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Surgeons and Specialists
pollas m m Texas
Tbf most widely and favorably known speclaly
Jits in tbf Veiled Mates Tleir lonirexpsn
ence remarkable allll and universal success iu
tlir trcniment nnd cure oj Nervous Chronic anJ
burijica > I ease entitle these eminent physi
cians to ihe full confluence of tho itllicted every
where Tney guarantee
A Ci htais and Foeitivb Conn lor Iho awful
tlkcts of early rice and the numerous evila that
follow in its train
IIuvati Blood akd Paw Diseases epeedlly
comi etely ami permanently cured
jield readili to their skillful treatment
PiLtt I lixutA akd Rectal ULcrn1 gnajcKij
tcia cured without paiu or detention IrcmJlBfiE
IlYDHOCKLr amd VAnicocEi felSriSKSrand
ucccttuly cuicd ill fi 3t T
S rniu pcj eajaalKULtPT SrnavATOB
Jihla btuiwgJHIFaThss Lo t Manhood Niifht
AJnisKlrhSaiteaied Faculties female Weafc
< aiJ4i WSDilf < leli ate disorders peculiar to either
HhTs rtfely cured as well as all functional
ditoiilera tint result from youthful follies or th <
rr eR of mature yesrs
prnnirnint p Guaranteed permanently cured
ulfilLl Uilil removal complete without cul
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home b patient without a moments pain or
luiun anr
To Tounc and MlddloAied Men
lITDfi The awful effects of early
JiUl UlJIUJ vice which brings organic
v < LLefs dt roymg both nnud and body with
s 1 Iib dreaded Ills permanently cured
fltTirnn Address those whohavo impaired
IPQ DUl ll themselies by Improper Iudal
pencc mid solitary habits Trhich ruin both mind
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Makji2d Mev or thoe entering on that happy
life aware of physical debility quicUy assisted
Cciifcultsiion free xu person or by mail If
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Health is Wealth
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Poftcnme of tlio BrninrebuUln inwMbtTtead
lea ine to misery 4aiUfrWrcmture
decay KgitU
Old Ape ti f t iMnj > n iher
cx Inrplh jjijftjcWrand Spermatorrhea
iaij5 i W = nion of tbe brain selfabuse
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t WTTrOiiths treatment 1 a box or sir b xes forj
tent Dy mall prenaM en recipt of price
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53 IVI W ii r 3
Druggist Bole Agent
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splendid scdleal vork ahoald be raid by erry
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Proi F C FdlYLEK HoorTua Cons
Arc leading all others In the South JUet havo
the largest attendanco acdetrotya lyfaoGlty
Course of ftud prar to SKF iftotnprehensivo
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W iyjaHas and San Antonio fairs New illustrated
catalogue free Address It II Hill President
Waco or Dallas
J Tor It yoa do not It mny becomo con
fumpil e Fr ConiumpHoiijiJScrofuta >
of r Drbilitu and 1lasliiJfJUe < iits
liothius llko
gf Zilmo nnd Sodi >
It almnst as palatable aswillk Trr
I H 0her svcalled Ekaulaloas
j A Ctronderlul flesh producer
n eriare poor Imitations Gtt Vie gnmine
Ior comfort forTJSmrovemeut of tha
complexion usa ily s zzoais Powder
there is noUiiarvxiua i
KiTtMlT 6s e7U si e
Hip o hei original IK
Wetionary 1281 pores r
ras etiarittpnjjaidto express ejica nearest the
irsr ci r
The Fifth of Dr Tolmages Series
oil His Eecent Journey
The Dead Sea and the Kiver Jordan
RiUected as Only II113 Famous
Divine Can do It
A CanflHte Paptlzad by Illm In the Sacred
Haters cf the Iiiv > r Jordan
Ice Walls of rornp < lI >
Special to the Gazette
Bkooklvx K Y Oct 2C Dr
Tal majje preached tbe fifth sermon of the
feries oo bis tour iu tbe Holr Land iu
tbe academy of music lu this city this
iDorump This evening at the Christian
Herald service iu tbe academy of muaiu
New York the eermon was repeated be
foro an audience which filled the vast
building in every part Br Tulmneo
ounounced as bis text Psalm 101 32
Ho toucbeth the bills and they
smoke He said
Davidthe poethern pictures a volcano
sud what Churchs cotopazi does on
painters cauvas this author does in
words You see a hill calm and still
mid for ages immovable but tbe Lord
out of the heavens puts His finder ou the
top of it and from it rise thick vapors
intcrdbot with lire He toucbeth the
InlU and they smoke
> nd is the only beins who can manage
a voh ano and acain and acaln has he
employed Toleanlo uctiim The pictures
ou the wallj of Pompeii the eihumed
Italian city ns wo saw them last Novem
fJdpraonslrate that the city was not
Jllt to live In the first oentury that
city engirdled with palaces empara
dieed with gardens pillared Into
was at the foot of a mountain up the
sides of which It ran with vineyards and
villas of merchant princes and all that
marble and bronze and imperial baths
and arboriculture and rainbowed foun
tains and a coliseum at the dedication
ot which 9000 beasts had been slaiu and
a supernal laudhcape in wbieh tbe shore
pavo roses to tbo sea and the sea gave
crystals to the shore yea all that
beauty and pomp and wealth could
give was thoro to bo seen nud heard
But the had morals of the city bad
shocked the world In tho year 79 on
tbe 4tb of August a black column rose
above tbe adjoining mountain and spread
out Pliny says us ho saw it
like a great pinu treo wider and
wider until it begun to rain upon the
city first thin ashes and then pumice
stone and sulphurous fumes scooped
nnd streams ot mud poured through the
streets till few people escaped and the
oity was buried and some of the inhabi
tants 1600 years after were found em
balmed in tho scorlni of th3t awful
doom The Lord called upon volcanic
forces to obliterate that profligate city
He touchrd the hills and they smoked
Nothing hut volcanio action can ex
plain what I shall show you nt the Dead
Sea upon which I looked lst December
nud of whose waters I took a bitter and
stiuging taste Concerning all that re
gion there bas been controversy enough
to till libraries science saying one thing
Revelation saying another thiug But
ndmit volcanic action divinely employed
and both testimonies
Geology chemietry geography ns
tonomy ichthyology ornithology
and zoology are coming one
by ono to confirm the scrip
tures Two leaves of ono book are reve
lation and crvation and tbe penmanship
is by tho saxuo divine hand Our horse
back ride will not ho so steep today sud
you can stay on without clinging to tbe
pommel of the saddle but the scenes
amid which we ride shall If possible bs
more tbrilting aud by tho time the horses
tuuff tbe sulphurous atmosphere of Lake
Asphaltitet or tha Dead Sua we will bs
read to dismount and read from our
Bibles about what was done that day by
the Lord when He touched tbe bills and
they smoked
Take a detour and pass along by tho
rocky fortress of Masada where occur
red something more wonderful in tha
woy of desperation than you have ever
beard of unless you have heard of that
Horod built a palace amid these heaps ot
black and awful rooks which look like
n tumbled midnight A great band of
robbers about 1000 in number iucluding
their families afterward held tho fort
ress When the Roman army stormed
that steep nnd the bandits oould no
longer bold tbo place their obieftain
Kleazar made a powerful speech which
persuaded them to die before they were
captured First the men kissed their
families a loving and tenrful goodbye
and tbeu put a dagger into their bearts
and tbe women and children were slain
Then ten men were chosen by lot to slay
all the other men and each man lay
down by the dead wife and children and
waited for these executioners to do their
work This done one man of tbe ten
killed the other nino Then the
Two women nud five children bad hid
themselves and after all was over carno
forth to tell of the 960 slaughtered
Great and rugged natural scenery makes
tbe most tremendous natures for g od or
evil Great statesmen and great rob
bers great orators and great butchers
were nearly all born or reared among
mountain precipices Strong natures
are hardly ever born upon the plain
When men have anything greatly good
or grently evil to do they coma down off
tbe rocks
Pass on from under the shadow of
Mnt > ada the scene of concentrated
diabolism and come along where tbe
salt crystals crackle under the horses
hoofs You are near tbe most Godfor
saken region of all the earth You to
whom tbe word lake bas heretofore
suggested those bewitchments of beauty
Luzerne or Cayuga some great pearl set
by a loving God In the bosom of the
luxuriant valley change all your ideas
about a lake and see this sheet of water
which the Bible calls Salt Sea or Sea
of tbe Plain and Josephus calls
Lake Aspbalties The muleteers will
tako care of tbe horses while we get
down to tbe brink and dip up the liquid
mixture in tbe palm ot tbe band The
wafers are a commingling of brimstone
and pitch and have six times larger
percentage of salt than those of tbe At
lantic Ocean the ocean hav
ing i per cent of salt and this lake
26J per cent Lake Sir1kol of India
is tbe highest lake in tne world This
lake on the banks of which we kneel is
tbo lowest lake It empties into no sea
among other things for the simple rea
son that wajer cannot run up hill It
swallows up tbe river Jordan and makes
no response of thanks and never reports
what it does with the 20000000 cubio
feet of water annually receivtd from
iftwri j
that sacred river It takes tbe tree
branches and logs floated Into it by tbe
Jordan and pitches them on tbo hanks of
bitumen to decay there
The hot springs near its banks by tho
name of Cailirhoe where King Herod
came to bathe off his illnesses no sooner
pour Into this sea than they are poisoned
Not a fish scale swims it
It bates life and if you attempt to swim
there it lifts you by an unnatural buoy
ancy to th surface as much as to say
We wont no life hero but death is our
preference death Thos9 who attempt
to wade into this lake and submerge
themselves come out almost maddened
as with the sting of a hundred wasps and
hornets and with lips and eyelids swollen
with strouge ablution The sparkle of
its waters are not like tbe sparkle of
beauty on other lakes but a metalio
lustre like unto the flash of a sword that
would thrust you The gazelles and the
ibexes that live on the hills beside It and
the cranes and wild ducks that fly
across for contrary to the old belief
birds do safely wing tbeir way over it
and the Arab horses you have been rid
ing though thirsty enough will not
drink out of this dreadful mixture A
mist hovers over parts of It almost con
tinually which though natural evapora
tion seems like u wing of doom spruud
over liquid desolation It is the rinsings
of abo ination It is an aqueous mon
ster coiled among tbe hills cr creeping
with ripples and atencbful with nause
ating malodnrs
lu these regions once stood four great
cities of Assyria Sodom Gomorrah
Adma and Zeboio Tbe Bible says they
were destroyed by a tempest of Ure and
brimstone after these cities had ailed up
of wickedness No that is absurd
ories some one It is evident that this
was a region of salt and brimstone and
pitch long before that And so it was
The Bible says it was a region of sulphur
loug before the great catastrophe
Well now says someone wanting
to raise a quarrel betweeu science aud
revelation you hove no right to say
the cities of the plain were destroyed by
a tempest of Sre aud sulphur and brim
stone because this regiou had these
characteristics long before thrse cities
were destroyed
Theie cities bad been built out of
very combustible materials The mor
tar was of bitumen easily Ignited and
the walls drlppad with pitch most in
flammable They sat I think on o ridge
of hills They stood high up and con
spicuous radiant in their sius ostenta
tious In their debaucheries four hells on
earth One day there was a rumbling
in the earth and a quaking Whats
that cry the uffrighted inhabitants
Whats that The foundations of
the earth were giving way A volcauo
whose tires had oeen burning for ages
at Gods command burst forth easily
sotting everything aflame and first lift
ing these cities high in air and then
dashing them down in chasms fathom
less The Ores of that eruption inter
shot the dense smoke and rolled unto
tbe heavens only to descend again
And all the configuration of that coun
try was changed nud where there was a
bill there camu u valley and where
there bad been tbe pomp of uncleauness
came widespread desolation The red
hot spado ot volcanio notion bad shov
elled under tbo cities of tbe plain Be
fore tbe catastrophe tbe cities stood on
the top of the salt and sulphur After
the catastrophe they were under the salt
and sulphur Science right Revela
tion right He touched the hills and
they smoko
No science over frightened believers in
Revelation so muph as geology Tboy
feared that tbe strata of the earth would
conlrudlot the scriptures and tbeu
Moses must go under But as in tbe
Dead sea Instance so In all cases Gods
writing ou the earth and Gods writing
in the Bible are harmonious Tbe
shelves of rock correspond with tho
shelves of tha American Bible society
and finds deep down tbe remains of
plants and so the Bible announces
plants first Science digs down and
says marine animals next and tbo
Bible says mariue animals next
Science digs dowu and says land ani
mals next and the Bible responds
land animals next Tbeu comes
man says science Then comes
man responds the Blbls Science digs
into the regions about tbe Dead sea and
flndi result of Are and masses of brim
stone and announces a wonderful geo
logical formation Oh yea says
the Bible Moses wrote thousands of
years ago The Lord rained upon Sodom
and upon Gomorrah brimstone and flco
from tbe Lord out of heaven aud David
wrote He touchetb tbe bills aud they
smoke So I guess we will hold on
to our Bibles a little longer A gentle
man in the anteroom of tho White
House nt Washington having an ap
pointment with Mr Lincoln at S
oclock in the morning got there
fifteen minutes early and asked tbe
servant Who is talking In tbo next
room It is the president sir
Is anybodv with him No sir he
is reading tbe Bible He speuds overy
morning from 4 to 5 oclock reading the
My text implies that God controls vol
canoes not with the full force of His
hand but with the tip of his finger
Etua Strombolt and Vesuvius fawn at
His feet like bounds before tbe hunter
These eruptions of the hills do not be
long to Plutos realm as the nncients
thought but to tbe Divine domiulons
Humboldt counted 200 of them but
since then the Indian srchipeltgo bas
been found to have 900 of these great
mouthpieces They are on every conti
nent and in all latitudes That earth
quake which shook all America about
six or seven summers ago was only tbe
raving around of volcanoes rushing
agulnst tbe sides of their rocky caverns
trying to break out
but it will be at tbe Divine call Tbey
seem reserved for tbe punishment of one
kind of sin The seven cities tbey have
obliterated were celebrated for oue kind
of transgression Profligacy was the
chief characteristic of the seven cities
over which they put their smothering
wing Pompeii Herculuneum Stabiaj
Adma Zeboim Sodom and Gomorrah
If our American cities do not quit tbeir
profligacy if in high life and low life
dissoluteness does not cease to be a joke
and become a crime If wealthy liber
tinism continues to find so many doors of
domestic life open to its faintest touch
If Russian and French aud American
literature steeped in pruriency does not
get > banisbed from tbe newsstand and
ladies parlors God will let loose some
of these suppressed monsters of tbe
enrth And I tell these American ritles
tbat it will be more tolerable for Sodom
aud Gomorrah in tbe Day of Judgment
whether that Day of Judgment oe in this
present century or in the closing cen
tury of the earths continuance The
volcanio forces nre already in existence
but In tbe meroy of God tbey are chained
in the kennels of subterraneous fire
Yet let prolligaoy whether It stagger
Into a lazaretto or sit on a commercial
throne whether itlaugb mafadedahawl
Lag StJatgjy
under the street gas light or be wrapped
in tbe Quest array that foreign loom ever
wrought or lapidary ever empearted
know right well that there is a volcano
waiting for it whether in domestio life
or social life or political life or In the
foundations of tbe earth from whioh
sprang out the devastations that swal
lowed tbe cities of the plain He
tDucheth the hills and they smoke
when we had seen enough ot this volcanio
region of Palestine and he gladly
tightens tbe girths for another march
around tbo horses whioh are pranolng
and neighing for departure We are off
for the Jordan only two hours away
We pass Bedouins whose stern features
melt Into a smile as we give them tbe
salutation Salaam Alelknum Peace
be with you their smile sometimes
leaving us in doubt as to whether it is
caused by their gladness to see us or by
our poor pronunciation of tbe Arabic
Oh they are a stronge race those
Bedouins Such a commingling of ruf
fianism and honor ot cowardice and
coinage of cruelty nnd kindness When
a band of them come down upon u party
in which Miss Whately was traveling and
were about to take pocketbooks and
perhaps life this lady sitting upon her
horse took out her notebook and pencil
aud began to sketoh these brigands
and seving this composure tbe bandits
thought it something supernatural and
fled Christian womanliness or manli
ness is ailconquering When Martin
Luther was told that Duke George would
kill him if he went to Lipsic Lutber re
plied I would go to Leipsio if it rained
Duke Georgs nine days
Now we come through regions where
there are bills cut into the shape of ca
thedrals with altar and column aud
arch and chuniel and pulpit and dome
aud architecture of the rocku flint I think
can hardly just happen so Perhaps it
is because God loves tbe church so well
He builds in tbt solitudes uf Yellowstone
Park and Yosemite and Switzerland
nud Palestine these ecclesiastical piles
And who knows but that unseen spirits
may sometimes worship there Drago
man when sbull we see the Jordan I
ask All the time we were ou the alert
and looking through tamarisk nud wil
lows for the
The Mississippi is wider the Ohio is
deeper the Amazon is longer tho Hud
son rolls amid regions more picturesque
the Thames has morn splendor on its
banks the Tiber suggests more imperial
procession the llyssus bas more classic
memories and the Nile feeds greater
populations by its irrigation but the
Jordan Is the queen of rivers and runs
through all the Bible c silver thread
strung like beads with heroics nnd be
fore night we shall meet on its banks
Elijah and Elisha aud David and
Jacob and Joshua and John and
At last between two trees I got a
glimpse of a river and said Wbut is
that TheJorden was the quick
reply And nil along the line whioh had
been lengthened by other pilgrims some
from Amencn and some from Europe
and some from Asia theory was sounded
Tho Jordan TheJordan Hundrods
of thousands of piltrrims havo chanted on
its banks nnd bathed in its waters Many
of them dip a wet eowu In the wave and
wring It out and carry it homo for their
own shroud It is an impetuous stream
and rushes on as thoucb it were hastening
to tell Its story to the aires Muuy at
explorer has it whelmed and many a
boat bas it wrecked Lieut Moliueux
had copperbottomed crafts split upon its
shelvitigs Only one boat that of Lieut
Lyucb ever lived to sail tbe whole
length of it At tbe season when
the suows on Lebanon melt the rage
of this stream is like tbe Conemauch
when Johnatown perished nnd the wild
beasts that may be near run for the hills
explaining what Jeremiah says Be
hold he shall go up like a lion from tbe
swelling of Jordan No river so often
obanges its mind for it turns and twists
traveling 200 miles to do that which in a
straight line mient bo done in sixty
miles Among banks now lownow high
now of rocks now of mud and now of
send having the feet of tbe terebinth
and oleanders and acacias and reeds
mid pistchlos and silver poplars This
river marries the Dead Sea to Lnke Gali
lee and did ever so rough a groom take
This is the river which parted to let an
army of 2000000 Israelites across Here
the skilled majorgeneral of the Syrian
host at tbe seventh plunge dropped his
leprosy not only by miraculous cure
but suggesting to oil ages that water
and plenty of it has much to do with the
sanitary improvement of the world
Here is where some theological students
of Ellshat time were cutting trees with
which to build a tbeoiouloal seminary
aud nn nx head not sufficiently wedged
to the handle flew off into the river and
sank and tbe young man deplored not
so much the loss of tbe ax bead as the
fact that it was not his own and cried
Alas It was borrowed nnd the
prophet threw a stlok into the river and
In defiance ot the law of gravitation tbe
iron ax bead came to tbe surface and
floatod like a cork upon tbo water and
kept floating until the young man
caught it A miracle performed
to give one nn opportunity
to return that which was borrowed
and a rebuke in all ages for those who
borrow and never return their bad
habit in this respect so established that
It would be a miracle if they did re urn
It Yea from the bank of this river
Elijah took team of fire showing that
tbe most raging element is servant of
the good and that there is no need that
a child of God fear anything for if tbe
most destructive of all elements was
that day fashioned into a vehiclo for a
departing saint nothing can ever hurt
you who love and trust the Lord lam
to glad that that chariot of Elijah was
not made out of wood or crystal or
anything ordinarily pleasant
BUT OUT of Fine
and yet he went up without having so
much at to fan himself When step
ping from amid tbe foliago of these
oleanders and tamarisks on the banks of
the Jordan he put his foot on the red
step of the red equipage and took the
red reius of vapor in his bands and
spurred tbe galloping steeds toward the
wide open gate of heaven it was a
scene forever memorable So tbe hot
test afflictions of your life may roll you
heavenward So the most burning Derse
cutions the most Aery troubles mav be
come uplifting Only be sure that when
you pull on the bits ot lire you drive
up toward God and not down towards
tbe Dead sea When Latimer and Rid
ley died at tbe stake they went up in a
chariot of Are When my friend P P
Bliss tbo gospel singer was consumed
with the rail train that broke through
Ashtabula bridge and then took flame
I said Another Elijah gone up in a
oharotof fire
But this river is a river of baptisms
Christ washere baptized and John
baptized many thousands Whether on
these occasions the candidate for baptism
and the officer of religion went into this
river and then while both were stand
ing iu tbe water was dipped in
the hand of one and sprinkled upon tbe
forehead of the other or whether the
entire form of tbe one baptized disap
peared a moment beneath the surface of
the flood I do not now declare
While I cannot think without deep emo
tion of the fact that my parents held mo
in infancy to tbo baptismal font iu tbe
old raeetlughouse at Somerville and
assumed vows on my behalf I must tell
you now of another mode of baptism ob
served in the river Jordau on that after
noon in last December the particulars
ot which I now for the first time relate
It was a scene of unimaginable solem
nity A comrade in our Holy Land jour
ney rode up by my side that day and told
me that a young man who is now study
ing for the gospel ministry would like to
be baptized by me in the river Jordan I
got all the facts I could concerning his
earnestness and faith and through per
sonal examination made myself confident
There were amung our Arab attend
ants two robes not unlike those used for
Araericau baptistries nud the3e wo ub
mined As we were to have a lnrg
group of different nationalities present
dictated to my daughter a few verses
and bad copies eunugh made to allow all
to sing Our dragoman had a mau fa
miliar with the river wade through and
across to show the depth and tho swift
uess of the stream and the most appro
priate place for the ceremony Then I
read from the Bible the accounts of
baptism in that sacred stream and im
plored the presence of the Christ on whose
head the dove descended at theJnninu
Then as the candidate aud myself
stepped Into the waters the people on
tbe littuks saug in full and resounding
On Jordans stormv banks I stand
AnJ cast a wishful eye
To Canaans fair uni happy laud
Where my possessions lie
Oh the transDorttntr rapturous scene
Whai riasa to my si ht
Bwet fie ds nrraved in living green
And rivers of delight
By this time we ha I reached tbo mid
dle of the river As the candidate sank
under the llooas and rose uirain under a
baptism In the name of tbe Father ami
the Son and the Holy Ghost there
rushed through our souls a tide of holy
emotion such nt we shall nut probably
feel utrnlu until we step Into the Jordan
that divides earth from heaven Will
those wuters be deep Will those tides
be strong No matter if Jesus steps in
with us Friends ou this shore to help
us off Friends on the othur shore to
see us land Sue They are coming
down the hills on the other side to croet
us How well we know their step How
easily we distinguish their voces From
bank to bank we hail thein with tears
and they hail us with palm branches
They say to us Is that you fnther
Is that you mother and we answer
by asking Is that you my darliug
How near tbey sworn and how narrow
the stream that divides us
Could we but stand where Motes stood
And view tho landscap oer
Not Jordans stream ndr Deaths cold flood
Co ld fright ns frord the shore
All are entitl
money will
have at once
remedy Sy4
system wh
in 50c and
Pains Ach s Cuts etc
over ait di ea e that comes
never faiis Try it once
Governor Ross Interviewed Upon the
Question ol Stale Aid
Politics Making Trotible In Falls County
Schools The Bund of tbe Dam Con
tractor Approved
Correspondence ot the Gazette
Austin Tex Oct 24 In speckinS
of tbe constitutional difficulties so fre
quently alleged to be in tbe way of state
aid to a Confederate home Governor
Ross says that while article 3 ot the con
stitution limits the purposes for which
taxes can be Imposed to tbe exclusion of
this purpose there Is nothing to preven
the state from establishing and main
tainlug a home from fees obtained
through the state departments The
foes coming through the secretary of
state under its present efficient manage
ment bring a net annual revenue of more
than 80000 which can be permanently
maintained under existing laws at 50
000 without detnmeut to nny interest
These f ° es which are mainly derivable
from nonresidents nnd corporations do
ing business in our state under protec
tion of its laws would amply support all
those likely to npply for aid If the
present home property and endowments
were turned over to the state it would
not require a very large appropriation to
supply the necessary buildings there or
at some otherdeeirable location Article
3 does not inhibit but expressly snys
that publlo buildings may be erected by
funds from general taxes and at any
rate enough of the SMS000 derived
from tbe United States as indemnity
m 7 be used for necessary buildings
without contravening the constitution
A citizen of Falls county has written to
tbe state superintendent of education
complalulng that politics is making
trouble iu tbe schools of that county
In some places be says tbe school
trustees are Union Lahorites and refuga
to employ teachers who wont subscribe
to their way of thinking and asks to
know if the state will allow Us officials to
thus set up political tests as an evidence
of qualification lu a school teacher Ihe
complaint was referred to the local
county judge
Professor Hill has entered upon the
performance ot his duties as geologist
for the investigation of an artesian water
supply In the West and today went to
Dallas to Inspect the new well there
In view of tbo peculiar nature of tbe
circumstances attending the prosecution
of the accused in the case of the Eagle
Lnke murders Governor Ross has ap
pointed Charles B Pearre of Waco to
assist Prosecuting Attorney Spooner of
the Twentyfourth judicial district in
the management of tho case on the
states behalf
The board of publio works tbls after
noon and tbe city council tonight met
and each in turn having satisfied them
selves of Its sufficiency in every particu
lar approved tbe bond given by Ber
nard Corrlgan for tbe fulfillment of bis
contraot to build tbe dam across the Col
orado Tbe sureties on the bond are
sail to be good for 3000000
Charters filed In the office of the secre
tary of state Tbe Manchester cotton
and woolen mill of Dallas with Luther
Reese W A Mason and George Taylor
as incorporators capital 300000 The
Givens oyster cornpuny of Corpus Chrlsti
the Sett
the best that their
every family should
of the best fatnilv
to cleanse tbe
rcostlve or bilious Forsale
botUes by all leading drug
Influence that FomMtraes Guides Q3
rstmt our Will
No t do not believe in ghosts said
an old lady ot great experience but I
do believe in the ministration of spirits
This is not the age nor the country
in which the supernatural flourishes
Interest centers about the practical
Haunted houses are rented without great
dfHeuIty if the landlord is willing to
knock off a portion of the rent
There nre muuy however who will
admit tbe etertion at times of soino
peculiar inliueuce swaying our actions
We are led to do things xte bhouM not
do of our own volition th6 wi dom of
which we do uot appreciate Siltll after
wurds then ne wonder hojiSwe came to
do them Vo are forced tgplearn tint
worldly wi r m is not alwoM that which
guinea into the w saiLcouftM
> sSin this prticiiosti riw rgfiilts a
i eitrb
r tleJMrhaSBei
u and iuquire in
ation A hap
> t some uitlueui
rs lnvMiliriitioif before it is ton late
O IliEglus 05 Ferry st pet Fal
oiiu writes June 30 lSlO
year ago I was taken with terrible
fs in my side nnd back suffering
more than pen can dcicribo I am con
fident no ops suffered more and lived I
tried several physicians who nformed
me I hail a bad case of kiduey nud liver
trouble and could not live At this time
a friend of mine urired me to try
Warners Safe Cure After Using only
four bottles of the Safe Cure and two
boxes of Safe Pills I am today a well
and sound man neanug my sixtieth
year I am foreman iu tiie Fair Iltven
Clock Wonts nnd will verify this state
ment at any tme
About 15000 bales of cotton have been
marketed up to date at Bdton
Cotton is turning out muoh bettor than
veui expected iu Calliibaii couuty The
farmers are busy gathering it aud sow
ing wheat
Crops in Hill county nre away ahend
of the estimates A iurgo amount of
cotton is to gather yet
The rainfall in Navarro
been steady and heavy aud
aging to cotton
Celfste Oct 25 Owing
heavy rams there has been
in cotton pickinir but
county ling
very dam
to tho Inst
some delav
todav the
weather is fine and the tiireo gins are
crowded with work and cotton buyers
busy The crop is turning out far better
than was expected a few months ago
Farmers all have plenty of mouey and
busluess good
Denton Oct 25 The cotton crop of
this section is turning out better than
was expected being better than last
yeors orop There have already been
marketed in this city about 3000 bales
with more than half of the crop yet un
The second crop of hoy Is now being
cut and will turn out moro than the
fir = t orop The amount of hay in the
county will bo more thnn sufficient for
home consumption leaving a fair sup
ply for shipmeut
Work on tho new Baptist church nt
Milford will begin nt once The material
Is on the ground Tho Metho list church
at that place wis recentlv blown down
nud the society are unable to rebuild
A new church and schonlhouse are In
process of erection at Grand Snliuo
Yan Zandt countv
There nre 215 boarding pupils at Baylor
Baird Oct 25 At 730 yesterday
evening nt tho Baird high school build
ing the people of Baird nnd vicinity wore
treated to a review of Texas history from
LaSnlles time to tbo presont by Pro
fessor Haynes class embracing ns it did
all the wars and all the admin strntions
of state from first to last The evenings
entertainment was listened to by a Inrge
audience that appreciated tbe progress of
the class This was ne last day ot
Bnirds private school as the first term
of public school opens next Monday
when a large increase in attendance Is
Waco Oct 25 The Dixon Williams
meeting Is progressing very satisfactor
ily large congregations listening to the
gifted evangelist every day and night
There has been no additions to tbe
churches yet but the enthusiasm that
marks every service is an indication of
an abundant harvest
During the month of September there
were no absentees from the city publio
schools on account of sickness either
among the pupils or teachers Mrs Wil
lie D D House the superintendent at
tributes this extraordinary healthfulness
to the use of artesian water
Tho Palestine national bank opened
for business this week It is one of tbe
neatest banks in the state and starts off
with good business
The Crosby County News says that a
hotel and other accessories of a town
will grace the city plot of Emma
It is probable that another bridge will
be built at Belton across the Nolan
Several new buildings havo been built
at Milford and more are going up in an
ticipation ot the railroad
An artesian well has been bored at
Emma Crosby county Water was ob
tained at a depth of 168 feet
Work on tho courthouse nt Conroe
Montgomery county has been retarded
some but is going on again The towu
Is putting in a good many improvements
Tbe Esrlin iron bridge company has
received a contract to erect another nnd
finer bridge over the San Felipe creek at
Del Rio at the place where the first one
was washed away by tha flood there last
Sej r > bcr Laborers are now at woris
on tbe foundation
Beevllle has just commenced ber first
brick building The material is the pro
duct of home industry A great many
business houses are under way and car
penters are in great demand
The superstructure of the new custom
bouse at Galveston is oompleted and
ready to be turned over to the govern
ment Tbe building Is fire proof
El Paso Oct 25 The wealth and
taxation of tbe city of El Paso ns re
ported for the eleventh census to the su
perintendent of census Is as follows In
1SS2 real estate and buildings SI483
700 in 1S90 real estate and buildings
S52J7C00 Iu 1S32 personal property
SB70200 in 1890 personal property
Seymour Oct 26 Seymour tho
strategic point for the great railway syn
dicates that are soou to penetrate tbe
famous Pauhandle countrv has another
progressive move to report In your col
umns The city ceuncll has let a con
tract to Mr OJGorman Co of
Houstou to put in waterworks an ice
factory and electric lights work to be
gin in ninety days the whole svstem to
cost the company about S115000 in the
beginning Tbls is an indi idunl enter
prise on the part of the oomptnv no
subsidy being asked or stock required to
be taken by citizens of Seymour Mr
Gorman represents one of the strongest
companies iu the South and did a great
work for himself and coadjutors in secur
ing franchises for his plants in a young
city with suoh a graud future
TeiifIL Oct 25 Tho electrio lights
will pro ably he turned on permanently
next Monday
Denton Oct 25 Mr W J Will
iams of Daflas was In consultation with
the city olhciuU vesterlny aud day be
fore with a view to putting in water
works and mi electric light plant for the
city An agreement was arrived nt nn 1
the contract will perhaps Oe signed up
in > tt Wednesday for the performance of
the sail w > rk Other oarties have nNo
b en figuring at the job and it Is cer
in that iu a few duys the cnu ruct w u
> e let for furnishing this city water and
The Polk county lumber comnanv Is
building a new sawmill nt Lineetts una
R W Suelling Co will rebuil 1 their
sawmill that was recently burned at
The Summit lumber company of Sum
mit are enlurging their mill
In th room of the boiri of trade sars
the Waco NewsIs exposed a bottle of re
fiiieri oil taken from the petroleum well
of Col W L Pruther Also a bolt of
excellent eightounce duoklng from the
liioms of the Waco cotton mill now in
full olierntinn Does thii mean belter
things ahead
The deposits of salt at Grand Sadie
have been penetrated fron 1U0 to 0
feet The Lone Star coinpauv is tio v
turning off some 300 barrels n day a
the neur Tuture Sam Uchardsnn 1st
of Dallas will duplicate this oiuout
about 300 yards east of the preseut
The Belton Journal says
nail ot TexarKuna visited
week for the purpose of
citizens about a woolen
Mr Joseph
Belton to s
contultiug our
mill He siio
mltted a proposition which Is now nn ier
consideration by the Improvement u o
ciation Oue thing is certain either
this proposition will bo accepted or soma
other project will be formulated an I in
side ot six mouths we may look for a
woolen mill to be in operation in Belton
Tbe representatives of the Boston svn
dicato have deoided to locate theoir
works at Beaumont Tex The com
pany will be organized under the la of
Texas with n cnpital of S500000 uni
will be known ns the Ueautnotit car
works Already many applications have
reached Col Moultou ns to the manu
facture of cars one railroad riotie stat
ing that they require 3000 freight cars
and another that they need 700 cars
The citizens of Beaumont subscribed
100000 to tbe enterprise in four hours
time besides giving other valuable in
Tbe cotton mill committee of Austia
bavo agreed to organize the Austin
Mills with a capital stock of S50000
with shares at 100 to be sold on the co
operative plan This method will enable
men of smull capital to become stock
holders in the mill and to profit by tha
investment as well ns large stockholders
A petition has been drawn up for pe
sentatiou to District Judge Hall of 11
burne for the purpose ot abolishing the
city government Alleged irregularity
are tbe grounds
Tho Goto City Guide is responsible for
the following Mr Sanborns ranch In
the western part of Grayson countv u
Inclosed with the usual fourwire fence
and during the electrical storm on
Wednesday liibt numbers of cattle drift
ing before the storm reaobed the wlr
Tence In crowding near the fence
seventeen head of the cattle were touch
ing the wire when a flash of electreitj
passed over It aud aeveuteen cattle
dropped dead in their tracks
Teriiell Oct 25 Judge B K
noughton and family left todsy tor
Sherman where they are to live psrmi
nontly The judge has been living heN
nearly ever since Terrell was a town
The Terry Rangers are to have a re
union nt Bastrop tomorrow All visit
ing soldiers with their families will t > 8
Ihe cuests of that city Speeches from
the Hon Joseph D Scyers and Hon
Gustave Cook are on the programme
The entertainment will close with a haa
Abilene Oct 26 At a meeting of
the board of trade held In the Wise buiU
ing last night it wus dotermiued to 12
another excursion from Dallas durliu
the last days of ths fair Messrs B a
part Tolar Henderson DeVitt and An
derson were appointed a committee to to
to Dallas nnd work up the excursion un
der the auspices of the Abilene board ci
trade whioh will bear the expene
They were also instructed to go as wf
out on eoch road entering Dallas a th
thought proper and distribute aJvertu
Ing mutter and arrange to have excur
sion tickets sold from all poiuts
Terrell Oct 25 Tni GsZETisn
gaining in favor with the people here be
cause of its impartial and houest couri
It is called the daily paper of Texas
Mr T A Drake and Miss Nancy
Powell Palestine Ootober 19
Mr L B Elrod aud Miss Mami
Mills Palestine October 19
Mr George C Simmons and iir
Amanda A Carnathan Palestine O
Per 19
Mr L J Guyton nnd Miss Rebecca
Nichols Belton Ootober 20
Mr F W Bandy and Miss Beatw
Loague Belton October 20 y
Mr Richard A Forrest and Mi
P Woolley Belton October 21
Mr J W Kile aud Mrs E J UM
gins Belton Ootober 21 ij
Mr Jesse A Blair and Miss tat
Elms Belton October 22
Mr R H Boone and Mis
Bright Weatherford October21
and Mm tw
Mr Plummer Neely
Wood Christian Ootober 16
Gainesville Oct 24 Marriase
oenses were issued yesterday to
i tSidirJ

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