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She 8n$btr Signal
HARDY & CUKKY, Publishers.
f ForoiKn Advertninie Kepresei
nttlve I
Subscription $1.50 per year la Adv.
Entered in tho postoffice at Sny
der, Teiw, mii iwcoimI class lunllniat-tcr.
Oil advertising 86c per inch for
display apbco and l-0c a line tor
readers. Cash must accompany all
, 'About the. UunolT I'Himirj.
A. C. Wilmoth wuh elected ut the
recent primaries to the position of
county eMrriittn but says he will
not serve aguin la thut capacity.
He States furthermore thut the law
provides that when there Is to be a
second' or' runoff primary to decide
between candidates for a county of
fice' that primary shall be held on
the second Saturday In August and
thai be has retdgned the chairman
ship and will , not make provision
for. the election.
It la understood thut Mr. Howell
and Miss Suuyres expect, to submit
themselves' to a 'runoff primary, and
somebody should see to holding the
election. It lias been supposed that
this race would come on the 28th
along with the others and the matter
will be simplified If these numes are
placed on the ticket for that elec
tion. Even If not technically legal
the people can vote on the 28th and
it will certainly be satisfactory to
all concerned. For sure, .curtry
county should not tal to hold the
second primary on August 28.
Mexico Has More Trouble.
Gov. Cantu of Lower California
has served notice on the Mexican
government that all orders, commun
ications or federal interference from
the Mexican authorities will be Ig
nored. Ho and the people of hla
territory are In rebellion against the
provisional government and It Is
said he Is bucked by several thousand
soldiers. Ho has enlisted the Chi
nese and is trying to get the Japs to
join him. It Is said that a number
of the old Carranza supporters are
behind, tho movement.
There is J 13.000 worth of build
ing In progress In Dallas under the
open shdp rules.
If the Inter-World church move
ment Im) to get into politics It will
lose popular favor.
Coal miners and operators are In
conference In Chicago with a reason
ably fair prpret or settling differences.
Samuel Gompers declares that
labor will not tolerate n reduction
f the scale of wages.
' The new!y created Joint track di
vision of the Texas &. Pacific and
the M. K. & T. will be located at
Denton. That Jakes Denton a rail
road town.
The attorney general of Mexico
says Carranza was n private citizen
when he was killed. That simplifies
the case. It has been considered a
harmless pastime In Mexico to shoot
down private citizens.
President Wilson urges coal min
ners to continue at work. He says
it is necessary that mining be re
sumed' before he will ask the bitu
minous coal people to consider Ine
qualities In the wage scale.
More than likely Mr. Bailey him
self doesn't expect to get a Judgment
for damages against the Fort Worth
Record, but he will have gained an
end If he can scare other newspapers
out of printing campaign dope
about htm.
Mr. Bailey vras a candidate for
governor In tho primaries and la
candidate In the runoff. The man
who rotes in the democratic pri
maries pledges supiort to the nomi
nee, bat iMr. Bailey is reported to
have been saying he will not vote
for any man who favors Wilson. Pat
Neff favors WIlHon.
A' dispatch from Chicago -says
railroads are doing an Increased
business. 'Tls well it Is so the
public has to pay an Increase of six
hundred million dollars for wages
and a billion and a naif In freight
and passenger charges, therefore the
roads ought to be, turning off more
work and without bo much delay.
, Mr. - Ov L. Ifpwell is vlsftlng this
week In New Mexico.
County Convention Names Delegates
to Stute Convention.
The democratic county convention
for Scurry county was held lust Sat
urday to elect de-legates to the state
W. S. Adamson was elected chair
man and Mrs. Kate Cotten secretary
of tho convention.
There was no oratory turned !oose
ut this meeting, but a resolution was
adapted endorsing the democratic
administration, national and state,
and lhl national platform promul
gated by the San Francisco conven
tion. Following Is the list of delegates
elected to the state convention:
W. II. Morrow, M. E. Rosser, C.
R. Huchunan, J. F. Dowdy and J.
C. Beakley, L. M. Perlman, A.
Rhoads. W. S. Adamson.
Primitive Association Adjourned.
The rrlniitlve Baptist association
closed here Sunday with a great
crowd at the tabernacle for the Sun
duy servlco. There were five addi
tions to the church and four of these
were baptized In Deep Creek Sun
day morning by Rev. J. A. HeBter,
pastor of the Snyder church.
Tho association will meet next
year with ZIon's Rest church In
Mitchell county. They are a self
susttinLng (people, "providing their
own Ijoard and .keep. Primitive
Baptists are noted for honesty. In
dustry and frugality. It has always
been said of them that their verbal
promise Is as good as a written bond.
They go about their affairs with
firmness of purpose, and while they
are, said to jieVi to the faith that
nothing they may do can change the
trend of things, they are careful to
avoid any rashness to tempt fate.
We are glad to have had these good
people with us.
Thero can be little room for
doubt that Pat Neff regrets the
things he said about R. E. Thoma
son, and the people should he us
charitable as Mr. ThomuHon and
overlook the campaign Incident and
look past, it to the welfare of the
state and the democratic party.
Appreciate the Prriu-tier.
To the Signal:
We certainly appreciate having
had1 Hro. Hicks, the Methodist pas
tor at Snyrior, with us a few days
In our meeting at Elklns Chapel.
He Is a strong, deep preacher of the
gospe! Ho made many friends
while here.
The Methodtot people of Snyder
ought to be proud of having a Godly
man like that for pastor. They
should help him In every way
The Methodist people who are
hiding out around Snyder and not
going to preaching should remem
ber that some of them have children
on tire road to eternal torments un
less saved by grnce. They should
wake up to their awful responsibility
and help to save the young people
before it is too late.
Your Brother.
Ceo. M. Elklns.
Departing (ilie-(.
I like to have my friends come In.
when evening's growln' gray, and
talk of autos made of tin.' of hens
and hogs and hay. Their coming
does not make me sore, 'tis this that
makes me grieve, when they would
get their visit o'er, they take so
long to leave! They quit the daz
zling sitting room at half past', ten
o'clock, then In the hall's religious
gloom they talk and talk and talk.
At last they leave my humble door,
but on the porch they pause, and for
another hour or more they ply their
useful Jaws. The nlghtf It waxing
old and late when down the walk
they go, and then they loiter at the
gate to talk an hour or so. How
grand Is that infrequent guest who
says at nine o'clock "Time files
apace, you want to' rest, so I) will
take a walk." He takes his walking
stick and hat, and whenj he comes
some more, he finds a welcome on
the mat that lies before the door.
My friends are welcomed to my
gate, and harmless suds shall flow,
but when it's time to pull their
I wish they'd up and go! Walt
Wirlnem Meeting Postponed.
Amarillo has been making exten
sive preparations for the Khiva
Shrine ceremonial .to be held there
during this month, but there has
been a change In plans as Is shown
by the following message to the Sig
Amarillo, Texas, Aug. 2.1920.
To The Snyder Signal:
Please post bulletin, Khiva Shrine
ceremonial postponed until first
week In September, account Imperial
Pofentate present at that time.
Ray B. MeCofHt,
.Editor, fall Panhandle.
(."' I
Newspaper Circles
Bailey Sum Fort Worth Record.
A unit entitled Joseph W. Bailey
against The Record company of Fort
Worth. Texas, for $100,000 wus filed
in district court ut Gainesville laat
Friday. It was alleged that fa!se.
slanderous and malicloua publication
of matter In regard to Mr. Bulley's
alleged connection with the element
opposed to prohibition had baen
made In the Issues of the Fort Worth
Record on April 22 und 29 last.
Mr. Bailey wus the leading candi
date of a field of four In the contest
for the democratic gubernatorial
nomination at last Saturday's pri
mary and will contest for the nomi
nation with Fat M. J'eff of Waco at
n run-off primary Aug. 28.
While no word has been received
by the Record from Gainesville rela
tive to the suit, report of It appears
to be wlilespreaY The first the
Record heard of the suit was in the
voluntary tender of services by land
ing attorneys of Texas, who express
the opinion that the allegations do
not show a basis for action.
No matter how favorably located a
town may be, It takes some kind of
prganized effort to get things done.
The Statonlte
Every town that hopes to go for
ward by individual effort gets prac
tically nothing.
Congressman King Swope of Ken
tucky, on his return from the Orient,
declared thut the United States has
reached a point where "we should
not permit any unassiml'iihle race to
fill up our Pacific states or any other
states." Congressman King Swope
Is a republican. He Is chairman of
the house subcommittee which re
cently completed an Investigation of
the Japanese Immigration to Pacific
coast slates. He would extend the
IMNoii on High! Hour.
On the occasion of his seventy
third birthday, Thomas A. Edison,
"consented" to take a half-day off
from work to permit his friends to
celebrate the anniversary. On the
subject of work und the eight hour
day he said:
"I am not against the eight hour
day or any other thing that protects
labor from the exploitation at the
hands of ruthless employers, but It
r.nkes me sad to see young Americas
shackle their abilities by blindly
conforming with rules which force
the industrious man to keep in step
with the shirker. I huve always
felt that one of the principal reasons
for American progress in the past
'has been that every man had a
chance to become whatever he want
ed to be. It used to be fashionable
to be ambitious. The employe
planned to become un employer; the
unskilled mm sought to I ecome
skillful. A young man was not well
thought of if he were not striving
for a higher place in life.
"Today I am wondering what
would have happened to me by now
If fifty years ago some fluent talker
had, converted me to the theory of
the eight hour day and convinced
me that it was not fair to my fellow
workers to put forth my best ef
forts In my work. I am glad that
the eight hour day had not been In
vented when I was a young man.
If my life had been made up of
eight hour days I do not believe I
would have accomplished a great
deal. This country would not
amount to as much as it does If the
young men of fifty years ago had
been afraid they might earn more
than they were paid."
First Baptist Church.
Sunday school at 8:30. Preach
ing service at 10:30 and 7:30. Sun
beam Band 4 o'clock.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday night
at 7:30 and Girls' auxiliary Wednes
day afternoon at 3:30. Everyone
cordially invited to be present.
There will be no preaching ser
vices at our church Sunday as the
pastor Is away in a meeting, but we
are looking for you at Sunday school.
The pastor greatly desires your
prayers during this meeting that
God's power be upon him and many
souls be led to Christ.
W. H. Sims, Pastor.
Relating to Taxation by School
Senate Joint Resolution No. 17.
Pro'poclng an amendment to Section
3 of Article VII of the Constitu-
"prlvllege of entry of any and all
immigrants predicated upon their
ubllity und desire to become real
it possible for a Japanese to become1
loyal and patriotic Americans." Isn't
a real loyal and patriotic American?
Fort Worth Record.
He has not proved such. The
Chinese are here to accumulate
money, hut he expects his bones or
his ashes to go buck to China for
burial. We do not recall thut uny
Chinaman has ever shown uny spirit
of American patriotism.
Tlw Lynn County News admits
thut It swiped this item:
"Seventy-live dollur silk shirts are
on sale in Ebrt Worth, and it's a
dead cinch that there are fellows In
Fort Worth earning $75 a month
who will buy them. We do Insist,
however, that till of a $5 shirt
should be worn where It can Ih seen.
No man can afford) to tuck In $40
worth of shirt tall."
Any man who will pay $75 for a
shirt Is a living proof of the adage
concerning a fool and his money.
J. L. Martin has sold his Royse
News-Times to D. M. Norwood of
Comanche. Okla. Mr. Martin Is
Bald to have retired uion the advice
of a nerve specialist, as a health
preservation measure. Richardson
When a newspaper man loses his
nerve it is time to quit. Few of
them have anything else to full back
The man who starts out to find
trouble hardly ever happens to get
on the wrong road. Hartley Coun
ty News.
But he sometimes finds that he
has stirred up the wrong animal.
tion of the State of Texas by ex
empting independent and common
school districts from tho limita
tion of a total tax of one dollar on
the one hundred dollars valuation
for any one year, and making an
appropriation therefor.
Be it resolved by the Legislature of
the RUIt of Texas:
Section 1. That Section 3 of Ar
ticle VII of the Coustltutlon be so
amended as hereafter to read as fol
lows: (Creating a new Section 3.)
Section 3. One-fourth of the rev-
uue derived from the State occupa
tion tuxes and a poll tax of one
($1.00) dollar on every Inhabitant
of this state, between the ugi-e of
twenty-one and sixty years, shall be
set apart annuallly for the benefit of
the public free schools; and in ad
dition thereto, there sha'l he levied
and collected an annual cd valorem
state tax of such an amount not to
exceed thirty-five cents on the one
hundred ($100 00) dollars valua
tion, as with the available school
fund arising from all other sources,
will bo sufficient to maintain and
support the public schools of this
State for a period of not less than
six months In each year, and It shall
be the duty of the State Board of
Education to set aside aj sufficient
amount out of the said tax to pro
vide free text books for the use of
the children attending thjn public
free schools of this State; provided,
however, that should the limit of
taxation (herein named be Insuffi
cient the deficit may be met by ap
propriation from the general funds
of the state and the legislature nay
also provide for the formation of
school districts by general or special
law without the local not lew required
In other cases of special legislation;
and all such school districts, wheth
er created by general or special law
may embrace parts of two or store
counties. And the legislature shall
be authorized to pass laws for the
assessment and collection of taxes
In all said districts and for the man
ageraent and control of the public
school or schools oC such districts,
whether such districts ars composed
of territory wholly within a county
or In parts of two or more counties.
And the legislature may authorize
an additional ad valorem tax to be
levied and collected within all
school districts heretofore formed,
or hereafter formed, for the
further ' maintenance of pub
lie free schools, and the erection
and equipment of school building
therein; provided, that a majority of
the qualified property tax-paying
voters of the .district voting at an
election to be held for that purpose.
shall vote such tax not to exceed In
any one year one dollar on the on 3
hundred dollars valuation of the
property subject to taxation In such
cistrlrt, but the limitation upon the
amount of school district tax herein
authorized snail not apply to Incor
porated cittos or towns constituting
separate and independent school dls
tticts, nor to Independent or common
school districts created by general or
i.peclal law.
Sec. 2. The foregoing constitu
tional amendment shall be submitted
to a vote of the qualified electors
cf the State at an election to bo
held throughout the State on the
first Tuesday after the first Monday
In November, 1920, at which elec
tion all voters favoring said pro
posed amendment shall write or
have printed on their ballots the
words. "For the Amendment to Sec
tion 3 of Article VII of the Constitu
tion of the State of Texas, providing
that the limitation upon tho amount
ot school district tax of one dollar
f.n the one hundred dollars valua
tion shall not apply to Independent
or common school dU
by general or special
those opposed to Bald
shall write or have prl...
ballots "Against the air.:
Section 3 of Article VII cf
Ktltutlon of the State of T
vldlng that the limitation
amount of school district t
dollar on the one hundre
valuation shall not apply
pendent or common, school
created by general or Bpfx
Sec. 3. The Governor
State Is hereby directed to
necessary proclamation
election and to have same
as required by the Conctlt
existing laws of the State.
Sec. 4. That the. sum
Thousand ($5,000.00) Doll
much thereof as may be n
hereby appropriated . out
funds In tho Treasury of
of Texas not otherwise
ted. to pay the expense?
publication and election. '
C. D. MIMS, Secretary o
! (Attest A True (
(The State College for Women) ? ...
The College of Industrial Arta, Denton, Texas, enrolled di
past session 1462 students and during the summer session $66,
of 2128 Texas glr!. making It the largest college for girls In
ted States with the exception of two, both of which are located
chusetts. It is a college of the first class; and gives literary,
Industrial und vocational education and (ruining of the best qti
signed solely to develop mental discipline, social culture, in&u
flclency and spiritual vision and outlook.
Its courses of study ure composed of correlated subjects, '
every necessary phase of wotnan'fteducation. and are grouped as
(1) literary. (2) household arts, (4) manual art. (6) rural
science, (6) music, Including piano, voice, violin, and publi
music, (7) reuding or expression, (8) secretarial studies, (t) k
ten training. (10) homemaklng, rural and urban, (11) telche
lor public school music, public school art, household arts,
home economics, primary grades and high school subject;
teaching under expert supervision, f 121 vocational training of
lege and non-college rank for many of the most remunerative
tractive vocations, rural and urban, for women. It confers th
of Bachelor of Arts, nachelor of Science. Bachelor of Mnsle, Ea
Literary Interpretation and Bachelor of Business Administrator
volitional dlprlomas and certificates of proficiency, and Issues
State certificates. 4-
The college plant is valued at $1,500,000; the management It
safe and wholesome; the faculty Is one of the best in tho Bout
Is a Texas college for Texas girls. The next session opens Tries
tember 14. 1920. For further information or for the) latest t
address '
F. M. lllUM.KV, I, I.. !., President
College of Industrial Artit f
Denlon, Texm. " '
I urn. ti:s
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