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24 days of our sale ended Feb.
28th showing- a gross of $802449.
February being such a short
month we will continue to let
you have groceries at a big
saving. We will pay highest
cash prices for chickens and
eggs, (need friers)
You need the gro
ceries, buy from us,
save money-
By the sack
Half bushel
No. 2 EIco
No. 2 Our Darling
6 for .90
6 for $1.20
No. 2 California pack
6 for .75
No. 10. 1 gallon
Hurt Olney Laryje size
Morris Supreme
Small Size
White Swan Pork and Beans
No. 1 - - 12 for $1.20
No. 2 Campbell large size 6 for .90
No. 1 Early June
No. 2 Small May
No. 2 B. 0. Sweet Pickles
6 for .90
6 for $1.20
3 for .90
Cut Beans
No .2 St. Lawrence
G for $1.20
Hominy and Kraut
No. 3 Hominy 6 for .90
No. 3 Kraut ... 6 for .90
Compound Lard
No- S Swift Jewel
No. S Morris
No. S White Cloud
No. S Cottolenc
Jellies and Preserves
No. 1 Lippincott - - .45
Half Gallon Dixie .75
One Gallon Dixie - - $1 50
5 oz. Garret t
5 oz. Honest
Large family size Po3t Toasties 6 for $1.20
Large family size Oats - 2 for .60
Large Puffed Wheat - 2 for .30
Why pry more when
you can get the best for
We have the best flour that
can be milled and our prices arc
the lowest.
Best for less for cash
Effort Will Ba Made During March
and April to Secure Cash on All
Pledgee Due to May
1, 1921.
M, ... ..... ..,,;- fifvn
President Southern Baptist Conven
tion, who will tour the Sou'li.
l"p to December 1, l!Jv, Southern
Raptl.sts had paid I16.S31.1U0.6S in
ash on their subscriptions to the 75
Million Campaign, according to an an
noun in. cm issued by the Conserva
tion Commission, which is looking af
ter all t!ie general interests of the
campaign. This rum has been appor
tioned among for. ign missions, home
missions, state missions. Christian ed
ucation. hospital", orphanages and
ministerial relief, jn accordance with
tlie original auipaign program.
While the receipts from the cam
paign have enabled all the agetic ies of
the dtiiom. nation to greatly t-nlarg
their work the returns have not been
as large as the hest interest of tho
work demand, it is said, and the local
i hurrhes throughout the South are
asked to Join In a movement to brine
up the payment on all subscriptions!
due by May 1. in order that the de!e-
Kate? can go to the Southern Haptlst
Convention at Chat tanooga. May 12.
with a cban slate, and all the cen
tral work adequate ly provided for.
Will Ho d Day of Prayer.
Inaugurating, this spring ash round-1
up campaign. February 27 'March 6j
lias been desigr.aN d as intercession
eek Ly :1c I' ;:i?t women of the
.' ;''!. while t'.e -'-ire membership
f t';e Ilajitist i htirches Is asked to !
;..:n in : r-.:i!:r.r. Welti- s.lay, March 2.
as a day of pr.iyi-r lor (bid's blessings
a: ! KUid :n-.- ::. t!.e tuit'.ier campaign
w o . k .
Alter t't- special period of prayer
!( ren.aivd r of March will be given
,,t'i- to a'.. tiu the members of
all the l..i!':.-: i -h'-s in the South
m .he ma;:-r if o.i.pletini; the cani-i
;y.iUn pt':.;'vi by ; ij Ihk that por- i
lion of the siiusi i : t ,i:is due by , that I
time, and In bringing the members to!
e-' their obligation to support God's I
uik through the ib-st initiation of the'
doctrine of stewardship. April has
been designated as loyally month and I
during that time effort will be made :
throughout the South to bring llap
lists to realize that their loyalty to'
Cod and his work demands the pay
men!, where lit nil possible, of their
pledges to tho campaign.
Southwide Tour l Planned.
In order th" ' ..crlbers to the
tampaign . 1 . iully Informed on
what has . . omplished with tho
money they have contributed so far.
and as to the needs of the comple
tion of the c ampaign program, a se-1
rics of informational and inspirational
meetings that will reach Into every
state In the South has been planned
for March and April. These meetings
will bo featured by addresses by Dr.
J. B. tiombrdl. president of the South
ern Baptist Convention, and Dr. E. Y.
MuHlns, president of the Southern
liaptist Theological Seminary, who
have Just returned from a six months'
tour of the mission fields of Europe,
and who will tell of conditions they
found there; Dr. L. R. Scarborough,
general director of the campaign, and
other persons of prominence. These
meetings will be held at central points I
in the various states, and from these j
central meetings asBociatlonal and dls-1
trlct rallies will be formed In the hope
of taking the campaign message to all
the people.
Large Relief Work Done.
Secretary Love of the Foreign Mis
sion Board reports that Southern Bap
tists, within the last few weeks, have
contributed H7,2S4.20 In cash for the
relief of suffering peoples In Europe
and China, above their campaign con
tributions, and that the Bcptlst women
of the South have contributed 100,
000 worth of first-cl iss drilling for
the needy families o: Hungary.
Varied entertainment will be thi
watchword of the Southwestern Kx
'position and Fut Stock Show, whicl
will be held at Fort Worth March I
to 12. With an exhibition of bloodec
livestock that promises better thar
The lady bronc and trick rldlnj
has always been a feature at the
Ft. Worth Rodeo.
any made in past years as a nuc
leus and central feature, the show
will be rounded out with numerous
features that will rrovida entertain
ment for everybody.
M. Sansom Jr. and Rr.y H. Mc
Kinley again will be secretary-man
ager and assistant secritary-managei
and they practically have the same
efficient line-up that has assisted
them in holding the show In previou
years. John I. Hu:g s. pt l riiir.ent
Tarrant county stockman, again will
b direct' r in charge of the live
stock exhibition.
Klever.th hour revision of the rr
mium li.-l gives th" !".i:ebnd iierd.
about the same classification iitu!
n.oney as at the 1 : : l sliow. Sin;.!!-
premium classes lir i clly Lave witness
ed any money reduction.
The cattle sales feature promise,
to be c-vein more prominent than In
tin? ; a: t. Added int-re.st in this
i-ctiou has been aioii'cd through
ll.e u liability that nunibois of Mex
ican Klocliineii, ken to secure flr.,t
class oin t breds for the rebuilding, ol
tht ir hhattered herds, will utteud the
stock show for this iprclflc pur
pose. The American Legion will take a
leading part In the Block nhow, par
ticularly on Tuesday, March 8, which
has been set aside hs American Le
gion Day. It Is r.ntle!;i:ird that 10,
0C0 ex" service men from Texas and
Oklahoma will be on hand that day
and a sp-cial Legion prog:a:a is be
ing worked up.
Plans are being formulated to
make the Rodeo features of the
snappiest and most varied nature.
Captain W. H. Ktirse, manager of
the Horne Show features, is in com
munication with some of the leading
stables of Oklahoma and other states
and expects to have a first-class!
showing of equine beauties. In fact,
he already has bepti assured of the'
participation of several large stables
lie also expects to have a number ;
of army entries from Fort Bliss, ,
Oltla. Other features of the Rodeo :
will consist of some of the most i
thrilling cowboy sports that ever
have been staged in the United
tie direction of leading society worn.'
k.h cf fort Worth and the .cenery
:..' costuming promises to be got
Making Clats of Rice Htuks.
l-:.vveiiiiiriii.s Lave lecii curried eml
In Ilunn.-i with the Iclcii of utilizing the
rtlloa com. -tit of pioliy, rice husks, iu
the iiiiiiiiifaotiire of gi,is. On burniii)
tin' lai-ks uboiit IS per cent of whim
sh Is obuilnoil, and, nlthoutit tills ash
contains mhhII ijuatititlc-s of Inm. It
Iims b. i-n in-c.veil In In- Miltable for tlie
liKiiiiifaciure of haln a imlfl
green or yellow color. In biiinlii the
lr:ss sutlliiciit hc;;t is ;-enerateil to
carry eml the various pi oci-sscs.
Coin Collectors Liberal.
Since ll the Mihie of rare colm
lifts llli re;isi-(, roiiL'bly spcitklliir, l.M!0
per cent, i.iaiiy rich men having liiken
Ui the fa-l i.f enlei-;ii,g lliem. A Wlish
lliton n, mi nuiis n ecillci-tioii of pen-rilt-i
for li' h I,.- l,..s refuseil JiI.ikh).
For oia- mtv rnre '; iciim u he gave a
fiIie-cn-;.( ! j ;i tin 1 1 'I !
Debutantes and Delegates.
Pervoriiilly -,ve are strong for woman
SilfTrnge, but wi- still love the kind of
ei rl who would rntliet be n ltl . it - :t : '
lb(,l: it 1 1 1 1 V i 1 1 l:ii!,'s eu
(.IKI.M II W 1
A 35-cent bottle of "Danderine"
will not only rid your scalp ot de
htructive dandruff and stop falling
The J. George !os Carnival will ' ,,alr' ,J,lt imnu-dlately your hair
6e pitched on the Coliseum grounds, j sf'f 's 'wi,P s abundant and so won
Thls splendid attraction has been ! drous glossy. Let "Danderine" save
held in connection with the stock ! -vour nair- Have lots of long, heavy
show for several years but this time hair, radiant with life and
will be much larger and much diff- ! beauty. 34-tf
erent from previous performances. J. :
George Loos, the proprietor, has A siv year old girl of Boyd Fenton
been busy all fall and winter lining was kicked by a hore Tuesday night
up new attractions for the carnival, Ivhich inflicted a considerable wound
which will open its spring and sum- PI1 its fonhend. It Is said to be do
mer campaign here. There will be jg nicely,
many new and unique features that1
Texas carnivals have not yet pre
lr the first tlnv a splendid bench
show will be held on the Coliseum
II. F. Rogers returneel Wednesday
after a three week's outing on the
Pacific coast. He visited Los Angeles
Long Beach, San Dk-go, and other
j ant trip,
but prefers to live In Tex-
grounds. This will be staged under the 'polnts of Merest. He reports a pleas
oirecuon oi tne ?rt worth Kennel
Club and one of the most creditable
exhibitions of fine dogs ever made in
Texas is anticipated.
A house belonging to Joe Wolfe
up near the Santa Fe depot burned
down last Sunday. It was occupied
Tl. - . U . ... II, t ,
ii.e mow m cje inaugurated on!
the evening of March 5 with the1
uiiuui sjiieiiam soc etv event, a na. 'i t, , , ., . ,. ...
' " " ,by a Mexican family at th time. No
ei mac uius iair io eclipse
or past years. The event Is undej
any ;lnsurance was carried on the build-
Just deceived MIS the
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