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Offlet of Publication Steood 8t BstwannHooiton
in I Throckmorton tutored at th Fort Worth
PottoBlei u SscondClais Mill Matwr
to mail sunscniDKita
Pottage rrepald by the FublUKtrt
1ally Wcokr
One Tew 10 COIOnoYeM Il M
liMonth 6 60 HUMOBlhl 1W
Three Months 3 001 Threo Months 60
Sunlay OirKVt 12 per annum postpaid
DKLiYRRnu nr cAnntKiist
Week u cont
DALLAS J il Sullivan manager
DEnuof T II Loan managoi
Waco W If Ulcnnraanagor
WsjiTHKucoud H n Do sey manager
IlniaO M Maxoy manager
JcrrxiiaonE w Cameron managor
Mahshall Itobt Kennedy manager
ABtLKHKJ IC Mlntcr manager
OLnnumt W II llyrd manager
KLIAaoJ A Stephenson manager
GAnnnmLB1 l HID and J L iliokson
k anagcra
IIoiuiauC K Johnson manager
HORKrGriovK T K Wuttham manager
IUIRD Frank Dorsey manager
HBSxrmLLiH H K lis manager
OOLOiUDO W II Newklrk manager
MntEOLiJ r McDtnlel manager
OUCOA 11 llcdfleld manager
WmtBiaoaoNj o Glenn manager
BtUi ol Advertising Fornlihed on Application
nmlttantu by draft pottoffltt money order or
nregittered letter at ritkofefloe
Corrupondencc It tolicited upon all netct tub
rrompt information of etentt ant newt happen
Inai0generallateral tolicitedand uVlUprop
eriy compentated
ia communicationt Mended for publication
nut bt accompanied by the urUcrt name and ad
drtunot for publication but at an evidence of
> uod faith
PartUt uritlng to THE GAZETTX on butineu
pcrtonal to themtelrtt tcill ptcate inclote ttampfor
AUUtttrt relating to butineu of any kind thotild
bt addretttd to THK OazKlTE Fort Worth Tex
THE GAZETTE has the Largest
bonafido Circulation of any Daily
Newepapor Published in Texas
For governor L S Bo1
For lieutenantgovernor T B Wheeler
For attorneygeneral James S Hogg
For associate Justice Beuben It Gaines
For land commissioner It 31 Hall
For comptroller John D McCsll
For treasurer Frank Lubbock
For superintendent puollc instruction
O H Cooper
For Congress Sixth District Jo Abbott
For state senator J J Jarvls
Kepresentatlve Geo W Finger
Coanty Judge Hon SamFurman
County attorney It L Carlock
County clerk John F Swayne
District clerk h It Taylor
Sheriff B II Shlpp
County treasurer W T Ferguson
County assessor James Koblnson
Tax collector J K Murray
Count surveyor G W Williams
Commissioner precinct No 1 H C
Justices of tho 1eacc G Nance and
Frank II Smith
Constable John Thompson
Fokt Woinii Is not as other Texas
towns are It has no dengue
Tub Fort Worth races November S
will bo an event In tho sporting history of
the state Tho attendance promises to
be larger than eror before
Fouty thousand voters signatures
afllxcd to tho Georgo pledges make the
Now York politicians norvous as this
fact will go far to Impel tho wavorlng to
a decision
Says tho kindly Gilmer Mirrors Tho
Fort Worth Gazkttk was tho only daily
paper that gave nnythlng like a correct
report of tho whatyoumaycalllt con
vention hold horo on September 21
Juiwk Auiiottcandidate for congress
will address tho peoplo at Monslleld on
tho ICth and at Arlington on tho 20th
Inst On tho 28th Inst both Judges Ab
bott and Wceoler will address tho peoplo
of Fort Worth
IUissia Is cock of tho walk In Kuropo
Just now nnd peace rolgns It Is a nerv
ous kind of peace howovor that vexes
the souls ot men almost as much as war
for ovorybody feels that It is liable to
terminate at any hour
DisTmoT Assembly 49 ot New York
have for their badge a yellow ribbon
with a burdock burr on It Tho young
ladles who atllxed It on each delegate at
leaving oxactod a promise that thoy stick
to tho Homo club which was symbolized
by tho bun
Thk California Knights Templars bring
sorions chargos ogalnst their St Louis
entertainers Not only was their wlno
stolen but so great was tho discrimina
tion against thorn that thoy had to htdo
their badges In order to cscapo oxtortlon
la ovcry shape
That tho popo should ask for tho par
don of convicted rebels from tho Spanish
queen is ou anomaly In history For the
Bupremu pontiff of tho Catholic church to
ask for clomency towards revolutionists
of a Catholic monarchy shows that tho
world moves In splto of prelates
Thk Hound Mountain Nutshell has this
good word for Thk QAyKTTK Tho
Fort Worth Daily Gazkttk uow visits
our sanctum regularly Its columns are
Ullcd with tho latest news and evory do
psrtmcnt is replete with matter of great
n TWs vf
interest No paper In the South Is more
ttbly edited than The Oazbtth and the
Wrkkly should be In every homo In
Chicago will hang the anarchists and
sent 81850 to the Texas drought uffercrs
Tally for Chicago although It Is to bt re
gretted that any appeal was ever mado In
Chicago or any other town outaldo o
Texas lor suffering peoplo In this state
Texas Is able and willing to caro lor ber
needy people
Da Ayxumo tho English socialist can
better air his pyrotechnics In some other
country Tho temperature of this land Is
not suited for his fiery utterances and
should be attempt to go to Cblcaco In the
Interest of the condemned anarchists he
will find a reception awaiting him for
which he Is not prepared
Monsionou CiiKr whose coming to
this country attracted so much attention
is accused of breaking up the home of a
friend In San Francisco The handsome
priest did not deport himself in New York
In a way to inspire confidence and the
odor of scandals In Europe gives addi
tions Volor to he report
Mn SriES one of the Chicago anarch
ists thinks he ought not to be hung He
Indulges mere difference of opinion tor
about 0000 people think he onght to be
as well as all men who hold to his views
Men who cannot appreciate what Ameri
can liberty does for mankind ought to be
hung or driven out of the country
Mr Gkoroe shows his availability as a
candidate by his readiness to make
promUes near Mm If elected as I
believe I will be Mr George said I
will do my ntmost to discharge my duties
faithfully and well and to give the peoplo
of this city a clean government I will
enforce the laws against friends as fully
as foes I will be mayor of tho whole
city and preserve order ot all risks
Ikriiaps there is no more convincing
evidence of the kind of reading de
manded of the newspaper than tbo fact
that New York journals find it pays to
devote columns to tho disgusting ralnu
tia of an intimacy existing between a
dissolute English lord and an equally de
praved actress It Is time that such
things ceased and actresses wore not
freely advertised by a recital of their
It was a very creditable piece of work
for the McLennan county Farmers alll
anco the other day the contribution ot
twelve carloads ot grain nnd 150 for
the relief of tho Western Texas drought
sufferers And tho spirit of tho contri
bution was all themoro commendable In
that tho alliance didnt stipulate tho re
lief should go exclusively to tho needy
who ore alliance members That 1b tho
way to exercise charity on a broad non
exclusive scale
Mibb CrjivKLANDs continuance In
Literary Life Is likely to prove her lit
erary death and It is to bo hoped that
thoroportof her Intention to rotlro Is
true It Is not a pleasant spectacle for
tho American people to seo tho sister of
tho president and one who has been
mistress ot tho White House lending
herself to tho schemes of a moneymaker
Her namo was sought for advertising
purposes and however much she may bo
In earnest to elovato tho standard of this
magazine sho can novor attain tho do
slrcd end with such a publisher
That proposition to organlzo a con
igress of Knights of Labor to sit con
tomporancously with tho pcoplos con
gress opoiw up a world ot possibilities
Now let tho farmers organlzo thorn a con
gress of their own and tbo merchants
too and the doctors and tho lawyers
and tho nowspapcr men and all tho other
classes of society Tho Richmond Idea
Is rich In suggestions and promises 5a
day oftlces for vast numbors of men
Thcso various homcmado congress
men could slnnd In with the regulars
and dlvy on tho big jobs If thcro Is
ono thing moro than another needed In
this country It Is more olllccs and that
fellow at Richmond struck It lot us hau
moro congresses and congressmen to bo
supported by contributions Thcro
millions In It
A national banker In an intcrvlow
with a Dallas reporter sold I am
favor of having tho government tako away
our circulation while lca > lng tho bank
under government supervision In
ronowlng our circulation wo havo to pay
128 for porcont bonds maturing In 1007
Thus wo pay 6128000 for 8100000 bonds
on whlcn tho government allows 800000
Issue of which 5 por cent or 1100 must
bo deposited at Washington for the re
demption of our mutilated currency and
on which we pay 1 por cent tax or 8000
to tho government Deducting tho i
and 5 por cent deposit tboro Is left us
actual circulation ot iiG00 dcductL
which from 8128000 thero Is 813400 tied
up tho interest on which at 12 por cont
amounts to 85208 while tho Interest
coming to us from tho bonds Is only
84000 ThuB you see Instead of dorlv
Ing a profit from our circulation wo
lose by It 8120S not to mention tho ex
prcsssgo on currency that wo aro forced
to piy Soon after tho war when gov
ernment bonds wore at a discount thero
was money lu tho system but thero Is
not now On bolug asked by tho re
porter why ho didnt give up his national
bank and go Into private banking thu
banker said I would do It tomorrow
If I could 8curo tho sarao confidence
but depositors and others are attracted to
the national banks becauso government
supervision creates confidence in them
As further evidence of what I have said
we are only going to take out 850000
the minimum when wo could tako out
8200000 tho maximum that 1s allowed
Thk Chicago papers are still warring
vigorously on tho eastbound cattle
freight rates from the Lake city In a
recent Issue the Dally Lire Slock Review
says By the rearrasgtatenlot freight
rates which went into effect March 1 the
cost of shipping a car of live cattle from
Chicago to New York was increased 820
while 848 per car was added to tie cost
of sending thither n carload ot dressed
beef For this advance the Inordinate
greed of the railroads is the only excuse
matcan be rendered The advance was
made at a time when the profits to the
pool lines ot transporting live stock from
Chicago to New York wero greater than
ever before since railway traffic began
and at a time when the producer was re
ceiving les for his cattle than almost
ever before in the history of tho trade
By that advance the value of every
bullock In the West was depreciated
to the extent of 81 to 8125
per head It malet a difference
in the market value of the cat
tit rectiied at Chicago of 82000000 an
nually This vast sum Is filched
from the pockets of producers
without so much as the shadow
of an excuse There should be a remedy
for this species of thievery And Is It not
about time the livestock associations and
the cattlemen of the country generally
pooled their Issues and made common
cause against tho common enemy Tho
exactions ot the anthracite coal monopol
ists arc not more outrageous than are the
demands of the Kastern pool railway
lines The governor ot Pennsylvania has
instructed bis attorneygeneral to proceed
against the former and test In tho courts
their right to rob the public If tho pro
posed remedy proves efficacious in the
case of tho coal ring why may It not
be applied to tho railroad extortionists
with equally happy results
Peoplo who havo been to Charleston
rtcently say the spirit of cheerful conll
dence thero Is wonderful and that ft bet
ter built city than tho wrecked ono will
grow out of tho ruins Tne very poor
people whoso homes were destroyed aro
chiefly negroes They are all or at
least tho men remuneratively em
ployed for brawn and masclo command
high pay In Charleston now Their
homes were not expensive structurosand
tho moro industrious will soon raako
money enough to rebuild The largest
and most costly houses dtttroyed wero
the property of very rich peoplo Theso
have ready money aud will not need to
borrow to replace tho house Tho heav
iest loss falls ot tho middle class not
rich nor very poor nnd nearly all whites
They cannot onduro the stvero manual
toll of day laborers aud thus earn
monoy and many of them are women
These people will have to go in debt to
get now homes It Is not likely that
there will beany general loan system
Tho money Is thoro at homo in tho
Charleston banks and will bo put out
freely It Is very gratifyingto hear theso
reports Of course thero nro numerous
caBes where tbo expense Incurred In
constructing new homes will provo a bur
den of many years bat theso cases aro
not tho most numcroni If tho peoplo of
Charleston succeed In rehabilitating their
shattered city out of tholr own resources
they will bo all tho pronder and prosper
ous therefor Tho whole country will
watch tho upward growth of the wrecked
city with eager and kindly Interest and
It may como to pass that tho new Charles
ton will bo a far moro selfreliant push
ing community Improved by disaster
than tho welltodo Complacent city not
Increasing nor yet retrograding in slzo
and population which tho earthquake
found ready to hand and gavo such a
shaking up
Tho dengue is having a walkover this
year something like It did a year ago
Wo hear ot it here thero and almost
everywhere In tho South for it is a South
em product and nc er roams It strikes
a town and forthwith that town capitu
lates ovory thing gives away to tho den
gue just llko everything does when tho
circus is In town When tho band strikes
up and tho procession Is fairly under
way af least halt tho population aro per
sonally and painfully concerned Peoplo
laugh sometimes at courts and schools
adjourning for the circus but wo have
known thorn to do tho samo for tho den
guo Not ton days ago special telegrams
to Thk Gazkttk from two ilourlsnlng
county towns In Texas announced that
tho district court in each had adjourned
Indefinitely Judges sheriffs lawyers
and jurors wore down with tho dengue
Theso towns aro over 200 miles apart
but that mado no difference with the den
gue i it doesnt discriminate in favor ot
towns as it Is charged tho railroads
sometimes do That discrimination
cry by tho way is often rung
out against Fort Worth Less pushing
and goahead towns complain that tho
Fort gets tho best freight rates In tte
stato and thereby Is cnablod to under
sell us when the truth l that tho Fort
doesnt got anything of the kind Thero
aro two redeeming features about tho
dengue Ono is that It doscnt
provo fatal nlthough it leaves a
inan as weak and abaky as
Brer Crunfllls prohibition mocmcnt
Stalwart Still Russell one of the finest
types of physical manhood In Texas was
in The Gazkttk sanctum tho other night
and complained of weakness Ho ex
plained apologetically that ho had just
had a tussle with the dengue Tho other
redeeming feature is that the malady un
like some people who get Into office
knows when It has bad its ill and doesnt
stay always It will pack lis grip ere
long and leave with tho early frosts go
to Florida pethaps like the rich peoplo
In the North do when winter comes It
cannot tolerate cold weather and cold
weather will soon be hero Nobody will
mourn the txlt of the dengue and wo
may add a third redeeming feature tho
dengue spares Fort Worth
A good friend from tho bad city of
Chicago writes Thk Gazette concerning
a paragraph which ono Chicago paper
seems to hae written and another Chi
cago paper to ba o stolen According to
Thk GAZJOTBfl good frlond the News
was tho purlolner and tho Tribune the
author Thk Ga7rttks exense for tho
theft Is that tho News Is edited by Eu
gene Field who has known a good thing
when ho saw It ever slnco ho becamo a
writer Eugcno is one of the brightest
and most Irreverent men on tho American
press and ho has written too many good
things himself and has too little rever
ence for anything on tho earth or lathe
heavens abovo tho earth to bo above
stealing a firstclass paragraph But here
Is tbo stolen goods and tbo letter ot tho
good friend In the bad city
Col Dclo goea ba k to bta Galveston news
paprr ofllco a sadly disappointed man Ha
tagged tho president all around last soinmcr
and pat In about six weeks of his valuable time
trying to teach tbo executivo how to shoot and
flsb Onco bo snw Mr Cleveland splashing
around In n svlvan lake among thoAdlron
dacks and shedding his cont and boots ho
cilcd Havo no fear Mr lrosldont I will
snvoyoal To this hot olo offer Mr Cleveland
replied Yon noednt worry about mo Im
Just wading around In horo to g t my hook out
of a stump
Although tho Toxas editor mado a failure of
this valorous attempt to savo tho president from
drowning ho really was of much nsslstnnco to
tho presidential party In the mountains He
dug all the bait carried tho flsh whistled
up tbo dogs loaded tho guns prcptrcd
tbo lunches and did nil tho choros
generally Ho had reason wo think to
oxpoct snmo handsome recognition ot his serv
Ices and wo can Jmaglno that his heart beat
high nnd his fnco llnBhcdwltrH opo when ho
called at tho whlto bouse on his way back to
Galveston Ho had hoard tho rumor linking
his distinguished namo with tno Austrian mis
slon nnd hcwai pleased to seo In tho prosl
dents hand n small roll > > tii
a that looked llko a com
My dear Iltlo said rrcsldcnt Clovcland
never shall It bo said of my administration
that It was blind to the services of Its frlonds
Your fldclltv to rro this summer has touched
mo to tho quick and has awakened In my bosom
tho volcanic Urea of ontbuslastlo appreciation
I doslro therefore In appreciation of yourserv
iers to presont you with this unmounted cabl
not photograph of my now country honso with
my wlfo and mo sitting on tho front stoop
Cihoaoo III Oct 618S0
To the Kdltor ot tho Qaiotto
Kstkjmkd Sin and FitiENM Knowing tho
doep nnd goneroua commlsserailon of The Ga
zettk for tbo unbappy In tho Journallstlo
world I herewith havo tho honortoencloaoyou
a dipping from tho Chicago Morning Nowa of
this date that you may bo afforded nn oppor
tunity to cxtond your great sympathy to an un
fortunate ni unphanpy Individual of tho
newspnpor wonu mla unnnpi < uinu uns u
claim to your compassion as an unfortunato
Journalist but as a newspaper man bo Is en
titled to your fullest consideration and sympa
thy I cannot advanco for him tho claim you
aro always so willing to allow to originality as
a mitigating circumstance In tho stato of tho
unfortunate for aim ho has none He Is but
an unreliable and I may oven add ungrateful
phonograph of his moro spiteful and venomous
neighbor tho Tribune for In his reflex of tho
matter ot thaUgrcat soro ho never names Its
patent and thus In deep disgust tho chestnut
boll for him haB long slnco ceased to ring Ilut
such as ho Is an editor ot a Kcpubllcan Chi
cago newspaper pity him very sorrowfully
your friend e
Stephen Morse of East Woodstock
Conn drinks his elder out ot a 800year
old jug that came over In tho Majflowcr
and was at that time loaded with some
thing stronger than applejutco
The total number of births In France
tho last year was 022301 or 30000 tower
than tho average for the last fifteen years
Of this total rather moro than 8 per cent
was Illegitimate tho largest number ever
Georgo W Cble tho novolist was
born leftbanaed but has learned to use
his right and so is ambldoxtrous Ho
writes with either hand usually making
the first draft of a novel with his left hand
and copying It for the printer with his
right hand
Wong Chlng Foo known as tho Mon
gollnn Yankeo contemplates starting a
Chinese theater In New York Wong Is a
Ihoroughly Americanized and very shrewd
Cclostlal speaking tho English language
almost without foreign accent and oc
casionally does some > ery good featuro
work for tho World
In 1884 thero were 284115802 passen
gers carried by tho railroads In New
York city and as statistics show
an annual lncrcaso of 20000000 In
tho number of passengers carried
tho railroads should recehe a total of at
least 820000000 fares during tho present
jear At 6 cents each says Science this
would gho 810000000 as New Yorks
car faro bill for 188G
Princess Beatrice is busy getting to
gether nucleus of a wardrobe for tho
coming Infant Among other interesting
baby garmcutssho has been presented by
hermajesty with an artistic piece of
necdlowork which tho queen took a fancy
to and promptly annexed at tho Edlnburg
exhibition It la In tho form of a babys
robo and was worked by ono of tuo
students at tho Wemyss Castle school
Tricycles In England aro being used for
many purposes Traders uso It for de
livery of small packages and postmen de
pend on It In country districts In Ger
many military genius Is turning It to ac
count for the battleUcld But as an
auxl iary for tho Ore brlgado In England
Its application is perhaps most in
genuous Tho ono in question
contains a ho o reel a light double
pump Are engine capable ot throw
lng twentyavo gallons a minute a
collapsible cistern to hold water and a
simple Bro cscapo with descending
and bag Two men can rut It at full
spec 1
During tho session of the Democratic
convention In Nashville Bob Taylors
nani ° was before tho convention os ft
candidate Bob was In Knoxvlllo A
report was put In circulation that Bob
only desired the honor of a nomination
and his ambition being gratlfled he
would decline to run Ono of his ardent
frlcndi becoming excited tclegTophed
Say positively whelhcr joa will accepts
nomination It tendered you Bob was
a little puzzltd how to answer such nn ic
aulry but rattled the following answer
over tho wlresi A poor old man once
draeged himself twenty miles to seo my
mother When he got ready to leave he
said Madam If you dont believe I can
tote a ham home Just try mn >
In Now Zealand tho railroads tele
graph and telophono syttems aro nil
owned and worked by tho government
The whlto population of the Islands Is
500000 and tho natlvo a ilttio more than
100000 Thero are 1280 miles of rail
roads opened and nbout 400 miles are
bolng construclcd at present There are
1802 postofflccs with 221 moneyorder
offices The cities Cf Auckland Christ
church and Dnncdln have about 40000
population cacb and Wellington the seat
of government has about 20000
Thero nro no frogs snakes poison
ous bugs or Insects on tho islands
no snow or Ice to speak of except on the
mountains and tbo southern part of tho
South island Cattlo and sheep never re
quire shelter and tho grass grows green
every clay fn tho year Thero aro about
18000000 sheep 800001 cattle 05000
horses and 75000 hogs besides count
less numbers ot wild pigs that havo risen
from tho stock let loose from
Capt Cooks ship Endeavor 117
years ago Tho Maoris natives nro In
point ol Intelligence far ahead of any of
the other South Sea Islanders or Ameri
can Indians They aro now at peace with
tho Europeans and aro represented by
four natives In the assembly of the New
Zealand parliament Tho natives are al
lowed to sell their lands only to the gov
ernment and consequently their lands are
leased to tho FokthsB or whites at a
good rental for grazing purposes for
which thoy recelvo sufficient Income to
live nnd dress comfortably
Clippings from Btnto Uxchnncea on Binders
ot Interest
Sweet potatoes are selling at Thorp
Springs at 125 per bU9hel
Tho Cltco RoundUp boasts of a sogar
cane left at the office measuring fifteen
Tho caterpillar has made its appearance
In Bell county and Is destroying the top
crop cotton
Mr Thos MsKnlgbt for twenty years a
resident of Belton died In New Orleans
September 25
A novel sight In El Paso was a Chinese
funeral on Tuesday This procession wns
a quarter of a mile long
Three additional carloads of seed
wheat havo been Bent by the Wcatherford
relief committee to tho farmers of Parker
Mr J B Green bought 300
acres of land near Kllleen will soon have
it under fence and expects to plow up
200 acres this fall
II F Wall of Greenville had the mis
fortune to lose his milt and gin by fire
His loss amounts to 8C000 on which
there was no Insurance
When Roger Q Mills spoke at Rockdalo
he was presented to tho audience by J C
Wilson who has voted tho Democratic
ticket for sixty ono years
Ten sections of unimproved land In
Tom Green county was sold In Waco on
Tuesday for 500 The purchase was
mado for Thos Fluslcy who held a deed
of trust on the land
p J xx nui u u it a i
Dallas county since 1815 moved last
week to Arizona Ho intends establish
ing a ranch and ia moving 700
cows and heifers for that purpose
A Cnrd
MIDLAND Tex Oct 11836
To the Cdltor of tbo Gazette
Sometime during the month ot July
18801 J C Peoples of Midland county
addressed several letters to Rev R E
Cooper of Fort Worth In theso letters I
represented in strong language tho con
dition of my own and to some extent
that ot other families whoso history was
known to mo I urged Rev Mr Cooper
to use his influence In securing from
friends some assistance If only the sale
of a barrel of flour on time Theso let
ters resulted In tho shipment ot somo
supplies forwarded from Fort Worth to
Midland and consigned to me with the
request that they should be distributed to
any lu need of assistance occasioned by
tho drought The receipt of this ship
ment occasioned the address signed
by the officials of Midland countv and
published in your paper of August 31
1880 In this address this paragraph
occurs with others of llko nature
Wo beg to Inform the donors nnd tho
cnarltably disposed In other places that
careful Inquiry falls to disclose a singlo
case of destitution In Midland county
nor has there been ono during tho last
In reply to this and In vindication of
my own character for truthfulness I
herewith submit a few certificates from
parties receiving a part ot said shipment
with their vouchers accompanying
no 1
Midland Tkx Sept 11S8C This Is
to certify that I havo this day applied lo
non Lee Thompson to whom along
with Mr J C Peoples the shipment was
made and received as a drought suf
ferer Irom the shlpmenfcoralngfrom
Fort Worth ono sack of Hour onehalf
birrel of crackers and a piece of meat I
am very thankful to tho kind donors for
was In great need Myself and family
havo bcea hungry off and on for two
Signed W W Taylor and Wifk
Voucher on hand
No 2
Midland Sopt 1 188o This Is to
certify that I havo this day applied to
Hon Lee Thompson as a drought
sufferor and received Irom htm one
rack ot Hour onehalt barrel of crackers
and one plteo of meat for which I am
very thankful as I am In great need My
credit had been refused as regular work
could not bo had aud hence I could not
support my family
Signed j j connI
No 8
Midland Sept 2 188C This is to
certify that I have this day applied to Mr
J C Peoples as a drought sufferer
aud received one ack of flour ono piece
of bacon and flvo necks of crackers
JMns S Johnson
No 4
Now I assort that I J C Pooples did
receive aid as a drought sufferer
from Fort Worth and l furthermore
assert upon tho honor ot a Christian
gentleman that I was and am yet In great
need that I havo distributed among
those In need and I have as many as ten
cortlflcates from families so relieved
only four ot which are published as they
all aro of the
above clven and
pu lie It desired
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