
Uonshlp will go far to decide whothor
that future shall bo anarchy socialism
commuulsm or thb rulo of on enlight
ened democracy It becomes then tho
duty of nil who assumo tbo direction of
young mlndi that they themsolves be pos
sessed of corroct Ideas regardlug tho
privileges and responsibilities of citizen
ship Thesoaro Ideas which grow ami
expand each day and no college curricu
lum however well masterod can provide
for the emergencies and demands of tho
A classical education la a luxury that is
much to bo dcslrod and thoso who pos
sess it will never regret It but it docs not
meot tho practical demands of tho times
and a knowledgo of Latin Greek
and higher matUematlcs may be regarded
rather as an accomplishment than a tool
for tho dally work of tho public school
Instructor Tho business of tho teacher
is to train thoso who come undor bis care
In all that is human ombraclug In that
work heart and soul as well as intellect
This ideal should over accompany his ef
forts and tooling that thero must be an
unceasing slrlvlng after perfection thero
can be no relaxation The United States
While justly proud ofthe educational
advantages possessed by hercltlronn has
somowlmt to learn from iotno of the gov
ernments of Europe France Swltzor
land and Germany havo laid especial
stress on the teaching of teachers and
thejr education Is conducted by tho most
approved educators of theso nations
Teachers who adopt tho plan of Dr
Arnold and conscientiously avail them
selves of nil the means attainable will
not long r matn contented with the
graded curriculum and me hanical exer
cises which mark our elementary schools
Thero ts too much of pedantry and ster
ility In such methods to satisfy the pro
gressive teaeher Once let the minds of
officers and teachers be ftlrly aroused on
this subject they will of necessity strlvo
lor more satisfactory results than have
been attained In our public schools
Their methods will not need traditional
sanction In order to satisfy parents and
cnardiaus if only the results arc such as to
commend tne modes That our sons and
daughters become polished stones In the
temple that they be men and women in
earnest with life is tho demand and
much depends upon those who have
chosen to assume their mental training
The county fair was wont a few years
ago to be quite an Institution In Texas
Most of the leading county towns had
their fairs and stock shows at least once
a year Ttcy were not on an ilibornto
scale it Is true tut all things consid
ered they were creditable and helpful
They brought the people farmers and
town folk together for a fow days and
gave a stimulus to agricultural and do
mestic Industry as well as tho live stock
interests The premiums were not largo
or costly but wexe satisfactpry to those
who won them In the larger cltIcsIIous
ton Austin Waco and perhaps one or
two others the fairs were on a larger
scale than In tho less pretentious towns
and of course the results must have been
more widely beneficial This Is all changed
now Tub Gazkttk notes two or three
county fairs as advertised to occur during
tho present month and thero are tho fool
ishly rival fairs at Dallas but that
Is sll In town after town the assocl
tlons have disbanded tho buildings havo
been torn down or tho grounds sold for
other purposes It is a pity that such I3 tho
case and we think that if the prosperous
populous counties would give the matter
proper consideration they cauld not fall
to perceive it is an unwise policy that
permits thoso gatherings nnd exhibitions
to go lnti decadence They cm be made
valuable factors In developing and build
ing up communities or sections and will
pay a large return on what they cost It
Is not necessary to cast them In a too
ambitious mould It Is only In large and
wealthy cities that expositions can bo
held But nimost any prosperous county
town can have Its yearly fair and stock
show and should bo content If the occa
sion possesses a reasonable amount of
local Interest It Is to bo hoped these
rural fairs will bo revived and Tiik Ga
zkttk w 111 be glad If It is able next year
to chronlclo a revival They do not cost
much nnd the experience In Kansas and
other Western states demonstrates that
they pay
The strength of thu two great parties
Democratic nnd Republican with an In
dorsement or rejectlou of their principles
and policies will bo put to tho test in
New York next month by tho voto for a
Single judicial oillcor judge of the court
of appeals It is an off year in stale as
well as national polltcs and this Is tho
solo state olllco to be llllcd Neither of
the parties held conventions Tho stato
executive committee of each mot in Now
York city made the nomination and
adopted a series of resolutions which
answer for platforms Upon thebo resolu
tions tho tight will really bo made Tho
olllco in contest as has been said is
judicial tho npmlnees arc gentlemen of
Irreproachable private character and ono
is as well qualified us tho other to fill
tho position Thero cannot bo anything
personal In tho contest aud henco the
light must of necessity bo mado upon
tbo declarations In tho respective sots of
resolutions or platforms Tho Demo
crats did not go as deep Into questions
at lssuo as tho Republicans They con
tented themselves with adopting a rcsolu
tlon indorsing the courso and admlnls
tratlous of President Clevoland and Gov
David 11 Hill showing that tho party is
wllllug to standor fall on tbo records
made A resolution condemning or rather
criticising the clvllsemco policy of the
president was promptly snowed under
by a vote of thirty to four This must be
accepted as an earnest that the national
administration Is solid with the state
committee and makes tho election prac
tically an administration contest tnvolv
ing In tho judgment Invoked commenda
tions or reproof for tho administration
This Is tho featuro that will give interest
to the olcctlon
Tho Republicans were
morevorboso They went Into details
declaring for a protective tariff as to
uatlouul measures and for the submis
sion of a lrohlbitlon amendment to pop
ular vote This was a tub thrown to the
lrohlbitlon whale which Is gottjng to bo
Xery big fish in tho sea of New York
politics whero a few thonsand votes woll
handled may hold the balance of power
To all Intents aud purposes however
tho party alignment ts thorough and well
defined and tho contest will no doubt
draw out the full
strength of both par
tics Tho result should bo of valuo as
showing tho temper of tho people in tho
great plrotal state toward tho national
Democracy which has now boeu on trial
nearly two years It is fortunate each
party selected men so evenly balanced as
to personal integrity character and abil
ity Tho people ol New York feel that
whether leckham who Is Iho Democratic
nominee or Daniels nominated by tho
Republicans be chosen tho placo on tho
appellate bonch will be filled by a man
worthy of tho honor and tho trust Ths
fact leaves men freo to cast aside all per
sonal considerations connected wjth tho
caudldatcs and voto upon the merits
or demerits the records of the
two parties A close election is an
ticipated bnt It Is just as well to hope
that during Its two years lease of power
the national Democracy has won tho con
fidence of the people of Now York whose
roico wiU be so expressed in the coming
election A Democratic victory In Now
York this year will Inspire the Democracy
all along the line with courageous hope
tor the contest in November 18Ss
Clipping from State Kxclinnces on Matter
ot Intereat
The lino rains havo made the range lino
throughout tho entire Iccos valley
Corn In Denton and Lampasas Is now
selling at retail for 7fi cents per bushel
The corn crop on Toyah creek Reeves
county is said to be larger than ever
The highest bid yet made on the
school bonds of Cooke county Is 94 cents
on tho dollar
Tho Gainesville National bank has re
duced Its capital and surplus from 500
000 to 8100000
A lot of cattle cows and calves wero
recently bought In tho vicinity of Carrizo
Springs at 4 75 per head
Tho sheepmen of 1rcsldlo county are
apprehensive that tho recent cold will
prove Injurious to the newsborn sheep
Ira Mllllcan shipped from bis ranch In
Grnth county to his ranch In Reeves
county on September 30 800 cattle tbo
rest will soon follow
llumlllntlni tinnftsalou
Overton SharpShooter
We have been a poor man for many
years In fact all our Hie We have un
til here lately had too much prido to ac
knowledge our poverty but have corao to
tho conclusion to proclaim it to tho world
and In order that there may bo none that
will donbt it we have got us a dog
On with the Hunt
Kerrvlllo Kro
If Fort Worth had Geronlmo and his
palls ere this she would have had a grand
exhibition arranged and reduced rates on
all railroads so that the peoplo of Texas
might view the wild waifs of the prairies
and thereby fill the coffers of tho people
of tho town whose motto is On with
tho bust
Vernona lutnrr
Vernon Gtmrd
Vornon has before it the brightest fut
ure of any town In Northwest Texas
This fact is recognized by shrowd far
seeing business men who prove their
faith by their works
Tho CamlldnteH HepretimttlnK tho feopleh
Parly lleatcglue Democracy
IlbDFOitt Tkx Oct 118SC
To tho Editor of tho Gazotto1
At 740 oclock tonight Mr R N Bow
lln poured forth a stream of eloquence in
tho hall of our college to an audience
composed of fcllowcltizons ladles and
children It would be difficult to say
whathls subject was but as well as 1
could learn ho was speaking in tho Inter
est of a party of which he is not a mem
ber He Epoko of a Fort Worth ring and
said ho had b en called Farmer Rowlln
Ho had been a farmer and felt honest
when ho was a farmer and ho was proud
to be tho special champion of the horny
handed sons of toil Ho spoko of Billy
1ondloton Judge Beckham and I think
almost everybody In Fort Worth whose
namo he could remember Somebody
had come to him after he had become
this creat champion and wanted blra to go
back on his action but ho had told
them ho would not be guilty ol Euch
a thing He said a great deal
had been said about what the party did In
tho last convention But we only In
tended It as a form Ho spoko of tho
ninety or 100 bankers In the countv con
vontlon at Fort Worth but I think ho did
not intend it He told our peoplo this
canvass was a contest between tho peoplo
on ono sldo and local politicians or
squirts on tho other Ho did not feel
that ho was belittling himself In cspous
Iul thclrcausc
Capt Blair followed In qnlto a modest
greenback speech It would bo needless
to repeat hero what he said about banks
as doubtless your readers havo all heard
such arguments often Tho captain
claims to bo a Democrat and I believe he
Is only ho has fallen out of tho tanks
Bo kind to him ho will come back ero
Jong Tho captain gave his reason for
being at the Antl MonopolyBroiles con
vention He was opposed to their mak
ing any nominations because he was In
favor of Gen Sul Ross Now captain
tho reading public believe and doubtless
will continue to believe that tho reason
nominations were not made were the
same tliat kept tho convention from
adoptlnu a platform
Elder fi Nowton brought up tho rear
a warm exhortation declaring ho
was an AntiMonopoly Democrat Ho
did not Intend to be read out of the party
becauso ho would not voto for tho bosses
He said t Thoy throw It at you and say
whoro isj your platform My friends if
tho judgment was today and the
angels wore standing with outstretched
wingswelcoming you onsomo fool would
say where la your declaration of pur
poses When we bad taken tho action
vvedldatEnon thoy said wo wero wrong
and wo wern going to lay down what wo
had done and go back but Billy Fendle
tou said at Grapevine if we attempted to
como In and capture tho Democratic con
ventlon wo were worse than thieves and
robbers The Democratic party kept us
out We havo had no invitation to meet
tho Democratic candidates in public dis
cussion havo wo Mr Bowlln Havo
we MrBlalr Answersno noi Ho
mado a few thrusts at Mr Carlock and
ended his discourse which was in many
respects remarkable
We felt somewhat like Douglass Gerald
when his friend showed him a manuscript
during one of his attacks of sickness
After carefully reading it he looked un
aud exclaimed Am I crazy or is the
author Yet he got up a laugh by tell
iV Wn J awkjvn young man in
bouth Carolina
who went to seo his
barefooted and happened to
step on her foot and what she said Wo
took knowledge ot him that he had been
with Stump Ashby for like begets like
A Democrat
Hot a from Dublin
Correspondence ot tho Gazotto
Ddlun Tex Oct SOnr telephone
line from hero to Comancio is now in
ffiightl haVlB md ° aU C0Dnect ° ns
Cotton is coming in lively
The Only Condition under which An
other Convention will ho Colled
In tho Fifth District
Knch Iudlvldnnl County throoeh 1rlmn
rite iuu t Kiproa It ImtMitotil
To tho Dcmoi rney of tbo Fifth Coogrceilonal
Dljirlctof Texas
Some days since I published my opinion
as chairman ot this district that the oppo
sition to tho two nominees Hare and
Pickett did not possess sufficient In
trinsic strength to defeat the election ot
one or the othcr and henco for that and
other reasons declined to call another
convention Since making this publica
tion a great many Individuals and
several editors of nowspapes havo at
tacked my decision and judgment and
taken tho position that the election ot a
Democrat 13 imperiled Truth compels
mo to say that tho principal
demand for another convention
comes from thoso who profess to sup
port FIckutt while tho objections
in largo ana influential volume comes
from thoso who profoss to support Hare
Tho supporters of Fickett in substance
say Call another convention or our
choice is defeated The supporters of
Hare in substance say Lot tho matter
rest whoro It Is and va will elect our
man by an overwhelming majority
In this contrariety of opinion how am I
to act If I adopt tho views of either I
draw tho lire from tho othir hence that
I must bo tho object of somobodys shaft
is a necessary result I must act ono
way or the other This I havo de
termined to do Tho Democracy have
clothed me with this high and responsi
ble truht In executing it I have but ono
purpose viz The success of Democ
racy and the afilrmancc of Demo
cratic principles by the people
In performing this duty must
I look to an individual for guidance or
must I look to the chosen representatives
of tho peoplo In convention assembled
Tho power that conferred this ttust upon
mo Is the only source that I shall look to for
guidance 1 am its creature not creator
It made mo so far us tho trust Is con
cerned Have I the authority to revise
and correct the work of that body that
gave me the only authority I havo to
speak Perhaps so but my modesty if
nothing else will not permit It What
am I authorized to do Guide and con
trol the canvass with two nominees in
stead of one Is there daugcr of the de
feat of both I do not think so Yet
did not tho power that mado mo pass
upon that and placo in ray charge theso
two men Most assuredly Can I revise
It I think not Who can Individuals
and newspapers say it ought to bo done
and hurl their kindest regards in my direc
tion because I do not do it I am clear
that neither Individuals newspapers
combinations nor myself can revise the
assembled wisdoms of Democracy The
only power that can do this In my judg
ment is for each county to meet in its
rrlmary capacity and voice a full ex
pression of tho will of the Democracy of
that county not a clique or ring and by
an expression coming in sufficient volume
to indicate that it is tho will of tho Demo
crats that the result of the Denton con
vention bo changed or modified and this
expression should and must come with
out any suggestions from mo for I am
not clothed with the power to make it
The idea that I shall call another conven
tion at tho request of individuals is Illus
trated by ono instance others being sim
ilar Hon F M Dougherty of Gaines
ville writing to a gentleman in this city
says I am in favor of another conven
tion provided you think it will bo favor
able to you The whole matter summed
up as it now appears to me is that tho
majority of thobe who favor another con
vention have somo project or pet to put
forward It is true that I have sought
and invited opinions upon the necessity
of somo action In case of danger Yet In
seeking this it was for tho solo and only
purpose of giving to tho Democ
racy tho true situation to enable
them to Instruct me as to the
course 1 should pursue and that thoso
Instructions should come In a shape and
in a manner that I must obay I cannot
be made the tool of projects or pets I
look alone to the will and success of
Democracy and with all the lights now
beforo me 1 have no fears of thu result
The canvass Is now just fairly opened It
will be conducted with vigor ana force
Opposition is melting beforo tho flashing
light of tho great truths upon which Its
eternal principles abide and upon which
they havo stood tho test of time The
people will do right and trusting to the
enlightened judgment of tho people
With a confidence unshaken I repeat I
will not call another convention unless
such call should come lu a shape I must
obey Respectfully
G W Baukpoot
Chairman ilfth Congressional District
The Itecnlnr Tyler Term of the Court
Special to tho Gazette
TvLKit Tkx Oct C Tho court of
appeals convened hero today Judges
White and Wilson being present and tho
stato being represented by Assistant At
torneyGeneral James Hurts A number
of motions to dismiss woro submitted
The following cases were sot for tho
18th Inst
McDanicls vs the
State from Lamar
Golden vs tho State from
Clement l
Leoch vs
vs thelState from Lamar
the Stato from Comanche
None of tho members of the supremo
court aro present except Jndgo Willis
Note from ltnnnels
Correspondence of tho Gazotto
Rcnnkls Tex Oct 5 In tho dls
trlct court in the case of tho Stato vs
George F McAllister for murder tho
jury returned a verdict of life sentence in
tho penitentiary McAllister was charged
with the murder of W V Campbell in
Concho county August 91881
An Injunction to prohibit tho election
of the county slto from taking place Sat
urday October 0 was filed and placed in
tho hands of Judgo Kennedy lato last
Kntnl Dollar Explosion
Warsaw Ind Oct C Tbo steam
boiler In Jordan Buckwells savvmlll
ploded this morning fatally Injuring
George Purvell and Thomas AngUu
1f S 4rf
i office up atalrs mni
JUUioada hotel farnV
tractore and brltate taniit
reliable bot both ma
dora promptly attended lo J
O W Qoynn IToprlolor
On tho Indian Territory Er
Hcd river Oca thoujand Jj
men and roeponulble eubasj
ply to SIOItUAN JONEs pB
Wo nro now prepared to
aura dealrcd on pa tnrc Si
ranches Will nlw buy veaSg
BOS Main utretlfj
In auma of fJOO and npwli >
Humphreys A Brnntly over onb m
streets Fort WorthTox
MONKi motes In 1
loans mndo kll over North Te 7S
roal estateionJong time at lowiSS
8lmpcon 731 Elm street DAllai tj
i P
TXTANTKDA yonng man
> V experience In bootkccplura
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