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Fort Worth daily gazette. (Fort Worth, Tex.) 1882-1891, October 27, 1890, Image 7

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Giliert and Miss Amanda E Burrow
L II fctoue and Miss Nannie Sturues
T Fruntt J Caldwell and Miss Kate
> ji < hell Sun Antonio Outcilvr 2i
jjer W II Untetniin and Miss Leila
Tb f ri > W ° October 22
lli 1 P ItoRers and Mias Polly
I rHhJiiii Inmnsro Oetotier 21
Mr J < Morris uud Mias Louise IIol
ftnI Helleyille October 22
Mr John McCarthy nnd Miss Fannie
VVnlKtr Giilrtston Oct 22
jlr l lurencc Harvey and Miss Ituby
Weinberg Ghlreston October 22
Mr V < t P W illle and Mies Mary A
f dim i a Y Gulrestoii October 22
j l rank Willis and Miss Emma
pf jte alvetton October 21
M r F Neely and Miss Emma
TV ml Ventliertord October ID
> ir k W Lewis and Miss Lavina A
r ri Weiitlierford October 19
Ik Zei liurtun and Mits Cindn Glaze
o red Wejttierfor I October 19
jjr A L Hll and Mrs I L Bailey
Wei U < rf r1 OctobT 20
v It Kendricks and Miss Lola
r < h > n Weatberford October 20
r ubn Nil bolus and Miss Rachel
M rviit > i > i3 colored Weatberford
ber l
r a F B Oden nnd Mrs Alia
vv r uiiin October 21
U IS U Whitton and Miss S A
uliiuo Austin October 21
Mf ieto ttulker and Miss LizzioTalty
rr ll Otober 21
r Willie Wilson and Miss Jennie
Cookville October 19
1 J Dolson and Miss Delia E
i mi ra October 15
r I L Cunuliiiiliam aud Miss Eula
i uiiti allwell October 15
Mr i J Wilson and Miss SF With
er jti Wutiitiucliie October 19
V > 1 li3 I eiich and Miss Rilla Cooper
Wntotiui lue October 19
V Hutemun Clark and Miss Lula
t UatiiliHiliie October 19
J A Wilson and Miss X L SbJp
WuxaliHchie October 20
J I Minmons and Miss Annie IC
t uu1 Wuxuliiiitiie October 20
1 M W McWIiorter and Mies Ida
Ma 13 utnhuohle October 21
Mr Jl s Maxwell and Miss Annie
liiiiv Watahurhif October 21
Mi t M 1belps and Miss Annie
Mi it r Wumlmcfiie October 21
Mr J M Tarrant to Miss L E
i mer lireenville October
Mr I W Morris and Miss Dollie
J re lireciivillo October
Mr 11 r < Williams and Mias Mary E
AiilTeun Oreeuville October
r U il linn thesney and Miss Grace
Held us iireenville October
Mr ileiirt Keeves uud Miss Lizzie Iloll
iTeni i e Oi totier
Mr i drosliim nnd Miss Annie
IIH Ijreervule October
M >
iiar Smith nnd Miss Emma
ireeimlle October
A McHpaililon and Mias Ida S
Lansiorl Iireenville October
Mr mi White aud Miss Itosa Clark
TeuinlH Uitober 20
Mr v W Uirce anil Miss Vircinia E
F Vun Alst > ne October 21
Mr Letin Watson aud Miss Ella Adam
II Htnii l tober 19
Mr i > ii Smith and Miss Emma Ad
min ll uston October 19
I an ohu and Miss Sarah Lee
on October 19
Jtiroes T Saddler and Miss Louise
u < ii Wliitrsboro October 22
I linrles Hurst and Mias Lizzie
HunniKer Dallas Ootober 22
Mi Moses Flisou and Miss Sara Mc
Ir > r t nrruiiiiii Octolier21
Mr L A Miiiaii nnd Miss Eula WI1
fuii lorsicnna October 22
Mr W b Xeal and Miss Katie Clyde
Iurker torsicuna October 23
Mr limitiuin Iturleson and Miss Jessia
Iliile torscana October 23
Mr Joliu It McDonald aud Miss Susie
Freeman Palestine October 21
Mr L I Frguson nnd Miss Marcaret
Tliumus Palestine October 21
a i
210 212 214
Jlr C Wylie Mattox and Miss Cora
Kuykendall Greenville October 21
Mr T J YVylle and Mies M C Bell
Belton October 19
Mr John White and Miss Rosa Clark
Belton October 19
Mr W t Murrell and Miss Ida E
Kricc Palestine October 21
Mr R J Adams and Miss Susie J
Clary Btdton October 19
Mr Leroy Williams and Miss Cordelia
E Prlvett Bonham October 19
Mr John V Ileyn nnd Miss Mary F
Webb Bonham October 19
Mr T M L tlimore and Miss Nettle
Buchnution Bonham October 19
Mr V XV San ford aud Miss Edna
Chaney Bonham October 20
Mr W H Braziel and Miss Lena
Daniels Bonham October 20
Mr J T Woods aud Mias C E
Brown Bonham October 20
Mr K C Cox aud Mrs Mattle Mo
Cutchson Bonham October 21
Mr J C Bell and Mrs S J Locke
Bonham October 21
Mr Jules Kollmy and Miss Lizzie
Koch Brtnbam Ootober 15
Mr John Uudersdorf and Miss Edith
T Freeman Houston October 22
Mr J F Otey and Miss Lizzie Howe
Buda October 21
Mr Frank Simmons and Miss Anna
Ground Midlothian Ootober 19
Mr C C Huddon and Mrs M M
Pope Nuvnrra county October 19
Mr Morris A Fox and Miss Tillle
Weise Coroicana October 19
Mr L N Todd and Miss Clara Bar
rett Sherman October 22
Mr R J Flowers and Miss Amanda
Flnley Sherman October 22
Mr Walter Wicker and Miss Mattie
Ward Greenville Ootober 23
Mr John A Moore and Miss Rosa
nuut Hanger October 23
Mr It L Owens and Miss Belle Yar
brounh Grapelnnd October 19
Mr Dick Dale and Miss Emma
Rusben near Shady Grove October 17
Mr Lee Wilson and Miss Sallie Wilh
erspoou Lancaster Ootober 22
Mr W M Harris and Miss Lula Jen
kins Canton October 21
Mr Eucene Tevis and Miss Mary Lit
tleton Weatherford October 22
Mr J D Godwin and Miss Eva Rich
mond Wentberlord Outober23
Esquire J B Hefner and Miss Ida
Steveus near Dainsrerlleld October 19
Mr William Barnurd and Miss Annie
Moore Daln erlield October 19
Mr Hull McCoy and Miss Ellie Whltt
Oinuha October 19
Mr C Y Fuller and Miss Louise S1r
man Shermuu October 23
Mr J O Durham and Misi I M
Huubey Shermuu October 21
Mr J W West and Miss Louise Dally
Shermau October 2t
Mr JJ Renols and Miss Mattie Grif
fin MuKicnev October 15
Mr W D Wiren nud Miss Emma
Ralston McKlnney October 19
Mr II C Bruce and Miss Emma
Jobu McKinnev October 19
Mr 1 L Harper and Miss Ida Bog
cess Mckinuev October 19
Mr Grant Stiner and Miss S S C
Kniuht MoKiuney October 20
Mr William Lewis ami Miss Mattie
Cox McKinuey October 20
Mr W C Cook and Mis Jeanette
MuBee McKlnney October 20
Mr Joseph Smith and Miss Elseen
Kinder McKinney October 21
Mr T L Hood and Miss Luhra B
Hugely McKinney October 22
Mr Batemau Clark and Miss Lula
Pitts WuxubHcble October 19
Mr J A Wilson nnd MissN L Ship
man Wnxahachie October 19
Mr James F Simmons nnd Miss Annie
K Ground Waxnhncble October 19
Mr M W McWhorter nn 1 Miss Ida
Mathis Wnxahachie October 20
Mr M S Maxwell and Miss Annie
Tirey Waxubacbie October 20
Mr F M Phalps and Mi s Annie
Shurtzer Waxahaohie October 21
ttSfB W W f SS 1 ZTpt r
Mr T J Prestridge nnd illss Sarah
E Lucks Waxuhachle Octouer21
Mr II G House and Miss Cora Adair
Comanche October 19
Mr J H Rumsny and Miss Cora
Uancum Comanche October 19
Mr R W Tate and Miss Ida Hall
ford Comanche October 19
Mr J W Greone nud Miss A L
Floyd Comanche Ootober 19
Mr W H Newby and MUs M
Carter Comanche October 20
Mr R H Reed aud Mua Lizzie Fritts
Comanche October 21
M J L McNeely and Miss L A
Koonce Comanche Ootober 22
Mr J M Amick and Miss Laura
Franklow Grimes county October 19
Mr Leouidus Tuoker and Miss Irene
Grace Personville October 19
Mr William Potts and Miss Clara
Cash Gatesviile Ootober 19
Mr R H CoolRrove and Miss Josie
Weatberby Navasota October 23
Mr W M Smith and Miss Jennie
Black Floresvllle October 19
Mr James Ruder and Miss Docia Gar
rett Floresville Ootober 19
Mr J H Cule and Miss Qulnnie Win
Kate Floresville Outober 22
Mr J N McBrde and Mig Mary D
Damron Floresville October 21
Mr C C Nite ami Miss Ida Quiuney
Floresville October 22
Mr Smart and Mss Wilson South
Hopewell October 19
Mr C P White and Miss Pearle
Bnetz Gatesviile October 16
Muj A J Penrod and Miss Mattie
Delenev Brownwood October 19
Mr Henry Hubbard aud Miss Philis
Hardin Livincstou October 19
Mr Fred Austin aud Miss Entna Dun
can Livingston October 19
Mr Neehuni Stanley and Miss Georgia
Nelson Livingston October 20
Mr Gus Fisher und Miss Lucy Woest
Bellvllle Ootober 23
Mr A F Silliman Jr and Miss Liz
zie Gray San Felipe October 23
Mr T O Foster and Miss Cyntha
Barnbart Greenville October 25
Or J O Morris nnd Miss Louise Hol
land Bellvllle October 22
Mr Jessie A Bluir and Miss Carrie
Eims Killeen October 22
Mr Robert Lewis aud Mrs Oxford
Wbitt October 19
Mr Joe M Marshall and Miss E F
Russell Eastluad Ootober 19
Mr Ednar Abbey uud Miss Mattie
Bishop Eustland October 19
Mr James McSpadden and Miss Ida
Langford Commerce Ootober 23
Mr Jobu Miller and Miss Mury Hlt
ner Cuero October 23
Mr J It Wright and Miss Mollle Mc
Maunus Thotnason October 22
Mr James T Saddler aud Miss Louise
Hall neur Whitesboro October 22
Mr John Carroll aud Miss Rosa
Bounell Tuylor Ootober 19
Mr A J McCnrtz and Miss Loila
Womack Taylor October 22
Mr M J Davis and Miss Mollie D
Burrow neur Wichita Fulls October 22
Mr W O K Anderson and Miss Lucy
J Currnlton Coleman October 20
Mr W A Hlil aud Miss Minnie B
Sbipp Coleman October 20
Mr E C Perry and Miss May Dun
man Coleman October 21
Mr N A Sayers and Miss Lillie S
Savers Bastrop October 20
Mr Frank M Mullins and Mias Emma
Day Denton October 19
Mr Ha Phinuey aud Miss Ruth John
sou Denou October 20
Mr Wlllinm Simms and Miss Lavinia
Avery Denton October 21
Meadows Denton October 22
Mr A M Cowdeu and Miss Delia
Kuntz Nocona October 19
Mr A A Fisher and Mrs Clayton
Quunah October 22
Mr Sam Jones and Miss Mollle Bar
uett Quanah October 21
Mr Eddy Barnes and Miss Ella Bur
nett San Marcos October 21
Mr J M Cotter and Mrs J H
Burke Rcasan October 19
Dr W O Clowd and Miss Catnra
Tuylor near Clay station Ootober 15
Mr James Robinson and Miss Eda
Nitschke Austin October 21
Mr Henry C Jones and Miss Eliza
Lookas Austin October 22
Mr Salvador Hafuute and Miss Juana
Cordenas Austin October 22
Mr August Weilbacher and Miss So
phia Ciliax Austin October 23
Mr J S Thompson and Miss Nellie
Sbelton Austin October 23
Mr Joseph F Erskiue and Miss Laura
Chiles Millet October 19
Shekmav Oct 5 Dr J Q Sailer
and Mrs Harriet Bank surprised their
friends toduy Upon Mrs Banks re
turn from the North she was met at
Gainesville where the ceremony took
place today
Mr James Polk Tavlor Rusk Octo
ber H
Mr W R
October 21
Mr W R
Mr J
Freeman San Antonio
Kellum Waco Ootober
Mrs McBrianty Taylor Ootober 18
Mr John Collicutt near Barry Octo
ber 15
Mrs Rebecca Hauing near Sherman
October 1
Mr H R McCoy Sherman October
Mrs Early McKinney October 20
Mr Johnnie Traweek Comauche
October Id
Mrs Bond Elmo October 18
Mr F H Dumas Terrell Ooto
ber 18
Mr Monroe Campbell Crockett Oc
tober 18
Mrs Mary A Bond Terrell Ooto
ber 18
Mrs M M Alexnnaer near Flores
ville October 18
Mr J H Atkinson Iowa Park Oo
tober 19
Mrs MabaluOdln Frio county Octo
ber 20
Campbell Crockett Octo
E Tate Yoakum Octo
Franks San Augustine Octo
Dr Boren San Aueustlne Ootober 18
Mr F F Mitchell Sulphur Springs
October 21
Mr W O Pope Amarlllo Octo
ber 21
Dr MoFnrland Cleburne October2t
Mr Mux H Dreyer Corpus Christi
October 21
Mrs M K Ammann Fayette countv
Ootober 18
Mr Riley Phelps nnd Mlss Jfdu
Bishop Junction City October 22T
El Paso Oct
old resident of EI
25 Leo BrtSfat an
Paso diedAit 1030
this morning of Brights disease
CnxTBit Oct 24 Tho little babe
of this died
Mr J W r city here last night of nneu
Ferguson nud Miss Martha
lows cemetery at 3 oclock this after
noon One of the brinks and severul of
the business bouses In the city have been
closed today in honor of the beloved
young one who has passed over he river
Collissville Oct 25 Mrs Ann
McGiunity wife of Uncle Hilly Mc
Ginnity one of the oldest settlers of
this com nuriitv was found dead In her
bed this morning Although her health
had not been good for some time and
she has had a physician occasionally her
death was a surprise to her friends and
rolatives She had goue to bed feeling
as usual nnd at sometime in the nicht
she quietly pHssed away without anyone
in the bouse kuowing of It She was
seventytwo years old
Miss Deller Hale fourteenyenrold
Eetnainlcp In the postoffice at Fort WorthTex
Monday Oct 27 1W0 To obtain any of
tliese letters the aoDhcant mast call for adver
tised letters and five the date of the list AUo
all letters advertised 6hall bs charged with 1
cent In addition to the regular postage to ba
accounted for as part of the postal revenue as
per section 5JU page 343 United btates postal
Ladira Ilt
Allen Mrs J n Latimer Mra M II
Carter W N
Carson A
Carlisle George
Cunninxbam Win A
Cherry A W
Chapman II A
C ark Miton
dark E A
Clark VJ
Cristel Jnhn
Cntes Km
Caisar HarJy 3
CranforJ A C
Danel Mr
DicLey FG 2
DeLamere Jack II
Dearer W n
Darning Job
E lwards Otis
Lllicot J E
Evans Jack
Kuell RM
Faust E L
Fariels Ciiarley
F nnil W Y
Finegan J B
French Junius B Rev
Lane I
f 1f ilk > i >
daughter of G W Hale died near here
last nicht
known citizen of this city died at
oclock this morniug
< j reaffiSffi5e ror The Gazette
Anderson Araey col
Beall Laura
Bell llrs Laura
Boaz Mrs Lou
Boles Delia
Brenam Katio
Burns 3 T
Callahan Mrs Maude
Corbin Mrs Mary
Collier Mrs J A
Coot Mrs Fannie
Cook Fannie
Darby Mr M E
Edly Mrs Mat ie
Fisher Mrs Annie B
Fisher Mrs E J
Furgcson Mrs Katie
Qorilinir Jennie
Gilrs Janle
Qirdner Mrs E S
Gimire MrsHattie
Gray Lillie U16 Cal
houn street
Gunning Mrs F C
Allen Joseph
Anderson Je
Andrews G
Agell E O
ALers G W >
Vjiv DPeorgeL
air W J
atkoltpmes O
ergha C illiam
Jesse Pinion the publisher of the Chmuti > scoi l6
plon died aud buried °
was here K Wi h
0dy rr
nicht about five miles from town
Siieumax Oct 24 An old gentleman
died at the poor farm this morning by
the name ot Cooney Sheffield Is the
nume of nn exConfederate soldier sev
entytwo years of ace very low and
not expected to live
Dextov Oct 24 Littla Norn
Scbweer two years old and only
dniichter of Mr and Mrs II F Schweer
Harris Cadlo
Harrison Mariah
Henderson Mrs C
Henderson Cornelio
Hicks Katie
Hclmc Jennie
Huut Harriet
Haines Hallis
Johnson Mrs S G
Johnson Janle
Jones Ann
Jordon lrs Lou
Khern MrB UV
uuukob ino miner oi is u
Bndsea one of 1 J 0n
our merchants died lasty JT 0T
TjCrowii i Li
Loxley Mrs J E
Lynch Jnha
Alerrlneld Mrs Ella
Mul er Mrs Martha and
Morgan Mrs Alma
Mason Lula
McDade Mary M
McCarten Mrs L A
McClcllan Ellen
Naymon Jirs harah
Cruichfield Mrs Nuncy Overbeck Mrs Tinnla
Grants Mrsdarah Arno Stuart Mrs M L
llayden Mrs Mary E Stinson Mrs Ida
Hartley Mrs J W
Overton Jennie 2
Overleese I M
Porter Mr Fannie
Payne Mrs Ruth
Rogers Mrs Joe
Roberts Enum
Robey Virginia
Rosenberg Mrs Mable
Reed Mrs Mollis
Raymond Lula
Ray Ca lie
Summons Mrs Jamie
McOabe Mrs Sallio
Spencer Sillar
Shariow Nellia
Tyeasfcy Airs Lula
Thompson Qussio
Thompson MrsAnnia
Warren etle
iWetcrs M nnia
Wells Mr flora
Syiuebarjer Maggie
WVIlliami Julia
VSViUon Mrs Mitlie
r oodall Mrs H
heeler Flora
Mrs Morris
i vster Charlie
Louis Alb
Lewis Jo
t 1 23 o Great
Muller M T
Mullins Jame
Morris B E
Moore C N
Merchant J D
Maves Jonn A
Marlin J W
Manning A A
McMcNally K E
McPnerson Sim
McDonald J D
McMullen H B
McMillan J D
McCabe John
McAnna lv D H
AcEntier J D
Norns Emmett
Overbeck J
Olleley Oweo
OHura Thomas
Owens J C
Patterson James
Portman J B
Peterman Wm
Padron Daniel
Rogers Albert
Rogers Mas er Archie
Robertson H
Robertson Cnas col
Robiuson W R
DeWitt Dr theodora F Robertson Willie
Rillins W Q
Rilev James
Reed John G
Redmond Geo W
Rtdman G W
Hovrell J O
RaSIerangh David
Sullivan s B
Storrs N S Maor
Stone John
Siebor Frank
reserved seats
fx Sfvyn
laft Mr Ja 6 m7sT M oT lu j B > Wrlte 11S f01 W1 ° Bagging Mill TJOS fi
box seats SI
Ferguson Tho3 VT
Galloway John
Ooodenough D F
Glass 1 W
Gleason Batt
Gr IBn W T
Green Archie
II ib ulgel Robert
Hallerty James
Hadley R C
Harris ttephenS
Harrill T O 2i
Helsev W II
Hebcrkal F
Heckel Charles
Hicks Jim
HincL II II Rev
Hughesoh ffi
angle Frl pS
luge EdtfcVd V
Sticknoy L II
fctricHand II R
Strickline F G
Spooner C L
Sweeney EJ
Snipes O A
bhanasey Edward
Schmidt Wm
Scott J II
Scott J II
Scott II D
hlampiu Zxck
Turner CaittV col 2
Turns Will
ThompionJfl W
Taylor Hftry
fi rinn Igul V
lliamson S S
iliams J M
lliams Charlie
rth I
ller Juke
oolf 1dgar
Woodrutt T W 2
Wright Elliott
Foreign Ilst Ladies
Bentley DII Clark J
Davis Henry 2 Fitzgerald Jno W
Wallis Thomas
Boyd 0 borne Citizens El St P Co
Loverin Ragan Loc Jett Co R F
Muir Duckworth Co Panhandle House
Roberts Son E Roscndeld Construction
fctray Lit Co Co
Terrell Harris
Terrell Mrs M P Walker C E
Beixk M Bcncmii P M
T V Evas Ciias Veuxi
13 1 Atty
Vernon Totoa
Correspondcnco solicited
Recr to the banks and business men o Fori
J p lit
w c nLL
Mashmgton connty Ky jttr SVorth iox
Rffl lMtKcTlrjrL oan AgenU Olic on Foarth
street in Mansion Hotel Fort Worth Tex
C12 Main Street
Fort Worth Tex
To be made in the Panhandle
to W
CanShiari City Tex
and Houston trcets
ArniStroiig county Te
Fort Worth corner Sixth
rtl L111 vJ Counsellor
at Law ai
Solicitor ot American and Foreign l t
teuts Trademarks and Laoeli it io ni
i0to2J Norrls buildiuj CTfri girts
and F treels aS fiiEs4 b o
Eeventecn ycirjCqMargag i acl udin < Sorrics
0fiiiV 3 Patent Ujicce jj i
orielor report at to paicnUJiIiiy
torrespondence invited
Grariek Concerts in Mnsi Hall by
The Leading Hardware and Si
The largest stock
Coups wonderful esliibition Tvitli educated hones and doaJfi SsuSttolsb a m and 530 p m
Mewart the great soprano m his wonderful female i prsonations afeL
irand pipe organ recitals in Music Hall at 2 and 6 n
Artulery drill in front of the grand stand at l pfp m by Major Burbanl Famous XJ S Flying Artillery
el lows and
jpeieolx ib r E > 3g Gro re3rajof Hubbardi
tOT Msy Nortli Texas
res best assortment latest all
mojIi i iliiiiflWPii in lowest prices prompt deliyeiy
competent workmen
1 XciS
M im t JUisI

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