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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, October 07, 1886, Image 7

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duioll ot NlagnrA Knplds nn Incen
tlvn to Insanity
Now York San
Pro cot the least doubt said an
American physician at a recent
convention that at least one out
ten ot tho people In this country
or wrau lorm ot Insanity In
becomesIolont In others nottco
othow never known nor sus
except thorn U what might bo
collnslon of circumstances
IMlhave boon some curious cases ot
4Mt species of Insanity Somu sevenS
r years ago a wellknown public
S rl tho stato ot Ohio visited Mlag
wih lls family for a months
was nervous and worn out and
re certain business and political
which followed him thero and
t bo shaken off Tho gontleman
eallo that his nencs wero at all
on tho contrary he prided him
cllovtog that ho could endure
ental worry than three ordinary
o bad been at the falls three or
s when he was joined by a Chi
Itallst Tho two had a specula
ther and tho details were to be
ijltoy after dinner the pair went Into
park and sat down on a bench
e rapids and not over flvo feot
water When they had talked
our or so the Ohio gentlemen
to bo somewhat excited In bis
nd movements He threw several
to tho water talked In loud
d soon attracted attention Tho
t thought It a bit queer but felt
Inoss until the other sefred blm
trewcmloua grip and said
> lMk you are a d d scoundrel and
going to throw you over tho falls
cffapltaltsl was the smaller and
wrhnaml ho felt tho helplessness
Wuatlon IIo was gripped by tho
Wkers but he used Ills hands to clench
Wtlbehliul him and replied to the
Itasqw I am a bad man and jou
rjjfcH mfl timo to prayl
JjFfeht all right said the Ohloan
fjiMU have two minutes for prayers
rtpajwoIl go over the falls together
Mink you are a d n good fellow
Ml and well go together
Claea with tho Chicago man was of
ejjio gain time Tho people who
sen attracted by tho loud talk had
Mian and It so happened that no one
e mc that way lie hoped the luna
iiht change his mind alter two or
ijBlltjUtcs but Instead of that he
Imoro Impatlont declaring that they
scarry up or they woula be too late
wring of aid from others tho cspl
tfgnully said
vSe hore Mr Blank lots go up and
ef the Great Island bridge Well
Jtarther to swim and I want to leave
illet with some one
> yldcorficI Good Idea come on
teed tho other and they walked up
Httlj and out of tho park arm In arm
were no sooner out of sight of the
IjUhau the Ohloan began to grow
orSand as they bore off toward tho
iSmo removed his hat scratched his
ijliTi thoughtful way and picked up
point ha dropped u quarter of an
jjjiifore and went on debating tho
Miction as If nothing unusual
fiewirrecl An hour lator when
A liho was lu earnest In threat
f Mb friend he was completely dumb
t 4 nor could he bo made to believe
kafthlng of tho sort had occurred
wwr a dim suspicion that ho might
jMMn unduly esolted by tho roar and
jrvtlthe waters ciept Into his mmd
4Jk > down to tho park alone but ro
jvjilmost at once his face very pale
lRs betraying wlldness and his
krtdanner showing that ho had passed
agUa severe struggle
IsfcfiU keep away from tho water
iiter ho said to tho capitalist I
< it1Btay thero five minutes without
wM lng sutcldo or murder
l gtattcr was of course kept quiet
i fem tho wife but two years later
< JH > gentleman was making a trip
SifrOMo river ho was suddenly missed
hjlhas never been heard of since
boot was racing with another and
probabilities are that the excitement
igtnt back his passion for self
motion aud ho went overboard
Putnam not for Greeley
From tho Inlatka Herald
i county will be ready on the
StJJlcctlon to swell up a handsome
Mf fer Dougherty Tho county
jjfcvcloso In votes Is undoubtedly
tMntlc Thero Is a quiet deter
sttMf on tho part ot our peoplo to
edydo their duty but do It well
tjrsxtfoy has no show ng here save
> ho Republicans They will voto
Irtfcijhio doubt It has been inferred
wljasmuch as Mr Greeley v m a cltl
tsjqitnam he will be remembered by
ftilfnds but Mr Greeley Is on tho
gitaldo of tho question and bis
icourse with this party settles hlm
1 tttf lowest class In tho state
jL Tiny Toy for the Trucks
llillailclplila Press
JyXi Fleet of Wllllamsport Is in tho
hls way to New York with ono of
MaMt wonderful mechanical curlosl
tStho country It la tho smallest com
Tiybthlng locomotive In the the world
Swastructcd by Mr Van Fleet and he
ptOsi to exhibit It at the American
4V Kc which opens tomorrow It Is
feffitcen Inches long and every Intrl
fttefall Is lalthfully reproduced even
Water and steam gauges signal and
AMnts and airbrakes Mr Van llcot
ist0B for tho gold medal for mechanl
jwiien the Iltlit Went Out
eraan In the employ of the Dela
Iludson canal company Is a
lllglng person and thoughtful
ttjfsjicnrMon party which Included
TfVffrang men and women recently
Jejjthc trip from Albany to Lake
tfSJaud as the train would near a
SalJot which thero aro a good many
tlwyine ho wonld call out in stcntor
Uhks Gents chooso your partners
fSSovor name or designation is given
im and ague or other intermittent
iffis it Is safe to say that malaria or a
red state of tho liver is at fault
to the Impurities from the system
ro and prompt cure Is tho Immo
snlt lrickly Ash Bitters Is the
nd most effective remedy for all
troubles kidney diseases and like
lnts that has ever been brought be
public A trial Is Its best recom
Utimiu Dill PKkles
Bneat ever In Fort Worth at tho
forth Grocer Co s
y c i
Spot Cotton Unchanged lnturcg from
Ono to Six Points Illghor
Money Market En y
Wheat Uponril Lower Fluctuated noil
Closed nt Tiiesdnyi Prices Live
Stock Trunsnrtlans llrlsli
Foot Worth Tex oot fl 18S81
Trado was fair today
Prices are unchanged
Butter Is still tending downward
Special telegrams to Bradstrcets point
to a olunio of general trade quite equal
to that reported In late weeks with a sat
isfactory inquiry and demand The move
ment of staple goods Is increasing In tho
Southwest and West whlla in Kausas the
demand Is reported to be better tbau in a
corresponding period in any preceding
year General trade Is qulot at Sin
Vrnnclsco and at Mew Orleans
has becu checked owing to tho
approach of tho close of tho month
as well as to tho scaro produced
by the prediction of an enrthquako Tho
bank clearings at thirty cities as specially
nlrcd Bradstrcots point to an unmis
takably full volume of commercial trans
action speculatlvo and otherwise exceed
ing in tho aggregate lato exhibits Tho
weeks total is 8J01G208G9 as compared
with 8908003801 luht week and with
8812090225 lu the closing week in Sep
tember 1886 n gain of 3 810
percent on tho week and of
C110 per cent as against tho like
week last year Tho activity in tho stock
market as well as investments made
owing to anticipated October 1 disburse
ments of interests and dividends aro
largely responsible for tho weeks In
crease The gross earnings of forty
thrfo railways for tho third week In
September as reported to Bradstrcets
agcrcgate I1G548G against 83950210
In thollko week of 1885 Tho earnings
of fortyfour roads from January 1 to
dato are 818408812G against 5128 < 27C00
last year a gain of 10000520
during nine months past Tho
New Votk stock market was strong
and advanced Irregularly with
several reactions though tho temper of
the market was generally bullish At the
closo fears ot danger to tho trunkline
pool from tho dlssatlsfactlou of tho Penn
sylvania road caused a more timid feel
ing The transactions of tho week wero
2053233 shares against 3395329 last
week Bouds wero strong tho transac
tions wero 9807100 against 810032000
last week Money was firmer and rates
wero manipulated us high as 10 and 15 per
cent though tho bulk of business In call
loans was at rates arylng from 5 to S per
cent lrlces of dry goods have been
sustained In some lines of cot
tons advanced and tho demand Js good
Tho wool market continues very strong
as manufacturers are buying with moro
freedom American wool prices aro said
to be lower thau foreign Tho quarterly re
ports of visible gralu and flour stocks to
Bradstrcets show heavy Increases since
July and lndlcato that botu wheat and
corn hao been rapidly marketed The
September cotton report announces a
moderate Improvement In condition ow
ing to favoring weather Tho total num
ber of failures In the United States for nine
months as reported to Bradstrcets is
7582 against 8423 in 1865 The total lia
bilities aro 877U0GU aealnst 890970
85S and tho assets 837397050 its com
pared with 13801600 in threo quarters
ot 1885 The total failures have fallen be
low like records for 1885 and 1884 aud
tho proportion of assets to liabilities is
fractionally higher Canida has had 914
failures since January 1 against 984 In
1S85 but tho liabilities have increased
from 7190907 to 8325704 and the as
sets from 3391103 to 1290103 The
domestic iron trado continues acthoand
prices very Arm An advance for next
year Is probable Finished Iron is about
1lOc higher per pound Anthracltocoal Is
fairly active at the ordered advances But
petroleum bog products wheat Indian
corn and sugar aro lower Tho heavy re
ceipts of grain large visible suppllesand
conservative attitude of foreign buyers
aro responsible for lower pi Ices Now
Orleans advices point to a 25 per cent
reduction in tho Louisiana sugar crop
FaslcrLondon markets with slow de
mand for rellned sugar have resulted In
lowest quotations on record
DUTTKlt 153200 per ponnd fancy cream
erv iOo
COITONGood middling 8OO0MOC
COITKK nio fair Ho prlmo HX12o
choice lUfiMSo Lairuyra H e JavaiWo
Ooldon Itlo n o loa ilorry HaHXc
OIIKKSK Tho better grndos and JI1I0 factory
lOaiOio full cream twins lie
UANNKD OOOUS rriccs rtfr dozon Pino
apples standard SI OS poaches standard 2
lbsl SO3 as 2 10 seconds2 lbs SI 23 3 ftn
Sl 73 tomatoes standard n > el 20 seconds
i ttB 3 lbs SI 10 greon com si I01 M
0ei 60 KoosoberrlosSl 23 raep
onlcR SI 33 oyctcrs full wclirnt 1 lb SI 10 2
tbsSJ 00light wolghtl ft Ss IbsS salmon
1 tt Jl 05 2 tbst mackerel 1 tb OOfflJl 00 Bar
dines American 57 00 case Imported SU 30
case strawborrles 2 lbs SI 30 blackberries
SI 23 greon gages S Kaglo condensed milk
OAnUAGESi 3082 73 per crato
UUY uOODSlilnta Albion solid colors
5o Allens fancy 6 > io llnka BKc llobcs
3 > o American fancy 8XO Anchor 4Xo Ar
nold fancy 6i Herwlck fancy to Charter Oalc
4Xc nunncl 5Ko Kddystonr CoQlonccstor
silver gray 3 > fc llarlcl 5 > o Simpsons Co
Steel ltiver 6 > o Windsor fancy Co
Ginghams Amnskcag 7 > io Union 7 o
Caledonia 7Ko Itonfrew 8Kci Jacqnards Ho
Nubian So Wostbrook 8c Zephyr BXc
Drown Cottons OlKton O O O So Constitu
tion 0Vo Dwlght Co Ulcndale OVo New
berry tiKo Emplro AA BXo Beaver Dam
fl o Argyle Otfc Busy llco Co Bangor F
6iO Bleached Cottons Lonsdale StTa Forest
GVc Ieabody II Oc llooccrof tiio Market
Ojc Clinton 7 > o Congress 6 < t Onmberland
7 > jo Great llcpubllc 7o
Cotton Plaids Concatoga OH Cnmbcrland
Vo Black Warrior7o youthirn7Kc
Kentucky Jens Kluyvcr 8o Marlon 10o
Antwerp 13o Bceklcy ISo Columbus 21o
Aondalo 21o Irvlngton 23o Kaiser 27c
Laurel OlennMVo Ancbor3U3
KGGS 12iai3o ncr Ooren
per hundred lemons J7 30 per box applespcr
bblS3003330 Irish potatooa newSt Louis 00a
bnushel onions 21 cents per ponnd navy
cans 3Xo hand pickedIn bbls modtnm
bblsSKo laraeLima 4o beetsper buslioljl 30
bananas i 60a3 00 per bunch sweet potatoes
73C6S1 00 per bu tomatoes onor > all bn bas
kets SI 23
Ho per lb
Slight 7KC
1LOUU Best patents 51 90 per 100 lbs half
patents SI CS third grado 12 40
GltAINANDFEEDSTlHFijQuotatlons nre
based on tho cost ot grain on track in car lots
Dealers selling from store or clovator aro from
2i33o higher
Wheal 85390c
CornShelled C2Xc
HayLoose local SlOoajOO Johnson and
Hill county SU ooais W Forney S15 00 1G 00
Barley cSo per bu
llye si
Amber cane no market
Johnson grass 12 73 per bn
No 2 heavy Ho No
lhravyDF hides
1 light lie no
Dry salted Uo bull hides Oo glue Bo green
salted 8xe bntcbers green 5o sheepskins 20
COO IIOLASESCholco Louisiana 4Jo fair to
goodB3s corn symp 23o
HULSfJ 23 per keg basis lWBardcn
homsltoe j r kAgSJslorJilnednta MWalker
lo S3 W liufdon miun t iNottlitv sternhorse
shoo nails Jfo 4 Wclfo SfttotNo GST < 1 No 7
21 t > oB iJtko No 44iaWo S5oiiVo
6 tlet No 7 Wo No H inc Anssblo do No 4 43o
No 8 2 o No 0 21c No 7 10 No 8 ISO
MJT3 Peanuts choloa 7 8o peons 6 c
Brnill nnu lov illo filberts l idirc Kn
glUh walnuts 14mno almonds 18SW0 y ir lb
PUOVIsIONSWo quote on tho basis ofiar
Fish Mackcrfl10a > kits No 100c No S
S0ohalf bbls No 145 30 No 24 SO drlod
herrings per box 40o codnsh no
Mcatangarcnrcd hams lSUe sngsrenred
breakfast bacon 10 < < o short cloar baoon 8Vc
short cloar dry salt 8 > o
Lard Tlerco7ta3o means 7X0 20 tbcans
7Xc 10 lb cans lo 3lb cans So 8 cans
jlomtny and grlls Per bbl U 30
OanieM Per half bbl tt 00
Cracked wheat Per lb w >
Crackers A sods8Xo xxx sodaCc cream
8X0 ginger snaps So loinoncrcainsbe
Sundries Starcji 4o candles fall boxo
12Xo halvts quarters stick camiyva
10 < o fsney loaiw rope sve do cot
ton lCc herring Imported SI23 per ktg
ralUns layer St30 tlrter erab unlo 40c
Mlssotirl30c vinegarlSftlSot ooncontratod
1 o S2 7334 00 lugs glated loo per gal crocks
gii > ssdl0rt por gallon dried pcachosCo Indigo
Sever lb blueing50atloopcrdozen Colo
mans mustard SI 300130 per dozen macaroni
linporlcd 13o per lb American73o iieruox
buckets two hoops SI CO per dozen brilliant
oils tbts 180 Kuplon do 2So do SB cases
S310 brilliant 2 3 cases SlOf do IX caaoa
S31XI baking powdors bulk 1 lb cans
Sugar Flno powdorcd bbls 8Xa do halt
bblsDo cut loafV 8Xo granulated standard
Xo Louisiana granulated 7o standard A
lVoctinlcovhlto 7 ic Louisiana y c7o
Ulco I ulslnnuBXaUVe
POULTUV Weiiuoto VoungchtokonsSI 73
tt2 00 per dot old SI 782 bo turkeys wa
73c 23o each
Young turkoya
WHISKY ltcctlflod SI 10 < 1 30
sourmash two > car old SI cool 70 three
year old 1002
fl was oo
as per proof
fanoy extra oldlwhlsky
WOOlrlnll wool sixmonths clip blight
modtnm 22c llnht UnoMOc coarso lSSlSo
London Oct 0 Consols closod at 100 IS 10
foi monov
Nkw Yomt Oat 0 Stocks and bonds
closed nt tho following prices bid
United States threes 100
Fonr and ono halts 112
Now fours < 120
Paolflo sixes 1211
Central PaclUo firsts 115
Toxas Alacino land grants 88
Tex Pac Klo 1 Inndgrantr oxcoup 6J
Union Pacific firsts 113X
Union Paclfio sinking fund
Central Iacluc M
ChlcogoAAlton 142X
Chicago V Alton urofcrrod UJ0
llurltuglon Qulncy 138X
Dolawaro A Hudson 1041
Lackawanna T
Denver Itlo Grands 33
Kris 33X
Krlo profcrrad 77
llHtlom 20
Houston Toxas V > >
Illinois Central 1J1X
Kansas A Texas 37X
Lako Shore W > i
Lonlsvlllo A Nashville 817
Michigan Central 91
Missouri Pacific cxdlv lis
Now Jersey Contral C2X
Northern laclflo 29
Northern Paclllo profcrrod M >
Northwostcrn 1174
Northwottern nroforrod 142X
New York Contral ox dividend llS f
Oregon Transcontinental 84
Paclfio Mall tiii
lloadlug 3C > <
Kook Island 120
St Paul Wi
St Paul preferred K1X
St Paul A Omaha 60
St Paul Omaha proforrod m
Toxas Paclfio 19
Union Paclfio 0X
Wabash 20X
Wabaali proforrod 17i
Wells Vargp 123
Western union 76
Bid Asked
Exports from all United Statas ports thus far
for this week
Great Britain 41153
Franco 4920
Continent 8t09
Stock nt all United States ports
This day 375218
This day last year 304300
Now Orleans
Nkw Orleans La Oct o
8 81 bid
8 T9d 8 71
8 73 8 74
8 81 8 6J
8 923 8 93
0 Ota 9 13
R 12 W 9 13
9 22 D 24
9 33 9 81
Total sales 19000
New Yokk
sales 4G0
Ordinary G 13 10c
low middling 0o ml
2d call
8 Ma 8 87
8 7 < a 8 71
8 70 8 77
8 84 8
8 93 8 97
9 03 9 07
9 13 9 18
9 20 9 23
9 360 9 38
Wow Yurie
Oct 0 Cotton
Cotton spot
closed firm
Sales 4230 bales
Low ordinary a o ordinary ttXo good ordi
nary 7 Jo low middling 8Xo middling o
good middling9Xo middling fair 9 a fair
kuturot openod nnd rnlcd steady and closed
5 too points higher
8 87 8 89
8 74 8 75
8 77 8 78
8 to 8 87
8 97 98
9 98 9 09
9 19 9 20
9 29 9 SO
9 40U 0 41
Spot closed
ordinary 8 3 10a
ling 0 7lOc good raid
dllng 913lUc middling fair lOXo
Futures closed quiet 1 to2 points higher
Sslcs 62800
Fobrnary >
D 13 0 14
9 10 9 17
9 2U 0 21
0 26 9 27
9 S3 9 30
9 43 9 44
9 62 0 63
9 CO 9 61
9 67 9 70
Livkktooi Oct 6 CottonSpot closed
dnll In buyersfavorl 16d lower
Ordinary 4d good ordinary 4 d low mid
dling 61 lou middling uplands 63 lOd mid
dling orlesns 8 716d
Total sales 80U0 American WOO Imports
2200 American 2200
Futures closed firm and 1 point higher ssked
tor DecemberJanuary and JanuaryFebruary
TKX Oct 6
6 10
B 04 bid
BOO bid
8 03 asked
8 03 asked
B 04 bid
8 U0 bid
6 08 bid
Cotton Spot
closed stoad
Ordinary 013 16c good ordtnury 71316ct
low middling 8 7 16oJ middling 9M0o good
middling 9 7 16c middling fair 0 o
Gross receipts 6164 bales
bales 8163 bales
Kxpnrta 4390 bales
Stock 64378 bales
Produce nnd Provisions
Kansas Litv Mo Oct 6Wheat steady
No2 red cash02iobid October C2cNov mA
bor 62X < ibd May 77Xc Corn stronger No 2
rash soo November 31Xa December 32Xc
Oats nominal 2lo bid caih
St 10UIS mo Oot 6Flonr inlet and
steady bnt not quoted lower Whcst quiet
but steady opened weak and Xo lower
but soon strengthened and recovered a lots of
XXo more towards end of session prices
eased off again but closed at yesterdays
figures No 2 red cash 7JX 7IVo October
11 Mel fiecii Lib SliipiaeDts
Jonathan Pippin Roman Beauty Ben
Davis and other Fancy Varieties of
I Buy Directly from tho Orchards and Consequently Got Hono
but S0raD7 FRESn GOODS If you want SalaMo Fruit
at Lowest Market Prices send mo your Orders
Cozuioi Plain stml ITouitH SifcroofN
Tlie Only Exclusively Wholesale Dry Goods House in Fort ML
aa H2
JFAXiL 1 EI3 E > S
73Ko bid November 74S75e closing 74
74Jfci December 76J 77o closing 76 4o May
M ti closing K > fc Corn actlva and
higher rrleea ruled strong tlirounnonl and
closod S u higher than yoslord y No 8
mlsed cash 36s3o October 3431 < rt rlna
IngSIKo November 34U34 > c closing 3Ho
Decombcr S3tfffi35tfc closlng3Sko May 3slS
BJic closing 89 c
Oats dull but strong and
lk H c No a mlxod cash 20
20 > o October 26o bid November
20c December 20 < io bid May 2 io
tlorn mosl steady at Jl 90 Whisky Arm nt
118 Wool actlvostrong and higher modlum
clothing 222la combing 23i0a low nnd
coarso I422otlnollght2025o heavy 1021o
black 17621c Provisions aciHo and easier
prices I ork weak at 9 009 23 Lard easy at
S3 70 Bulk meats easy looso lots long clear
and short ribs JO 80 short clear SO tS boxed
lots long clear short lbs JO 37 short clear
SO 02 > < llttcon steady long clear and short
rlltf 7 00 short cloar 7 S7 llauis easy nt
S10 601260 Afternoon board wheat weak
nnd l e lower Corn weak and Wa < < olowtr
Oats Olio lower
CiilOAOO 111 Oct6 Wheatraarkot openod
nt noarly Inside flguros for tho dty It became
fulrly strong buttioforo tho cl so oftho after
noon beard prlcos had again dropped to tno
lowest prices current In months nnu clotcd at
Insldo flguros Tho fen uro In corn pit was
baying orders for May Tbose wero very
nuintiotis and enmo from nil quarters lhls
market followed tho goncral tendency of
wheal bnt closed In final trudlng nt about yes
terdays closing figures Tho suspicion
that possibly tho packing houses might shut
down next Monday was responBtblo lor an nd
vnncool about 13oln pork but when It was
declared twit packers had decided to go buk
to ten hours fccllm became a little easier llio
market for provisions closed n shade urmer
than yesterday nt tho following quotations
current for rash properlloB Wh < at7l < < e rod
73o Corn 3S 33Kc Mess pork 18 6038 85
according to quality nnd wcleht Lard 13 80
3 83 8tiort rib sldoslooeo I037X dry salted
sbonlderal S3 7098 75 short clear sides SO45
ia0B0 Whisky SI 18 Futures ranged as fol
lows at regular session
at Inside fl
Han go
71 074
HlJ UW ii
85 SS >
36 37
37K37 <
3 45
8 35
9 CO
8 07
a 8 70
a 9 87X
S8 65
1 67X 3 77K 13 12ii
5 70 a fl 77 6 72X
6 77H B 92 B 87
board Grain market weakclosed
res Tho provision market was
ollowlng wero tho quoutlons
Wheat November 7314o May BDJc Corn
November SflJio Stay 41 > o Pork Novem
ber 18 CHS I January J 77 IardNovem
bcrS5 Tiii January3 87
Ouolco 1803 35 fancy 117003 60 ox
tra fancy 39034 00 Minnesota and winter
wmat intents Jl 004 90 Oats
steady at 33K 34Ko Corn dull weak and
lower mixed 60c wblto and yellow 8182c
Corn meal strong and higher at II 91 Hay
products dull weak lower 110 0031680 Hog
products unset led but generally lower Pork
bs7ia9 60 Lard refinedtlcrcoS123 Balk
meats shoulders 13 02 > i long clcsr and clear
ribs J 73 Bacon shoulders 60 long
clear and clear rib J725 Hams JlI7SUf 23
Collcp quiet but firm Itlo quiet but steady
Cotton seed products nominal and
no stock sugar scarco and firm open
kettlo primeB < o fairiecentrifugals choice
whltoCKo oft white Go choice yellow clarl
fiod61 lM6o seconds 4 > f
Moneyattndy cxchangsNowlork sight 78
cents discount
Live Stock fllarkfts
Kansas Oitt Mo Oct 0 Toe Live Stocl
Indicator reports Cattle llecslpts 2151 ship
irenis nonet best grades wak and Baioo
lower cows and batchers stuff a shade lower
sloekers and feeders firm and in good demand
to choice il 00l 80 common to me
lam 3 30413 90 stocsersj 2392 73 feeders
Jj 80423 60 cows SI B0 < 32 W gnii range
steers J 23eJ 20 liogs lteetlpts 40 s0 ship
For Html or Soft Con
503 Houston Stroot
Av > ilT tVOTVril
racnts 1817 market steady at S2 1dl 20
Shec > Il < celpts613 shipments630 good mut
tons firm others steady good to choice J2 po
3 00 common to medium Jl 802 23
St Iouifi Mo Oct 0 Cattle ltocclpts
1500 shipments 800steady on choice easy
lower on common fair to choice native
shippersSt 23490 batchois steers IJ25 4 03
Toias and rsngors Jl 7383 40 Ilogsltc
celpts 3030 shipments 900 market ruled
slow and easier at S3 7034 43 ShocpHocclpts
8000 shipments 21001 extra good strong com
mon to cliolco quotsblo at Jl V0O4 25
11000 shipments 2000 slowt0 20o lower ship
steers ii 0035 13 Blockers nnd feedors
Iilng 10 cowsbulls and mixed Jl 7533 IB
talk J2402263 throogh Texss cattle cows
Ii 2002 60 steers J2 00a3 40 Western rangers
market 10ai3olower natives and half breeds
2 90 tS 90 cowsjt 80i32 80 wintered Texans
12 WW3 40 HogsHocilils 18000 shipments
7000 slow closing 104I20O lower at 12 tonti to
Sheepltecelpts 6000 shipments low sleadT
closing loaai ftlf natives JJ 23a4 86
Western J3 4033 73 Texans J2 2303 10 lambs
Nuiv > oitK Oct fl Boevesllectlpls 13000
Including 20 car loads market firm nallvo
steers U 1095 00 f lr Texas steers Jl 12
SheepKecelpts 1375 maikot firm and higher
hrepJ4 0036 toper 100pounds lambs JS 603
75 a few choice lambs going to J7 W
Ladles and childrens merino under
wear in any size at Kandall Cbambers
Co a
S tk
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hand and typewriting Hlato agent for steno
graph Hoard about ten dollars per month It
pnyato go tutlin boat Send for College
Journal and specimens of penmanship Ad
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f i W Senclls Checks Badges
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Fortha total eradication ot pimples freckles
blotches tan and sunburn A certain euro for
tetter scald head ringworm and all diseases
of tho skin Wilt bleach tho hands lo a snowy
Iotlo Dermic price 60o por bottli
Wholesale A Fort Worth Tex
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al tests have placed
first one brand or
baking powders then
another at tho bead
of the list Dot the
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of all Is that of tho
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wbo uses Silver Loaf
ssd sorer falls to
make light and
wholesome broad
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