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"Lot all Tlie EmJs Thou Aim 'st at Be Tlijr Country's, Thy God's and Truth's."
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Mmif JUL
i m it riri m: with
.po.sk.s. a ti:. a cm-: okchakd and ;itiu: iiomi: pm:iTiKAi!i,K to a laicm: iwism
iiowhvkk ikutii.k. i.v.sh toii, ami tkoitu.i:, .ui:ti:ic ki:t:nit:, an i:asii;ii i.iv.
1n(j and an assi kkd compil l unci-: and oitiimiis routum',, in s tiskv cocntv
oitriiAKD homi:s, that aish iiamia oiiT.iAiti,i:. snvdi ii. tiii: county skat a
An Appreciation -lly i'laiik Mellon
nll, llclitor lame Slur l.e.ii-on.
Tho o.iHt has become overpopiila-
tud und Iium ceased to expand. 1 ho
nilddlo western ntrlfiilt n ml states
of Iowa, MlHBourl, Kansas und Ne
braska and tho western divide states
()f Ohio and Indiana have become
- congctBed, their soils In many por-
tlons, at loaat, exhausted, their
lands barren, storllo and unproflta
Ol'lo. Tho tido Btar of Immigration
which for half a century pust has
chiefly pointed to the far west, haB
well-nigh, forever Bet. Thero ro
inalns but one luHt, best, went, tho
groat southwest of TexaB, but Its
giant posBlbllltles dwarf Into Insig
nificance conturles of development
on either sldo tho "Father of Wat
ers." Texas, tho empire State of tho
-glorious galaxy of tho Union, Ib a
"great and giant commonwealth and
contains within Its well nigh count
Ichb confineB llllmltahlo resources In
deposits of tho precious metals. In
Tast oil fields to feed tho furnaces
of Industrial enterprises and the
other worlds of wealth that the ages
"J liavo matured In the womb of moth
er earth, whilst the while winged
sails of all tho nations of the world
ieek her gulf coast harbors nnd
will becomo numerous p' the trees
of tho State's mighty forests
when our grent sea level canal
spans tho Isthmus of Panama and
opens the gateway of eommerco be
tween tho world's tl'iiit oceanB.
Out with all Its redundant and
varied resources, the greatest asset
of Texas in her vast area of 2G2.2DO
square miles Is its amplitude of fer
tile acreago upon which Is raised a
goodly portion of the world's sup
ply of tho great fleecy staple, the
alighting of a worm upon the lit
tlo green boll which causes greater
' constemutlon on both hemispheres
than the mobilization of serried ur-
nilcs or tho mushing of tuiaierom
naval fleets, and which Is capable of
producing cotton, cereuls and oth
er products sufficient to clothe,
V'nourlah and sustain tho entire pop
ulation 0f theso greut United Stales
And, assuredly tho last and not
least, but best portion of this nil
' plrlcal domain, as jet opulent In op
portunity in un agricultural, horti
cultural. Industrial and Investment
regard, la that part of this peerless
state, commonly topographically
designated as West Texas and meant
to refer to the fertile agricultural
"''lands lying west of Lampasas and
' Palo Pinto counties, and extending
to tho center of Culberson county,
and from the plains country, so-rall-
ed. north to tho Southern confines
of Tom (Jreen county toward me:
Itlo Grande. ,
Scurry county, situated almost In j
At One of the Cotton tii"" s",l,"r
th trnniranhlcnl center '' of this,
. . ... --.
- I fill
Spienciicliy run mm i.m.i..
.iretch of country and It. southern
. sister neighboring county of Mitch -
11. lead ... other .ert.cn. of West
i..i i ii a.ii nd taro-
rata per acre crop prod
()!' TII,!.AItl,M (.ltl('l lH ll I, LANDS. OI'l l.KNT l OPPOU
AMi'i.i: watiik i:sii, v avaii.ai'.i.i: ion ii:kk;atio ith-
Scurry county taking a pronounced
pre-eminence in these particulars
because of having a much greater
area of tillable, fertile soil and
an advantage that can
be suitably described by tho super
lative priceless In its abundance of
shallow, easily available water sup
ply for irrigating purposes, the en
tiro county being underlaid with a
seemingly Inexhaustable lake of ab
solutely pure water at depths vary
ing from 20 to 130 feet, the shal
lowest being encountered close to the
county seat.
A largo portion of tho lands that
romprlso tho 821 suaro miles of
Scurry county ore level as a carpet
ed floor and tho rest of Its tillable
soil lies between long rolling hills,
affording excellent naturul drain
ago. Tho soils of Scurry county vary
from light Bandy loam on the higher
ridges to heavy black land in the
valleys ond all are wonderfully pro
ductive of fruits, cotton nnd for fo
rage crops which have been proven
to ho respect Iveyl Indigenous.
The nverage depth of the soil Is
five feet, universally underlaid with
a clay subsoil and the conformation
of the country, peculiar soil consis
tency, absence of nefarious vege
tation, cool nights, extremely rapid
growing periods, mulch funning
method and oilier conditions di
verse from other states, all combine
to give It great moisture retaining
properties. Scurry county, indeed
freiueiilly presents a pleasing pi
tare, glowing v''l the green r
dun-, wlien orr.-T less favored,
though nearby sections are suffer
ing from severo drouths and
semi-arid conditions.
Here, as elsewhere in the kouMi
land. cotton is the great staple am!
money crop and the freedom of II. :(
section from boll weevil urn!
other destructive Insects that wori.
m.iIi woeful Injury in the gulf te
rhery and otleT lower nliilude rer
loi s make it an Ideal place for the
nit ! vat ion of the Hoecy plant.
In normal years of natural pr-ci
pitation a half a bale to the acre U
an average yield In rightly cultivat
ed cotton ground, three quarter or (
a bale is not uncommon and in f.iv-)
oied spots those model fanners who
plow deep In the fall and break up
Ir I. tin! with a hairow until a ohm
muli b Is formed on the top and har
row after -a h rain until ready to
pi.. nt. frequcn'ly ma1"' 1,1 'xce?s .r
a bale.
ll is a sine qua hon with sucess
ful farmers, that the soil must be
tone over after every rainfall as
otherwise It ruk.-s. and docs not pro
perly absorb the moisture.
There has 1 cell a scarcity of rain-
t v :v.
'. .
t -
Scurry county the past three
fall I
one of the dry cycle tnai
.,..ln from
recurrently visit
j. he Red RHr o the
! yet In this per od o
I vatcd their cotton as above dcscrlb-
i oroum ' " -
ed have made a quarter of a bale
or more and this will be txcceiled
the presenfll year in certain favor
ed spots In the southern end of the
county. Last year, one of the dryest
in recent limes, the average pro
duction was one third of a bale to
the aire.
There lias never been n failure In
Scurry county In tho fodder crops of
nillo maize and kaflir corn, which
with cotton are the principal sta
ples of this section. Itoth find a na
tural growing ground and Indigen
ous home in this soil and local cli
matic conditions, produce wonder
fully proliflcally and are exceeding
ly protltable (Mips; in fact, are in
ilisi sable to the farmer who fol
lows the wise! p'an of running some
cattle and raising a few litters of
bogs with the Mill lilllni? vocation.
Cattle, work r-tock and swine
take to tills feed mi does a duck t
water, thrive n;id wax fat and hard)
upon it.
A reliable and x;ie;-ienccd au
thority, writing upon the ;;:uwth of
these products in Sci'Ty county
two '
i r: ' r cu :-n cr.ci !i':ii;ie, tli"
' t V
t I 11:. .IS (- "
i ti i n in it
- , - . . . . r,T
fc.iJ.o--J " ' III
,! i .l
per I.'le.
I i c . e
a :rt::i
ttond tin i
.. lll.il in
til !.
n c r
t :
11:.'! I
11,1 e
!ia' i
i- d. :'i:-d
ill Ile'i ..i co
: . ,1 ;.s hi;;'i in !
.i!i;r as coin, hi.
,1 y (,f 'i'.T !.': g i
v ;i Imh:
u'" st
n it gr
!,;; Indian (o:
i h
the b.
g n.
:l ;. .
s oi l:
io t!ie
::. My
I: iMe
I'll IV
1:1. e
rt 111
, proiucii::, a .
sorghum and
is I r
round f.
u a silo
bead or
s or work
and gives
fill? a c'.is
l.illl Is so
! f .'
i( r -i
:Y. l.'.ci
s ce.ru :
r f it'il'i'
ivc r v.'..
In coin
.I farm
' 1 1 y
..!!. ',.. f:.
pi. .'.irig (
to r :: i. l
Wit'., i iir'e
f,' 1 Kill
's lltef.-
t-'N. i.. n ' f.i'iners nro ti.indlins two
1 amir. .1 ;un .' of th' e grains ladi
vi Iuuiy and ir !nm $lv.e.i
to $;."i.00 an acre.
T lie neim.nd f-ir thin prr.in :. ,
b., pi a m ! ion and it f. n.N a ready
i.iarkei in all the grain centers of
tl.e lir'ecl States. The nnv.i frciii
this train st.u ils in a class by Itself
tut ween corn flour and wheat flour
a:id makes a far trior.- palaleablo
bread than the former."
Scurry county produce more cot
ton, kaffir corn and maire than any
other county In west Texas
ninrn 1 1 Mil In cultivation to theno
and other product, and It I o per-1
hap well to here mention, own
more rattle, horses and mules and
hogs and has more money per cap
ita on deposit In its bunks than any
of Its slt-ter counties In this boun
tiful belt.
All thht has been above said re
lative to the present standard, staple
crops of Scurry county uro careful
ly considered conservative state
inentM, the exact truth of which Is
susceptible of easy verification und
Indubitably a good living, an as
sured competence and, lu many In
stances ail a in pie fortune awaits the
tiller of this fertile soil, who con
''lii'S his activities to the crops and
fillings mentioned I'.ut it. is also
tho opinion of the most careful ob
server and most thoughtful persons
of all classes, from farmers to fi
nanciers, that Scurry comity Is
brightest witli most brilliant prom-:
Ism for the future In the assured re
sponsiveness of Its fertile soil to
deciduous fruit, growing, vine
yard und vine plant culture.
Fabulous Is scarcely an exager
ated term in which to refer to the
returns that will come as certain
is tho night the day, rrom horti
culture utul vlneyardlng under the
proplt lous soil, climate and water
m millions that here exist. with
which should be coupled fruit grow
er's associations to see to the prop
er marketing of an extensive produc
tion, a subject that will later Im
referred to.
All orchards attempted, all grape,
berry, or vine plant cultuie essay
ed, under anything approximating
proper conditions hav here United
mill prospered beyond the most
Hiiiiguine cxpecta!l:i.rs. It has been
proven beyon-l n-i advent uro by de
monstration extending over an am
ple period of time to be conclusive
hat nowhere in all of Uncle Sam's
loniain, and this statement is made.
(Villi due consideration for the (n
rcrvallam with which it Is tho wrll
er's Intent and hope to clamp and
fortify everything said In these col
li;. ins, d" peaches, pears, plums, sl
:..iiniy, povhi s. pears plums, dow
liirlen, straw berries, water melons,
'.(; I J Uciil -o
. '.u pes :i r
nl melons :i
I the Villi
pr.'o i i..lly
e . rv
I V.irle! V Ol I lie (. .11 i i"i .1 1
irietv of the
r.i table and
fer.i table ami w i;i- ;:r
p-. or.U-
:.n:i!lv t ran; ji?..t:i l
j tropical coiin; ries
' Kurope. attain qui
froi.i the .a ini-
c,f ( ol.'.lliel.'.ll
!;.r, harle r or
:-a.te luse ioii:.',;. flavore-d ii.a'uniy
than in Scurry co.ia'y. -.vheti i'i
Mill LJiOtl which they f'l-d is leav
en, d ami iioiirhel wi'h the pr.-p-.r
tree und ph.r.t nu' ri:ie nt of
mills' ur- i.s I !--d And the e;.. a-
tion of irriuatiooii in Scurvr 'y
is, ns l.erdoforc iio'ed, a simple 1
easy oi: for tho-e of mod. -t an !
lie lgre ni".-i!is. well, whi.ii t.
n 1 e sunk fro-. i but -" t 1 :;" !"' :
'..I fee! lie i tit, 11 Io aT ll.e l!l I. V . .'.. - '
- ,i Htpi !' a'ii. est :.:, part of tl.
c c i.nt j .
i ll.,.. I i.ri.tr. ,1 r .i'olis of W a, T per
' I. .it. ute. if equippe-el with a t.i.-ol i tie
.;o.ine of moder.i'e pow. r. wh.ml i.-
an ample Fufleieii. y to Irru it - 'mi
. , r s of ground, und be w i.- ii.i-'f .s
j :o ii-t! tisively c ril'iv.ii.' the p.-.-d'n
i named needs bur t.-n ... r - of
I ;toiii..I to support a far.iiV- nt'.d a -'
i; i.ire a bank a-. o-.: . t
W. K. Kast-s pr e.rj. tor of the
Savder Nurseries, a mile and a
quarter south of tlje rity. rtar'.ed in
deilduou fruit growing and prop
agation of tree, plant. chrubs.
etc.. three years go on leaked land
' with capital of $300. He ha support
ed a large and growing family, ha
purchased 10 acre of groucd. bs
! 01n nrn iiit ... t 1. .. 1. 1. !
f ll'IUUJIU W VI I II UI II I 111 IIIUll J U U 11
stock on hand and has
bunk account and uiiluipeachubb.
credit, ull ucqulrod within thirty-six
short months in the Held of indus
try which the writer feels called up
on to bring to the attention of rend
ers as forcibly as lie In capable of
doing. Mr. Hastes coi,cih1h, In au
nt hi r article in thin paper which It
will pay one to read, that th" re
turns from ten acres of orchard, vine
yard and truck patch, confined
chiefly to the product.) here nam -d
will almost from the first, yield
an much value uh a l.iri:
farm, cultivated to the usual uta-
l eeillng Cattle nt
pies. And the fruit grower, vinevard
Ist and truc k gardener does not have
to eagerly watch th" weather re
ports In the papers or :an the hea
vens and the horizon with nn anx
ious eye, for from his holdings nil
crop hazard will hav been remov
ed and his returns are well nigh
ns certain as the coupons Mr. Ito'k
efeller will (lit. o:i Standard O'is
next dividend day.
With the Increased acreage which
Is being devoted to fruit c ulture and
the purposeH here indicated, which
assuredly will be largely aii'-merit
ed In the near future, will be f'H
the need of greater niall.etiiie f,i
cilitles nnd a fru.t r rower a . m in-
jliou to foster an ! furthe r the iu'e.'
ests of tins In la.-;ry in tins aim
other regards, rhn'ild b" o'l-imml
as quick ly ns ma v he
The orange and I'-immi of ('-ili;'or-
nla ari l Un
as, all pe. rlc
.-s i:
Ida on:
I heir li;
-. r a
CI' Te-
s and for
heavy ie-
vv lib h there w ,.s
lu ami, were ra
grower until ,.n
ell. i I'd mi t; i. i a i
minute both th.
i omiai. -,ioa no a.
Si urry l co.n'y
epcrieie e and
foreii,. i. as i . a
nurturing tl i-i a
as vet ; j. rc . ly m
iai ii. i i . " '
d a' a Ice
I -.- .i r -.I, i
ra.lro .d ;
a t'
' I.
t i
i h
J lie
I 'OH,: v is
VvH.il O"
'r .i - "
i :
ir.' a
h I I
ii i
d Oil.
) I... a i
I i: I. a.-,
j i nun :,
VV I, I. ll .
i ; (
d an.
of it:.
I'.-rl;. '
III the
Central School
h ;. - ':
..- r?l '.'-.rr-:. . . i
n ' - " "'" ' ".' I -
. '."-t:"-'- ' -r
' . - ' :-- J
- A. . ' ' r
i" '
feiiJible nnd easy the conser
vation of the vast bodies of watef
which it oftliai's ci.atulna and their
utilization to irrigate and moisten
M:; environing soil.
In various plans It 1b cut and al
most i rosr ed by buco projecting for
mations of rock, rolid as Arctic ba
s:.lt leaving only narrow upcrture
In the channel bee which could be
il.u, lined at an Insignificant cost, but
a few hiiii'ln I dollars at some, points
and the water detained '.t be di
va r' l rf the piopep crop growing p
rioi lei the adjacent, rich ucrcage,
e.iilriiited at lti.Odo acres. liluff,
Kntii.-, Kotich nnd Sulphur creeks
Oil Mill. Snviler
and oilier streams and rivulets
that traverse other portions of the
county can also be dammed and
their waters conserved and utilized
at a compnritivcly small cost. Ev
ery year, the priceless value of wat
or that for general Ions bus been al
lowed to go to waste Is being mors
understood und appreciated, and It
Is a hopeful nin t fiat some farmer
who hi'hert used to l;g ditches t
draw water from tlntr lands now
terrace them for the converse pur
pose of redlining this lea, -cuing mckl
t lire
'-t i .
' ion
to 11
It Is proper to men.
in connection wl h prospective
aM in in .-v-cirry county, a sub-whu'-i
ii the moat vinlly Impor-
oi.e. pr.
io it on I
I Of We
t eiitirnr Itse.f for sjIu-,-
i'i .-a arry county but
t Texas, that sub-!rrl-of
concrete pipe's has
hear'v i oa, metid.ttloa
of all the rno.-r Intel
ii - . d, i urn ' e,t , i n
i ' native persons who
i l . x. it. lined all ?s
n.i.ht 'itie,n:i'-al and
all regards It takes
a ' r 'h- in ii ii t iif wa-
lvi' if tl by us
re.etv.d tae
and ap r" a'
y ' e-:i
a give tl
h siirf.-n'O
ui plan is
i oi, for:r.S
i:re. tVir
a r: d r-oak-..
i -id- in
- . .in! to
eid I
i r f : i
l-.e '!.
d it
t w o
t e -
. her-'
i hrt
I ra-
I -
, I
p. v
1 fre-tii
ti- Is-
P.iblinz. SrjW

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