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Xoliee to Advertiser
From and after Xovoraber 1 next no
tim advertisements will be run in The
Gazette without written contract ex
cept at the onetime rate
On January 1 1891 the advertising
rotes ofTHu Gazetti will be advanced
to cover the growth in the circul ation of
the paper
Patrons desiring full
ments must ootifj fifi uy In advance
or take thejftlfj failure to receive the
jjijpSnlea desiring Sunday changes and
additions will please furnish the copy not
later than 8 a m Saturday as other
wlte it may be Impossible to make such
ohungo or addition
To Adrerlttert
Advertisers who have no contracts with
the Gazette are again urged to contract
for what space they may desire Dis
counts are besed on the amount of d t
vertising done and wherelhtrsrftli no
specified amount therpyiJJBtwtbe a speci
fied rate orberj n ie tritnsIent rates
By > omJ3fjJSVlth this request adver
tiser will save money for themselves
and facilitate the system of business
which Is noeesanry in the conducting of
n dally newspaper
Extra Pap en
rartles desiring coplesxtXHa Gazetei
to send off can e uirethem wrapped
reaoy forjfWilSSli at the business othew
aitceatff copy
Drs Aniell Weyand Co special
ists Troatment of all ctu onijjafceu es
Office a d rer pHo TSelni Oa Main
cor jTjrsri Fdrt Worth Medical and
Surgical Dispensary
Try the new tailors at ip3J
street vv
Oct 31 and Nov I
Saturday Mnticeo
PRICES 25c 75c AND 100
SRcserved seats on salo at
S Sv miS i fJsSii fe
West lrst
To the Public
The North Side street rallwav company
will esteem It u favor if patrons will re
port any nesleot on the partpj motor
men or condurtorspriJfjn ij toine ofiice
409 MBins 4l jetS rlJ8 cars nre run for
thopublic iftiil tho management desires
to please all J T Payne Supt
Pompeii Pump
Hut dont forget that Swart JJjA pndins
protogrnpher and nqrJT tiot1 has the
only llrstdB J art pariors in Kort
Yforlitt Houston street corner Fifth
Mrs V Lennin artist and teacher
cnlls your attention to tho line pnlutiiicr
now on exhibition at MJhw nf fsforo
All orders tat lpinrb bT Ttr ts in oil
or orav < JuqjiioeutS < lin the lushest style of
art Clliisroom at Warren lastituto
Ttflizberen Ttnr Jictui s
Of views in Fort Worth including
principal buildings afreet antJL
Beetles birdsera Twg jtt flt8 ftfdthe
Spring Pjdjft W6rrtyoent at Swartz
phettfSrnph gallery Copyrighted by D
II Swarf i
One Plight Only
oscar szssoxrs
Latent Musical Farce Comedy Success
Bubbling over with sparklinc fun rippling
wit and jolh humor lJ comedians and vocal
ists 12 0 tunny men G 0 pretty women 6 4
rkirt dancers l uu nablc situations Catchy
in u sic Ntw onK The bit oi the season
everywhere beats on sale
Specinl Thursday llntluee
box office opera
Arrived lime Marie Malvollo Medium
bo has no peer in rerealingr invfitries lls
perMnj jalou fly7i i s r g3 < K eslhar
cause havJf M4 PPy inarnate gives full
jianieuf NUtorsiells rthat trade business or
iwSlo n to follow to ruafca a success Par
ors2and3 third floor Hutmac blocs Main
street between Filth and Sixth
The Ninth Day of the Great Show Well
Attended by Fort Worth People
Kany Went to Listen to the Jimlc AIon The
Grand Organ Ih > rltals a Drawlnc Card
Iloro Awards Made
Ereclftl to the Guette
Dallas Tex Oct 2C The ninth
day of the great state fair opened clear
and much cooler than yesterday Tho
attendance on the grounds was com
paratively light after viewing the crowds
that havo been m attendance for the
past two days But this is Sunday and
nearly all the crowd was made up from
the olty To be sure many attended
that lived abroad and are in Dallas for
a number of days This has been a good
day for sightseeing as a person does
not have to elbow through a crowd to see
thn various exhibits Some of the ex
hibits are closed on Sunday and these
have to be passed bv but even without
these there is enouch to aep in one day
A iaree number of Fort Worth people
were noticeable as they visited all parts
of the exposition or were seated in the
creut music hall listeniug to the great
and only Inues Military bund and mak
ing comparisons between It and the Elgin
band that was at the great Texas Spring
Fclaee lust spring The musio today
has been strictly sacred and the audience
that listened to it was one that was well
able to criticise And raauy came for
the musio alone Vords cannot begin to
express the satisfaction manifested witb
the musio which was as follows
past i
1 Hymn OM Tlnndred
2 Overture II ferajrlio Mozart
J Spanish lore song La Poloms
I Cornet solo Concert Polia Clark
Mr Thornai Clark
5 Orand selection Fault Gounod
ft ongforba itone Selected
Itr Harry BraganPAHT
7 Overture obucodono3or Verdi
Soni for contralto
IImo Annie K Jaynea
Dress Goods
S4lnch henrlettn new shades at 20o
worth 30o
S6ioch benrletta all colors at 25o
wortu 35o
SCinch henrletta full line of fall
colors at 30o worth 1O0
6lncb all wool benrletta at lOo worth
9 Ballat music Hamlet Thomas
a La Fete duo Prlmemps b Pas
dCiCbasseurs c Pantoinimo d
Valse Mazurka e La freya
PolLa f Strette final fits second
performance entire in America
10l Overture Poet and Peasant Suppe
taut l
1 Hvnin Coronation
2 Overture Das Nachtlager in Grenada
1 Fruhliriis Erwacben Bich
1 Poular Moaic reminiscences of Balfe
introducing all the principal instrumental
ists of the band in solo3 dno etc and
concluding lth tbe immortal liberty
sonp TSe Fair Land of Poland
5 bolo for flageolet Air Verio
Jt P Wadsworth
C Song for tenor
big 12nrico Battistini
7 Overture Mercedes
Jts soennd performance in America
formed by no other baud
S Cornet solo My Maryland air
Varif bhort Mr T V Miort
9 Grand Popular Fantasia Bonnie Scot
land Godfrey
Introducing a number of the most popular
tones from the Ian I ocakea ale and
BobbieBurm with variations forflute
petite clarionet piccolo cornet brigade
clarionet cops tubas and string base3
rnd concluding with the old pledge of
affectionate remembrance Auld Lang
10 Song for soprano selected Senora De Ors
11 Grand ncena II Miserere II Trov
atore Verdi Messrs Clark and Innes
12 March Silver Age new Clark
The great organ recitals on the won
derful Stuart wero among the dally at
tractions The balloon ueoeusion and
parachute leap was made In groat style
bud was a marvel of wonderment to the
children The trainad horses and dogs
also camo in for their sharo of attention
from theohlldren The fair is a children s
paradise and parents should not fail to
bring the little ones to enjoy a great holi
The following awards were made yes
The following awards were Inade yes
terday afternoon
snyxJ Grahara bread first prize Miss Torn
vt Walker second Mrs C M
mi e prize
Hrown bread first prize Mrs J S
Iced cakes first prize Mrs C M
Iced fruit cako first prize Mrs J S
Iced sponga cake second prize Mrs
J S Metcaif
Iced gold cake second Mrs M
Iced silver cake first prize Mrs
Sallie Bogan second Mrs J S Met
Iced nut cako first prize Mrs W J
Townsend second Mrs J S Metcaif
Iced white mountain oake Hrst prize
Mrs J S Mutoalf eecoud Mrs M
Iced jelly cake first prize Mrs J S
Chocolate cake first prize Mrs J S
Metcaif tttcond Mrs Sullle Ilogan
Ornamental cake Mrs J S Molcalf
Breads Mrs J S Metttilf
Cakes Mrs J S Metcaif
Special premium best loaf of wheat
bread salt rlslnc broad flrst Miss Irene
Graber second Mrs J S Metcaif
Best loaf of wheat bread yeast rising
Few stores pay any attention
to the fit of their goods A
shoe properly made and per
fectly fitted not only insures
comfort bat will restore a
foot to shape tbat has been
tortured out of its natural
shape by poorly fitting shoes
A noticeablo error is tbat of
short shoes tbey cramp the
feet and spread tnejoints pro
ducing what is called a flat
foot Dont be afraid to
wear long shoes a whole or
half size longer and a width
narrower than the actnal size
of yonr foot makes a much
neater fit than a short wide
shoe There are but few sboe
V stores where shoes join be
ound in all the > dlffcrent
wMths styles and mcasnre
aenJiwhich cgfvents mU9t3
ithe trade
Ours is aj jgprehensive shoe
store v e ryining in the
shoe vwetd mayt seen
jfe have restful sbo < 5 Vfor tba
jsold folks and easy s es for
those with tender feet teap
hat enduring shoes for fee
farmer the mechanic and
working people the very lat
est for the dressy man and
society folks the newest fash
ions for the young miss and
dainty little shoes for baby
Our mammoth stock is well
selected and a pleasant fact to
you is that we are enabled and
do maVo for footwear popular
prices Try us and yon will
fin 1 that it will pay you to buy
or order your footwear from us
flrst Mrs E Shea second Mrs Prop
Plain biscuit one dozen first prize
Mrs II O Samuel second Mrs J S
Rolls any unapt first prize Mrs E
Shea second Mrs Sallie Bocan
All the above prizes wore donated by
the Todd milling company of Dallas
For the best oake made by a young lady
between sixteen and twentyfive years of
ace a handsome oil painting valued at
S33 and donated by Professor R Lentz
won by Miss Laura Lister
Tho destruction of Pompeii was anjiwjjit
ful thing But when y eW lWtWWeT
thousands that luj Sjforler to premature
rarMJStfftiroobipoison we no longer
tu iUkoV lomueii Saxet oures all blood
Cutting Affray at TTaco
Special to tho Gazette
Waco Tex Oct 2C Charlio De
ohard a negro was arrested this morn
ing charged with assault with intent to
murder Susie Lysle colored The at
tack on the woman was made last night
The woman nlieges tbat Decbard at
tempted to cut hor throat but when the
Intended fatal stroke was made nt her
throat she knocked his arm up and the
knife cut a gash across her forehead
from temple to templo Other serious
wounds were inflioted and the woman
may die Decbard Is in jail
I have been sellinjfjjfsrsijens Pectoral Balm
for about twenty j eart5s Agreat many of my
customers lUe it and irsivrithout doubt one of
the finest preparations fJ Ul couzbs and colds
B EJffoira Canton Hjs
Call at Gazette traslness ofSoe and ezamins
this papers premium seiring machine TJtmHjct
Eandtome Hi machine and OOtaJt S rW
Black Mohair
40inch pure mohair brillinntinrs best
black nt 7Go regular price 90c
42Inch pure mohair brilliuntlnes rich
luster and best black at 80c regu
lar price 81
42inch genuine mohair brilllantmes at
SI worth 5125
42inch silk finish mohair at 5110 worth
42incb eenuine silk warp mohair and
best blaok at 150 regular price
Fine Dress Goods
THSfilSTjaT T and u ates of
11 1C
J IiCSj JClMUltlS tho rectum without
detention irom buiinfS
Urethral Strictures Sg S
Gonorrhoea Syphilid SfeaVei
of the gesltoryurinar organs Office
Visitors to theyDallos fair can see
samples of he Jrort Worth blankets in
the space of EajiSn Evuns Smith the
well known bpm nd shoe firm
The Ttilcit Sazirt li the WerJl
at Andersonj in slt > re
Go to Spracuo Walla forfth rflnest
id most temple ssJlu thecitv
v T
Subscribe for tbe WeeIrtiizETTis
Ft > y qr jyfiqyv f rw gar 555 r of 5
Cor Fifth nlgStiE fi 5
limited to diseases of ths
Doctor McCoy
Rectal i GenioDrinary Specialist
Special Bargains
Embroidered velvet sleeves with panels
to match atS 0 w ortb 1350
Embroidered velvet sleeves with panels
to matoh at 855 worth 5
Embroidered velvet sltoves assorted
shades at SO worth 10
Embroidered velvet sleeves at 575
repulnr price 9
Cashmere Hose
Misses fast black cashmere boss at 40o
rejrular price 60o
Misses fast black ribbed cashmere hose
at 30c worth 50o
MiEses colored cashmere boss at 20c
regular price 35c
isses colored cashmere hose navy
Jt > lue and brown at 50c regular
Black and red astracban at Si worth2
Black and brown astracban at Si worth
Light brown astraohan at 2 worth
Brown crern ond jgrfly astracban at
S275wo grfr
Dark l S2tfachan at 4 worth 6
r Ginghams
35 pieces dress ginghams regular price
lOo Monday price 5o
Cashmere Suits for Boys
i to 8 years
13 oults at 160 each worth 300
Half oi a good suit
Fomtii oi a better suit
6 linen bosom white shirts
The best stiff Hat in America
2 suits of warm Underwear
A genuine Stetson bat
A pair oUtayp i
Sing else thats uselnl
zens Now in Fort Worth
Take notice thntrSJTTnvested at our store will get you n choice of any of the articles named ibove and as a general Inve t
ment Is sure to bring you the lirgest returns possible Thh H buying time because tb weather is getting col I utni wo ure
selling suits that will resist the chilly blasts of winter Bnug aruuud 2 or 3 Fives and see bow well an investment at our store
will pay you We are leaders of low prices
Corner Houston and
< jiiiw n wwarj Fourth Streets
Tailors Clothiers Furnishers and Hatters
Fort Worth IbolWpr
GenemlfMers anl Machinists
Manufacturers of th Celebrated Fort Worth
Well Drilling Machinery
Architectural Ira fori a IwMi
n ST RSTCJilllfyoo wi h to
JM I C i tfc S procure a Pat
t wrIv b < UKlr irERK boLiciros
QptirSyoTthiJIeias Several yearaecpe
rience in the examining corps U Sv patent
c dice Wasninston D C and practice
Coal 5G per ton
Established ISO
FonnerlT of Jefferson Tex
SAN ffiELO UMRmfllOlElSES 120
Tate 3dtanta tA jc > rc MiWriratevto see this majniScent exposition anl the beaui
Inl Coi ctflc6HiStry > > v > f have the test mile tnct in thestato andean promise so > ne una
ratine T lll have rrany interesting attractions mon tttera SDmt exciting roninir cm
trrts b turei the champion eipcrsof the state Ihebanta Teriilroi I will iell R 5 J J
1PIP TICIIE1S TOR SfiOO from any point on tiieir line in Txis and thj otaar
rnncip roads n ill sell atone fare ths round trip to Sin ti Fe nomts Ft firnsr infjr ni
iionadaiess KO DUGOAV Pre tklcnt or
CIJAS I lOTAKW soorotary
kcs 16191621 mm0 rMm im mi sms
Xj Jii M B N
xi 33 z ° e s s
Gentieuien atIio prefer clothing1 of the
niaketoorder sMg without paying the
iketoorder iyee will find correct gar
ments adapted their different yocations iu
Sis7tejB 20 321 S2S SO 8S
It afi ffi ns great pleasure in trying on the
clif St styiies and testings the different shapes
anjl colors toNjjelecfc that which will be the
ost becomingTl d suitable for your purpose
Mew additions i our Hosiery Neckwear
and Underwear Departments Novelties that
cultivated tastes will appreciate
104 heavy white blankets flisj
soiled at 150 regular price 3
104 good quality white blankeUslig
soiled at 2 worth 3 53
104 heavy white blankets all wool
104 heavy gray blackets 75o
104 heavy gray blankets
104 heavy gray blankets 125
HO oc3 112 Houston Street
yBm sat

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