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Views of Some Leading Business Men of
Sow York Prospect for 1891
Entonraglne Words from CornMlns N Blicti
John Claflln F Thurbsr B G
ClarkeCnuieo Eecsnt ranlc
NzwYorac Deo 27 With the closing
days of the year interest in the commer
cial situation not only roeardlnc the
immediate past but the future is seen
on all sides Most Kew Yorkers are
familiar with the bank situation and
nitn the Ideas of bankers It is known
that the views of these people are of the
most encouraglnK character They all
zpenk of the recent troubles as without
pero ptiblo ltilluenee at this moment
In a word the bankinc situation litis im
proved dav by day until now thn liquida
tion in Wall streot nnd other financial
centers Is considered a thins of the past
With this fully in mind It is interesting
to record the views of men who come di
rectly in touch witli the tradesmen of the
country nnd an effort has been made to
ascertain Just how these people view the
situation With that idea the Hlobo
Duruoorut preneuts luterviews with mrn
wboure considered the representatives of
their various branches In the commercial
Mr Cornelius N Rliss said that the
recent troubles in the mone tary world
had been without material offset upon
the dry Roods commission people here
These troubles contiuurd Mr Bliss
came at the time when wo wore be
tween seasons and the most of us were
listless nnd only awaiting tbo future
For this rensoii rooro than auy other
the business of the dry coocls commission
merchants was little nffeoted by the up
heaval Speaking of the situation at
tbo moment I can only tell you that
collections all over the country are sur
prisingly good This is especially elg
ulnount in view of the recent troubles in
the money market But one good fea
ture must be considered along with these
money troubles and that is that they
have tended to make the jobbiug trade
aiost conservative in their operations
These tioubles oame at a time whon
tho jobbers had practically liquidated on
their stocks bought a number of months
ngo and when the most serious diffi
culties were confronting Wall street dry
Koods jobbers held very little stocks
nnd iu the majority of Instances were
not at all alarmed by the nows from the
money canters of the world In fnot
theso jobbers hail liquidated on last
years business and provided a reason
able condition of affairs continues in
tho money market the prospeots for the
coming year are very good
hooking over the whole situation for
the year now before us 1 feel 11 great
deal encouraged though of course
something will depend upon the Qnanoial
legislation by congress In my opinion
congress had better do nothing in tho
way of such legislation rather tliun take
up unwise suggestions I can not help
saying that I am very sorry
Secretary Wiudoms
per cent bond plan
ably reoelved by
convertible 2
was not favor
the caucus in
Washington I believe that this plan
if udopted would provide just enoucb
of elustioity to tho currency of the coun
try to meot tho demands of the commer
cial world Still I hnvo no complaints
to make and as Mr Shermans ideas
are ncceptvd I doubt not that they will
bo most valuable The general condi
tion of tho country Is one of unusual
prosperity Morchnnts us a olass are
prosperous nud manufacturers are fairly
o Tho proilts of the manufacturers are
not large but they are sure and had it
not been for the reoent unexpected liqui
dations In Kuzluud followed by those in
America not a vestige of trouble would
have been developed among those manu
facturers and others Tho supplies of
goods In jobbing hands as I have said
are light and so are they among first
hands 1 see nothlug before us that
does not warraut the most encouraging
Mr John Clallin speaking for the
grant jobbing Interests in the dry goods
center said he was glad to tell how
vastly oolleotions were improving nil
over tho country
This has been especially the case in
tho last tan days said Mr Clallin
nnd to my mind looking over tho sit
uation carefully the country at large
was never more prosperous than now
Tho situation looks even brighter than
before tho money troubles caused such
commotion As a matter of fnot the
upulies of merchandise in the bauds of
people who directly deal with the con
lumeri wore never so low Irieos be
cause of the situation are very firm nud
tbo tendency Is toward n higher basis of
value This earlv winter has been of
great value in disposing of all kinds of
heavy goods nnd for this reason quite
ns much as for any other supplies of
Roods all over the country aro muoh
lower ihnn usual in the last few years
Inneed some of the accumulations of
stock of the Inst two years have gone into
the htuids of the consumers and from
the preseut outlook everything portends
prosperity for the new year
While speaking of tho situation I
would llkeo call attention to the Imme
diate results of the panio of 1373 That
panio was followed by tlTe years of de
pression Why wns this so Simply bo
cause all kinds of merchandise at that
time were at about twice the prices now
current nnd It was nocessnry that ttore
should be n gradual falling down of
prices to the level where people could
pay for them This situation prolonged
the depression But looking at 1834
the situation is different Wo had n
Brent innnv troubles in Wall street and
elsewhere during that year but mer
chandise was cheap It was not so
cheap as now but it was on a basis of
values which brought about a speedy
recovery in 1S33 In that year all tho
dry goods people had n good seasou
end with stooks now low and prices for
merchandise at the lowest cost there is
every indication that the year before us
will be a prosperous one not only to dry
goods jobbers but to dry goods commis
sion houses and to the country at largo
Francis B Thurber was asked to speak
for the wholesale grocery trndo Ho
Up to tho time when the recent
financial stringency began 1890 had
been the bes year in trade for many
years Business was larger than usuul
In almost every department of trade
and proilts and collections satisfactory
A financial crisis could not bavoocourred
nt a time when the country could better
stand it than nt present and the way
the country has stood it Is the highest
compliment that could be paid to tho
general soundness of our Qnanoial and
commercial system The number of
failures has been surprisiugly few con
sidering the times and while if the pres
ent high rates for money should continue
It might occasion further failures the
prospeots now are that money will con
stantly grow easier and capitalists will
soon be seeking safe investments at low
rates While the business activities of
tbo country have been checked they have
not been destroyed and with all the es
sential elements of prosperity still in
existence there is every prospeol
for a good year in 1691
Although the amount of grain crown is
smaller than usual it will net producers
fully as muoh ns a larger crop Rail
roads will not have quite as much grain
to carry but tboy ere having a much
larger volume of miscellaneousbusiness
and with larger valuesof the article car
ried they will be able to get better ratea
The South and Southwest have never
been d6 favorably situated as now Their
crops have been large nnd brought good
prices and there is an industrial devel
opment whioh is quite remarkable La
bor Is generally well employed and as
goon ns Wall street gets over Its scare
there is no reason why we should not
have a veritable boom
Even it the silver men should succeed
In passing a free coinage bill it would
not be such u terrible thing as some peo
ple fceem to think The amount wuich
the present bill provides shall be coined
will absorb by far the greater part of the
entire amount of silver produced lathe
Cnited States and there is no reason for
apprehending serious results In any
event the country is developing and
growing riober every day the natural
increase of our population is about
2000000 per year or 20000000 in a
decade and the country can not help
but progress iu the right direotiou
Mr Benjamin G Clarke president of
the Thomas iron oompauy told of the
situation In his branch of the commer
cial world He said that the year now
slipping out had been most satisfactory
to most iron people The output has
boon as large as ever continued Mr
Clarke and it has bean disposod of at
fairly paying prices We have never
been closer sold up on fouudry Irons than
just at this moment As for steel rails
tho orders for them have diminished
siuoo the trouble in the financial com
munity This I take to be a most ex
cellent sign It shows a most conserva
tive policy on the part of railroad man
agers and a disposition on their part not
to order goods for which they are not
prepared to pay This will stop a need
less expansion in railroad building and
in every way acoording to my mind
the loss of orders for steel rails must
just now be considered most beneficial
I have no fears whatever about the year
at hand Tbo indications are of the
brightest because they are based on a
business policy whioh has no lullatiou in
it aud no undue expansion It is simply
Pay for what you ouu get and order
what you enn pay for
Banker Henry Clews thus describes the
situation Thu business outlook pre
sents now a much brighter prospect
The panio for this decade has evidently
oomoandgono but it will take some
time to restore that degroe of confidence
whioh will cause this fact to bo univer
sally felt and appreciated In order to
make this siatement clear it is necessary
to take a short retrospect of tho condition
of the business world prior to the panio
The trouble came to Wall street in a sea
son of general prosperity when business
nil over the country was in suob a nour
ishing condition thnt it had absorbed at
least S100000000 more capital than nt
any previous period of our history This
was one reason why money in Wall street
had been occasionally striugent for the
pnst few months and partly why a con
stant liquidation was going on in the
price of stocks especially in tboso that
exhibited any weak spots There is no
truer touchstone than tight money for
discovering weak spots in Wall street se
curities But the great insidious onuse
of the enormous liquidation which
culminated iu the collapse of
several financial Institutions and the
prelude to tho panio must be looked for
iu tho condition and mauagement of the
railroads of the country for the past
years in fact for the last decade but
especially for the Inst four or live years
The largo Increase of railroad facilities
during tnis period has so far exceeded
the notual freight requirements as to
stimulate competition beyond ail ordi
nary bounds of control We have thus
had a twofold bad result first a llood
of new secureties uot only in many
cases of questionable quantity but nlso
far in excoss of tho current beorbent
powvr of the market and next tfie im
possibility of obtaining paying rates on
traffic which has notod disastrously upon
even the best stocks but has fallen
with especially destructive force upon
the new issues in quoetion and lias seri
ously affected their market value
One favorublo aspect of this liauidn
tion It Is necessary to observe in order to
torm a correct estimate of tho panic and
its consequences It set in at a period
of comparative quiet in speculation and
began not with an inflated but a mod
erate range of prices in stocks There
fore when the crisis came the greater
portion of these securities had not very
far to fall iu order to touch their intrin
sic level but many of them were de
pressed considerably below this point
when the London crash burst so suddenly
nnd unexpectedly on speculators and In
vestors on both e des of tho Atlantic As
the great bulk of the mouey was in cir
culation and profitably invested else
where it was impossible to obtain it on
short notice to relieve the two groat
llnauolal osnters London aud Xeir
York in the moment of their greatest
extremity It Is apparent now I think
that in taking a prospective estimate of
the outlook It is necessary to note care
fully the conditions of general
business which preceded the panle
It is also important to keep in
mind that this panio differed from
almost all its predeoeaiors in tho charac
teristic that it was a rich mans panio
It resembled more closely the panio of
1SS4 than any other bistorio parallel of
this character but I venture to predict
that the recovery will be quicker and
the restoration to confldenco more
thorough tlmn in the former instanoe if
all the signs of the times are not deoep
tive and misleading The hardest blos
fell this time where the material and the
preparation for resistance wero aotually
the strongest not on the rank and file
as In former perturbations of this char
acter The abortive efforts of the Bar
ings to digest their immenso load of
Argentine securities precipitated the
crisis nnd brought us face to fuoe with
the worst phase of the situation
This was the culmination of the
troubles that had been in a great
measure bidden except to the in
siders and whon the smouldering Ore
broke out in the full glare of its de
structive influence it took the outside
portion of the financial world by sur
prise It created a shock as extensive
almost as oirllkation whon the great
banking Institution which an eminent
statesman once designated at the sixth
in number of the great powers of
Europe had announced Its Inability to
meet its engagements The calamity
would have been dire nnd universal
had not the first great power now in
Europe the Rothschilds promptly
come to the rescue with their power
ful ally the bank of England to save
the Barings from utter annihilation
This timely aotlon of the great bouse
that holds thronis at Us financial
meroy has illustrated the practical
use of a large fortune in few hands
for the general safety in a way that no
other argument could make so clear
and no amount of socialistic logio can
disprove In the middle of this
threatened cataclysm that might
have struck with such terrible
effect that It would have shattered
the very base of Britains finan
cial pyramid It is consolatory to
reflect now our own country withstood
the shock Although our speculative
and investment affairs were so muoh
mixed up with those of our British cous
ins we have never demonstrated the
faot more dearly that we have grown to
the full stature of manhood and are
amply able to tako care of ourselves
than iu this instance Our railroad se
curities have stood the greatest test to
which they have over been subjected
aud with few exceptions have proved
that they are in the main oomposed of
genuine material Reduced as most of
tbemare now considerably below their
intrinsio value It is fair to presume that
with the restoration of financial confi
dence nnd easier money they are good
for higher prices and there must be a
large margin of profit to the judicious in
vestor in the greater number of them
Yet reckless purchasing would be vary
bad polioy at the present Instance and
it will be wise for investors to be conser
vative and wait till the clouds roll by
before extending their lines or making
now ventures exoept where their knowl
edge of the present status of the securi
ties is very thorough
Tho railroad managers by prudent
and harmonious aotion can do much to
hasten the advent of prosperity in the
properties which they control presuma
bly as trustees for the public Large
consolidations are in progress which may
help to solve the knotty problem of pro
ducing harmony and plaoe the entire
railroad system on a more solid basis
with a better guarantee for more mod
erate lluotuation in railroad securities
A reform of this kind would afford a
breakwater against which tho raging
waves of a Qnanoial panio wight dash in
vain When our railroads have stood
tbo storm so well In the reoent trouble
while many of them are merely Iu a
balforganzed and disoordant condition
what a tower of strength they would be
if united all for eaob and each for all in
any emergency The clearing house
idea for the authorship of which Jay
Gould receives the credit might work
well ou a similar principle of action to
that which the association of bankers
recently exhibited in assisting their
weaker brethren to tide over their
troubles The gentlemens agree
ment of the railroad presidentstdai
fective as it was was still better than
none at all for since it fell through the
shrinkage in returns has amounted to
more than 22000000 annually
An important point to be considered
when examining the railroad situation as
a faotor in the business outlook and
ture prosperity of the country fccgj
marked change that has tatten < placo
during the past several months in the
uttitude of the various state legislatures
especially in the West toward the rat
roads The hostility that was so viru
lent last year has greatly abated The
legislators and the railroad commission
ers especially those of Iowa and Kansas
are awakening to the fnot that their
hostile attitude had a tendency to
frighten capital away and they are now
disposed to do tho best they can to re
pair tbo mischief inflicted by hasty and
shortsighted legislation
As regards the effect of the recent
silver legislation upon the business in
terests of the country tho new law has
not yet had a fair obanoo of manifesting
its operation In the first place the
passnge of tbo bill was deferred like
that of the tariff bill to the end of the
session It was passed just on the verge
of the cropmoving period and as ex
perience has shown money was most in
demand far legitimate purposes from Sep
tember up to the present date All that
has beon issued of the new money how
ever is about 820000000 while in the
meantime 12000000 of national bank
bills have been redeemed whioh is a
large offset against the silver money
Issued under the new law At the ex
piration of the year there will have been
about 60000000 of the new silver
mone > put in circulation and then there
will be sufficient data to make calcula
tions ahead as to Its future effeot on bus
iness Financiers will then be in a posi
tion to anticipate and discount the prob
able effects to a fair degree of certainty
ot the next 00000000 issued during the
ensuing year and so on from year to
year while tho law remains in force I
have no hesitation In saying however
that the issue of silver as provided by
the present law will improve the money
situation and afford relief to the money
market in the course of a short time It
is good money inasmuch as It is backed
by a deposit of silver against whioh the
certificates are issued Ths new tariff
bill will have a tendenoy to decrease our
import so that we shall not
be liable to be called upon
for much gold exportation As we
now produce about 40000000 of
gold annually and 54000000 of silver
and while we continue to accumulate our
gold in the same proportion as our silver
there need be no apprehension about sil
ver filling a useful plaoe in our circulat
ing medium The onerous position in
which the Bank of England has been
placed by coming to the rescue ot the
Barings will demonstrate to the great
ilnanoiers of England that more money
will be needed in future by that bank for
the purpose of dispensing with the neces
sity of applying to France or any other
nation in times of stringency or threat
ened panio The present condition of
the finances of London will do more than
any argument to convince the people
over there of the great utility of bimet
al Ism and will greatly aid in urging
representative men to convene for the
purpose of establishing an international
silver coinage We hare reorganized
silver in our circulation and we want to
bo backed up by Great Britain and other
nations that have not accepted the
double standard Then silver would be
restored to its former status and I think
the business of the world would be con
siderably benefited thereby
It would seem therefore from the
present financial situatlm both here
nnd abroad that there will soon be a
growing demand for silver as a very ex
podient part of the circulating medium
In the large field of human concerns
which enter into that exceedingly com
plex arrangement of soolety vaguely
called business I have here attempted
but a very limited and cursory survey
and from it I am satisfied that the en
suing year will compare favorably with
almost any of its predecessors and sur
pass msvny of them in prosperity
They Het In Austin Yesterday and Many
Enojicts of Interest Wen Dlieassed
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex Deo 30 The itato
superintendents met this morning In rep
resentative hall President Witt In the
Mayor McDonald delivered a brief act
dress of weloome to which Professor
Glenn of Huntsvllle responded
In bis annual address President Witt
insisted on tho necessity of intermediate
instruction especially in rural schools
He deprecated the fact that girls pre
dominate both olty and rural schools
attributing it to the moneymaking
oraze and the boys are taken from
school to make money If continued it
will result in the women becoming the
brain power of the land and men mere
money getters He deolared that the
schoolbook question demanded a solu
tion one way or another but failedTfO
indioate one
Professor Cooper discussed written ex
animations as a test for promotion atnT
took middle ground between the old sys
tem and the new whioh proposes to
abolish them entirely >
Sntton of Houston favored the old sys
tem but thought that no ironolad rule
would operate satisfactorily
Editor lingers of the Texas Journal of
Education favored musical training in
public schools
At the afternoon session Professor
Glenn read a paper on a supervisor in
schools He would have a superinten
dent in every justices precinct in the
state as a system that would require
about 1G0O superintendents at an expense
ot perhaps 1500000
Professor Winn of Austin read a brief
and sensible paper qn the duties of su
How to prevent the employment of in
competent teachers was discussed off
hand by several gentlemen without au
agreement as to the hour It was
agreed however that the problem
would never be solved until school ses
sions were made longer and salaries
higher Good pay comm ands good abil
Professor Flake of Navosota read jn
paper on Institutes in which he advo
cated monthly iuatltutes to be held if
possible at the county seat
President Witt thought they Bhould be
held alternntlvelv in different counties
citing his own experience as proof He
regarded the institutes as the greatest
missionary agency possible In providing
At 4 p m tho meeting adjourned and
the members were taken in carriages
supplied by the city for the occasion and
shown the sights not omitting the dam
site of course
730 a
in Me
Tiro Dally Trains to Memphis
With commendable enterprise the
Cotton Belt Route on DJfeember 14
placed ln service an evenfpr train to
ular with
> arrive in
St Louis
The morning train carries through
coaches and Pullman buffet sleepers to
Memphis without ohange
Ticket offico 401 Main Street nnd at
Cotton Belt depot
Still FritVAlIInr Alarmtnzly at New Orleans
and at Other Points Alonr the Mississippi
Special to the Gazette
New Oklkans La Deo 30 The la
grippe still continues very violent here
The report of the board of health for
last week shows a total mortality of 246
whioh Is at the rate of nearly fiftyone
per 1000 or more or double the average
death rate for New Orleans Only
twelve deatha are reported direotly due
to the la grippe or Influenza but there
are 117 deaths from diseases ot the res
piratory organs mainly pneumonia and
bronchitis attributed indireotly to it
Twothlnls of the deaths are infants or
persons over sixty years of age The la
grippe is also prevailing to a great ex
tent long the gulf ooast and on the
Mississippi river
Syphilis Is a virus in thcbl taxMl m
be ciirfldns > sJMpPM asi iTll eme
UKsWHs c li uaranteed to cure all
blood diseases
urner Dm
High Comedy
Special to the Gazette
Jeffeksox Tex Deo SO Frank
Jones the leading comedian in the SI
Perkins theatrical company got on a
druuk In this city last night and beat the
hotel clerk of the Commercial hotel up
and then let into bis wife and beat her in
a frightful manner whereupon be im
mediately skipped town The officers are
after him cssStsSSJC
The Texas Express Co
Frtight money and valuables received
and forwarded to all points
North East and South
Connecting with Adams Southern ana v
American Express Companies
having express matter for pool
Alabama FloritUgJMjptfcKentncIiT
111 i i ipiiinjfwilli iiiiiI South
4 i Virginia
t Will save money by shipping b v ths
This company way bills direct to all points in
Southern and Adams territory
Acent for
European Express Co
to all points in Europe For rates etc call at
with proper cars will last more than live yoars as you claim Yonrs resp
The Gazette Fort Worth Tex
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premium sent with The Gazbttb have gireaaWITHrgatisfaction in svery Instance
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get the Daily Gazettb for three months by mail
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Vii orders Purchaser pays freight
Secure this 4500 Machine aud
accos >
The Weekly Gazette One Year Only 2125
KjJUsv i kll Hint is necessary Is thai lite person ordering the Machine shall be a sal >
S JMtM criberto the Weekly Gazette Send subscription nud Money to
I3 > oxriWo fcl Tesaa
GAZETTE Fort Worth Tex rv
Tascosa Tnxv Not 8 1330
Gazette Fort Worth Tex
I received your premium High Arm sewing machine ail right and pronounce it firstclan K >
spectfully 3 Cnow
BABTXitTT Tax Not I 1390
The Gazette Tort Worth Tex
We received the sewing machine all right It Is a dandy and Is as good as anv of the agents H
machines Onr neighbors are all pleaneu with it and say it is a bargain Mr Hairstrder for on
accompanies this I will send you another order in a few days for another Hdy frienl Yours
very truly w A D A D Kbll
regard to the sewing machine you can recommend it as doing well
Foet SrUNKBT Tex Oct SI 1390
Habvst Pznsox
Whitnet Tex Sept 20 1830
Your premium machine was received I am well pleased with it it does as good work and look
as well as machines that sell for G Eespectf ully John il IIabhh
Foet Woeth Tex Sept 2J 133
W L Malone
Dbh Sib I have nsed your premium Singer Sewing Machine and it gives entire satisfaction and
la worth twice what it cost me Respectfully SIrs Maey A Moore H01 Houston street
Pleasant Point Tex Oct 6 ISM
To the Fort Worth Gazetta
We wish to t v that two months ago we lost our house and contents by fire so we looked ov
several papers for a cheap but good machine and decided to try the Gazette Premium Sewing Ma
chine and have given it a thorough trial and we can now recenjmend It as a firstclass machine it
every way Suceets to Fort Worth and tho Gazette TJ mdSI A Bboxson
Rising Stab Tbx Sept 11330
Gazette Fort Worth
After using your Premium HighArm Machine since March I can recommend it to be all yos
claim for it Yonrs respectfully Mas J M Roach
Trodpe Tax Sept 20 1393
Gazette Fort Worth
Dear Sirs We have nsedyonr Premium Machine for two months which proves satisfactory la
every respect and consider it as good as any high priced machino M Jovnss
oet Worth
Fort Worth Gazette
Dear Sib Your High Arm Sinrer sewing machine arrived In good condition It n
its claims It does a good work runs easy and worth twice tbe money Respectfully
The Fort Worth Gazette Fort Worth Taxiz
Gents My wife after having trier
entire satisfaction and is VgUMMT
equal to aH
Te Aug 8 im
ngmachine thoroughly says that ItgiTti
wVpaid for it Yours very respectfully
N P MoMrfTif
Mountain Sfbtxos Tbx Aug 9133
JynfJazette Fort Worth Tex
en It affords me great pleasure to state that the imoroved High Arm Singer Sewini
chlnt > I purchased of you some mouths since gives entire satisfaction I would have written
sooner but desired to test it thoroughly before doing to It is everything in the world you claia
for it and equal in every retpect to the same machine sold is Gainesville for Ho and W It appear
strange to me that people will continue to purchase those bighpriced machines these hard timet
when such an excellent one can be bought of you for 20 You are at liberty to publish this In
dorsement of mine if you desire Yours truly John C RiLar M D
Fatb Tbx Marchs 1839
Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Tha HighArm 8mger sewing machine I bought of yon Is aa good as any ISO Machine I womj
not take twice what it cost and risk getting another as good ot any other kind It does as good
work as any of the highpriced machines You can recommend it You canuss my name if yos
wish Truly yours F M and E J Fathbrbe
Foet Woeth Tex April 11330
Fort Worth Gazette
We received your Premium sewing machine several days ago have tried it and lika It splen
didly would not be without it for twice the cost Respectfully J D and O C Martin
Washbcbn Aexstbono Cocntt June 21133X
To the Democrat Publishing Company
GentsThe HighArm Singer sewing machine which I bought from yon sometime sines wai
received all ritfht My wife or soma of my daughters have been using it almost daily since who
are well pleased with it and say it is quite equal to all The Gazbttb claims for it Yours truly
J H Hibbets
Farwell Pars Dallam Couttt Tbx May 81330
To the Editor or the Fort Worth Gazette
Dear Sib I have this day received front the Jans Manufacturing Company Belvidere 111
the Prize sewing machine and must say that it as handsoms as it is a useful article ThaokiaJ
yon lor your attention to this matter I am dear sir yours respectf utly Richard GsoaHEQAS
Chilucothb Tex Ang 22 2330
Editor Gazette
I received your HighArm sewinz machine all O K haTe tnedit thoroughly and will say
ra nkly that I am well pleased with it I have nsed several different machines bat think it the best
O an safely reco mmend it to anyone Respectfully Mrs O J Sullivan
Eexsedale Tabrant Co Tex Oct 231390
Democrat Publishing Company
Deab Sirs I received the sewinc machine some time last month in good order Ths macnina
gives good satisfaction It sews through just as thick cloth as any machine I will say that ever
one Wishing to bay a machine can save at least K3 by getting a machine like this one This ma
chine wlH do Just aa good work as s MS machine That is what they will have to pay if they bay
xre Z9 as agent Yours very respectf ally U 11 Miaac

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