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Surgeons and Specialists
pDlIQS m m
The most widely and favorably known special
JilB in the United States Their long experi
ence remarkable skill and universal success in
tbe treatment and cure ot Nervous Chronic and
Surgical Diseases entitle these eminent physi
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where Tncy guarantee
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Piles Iistula and Rectal Ulcers guaran
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ne i
iHydrocele and Varicocele permanently and
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biPHiLis jGovorreka Gleet Spermator
rhea beromal Weakness Lost Manhood Night
Emissions Dcciyed Faculties Kemale Wcak
rei > and all delicate disorders peculiar to either
sex positively cured as well as all functional
disorder thit result from youthfnl follies or the
cic ss f matnreye rs
rilinirninDP Guaranteed permanently cured
UlJUblUillj removal complete without cut
ting caustic or dilatation Cures effected at
home by patient Without a moments pain or
To Young and MtddlsAgad Men
I tmDTJ PTT9P Thr awful eBscti of early
Jl UlilUj uUlUJ vice which brings organic
wetkuess destroying both mind and body with
sl < I s dreadd I Is perniinenttv cured
Tl n n Tjrrflirn Address those who have Impaired
DfiUiDbltu hemselves by Improper indul
cci re and soi ary habits which ruin both mind
and bjdy unfitting them for business stndy or
Married Men or those emetine on that happy
Hieaware of physical dehl ity quickly assisted
Consultation tree In person or by mail It
you are afflicted and cannot call write to us
inclosing stamp for reply Call upon or address
825 Main St Cockrili Building DallasTex
kwrnmm m
Respectfully calls attention to her preparations
for the permanent removal of Freckles Tan
MothPatches BrownSpots Liver r > roTs
PiurLES and all like defects on the enter skin
that make less air and aunoy the sensitive lady
She offers to treat without charge and guar
antee a cure any one however badly disfigured
by the afflictions named if the person treated
will permit onehalt ol the f aco to be cleared
at a time and allow the public to call at the office
and see the case during treatment
Her remedies are a specific for all external
facial blemishes that Injure the complexion are
healtbful to any skin and their use wil not hum
the most delicate cuticle
Ladies at a distance successfully treated
through correspondence References furnished
if de ired Information cheerfully given by
mail or In person Enclose 4 cents 1J stamps tor
circular Call at or address
You Cant iffimfluMim
DO Wf MofJiera
Vor Sale by Leading Druggists and Can bo Outlined ci
Primary Seconcay or Tertiary permanently cured
tnZito to dzys Ao cUs ccts s1 pc ca U ± z t
system so th lheo ccn never be a return of to cll >
txe la any form rartes can be treated at fcoj Kcr
Lhaumcprtcosva a = du i rtl
irrMmun B
anec = iranO fllHli g j tre t > ulTta
1 R
Xcr to coi =
kee ire wZl Rj 111 BREJcontTlct
H KxaMW all
tore them or rofund
taoney and pay entire expense a Mmlng railroad far
and hotel bats VTcchaltenco thewodfor acaMwe
can not core Uentlan this paper ACdress
Cures In
f u trsUd Dot I
Jlri > otlrt > T
nig a Is acknowledged
the leading remedy for
Gonorrhoea Gleet
The only sate remedy for
Zencorrhcca ortt hltes
I prescribe it and feel
safe In recfimmendlDglt
ITkeEwjCh to all snflerers
Sac nx rt0EM3 A J SVOXER H D
Sold by nrtiprlatav
Ert BlBss jurifl PIlMi 100
the Soft Glow of Tte
h Acquired by Ladies Who Uss
Vests Definition More Acceptable to The
llissouWan Than chafers
How It It Vali and Fnten trnnc Reminder
ottfae Inenntntlon vcni KroTi liacbtb
Tin Cap am Fingers
Cpecial to the Gazette
Kansas City Mo Ante 23 A pnrty
of capitalists from the East embracla11
fo of the members of ttie Lombard la
vestment company of Boston who hire
been here several days Ionklnc after tlielr
investment In this city bad theirfirs
taste ot burgoo and their tint experience
of a burgoo party on the banUs ot the
BIuh river Inst Thursday Several locnl
cnpitullgts lnivlus them in chnree unil
wuliiiiR to slmw them lomelhlup new
under the sun to them at least
decided upon a burgoo purty
nnd Tliursday mornlne they started for
the Blue river bright and early going
out ad far as Sheffield on the dummy
line taking carriages there and driving
a number of mllei up the river to a very
pretty shaded spot which was sufficiently
secluded to suit the promoters of the
party as one ot the ssenliul features ot
u burgoo party U seclusion For It
should be known to the uninitiated that
a burgoo party Is a party wriere to use
the vernacular everything goes
It might be well to explain tlrst what
burgoo is and wbut is meant by a burgoo
party Ihere are two dellnilious of
burgoo extant One Is the dictionary
definition of the doctrinaires who would
not know burgoo from a horseshoe if
they nere to meet it iu the road The
other Is by Senator Vest and is n dell
tiltlonfuggCKted by an experience of long
standing a more than spenklug
niquulutauce with burgoo The dlo
llunary says burgoo is n kmd ot
or thick gruel used by seamen nnd says
it is derived from the old English bur
yum or yenst unci gawl which menns
gruel Without any intention of throw
in obloquy on Mr Webster one Is con
strained to remark after a careful pe
rusal of the definition thnt be hud never
been within a mile of burgoo If that is
renlly what he thinks It Is Senator
Vests definition Is much better The
senator wus seated in the courthouse In
this city one day surrounded as usual
by a i rowd anxious to hear one of his
inimitable stories wheu the conversa
tion turned to picnics and ome one in
the crowd asked the senator what in the
world burgoo was
The senator paused a moment nnd
said A untlve Missourinn who doesnt
know what burgoo Is deserves to be trans
ported to rCuusns or Iowa or some other
slate equally beniithted and there live
out his life surrounded by Ilepubllcun
nnd prohibition If there is any worse
fute than that on this earth I dont know
what it Is
My dear sir tne man doesnt live
who can tell you what burgoo Is for the
Simple reason that no two kettles o
burgoo were ever made alike But per
haps by relutluc n little incident that
happened nt a burgoo pnrty that I par
ticipated in once 1 mav give you a pretty
good Idea of what it is The picnic was
held on the Current river a beautiful
stream in the southern part of this state
famous for the clearness of its waters
and the swiftness of Its current It was
several years aco but I remember the
tiny as well ns if it was yesterduy When
I drove up It was quite lute and every
body else was on hand The burgoo was
in course of making then and although
I had frequently eaten it 1 had never
seen It made and wanted to see exactly
whut went into it
1 You will tlnd it Is always the old man
ot the nelghborhool who makes the
burgoo and walking over to the big
caldron I found him stirring about in a
thick bowl of soup with a big stick Be
dropped in a piece of chicken a squirrel
a rabbit onions cnbbnge parsnips
fresh beef well I dont know what else
he didnt put In it Iilght ubove him a
big tree spread its boughs and on the
limb over the caldron was
While I wus tryiug to engage the old
man In conversation a futile tusk by the
way riubt donn iuto the soup there
dropped a young woodpecker The
pinfeathers were just sticking out of Its
wings nnd its lone neck und head didnt
have a feather while its eyes stood out
like goggles The old man paused slir
riue for a moment as if a little startled
and t en resumed as he remarked Just
in time just In time Thats about
the best Idea ot burgoo that I canglro
you t
The senators definition gives a pretty
good idea of what buicoo is Anythlug
from the heavens above or the earth be
neath that falls into the caldron is as
the old mnn said < just iu time
The proper thi p to do at a burgoo
party is to Qsn Why nobody knows
jfo fish are ever cnu Ut but it is consid
ered he proper thing uud on reaching
the place the party at ouco proceeded to
casting lines There were several
buckets of nice minnows and for a few
moments all was bustle and
contusion About one hour was
spent in watting for the
tlsh that never came nnd then lying
dojrn on the cool shaded banks of the
pretty stream they swapped llts of the
fish they had taught the last man beat
lug nil the others and not halt trying
The only mishap of the morning and
that could hardly be called n mishap as
It onlj served to Increase tho fun was
the falling into the river of tho best
dressed man In the crowd A thorough
soaking that didnt do bun nny harm was
the result
A few yards away near fi spring the
burgoo was In course of making a fire
had been built under a big black kettle
that looked suspiciously tike a soap ket
tle althoueh the old man Iu charge was
ready to make affidavit that notblngobut
burcoo had ever been In it He Itrst
tilled it half full of water unit let It come
to a boll Then he put iu u panful of
bread crumbs After that meat Bsh
vegetables solids nnd liquids went in Iu
such cou fusion and such heaps that there
was no keeping trauk of thrn There
wns plenty or good bourbon in thf > crowd
nnd everybody was n a good humor
One ot the funniest incidents of the day
was the recitation of the
It was given by three of the centlnnen
who are noted In city life as being most
staid members ot the commercial world
and everybody joined In the chorus of
bubble bubble toil and trouble lire
burn und caldron bubble
Knives forks aud plates are interdic
ted at all well regulated burgoo parties
It Is a tin cup or lingers or tiothmg and
by Iff oclock everybody was hungry
enouzb o dip Into the pot with a cup
and tauetho steaming hot broth with a
In spite of Senator Vests definition
and ot the prejudices one wnntd naturally
have against burgoo from the description
k s
of It It is In reality a very palatable
compound After dinner the afternoon
was spent In ashing joke telling laugh
ing and song Had anyoce seen the dig
nified visitors frnra the East it is safe to
say that he would not have recognized
them as men bavinth9 weight aud care
of millions on their shoulder For the
lime being everyone wus free from care
It was late In the day when the party
broke up and drove buck lo the railroad
after as pleasant a djy as was ever spent
in ibe woods A better way of enter
tiilniug LnuUl not have been devised uud
there Is no doubt that the Kustern visi
tors will remember for years to come the
burgoo party on the Blue river
The Stock Mirket Uprncd Strnncer nnd
Higher than Fridays Close
The Annnnnr nntof Itm Meekly Bank itnte
mnt MiowInT a Ifitg Hfcreae lrongbt
the FignrM Down giIn
Srerlal to the Gazette
Kew Yoek Aug 23 Honey Closed 3 per
cent highest t per cent lowest 3
Exchange Closed steady lS3iiai8 > i
Silver Jl19 per onnce
Wheat Closed 1 higher
Coffee Epots firm fair cargoes Hio W c
Sugar Refined 11lCc lower
Wool Dull and unchanged
Cotton Qciet middling llJc
Hides Strong and active Buenos Ayres dry
15c dry Texas 103 lie
ticcti 1 oney loaned this morning at i rer
cent per annum and 11 vi > w of the probability
of tcery means atailab e leing adopted by the
trearuty lo r lieve the money stringency the
stock mat lei wis ttrorgr and nearly every
stock on the list opened V to A higher than the
close yesterday Ilarlingtou Atchison Clove
land Columbus Cincinnati andb LoaK Pa
cific and some cf less etocka were at one time or
another > < to pr cent lower thai lasv night
bn the marLct remained otherwise most un
changed until the banlc statement
was announced at lli > showinr a decrease
of Slyi7i5 in the sarplus reserve
nrter wUch the marlet was > Ae to V4c lower
though it continued very dull at a slight de
cline after the announcement of he bank state
ment but a majority of sticks a fraction lover
than Ue closiog or yesterday and the market
closeJ in this position bnt very steady
Atchison il <
DiygcodiN thing doing
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certificates
rort Worth and Denver ls 101
Atchison general mongage ss 81
Atchisou incomes Co
Kansas and Texas ls 113
General 5s
General rs bV
Misouri Kansas and Texas general Cs 81
Missouri Kansas and Texas consolidate
Ei Louis Arkansas and Texas ls 67i
Texas and Pacific ls > >
lexas and Pacific2s ii
Frfcfel to the Gazette
Bostow Mass Aug 23 Wool Quiet and
stady at prcilons rates
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aug 23 The spot markets
have not > et sirnck bottom but receipts are on
tne increse and quotations on the decrease
Today Charles on dropped 5Re Boston aud
Wilmington c nted off Vic New Orleans Au
gusta Men phis and tt Louis are
each oft c while Savannah declined
11G the markets as a rule closing doll quiet
nominal and steady
Futures were somewhat firmer at an advance
in all markets
Liven ool futures opened quiet at a Blight ad
vance closed barely steady Ealy months a
point hi her later months unchanged
New York futures opened steauy August 6
points hiiiher other months advanced from 1 to
4 points closed staadv September 11 points
higher other months from 2 to 3 points higher
than yesterJay
New Oreons futures opened steady Angnst
13 points higher other months 2 to 3 point3 np
ruled quiet August 7 points higher than at
opening closed dull 2 to 5 points adrancs all
around on yesti r lays quotations
Wool Firm and unchanged wihout trans
Cotfee Stely and unchanged with an up
ward tendeniy
fcugar Quiet and steady at former quota
New Yobs Aug 21 Ihi opening prices on
Wall street were irregular as compared with
those of last evening changes extending to i
per cent cither way Losses generally In the
rest of the Ut extended to onlv per cent and
before the close of the last hour substantial ral
lies occurred The close was dull and heavy at
fractional losses for the day in most casts
Bailroad bonds were very dull
Gavtrnment bonds active end steady
state bonds neglected
Thfy > r Filed at the C > athoaj Ye t r
day Many pUttrlng Dollars Involved
In the Cases
The district nnd county conrts nt Fort
Worth were yesterJay bunleuud with a
big batch ot suits which will be up tor
disposal nt coming terms of tlin courts
At least the district court will bo stacked
with n formidable docket when It con
Casey 8wasey enter suit In district
oourt against t W Smith ot Bowie
Montague county to recover the amouut
of ulne p otnissory notes payable in from
one to tune mouths eight being for 200
each and the ninth rnr S2S355
liobert Drutnm nnd others complain
ing of M W McLemoii and others
pray for judgement for 540 ucres of laud
about n mile east of the Fort Worth
courthouse such judgment to serve as
substitute for deeJ to said property
which wns destroyed In the tire which de
molished the Tarrant county courthouse
March 29 1875
In the county court Eugene Roche
pleads for damages to the extent of
So9050 for grass burned by the Gulf
Colorado jmd Santa Fe railway company
Green McCaw complains of damages of
a similar nature by the same company to
the amount ot S493
Samuel Bryunt tiles petition for judg
ment for 537330 from the BlakeHay
wood company the same being claimed
for services rendered
J U Mclntyre puts In a clnlra for
99750 against the Gulf Colorado and
Santa Fs railway company for burned
George Will aras vs the Northside
street railway company is the stvle of a
suit in which S7J damages is claimed
alleged to have been sustained by de
fendants car running Into plnlntilTs
vehicle wherebv sold vehicle wns de
stroyed and defendant claims to have
received serious bodily injury
Julia Williams who was In the car
rlace with the plaintiff In the last men
tioned case sues by next friend for S9W
damages from the injuries received when
thrown to the grouud This accident
occurred last Tuesday August 19 and
was recorded In this pnper
The city of Fort Worth Is made co
plalfitiff la a suit with the Texas and
PaclHo railroad compnny and Contractor
JohnItutican which suit Is brought by
Barbara Eberllng Barbara berllnj
wns the proprietor of the Southern
hotel near the Union depot at the time
the dam ot the bis Texas and Paclllc
reservoir bursted on April 24 last and
the flood of water rushing through the
break flooded oil the adjacent territory
including the land on which the hotel Is
built The plaintiff says much pro
visions were destroyed by the flood nn I
sickness aleo resulted Wherefore she
wants 1933dtttnases
fc f
2 i4c
SpotTotton Unchanged Futures from
Two to fourteen Points Higher
Wheat Op n d Mrong Flnctnstd Narrowly
ani Closed at nn Advance CoBn and
Wool JlarketstJiicaanged
Dnlly Itevlew
finer or Tin Oa ttw J
Fokt Wobtu Tkx Aug 23 mi t
All merchants have enjiyel good business
today They were well patronized by city and
ont oftown castomeis The surrounding conn
try was well represented today there being a
great many country people in the city
They brought and disponed of a great deal
of country produce of various kinds for which
they received a good prico Those questioned
replied the country Is all right there being
very little to complain of There were a few
bales of cotton brought in today bringing top
prices Cotton Is down a few points from
former figures being quoted at nine ani one
half cents today Produce dealer receipts to
day were fair adequate for a good demand
prices were firm ana the market closed with
very little stock not disposed of Poultry but
ter eggs and vegetables and fruits were in
moderate supply prices firm with only slight
changes in quotations
rork Inrklngnml Provisions
The Cincinnati Price Current says the reduc
tion In the marketing of bogs in the West the
past week is only moderate the total packing
returns indicating323101 bandied by packers
compared wlili 311XX the preceding week and
1 um Tor corn sponiing period last year From
Match 1 the totol is 6W000 against sVUSiM
last jear Increase 1i700ui or 23 ner cent
Prices are generally 10 to i5 cents per 101 pouud3
hisher tha i a weak azo and average about 3 i J
to JSK for leading markets the better qualit es
selling a about 7J to 1 The enlarged offer
ings iifintilfireutquality widens the rang in
prices Rtcriptsof hogs at most points show
somede erioration in quality a considerable
proper ion of the offerings not being fed into
ma u e condition hence there is an unusual
percentage of shrinkage Ian such atock Tho
liberal supply of such grade of hogs tends to de
press values The current demand for product
b excellent and the speculative interest in fn
tmei hasten or liberal proportions pickers
evidently meeting such calls free y
The advanced pric s for corn tend to stimulate
confidence in product especially for future de
livecy but ii ii not clear that the situation
and the outlook really Justify all that is in
many instances expected as to winter rrlces of
prcauct Present values at Chicago for January
nre on the basis of about S460 for hogs pork
beinr relatively higher tlan other leading atti
cles and lard lower The exports of hog prod
uct for the week were liberal showing a small
gain over corresponding period last year At
the close prices at Cnicago are 20 cents per bar
rel on por 20 cen s per 10J pound < on lard and
1 cent on sh > rt rib sides below a week ajo for
boptember delivery
All quotation Itlotn an recited daily bileaiing
dtalert and mil be found riliabU uholssalt
end retail ae epecitcd
BUTTER Commission men are getting 15a
2Cc per pound for good country retailers aro
getting25c per pound for countrySOc for strictly
choice light supply and good sale Choice
creamery 35c retail
COT ON Middling 94c
CANNUD GOODS Prices per dozen Prices
an no anu advancing Pine apples standard
21t > s tl 0 el peaches standard 2bs II 85
3S U seconds 216s II SO Ills 2 40
slrawberres 2tt > 3 Jl 50 blackberries 2s
1 ISO green gages raspberries 2S > s II 40
marrowfat peas 21Ls 11 5u oyster lull weight
lb 1 20 1 23 2lbs 12 wai 25 tomatoes
standard 2H > s 511081 liJB 1 15 < rl 30
green corn bCcai CO salmon lft 51 tOSl 45
Columbia river salmon tl T0 < 31 Si sardines
i5 domestic 50 0U0 EH imported J12 003
J5 00 Eagle condensed milk ISO California
canned pood standard brands Apricots
COfrFEE Wbocsale quotations Bio 22e
CANDIESWholesale quotations Stick
full weight 59 > boxes 94eiJUc light sveight
25S > toxts 301 4c lancy candles HQlSc
Prints Allens fsncles Sc Allens pin
checks Cc Allens turkey red CHc American
fancies Cc American iniigo GKQlftc Berwick
ancles 4c Berlin solids Cc Cocheco fancier
ijic Cocheco robes fiajc Cocheco furnitures
r i < 37c Cocheco XX twills Gc Eddystone
t ncics Cc Eddystone sateen C 4c
Gloucekier farcies Ga ci Qoucenter sil
vers 534c Ham lton fancies C c Hamil
ton red and black 64c Hamilton drap
eries W c Hamilton ginghams CUc Ham I
ton staples Cc Imperial pink 0ic Lodl fan
cies tc Lodi shirtings Sc Manchester fancies
jiAc Merrimack D I Ac Merrimack shiriings
14c Merrimack furniture reps 8 Merrimick
twills 7c Martha Washington Cc Martha
Washington indigo Sc Orion P W r Jc Orion
robes 53icr Passalo fancies 5V4c Riverpoint
robes Gc Mmpson fancies CV c Simpson
mournings GUc Simpson zephyrs 4c Slater
olids VnSSJc Vienna oil lolors Gio Wash
ing on silk Cc Washington DO five Wash
ington marlple blue G c Washington turkey
red 6 > c Washington rubies 7c Washingon
swiss 7c Washington gren and orange 7c
Ginghams Amos eag Persians tiVic Amos
Leag cantons 8 > c Abbosrord HVic Arling
ton dre s styles a Arllnrton staples 7c Cale
donia 7Hc Aberdeen highlands I io Norman
die S4c Warwick 8c Waltbam 74c Mi
ksdo 7c Psycho G Jc Brentwood bV4c Grey
lock J jc Gteylock henneita l Hc Greyl ck
parisienne 17c
Cotton cheviots Columbian7jeRcConesgoat
heavy 1014c Edinburgh 9c uiecstden bic
Ualbrirgan i > > 4c Santa Rosa S > c Oakland
c Greenville lsc Athletic liic Jewett
City 8c Texas pride 10c Valley View 74c
Crown Jc Massabesic SlVic Slatervllle 7c
Minerva e e
Hic orvAmerican 714c Boston X 7c
river 8 > Ac
Brown Cotton North Texas A 5a5c North
Texas A A UaWc North Texas AAA Cyd
6Uc North Texas M Co North Texas Bill
04c Chapman X 3c Marshall A 4c Uncle
Remus 5c Augusta 41 fie Angusla c
Black crow Tc Adriatic 6 Jc Shamrock 6c
Utica C 5c Piedmont Tc Annlston 6c At
lantic Lli 5 ic Bangor F fce Book C Ce
Busy bee dy4c Colllnswood 6c Glendale hUc
Grani C 5c Lake George A A Gc Park A
He Appleton A fie Blue ridge 5Ac Ei posi
tion A V c Exposition B S4cClitou C C C
CXc Tam OShanto Cc Dwight anchor iic
Bleached cotton Allegheny C Cc Alexander
814c Alioona 5c Amazon T c Androsoo gia
L Ec Lilly of the valley tc Our choice be
Pioneer 7c Forest 7c Peaboby 6 > Ac Pros
perity tc sterling Sc Saow white 7c John
Hancock 7 c Rockdale TVJc Woodbnry 6c
Avonrlale t lc Monahasset 8c Bfg Bonanza
< r Canoe river sc Cbauman X7c Crusader
8c Dauntless 5c Ellerlon W S 7 > 4c Ne Plus
Ultra Gzjc Langham we Fairmonnt Q 6cFirst
call 6c Forget me not Ci Blackstone 7 ic
Denims Warren fancy lljc Warren gray
23 < c Greenville blue Sc Greenville brown i > c
Otis A X A 13c OtisJoz Uc Mnoskeag 13c
Boston D and T 12c Beaver creek 10c
Thorndyke JJ Haymaker TVlc Jewllt City
bUc Lawrence 12c Uncasvllle lu > 4c
Cottonade Talisman l c Atalanta ISc
Augusta 18c Arundel 15310c Coronet 17MQ
ISc Mayflower 18c Everett D and T 17Uc
Chitlandon 18c Aberdeen 8c Farmers Itide
lQ4c Curfew 15c Norman lGJc Sovereign D
and T 144c York 13c Millers Pride ljttc
Warren lSi ic Mscott 1114c Arasapba 19c
Conestoga i5c
Spool thread Terms e 10 days ori 31 days
Clark OTC T 45c Clarks mile end 45c Wil
llnantic 15c J P Coals 43c
Plaid osnaburgs Deer Park y < c Uorotork
c Eureka ric Hero 5ac Bescnet 5Jic
Arasaphs Ec BJvtrside Vc Uaw river Cftc
hiblev Cc Cotton plant 6Uc
Worth butchers are paying the following prices
for cowtcalves mutton and hogs Fat cows
1 25 < ai 75 per 100 fts extra choice J2 DO fat
calves 232 > 4c per S > fat steers corned n 51
02 75 per l < x s butcher grades 52 t 32 S3
fat sheen shorn Tl 5033 50 per 103 lis hogs
S3 ma 3 to per 100 ftscoats 75c3Sl S3 per head
FLOUR Wholesale quotations Best patents
It OU per 103 pounds halt patents JxbO third
gride 52 SO Tourth grade S2 00
FUEL McAllister coal carload on track
ro McAllister coal single ton delivered
17 CO McAllister coal two or more tons deliv
ered S SC McAlliter nnt coal for cooking
one ton delivered S5 01 McAllister coal one
half ton delivered S3 75 McAllister coal one
fourth ton delivered n SU McAllister coal
less than one fourth ton per lro 45c Brier
creek coal carload lota on track S3 00 deliv
ered two tons S3 SO Victor Colorado lump
cool carload on track 4 00 per tun nnt S3 75
Pennsylvania hard coal one ton delivered
513 ID Pennsylvania hard coil one hair ton
SI 75 blacksmith coal ona ton SU Wr Pittsbnrg
oal one ton Si 51 2 to 4 tons 3 Ol Palo
Picto mines Newcastle screened lump cral
carload an trick 1 00 per ton Cameron Cc
damp K ro per ton on trak carload lots de
livered single ton J7 00 twoton lo s is SO
I lit ton S3 Til quarter ton 1 Ml Robinson
Oil lamp on tract S6 75 carload lots
jtoteWoasaia ea yapi sales except where
otherwise expressly stated Delivery Is mode
at SOc per ton or half ton extra
Cord wood 1 cord dry delivered St SO
green SI 00 cord wood cordaellvered S2
stove wood 1 cord delivered S3 50 14 cord de
livered S3 75
O SAIN SACKSShn oat bags bale lots lOVi
C10Uc2bu cenal bags corn BBS C
low are on grain from store
Corn 5c per bn in shucks in sacks 70e
Wheat Choice Kansas 11 CM110 choice
Texas SI 00 < z > 05
Oats Sacked S5o
Bran 5c perlbO In carload lots f o b SI 15
perlouin sacks
Hay Loose local J6 00 best prairie hay
baled Pi ui 12 00 per ton in carload lots f o
b S4 00 alfalfa loose 12 00 per ton best For
ney Stl 00 per ton
HIDES AND KINS Buyers are giving Dry
butchers hides firstclass 7c per ft libgts
4S5c dry fallen 5c lights 4c damaged 201c
pelts 2Q34uc Dry salted heavy 335 > 4c light
4c bull hides 4c green killed 3Q3 > 4c butch
ers green 8 < 4c shearings lctf horns hoofs
and bones per ton D IX delivered
NAILS S3 25 per keg basis Id Bnrend
horseshoe per keg S > 00 Perkins same S3 90
Walker same 5 50 Burden mule SS5u North
western horseshoe nais No 4 SOc No 5 25c
Ko 6 23c No 7 21c No 8 IV Lakes No
1 45c No 2 20c No C 22e No 720c So 8
Sc Ansaber sane No 4 45c No 5 24c No
6 21c No 7 19c No 8 IM
NUTs Wholesale quotations Peanuts 103
1314c pecans 103 ISc almonds lGc Brazil
nuts 12 > 4C per E > filberts 12 4o per ft new
English walnuts 16c
POULTRY Chickens Commission men are
getting S2 75 per doz lor hens retailers are
getting < uu < 3i 25 per doz commission men i > et
12 > > at CO per doz for spring chickens retailers
get S3 25Q3 50 per doz Fair supply and in de
mand For turkeys commission men areget
ing 75c3Sl 00 each or c per ft retailing at 65c
< 2S1 oil moderate supply Commission men ore
getting 52 23 for ducks
BOASTING EARs 10c per dor
POTATOES Wholesale men are gettlngior
Irih Northern SI 4 > per bn Califorilia
SI ri 4 advancing Texas crop scarce
TURNIPS Retoiling at store 50360c perbn
OILS Brilliant bbfi lk Eupion 29e Bril
liant 2 15 cases 52 i5 Brilliant 12 15 cases
S4 14 Eupion 2 15 cases S3 25 Gasoline 2 30
Fish Retailing Catfish gulf 10c per buf
falo gulr 10c per Hi
Following quoiatious are on the basis of Job
Fish New mackerel half bbls No 1 10 00
halt bbls No 2 SU00 codfish 2b bricks 736c
per lb loose codfish GQ614C per lb pickled
herrings per bucket SI SO
Holland herrings Kegs 51 Wal 75
Dried herrings Per box 43c
Cheese Full cream 12c
Bologna sausace teitic
MeatStandard S C hams 10 iei2c do
breakfast bacon 939c short clear bacon
sides G > 4c short clear dry salt C i < shoul
ders sautic dried beef lie
Hominy New per bbl S3 40
Grits Per barrel 3 40
Oatmeal New per half barrel 10023 S3 7S0
t 0 per barrel SG 75
Cracked wheat Per case 72s 3 GO
Crackers XXX soda 6 > 4c cream do Sc
lemon cream fciidCc ginger snaps SVJBJc
Sugars btandard 7j < i7c powa bbls
TijC half bbls 7Ac cut loaf bbls 7Vtc do
half bbls 7tc standard granulated C ic con
fectioners A 7140 fsney yellow clarified
6c choice yellow clarified Gc prime yel
low clarified 6c fancy seconds S c choice
seconds D4c
Maple syrup Old time onegallon cans per
dozen 12 half gallon per dozen Sb 50 quarter
gallon per dozen 4
Molasses Fancy choice rebolled SOc choice
40c prime 35c choice centrifugal 23c
Lard refined Tierces Cc fiftypound cans
GUc twentypound tans GVJc tenpound cans
6 c fivepound cans C ic threepound cans
Evaporated peaches New pealed3014c per lb
newnnpealed lH4c per Dr
Blackberries New driedyOic per b
Rice New crop prime 7c choice Ac head
Dried apples New York sliced per bbl lOo
per lb No 1 in bbls J ic per lb T G new Al
den in boxes 15 > 4c new ring Aldcn 15c
evaporated in boxes 15164c
EGGS Commission men are getting 15c per
doz retailers are getting 2 c per doz Market
lightlv supplied and in good demand
quotations Lemons choice S 5023 00 per box
Navy beans Vic Large Lima beans
iu sacks CJtf7c California aud small
while beans 41 < a41 4c New cabbage 54 SO
05 00 per crate Apples Northern
per bbl Sicca 5ii Kansas S3 5034 0 Texas
product SI 2531 75 per tu Peaches Califor
nia fl < SS2 25 V box California plnms
assorted 521032 25 box California prunes
S2W32 25 V bcx Califor la grapes assorted
2 0032 25 V box California pears 3 2733 50
per crate Onion Louisiana new crop 3 > 4 < 34a
s lb W ax Beans J2 5 > 33 ou V bu Tomatoes
14 bu baskets SOc All vegetables in demand
Watermelons 75c33 00 per doz Canteloupes
5cc3Sl SO per doz market well supplied Ba
nanas 2 noaj
SUNDRIES Starch pearl 4c lump 4c
Herring Imported 1 25 per keg Cider crab
apple 40c Missouri 30c per 4 bbl 4 0034 25
Vinegar 15325c Concentrated He 2 75 four
doz in case per case Jugs glazed 10c per
gal crocks glazed 10c per gal Indigo 73c
< tb bluing 30c3Sl CO V doz Colemans mus
tard a St 25 V doz MaccaronI imported
liailic s B American COc V V box Tubs
No 1 oak grain 9 Si No 2 8 SO No 3
S7 W if doz No 1 Fiber S17 50 No 2 SIS 50
No 3 SH 6u f doz Redwood No 2 SU S3
No 3 Ss S0three in nest white cedar S3 25
eight in nest oak grain tl 75 Buckets two
hoops SI 63 s doz Baking powder bulk lie
1 Sb cans S2 0 Vermicelli small box G5c
Catsup in bulk sf gal b5o Worcestersauce
in bulk 1 gal 125 Mixed pickles s V
bbl 7 O0tt7 50 Rope Grass inch basis
13iic cotton lGc 5 16 17c Sassafras root
lie V lb Butcher paper 2c 4 lb
Will KY Rectified 1 1031 GO as per proof
sonr mash two years old SI 7J31 90 tbreo
years old 52 WSi 25 fancy extra old whisky
SI 1035 00
WOOL Beyers are paving Light medints
19321c light fine 1331Gc heavy fine liaise
Quotations based on small lota to retail deal
ers Aceianilld < ox 12c acetic acid No 8
4 lb 8c carbolic acid cry St 4 lb 45c muriatic
acid C P t a 21c nitric acid C P 4 B
23c sulphuric acid C P V lb 25c tannic
acid bulk V lb SI 35 alcohol C per cent 4
gal i 35 alum 4 1b 4c antl ebrine < oz
25c antlpyrine V oz SI 4 ammonia car
bonate V S > lie blue vitriol < B 10c bias
mass V B SSc blue ointment 4 B 55c borax
V B lie camphor gnm V B S0355ccapsicum
powd 1 B ISc copperas V B 233c Dovers
powder 4 B St 20 ethersulphuric U S P
V B 72c gnm arable first pick 4 B 110 gum
shellac V B 2bc glue brown f B 12c glue
white < B 20c macs 4 B juc mercury sB
B5c morphine snlph P VUs V oz
53 U5Q3 lo morphine sulpb P w oz bot
tle toz Si 83 nntinegs 4 B 70c castoroil
4 gal SI 3J31 S5 olive oil 4 gal SI 23 lin
seed oil 4 gal 70375c sperm oil W B V
gal SI 2J opium 4 B S400 opiumpo 4
S3 5J black pepper 4 B ibe potash bro
mide 4 B 41c potash chlorate 4 B 2Cc
potash iodide 4 B 12 85 i J 90 quinine P
W oz bottles 4 oz 41c quinine P W
oz cans 4oz 4Jc quinine P W 5oz
cans 4 01 K > c quinine Brunswick oz bot
ties 4 oz 35 quinine Brunswick 5ozcans
3Uc ssd soda < B 3c saltpetre refined 4 B
10c saltpetre commercial 4 B Cc soda Ep
som 4 B 31 4c sals Rochelle 33c salts bi
carb kegs 4 B 334c sulphur Floweis 5
bbL lot 2 c sulphur Flowers small lots 4c
spirits turpentine market rates per gal
whitelead U P 4 B 7 4c cream tartar 4 B
Srecial to the Gazette
London Ang 23 Consols closed 96 716
for money for silver 5J i4
Special to the Gazette
NewYoex Ang 23
Sterlint Bank GO days 4 Stl Si
Sterling Commercial GO davs 8134 S2
Relcbmarks Commercial GO days Sis
Francs Bank Gidays S 22 >
Francs Commercial GO days 5 2135 2J
Special to the Gazette
New Oeleans La Aug 23
Sterling Commercial 60 days i 73 Ql 7S
France Commercial GO days S2 i
N York Sight Bank 0 > Jpremium
Commercial 5jQiC0di ct
S reclal to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Ang 23
Sterling GO days i 80
New York lbt K discount
New OrleansSight discount
American sUver Par
New Yobx Ang 23 Bonds and stocks
closed at the following prices bid
US 4s registered 123
TJ B 4s coupon 123
U S 44s coupon IU
Central Pacific ls less
Denver and Rio Grande 4i 81
Missouri Pacific consolidated Gs
Missouri Kansas and Texas general s 811
St Louis and Iron Mountain general Bs 93
St Louis and San Fran general mongacellI
Texas and Pacific land grants < 91
Texas attTPacitisRio Graud8srVTt 98
Union Pacific Vs
Central Paclfis J
i M
CalcaaoaBdAloai 1 13S
Chleago Burlington and Quiucy
Delaware and Lackawanna
Denver and Rio Grande
Erie common
Fort Worth and Denver
Houston and Texas Central
Illinois Central
Kansas and Texas
Lake Shore
Louisville and Kashvillo
Missouri Pacific
Northern Pacific
North esiern
New York Central
Pacific Mall
Rock Island
St Louis and San Francisco
St Louis and San Francisco preferred
St Paul common
at Paul preferred
Tennessee Coal andiron
Texas and Pacific
Union Pacific
Wabash tt Louis and Pacific certificates
Wabash Et Louis and Pacific preferred
V < ells Fargo Express
Western Union Telegraph
American Cotton Oil
Atcb son Topeka and Santa Fe
Denver Texas and Fort Worth certificates
Denver and Rio Grande preferred
Special to the Gazette
LrvEBPOOL Aug 23 Cotton futures closed
barely steady early months 1 point higher and
late months unchanged
Angust 6 IS asked
September 6 13 asked
AugustSeptember 615 asked
SeptemberOctober S GC35 57
OctoberNovember SSIasked
NovemberDecember S 4J asked
DecemberJanuary S 43 bid
JanuaryFebruary B4S bid
FebruaryMarch 5 49 bid
AprilMay S 5035 51
Frecfs to the Gaiette
New York Aug 23 Cotton
steady 2 to 14 points higher
futures closed
11 11311 14
10 63310 90
10 C8310 S3
10 43310 4G
10 44311 41
10 49310 SO
10 51310 5 >
IU 573W 69
10 62310 64
bales 43100 bales
Special to the Gazette
New Oiileaks La Aug 23 Cotton futures
closed dull 2 toS points higher
August 10 80910 9o
September 10 26310 27
October 10 00310 01
November 9 913 9 95
December 9 913 9 10
January 10 oca 10 07
Febiuary 10 13310 14
March 10 20010 21
Sales 79100 bales
Special to the Gazette
Livebpool Ang 23 Spot cotton closed quiet
but steady at yesterdays quotations
Ordinary 6
Good ordinary M
Low middlug CVi
Middl nr 65
Good middling 6i
Total sales 1000 American2600 bales
Imports 6003 bales American 41C0 bales
Special to the Gazette
New York Aug 23 Spot cotton closed
quiet at former quotations
Ordlnarv Sft
Good ordinary 10 31G
Low middling 11 116
Middling 114
Gocd middling 11
Middling fair 12 4
Sales 2S2 bales
Special to the Gaiette
New Obleans La Aug 23 Spot cotton
closed dull and easy at Vc decline
Low ordinary 9
Ordinary 9
Good ordinary 10
Low middling 10
Middling 10
Good middling 11 115
Middling f lir 11
Sales 12 bales
Special to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aug 2 Spot cotton
closed easy at former quotations
Ordinary 9
Good ordinary 10
Low middling lrA
Middling 10
Good middling 10
Middling fai 11J
Sales 610 bales
Mock 2782 bales
Galveston Tex Aug 23
Special to the Gazette
Receipts thus far this week 4947
Receipts same time last year 3171
Receints this day
Receipts this day last year
Total receipts thus far this season S781634
Total receipts thus far last season S516599
Difference 265035
Exports to Great Britain
Exports to Trance
Exports to continent
Galveston Tex Ang 23
Special to the Gazette
Hocks thisday 57131
Stocks this day lost year 70200
Galveston Tex Aug 23
speclsl to the Gazette
New Orleans
Wilmington 1
New York
West Point
Other port
Total this day
Total this day last year
Erxicial to the Gazette
Galveston Tex Aug 23 The following ore
tbe closing quotations for cotton on the spot to
Gay at the leading markets together with the
closing for middling yesterday with todays
Special to the Gazette
New YoBXAug 23 Visible supply ot cotton
in the world according to the Chronicle of this
Total supply today
gome day last year
Difference I9013i
Specisl to the Gazette
GalvestonTex Ang 23 Wool Finn
bpring Twelve months dip
Fine IS 620
Medium t 20B22 4
Spring twelvs months XXX 53 est
Twelve riontna XX S3 335
Twelve months X SO 052
Twelve months No 1 47 349
Slxto eight months XX 49 351
Six to eight months X 47 343
Six to eight months No 1 IS 0
Fall wool
Fine 17 ei3
Medium 20 321
Kgbt months clip fine a
Mexican improved IS 318
Mexican carpet 12jail
EastTzzmK twelve months
Msdiuin 22 S
Special totiie Gazette
GalvestoV Tkx Acg St CoSee Steady
Ordiarij OSliaifc
Good ordinary 19 B19i
Fair ins
Prime 21
Choice 1M9TM
Cordova aie
Special to the Gazette
Galvzstok Tsx Aug 28 Sugar Marks
quiet and steady
New York standard granulated 6
Confectioners A 6 < 4
Crushed and cut loaf 6
Cubes By
Powdered G J
Louisana granulated 6
Loufsia a off while 6
Choice aud lancy yellowtJi 3
Frirne yellow clarified 5 > 95U1S
Off yellow clarified 6
Choice seconds SV35Vi
Prime seconds 5
Falrseconds <
Wholesale grocers quotations > 43A higher
Grades omitted are not on this market
Special to the Gazette
Galvestov Tex Aug 2d By steamshld
from Galveston Tex
To Liverpool 17SJd
To continent d
To NewYotk AjcsIOTB
Sr Lotns Mo Aug 23 Wheat Trading was
active and feeling healthy Maiket closed firm
and > 43c higher than yesterday No 2 cash
SI 0131 OIU beptember SI 01 nominal De
cember SI 0714 May St H
Corn The volume ot business was fair In
September and May the feeling was rather weak
and the close was Va3c oft September 3c
M v 50V4c
Hogs Steady and unchanged
Corn meal 2 G 32 G5
Bran Active and prices unchanged
Flax seed SI 12
Wool Receipts 40000 pounds Market un
New Obleans La Aug 23 Rice Fair de
mand New 4 > t35i1c
Colfee Quiet Rio cargoes 19J321c
Whisky Western rectified SI 01 < 1 91
Sugar Open kettle strong fully fair to
prime 44c fair to good fair 4 c common to
good common 4 34 916 inferior 34c cen
trifugal quiet off white 535 lllc gray
white Hc choice yellow clarified 5 9loc
prime yellow clarified 514c off jeUow clarified
6 45Vic seconds 134 c
Molasses Quiet Centrifugal fair 17a ISc
New Yobx Aug 23 Wheat Spot higher
No 2 red SI 103110 Options np and firm
September 1 1014 December 1 134 May
SI 17 = i
Corn Spot firm and quiet No 2 SCisSGVle
Options up firm September 6c October
S7V c
Coffee Options steady S to 20 points up
market quiet Sales 21510 bags August
18 3J SeDtember 17 7011763 December 16 60
31G 65 May 15 75 Spot Rio quiet firm
20 4c
Sugar Raw firmer refined steady and more
Molasses Foreign nominal New Orleans
firm and quiet common to fancy 26345c
Rice Firm and active
Chicago III Aug 21 Wheat A largo
speculative business was again transacted and
an excited market at times was witnessed Tho
close was c higher for December than yester
day while September closed lA31 e higher
Corn Was quite active within narrow limits
and the feeling developed was a little nnscttled
Market closeo with a slight advance
Mess pork Trading was moderate and within
narrow range of prices Prices ruled 2l 4BCc
higher earlv but settled back again 7310cand
closed quiet
Lard A fair trade was reported and early
sales showed a slight advance but a weaker
feeling was developed later and prices receded
2 > 435 Market closing quiet at medium figures
fchort ribs sides Trading moderate fluctua
tions in prices were confined within small
range and closed at medium figures
Leading futures closed
Wheat August il tB1 Soptember 1 OtTtf
December SI V3i
Corn August 49iJc September 19 4c May
Pork September 10 SS October 10 75
January 12 65
Lard September6 S2VJ October5 47 Jan
uary SS Sij
Short ribs September 3 45 October S3 60
January S 05
Oish quotations were
Flour Unchanged
Sprinj Wheat 1 00y4Ol C6 J
Corn No 2 494c
PorkU 23
Lard8 374
Short ribs sides 15 i53S 40
Dry srlted shoulders S3 7535 97 4
Short clear sides 5 7035 80
WhiskySi 13
Katsas Crrr Mo Aug 23 Wheat Strong
No 2 red cash 103
Corn Weak No 2 cash 45c
St Louis Mo Aug 23 Cattle Receipts
700 shipments 900 Market strong at an ad
vance Good to fancy native steers 1 253
4 70 fair to good Sl 9034 8J stockers and
feeders 2 2533 30 Texas and Indians 2 009
3 GO
Hogs Receipts 1200 shipments 1200 Mar
ket steady Prices ranged 3 908115
Sheep Receipts 20U shipments 1200 Mar
ket steady Fair to choice 1 0335 00
Kansas Crrr Mo Ang 23 Cattle Receipts
7500 shipments 1900 Market steady to lower
Steers S3 2333 00 stockers and feeders
2 C033 12 range steers 52 6333 00
Hogs Receipt 7800 shipments 2000 Mar
ket lower All grades S3 1333 92
Sheep Receipts fcOO shipments 200
Market steady Good to choice muttons 3 739
4 40 stockers and feeders 3 S333 75
Chicaoo III Aug 23 Cattle Receipts
2000 shipments lOOO Stronger Natives
3 5033 10 butchers stock and Texans steadier
no rangers on sale
Hogs Receipts 17000 shipments 3SG0
Lower Common and heavy packers S3 8034 00
prime heavy St 1035 10
Sheen Receipts 2000 shipments 900 Mar
ket steady Natives 4 K34 25 stockers
S3 6031 00
401 Main Street
Open Again for Business
North EastandSontli Connections
Adams Southern and American Exjrau
Low and Uniform Rates onFrsigi
and Money
Baldwin Bros European Express
Company to all Points
in Europe
We solicit store of the pnblla pirrarujs Fa
Botes etc call ai 03c
401 Main Street
Corner Third
X > xrt Wortiis f esaKsut

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