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A Genuine Hair Restorer.
Did you ever know of any hair preparation which would really
frow balr and restore the color lo g ray or faded hair?
There are many preparations highly advertised to do the work. I'
ll li probably your experience that n one of them will really meet the
clalma of their manufacturer.
There are many so-called Hai r Restorer", which are nothing more
than harmful chemical dyes, which do not grow any hair, the only re
sult being that they only dyed the hair, having no permanency and often
caualnf a streaky appearance.
It haa been the aim of tfc chemists for yeara to discover a prepar
ation which would really grow hair, and restore the color to gray or
faded hair, but heretofore they have, met with no success.
Prof. Retnbler now clalma to have discovered a combination of
harmless vegetable composition which la a genuine hair restorer and
will grow hair and doe not contain any dye of any kind, but will pos
itively restore the natural color and brilliancy to gray and faded hair.
Thia is a very strong statement to make and if any chemist with
out the reeopnlied ability and national reputation of Prof. Rerabler
were to make this claim, we would be Inclined to be skeptical as to its
truth. H will be remembered by readers that are familiar with sclent!
k, discoveries that Prof. Retnbler waa the Inventor of the one fire pro
cess for gilding glass and also the Kembler wireless Coherer. Any state
ment made by Prof, Rcroblcr Is entitled to consideration ns he would not
make any statements which wore not true and would injure his estab
lished reputation.
The Siloron Mfg. Co of Pueblo. Colo., have purchased the exclu
sive American rights to manufacture Sagine, as they have named Prof.
Rembler" invention, after having made a six months test of Saline nntf
thoroughly demonstrating that it would positively do the work. The Silo
ron Mfg. Co. have authorlied ua to make the following remarkable of
fer to all who need a genuine Hair Restorer."
They will send a written agreement with every bottle of SaRlue to
the effect that if .Mie bottle of Snf'.ne conscientiously used according to
the directions docs not give entire satisfaction to the purchaser; if Su
glne does not nctually grow hair and restore the color to gray or faded
hair, remove dandruff and make the hair healthy and glossy, that they
will pay the sum of $5.00 to any dissatisfied purchaser.
This is the strongest offer ever made by any manufacturer and one
they could not possibly make, if they did not know positively from ex
periment that it would do exactly what they claim for it. No one takes
any chance In buying Sagine as it U ccrtainlr worth one dollar to ute
a Genuine Hair Restorer, that will iea!!y grow hair, and If it does not
give satisfaction they will pay you the 3 as agreed. Send a 1 "D bill
to the Siloron Mfp. Co, Pueblo, Colo., stating that you wish to purchase
a bottle of Sagine with the written a grevment to grow hair and restore
the color to gray or faded hair or pay you the sum of f 5 and it will be
tent to you by express In plain wrapper.
The Siloron Mfg. Co. is incorporated under the Iawa of the State
of Colorado and refer you to the mercantile agencies or any Pueblo
Bank as to their ability to fulfill any agreement they make.
Pueblo. Colo
Notice I hereby given that by
virtue of a certain order of sale is
sued by the Clerk ot the District
Court of Scurry County on the 13th
day of May. 1913 in a certain cause
wherein. W. A. McCullough la plain
tiff and H. C. Jordan la defendant, in
which cause a judgment was render
ed on the first day of April 1912 In
favor of said plaintiff W. A. McCul
lough against said defendant H. C.
Jordan for the sum of !S.10 with
Interest thereon at the rate ot ten
per centum per annum from date of
Judgment together with all costs of
salt. I have levied upon and will on
the first Tuesday In June. 1911 it
being the fourth day of said month,
t the court bouse door In Snyder.
Texas, within legal hours proceed to
ae.l for cash to the highest bidder,
all the right, title, and interest of
the said H. C. Jordan In and to the
following described real estate, lev
led upon as the property of II. C.
Jordan, towit:
All of lot No. S In block No 46 of
the Rlankenthip aUii.tion to the
town of Snyder. Scurry County. Tex
as. The aboxc sale to lx riad by me
Avoid Paint Troubles
Buy Paint to Suit Our Climate
Tv I: ' f ' ' -
I . r. r t : i . -3 rrw i .
wi- r-m
rut trm
t-,11 1 h TnU Hkt
-- .' ,V".
VV s. '. ' -v
V -v ; -:vi: ; - -. -.t?
EasManahort " x.v.v. -v - i - v ' -Ml
- . - ... - V.
i - s. 4 i . . i i r -.
L( -V'K : : I: rs( t-s, -f f..?t 'sf' st;.rf -f 1 T( t
e. i A- i r -. r I . - i s r r : . . --.:-.-(
p m -it
1 1 i
0. L. Wilkirson Lbr- Co.
Snyder, Texas
to satisfy the above described Judg
ment for two hundred eighty-eight
and 10-100 dollar ($288.10) in
favor of V. A. McCullough, together
with the costs of said suit and the
proceeds applied to the satisfaction
Sheriff Scurry County. Texas.
Snyder. May 13. 1012.
State Chairman Sheb Williams of
the democratic party of Texas said
before starting to the Houston con
vention that It w right and prop
er to give the Wilson people every
thing they might want. Then he
rubbed It In a little by saying that
Cyclone Davis I entitled to consid
eration. N i. tire lo Parent.
Mr. D F. Wilson has finished up
his work of taking the scholastic cen
sus for Snyder Independent school
district, hut has not yet footed up
the totals. He urges that if any
children have boon overlooked, the
parents or Kiiardiar;S will please let
hlrn know right away.
H.iil Jam. s cf Ira has gor.e to
Poji City to work
- Vs. . -
- - - r - s
r::7'D fir;coL;i
1 t t .
.U? : 1 : 3 n ; . 4 . . ? or
: r s4 r-ria
incoln Climatic
Paint s
TrsMt Mark
Ir. SnnfT DeNvcr Practical Dis
course to (Jrent Audience In
Dr. Sandlfer president of Sim
mon's college at Abilene delivered
tho Baccalaureate address for the
graduating class of the Snyder High
School last Sunday.
The large auditorium of the new
Christian church waa filled to It ca
pacity. The soug service was rendered by
the High School chorus. Mrs. Weav
er presided at the Piano.
MIbs Hattie Faught rendered a
violin solo nnd also u vocal number.
After scripture reading by Rev.
It. W. Mills and prayer by Mae Tay
lor the speaker was Introduced.
Dr. Sandifer stated that he was
not a preacher only a layman, but
he would base his address on a text
of scripture: "Iteware lest any man
despoil you thru philosophy, etc,"
He paid Snyder a Msh compli
ment for her standing as an enlight
ened Christian city.
The founders of our coun-r) knew
the value of education and they de-
:nand)'d a broad, liberal foundation
along that line.
He toil the class of their rreat
hdvantates over those cf earlier gen
eratlons .in. I complimented tlifin on
using llu-se fdvantages Go.; intend
ed that we should UFe our bodies
and our opportunities for develop
ment and a failure to do so Is a sin.
It Is good to cultivate the body for
strength of noble manhood, but this
should not overshadow the princi
ple of moral worth.
The speaker said this was the
I largest class he has addresbed in the
West, but he was sad to note that
of a class of 20 graduates there
was only two boys.
It Is no wonder that we hear so
mmh about women taking positions
In active life. The reason Is that
so many more women than men are
equipping for the responsible duties
of educated activity.
At the present ratio of prepara
tion by the sexes In another century
the woraon will have to take a hand
in saving the country by thulr ballot.
Woman ha worked her way to
the front, while the boys are drop
ping out along the way without pre
paration for the higher duties and
refponslbliitles of active affairs.
The boys have as much sense as
tbe girls but as said by Gladstone
they do not prepare themselves be
cause of ti:'lr inclination to frivol
ity and to avoid labor.
This lice of change wl'.! i-a-nlly
'.ead to where the rr.en w;!', .w in
'he kitchen and at the washtub
nii.ie the worsen r C"-..v! u".;ng t.
iff.-.irs of goverr.n'.er.t Yotcg r:s
vou bave lrijjlgel id frivoh'y aid
jhusncd liN r T?;at is Wt r. - n
hy M.Te f jog re n-t la th.s
loss if crsJt:!-.- a' J r.r.er wi'.l
Any !')" of rorrrAl iav'.l c-r.ce
id take tho ; r -h-. t di ifi . r.:cs
oi:rc n. m ; :r. h.r'!r.c 5-?so to
t.ifw yourx- . drrH,l Tie onr
uaccn to a 'ir ar.d pr?-t onward
nd -pwir! to moral at.d itte'.li
titi flrtu. -k To be -ft:!
(".i.rt ct ; T'rn.ty to t-e cf sr
.e. Aty o-ter ;je thsa of ittel
IC'r.t ifrTif 'f a wror.s rxceptlon
jf (Jarf:;;. e c.ts who can
a !. .l ! trt mere to
.v-.ery ?a;, . vm' ir;Vi
:n :. -a
!: c-; t j. , . .(....! ii. :.: cas
ry ;o ;r.'r rr-.r'.'t: 7h.s is
jTr- i. :) ri t.ct- ;ti-. i stt
r ti.-i' Zt i.v :j rel5e
tx- : tik ii-ir.ii f -xia-aV-'r.i!
a i r : ffZ '. .
Tie crti: trr-ai; tf w-;.Jfc
it -.) ;-r;i:ii cf
jr j... ... v :.j r,rr3 ly z
r 7. " r !:"cr. t:. fcr o
. n .t I'l'.iji'.ul) lie wc-r'.J
.. . i r. ( c til w z s.
A.' tf- i r-t tk.z'i !ti :zt
I r-i I rc--Wit i- zz. -rr-'h in tr
.rei We r-t:', f : i rt.ea .zi
x-r.-1 .:: We r at j-rftd i
f'.'.-.Z ii iti.t jLi f n zi
iT i i(tr..il'.)i.
We - n. ktc
IccT us- We rznf. zz'h. t- cur -f-i-.
tf. wcrii it wti t .;r
rrr sr-;titf r : cj
ri t-v.r ?i:ry if.
H'ti lit 6 :a jrr-.'itt :te tc t
rgs cf it h.if t f r" .
W ytsr f4 f t .gr!
well ari yra feel I'.i. Vr4 ati
;.w.nrl. yes t c a l-;Ve
-rrr.r:NE at id i: t-rt tie
.::. ;t-.'.s tie t-i r i re-
. - fTte .11 ' i. at-'t7-
TT, I'.-. S i it t '.
r t
lromliiKii of District Conference
of McthixllNt Cliuch of tlio
Sweetwater DUtrict
From Methodist Exhorter:
Tho Friday morning session of the
Conference met nt the Presbyterian
church on account of the wrecking
of the Methodist church In the cy
clone the night before and Re. W.
K. Caperton conducted the devotion
al service.
Tho presiding ilder then took the
chnlr and W. R. Caperton moved
that on account of the wrecked con
dition of the town, occasioned' by
lust night's I'tortri, and the fact that
some delegates had already gone
homo, thut tho Conference transact
all necessary business by train time
The object being to release all who
felt that they should go home.
Pro. Tate, pastor of the Presby
terian church and P.rother May of
the Methodist church earnestly re
(ii'sted the Conference to remain
over Sunday, ns originally planned
nnd to go ahead with Is bush ess as
usual, assuring all that the people
if Fluvanna would be very glad to
entertain tlicm.
A vote was taken and the original
motion prevailed.
Rev. J. A. Tate of the Presbyter
ian Church was Introduced to the
Tho Committees rcijuestcd per
mission to retire nnd make up their
reports. It was granted.
A resolution of sympathy and re
lief was read and udopted.
The committee on Temperance was
appoinu.1 as follows: J. W. Hunt,
J, T. Slater, W. M. Shnler.
Rev. and Mrs. C. V. C'armack of
Call and Rev. Zebble Fee of Plaiu
Uew were Introduced to the Confer
ence. The arrival of R. V. Dorsett was
A ballot w js taken on delegates to
the Annjil Conference and A. S
Manxee, J. B. Lewis, J. I,. Ross and
J. T. Slater were elected and Rev.
O. H. Gattl and J. C. McRea were
elected alternate t
Committee on quarterly rexrds
Committee on License to Preach
reported favorably to Wm. Hamil
ton Wright and the Conference to?
d to license him.
The Call of local preachers was
liken up.
W. H. Groom of Blackwell had
his character pasted and license re
newed. J. I. Roger and H. Wyatt
Hanks, locil preacher of Hutton
chsrge had characters fie.l atd
license renewed.
J C. Moore, L. K. of s?e-twa: -r
Mihfton had his character pas-d.
The charatcr of Neely Morton of
Roby was pjsej and hi li'rn re
The Conmitree on Orders reor.j
mended that ti: criers of Rev. H
H. Under be rv-op;:.ze.J atd the Con
fercnee voted to re-c s.:r.ei.d Lin. to
the annual corft-rene fr re--gr,i-tion
of orders
The chara. ter cf J I T L P
was passed and lirftf r-trei
The report cf Pro 7 i. :!'. i.i
was read, his ci.f.ri" r i izi
license rer.ewei
Cap ?;r;r.t -?.et I N A:!rr
sets ffcara'ter ; i
CoorsJi M.s.: a 7.. .V. C.
Hiri cfcars'-ttr was r;- r:-
Fl-.vsr.t.a j.er W y Tiyic-r. L '
K. Ti' r-U acl fir--e- 11
r-a--d I'm Ti'--r tt fji v.:j
fi vh tr.i no kz i ki tw
Cotifer-a'-e ft 1 zt .
A s-jtg fcij 1 :r r! z'r-
- I
W. H. 1 - 1.' i l-.' his !.-
rs t ; -:.'f
K Li Ciiz.z. l. P fi.:i. :er
liui' i i.r. !. f r.d.l
r. S l.r".. 1. P. rv.ira.ter
r. U HsMt-K.r. cf r.ydor local
r"i'i -r tji his i;ss renewed
iri ri.an.cer
1. U Wtiti-varter had hi ihar
artrr t-ised.
SLi$r M:s cn L. L I.iKhifotit
riirafer i ped ,S(j iltrr re
ts" w d
Tto. At Jarts. c cportel.. his
'i.sr:tr was paswd and licet, re-rwe-1.
Co3i.;-ie (a r.'Co&iwauiiloa
e;rt-; fiT-ri.'y cn Wm. lUruil
tc VffLt.
,Pr--f' of R. L. Tt;rrr of Suy-f-T
cfsKW was t'.ed.
Tie t-aiict was talrn 03 fro.
WrYt atl k- u st.ar.'.ouf!r
:r-!J f r sir to.:.- r a trial.
Tie 1 o fsr tie ten ceetisg of
" I saffored, during girlhood, from womanly weakness,"
writes Mrs. Moilie Navy, of Walnut, N. C "At last, I vru
almost bed-ridden, anJ had to give up. We had three
doctors. All the time, I was getting worse. I had ! bad
spells, that lasted from 7 to 28 days. In one week, after I
gave Cardui a trial, I could eat, sleep, and joke, as well as
anybody. In 8 weeks, I was well. I had been an Invalid
for 5 weary years I Cardial relieved me, when everything
else failed."
If you are weak and ailing, think what It would mean,
to you, to re-over as quickly as Mrs. Navy did. For more
than 50 years, this purely vegetable, tonic remedy, for women,
has been usod by thousands of weak and ailing sufferers.
They found It of real value In relieving their aches and
pains. Why suffer longer? A remedy that has relieved
and helped so many, h ready, at the nearest drug store, for
use, at once, by you. Try it. today.
VrlH Uit' Adrloa Dtpt Csitinoc.M Mrdic C, ChkfHrHHKTtrfa
tot Spiial Inttractient, sod te-picc book. " Home Trcaumnl to Worn a. scot tm. J M
the District Conference was fixed nt
The resolution on Teniperar.ro. was
read and adopted and on mo! Inn of
Uro. Tnylor the Secretary v.ns in
strurte.l to send a copy of this reso
lution to the papers of the Sweetwa
ter District.
J. D. May read a resolution reconi
iiiendliiK a committee to take charge
of the District parsonage situation
with lull powers to settle ns provid
ed by the resolution.
A motion to reconsider the action
of the "itrning repanllnfi the earlv
rlosinK of the conference on account
of the storm prevailed.
The original motion then came vp
for consideration and after discus
sion it was rescinded and the Confer
ence voted to proceed In regular or
der. Mrs. J. O. Merrett. Dlst. See. of
W. M. S. was Introduced.
J. C. Johnson was seated as dele
pate In place of C. C. Hicks.
Camp Springs announced
presence ot T. W. Crenshaw.
The presence of Rev. O. H.
tia waa noted.
the '
Gat -
On motion of A. M. Martin It was
declared to be the sense of the Con-
ference that the members obserte
the law aad not leave without per
mission of the Conference until tbe
conference session Is ended.
Adjourned. ;
Mr. J. H.
iis "veek.
Sears Is on tho sick list
b. c davenport I
q W cr.tsto scllycu a o
Wind Mill, a Tank, or repair your
tank. A garden rake, or a hoe, plow,
0 bolts, Heel bolts, carriage bots, O
3 O
q sweeps;, Netting' for Garden Fence, o
South .side of the Square, Snvder, Texas Q (
I so
issouri Flour
$2.75 Per
Better Go
Htf '
urn citizens demand.
Coii.pl.r-l With A
Itesi.l.-nt Fiirni-ilied It.
There are few Items which appear j
in this paper more important to Sny
der people than the statement pub
lished below. In the first place, it Is 1
from a citizen of Snyder and can be
thoroughly relied upon. In the sec
ond place. It Indisputably proves
'that Doan's Kidney rills do their
work thoroughly and not temporar
ily. Read this carefully.
W. T. Price. Snyder, Ten, says:
"I have ubed Doan'a Kidney PiiiS
nil hae foicr i them very bencici
1. My kldno.v? wm- obliging
a-c tJ et u; often tiitf i and
'. : suffer? i from rheumatism
twinges. As 1 had heard of the ex
cellent results of the use cf Doan's
Kidney Pills, I rot a boi and In a
short time after I bcan taking this
remedy, my kidneys were well and
my rhematlsm pains removed. I can
j highly recommend Doan'a Kidney
; piis to anyone suffering from weak ,
Iklndeys." i
For sale by all dealers. Price 60 &
ecus. Foster-Milhurn Co., BuffaUi,
' ew York, Sole aRents for the
I'nited States.
Remember the
and take no other.
name Doan'i
For rlieniniticn yon wilt tnj nothinc; I fi
ler than Cliamlrrfaiu's I.inimei L Trv it
anJ tre how quickly it r!i. Fir '
t ie by ll dcaU ri.
Per Gallon.
100 Lbs.ij
Sz Smith
Get Yours

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