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r "
California's itu; trlt.s.
Yerr few of mir lwy and pill renders have
ever Fern California's liy trees; Those trees
hre pllal)1v the laiyost iu i!dp?t in the world
mid too tali and Mr fr any Uv tf Himh.
WIipii we cin.i(l'i' tii1 slinrtnofP nf human
life It poem almost impossible tn holieve that
there are still h ev'rtnu'e on this earth living
things that nero alive ;:.! j n,v uir for coutures
before the l irt h of Chnnt. wn! that many of
the most niometitou'. events of history tnmrpiro
(hinnir the life of tvo rpvirs of trio.-, sti'.l halo
iUld henrty in tin- allrp of California
The redw I. nnd it-, near rolrtive. the b;c
tre (siMeritifu ally cnlled Sociioia), are the
8UrvKors of a jM'iiu which v n oihv inVly
distributed orr the earth. Fossil specimen
of Sepiou have Keen found in (iieenl u.il a;il
in northern Kurope, but sine jri.uial times Hie
redwood has existed only in a narrow strip
aloiiR the I'acitic Coist and the bijr tire? have
lieen confined to a few y:iovos in the ("alifoiaia
.These trees are uond-'jful apart from their
great ate. for the pirat. touerinp trunks,
maiestic in their strength and re.-istance. av
as boautiful as the human, mind ran conceive.
The storms of centuries haw heat in vain ttpo::
their outstietch. d h:vls. and the foirst fire?
that consumed their lesser lnni. r have Keen
unit!'!.' to quench t! life from the sturdy
trunk. Lone he'.'eie the white man came the
Indians found .-' i.i. r in their midst, and 1 m.r
before the Ir.d.an t!.-' a:u' s'nade 'as avail..: ;
hat inaiiU'd alxmt.
;ll"i.l. is of no yie.tt e.n.
a':d 1 ."t '! the piilf
. . i p!i-.yioU!ds. to
present these .!iet h mi: things for tourist
of the future. Ti e wood ef the 1 n vr tree is
liyhter and iii.r hnttle ti..- i that of the coast
redwood, to .v!v-" i in1 nor in p:nct'caU
every re.sp ' . sr:; '-:..ty. tiee is
cut ir.to lvn;V :! '" !, I -i.t its cii.t i
vahi-i is for pc . ' ' ' ke-: for vir.e-
ynrds. From o.ie '.iv. :' ui ir ! r: tor.
there wa cut 12. ""o ' --ikes. ....v po.-ts
and l.'i.lioo h:;kes.
lii!e the California redwoods kiv iat as
lain' nor as old as the lin tree. the are next
in importance for ,-ie and ave. and. in addition,
they are of y. re.it comu.ercial alue. for the
luml.er made from n-dnood has many qualities
IK't xie.--ed I'V other species.
The rcduotKis j.'!ow to a pijfui.tio heijjht.
rHityii'.K fiom l!"o to feet. anl some jeach
id" teet. Tile diameter .i elates llo:n '2
to feet. ith an oec'.oonal one reaching -s
feet. In old aye the trunk uses to a jneat
heiKht I'nit- ot iN.jh.-. while on 'he upper pait
of the hi;.-: hes ;iie -h.oit :.;.d ill ovular. Th.e
lurk is lei. dee-! funowtii. with the ridges
often miH-ii cunrd and twisted. When oun
for the wi!, he.i.-t.
The hiy; tree, ei
merciiil nr.portanee
hive U'ell set ; sld.
the trees ai e r i ..
stem rises
straight and taponi.r. with somewh.iit ineyu
i i i . . ......
.i s. me lower u's
twivs are densely
linear leaves of a
vahmMe tree for
e.i'ie a!'. (llliien.s'ous reqiuieu.
and evenly and !at'cs and
lar whorls ol drooping i ram
sweipinj! t!ie v. roui.il. Tr.e
clothed Ml!' liat .-picadine;
f itie i'!o: ' V L I 01 M. It 1 il
huol.er. ; s it.- eieat si.e and clear "rain makes
it possible to
It Mhts re. ul
polishes well.
(Irovcs of jriar.t red.Mxn's are scattered alou'
the coast of C.difoinia. within the bolt.
They seem to require the ocean foRX to aid
their growth. One of the m.vst beautiful and
jicce.vsible jjroxes is tound in the M ll i r Woods,
in Marion County and within six miles of San
Wlietlur we consider the redwoods from the
viewpoint of their ac and size and measure
their value from an esthetic standpoint, or
liidpo them for their commercial importance to
the lumber industry, they loom up as a species
of wonderful characteristics and value, and well
worth their conservation and preservation for
future eeiieratioiis.
Our loys and jrirls who use lead pencils each
dav in school, and find them so important in
their tablet work, should know sonicthinjr of
the history of the cncil. The first lead pencil
was made back in the days of ()ucen Elizabeth.
As you no doubt know, lead pencils are made
from a mineral known as jrraphite. This min
eral Rets its name from a Greek word "Grapho."
meaning "I write."
At first the phaphite was sawed into sheets
and then cut into little sticks, which were pro
tected by little bits of wood. Through the dig
ging and cutting, a great deal of the graphite
was broken and thus wasted. At last, in 179."),
a Frenchman named Conte. discovered that
powdered graphite could be mixed with binding
clay and the pencils we use today are mainly
manufactured in this manner. It wim not. how
ever, until the year of 1860 that lead pencils
were made In the United States, but since that
time our country has led in the lead pencil In
dustry of the world. In fact, yxu may go in
any part of the w orld today nnd buy AmcricAn
made pencils.
Geologists report beds of graphite in Texas,
outcropping of this mineral having been found
by them in several West Texaa counties. It
is now a very valuable mineral because of the
fact that there is a growing wnreity of graphite
thioughout the world.
1 Miring the callow period 'f the turkey hen's
bropd( the mother turkey constantly watches
for r.nd instantly warns her' chicks. ngairiFt An
other ruthless foe. This is the chicken hawk.
it Is wonderltil how the lien turkey detects
the coming of tho hawk. She discovers it
nearly as soon as th" hawk, in his soaring place
dmoiU ;.mong the clouds, has pot his eye on
her and her broods While the hawk is dropping
down Upon them, the old tin key utters a sharp
and peculiar cry, and Instantly every chick
either scampers to a hiding-place or falls over4
on the ground and simulates death .'is perfectly
as the 'possum ever did.
The proving chicken hawk will dim on noth
ing but what he captures alive and kills. How
tho young tuikeys know that I? more than any
one can say, but it is evident that they do know
it. If they are true to thrii' instinct, and io
main as they fall until the mother gives them
the sijrnal that the darner is over, the havk.
seeing nothing but dead tramo on the ground,
as ho supposes, will sail r.way again.
The mother will n give the signal to her
brood that all is well until the hawk is out of
sivht. nnd then, in her call, up will jump every
'possum-playing chick.
It sometime'? happens that a chick is im
patient, and attempts to run things itself, com
ing to life before it gets the void from i's
mother. The chick that docs so is lot. for the
hovering hawk will have it ta.oiis on it in
stantlv. although the impudent chick has quick
ly obeyed a second older from its mother in the
bushes and pn tended to be dead again.
There seems almost no excuse for a jr.rl. or
a Ih.v, . ithor. to say "I have nothing to do."
As a matter of fact, there are so many things
for them to do that it is a wonder they And
enough l ours in the d i.v in which to do them.
Th.- bevs. for instance, have their woikshops
in which 'to make all sorts of things for them-s-
!v(s or the house. Then they have their ex
periments in chemistry and electricity; all the
tascinating things in natuio to study about;
their collections of stamps, butterllas or what
ever they may be interested in to arrange and
classify.' as we'd as books and newspapers to
lead and amuse themselves with.
The yirls hac all of these and u few others
in addition, for needlework oilers Kicat, possi
bilities to those who complain that they have
nothing to do for amu.-om lit.
Gills always like pretty things to wear, and
tht-ie are so' many dainty bits of underwear
thev can make for themselves if they aie at
all cle er w ith their needle. If they do not wish
to embroider their, they can be finished with
a simple hemstitch or featherstitch which will
be inst as pretty ami e!lectie.
Then there was never a kill wh. did not like
nn attiacthe room. For it she can make nice
covers for bureau w dressing table. These, too,
do not have to be elaborately embroidered, for
hemstitching is ayam elective for the hem and
the lest caii be without ornament or with a
siii.il! comer design that would not take long
to do.
For her writing table she could make runners
of crash with a bit of Colored embroidery at the
ends, or if she likes to paint she can have the
pleasure of stenciling them.
Stenciling is very quick work and lots o;
fun if the person is a careful worker and does
it propel ly. The process is so very simple that
many who try it think that it does not require
anv skill at all. and consequently go at it so
carelessly that the results are far from satis
factory. Hut if a little care is taken, the work
quickly done and very elfective.
Stenciling can al.-o be done at the bottom of
window curtains or along a couch cover, so a
girl who can do it can decorate many things
for her room.
Getting away from the stenciling idea and
back to needlework, girls all enjoy having
dainty guest towels to otTcr their friends when
they come to visit them. These should not be
too elaborately embroidered, and should be done
in white thread or they will find their guests
very reluctant to use them for they will feel
that they are hastening the destruction of the
pretty colors.
For girls who do not care for any kind of
handwork, the scrapbook oilers amusement for
idle hours. If they are fond of reading they
might like to collect photographs and articles,
short and long, about their favorite authors.
If they read the good books by standard authors
they will always be running across material
for'their sorapbooks. Take Kobert I-ouis Ste
venson and Louisa M. Alcott. for instance.
There are many interesting things published
from time to time about their lives, their books,
the places in which they lived, or how they
happened to write certain books or stories.
They could have scrapbooks on historical
houses or events or on any .subject under the
sun that interested them. The magazines and
papers would have fresh interest for them, for
they wou'd always be on the lookout for mate
rial for their books.
"The concensus of opinion among oil oper
ator's that a $1.00 price for Texas crude oil
will prevail before the year is over." according
to a statement recently made by Gilbert John
son, Fort Worth Oil Operator and Hroker, upon
his return from the California oil fields where
lie controls large interests. "It is a fact," says
Mr.- Johnson, "that the price of crude oil in the
many fields of the United States depends upon
the current price of 'ennsylvama crude, that
has but recently jumped to $"..'0 per ban el,
establishing the highest price for crude thus
far on record."
As shown by the late U. S. Geological report
the total oil consumption for the year 1910
amounted to .136,000,000 barrels, and taking
this as a comparative basis, it is computed that
the oil consumption during the coming year
will increase at least 20 per cent. Texas crudo
oil has advanced to $3.23 in the Somerset field.
The situation is mainly one of production and
consumption, w ith the future of the oil indus
try resting in tho hands of the consumer as to
whether or not the high price of crude oil will
be paid as an inducement to the oil producer
in further drilling of oil territory.
Tiir ivn i i. on F.ft ok mo.ooo Mtuihs or v.. v imivu.tv a ir.w mh'MF.nt company- now
Itl.lMt OM I KI II hilt I I IJI.M SI liS Kil l ION A I
$1.00 PER SHARE.
$1.00 PER SHARE.
Ol'l-oltTIMTy KN'M'KS M(.Y 'N' V. AT '! U hhi( M-r N Y..ir. Mi.NT I.F.T IT SMI' IJY tOf.
K'-Hi iir'fully tli'. fte-i mi'l llirn judK" f-T jour'-f If.
1 IMrlrtitiil I'htIiic HnjaUy STUCK N hl e are
iffTlrn T'il.
2 I'syliie Montlilv I )ii IiImiiIh of t IT rr-tit fu ll nnil
frrj month.
Krmi'inhpr 1 I loin lit only from lo prndw
lnc will Hf flic tii-crnl liinc. iitli II more wWl
ilrillliU lo pM-hup IncrfHs IliK In HHi per i lit
(llililnicl rmh nil eery month, mul prluipn
1,912 ACRES
S'i tin. t i f c..et' n
n.r, in .1 nf Hip er'iit
t M ..hi j th'-
Don't feed chicks of several different sizes
together. The smaller ones will be overrun
and stunted. One sick chick soon infects the
whole flock. Remove the chick at the first
sign of illness. Cleanliness and proper care
are great disease preventives.
Mrkt wruk. lull. rrir- Inwrr. Th folowln prim wr
Pl.l fnr hide, wool. rt. by Nnritfi Hid A Wool Cninrtnjr at Fort
Wnnh. T, x. r'tbrurr 2.
(lrn HMm hr mr - - - I IS
(irrrn Mil hlrlr hy frlchl - 17
rrr flint hl,i - - - -
Dry Mil tint - - .- .JIT
!rn !id hor hldw. Ir. ch m M
Orfrrn Mlt hor h'lr. mulium. ch - I CO
C.rccn Mlc4 ho ikiM, cmch .. lo .
Shrrp rh .. .W to I 80
SlwarllM iliwi), (mull priia. kld an4 damard wlli utual
duritnn. 1
rn1lnt la trkd.
Wool according lo (radat
I rnipcr .Mn);MTint nf1 Ilnrt tlfflrlala In
rlmrr t ttc K. C. Hi) A I. TV A DKM.LOI'
r, lilililnMl iliks wn out the 2Mh of eh and
ffry tiionih.
ft M TK(TS In the bft prmluriiiK flcliN in
the niiflir Spot f Tun.
tine foiirtli off nil flic oil prmltirwl on I.S')0 rrtn In the Csrlnrleht Ifi.e.
In Unilrr tomit). Urll now drilling on thU tr.Mt.
Our .Ixtwiitli of all oil proilurod on t lie alt-tM-rn lev- One well li
prmluilnc ntr .'.'in bsrrels unil another i drllllnr "i I hi-. Inirt. Hie, ei kitiH.
Norwood nnd I'tiNom wclli lire ll nenr thl trml.
On ft nt) fourth of the KOYW.TY on the ST vre llowxnl Inrt. Six
welU lire drillint on thi tract nnd other loriitinns re belnu made. A 2.0O0
linrnl ll Jut st of this trnrt.
tine fourth nf nil I lie oil produrwl from 1 lie eli-ht m re O'ltesr loae. Tliis
trnrt Is in the liradriimiiit field. A rlj l up nnd is ready to pud In.
One ivi etity ltli of all the oil pmdurrd from the nit-nne br lesse.
This lr:n t is In the Iti-sdmuona fir ll nnd has mcII on it thai is nniv pruil n iric
more than I lift hnrrels ilail.
One-sitenlh nf .ill the oil produred on the five-arre Tidwill leas.e. This
Is iils,i In the Deselfniinia field. 1 he rii: Is up nnd drilling henn.
Ye hellew that these MX tracts hold SIX I.OI.MIA' ori'OUTIMTIFS
for the ronscnatiie inesor. Now h )our cliance lo e ure this Modi at par
Jl.oii per Omre.
I t nt oiM-e. Ti.inrr-.w may l.r t-, lnt... Clip fie Coupon ( r eM that you rnn buy.
I ,!,,. i;..,..;, I(,l.... j,r ,e Mfr-t Nalue. W- r..-rv tl.e r'ir! t refirti ..ve-sil..-ri.l.i.
HK( IMII.M l itis Uin.il.il Mix li inr, ur.si i.i i i ir...is mi. riiun iiiiim
Remember This
I.,. Mailt U W I.I I S
.IM- fi.' MIS ovef
' liiT.il I ! .!! I'a.lv.
a i
More GcxkI News
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.li, 'im oil ,.iir
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K. ' 1 i il Slili. l'r.-.il'i '
1 1 I ' n K 11 1 H I'reviilnit
M II A It HI II I V' 'I'. Si. ri t.iri '1. iun r
IIWIi Ki l l KC.N(
ali.m-il I'.m.I ' ' : r. tit -f i'. I..r H-r'h. Trail
.lit ii-it'ii I'.uiik .V Tn.-l I
-"i"-t Nut !! .i i I iaii
i .ji ii i.j
I "..if W..I tli. T'-xaa
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iifo ireo.
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Jl.tin jie- 'I. lire, f 1 1 : paid nnd i,.oti-,snl'li'.
I 1 1 1 . . 1 r -1 : 1 1 . I t'.nt I am t'i Nhiire ii, nil i.'iim'S
Mini r j a . i.hij.-iI l.j Ikis riiiiipaii.v.
Write for lUioUlet. "Itnildinir an luronie, fur
the h'uliirr."
v ! iniiawamw iiph a a
nan in urif--1- - "
1 Stack BuyersTakeNofic
k OUR 40 ACRES i;;-;1 tTJTZ
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r4 ..... .i . ... .1. w lv't.'Vdi Villi 1' 1111 ! v.-1. .1, 1 1 'i
i- J A "-lii.fi ili:a n 'I' u e .... i ti . i i ..- i ............
... ...i ..... . .' ... .l i:...- ;.. ......... ,....,,.(.. .... tl .. ..ntlien.t tin'
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i .g C.lli: lil.l. !.a pr... In, il ..i.r ii :n:.!.oii il..;l-ir in tne nrT ."
ii:,j- r .... t'..i I'li-e .- mi the sarin- uln.i tiiiv ami nil expert u.l meii
J ,, ., , i I ,. !.. 1 ;ii:';erl 111 tl.f I'I'UlilJ . II IH'l iej.ll.
niVinrMnl IS W'e in. snitii; to ,..ij (i;iileiiiN with n I "i.r
UIVlULnUJ ;.r., f,.r ,:.,.t!: mir derrnk S l.e,i1:
i. tin. t i let tn tart ilriiiinc ul ou
.!..!. an
C A PIT A I HAUr.-s. I'l'f aim- SI - are nffi-n::,' oti!v t
1 I L. imnH, .;,.,r(., ,,t pur. n know il mil ilnuliie ivl.en .
.. ' ;i r r 1 1 r I . I . 1 1 .
PI IV WnW If - '" ' I i '-i l-itii.-e !i"W STI'.l'MIA'S
DU I MUV , , ,, N 1. ,..i.. ,! . a.- m the Ci:Ti:i:
-...nil ii..i' ! I ' liirpe pr.iil n ;u !;, e MmiM Im- overt!lTili.s
If ji.ii l,a" runj.i ini itniet'fs in Oil
Stix k Hint l.rve jT'iv.-ii ti!i-ati-fai'tiir,
-e are ..ffi-ni.c y.ni nti i pi.rtunity ta
It I ; ' l'lil vour lnev imi I trt nil velvet
tei,e This ! ti. ST UK I ' I U t.M IT ! I V
St'MK.M!!. h:t n sit.eere nii'l r-ntii-itn-tioii
ei'p it i.f a crni.ji nf n fii mm kiln
till' ('il I'.'iMlie, nnd Mini I'm. I their
money with ji.urs in niiiiirit:(r twinty
f:ve tract- ,.f forty nrr's I'ui'li nrounj
the mt jj r .ri: i-in jr iji'illinc Hells in the
l.onis.nna K.i Id. Sit ri(.!it ibuvn und
ivr te for u (iei riptivc rirciiinr it in
well worth v. .,r tune.
i.oiimaw i.i;af holium;
TIS Kan W'ac-rnner ISlrlje.. I'ort onh.
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Wire UeseiiiUiun .eiu ( hnl,, Tonioiruu My He
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