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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, October 10, 1886, Image 2

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M THfMkmMtOB intered t th Fort Wortb
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rentage Prepaid by the rubltthert
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TAieo Months S 001 Throe Months
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MARSHALL ltobt Kennedy manager
ABIUHKJ It Mlntcr managor
tBinu l W i HyriJ manager
XlIasoJ A Stephenson manager
GAlMSVltXKB P lllll and J i Hlokson
Bomiah O K Johnson manager
Hotter GS078 T K Wurlham manager
ilMRD Frank Doreoy managor
ttHBarmius II 8 Kills manager
OotonADO W H Newklrk managor
JirnioLA J F McDanlcl manager
inco A M Hcdflold manager
Whitbsdoso J O Utenn manager
JUUi of AdrertlilnK Farntthed on Application
JRemUianeei by draft poitofflce money order or
n reeUtered letter at rlk ofeflct
Carrctpondtnce it solicited upon all neat mo
JCSTrempt information of eventi on nwi happen
tnot of general Inttreit ioltcited and uill be prop
art cempeniated
All communlcatlont intended for publication
tout bi accompanied by the writer I nam and ad
rtanot for publicationbut at an evidence of
rood faith
rartitt tnitlng to TUB G7ETT oil butineu
perianal to themtelvci uillpleaK incloie itampfor
jtUUttert relating to butineu of any kind ihmld
Uaddreued to Tills akzmtlt Fort Worth Tex
THE GAZETTE has tho Largost
feonafldo Circulation of any Daily
Newspapor Publiohod in Texas
Tlox governor L S Ross
Tor lieutenantgovernor T B Wheolor
Jor nUorney Ecnoral James S Uogg
for associate JuBtlco Reuben It Gaines
Jor land commissioner It M Hall
1or comptroller John 1 McCall
1or treasurer 1rank Lubbock
Yor superintendent public Instruction
OII Cooper
1or Congress Sixth District Jo Abbott
yor stato eonntor J J Jarvls
Ucprescutotlvo Geo W finger
County judge Hon Samynnnan
County attorney It I > Carloclc
County clerk John TS Bwayno
District clork L K Taylor
Oherlfl B H Shlpp
County treasurer Vf T FergUMon
County assessor Jamos Hoblnson
Tax collector J K Murray
County suivoyor G W Williams
< Commissioner precinct No 1 II C
justices of tho reacoG Nanco aud
Srank II Smith
Constable John Thompson
Thk ladles havo a special Invitation to
fcltcnd the raoetlnK Tuosdny night
Thk Dallas stato fair is rapidly gottlng
la shape for tho opening on tho lGtn Inst
A 11 CAUTKn makes a wldoawako
commltteo charrnan Ho Is hard at
Vork for tho Democracy of Tarrant
Thk condemned anarchists speaking at
Chicago In their own behalf professed to
bo representatives of labor And yot these
Icdhamlert enemies of Uto and law are
condemned by labor organizations
JoDOie Annorrcandidate tor congress
Will address tho people at Mansfield on
tbo ICth and nt Arlington ou tho aoth
nst On tho 28th Inst both Judges Ab
bott and Wheeler will address the people
cOort Worth
Gkk Wxavkk of Iowa erstwhile
dreoubackor Is now acting with tho
Democratic party being folly convinced
that no third party can accomplish any
thing in this country and that the De
mocracy Is tbo hope of tho people
Tnosu who lovo to hear tho doctrines
of Democracy preached straight nhould
icar Sohitor Coke at Fort Worth Tues
day night Old Drains Is a straight
Democrat of tho Rtralg htost sort and
sever lacks for a reason lor tho faith that
lx In mm
Thk conundrum for ltopubllcaus Just
HQW lBfwhethor thoy shall bo ruled by
their hearts or by their coldblooded
judgment It tho Hepubllcan heart rules
Blaine will be tho presidential uoiulncoj
li judgment dictates John Shormau will
captuio tho prize Ami if Sherman Is tho
nominee tho Democracy will havo need
of all Its strength
VTjk dont think It would havo boon mora than
fair If tho yort Worth Qituvtis after aoolng
zepeated atatementa lu thlt paper tliat plenty
tit banda oould ilnd euiployiuont In tlila pro
dnct had denied tho statement on tlioao post
era icalterod In tbnt city tliat there was no
Trork in tills preutnot and for wttou plckcra to
A p away fnm here Ifornoy ittRtitor
Tnx Oxtxnr did not know auch clr
cuhra were scattered In this city Cottou
pickers mo heeded at Forney aud Tine
Gazbtth could havo no purpose In keep
log men away fiom there Tint GAZKTTn
roald do H In lta power to sconro wotk
for thouo Mho need It and to aid cotton
JAtSors In securing ueqded help
TUB Forth Worth OA rrr owns up llko a
3htta man and lays U lovoa tlio Doinocrallo
pail Vctlor than It lovea God fQatMvlUo Ad
Ya poSon
Now rer Cruliflli you bolong to a
iHffl l t wvt k ow tho truth eup
V of dletorted a equivalent to
iWttWlWi Tirie GA7itrrk Jljifil thjtt it
pmwfUto Q wl fl It ouli Mclfaro
DM 1 toivW Mi < i W tb DomocmUo
ywtf Mf tw ritoy wf e wm in
danger from Kepubllcans DarkLantern
Itiis and such CranOU you aro a good
maoj and belong to a goodygoody
faction of a good party you should not
misrepresent oven a political opponent
Dont pulvcrlzo tho truth Drer Cranllll
Tin Impious devilish Spies In tbo con
clusion of his haranguo at Chicago saldt
Ishalldlo proudly defiantly for tho
causo of justice There Is Socrates thcro
Is Callus there Giordano 3runo tbero la
Chrlstt why tho number cannot be esti
mated of thoso who havo trodden In the
paths aud wo aro ready to follow them I
Aud socloty and law and liberty say
there Is Judas tbero ts Arnold and
there is the dovil away with them
Nono would cbango the law but nil weary
of Its privileges to such mlsorable cum
borers of tho earth Liberty nud law wero
too hardly won for this land to permit tho
slightest sympathy for tho human devils
who would destroy both
Thk appeal for small contributions to
place a monument over tho grave of
Father Abram J ltyan the poet priest of
tho South at Mobile ought to and no
doubt will meet with responses prompt
and sulllclently liberal Nobody need
send a largo sura for It Is not desired to
rear a costly memorial but the monu
ment should be tne work of the
people of all the Southern states
Father llyans verses will outlive
any pllo of bronze or marble but
It Is In every way appropriate his patriot
Ism and genius shall havo recognition at
the hands of tho people ho loved so well
In all ages men have erected monuments
to the memory ot good and great men
and who ot tho Sonths dead more de
serve such honor than Father Hyan Not
Cincinnati comes to tho front with the
first cases of punishment tor violation of
tho law requiring the slgnImltatlon But
ter to bo posted at places whore buttcr
Ino aud oleomargarine are sold Four
grocers the violators were lined 850
each Tho judge warned them that It
thoy camo beforo him again ho should put
on the full penalty 8600 fine aud ninety
days Imprisonment Such cases will In
all probabltltytorm now features In court
reports horcatter for theru will always be
men who will think they can boat tho law
swindle the public and escape the pen
alty Tho United States authorities
throughout tho country will keep a spo
clal lookout tor Infractions of tho oleo
margarine law and when Undo Sam tines
a man tho penalty Is generally pretty
KNioiiTfl ot Labor who tiro Southerners
aro rather reticent concerning tho recent
color lino episode at Klchmond It was a
surprise to most of them and recalls tho
caso at Wesson Mhs a tow weeks ago
whoro a Kulght ot Labor olllclal from
Michigan gavo himself unpleasant noto
riety by his rather unnecessary proclama
tion that tbo Knights do not know the
color of a mans skin when ho bolongs to
tho ordor Ho was advised that ho had
bost keop such scntlmonta to hlmsolf un
til ho roturncd to Michigan Ho went
away from Mississippi aud told thrilling
stories how ho was abused and bullddzed
all on account of his sympathy with tho
colored Knights Labor Is honorablo and
every laboror can havo a fair chauco In
this country but social customs aud
traditions nro stronger than trades unions
or any organizations It Is no wonder
the Southern Knights wero somewhat put
out when thoy read what had occurred at
m i
Thobk Knights ot Labor who rotused
to stop at tho hotol that declined to
ontertaln their colored brother and who
Insisted upon giving htm n seat lu tho
theator hitherto reserved for wbltosworo
rudo and Insolent Tho Knights of Labor
nro tho guests of tho people of lllchmond
they wero welcomed to Virginia by tho
governor of tho state and common
courtesy demanded that they respect tho
social customs of tholr entertainer In
dctlancu of custom and every obliga
tion those Kulghts ot Labor did
what thoy would not havo beon
permitted to do In Northern cltlcsand In
sulted not only tholr lllchmond brethron
but tho people who sought to ontertaln
them Call the social customs of Virginia
and tho South prejudices or what not
thoy aro tho customs of nearly every
community lu the United State and as
tho customs ot Virginia should havo beon
respectod by thoso who wero visitors
within Its gates
1 rl i
Casslus M Clay of Kentucky re
marks tho TlmoaDcmocrat although
sovcutysoven yoars old la going back
Into politics Ago doesnt seem to
count with men who havo onco tasted tho
fascinations ot public and political life
Look at tho vonorablo Lubbock for
example Wo dont know how old ho Is
but ho has been loug In tho laud Ho
tarns up smiling and confident when a
stato convention la hold with the choor
tul romarkf Hero I am again you
know whnt 1 want and ho gets it He
Is very old Is Mr Lubbock And thero
is rrot Roberts LL D of tho Uul
versltyot Texas exjudgo oxgo7eruor
etc Alex Sweet used to say that Gov
Itoberta was contemporaneous with
Moses but Sweet was given to frcscood
statomouts Trot Roberts Is very very
ancient though Vet thcro Is talk of
bringing him forward to succeed Senator
Maxcy Wo doubt if tho movement will
over amount to moro than talk chlcily
by tho Waco Kxiuunor but It shows tho
tendency Tho old mcu hold on as wit
ness Simon Cameron Hannibal Hamlin
and others wo might add to thoso
already mentioned And In all frankness
It must bo said that tho old follows hold
tholr own admirably with tho youngor
ones Some of Mr Tlidons most states
manlike utterances his letters on tho
harbor defense question wero glvon to
tho country but tv short whllo beforo his
tiemiso Mr Gladstbno haa Hyod his
thrcescoro years and ten and mora than
a dtcAdo bcgldo Ho doesnt jow any
signs of deterioration or a desire to
abandon public lite Tho rule holds
good all over tho civilized world that old
men In public Ufa nro rcrnarkably
Influential and pertinacious Casslus
meant aud so did the mon who went
armod to tho meeting and so did
thoso who murdered tho police Thero Is
no peaceable modo of throttling law In a
land governed by law This was demon
stratcd ot Fort Worth If demonstration
of a selfevident truth bo needed to con
rlnco nny one Tho law was assailed
horoj It was not proposed exactly to
throttlo It but to choko It into a stato of
temporary Insouslbllity Tbo olllcers and
advocates ot law sought to enforce It
ornbryo anarchists derided tho olllcers
mocked tho law and jeered tho lawabld
Ing and murder killing of pollco log
Ically followod Thcso men iu Fort
Wortb perhaps woro llko Floiden it
was not their Intention to tako any lives
It was only tho legal system of protecting
property thoy wero aiming at Rutin
Fort Worth as In Chicago thoro wero
men who knew that tho only way to
throttlo tho law was to murder Us de
fender to kill tho pollco and thoy
put Into practice what others taught
This Is a land ot freedom out It is also
a land of law and liberty and law aro one
and luseparablo Neither can bo throt
tled without death to tho other and
thoso who would throttlo tho law
should by tho law bo throttled for tho
law stands for all that society holds
Impro nc nil the Time
Marshall Messenger
Tho Fort Worth Ga7kttk Is certainly
exhibiting a vitality energy pluck and
enterprise that Indicates n brilliant career
as a leading journal ot tho stato It I
Improving along every lino and manifest
ing an Intelligent comprehension of what
is needed in n leading dallyjourcal and a
determination to supply overy demand of
win c fMitdlous public Wo aro glad to
welcome and aid tho efforts ot tho Thk
Gausttk In giving our peopla a journal
second only to the great New York
Not the MImIou ot Democracy to 1oaa ns nn
Advocate ot that Imwj t
Kellkii Tkx Oct 9
Clay may take a fresh start and astonish To tho Kdltor of ttoGatoUo
tho effects ot
his countrymen yet
One should not disdatn to learn even
from an adversary The Democrats In
Texas and olscwhcro can tako a lesson
from the Kepubllcans In Minnesota and a
tew other states In tho Northwest Thcso
Republicans havo declared tor high
license ac s means of dealing with the
liquor tralllo They propose to put re
strictions on the salo ot liquor and as far
as practicable put tho business In the
all thoy desire would with equal cheer
fulness accept what Is certainly tho next
best mcasuro to prohibition or local op
tion High ltccnso Is a system that will
moot the vlowa of conservative men both
Prohibitionist or AntiProhibitionist
Whon tho Democratic party get ready to
go before tho peoplu of Texas with a high
llconso plank lu Its platform It will find
that a hearty response of approbation will
come up from all quarters and that thou
sands of men now acting with tho Prohi
bitionists will bcso to say disarmed and
willing to at least glvo tho high license
system a fair trial It only remains to bo
said that tho high llconso Bystom has
worked satisfactorily whorovor tested
In his address to tho conrt at Chicago
Fleldon onoof the condemned anarchists
said i
What docs a man mean when ho aaya that bo
will knito a candidate A prominent Chi
cago paper aaya Throttlotlio coal monopoly
Henry Ucorgo aaya Throttlo protection
Dooa that muan to throttlo Jamoa U Illatno
who upholds It I havo told yon
what I meant by tho oxproislon Throttlo tho
law You Interpret piy romark to moan Kill
tho polloo You ought to know what I
moant It wn not tho Intention ot our or
sanitation to take aiiy lives It was the aystcm
we woro aiming at
Protection Is a law a creation ot law
and can only be throttled by throttling
i c dofeatlng for olllce thoso who would
porpotuato this law measure It Is not
necessary to kill candidates to prevont
them from carrying out obnoxious meas
ures Whon it is desirable to knifu a
candidate It is not necessary to go
armed with daggors and bowloknivcs to
tho polls as Adolph Fischer another an
urchlBtconlessed In his speech that ho ad
vised people to do when they went to tho
Haymarkot meeting But what can bo
tho meaning of mou who say throttlo
tho law aud especially whon that In
junction is glvon to men who havo boon
advised to go armed to public moot
liigsf Tho law stands tor llbotty or
der and social organization to throttlo
tho law la to throttlo all for which It
stands To throttlo protection It Is
necessary to defeat Its advocates at
tho polls to throttle tho law It
Is necessary to put Its advocates
whoro thoy can not defend It Adolph
Fischer knew what throttling tho law
Owing to tho lato drought
I havo been so deeply concerned in pri
vate affairs that it has been Impossible for
mo to take an activo part In tho present
campaign yet ns a lookeron I can not
avoid deprecating tho course Tarrant poli
tics aro taking ieisonal wrangles and
side Issues which never accomplish any
thing save to engender projudlco between
different classes are being brought Into
this fight and loaded on tbo shoulders of
Democracy with tho expectation ot Doing
supported by it When In tho commltteo
room ot our county convention I objected
thought camo grace us to
hands of men who havo some personal t l mwmy iSa Knight
standing and reputation as well as ability
to pay a llcenso tax In addition to this
thoy declare for such an Increase ot tho
liquor llconso that tho revenues there
from will bo Increased even It tho num
ber ot saloons is lessened The effect of
such legislation will be to weed out tho
low doggeries and rumholes It will not
bo every man who can buy a license for
oven It ho has tho monoy he would havo
to come up to some personal require
ments which every wouldbe publican
can not meet In Tin Gaktti h opinion
hluh license will bo found tho only rcmo
dial mcasuro with whlcb society
can confront tho liquor tralllc
EVcn this will not prove ns effectual as
could be desired but It will bo a great
step In tho way of reform All experi
ence shows prohibition as thoy havo It In
Maluo or Iowa or oven local optionas In
Georgia and Texas do not meottheemer
gency whllo they entail an absoluto loss
of revenue Thero Is a largo and power
ful element ot society that can notfor the
reasons above stated bo brought to vote
for prohibition This clement however
recognizes the fact that something must
bo douo and it will accept high license
gladly as a remedy It would seem too
that ProhibitionistsIf they can notsecuro
to the last article In the platform becauso
I It with HI for
of Labor when wo wero putting n ticket In
tho field against them Though snowed
under thero I yet think that article
unnecessary or at least superfluous
But slnco that convention our
Democratic organs havo been
called on for space for thoso who cham
pioned tho cause ot tho bankers and tholr
kinsfolk for thoso who wero disaffected
with tho alliance and last but not least
tho much abused lawyer has como
forward to provo his profession respecta
ble I for one protest against tho great
Democratic party enlisting In this side
show tirade against social bickerings
Tho Knights crusade against tho lawyers
Is like Don Quixotes encounter with the
windmills an enormous outrage no
doubt but not within tho jurisdiction of
our great party An elephant Is a
dangerous beast In a fair and open com
bat yet a few little insects can throw him
In a rago nnd causa him to losh himself
to death so too If the great Democratic
party challenges every insignificant slur
thrown against Its various classes It
will fritter away its strength with the
sharpshooters while tbo main body of
tho cnomy will como la and spoil our
It Is an old maxim that He who
pleads his owu causo has a fool tor a
counsellor so It seems to mo a little
Impertinent lu the lawyer himself taking
up the cudgle when his case is being
weighed In tho great scales of public
opinion Ho should await the verdict
with that patient fortitude that char
acterized the old darkey during tho lato
unpleasantness Whon asked by a
Gorrllla captain which sido ho was on
tho old negro replied You see
massah you folks is like two dogs dat sec
a boue Each of you want it and so you
got in a light about it
Well said the captalu which side
aro you going to take
Oh I dont tako cither side you sec
Iso do bone oh no I alut In do light
Lot tho lawyer consider himself the
bono and await tho verdict of tho people
II his profession Is lcgltlmato tho people
wilt uphold him If not ho must go But
I apprehend that wo havo enough to do
at present wrestling with the enemy
without taking on any extra sandbags
to keep us from flying too high
Again sir tho lawyor Is a dual charac
ter Ho leads two distinct lives First
ho plies his craft llko other artisans sec
ond niuetvnlne cases out ot a 100 ho is a
professional politician Now tho Knights
havo cunningly struck ihls breast
works from tho weakest sldo They nro
pouring hot shot Into him as a political
manipulator whllo bo as astutely defends
his causo trom a professional standpoint
Now I think both In a measure
right As an advocate for jus
tice or as often a pleader to de
feat justice tho lawyor seems to bo a
nocessary evil but as a politician ho Is
unquestionably n nuisance I do not
mean that as a candldato for ofllco he Is
so bailtor whether you vraht n Rood
measure or a bad one put through ho Is
often tho most available Instrument at
your command But whero I object to
hlra Is In our conventions orllghts among
ourselves for tho spoils Here It you ad
mit him at all ho should bo chained
gagged and blindfolded otherwise ho Is
suro to go off when least expected and
strike you at your most vul
nerable point I had sooner try
to dodge tho Malays boomerang
than to try to fence against the putup
jobs ot tho convontlonlawycr Yet when
I havo a bout with him in a political
scramble and get downed which always
happens I have a profound admiration
for thu way In which ho did It Llko tho
boy who Juts been victimized by a new
trick lu wrestling I console mysolf with
saying you cant do it again
Now Mr Kdltor I say as I havo hoard
soveral of tho gentlemen under rovlow
remark concerning tho utterances of your
most valuable defender ot our faith that
It Is not tho mission of Democracy to
pose as an advecato of tho lawyer I
know that thcso thrusts at this most sen
sitive yot highly respectable class of gen
tlemen are calculated to mako ono chafe
for thoy are llko tho strokes of a sting
ing lizard not harJ but very penetra
ting yot they aro not daugerous Lot us
remembor that Napoleon by trying to fight
Ulucher and WeUlngton at the samo time
lost his crown m the memorable Waterloo
contest and la this equally great on
counter In our beloved Tirrant If wo
stake our chanefs on upholding this woe
fully persecuted class I fear wo will
wastu our streigth In tho attompt to
charge tho enemfs campfire while tho
said enemy may ank us from tho rear
No sir It tho lawyers craft hai drifted
from Its moorings let him appear boforo
tho great bar ot pbllc justice Irrespect
ive of politics an show causo why ho
should not ccaso tc exist but let Dem
ocrny steer as clear of his ranges as n boy
would ot a yellowjdpket which all boys
know to bo combattty at both ends and
strike him how you nay thero Is nothing
to gain and much to Hso Jack Yatks
Very Liken Man
Obsorvaht Elchango
To dotormluo tho soxpf canary beforo
It sings LU tho lady ho owns tho bird
go Into tho back
yard and dig a worm
thon tako tho worm and put It In tho enco
to the young bird and 11 e l
ho and It sho eats it Its ahe This rule
Was novor known to fall
The Tmtlt
livery > u
Fort Worth Is not yot thoWost city
In Texss
but as a railroad Ration this
city docs more business than ny othorln
J ° 1Iece th0 desro 4 railroads
to reach this place and when ill aro hero
that aro coming Fort Worth ylll bo tho
largest city in tne sttttoGszdV
Tho truth you have spoken cWy wOrd
of It Bro r
Ouo or tlio lloit
StcphenTllle Empire
Tho Fort Worth Gazkttk Is ondpf tho
bost papers in the stato It Is aupTior to
Dallas News or tho GalveatonNowi
Childrens plush cloaks at Mant
W 1i1 v Mlco Twtal A
for di
L fcOjlprontn a milliner and
Hamilton county Texas
SSyKl > A coatmaker WorFall winnV
fTilTft looplos Intoliigenco and Kmplojmcnt
JL onice np atalra over postofllco lloom E
ltatltoads hotels armor merchants con
tractor and urlvato lamllioa tnrnlshed with
rollablo liolp both niftlo and female All or
doMprompllyattended to TelophonoNo 17
O W Uuynn Iropriotor
On tho Indian Torrltory Extension north ol
llod river Qno thousand good tenms rock
men and responsible subcontractors Ap
ply to MOIIQAX JONKa Fort Worth or to
DANIEL OAUKY Gainesville Tcsns
Wo nro now proparod to low money In nny
aum desired on paaturoa Improved farms or
ranches Will also buy vendors lion notos
608 Main street Fort Worth
MONKY fw LOi TJ rr7arma 7Tnd rnnence
In sums of J50O anil npward at very low
rntes Interest payablo only onco a year
Humphreys A llrantly over cor First Main
streets Fort Worth To
MONK TO IOANI will buy vendors lien
land notes In sums of 1000 and ovorj
loans mado all over North Toxas on Improved
real estate
on long tlmo at low rates James I
8lmpson731 Kim street Dalian Tex
I OIt 8AIKOno of tno finest hnrdwarobusl
nes InUcntrniTovns togother
with good
houses etc on easy tfrme Would tnke somo
good Innd somo stock somo monoy or good
eccurod notes Good reasons given for selling
Anply lockboxXo 130 Helton Tex
JTHHt HAIK Tho furniture formcrlv In tho
Whlto harbor
Klcphnnt shop will mako
two throochnlr outfits complotp lart cash
bnlnnco on tlmo K GirrzMAKgOi Main stroft
IXTANTKli A posltlnrT ns bookkeeper or
yy ealesmnn Uefcrancos glvon Address
H bnx 202Anstln Tex
XrAXTKDA good canvassor to soil sowing
n0llln s ho
Jj nw 0lllni ftSm wagon Wrltoornp
McMillan HonhamTcx
= r = s
Jwa NTiTi TOns5aiAKufn
No Ti nTvKn8 I Third l Ia drcssmaklng at
street by Miss Bully
w ho has lately completed her coiuso of Instruc
tion nndcr n trench modlsto In Philadelphia
Outs by square measurement
W ANfinPA girl to do oricYr Tiouso
T korlwo Hcfortnco required Call
at 715 Qkorry street
WANTE Dn7ty inammWon tho llnTf
Colorado Hanta Fo oxtenalon Apply at
camp twenty miles north of Hod river P J
loonlo Contractor
WANTElfionfdcrs a t 310 Thrc kTnoHon
street between Second nnd Third Clean
beds and good table For terms call on Mrs
M i Ilrock
WANTED A comfortaliTo and woiP fnm
Ished room with board or whoro board
can bo had near for a gcntltnnn nnd wife
Irlvato family or small boardlngnouso pro
forrodwhoro tho conveniences aid comforts
of a homo can bo had Itofcrencos cchangtd
Address giving location andprlco Permanent
caro inzRtto
llOOflla JOU 11KNT
I OIt HE ST Ono largo nicely furnished
room and Itchon all for 1250 On Lamar
Btroot two doors from Sevonth Will rent
slnglo room cnoapor
jJOU ltKNT A turnlsncd room suitable for
J onoortwogcntlomon015 West Third Mrs
OOM3 It IthNT Ftirnlshod
or unfurnished
XV at 213 Jopos botwoon lrst and SoconW
atwU v
I OIt HENT Pleasant furnished rooms lor
rent Sltnablo for gentleman and
lady or
gentlcmon Apply to W Norrltts coinor
I jMJHNIMlKD KOOMS Throo furnished
rooms up stairs to single Kontloinon enlj
Address caro aiotto
ITIOlf ItKNTOniTlijYso onfaTnlng foTr
rooms and servants room on Wost econd
stropt nowly pnlntod and papered For par
Honiara appl at II HacEous Zano Cettls
olllco near tho corner ol Main and Second
ANTED Po rent a house with lourorilvo
rooms Addross J M Henderson Jr
caro A 1cajt
° A nl0
7 JW ° roar room cottago on
JL hist Third stroot noar business portion ot
tho Mrs
city Apply to Holt 107 Pecan stroot
17011 HENT Two good dwellings on Itelknnp
A nnd Wvathcrford streets k
17 < 01f HENT Doslrablu sixroom house
nlcoiy finished contrallv loeatod water
In lioueo and yard Apply to Hullman Sellers
17 > OU HEyi Adoslrablo reside cT6r rooui8
Imiulru at io 01 corner Fourth nnd Lamar
5L0 Mns M i llujjihs
ITiOlt OTi hnjo iul rcd o7 Vcstorn
stcora In pasturo hero and sixty flvo good
broko hniaoa 8 A Hatchor Fort Worth
WANTEDTo trado a goodT largo work
horao for asmallor animal must bo a
good saddlohorse and perfectly gentle Ad
dress Haretto ofllco
yors and laid agents Vernon Wilbarger
county Tex Lanua rondorcd for taxes Taxes
paid for non residents Abstracts of titles
turnlsncd l ans negotiated Titles oxam
l f d Perfected Lands oxamlncd and di
vided iluy soli redeem and represent tho
owners ot real estate Havo comploto abstracts
of titles to Vornon and Wilbarger county
Prompt attention to all business In tho stato
departments Land litigation a speciality
V i0rt 0 12 M n trcct Uonlonlox
up stairs Tho bost ot everything served to
pjitrnns by pollto attendants
AHTKS1AN HATH HO oENaturafa wTnl
water cghty gallona
soft ai
0 5n Ipb nr P wsl aSa soda
Jho best bathing water In tho stato It maybe
> oJ Spring drunk hot whllo bath
Mvi nifl6 oonli flTB tickets
rjMSS pr0I0 ° norUVoel
T rnml f SffiTT opaYhlat has
11 h onlce and
VwlomoT residence to corner
iUn1Snor treo10r roues former
yv 5 vs rui S5r
r ° tl dlB °
Te >
T iuwm i ll0 TOJL HomoopaihlswJfflce
Stoiea PPOJltopoalonice Houra
i so o and7toBpm Sundayi
Telephone connections
MHP > AUo > r Iiw
nWo 0n n en °
gj yiiaVeol Sr r aT
iTT V 1 m kW Over Wt Worth
ttonal bank Main atroet Fort Worth To Na
3BC2D3rHJElX3Nr < 3JS
Jlanutaclured by
riERjRrrYc co
Trnvollnsr Salosmun
r O address Box lw n Uas Toxas
Strict Attention airenTo AO Inoniries
The Gazel
will bo mndeC
Inter than Marc
for thq April
brace in addit
sewing machine
Watorbmy watc
Powder musica
miiuns SEVERAI
A full list of
satisfactory selecti
ing cr renewing the
ly Gazkttk for one yo
will receive a ticket
X > i JL 3 33JKOVVX
OtTcra his 8crvlcos In tho General Practice of
Ofllco corner Iloawtoa and Kourlh sts j rest
dencoi S00 South Slain at OUloo hours 10 a
m to t > m and 1 to CS0 pm
innate t UAjrcinn
boUdi1ino v 0n ate 0r ° ot rB M klad > °
Fort AVottli Toxoh
Oculist aud Aurist
Ofllco Ko 500 Main stoppoiite Pottofflco
X3 > es r r i x js rx
Over roatoflloo
MC f > clS ty 0 Alumnum Wat Pe
ILlJ Ph UseNltroue Oxide frat for pain
Zr rlM oxuaotlon of teeth
All work scientifically done Tolophono 232
I3 nUf eab ttiMil rt n wiO prVM f low If
0W t lif J5Ja Url8
f liaportln iidV
UWtlliUUa ai > AMWlUkMtKKaitV H >
tion of
je issued for this ajBtrl
liium list is nowbeingt S
id when completed Vilj
4uwidmi lls Plows har
toyes iurniture tobacco
water Silver Loaf
ns sheet music and othS
> is as
ts Avill bo published as sol
nadeand every person sul
ription to the Sunday ot
ufore the 31sc day of noxfr
The Gazkttk is unquestionably the liveliest brill
newsiest paper in the state and will be made especial
teresting for 18857 l
All subscriptions must be paid in advance AddiiS
X ort Wortli Tox
Established 18C5 Wt Qi
Nos 121416 M 18 West Second street corner Tbrociiorto P
Fort Worth ChinaTcl
QOB HtfCetixx EJt
I oirt V roirtLiie
To Yonng and Miis
Tho awful orfoct of early tI
orsanto woaknoss Uc troylnj
with all direful Wi
oody its
Palpitation of tho aoarlTlmt
Nervous Discharges so n > u KJi
Rotfulncss Lack of Idoas ESTO
Ugly Imaginings DlsIIto t
llroodlng Melancholy jf r
JlAimiKu Jinn or those wfflj
py llio awaro of Physfcal 1
of tbo Nerves Organlo Wf
IrrciruUritlos quickly asiUtes
their health and aptndIM
skilled and nnqnallu deatMialjd
to throat nose J
tho head
ch nnd bowels Bpeedllj OMJS
IasI not falso modesty netl
at once on
All Privato Mitjfg
attention Is
onco fiiaio aymploins ft ir
sent 00 D everywhere M
S fu iia ggi
Attoimoy > rfI
Ofllco QT r rirst J
e <
Corner 0F1onxtl3L oaacaL IVLcilix StriM
Katos 250 per Day
Fort Wortli Toxns
ahS l 0n i F12tlron RooflnK Patent SheetIron Weatherboarding IronCcEMI
XXX Dto ATo Sitby 8 ltanollc t a 4
H W HARRY BRO 707 Main Strcot
PoSrV IV Ir0 VTJn r lato8odor nnd OalTanlaod Iron whlchwj
trado at lowest rtM
market prices Wholosalo
agonts for tbo stato of Toxas for M
Thcso pills wonderful
woro a discovery Ho others like them In tho world Wi X
or relieve all manner of discass The luformatlon around each boi is trorth ten ttajH
box of pills Find out n bm m ieuti C
aVS ° belnk HM II H t k
U Hl H jP tSl
pill a iViUlrf
eas7 to take
causa no WW WBHm HHH l beiiiitif
the marvelous power of these pills they would walk 100 miles to get a box if they rM
U by maU 25
fof ccnts 4tttmP5 stratod pamphlet free
the imormauon is very valuable I S JOHNSOK CO SS Custom Houso StKetBOS

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