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1 M
h t J
I ?
" . .
The rain in this piirt 'f the coun
try Monday was lKt but word was
received by phono from a few in I Ion
went of Call to within & mlton of hero
tbut a good rain hud fallen mid that
there was now plenty of Htoi-k water.
Teal-hern for another year have
been selected. Prof. Howell, princi
pal; Mm. Howell, assistant and Miss
Nellie Diet., primary teacher.
Oar school will be out May the
Ifith, and preparation! are being
made for a Hihool phtilc. The pro.
pram for the day ban not been com
pleted yet, but will bo within the
next few days.
S P. Smith and J A. Stavely visit
cd Snyder Saturday, ret limine Sun
day. There was a km lal at A J Micks'
west of town Saturday iily-ht. vi.'.-al
of our boys and clrls attended. (
I !
K. L. Seawalt and d.iirvhter, Mies ,
Muty, returneil lnu:.e irom A I 1 1 1 1 I
Sunday where It. hate bei n lnil-!
ll) K the pat-t week. The) will asaln
take charge of the .t. j4
Mr. Woiiteii ill move bl taiiiii)
to I he ranch this it'... j
- - I
.?. M Hinder isiied In Snder al J
lirday and Sunday.
C. C. llin kiln ..f !;.
In our l" n S.ind.i v
Cider Hr.idl'uiv . of Si.vder. fill. I j
bis ref ular ep"nt :.ei,i j,t Die t'liii.-.-
ti.m tliniili Sitiii.l.n l.lirl.t and Sun- i
K.-v. C. A .In:., s. p.islor of !iie
I'irsl llap'ist (hunli. rf-liii it liis
isit Ion her.- us p.is'nr and w ll! yn t
i.lber fields lli-ni,n f n-'i.N n-tn t I
to kc Ii i Til in I
A I. .I'.n.-s. of 1 1 id. i-i" t.t Sun- 1
i . v and Mm d 1 !n our t.iNMi If.
i ; . t . r Tl I'.lMs. i'f Aid'. -lie. :is!
lisii-.. : 1 14 tr li -tiefs In our inwn
Vi-io!..j. '
Mr. Sf.l V - 1 '.. ' en!.' v, was )
j : ,;.ei : cc In this 1.. let t rl.o... ;
lei n.v-'-i in i ir.i-n a'l l.i.lna'ii'i In' ,
in 1 ... io w i!h In ti e fear fu- t
l,n,. ji
- - ,
Cr ''.n .'"jl..r r tinned from;
Pai s. I..st w.-. k wh.re he lias i
I ,., n tVe .ist li n.ot.ttis j
sre clad to state that word
hnk N-cii rn-led fn ni K. Smith,
that Mrs II. Lanh!i. stood .he oh
Ixrtlon fine and thaa speedy r
crery U np.-cted Her Vny friends
wl!l be tUi 'o are her rVurn home
well ssi'n.
Th Infjnt rhllJ of Mr. and r
We are completely stocked in our Clothing department and can fit
you in the very latest weaves and designs. It is our intention to
cater to the "Good Dresser" and to do this we must carry the very
newest creations in clothes making. Our prices range in mens suits from
$10.00 to $20.00
We can equip y ou from heacj to foot and to make a satisfied customer
is Our one aim in business. Lt us sell you your next suit.
J. F. Iluynes la reported very nick at
this writing.
Mrs. J. A. Weeina Im visiting her
daughter, M rs. A. I.. Jones, of dull,
this week.
I r. J. (). I.ane returned Monday
from Dallas, lie visited bis father.
A. J. Lane, at Comanche, on his le
t urn.
T. P. Cook and Hon, Tom, left
Sunday to. Terry county, for a two
month's stay.
Fred Morris made a business trip
to West brook last w eek.
Mrs. J. II. Tuio returned Saturday
from Moran, Texas, where who hail
been at the death bed of her ulster,
Miss (iarritt. Her many frlendii ex
tend their iimpathy during these
ad hours
The lirst Sinday in Mi.y will be
children's day at the Methodist
church. A nice program Is being ar.
i aimed
stl,rll thK)lUlK !,., . h
a hi I n at Ion In our tow n of late, t hree
oties are near coniplellon.
4 -
We !;,,d (.! inure rain this week
. '. ,., mid . 1 1 11 ininin up nocly
'r H..;:..i.d Niiii.d Mr. Itarn-
! I arts Siiiula
v cm n!::!:
lr I lit m-.ii. d the 1 ,i.ilnl Sat.
,,rd i
Smne i.f our ind k h t.nrs are khiiik
iii ti e iiiri, a :reit d. al lately, but
a e l ave int seen any li.i'm
o-o-ii:.t l.nk vet ll,. y T::a ft them
i ii--!:
I': . ,n '1 :tl W.-xt Point Sunday
L !'!.. .1 I! Kills
in i '.;.i V l ;. ! n in our
ii I 1
.1.1.', Miin l-lteij ti e (! Slt-
k I an Prim I. w ii 1' kind of
I tie w I at. '.- I"' - f
,:, fis'i
;is.- K.I11.1 and N liie I'.-fton lis
.il at Mr Poid's S.nurd.ii.
M.ir Moid lisi'.-d nt bis fiM.rs
.jturt.iy nl:bt pn Sunday.
!ls Sir.il; Calto-r ilsit.-d at br
si.'ir Mrs Mariln Hoyd's Sa'ur
diy and Sunday.
M.ss.-s Willir and Mattle Haniels
ilslted at West Point Sunday.
W had inglnt at Mr. Clinken
b.rd s Sunday erenlnn, also log
in,, 'Mr. Turner'a Sunday night,
x- A hlXX-KEK
cooooooooooo o c
Dry Goods
In a recent Issue of the Signal an
article from "Hill" Betting forth rea
son Is that were laudable, why Sny
der should seek more factories, In
creasing her number of smoke stacks
and swelling her payrolls. It would
be well If we could do this at first,
but, It must be remembered that
civilization Is based upon agricul
ture," mid that all new wealth must
come froirt the soil. If by co.opera
tlmi we ran 11I1I our farmers In their
earnest efforts to make the farms of
this country more productive each
year, we will go far towards solving
I ho factory problem; ns a flourish
ing country contiguous to Snyder will
be at once reflected III a steady
growth of our town. The
;:rowtb of the town will be 11 natural
M'iiie:ice onco our farms gecome reg
ularly profit bearing farms.
Roosevelt recently In one of his pa
trlotlc sermons, gave vol' e to this
profound truth, "That m n people
we must ultimately all o nji or down
And that which makes for commu
nliy welfare makes for t!i" a el f;-re
of all. I Klvc the following editorial
from a recent Issue of Collier's wbh h
is of pertinent interchl as pointing
tin. rilit direction for us at II.U
"The llli Ih of mi Idea."
I'Siv or eU'ht years ago the busill
neds men i f Henderson, Ky , the me
tropolis of " large but lagging agri
cultural district, organized a rummer
ial dull and set out to make their
town a young Pittsburgh. They pro
claimed Henderson's advantages on
billboards and sent their cleverest
talkers In inter, leu i.ipllalists In the
large titles lint nionihs and years
.-lipped hi. and hane!y any new
'.11 '. l iea v re built It look these
111. -ii a Ion.; time M rrnlvi' that (hey
v.eie wastn:;: much precious time ill
mlMlirei ted eff.nt Hut at last came
an Inspiration. The progressive meiu-
1 . rs of the 1 lull met the I'tllef ll.IV
and 11 i'1!'-'! lhetiiM-l.es Into n crop
i , 1 1 1 -11 . f t : -orlat ion. opened the
0 e-l ber.-blp I mil.:: to I rf) body that
.. .'iiid pav t'e ami in I diiee "f o!:o
il '11. r a 1 .1 1" . and I iled a farm rv
;ni hi the ii.ir The Idea b.i.iine
; i ul.ir w 1M1 th" fani.ers. who lll
.oi irol the .o':ii i -s .if 1 h '-r.-iarka-
.11 Tb. Chi- a.-o I! 'aid i f Trade be-i.ii.i-
Ini.rc.ed in the periuieiil
: 11I atr.-ed to 1 .1 !.i 1 ilinlc $2.( to
; 1 ' M lie' i.it 111 y ears 1 xpelises
.id 1 1..- ii. par; .in 1.1 of A i:rb ult lire
il pay j.'.o per 1. ml, lb of the cx
: ' rt s. ,;.ii. 'I !n tr iin. il auri' iil-uri:-t
will li e l.iboi .t'.iri tests of
-i lis . 1 1 1 . 1 il.iii' ;,rolints. londint
tn il d'-i'-i'i laTioiis on farms
,.i d liiv fi.f :nh ' e .i nil nlm unk
' r it 111 f.11 t. tin :,u:l.ti:': !: sees
f : for the pr . ,.t on e' b.-f.-r farui
i:.a. Tl e id.-a ! :i ,d- n.'ol ..tie. It Is
1 x. d on ilu- sound. f initial icnt hi
't ;tli that the mil is the Miur-e of
! We.ll 'l io- t t ti"-I I.Ti ll.l tllll'S
- , . 1 tl .-,r cm r:- and n.oi.ei trying
: ' fntoii.., aw.ii fro- 1 other
iiid ih ink 111011 this
A citizen
After the l inn) Trilw.
I'miiiett Hai.Ks pand down .jr Dip
S rnnl of.lie Wedio-di..' iiinri.lng
with fiur f'shlng pob-s long enough
to reach eiitlrely a ros the normal
etpaiif f le-p Creek. He carried
s1m, a fan of bait and wore look
of determination oa hi handsom
fare that lod' sled that be must
bring In a btul ef flh befert dinner
o oo O O O O O O O O O O
& Grocery Company
Notice la Hereby given, that by
virtue of a certain order of salo is
sued by the Clerk of tho District
Court of Scurry county, on the 9th
day of April, 1913, In a certain cause
wherein Robert Rodman and Flora
Rodman arc plaintiffs and
R. L. Palmer Is defendant
In which rauBO a judgment was ren
dered on the 18th day of March,
1913, lu favor of tho said plaintiff
Robert Rodman and Flora Rodman
against su'd defendant R. L. Palmer
for tho sum of Five thousand, four
hundred ninety-one and 50-100
dollars, with Interest thereon at the
rate of 10 per centum per annum
from dute of Judgment, together
with all costs of suit, I havo levied
upon, anil will, on the first Tu outlay
In May, 1913, It .being tho 6th day
of said month, at the court house
door In Hie town of Snyder, Texas,
within legal hours, pruned to sell
for cash to tho highest bidder, all
the right, title and Interest of
Iho mild R. L. Palmer
lu and to the following described
real estate, levied upon as the prop
erty of the said It. L. Palmer to-wlt:
12n acres out of the southeast
iiiarter of section No. 144, In block
No. 2 II. & T. C. lly. Co. survey in
Scurry county, Texau, which Is to
secure the amount due Flora- Hod
man, and i.ll o" the northeast quar
ter of section No. 144 In block No.
2 II. T. C. Ity. Co. survey lnSciir
ry county, Texas and the following
personal property, 1 double disc
breaking plow, 1 two horse wagon
and set of double leather harm ss, 1
riding single row planter, niul 1 walk
ing slngli' ro planter, which la to
secure the amount duo Robert Rod
man. The ahoie sale to lie made by me
to satisfy the abme judgment for
live tliiui: 110I 'our hundred liinety
one anil f.o-leu dollars In favor of
U ib.-r' Rodman end Flora l.txlman,
together with the lost of said suit,
and the proceeds applied to the sat
isfaction thereof.
Sheriff Scurry County, Tcas.
Snyder, Tt xas, April lu, lli'.V
Pro. C II Kelly was litre Saiur
d .1 from his home, lie Is just re-
1 jit t v up from n spell of measles'
and Is ipilte feeble from the ef
fects -
Wanted Hrltig me your subscrip
tion or renewal to The Pallas Semi.
Weekly Farm News. $1 ('0 per
year 4 4-f.m
OWL Pltl'tl STORK.
rfflllL VALUZ
kj rf wcll-r-riulc J
stationery as a
means tf getting and
hold in z dttiraUe busi
ness ha been amp!
demonstrated. Consult
os before going
( J o o o o o o o o o o o o o
Notice is Hereby given, that by
virtue of a certain order of salo Is
sued by the Clerk of tho District
Court of Scurry county, on the 9th
day of April, 1913, In a curtain cuuso
Vhoreln Mrs. A. L. Jones Is plaintiff
and R. L. Fngllsh and John
A. Couch are defendants,
In which causo a judgment was ren
dered on tho 18th day of March,
1913, In favor of the said plaintiff
Mi. A. L. Jones against said de
fendants, R. L. KngllHh mid John
A. Couch for the sum of
Twolve hundred, thirty-om. & 40-100
dollars, with Interest thereon at tho
rate of 10 per centum per annum
from date of Jiidgmen', together
with all costs of suit, I have levied
upon, and will, on tho first Tuesday
in May, 1913, It being the Cth day
of said month, at Iho court house
door in the town of Snyder, Texas,
within legal hours, proceed to sell
for ensh to tho highest bidder, all
tho right, tide anil Interest of
R. L. Kngllsh and John A. Coucn
In and to the following described
real estate, levied upon as tho prop
erty of R. L. Kngllsh and John A.
Couch, to-wlt:
All the north onehalf of mm t lei
No. 194, blotk No. 97, II. k T. C.
Ry Co. survey In Scurry County,
The above sale to be made by me
to satisfy the above judgment for
Twelve hundred thirty one k 4 0-100
in favor of Mrs. A. L. Jonen,
together with the cost of said suit,
and the proceeds applied to th sat
isfaction thereof.
Sheriff (Viirry County. Texas
Snyder, Texas, April In, milt
Notl.e Is Heieby given, that by
virtue of a iirt.iiii order of sale is
sued b" the Cb rk t,f Die Pi,, lib (
Court of Scurry county, on Die iMh
day of April, ll'lll, In a certain fau..
wherein l. H I,iIh is J.!.,;ltif jui, 1
It. L. Palmer is defendant
lu whiih tame a Jukiii.-nl w;,s r. 11
10 red mi t he 1 Mh da of M:,r, b.
1 913. in favor of the said plaintiff
1:. II. Pails iicfiiist said tl- r. Inl.ini
It. L. Palmer for tl,.- s.nn of
Two hundred, ninety fi .e ( Jl!!'.', ne
dollars, with Interest thereon at the
ri te of 0 per 1 . 11 i;m .r annum
fi'im date of j ii.l tii.-n : . together
V. Ith ill Ctl.-.is Of 1 '.lit. I i;;n,. 1 - - i . -. 1
upon. :.lnl will, on the f. r t T:i .,! iy
in May. HUH, It t !,,. r, t li d.,v
"f aabl month, at the cmirt bouse
dour n. tlie town of Si:d r. Texas,
within legal hours, p: , ,,,.;
Tor ca.-h ..) the highest bi,,l .r. .,;
ti e rlcl.t. tub. and inter, st of
C.e said R L Palmer
in and to the f.i..w.k. ,!,., ni(1
real estate, lei led upon as the prop
the K.ild R. L. P.llllier, t.iw.i:
The north half of n .ilori No H"
Ir. blr.rk No S. II. T. C. Rr C
i irny In Sruriy con;,!), Texas
The above s..le to be mad" by ; ...
to satisfy the tihoxe jud;-'i nt f ,r
T wo I ii-idn.d ninety-t',ic dollars
Pi favor cf it. ii. i,aXlB
l-'fetlier with the tost of K.lld Kuj,
and the proceeds applied to (he s.n-l.-fartlon
fr.t reof.
Sherlf Srurry roomy, Tcx.n
FnydiT, Texas, April 10, lin.
I Ht you ever enjoyed msssag, '
Ia1 us apply onefor you. 1
Gsrrtt ft Norrls.
o o o o o o o o o o o o
Notice Is Hereby given, that bjr
virtue ot a certain order of sale Is
sued by the Click of tho District
Court of Scurry lounty, on the 9th
day of April, 1913, In a certain cause
wherein W A. McCullough Is plain
tiff and II. C. Jordan Ib defendant
in which cause a judgment was ren
dered on the 10th day of March,
1913, In favor of the said plaintiff
W. A. McCul lough against said de
fendant II. C. Jordan for the sum of
Two hundred eighty-eight and i0-100
dollars, with Interest thereon at the
rale of 10 per centum per annum
from date of judgment, together
with nil costn of suit, I hnve levied
upon, and will, on the first Tuesday
in May, 19 HI, it being the 6th day
of said month, at tho court house
tloor in the twon of Snyder, Texas,
within legal hours, proceed to sell
for cash to the highest bidder, all
the rlglit, title and interest of
the said II. C. Jordnn
in and to the following described
real eslate, levied upon as tho prop
erty of the said 11 C. Jordan, to-wlt:
All of lot :: in mock No. 4G In the
lllanlieiishlp addition to tho town of
Snyder Scurry county, Texas.
The above sale to he made, by me
to satisfy the above Judgment for
Two hundred eighty-eight & 10-100
dollars In favor of V. A. McCullough
together with the enst of said suit,
and the proceeds applied to the sat
i: faction thereof.
Slierrilf Snirry county, Texas.
Shd"r. Texas. April pi,
sniiKiri -s si,i;.
Notice is Hereby given, (hat by
lirt ue of a c ertain order of salo Is-
nii d by t iw clei k
f Iho District
Court of S' urrv
i'ii in y, on the 9th
. in a certain cause
linger W .plaintiff
Anders and I.
are defendants
'lav of April.
' ' !' in 11. II, II
,:-mI W. T.
I Te'.pl. ion.
:i v hi. h i a
iudgnien' was
d-i"d en th,
P'l.l. i-i f.n
1Mb day (,( :,reb
' of the said nliiint iff
' " ""' " ' "r acainst th,. defelid
W. T. Anders and I. .1. Temple
f"r "'" hum of four
"7.1IHI (Slim. 57)
''":!'"s' 'l"h '"'erest thereon at the
''"""'' rteniiin, p,.r ,,,
r",:l l! ''" "f Judgment, together
a'l ,,.-,s of suit. l,:,ve levied
'i";;- '" v.111. o ,,e llrst Tuesday
,:' ' ' '''I::' 11 ''.ing i. cth day
''f ,; 1 '" ! ' ''" court houso
'"' -I the t..w f Si.yd.-r, Texan
V 1 " Proceed .0 sell
;;T ' l b. th" highe,i bidder, all
' '' liD- and i,i,.r,,sl of
V ' "'" 1- -I- Templeton
111 "'I to the following .1 il., ..i
" ' 1 ' '"vl'-: i;po ,, Di.. prop-
' 'r W T. And. rs :,,,.i i . ...
" ' 1 fill-
v" ' anil in titiM k No. 20
- flffi. V wnUt. I 4,...
( " I kf ' IS '
a'l l.iioii to th
St .,Yr. Tex :
Ti... .... .
M," f-"-' to be mad.. I,v Vie
"." I lie above Judgment
"r ,r' 'I Mid a7-lon d.dla
,""r, "r K- IL Ho.
'c-th.r with th. ...
...i in
f. l'r,'"-'Mls applied to t
Isfattlt.a tt,rrr0f
J. P.. lint v
Pherrlff Rf.urry coun"yi TMjU
Sn,J,r- T". April 10. 19U.
firing n n,
hid, in ! V "" ,'88,
""t. Highest m.-iket rrlc.
ren- M
,reb V 'V

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