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community or
iriho companv
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Fcrt Worth to the Tarrant county
In direction The
ty line any
read to be at least fifteen feet
wide graded and macadamized
crpraveledsald road to bo com
pleted on or before November 1
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raper bs all authority heretofore issued
to any other person tban those named is
hereby revoked
Democrat Publishing Coupakt
April H 1890
Saxisbust Tsx June 231S30
Editor Gazette
Please accept the enclosed contribution from
the little folks of the Saliabnry Sunday school to
the At Uayne monumental fund
We are trying to train our boys to make
manly men and our girls to admire mialy men
and know no name worthierof admiration thia
that of Al HayneCouAucnn
CouAucnn Tex Jane331S33
Editor Gazette
Demi Sib Enclosed find check for 5L05
which pleaseapply to the Al Hayne monument
fund Respectfully Fbaxk Vekvox
FBXDEBicxsstmo Tex Jnne 73 1S3
Democrat PublishinkCompanr Fort WorthTex
Gentlemen Tha movement on foot to erect a
monument to the nobis Walter Uayne in com
mendation of hl > heroic deed at the Spring
Pa ace fire Is one that all lovers of the brra
and nob e nill appreciate Erect a monument
that will serve to kindle the hearts of all future
visitors ot the next Spring Palace and inspire
them with some of that courageous un
flinching and unselfish spirit possessed by the
noble martyr who died that others might live
I enclose tl as my subscription to the monu
ment Sespecttf ally yours
yoursA S WEsntEnc
Hebals Omra Editorial DEjMETMaTr I
DexisoxTex July w 1390 j
MrA B Smith Cashier Merchants National
Bank Fort Worth Tex
Deax Sik Enclosed please find my check for
JCSSO being the aggregate ot sums received by
the Herald for the proposed Al Hayne monu
ment A nobler braver man never drew
breath Yours truly Geo B Goodwis
Editor of the Herald
HE331ETTA Cur Co Tex Ang 41
W L Malone Editor Gazette
Fib Enclosed rlease find postofSce money
order for tlSO and for the same you will please
place It to the fund for a monument to the nobis
Al Hayne
I was an eyewilnets on that night to many
deeds of bravery he did on that field ot firs and
flame aud he should be remembered Tours
Very respectfully W A Equibes
FoBTWonHTEX July 271SD0
Editor Gazette Please accept ibis Hale con
tribution five dollars from the Sundayschool
ciiiUrrnot the Fifth street C 11 E church to
tho Al Hayne niunuintnt f and We feci it only
juit and right to contribute to Use memory of
bravery and patriotism at any call Very re
spectfully J W Tayeob 6npt
BEAtraoxT Tex July 311830
Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
GEmniEH Eneosed please And our No
031 on Ball Hatchings Co ot Galveston
forJIW 00 beingour contribution to the fund
being raised for the erection of a monument to
the memory ofonr heroic aud lamented friend
A E Hayne Yours truly
Tbb Reliance Louses Compact
A dHcbeeour secretary
Subscriptions through The Gazette to
this date are as follows
Barnett Gibbs fS 03
John Henry Brown f > 03
W S Decker 2 S3
WI11L Sargent I 00
Alvarado Methodist church < >
Salisbury Sunday school
Frank Vernon J ° J
A 8 Wertheim D
The following subscriptions have been
made to Mr A xl Bmlth of tbe Mer
chants national bank who originated
th > movement Subscriptions will be re
ceived by Mr Smith or Tbe Gazette
ZenoC Boss J M ° 0
GeorraL Hurley 2s01
Caswell Bros WW
H W Tallant 25 0J
Walter J Hurley J5
CaseySwaser JJ
Thomas J Hurley JJ
W A Adams ° j >
Jake Johnson < < < >
A B bmlth M M
DanCarey 1W
JGJones M
J P Smith 25 00
C W Connery 25 M
George Strong 23 00
Robert McCart WOO
T B Burbridge 25 00
Jno A Bergen Son 25 00
WA Huffman 100 03
Geo B Hendricks r 23 W
Randall Chambers Co 2a 03
O Y McClellan 2500
A A Greene Jr 23 03
H J Gollberg 00
W H Ward 25 03
Jno Rltlcan 2300
Henry Finch 25 00
M B Loyd 25 00
WJ Born 23 00
WF Lake 25 00
FryFates 25 OJ
M G Ellis 25 00
Thoi Roche 25 00
Ellis Kellner 23 00
W Q Bateman 60 00
Frank Leslie M >
Cash 18 00
A J Anderson 00
Turner Dinger M 00
Lewis Bros Manuel 00
S O Moodie < >
J A Sweeuey 00
E W Taylor 60 00
E E Chase 50 03
a P Meade 60 03
Morgan Jones loo 03
James F Noyes Detroit Mich 23 oj
Thomas P Martin M >
ArthurStert WOO
Ptoressor Alex Hogg V 5 03
TJ Melton 2 60
John T Montgomery 6 00
The congressional convention In tbe
Howdy Martin district tlnnlly notn
inntid Long Tbey were a long time
about it
The crip which started last win
ter in Russia has almost completed the
circuit of tbe globe It has only recently
Invaded Alaska
Waxajukkus lines have certainly
not fallen in pleasant places bis oppo
nents now call him the Kreutzer Sonata
of modern politics
A lot of New England senators do not
look with as much admiration now as
they did some time ago on lioss Quay1
dignified silence
Serious and critical is the diagno
sis by Dr 1owderlr of the strike on the
New York Central A few days previous
It was an interesting crisis
The prohibition mauugers ot the Kan
sas machine are very busy just now ex
posing each others hypocrisy and cast
Ing mysterious hints at so and sos wine
DuniNG tbe races at Saratoga at which
there were present a large number o
Kentucky turfmen there has been drunk
75000 gallons of water principally In
the morning
The Republiians of the senate have
oontluded to put an end to tbe washing
of their dirty linen in public The pub
Ho regrets he decision to withdraw
There was lots of fun in it
J Ballot Box Forger Fouaker bobs
up with a letter indorsing the fraud and
force bill That is not surprising but It
is no matter Foraker and the force Oil1
have both gone to tbe limbo that await
all frauds and humbugs
Tub curious student of cause and effect
may study tbe relation between nbic
Republican majority in tbe late elec
tlbn In Oklahoma and a petition to con
gress from tbe Territory for an appro
Tun average musical crltlo of the
newspaper exhibits rare qualification
for his worli One recently objected to
William Tell and Masanlello for
open air musio because they are set in
a mass of instrumental description and
Mr Racm has told his story to tbe
committee According to tho tenor or
it he jsaTery much wronged Individ
ual and tbe Democrats ought to hide
their heads In shame for intimating that
so good a man as be could ever be guilty
ot the slightest departure from the path
of rectitude
Tbe Raum whitewashing farce and
the force bill have both been pigeon
holed and nothing more will he heard of
them during tbe remainder of the pres
ent tedious term Slight blessings will
come to us now and then In spite of Dr
Harrison and the g o p
There appears tu be a good deal In the
Idea that the rapid industrial growth of
tbe South has alarmed New Eaglaud
audjnoited the greedy descendants ot the
Puritans to kick up a row that would
throw tho political and especially the
industrial affairs of the South Into tur
moil and confusion
Es Governor Ames of Massachusetts
who with many more of bis thrifty New
England brethren mtfde enormous for
tunes out of the war tariff now declares
that be is In favor of a reduction all
aloug the line When the exgovernor
and his Massachusetts friends bad an ex
cellent opportunity two years ago to
secure just what they want a reduo
tlon all along tbe line by voting for
Grorer Cleveland they scorned the sug
gestlon and cost tfcelr votes for Har
rison and tbe Chicago platform pledging
to reduce the surplus by raising tbe tariff
o a prohibitory point a Mr Napoleon
Bonaparte MnKluley now proposes to do
greatly to their disgust
A campaign of education Is a desider
atum among tbe farmers ot tbe Georgia
Alliance which Indorsed tho subtreasury
folly The Texas farmer is nbead of tbe
watermelon raisers ot Georgia He is
more thoughtful and stops to consider
before accepting a plan that may possibly
prove ruinous to him The Georgia
farmer should do likewise
In reply to a lengthy speech by Sana
tor Mitchell the other day touching tho
constitutional right of congress to levy
protective duties Senator Reagan in a
brief speech corrected the senator by
showing that tbe object in granting tho
power to congress to regulate trade and
levy imposts was not the building up ot
one class or section at the expense of
another but for the purpose of equaliz
ing all interests preventing the confu
sion that existedj under tbo confedera
tion and collecting revenues for the ex
penses of the government Tbe sena
tors reply was forcible to tbe point and
telling as the tariff sophistries fell be
fore It
Dr Juenemann a European has in
vented an explosive that he thinks is
calculated to rob warfare of its bloody
effects and reduce it to a pleasant and
agreeable past time One of Herr
Juenemanns bombs exploding in tli °
enemys ranks emits a gns of such
powerfully soporlllo effeot that all within
reach aro speedily reduced to a coma
tose state and ot course fall nn easy
prey to the enemy who has only to dis
arm and make prisoners of tbo entire
opposing force A bomlet exploded lu
tbe United States senate now nnd then
when Grandma Hour or Grnnny Blair or
Blllie Chandler is fulminating against
the South would do a world of good
The Nat McKny bill which passed the
house the other day Is a fao simile ot tbe
bill for McKays benefit vetoed by Presi
dent Cleveland McKays grab Is a sklu
game which has been thrown out by
various congressional committees since
tbo war closed and Is a demand for
extra compensation for work done by
McKay as a contractor during tbe wa
on two or three guuboats or ironclads
But McKay Is a stalwart who went to
England to study ntid report the con
dition ot the working classes in that be
nighted land of free trade which be did
just In time to aid in electlug Ben Har
rison and now Ben tells the boys that
they must reward the patriot by allowing
his rasially tlalm nnd they are doing It
A noted man once said it Is some
times necessary to verify your facts
Reputations suffer and business Is often
ruined because those who so Industrious
ly circulate the on dlts fail to secure
a necessary verification Not long rlnce
a young lady of Memphis of excellent
family and untarnished name was forced
into most unpleasant newspaper noto
riety by a reporter who was zealous with
out wisdom A wrong that cauuot be
righted On dlts nre as fatal to bus
iness prosperity as to a womans fair
name aud yet a love of gossip a mor
bid desire to spread news no mutter
what tbe effect leads citizens of a town
to Industriously circulate reports ot the
existence ot an epidemic which credited
paralyze business and bring financial
disaster This is a case where a little
wholesome verifying beats vaccination
Take heed what thou tellest as well as
what thou hearest
The late distressful nccldent on th9
Quiuoy railroad by which twentytwo
persons were killed and injured tba en
gineer states was occasioned by tbe care
lessuess of a working party In leaving a
jack upon the track A day or two
since loss of life occurred In this statu
bocnuse both engineer and brnkeman
were asleep at their posts Scarcely a
day passes that the Associated Press dis
patches do not tell of railway auoldonts
more or less fatal resulting in most in
stances from gross neglect or crlmlna
carelessness Responsibility should be
fastpned and tbe guilty brought to jus
tice Human life is too precious to be
wantonly destroyed and travelers have
a right to expect safety so far as human
foresight can secure it Carelessness in
positions of trust amounts to criminality
nnd an economy that compels men t °
labor to exhaustion is not only cruelty to
them but unpardonably hazardous to
Master Workman Powderly In an ap
peal to the publio states tbe case ot the
New York Central railroad strikers The
strike originated he finds in tbe dismis
sal from tbe service of the company ot a
few men who were never told the reason
for their discharge The cause of their
dismissal be finds Is that they belong to
the Knights of Labor The railroad
managers deny any suoh pretense or
cause and Mr Powderly says plainly
that he does not believe Mr Webb o
Munager Toucey when making such de
nial Asked by the strikers to submit
tbe reasons for their discharge to arbi
trators tbe managers entered a prompt
refusal holding that tbey have
an absolute right to employ and dls
obarse whom thoy please when they
please and the same is nobodys busi
ness but their own There are tboso
who will deny suoh autocratlo and irre
sponsible power In a corporation when
carried to extremes But however that
may beit seems that the strike Is only just
begunend being indorsed by a unanlmo ns
vote of the executive committee of the
< I
Knights Is to be prosecuted in a Qght to
the finish Other branches ot tbe
Knights will wall walk out tbe firemen
and possibly tbe engineers on tbo Vander
bllt lines will join tbe strikers and a
general tieup nnd consequent demorali
zation confusion aud losses lu busi
ness circles will follow It is an
ugly and muih Vo be condemned
affair all around no matter which side
Is to blame Tbe public has rights as
well as tbe company or tbe workmen
nnd yet both seem to have acted in utter
nnd complete disregard ot that tact
Tbe matter in dispute Is a contemptible
trifle about which to begin a war that is
to result so disastrously uot alone to the
combatantsbut to the publio Tbe publio
knows uotbing and cares less about it
It is th duty of railway compaules to
deal fairly and justly by their employes
and to exhaust every honorable means to
prevent trouble It Is likewise tbe duty
of employes to be faithful and consider
ate ot their employers rights and to
avoid hasty Illadvised and precipitate
conduct when disputes arise As
it now appears neither party
to tbe quarrel manifested tho slightest
disposition to avoid a fight or seemed
to care an iota for the consequences to
the publio The strike seems to have
been a rash and headlong movement
and the prompt refusal subsequently of
VicePresident Webb to arbitrate and
Put nn endto the contention showed
that conscious ot untold millions at bis
back he felt that be could afford to snap
bis fingers at the strikers and the publio
The claim upon either side that a prin
ciple was luvolvod when both wero
trampling upon principle and outraging
the rights of tbe public is a delusion and
a sham
There Is perhaps no part of newspaper
work where moro nice disurlmluation ij
needed than In what Is termed sensa
tional matter There Is a difference be
tween a news item aud one that feeds
only a prurient curiosity While it may
be urged that a newspaper is a buslnatg
enterprise It Is also true that it is a
raorul agent The public crave news
and the daily press is suppysed to cater
to it How far an editor Is morally
bound to satisfy this oraving and Is re
sponsible for the effect tbe publication
ot news matter is likely to produce is
open to discussion Mans mental as
well as physical nature Is subject to
morbid cravings uud the appetite grows
by what it feeds upon and In each case
the result is unsoundness and at lust an
utter rejection of wholesome food
Tbe simple statement of crime com
milted or of some social outrage con
veys all that can be termed news while
an enlarging of tbe facts a dressing In
fervid language of a leprous subject a
display in glaring headlines ot Its most
disgusting features Is pandering to a
vitiated tasto that is unworthy the btgb
position claimed by the press for Itself
Not only is it dishonorable but It is
also dishonest it is so because without
an Intelligent decent cllentelle tbe
modern newspaper would be an Impossi
bility as to this tbe management must
look for permanent support The
decent element of society has a right to
demand that papers which go Into thelr
homes shall not go as wolves In sheep
clothing that their claims of clean
journalism shall uot be a pretense aud
that whenever the managers of any
paper decide to make It a Police Gazette
they shall so declare and seek for patron
age In tbe slums thatsupply material
Aside from tbe moral aspect there Is
an argument that reaches tbe most ob
durate stickler for tbe sensational style
It is the exchequer argument A rich
item handled in the highest spiced
style may sell a large number of extra
copies and if these Items como in rapid
succession tbe Sash may seem to be a
steady fire but Is It so The newsboys
cry Heres all about tbe eto
and run to and fro between the offloe and
streets until the extra edition is ex
hausted but when tbe subscriberslist
is overhauled how many names have been
added and how many advertisers have
been convinced by this extraordinary
sale that tbe paper Is their best medium
to reach customers Should sensation
follow sensation the character ot the
paper becomes known and those who buy
and sell belonging ns the majority do
to the decent element wilt refuse their
patronage to a journal tbey hesitate to
admit into their homes
However d praved a mans tastes may
be there are few that have descended to
so low a depth ag to be Indifferent about
the class ot literature which falls into the
bands of their sons and daughters The
pretext that tbe ostentatious record of
crime maices It hideous and debars others
from Imitating is of all pretexts tbe most
flimsy Never in the moral history of
mankind bos It been shown that famil
iarity with crime aud an Intimate knowl
edge of tbe details In its commission have
become a lesson in morals On tbe con
trary it has always been conceded that
famlllary with vice hag led finnlly to Its
adoption with all its hidcousness The
downfall ot many a son and daughter is
direotly traced nnd openly charged to
tbe Influence of evil literature
Let those who would contend for the
other side carefully review tbe character
ot such journals as have withstood all
storms and retained the confidence of
the reading publio let them examine
the columns and see the amount of bus
iness represented there and think of
the influence they weild then say If It
can be said that the prurient the Ti
cIons the sensational in journalism Is the
way to permanent prosperity What
ever the conclusion this much the pat
rons ot newspapers novo a right to ex
pect tbatno mongrel whelp shall be
rotsed upon them It adjournal selects
Its arena ia the slums and fattens on
u V
garbage let It fold up Ita oloak ot re
spectability and appear in its proper
Herface was a sweet one young and fair
Yet oer it rested a weary air
As of yearning long denied
A look of one who has sought fnvain
Who hopeless and sad leced sees ntain
SuU restless unsatisfied
Her hand so small and white io behold
Lay half concealed in her dress sot fold
Where like a moonbeam it gleamed
Then without warning be eyes flashed bright
And her whole form quickened alert and
Like a different girl she seemed
What wai It brought the light to her eyes
And touched her form with such keen
That it almost seemed to shock lit
She had searched for something near and dear
She had searched in vain for a whole long year
And now she had lound her pocket I
Bessie Cuaxdleb
Supposin ez Im settin
Upon this cornfield fence
The tosJels wavin round me
All budded out immense
A clover bank to oh ma
Whar bees are settlin dense
Supposin I should see her
Asteppin up the road
Her pooty face asmilin
Ez cute tz ef she knowed
Hike her heaps Lutdasscnt
Go tell the little toadl
An supposin ez her footfall
Kern nigh an nigher still
My noconnt pesky speret
Should give a owtul thrill
An set my tongue awazgin
To speak ont whats my will
N how I jest completely
Am serh a jak thel I
Haint got mv wits about me
Whenever she drrrs nigh
Im like a owl when sunup
Isyelleiin theskyi
But now Id saysupposin
A blush should take her cheek
Im growel tbet bold an brassy
A Hon pears right meek
An I askyeb fertohev me
Law thets the way Id spcakl
An thenbut shuckslwhst trifllnM
Ef sbo was here wby snool
Id only blush an wriggle
An stammerout Tuctyou
Why hOMdy Miss Clorindy
Aushedsay Howil > do
Eva Wildcu McQlassox
A Nntlonnl Prejudice
Why do the Germans object to trlchinxi
Because the Germans are down on Paris
Never Tasted
Isnt she sweet
I dont know said Chnpple sadly
Is a taste I have not been able to acquire
Woppin Attempts tn Si en a Joke
I have a good one this tlmel said Wopplo
Fatwit asbe entered the club
There was a look of Incredulity npon the faces
of the group by the window
Are vou sure a ked one
bee it I aint I was walking with that bril
liant Miss CeaneBaler this afternoon when we
met a redbeaded girl
Where is the white horsef asked Miss
Come now Miss BeaneBaker I replied
that is a horseradish Ha ha I never heard
Miss BeaneBaker lagh so heartily
But the group by tbo window did not laugh
It was as solemn as a Philadelphia backalley at
midnight What the devil is he driving att
asked one of another
And then even while yet Woppie stood ex
pectantly waiting for the laughter which never
came one of the group by the window went to a
table got a conij paper and took it to tbe be
wildered Woppie Fatwit Here It Is Wop
pie hesaid pointing out tho Joke You got
it wrong as usual It was not horseradish
but horsechesnutyou meant to say
But Woppfe had disappeared
And some one of the group by the window
took up a copy of The Llhtot Asia and re
peated softly as In a revery
The dewdrop slips into tbe shining sea
Polk Swaifs
Too Mncli Water to be Natural
Did he die a natural death
What the colonel Ito Indeed That Is
not for him He died of dropsy
She Trobably Got It Too
Jones Does your wife try to be bossy
mith Oh no she is tery moderate In her
demands All that she asks is the last word
Alex E Sweet
Answering a ChrTespnndent
Mrs B writes me I am embroidering or
rather I am goingto embroider a beantifnl motto
tohanginour parlor butl have a dispute with
my husband as to what it shall be The only
point on which we agree is to leave it to you
Vhatmottodoyou suggest
Fight On
Alex E Sweet
An Idln ynrrasy of Language
Thats a paradox
Tbe man who lies to save his friend stands
up for him
Wlnliert lie n Rabbit
Johnny Dumpsey looking up from his arith
metic with a sigh Oh papa how I wish I wa
a rabbit
Mr Dumpsey Indeed I And why would you
like to be a rabbit my son
Johnny Dumpsey Because I was reading a
book today which said that they multiplied
with astonishing rapidity Paul Pastxob
The TJnnttntnnbts
It is hard to mako a whistle ot a grunting
porkers tail
It is bard to make a purse ont of his ear
It Is hard to make successes when tbe other
pcope fail
It is bard tp seem a youth when in the sere
But all these things are easy as is falling off a
When compared with that employment weird
nnd wild
Of sitting in the nursery with ones senses all
In devising schemes that can amuse a child
Caslvle 3 iiiih
In Olilnhoma
Good news good news cried tha prison
ers counsel Youve been indicted for mur
der Yon call that good news
Cert They micht have Indicted you for tak
ing tbe horse and then our goose would have
been cooked Hexst H Habxmess
A stroke of lighting ran the whole length o
New Yorks new aqueduct recently probably
looking tor the steel there is aald to be In it
A Bad IIrente
Yon Americans dont know how to spell
said Loidde Jinx One ot your most culti
vated journals speaking of what I suppose is
your congressional rarade spelled it pay
Cause and Effect
What does the doctor say youve got
I think he said it was luraberaeo
Well I told you to let John split the wood
Yon never wUl do as I teU you
Not a Waahbnsln
There is one thing Im willing to wager will
never be discovered lu the Congo Basin
Whats that
Soap TrtAD Bccxaisw
It is said that 8taney sever alludes to Emia
uEmin Pasha butas Emin Pshawl
Not n Dart Horse
Hillsbobo Tex Aug 221S90
To the Gazette
We notice in your correspondence from
Corsicana that Mr Davld Derden nom
inee for floater from the Thirtyninth
representative distrlot is referred to at a
dark horse or compromise candi
date While we do not consider it a re
flection upon a nominee that be should
bo a dark horse we deem it proper
to say that your Corsicana correspondent
misapprehended the facts Mr Derden
was in no sense a dark horse On
the contrary be was a very white steed
that developed considerable speed and
some bottom His was tbe first name for
tbe position before the Democracy of this
district He was tbe choice by more
thun a twothirds majority of the Hill
county Democratio convention uud it is
a great compliment to him aud to Hill
county that tin should hare been nomin
ated by tbe Democracy of the district
over the distinguished gentlemen who
were bis competitors Very truly yours
N B Kennedy
Honks Rpcrivmt
Omt Ltttlb Mejt asd Wokbs September
Price SI a year
BinvLASD f eptember Price 60 cents a year
Published by D Xothrop Co Boston
Feask Leslies MosTnLV September Mrs
Frank Leslie editor and proprietor 110 Fifth
avenue New York Price S3 yearly
TtupTm on Thb Expi tios op a Sis By
Beatrice Landon Price 25 cents The Minerva
publishing company 10 West Twentythird
Peteesoss Magazine September office o
publlcaton SU6 Chestnut street PhUadelpba
Terms SI a year
The Ladies Home Jocbnal September
Curtis publishing company Puiladelpha Price
SI a year
For a Convention of Texans Interested In
Developing the Jlanuractnrln and iter
rsntlle Interests of the btate
Fobt Woetb Chambeb op Commerce
Secbetabvs Office >
Fobt Wobth Tex Ang 211590
A convention ot delegutes from trade
and manufacturlngorganlzatlonsmunic
ipalities nnd people interested in devel
oping tbe manufacturing and mercantile
interests of Texas has been called to
meet in Fort Worth on September 21
1890 for the purpose of devising ways
and means to induce capital to seek our
slate and accomplish this object
The advantage to accrue to tbe people
ot Texas by having our raw material
found In endless quantity in this state
manufactured Into merchantable com
modities must be patent to every mind
that has given the subject careful con
sideration Manufacturers are disposed
to cmue to our state capitalists are fa
vorably disposed but there has been no
united action to plice before them the
facts about our resources and the vast
Held open to them and wholesalo mer
chants This convention is called to
meet the demand made upon tbe state
It is proposed to have Eastern and
Northern manufacturers and capitalists
present at our deliberations Governor
Ross has expressed a willlugness to co
operate In the matter
To this end you are cordially invited
nnd requested to send one or more dele
gates from your organization munici
pality or county to tbis convention
Efforts will be made to arrangewith the
railway companies for reduced rates to
delegates aud others who attend As
the time is short we respectfully urge
Immediate action and request that you
send to the secretary of the Fort Worth
chamber of commerce tbe mimes of
those selected to represent you m the
K M VanZandt President
E S Biden Secretary
The Fntnrrt Fruit Coanry ot tbe Fonthweit
Northern reople Infatuated with
tbe Climate
Special to the Gazette
Aransas Pass Tex Aug 22 Tho
fifty families of Italians who came here
from New Orleans a short time ago hav °
all purchased land from the Aransas
Pass colonization company nnd are pre
paring the land for vegetables and fruits
Many vineyards apricots lemon or
ange groves and other tropical fruits are
beiug planted nnd in a short time
Aransas Puss can furnish tbe North and
West vegetables melons and fruits six
weeks earlier than any other portion of
William Henry Maul of Philadelphia
Inst year offered a prize ot S100 in cash
for the finest melons and H H Farrar
of Aransas Pass took tbe premium
The truit and vegetable trade promises
a large and profitable commerce In the
near future and tbe prospects of deep
water in a year or two add largely to the
The people of Texas are just beginning
to notice this sections wonderful at
tractions as until recently it was with
out railroads and barricaded with pas
ture fences Aransas Puss bas increased
in population and wealth ovor 400 per
cent since the railroad reached here two
years ago
Northern people are universally In
fatuated and surprised at tbe cool sum
mers and warm winters forgetting that
tbe trade winds which touob the gulf
coast at this point furnishes as at some
points In California cool winds in sum
mer and warm ones in winter
An Orzanizition Formed at Vernon Yesterday
to Benefit all Northwest Texas
Special to the Gazette
Vernon Tex Aug 23 This day
Vernon added another laurel to her
crown by organizing what will hereafter
be known as the Northwest Texas dis
trict fair association At a massmeeU
tug at the courthouse at 10 oclock to
day what had been considered for some
months by our farseeing people was
consummated The meeting was largely
attended by citizens who know no such
word as failure or cant The gen
tlemen above mentioned have written so
well and faithfully concerning a fair
association at Vernon that it required
but a short while to get things In shape
The Northwest Texas fair association
was organized Capital 50000 Board
of directors S W Lomax
E J Woldran J R Roth
man R B Gant G A Brown
X A Turner L C Heare and James
A White of Wilbarger county W A
Stinson ot Greer county Duncan G
Smith of Hardeman county S J New
ton of Baylor county J J Truscottof
Knox county and Judge Bar Ise of
Wichita county A charter will be op
piled for at once The association will
have the grounds ready for use by the
25th of September The grounds will be
located just outside of the city limits
probably in Paradise valley just east of
tbe city This is one more grand step
Vernon Is taking not only for herself
and Wilbarger county butfor the whole
otNprthweU Texas That It will b a
sueWs none dare doubt
The Present Week Will See Several
Fine Buildings Uuder Way
The Heal Estate Market Aetlv Prospect tor
lloro cheap Monrr from tha East
Bank Clearings
in real estate circles tbe past week has
been something like the busy weeks ot
lust spring The sates made hare been
many and some ot them of pood size
Many Inquiries for property have beea
received nnd altogether tho outlook 1 >
very bright Citizens who have been
away for tbe summer are returning and
nre getting rendy tor fall business It is
now apparent that by the middle ot Sep
tember or earlier real estate operations
will be heavy and that sales will bs
Clearings for weekending August2316SI 30 C3
Same week last year aSblitJ
Per cent lucrease for 1890 C37
Building operations all over the city
are active but tbe number of houses
going up could be doubled and the
pressing demnnd both for stores and
residences would not be supplied Ti3
present week however will see a good
start made in erectl g suoh buildings as
we need Work will begin on tbe six
story building corner Main and Seventh
streets also on the three story 100 feet
front building on Mnin aud Twelfth
Hyde Jennings has now decided to build
a four story buildiug adjoining tbe Hur
ley office building The 90000 brew
ery contract will be let The contraot
for building the 250000 cotton mill will
be closed and John Tierney who can
now get a tenant will probably decide
to build on tbe comer opposite the board
ot trade Several residences will also be
built John U Rvan Is now completing
bis plans for buildiug ten twostory and
ten onestory dwellings on the South
Side and they will be handsome modern
buildlugs All this Is good but it is ouly
a foretaste of what is to come later on
Fort Worth is in tbe saddle and she pro
poses to ride the good horse prosperity
well The men who build up tbe re
tailers of the citywlll find plenty to do
this year and the merchants will prosper
accordingly It begins to look as it a
building era of first maguitude was just
opening in Fort Worth and that is what
will make a oity
Mr E A Walton treasurer of the
Peoples buildiug loan and savings
association of Geneva N Y spent
several hours in Fort Worth yesterday
sizing up the city with a view of doing
business here Mr Walton is looking
over Texas thoroughly and Is well
pleased with the state and its cities Tha
association proposes to loan money in
Texas for building purposes at a reason
ably low rate ot Interest uud will be cor
dially welcomed
James W Swayne Is back from Color
ado where he has spent the heated
term He returns full of vim and Is
ready to take a hand in the active work
to be done tbis fall In tho upbuilding of
Fort Worth He says be is more than
ever Impressed with the advantages ot
Fort Worth and believes in ber future
Mr Swayne thinks people should build
brick or stone residences in tbe future lu
place of frame that such houses give
solidity to a city like this
R E McAnulty Is back and says there
is no better city in tbe country tban Fort
Worth He finds he says tbe outlook i
very encouraging
J A Smith at onetime a merchant ot
New Orleans but for four years a ranch
man of LaSalle county bas come to Fort
Worth to reside and to go Into business
He is greatly Improssed with Fort Worth
He will have to wait to get a business
house but has about made arrangements
to have one built for him Mr Smith Is
a brotherinlaw of Charles Scheuber
and I C Terry
E W Provmo and F M
Marple lot 1 block 1 Pro
vine Marple addition 600 00
Mrs Ev A Hendricks to as
signs of J N Masterson
fourteen acres out ot the
Jackson survey 1 00
For 10 the Daily Gazettb will be sent one
year and also a copy of the original Websters
unabridged dictionary I2SI pages express
charges prepaid to express office nearest tu
Texans Abroad
Special to the Gazette
New York Aug 23 William Clow
er C O Harris Dahas Earles Mrs
Chilton Dallas St Louis L Rees
Dallas Normandler J Goodman El
Paso Belyidere C L Frost Fort
Worth Bartboldi G M Courts Gal
veston GUsey J Graysonage Galves
ton Tremont M Lehman Galveston
St Dennis A V Moller G Moller
Galveston Metropolitan J P Byrnes
Houston Earles J G Tod Houston
Sturtevant L P Harrison Paris St
Dennis J H Bemis Texas Gilsey A
J Center Texas Gilsey L F Cooper
Mrs Swayne Fort Worth Sturtevant
JJohnson Fort Worth Gedney H
H Lacy J D Read Fort Worth
Normandie J L McKlnsley Fort
Worth Grand Central T B Flynn
Galveston Sinclair F Kaston Galves
ton Belvldere
ForSBSOiht Uatty Gazette setil bt tentttx
months ana alto a copy of the original Wib
stert unabridged Dictionary 22S1 pages ex
press charges prepaid to express ojjlcst nearest tit
Dallas Notes
Special to the Gazette
Dallas Tsx Aug 23 Stars Jones
assistant city tloket agent Texas and
Pacific left this morning for a weeks
trip to Mexico
C C Curtis of Fort Worth South
western traveling ageat of tbe Van
dalla line Is In tbo city
J B Wadleighof tbe Cotton Belt
arrived tbis afternoon from a mouths
sojourn in tbe frozen North Hh spent
most ot tbe time looting among the Ice
bergs ot Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
It is now a settled fact that freight
rates on all Texas lines will be returned
to tbe July rate on September 1 This
will be a relief to railroad men Ship
pers are also glad that settled rates are
to prevail hereafter
From now until about Ihe 5th of Sep
tember the railroads will have a big pas
senger list made up ot young men end
young laales going East to attend the
seminaries and colleges In the other
Mr James M Steere assistant gen
eral freight agent ot the Santa Fa who
has been absent in Boston for some
weeks enjoying a needed vacation and
attending the national encampment ot
the GrandArmy of the Republic Is ex
pected to arrive In the city either to
iilsbt dr tomorrow morning

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